American Idol: Did the Right People Get Booted?

American Idol‘s Elton John Week results-show telecast began with a message that foreshadowed another shocking elimination: “You won’t believe who is going home.” But when Jamie Foxx finished “singing” and Ryan Seacrest asked for the special mood lighting he loves so much, things played out rather predictably, with previous bottom-three dwellers Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia headed home in a double elimination prompted by last week’s Judges’ Save.

So what did we learn tonight? American Idol voters hate women? No, um, of course not! In actuality, the take-home message is that at this tenuous point in the competition, vulnerable contestants can’t afford to take a misstep — vocally, emotionally, tonally, or otherwise. And also, you can’t underestimate the power of a well-groomed beard. With that in mind, here’s how things played out:

Bottom Three
Naima Adedapo, Mon
Thia “One Time My Big Brother Moved Away…” Megia
Paul “Respect the Teeth!” McDonald

Double Elimination
Thia Megia
Naima Adedapo

Idol Performances
Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina: “I Told You So”
Naima Adedapo and Jacob Lusk: “Solid as a Rock”
Pia Toscano, Haley Reinhart, and Thia Megia: “Teenage Dream”
James Durbin, Paul McDonald, Stefano Langone, and Casey Abrams: “Band on the Run”

Guest Performers
Fantasia Barrino: “Collard Greens and Cornbread”
Jamie Foxx and Some kind of foolery, I think possibly it was about parrots.

And now that you’ve got the facts, I’m going to keep my opinions to myself and get working on my full episode recap — look for it to post overnight here at [UPDATE: Full recap is liiiive!] Until then, did the right contestants get booted tonight? Do you wish the judges still had their save to use? What about the performances by ‘Tasia and those two silly birdies? Sound off below, and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. KACe says:

    Very sad to see Naima go. And not ashamed to say I was quite upset to see Paul in the bottom three. Not happy.

    • Brittany says:

      Agree on both accounts! Maybe this will boost more people to vote for him next week. My theory is that some of his usual votes got taken away because Haley and Casey performed better this week.

    • Ghost of Kelly Clarkson says:

      Also sad to see Naima go. Say what you will, but she was the ONLY person in the top 11 that you could count on for something fresh and original. The remaining 9, while all very talented, are all sadly predictable.

      • I think that Naima had a rough night, and that because nobody was atrocious, she was the easiest one to pick out to go. I think Paul was pretty bad, and he isn’t getting better. I feel that there is room for many of these contestants to grow, Pia, Scotty, Lauren, even James, but Paul can only do so much more with his shtick and his voice. He and Stefano are in some danger next week. I think Haley will be safe for a little while and a boy is going home next week. Since there has never been 4 consecutive women going home before, you can never say never about maybe a 5th, but I think that at this point Paul and Stefano are much worse than Haley.

        • Joe says:

          There’s a major difference between being fresh and original and being good. Just because Naima took risks doesn’t make her good. Rachel Zevita took a risk singing Criminal in top 24 and it wasn’t good and she didn’t make the show.
          Naima skated by on her uniqueness long enough. The vocal talent and the jazzy Ella Fitzgerald package never were there once she hit the stage and changed her agenda.

          • Liz says:

            Joe, I completely agree. Just because something is fresh doesn’t mean it is good. I loved her audition and in Hollywood, but as soon as the show went live she was horrible. I think that she wanted to make everything sound like her kind of music, but she didn’t understand that not everything should sound that way. I get that she is proud of where she comes from–so am I, but I’m not going to break out in the Tarantella or an Irish step dance (even if i could do one) in the middle of a performance that has nothing to do with being Italian or Irish. Honestly, the weird African dance took focus away from her vocals, which weren’t all that bad last week–every other week, yes, last week, no.

          • Snsetblaze says:

            What Naima wanted was to be more modern — to be someone like Rihanna that would be heard on top 40 radio – they are the ones that sell out stadiums, arenas, etc. and make a lot of $$. But her voice is more jazzy and not really cut out for top 40 – if she did jazz, she’d probably have a great carreer in that area (she’s sort of like Melinda Doolittle in that way – except, of course, Melinda is a far stronger singer.)

