NCIS First Look: The New Team Moves In!

If looks could kill… well, NCIS might not need the upcoming Port-to-Port serial killer storyline, based on these photos we’ve got of Gibbs, DiNozzo and Ziva staring down the “new team” moving into their squad room.

Exclusive: NCIS Launches Major Serial Killer Plot

Thus far, fans of TV’s No. 1 scripted series have only met Special Agent EJ Barrett, played by Sarah Jane Morris — and she alone has irked Ziva et al (though mostly Ziva!) with her penchant for eavesdropping and butting in on conversations.

But in the April 12 episode, titled “Dead Reflection,” the “home team” will meet two new visitors — Special Agents Gayne Levin (played by Numb3rs‘ Alimi Ballard) and Simon Cade (NFL Super Bowl champ and Chuck/Dexter guest star Matthew Willig) — when EJ’s team is reconvened to help with the vexing Port-to-Port killer case that will fuel this season’s final thrust of episodes.

Save the Dates! CBS Announces May Season Finales

Word is, the “P2P” killer will get his licks in, felling an NCIS agent (or more), as the CBS drama’s May 17 season-ender nears.

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  1. Sadie says:

    I love that Alimi Ballard and Michael Weatherly are back together again! I miss Dark Angel!

  2. jb says:

    I swear, if they kill off Ziva I am done with this show. However, they can gladly kill off Vance. :)

    • Alicia says:

      Yes, please get rid of Vance. It’s been 3 years–time for a new director! Then maybe they can hire another woman; Jenny and Gibbs made the best team.

      • DJ says:

        Vance is such a strong character plus RC & MH have amazing chemistry, so I’d rather he stayed. But I DO think that one of the team needs to go freshen things up and create new storylines.

    • Barbara says:

      I agree with you. I loved Kate, but ZIVA rocks. Don’t care for Vance.

    • as524 says:

      Like Vance almost as much as Morrow….well, the Vance we saw before that 2parter anyway.
      My vote is a wish that they get rid of ZIVA

      • Jackie says:

        Please not anyone, I love the show. Why would you change it? Ziva is great addition although, I really liked Kate.

    • Michael says:

      Keep Vance & ditch Ziva.

      • tejas says:

        Agreed. :-) I’ve definitely come to appreciate Vance and I love that he doesn’t let Gibbs run roughshod over him.

      • max says:

        agree – they need to stop switching directors at whim. Vance was great til they suddenly made him go looney. Need to ditch ziva quickly…she drags the show down.

      • SPIKESGRL says:

        Yes, please get rid of Ziva.

        • Belinda says:

          Ziva is not gonna die, Cote de Pablo has a huge fanbase, it will only hurt NCIS’s viewership and ratings if she left, therefore for obvious and practical reasons, CBS is not gonna let her go. Besides, she just signed a new contract with the show, she will be back, she’s not going anywhere.

      • redstormstl says:

        Yeah, right…anyone who thinks Vance brings more to the series than Ziva should give up watching TV.

      • CoteZivaFan says:

        How about we ditch you?

    • Patsy Burrell says:

      This is by far the best program on TV — I surely hope that CBS doesn’t screw this team by taking someone off. The weak link is Leon — Jenny was better. Gibbs, Ziva, Tony, McGee, Abby, Ducky, Mr.Palmer are tops!

    • cda says:

      I agree.

    • BDEK1 says:

      surely they can’t be thinking of killing off ZIVA !!! Kate was great but Ziva has brought so much to the series – I canonly say – if Ziva goes, then so do I

    • m says:

      totally….ziva is awesome…and they would just be repeating what happened with kate…

  3. Moviefan2 says:

    “Word is, the “P2P” killer will get his licks in, felling an NCIS agent (or more)” Hopefully it will be EJ’s entire team

  4. Svenja says:

    I assume that the P2P-Killer will kill this big guy (Agent Cade).
    It is very terrifying if the killer is capable of felling such a big, strong guy… this could potentially turn out to be pretty cool.
    I am very excited…

  5. mybelovedrebel says:

    I wonder if this goes well if they will consider making the new team another spin-off. Alimi Ballard is a top rate actor and deserves another series, and if the chemistry is right, why waste it on a mere arc when with quality actors it could become a new show!

    • Dan says:

      Haven’t seen this team in action yet, but like the idea of them getting a spinoff/there being another spinoff. But somewhere outside the US,story wise.

    • as524 says:

      Not a bad idea at all….although I think I’d rather see the team stay in DC….on NCIS

    • Anna says:

      Before we make plans for the future one should ponder the fates of some of the past new/backup/replacement special agents…

  6. JDHetherington says:

    I think they’ll be a maximum 2 members of the COMBINED team that get killed. And the survivors that end the season will be brought back as main cast next season. I personally hope we don’t lose any of the main cast we have now (especially Ziva) but that’s probably why they’re bringing in new people, to mislead us and make us think it’s Ziva. I don’t think they’d kill both women (and Sarah Jane Morris’s character is like the boss of her team right? I’m in Australia, so I’m not very up to date) If they brought back Morris’ how would they justify her working Under Gibbs? I think she’ll bite the big one, hence why she was brought in earlier then the others, and they may get promoted to the main team next season if viewers like them enough.

    • brumby says:

      there is a story going around that its to be McGee that is the one from the main team to leave. i honestly hope not as i love watching probie muddle through.

    • redstormstl says:

      with any luck it will be ‘e.j.’, vance, and the entire new team blown up together

  7. Enough says:

    Thank god she is only in a handful of episodes. Don’t like her, she comes of very pushy, obnoxious and a bit trampy guess that’s why Tony likes her cause she is easy ;)

    My vote would be to kill her off…

    • Lola26 says:

      Hmmm…”very pushy, obnoxious and a bit trampy”…that description would fit the character of Ziva when she first came on the show.

      • mcat says:

        LOL I thought the exact same thing when I read that, and I was a fan of Ziva in her early years.

      • TvWatcher says:

        I didn’t think that at all when we met Ziva…

        Anti Ziva fans have no place in the NCIS fandom…. Seriously grow up and stop having attachment to FAKE characters.

        • tejas says:

          Actually, Ziva is a *real* “character”. She is, however, a *fake* “person”.

          • TvWatcher says:

            She is not real it’s fiction TV… Meaning not real LMAO But whatever you want to tell you self to make you feel better about hating on a not real tv character. LOL

        • Cathy says:

          Okay, reading through the comments and I have this to say. I think that Lola26 was just making a point after someone else basically put both EJ and Tony down and why? Simply because they want Ziva and Tony to get together. They don’t want Tony with another woman and they put down both EJ and Tony because supposedly “they got together” so quickly but I guess they forgot that Ziva went to bed with a guy she had just met in “Recoil.”

          Yes, EJ flirted with Tony and they had that shower scene but as I recall, Ziva from day one flirted with Tony and made sexual innuendoes to him, not to mention getting into his personal space all the time. I believe that Lola26 was just trying to say that these two are not that different and I agree.

          I find it very amusing that anytime anyone even remotely says anything about Ziva the Ziva fans get all huffy about it. Telling people that if they do not like Ziva then they have no place in the NCIS fandom. That’s going overboard over nothing really – much like how Ziva reacts when something does not go her way. Guess that’s why you like her I guess. And let’s not forget – NCIS went for 2 years without Ziva even being on there.

          You said for anyone who supposedly does not like Ziva to grow up – I think it is you that needs to grow up. You said that person should not dislike Ziva because she is a FAKE character, yet you jumped right in there defending her. So I’ll say to you – She is just a fake character – let it go.

          To be an NCIS fan does not mean that you have to like every single character. There are many NCIS fans who love certain characters and don’t like others. Nothing wrong with that. It’s personal opinions and everyone is entitled to them.

          NCIS fans do not HAVE to like every character, they don’t HAVE to like some of the relationships and they don’t HAVE to like every episode – that doesn’t mean they aren’t a fan of the show.

          • TvWatcher says:

            ^ And you Cathy and the rest of the Anti-Ziva crowd are exactly why I will never step foot into another fandom. You people are scary…

      • tejas says:

        Yeah, it does sound like Ziva, only EJ’s not as annoying as even early Ziva was.