      • KissYrFace says:

        Agree 100% I was hoping it was going to be Stephano and Thia. i thought Naima’s performance was the most creative. I love it. She really added the surprise to the show.

        • amy.. says:

          I was hoping it would be Thia & Haley, but now Haley is uber popular and I’m gonna have to deal with her & Lauren being around for weeks.

        • Danielle Notaro says:

          me too. She was delightful. Though for a few weeks she was off key too much to really enjoy her. The past 2 weeks with Naima were fun for me. I have not ever got on the Paul train. And I love quirky alt singers. Casey out of the gate was my fave but like Michael, Casey was just crazy doofus not good vocally. He redeemed himself a smidgen last night. I still have hopes for him. I too thought Stefano& Thia were goners tonight.

        • Joseph says:

          I agree that Naima got my attention before the live shows, but since then she has changed both her look and given up being authentic to her roots , that fake accent the other night was the icing on the cake.
          Not to say that some of those still standing are doing any better and in the next few weeks it will be of little surprise to see Stephano and Paul being the next two shown the door,
          As for Thia it is a shame she moved from the girl you can hang with to a dame that just keeps showing up in prom dresses.
          Even Paul who showed great promise has let himself down with his attempts to change well known songs to match his vocal ability rather then just finding something to sing that matches it naturally.

      • Kaleena says:

        I don’t think Naima was being fresh and original at all. She was just trying too hard and it was annoying.

      • Mark B says:

        I agree!!!!

      • Bill says:

        Naima was my favorite contestant even though she wasn’t the best singer. She has the whole package and showed it again in her duet with Jacob. My guess is that we haven’t heard the last of her by a long shot.

      • Sally says:

        Would you pay $$ to see any of the boyz in concert for an hour? None of them have potential star power. Maybe one — James, but the others are boringly boring. No originality, no charisma.

        And people remember — Idol female Alums are the ones who are selling the MOST CDs, not the boyz.

    • Ella says:

      Totally agree with you Kace! I’d rather keep Naima, she was entertaining and I don’t get Paul at all.

      • debbie says:

        ho know who realy got the lowest votes sometimes when you vote for 5710 or anthor it goes 5704 or any other it happened alot during my votes donnot no about any one eles

    • Auds says:

      SO happy to see Niama go, very sad to see Thia go… I was hoping Haley would be the person to go with Niama… bummer.

  2. Akash says:

    I suspect Stefano is a bottom, but thankfully this week, not a bottom three.

  3. Jason Scott says:

    Gosh, I’m kind of bummed that there are only 3 girls in the Top 9. It’s a repeat of the past 2 years. I still say, Pia will be the last girl standing, if not win the whole thing.

    • But is that because of only girls voting and them voting for the cute boys over the talented girls, or were Thia, Karen, Naima and Ashthon just worse than the remaining 9 guys? I think it might be a mix of both. I think Naima is more interesting than Paul and Jacob, but probably not a whole lot. I just feel that these 4 women were worse than the guys and we are left with 3 girls and 9 guys because of the quality of the girls and not that there are only teen girls voting for the boys.

      • GingerSnap says:

        Why 4 females & no guys? Think about the 4 girls. KAREN – sang like she’s in a beauty pageant. THIA – sang like she’s in a beauty pageant. ASHTHON – sang like a DIVA wannabe in a beauty pageant. NAIMA – was always unique, but made poor choices & forgot that you still have to sing in key.
        The six guys all have distinct sounds, styles, & musicality. I wouldn’t call them cute. Only Paul fits the “cute guy” label, but musically, he sucks. That landed him in the B3 this week.
        The remaining girls are distinct. They can also sing.
        Idol has to look at the judges for making poor choices with the girls. They basically selected the same type of singer 3 times. Wonder how this would look tonight if they had been bold & put Lauren T & Kendra through instead?

        • Gina Sotalino says:

          This comment was incredibly stupid and sexist. The guys are talents and the girls(with the exception of Naima) are beauty-pagent airheads?????????? Please give all of these kids–male and female–credit for guts and talent.