  8. Mel says:

    OMG, the looks on Gibbs, Tony and Ziva’s faces are priceless! I can’t wait to see this play out. Should be good, and hopefully all of our beloved team will be back for Season 9.

  9. Chapis says:

    very nice… looking forward to it already

  10. Tiva4Life says:

    If Ziva is gone so am I.

    • DiNozzofan says:

      Pack your bags, just in case!

      • TvWatcher says:

        Anti Ziva fans need to grow up and chill out. Seriously you give the fandom a bad rap…

        • as524 says:

          keep sipping the good stuff! it’s actually tivanistas demanding their romance & ziva fen who refuse to see the character as anything but their darling princess that are giving the fandom a bad rep. the fandom as a whole was one of the better balanced & well behaved ones (among all genres & ships) until tiva came along

  11. MM says:

    I enjoyed Alimi Ballard on Numb3rs & can’t wait to see him on NCIS. Sounds like an interesting story line.

  12. andre says:

    ncis will not be the same if ziva’s get killed off, but i really dont care, since i’m not going to watch it anymore if that happens

  13. NoChance says:

    Finally! A chance to finally kill off that intolerable Tiva – even the word makes my skin crawl – once and for all. Please let Ziva be one of his victims. She was all ready to die in Somalia so now’s her chance for it to happen.

    • tejas says:

      Oh, yeah, losing it would be *wonderful*! Got my fingers crossed that since CdP doesn’t yet have a new contract, and that she declined to renegotiate last year, that she’s leaving to pursue other options when this season’s over. I think Ziva’s the prime time regular who is slated to die in Ausiello’s Blind Item.

      Can’t *wait*!

      • Get a life tejas says:

        Life = get one. ASAP.

        • tejas says:

          ROTFLMAO!!! Got one, trust me. A more interesting one than you could possibly imagine.

          And at least I’m not stalking posters in comments on entertainment sites. LOL!!!!

          • TvWatcher says:

            Not really, bashing or rooting for Ziva to die isn’t having a life. Normal people don’t care one way or the other. And Anti-Ziva fans have no place in the NCIS fandom… And you people should be called out for your obnoxious behavior.

        • Popple says:

          Wow, talk about uncalled for… not to mention rude and pathetic.

          • Disgusted by TV Watcher says:

            TV Watcher – like so many fans of Tiva and Ziva, you fail to distinguish between people not liking your favorite character and ship, and personal attacks. Nobody made a personal attack on you, but you repeatedly make them on others. People are allowed to dislike Tiva and Ziva and say so – that is called having an opinion on a TV show. What you do is go after anyone who says something you don’t like and make personal attacks on them including speculations about their real life. That is called being a troll.

    • Lola26 says:

      I’m with you, nochance! It’s time for some new female blood on the show and since PP has already renewed her contract (last year) she won’t go. (could never replace her anyway) But since there has been no word on CdP signing a new contract, she would be the easiest to replace…*fingers crossed*
      Heck, they wouldn’t even *need* to replace her since I think a three man team works just fine, at least it did in S1 and the begining of last season.

    • as524 says:

      Agreed NoChance….there’ll be a lot of cheering if they kill off ziva & one of the main benefits will be the death of that horrid pairing Tiva….

    • DiNozzofan says:

      Maybe she can die saving the team. Who cares, just die, Ziva!

  14. Deb says:

    What is its McGee? I love his character. Abby and Ziva make the show for me. They’re two of the best female characters on television right now. Losing any of the current team would be horrible. NCIS the way it is now is only one of for shows on that I never miss. You could add in Alimi Ballard to the crew. He might be a great addition. Maybe they’ll move Gibbs into the director’s position.

  15. Donna Rae Bennett says:

    Are you crazy, the show is a success just as it is, if it is not broke, don’t fix it. Change can make a mess of things, when all is well. I love this show it is my favorite of all shows. If you change any of the cast, it won’t go, the cast is what makes what the show. Leave it alone!!!!!

    • Larc says:

      ITA! NCIS is at the top. The only place they can go from there is down. I hope they are bringing in the new team to either kill them off or spin them off.

  16. NoChance says:

    Yes I want Ziva to be gone but if Ziva is still around next season I’m not going to stop watching this amazing show.
    My dislike of Ziva has nothing to do with Ms De Pablo’s talents as an actress. She’s very good in the role I just don’t like the character anymore.

    It’s rather sad to see that people will leave if Cote decides to spread her acting wings for other opportunities. I guess it makes sense if you’re only a fan of one character to stop watching if that actor/actress chooses to leave.

    • mcat says:

      I’ll admit that I stopped watching Criminal Minds when JJ and Emily left, but I feel that that’s a completely different situation. JJ and Emily were the only FBI agents on a team with four men; now, they’re gone, and we’re left with The Testosterone Team. Also, AJ Cook and Paget Brewster were fired in a completely sexist move on the part of CBS. So yeah, I stopped watching.

      But I completely agree with you in this case. If people enjoy NCIS, why would they stop watching because an actress wants to pursue other opportunities? They are not firing CdP; she’d be leaving of her own volition. Is Ziva/Tiva really the ONLY thing they enjoy about the show??

    • pat says:

      I agree that Ziva needs to go, or at at least the writers need to come up with something to make her more interesting. She is a drag on the show – not Cote but her character. She seems to have so little purpose, and so many of her lines are terrible – like first season stuff.

      • shirley says:

        I like Ziva but I agree that she doesnt do much lately. When she first came on she was exciting, you never knew what she would do. Now the writers have turned her into Kate, and she is nice and seldem kicks butt. I hope they put her back the way she was.

    • Meredith44 says:

      While I would prefer for Ziva to stay, I’m okay with Ziva/CdP leaving.
      What I am not fine with is TPTB killing her off. They have already killed off way too many prominent female characters and to kill off yet another one is disturbing.
      I don’t like that attitude, and if TPTB do go that route yet again (after Kate, Jenny, Michelle, etc.) then I will be done with the show. It has nothing to do with being a fan of only one character and/or an actress choosing to leave.

  17. nick says:

    it will be McGee because Gibbs make the show serious Tony is the funny one Ziva theres nothing to say about her she’s just that and McGee is boring

  18. Unhinged says:

    Any worries that Tim could be in danger should be put to rest. This is the Month of May after all, TPTB have no intention of an arc or McGee being in real danger storyline.

  19. Popple says:

    Why are people so vehement about their “if Ziva is gone, so am I,” do they really consider that a viable threat? Fine, go then, maybe it will mean we can stop being forced to hear all the TIVA this and TIVA that whining all the time and let the show get back to being GOOD, like it has been the last few episodes where there is NO TIVA.

    There used to be more to this show than TIVA, and with luck, we can get back to it, considering all the TIVA focus is nothing but an insult to everything else Michael Weatherly has brought to his role as Tony and the rest of the actors who have nothing to do with TIVA.

    The only segment of the fandom I’ve ever seen complain about leaving if they don’t get their way is the TIVA-fen, especially considering they’ve always said “I watch for more than TIVA” and yet, the instant there are even rumors CdP might not be coming back they start with the “if Ziva leaves, I’m gone” threat. How do you spell hypocrisy?

    I have nothing against CdP as an actress, I hope she has a long and prosperous career. With luck, it will be doing something OTHER than Ziva come season 9.

    • NoChance says:

      Thank you, Popple. Very nicely said.

      A question for the “I’m gone if Ziva’s gone” folks:
      IF Ziva does die (or leaves NCIS for some reason) and it’s Cote’s decision to not sign a new contract will you still stop watching?

      Really, I’d honestly like to know.

    • Cathy says:

      You are so right, Popple. The past few episodes – until this last one with Ziva following Tony all over the place asking about EJ – have been very good. I really enjoy the episodes so much more when it is just good team work and banter without all the T word. I refuse to use that ridiculous term.

      I feel like some of the characters – such as Abby for one – have been pushed to the background in order to push the do they or don’t they love each other Tony and Ziva relationship to the forefront and that is wrong. Not only are they pushed to the background but Michael Weatherly’s outstanding acting is relegated to being a half of a supposed couple.