          • Leslie says:

            Incredibly stupid and sexist? I don’t remember seeing the words “air head” after beauty pageant. They do sing pageanty—their movements are exaggerated as if they were in a pageant–nothing sexist about that, just a fact. Another fact, each of the guys is different than the other—the girls are either balladeers or they are totally unique. I agree that if Kendra and Lauren T had made it instead, there would be more women left—they are just MORE TALENTED than the ones who have been eliminated (although I am going to miss Naima, I think she was the whole package, and some!)

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Sorry, but I’m with GingerSnap on this one, although I like Paul but he has one more chance to prove he can amp it up and then I’m done with him.

        • Snsetblaze says:

          I have to agree with Gindersnap as well to a point – I did not find the comment sexist at all. Karen and Ashton and Naima were accurate descriptions. Thia – I thought she sang more like she was either in a high school musical or auditioning for the next high school musical movie. I don’t agree with the comments about Paul re his musicality – I think he is more of a musician than some of the others (except Casey perhaps).

        • Snsetblaze says:

          I’m with Gingersnap as well except with relation to the comment about Paul, whom I like. I never thought the comment was sexist. I thought as soon as I saw the women in the top 13 how much alike many of them were.

  4. Amanda Kiwinerd says:

    Racist, teabagging America sent home 2 minority females? What a surprise!!! Are you happy, moron Republikkkan bigots???

    • Aymee says:

      ALERT: Don’t feed the trolls

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Please spell it correctly – “Republican”. Oh well, you got “moron” and “bigot” right!

      Is “teabagging” one word or two? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller….Bueller?

    • karenb says:

      Aww come on! I’m a major Dem-tea-bagger hater! I totally thought Paul was going home!

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Just for that comment I am going to burn up all of my phones next week voting for Paul, and I don’t care if he drops dead on the stage. I’ll vote for him anyway. ;-)

      • Tea Party Patriot says:

        I’m a major dem hater but it has nothing to do with skin color. I bought two of Fantasia’s CDs and last time I looked she has dark skin. Naima has the most beautiful skin color of all the contestants. It’s a singing competition. Dems make everything about race and thats why I don’t understand liberals.

    • Mark B says:

      Lets see now,,, the 4 women sent home ARE the following:



      • Eolra says:

        How many times did YOU vote?
        Didn’t vote? Stop complaining.
        Did vote? Who did you vote for – a minority contestant?
        You didn’t? Stop complaining.

        You DID vote for a minority contestant?
        Did you vote for that person BECAUSE they are a minority?
        You did? Who’s is the one actually judging someone by race then?
        You didn’t, you voted based on who you thought had the best performance? Yeah, so did everyone else in America, and the best performances were not the ones given by the people who were eliminated.


        • Snsetblaze says:

          Good point!

        • ummm... no says:

          ummm if you thought casey’s sleepy & out of tune “your song” and paul’s barely audible elton tune (i can’t even remember what he sang cuz i couldn’t hear him singing) were BETTER than thia’s & naima’s performances, then that’s where we differ and racism has to be considered. were thia & naima excellent? no. were they better than casey & paul? yes, at least IMO. if casey & paul were minority females, and thia & naima were white men, casey & paul would have gone home. finally, if AI had a way to vote AGAINST candidates, i definitely would have voted against casey & paul, since i thought they were the weakest that night. not to mention that both are in ill health, they ought to just voluntarily step aside and let ppl who can survive the contest and the tour take their places.

      • ginaM says:

        Look at it this way. This is one of the more diverse groups they have had in awhile. The producers actually cast more minority women. Through natural attrition someone has to go home. I agree with the one poster that said if the women that have been cut had been better singers than you could have a real beef with the eliminations. But Thia was always too young and not emotionally connected to her songs. Naima was a better dancer than singer. This is first a singing competition. Karen came across too pandering to JLo and a select audience. And Ashton was never going to make it to the finale.
        Also the producers always seem to pick too similar females. The guys are all quite different. Do any of the females play an instrument or give an uptempo performance. Not too many times. Majority of them have been boring ballads.