    • WalaWalaWash says:

      From the beginning of the show, writers have struggled with the idiosyncrasies of Abby and Tony, usually overdoing it and–for some little while–making the character into a caricature. Ziva’s character has been more intelligently developed. She and Gibbs (and Ducky) are multidimensional, much more than are the other leading characters. Ziva is one of the strengths of the show, IMO. My problem w/Director Vance is that, though there keep being hints that he will develop depth, he keeps going back to being purely reactive. I don’t know whether this is Rocky Carroll or the way that Leon Vance is written, but the character is too stiff. (BTW,Lt. Col. Leon Vance was a WWII medal of honor recipient.)

      • Jeox says:

        I couldn’t agree less, WalaWalaWash. Ziva, as a character, makes no sense at all and never has since inception. She’s not remotely multidimensional – I find her the most one-note character on the show. She’s there to be the hot ninja girl who can kick ass – it’s a shame that she has to be so obnoxious in the doing of it though and I find nothing interesting about her anger issues or love of violence. Every time they add to her backstory it makes her make even less sense. I do wonder if that’s the actress – she seems very sweet but I don’t get the impression she gives much thought to Ziva beyond a vague sense of her being a victim and wanting a love interest which are mostly all she talks about in interviews.

        Michael Weatherly on the other hand has clearly put a lot of thought and depth into Tony – it’s just a shame that the writing has been so poor in the past couple of seasons. We used to see a hint of Tony’s complexities, the mask he wears to keep people at bay, but of late the writers have written Tony as the mask instead of showing us the man beneath it, the way they used to in the earlier seasons.

  20. justme says:

    Since this is to be built over a few episodes, they have time to bring in incidental characters to “kill off”. I like Vance. You need a good protagonist to spice up a show. It would be boring without someone you’re not sure you love to hate. The burning question is … Is there another NCIS spin off in the making?

  21. John says:

    Well i could see it considered CSI is fading, and NCisla has been a smashing success.

  22. JustJeanette says:

    As much as I dislike TIVA, which I admit has fuelled my dislike of Ziva, I really hope that the PtP killer doesn’t killer Ziva or EJ. Like it or not the Trope of killing off female agents for MAN pain was old when Kate was killed… The tally, now standing at Kate, Jenny, Lee, Paula, Macy, says some rather unpleasant things about the writers attitudes towards women.
    I’m looking forward to how this new team interacts with Team Gibbs. I like EJ; she’s kind of what I think Ziva could have been like if the writers hadn’t gone the path of super-skilled-ninja-assassin.
    As for TVWatchers comments; luckily enough you do not rule the world nor the fandom. We can like and loath whomever we desire. That I can clearly elucidate my problems with the character of Ziva is a matter that indicates I do not hate for the sake of hating a character. Some of the TIVA fen could take a few lessons from that given the vitriol being spewed across the interwebs by memkbers of that sector of the fandom.
    Hey, EJ’s teams a 3-man team so it looks like 4-man isn’t necesssarily standard… dreams on the ultimate 3-man team; Gibbs, DiNozzo and McGee.

    • Ashley says:

      Don’t go away dead, just go away, huh? Lol. I can respect that. And if CdP were to leave, I too hope it wouldn’t be in a body bag. You are ridiculously right about the dead-female trope and this show. I’ve often wondered if anyone else noticed that the only people killed off were the women (although given Macy’s short run, I include her in the same kind-of-a-stretch category as Agents Pacci and Langer).

      Personally, I like Ziva. She’s a favorite of mine. And I enjoy the Ziva/Tony storyline–those of the past a bit more than recent archs–but-SURPRISE-I like EJ too. Hell, the more strong female characters the merrier. And if you disagree with me, that’s a-okay. What happened to the days when a difference of opinion wasn’t the same as gauntlet tossing? Life would be exceedingly boring if we all felt the same about everyone and everything.

      So, that said, I think everyone who refuses to behave like rational adults gives the fandom a bad name. People like TVWatcher take what should be a fun pass time to an unpleasant and slightly psychotic level (and a note to you, TVWatcher, fandom is kinda an all inclusive term that means you have to be a FAN of the WORK, not the individual cogs in the machine. Look it up). BUT and yes there is a but, while there are some concentrated levels of crazy in Tivaland, the same is true of some people in every single subset of this fandom. Some Tiva/Ziva haters toe the crazy line just as hard. Same goes for those who dislike Vance, Abby, Palmer, and Ducky. Ducky, for Pete’s sake! C’mon everybody. It’s a tv show, surely there are more worthy causes to dedicate such vehemence toward.

  23. thetruckinglife says:

    well first off, i have followed NCIS since its spin-off from JAG.
    who will be knocked off the show if anyone?
    almost’s seems like we are jumping to conclusions here.
    like someone else posted “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
    but my 3 picks would have to be Dr. Mallard, McGee or Ziva not that i want to see any of the characters removed and wow, had no clue there was so much hate towards Ziva?
    good to see someone else mention McGee’s(Sean Murray)appearance, health wise.he has been looking kinda pale lately and lost a lot of weight it creeped me out a little the first time it was obvious something changed.
    as far as a new spin-off, well lets just say that NCIS: LA did not hit off with me, after watching 5 maybe 6 episodes it lost my attention,is it in its 2nd season now?
    regardless of who if anyone is killed off the show i will watch until NCIS is canceled,its the only television show i keep tabs on.
    just throwing my 2 cents into the pile.

    • Larc says:

      Of the regulars or semi-regulars who work at NCIS, it’s OK to kill off Leon Vance and/or Jimmy Palmer. Nobody else, IMO.

  24. helane david petrillo says:

    Ziva adds much to the show. She is like a female “superman” Think about it–she is tough.CAn tackle a guy and has gone on all of these “magical” adventures.

  25. Jeox says:

    This bit made me laugh: “(EJ)…has irked Ziva et al (though mostly Ziva!) with her penchant for eavesdropping and butting in on conversations.”

    You mean exactly like Ziva did when we first met her and continues to do then?! LOL! Ziva is Tony’s own personal stalker, following him into the men’s room and nosing around in his personal life and yet never being called on it because she’s Princess Ziva. Tony is always being humiliated for being nosy, but Ziva? Never. She’s the show’s Little Miss Perfect. Which is why I’d be very happy if she was killed off. It would be so obvious if the P2P killer only killed some of the new team members! ROFL! If NCIS did that, I would just shake my head at the poor plotting. “Let’s introduce some newbies so we can kill them – it’s the NCIS version of Star Trek’s red shirts!”

    It would have far more impact if the P2P killer killed someone we knew. I would vote for Ziva if only because she’s so widely hated in fandom and the fandom hasn’t really been the same since the end of S6. That was badly done by the writers, but she seems irredeemable now. Tiva is just as much hated and if Ziva died we could get rid of that too.

    Failing that, perhaps she could just sail off into the sunset with CIRay and the NCIS team could get a new member. The show needs fresh blood. It’s so formulaic these days. Each episode seems to be written by numbers. It could do with some shaking up. But I guess like most TV shows they’ll rest on the laurels of their high ratings until suddenly they’ll wake up to find some new show has pushed them off the top spot and they’re old news, and they’ll wonder why – when the writing has been on the wall for a very long time. Fan reaction has certainly made it clear that focusing endlessly on Ziva and throwing in the boring Tiva stuff has been alienating for those who loved the team and ensemble, and enjoyed the character of Tony as something other than the object of Ziva’s unrequited lust.

    I hope this is Ziva’s last few episodes and the show can get back on track once she’s gone. I understand Cote de Pablo hasn’t signed a contract for next season yet. I hope that’s because she wants to leave. She just got engaged – it’d be nice if she could settle down and have that big family she’s talked of wanting. She seems like such a sweetie.

    • Svenja says:

      Ziva a stalker?
      Tony is the one going through her desk, trying to get into her email account etc.
      Ziva is the one that follows Tony because into the WOMEN’s SHOWER… and she directly asks him about EJ. She doesn’t stalk him. Tony is the stalker, she is the direct type.

      I don’t think any team memeber is gonna day.
      Have you watched Truth or Consequences?
      They clearly pointed out that Ziva is irreplaceable…and she is.
      The whole team actually is.
      And I assume that it IS a huge deal to kill one of those big guys outta EJ’s team because that causes fear…

      Usually contract negotiations are in april or may… Mark was a special case…
      You can settle down and have a job. Grey’s Anatomy proves it.
      And killing of another female agent wouldn’t be cool at all.

      I hope one of the guys (of the new team) will be killed and one of the GUYS of our team will be INJURED, but not killed…

  26. Amy says:

    ah! It’s the quizmaster from sabrina! hehe!

  27. Renee says:

    Looking forward to this. And if they killed off two of the newbies and added the third to the team next year I would be completely ok with that.

  28. sania says:

    Nooooooooo team writing off like House?
    They destroy his show!!

  29. Karol says:

    OMG! I totally loved Matt Willig as Lil Chino! Maybe there will be an NCiS spin off in it for him!

  30. Melody says:

    This show knows how to kill people. Some of the best episodes have dealt with those losses. “Kill Ari” parts 1 and 2 were great and some powerful stuff when one of the main characters are killed in such a way. Then Cassidy died and I’ll never forget the team scrambling after Jenny was shot. Some great episodes, so whatever they do I’m sure it’ll be very touching. Just leave Ducky alone!!

  31. Alison says:

    According to IMDB Sarah Jane Morris has just made a pilot for a new TV series. If she was coming back in Season 9 I believe her contract would have prevented her from taking on other projects. Thinks this means she’s for the chop.

  32. Bobbie says:

    I have a few ideas about who may die. They are bringing back Mike (Franks). I think he will be one that dies. He was Gibbs first partner and could lead to the meeting of Tony and Gibbs. Which would lead to Baltimore. I think maybe the big guy on EJ team which will scare everyone. If this PTP killer can take down someone so big. I am wondering if EJ is that JEN.I read something about some sort of spin off and Palmer was going there. (But it was released today so it is April Fools)Maybe Tony is leaving to lead his own team? I wish everyone would just give Ziva and Ray a chance! I think the relationship could be way better than Tiva! Please go on you tube and watch some of his interviews. He is a very likeable person. I watched him on Without a Trace. I really, really like him. The only thing it said that he was keeping a secret about the PTP case and he comes clean with Ziva. I think he slept with EJ. Which is going to cause a big blow up! It depend on if Vance is evil or not to where if they are doing another Lee situation with EJ. Maybe he is losing it and has to resign and Gibbs refuses job so they offer to EJ as new director? Gibbs could be acting Director and Tony is head of team? Maybe it will be Ziva that saves Tony this time. May want to keep an eye on Mcgee.Who will be Abbys date? Fornell? Unless it is one of EJ guys.Guess we will see. LETS JUST TALK ABOUT THE SHOW, express out thoughts and hold off on all the mud slinging please!

  33. Meli says:

    Character EJ has gots to go, Go Tiva! One of the main reasons I watch the show : TIVA! So please don’t let us down ;)
    Love the cast we have not sure we need to add more …. instead, want to see a little of them on their off time and more Ducky & Palmer.

  34. BetterName2Come says:

    On NCIS some agents had there own backstory(where they came from and how they joined NCIS) after they were hurt or in the hospital, so what im thinking is if the episode “Baltimore” (which is obviously a Tony episode) is after “Dead Reflection” were it is said that one of the agents get hurt or possibly die from the port to port killer they are trying to track down and put away… my thoughts are that it is tony that ends up hurt!!!

  35. Nubr1TivaFan says:

    ^OMG! i hope it is a minor injury and it can be fixed by like an arm sling or something, because if he dies that will suck!!!!!

  36. L.J.Tibbs says:

    Someone said Palmer was leaving NCIS May 10th and that the dude that was shot in the shoulder by Ari in like the 2nd season is coming back….?????

  37. Thom.E.Gemcity says:

    I really do like Palmer, but i would rather him go then someone from Team Gibbs!! but if i had to chose i would not want anyone to leave or die! the show is great with everyone there!! except if someone needs to go i would hope that it would be Ej and her stupid new team!!!!

  38. McNutterbutter says:

    ^ i second that!!! Ej needs to go and so do the other two agents from her team! :)

  39. rule51 says:

    i hope palmer doesn’t leave! he’s like one of my favorites!

  40. mexico says:

    Ej needs to go!!!!!!!!!! i do like the Tiva scenes, ill admit that but not enough to hate when Tony or Ziva get in a relationships .. i just think Ej is reallllllyy annoying! but i am happy for Ziva and how she is in a relationship with Ray

  41. Scott says:

    What i want to know is what leads to the episode of the back story the one for Vance he was in the room with the bomb so does Tony get hurt or killed before they show his back story

  42. Leonard says:

    OK, let’s get creative here; lots of comments to move Ziva out, so let’s hire Emily Prentiss in NCIS.

  43. Ccc says:

    We have enough strong women leaving show (eg criminal minds) and being replaced by weak characters or just annoying ( in the traditional role model “annoying women” who is trying to be in mans world but is just obnoxious (eg EJ). Now you would like ziva to go also.WTF

  44. Olivia says:

    Just to throw more wood on the fire, Vance needs to go in my opinion. Even though he and Gibbs have wonderful chemistry, I think the writers have explored the depths of the Director enough for the viewers to understand that he has had a rough past with NCIS, and basically ‘bought’ his way into the Director’s chair. Other than that, Vance, for me, is doing nothing to develop the plot further. And, to adress @PauleyP’s tweet from last night, “#NCIS HERE’S YOUR SCOOP (your prize for playing) THE EYEBALL BELONGS TO SOMEONE YOU KNOW”, I am beginning to think that eyeball is Vance’s. Not a huge fan of EJ, either. Something’s hinky about her.

    • bobbie says:

      I was thinking the eyeball was Tony’s dad! It was a blue eye. Vance has brown. I think Mike Franks will die,the big guy off of EJ team, Maybe Mcgee? I think EJ and Tony will start to not get along because she is like Jenny and is all about her job and control.She will want Gibbs old job and will have no quilt about taking from Tony. I think if Gibbs is director he will put Tony in charge and she will leave and go back to Rota. I think the PTP killer may have to do with Jeanne. The weapon is a scapel. Do you remember when Ducky met with the FROG and they were drinking scotch in the car while Kort was in the plane? Ducky asked him did he have any kids and I believe he said he had one or two sons and Jeanne. Remember Tony was offered the Rota position and he turned it down. Thats were the murders started.Just an idea.If the killer is watching Tony as it is probable since they followed him to bar. Then EJ is in danger because they will see EJ coming in and out of Tony’s apartment.Ziva because she is his partner and was at the bar with him. When Ray and Ziva had the fight outside he said he was watching over her and protecting her.He may save Ziva and that will get them back together. He may become a suspect but will be cleared.

  45. ncisfan says:

    Why are people assuming its one of the main cast who will die? i think it will be one of the new ncis team or ray who will be the killer/dead (could possible be that one of the members finds out who the killer is and dies because of it) i don’t think any of the main cast will die

  46. ncisfan says:

    and on a side note for those saying that e.j is the p2p killer it can’t be her as the bartender said “the guy in the booth did” when tony said he didn’t order the drink my money is on ray or one of the new NCIS agents

  47. kingsly says:

    ^^ so true! im not so sure about the whole idea of jeannie being the p2p killer though… just because she hated tony for lying to her doesn’t mean she will stalk him and kill people. but i can totally consider it being Tony’s dad’s eyeball because tony was the one targeted. but i don’t agree about mcgee dying. i can see mike franks dying and the tall huge dude on Ej’s team, but not mcgee. BUT i do agree that Ej could be in danger too considering her going in and out of tony’s apartment and ziva too because she is his partner! and i totally see ray protecting ziva and them getting over this stupid fight!

  48. ncisisnumber1 says:

    and for people saying that its Ej’s eye! i cant be… how can Gibbs let Ej take the lead on the p2p killer case if she’s eye-less!!! and besides there a picture of her and her team the next day at the top of the page!!???

  49. NCISFan78 says:

    CdP hasn’t signed a new contract because she joined in season 3-so all you ZIVA and COTE haters…I’m sorry but she isn’t going anywhere. Her current contract isn’t up yet so she has to wait to sign. Stop watching if you hate her so much otherwise grow up!

  50. Beth says:

    I think Vance and EJ both need to be killed off! EJ’s team – eh, haven’t met them. I really liked Jenny, they should have kept her. I like Kate and Ziva! Kate was like DiNozzo’s sister, I hope Ziva will be more than that!