        • takakupo says:

          Really? Jacob hasn’t sang a boring screamy ballad everyweek?
          Casey hasn’t screamed some rock wannabe song the majority of the time?
          Paul hasn’t done the same ole’ same ole’ rocker guy thing?
          Scotty’s stepped out of country?
          Stefano has done ballads a majority of the time too.
          James is James.

    • stella says:

      you are so right about amerikkka amanda. this is the most racist country EVER! just look at the music charts in the country. no women. no minorities. it’s ALL white men!!!! doesn’t that say it all? oh wait, i’ve just been informed i’m full of s*&^.

      • hsd says:

        That being said, I think Naima would do great in Europe. All our early jazz artists were appreciated there but had to play in the coloreds only clubs back in the US.

  5. Christina says:

    Predictable eliminations, now its time to start cutting some of the guys hopefully.

  6. laura says:

    Happy with the results. America got it right. Like the way they broke the songs down. Really enjoyed the duet between Scott and Alaina.

  7. forrest says:

    Man, they are workin’ the contestants like dogs this year! A much better result show, but I mean really, the recap of ‘other stuff’ this group does for Idol is unreal. No wonder they look spent by performance night.

  8. Maid Carolyn says:

    Best. Possible. Outcome.

    And, seriously, that song mess did NOTHING to get me to watch Rio.

  9. Ablo says:

    I think the right people were eliminated. I can think of a couple of others that might have been considered too, but . ..

    The show was ok — I like the idea of the different kinds of pairings — the implementation wasn’t great. I actually thought Lauren and Scotty did the best. The This/Pia/Haley attempt wasn’t good. The Naima/Jacob thing was — interesting. And I am sorry to say that the Boy Band was awful. BUT I like the idea as a change up. I hope they do it again in the future — just a little better execution.

    Now, I wish I could finish with praise of the guest performances — but . . . wow, not good.

    So, a mixed results night — but I can’t say I am sad about the eliminations.

    • Wyatt says:

      I like the pairing songs too, but Casey and Haley should’ve been paired. They could happily growl at each other and create something really fun (actually being serious, yes).

      • Coco says:

        This has to happen! I don’t suppose they could do Paradise By The Dashboard Light?

      • B.Rich says:

        Definite missed opportunity, I feel like they would be perfect together.

        I still can’t believe Haley is suddenly my favorite contestant…

        • Snsetblaze says:

          She’s growing on me too – except still a little too much with the c’mon performance. She has backed off a bit on the wierd faces.

      • pamela says:

        I saw on some gossip site that Casey and Haley are a bit of an item, and they spend a lot of time in very close proximity to each other. Maybe the dual growls are being practiced off camera.

  10. Inspireluv says:

    Oh dear God!!! The guest performers were HORRIFIC!! @krisallen Should have been THE PERFORMER!!! He was trending worldwide after a 3 second intro & NO interview!!! Nigel, pull your head out of your ass! Voters chose @krisallen as their AI Season 8 WINNER!!! Show some effing respect! (Adam-didn’t win-lambert got to sing & interview) Hello Mr potato head!!!

    • Michael says:

      I’m sorry but a song about collard greens and cornbread never done sound so good. I thought that Fantasia was terrific.

      • Ablo says:

        In what way terrific? Seriously, can you imagine a CD full of that? That was awful. I was so happy it was over — not, it was better than the other guest performance, but that’s like saying getting a tooth filled is better than a root canal. Yes, but . . .

        • amy.. says:

          I’m not a Fantasia fan, but she sang her heart out about cornbread :) I actually listened to 3/4ths of the song before utilizing my DVR.
          Also agree that Kris deserves more respect!

        • ginaM says:

          I think that it is tragically funny that the Idol contestants who want to aspire to have a career after the show have to sit there and listen to a song about collard greens and cornbread and then an off-key musical about parrots??? Really.

        • Snsetblaze says:

          I did not see the episode b/c my tivo was messed up. But reading about this song is giving me a craving for cornbread.

        • Michael says:

          Seriously? Why can’t you schmucks just acknowledge that there are people on these boards who have different tastes in music than you? My comment was a harmless thumbs up for Fantasia, who I love. She might not be your cup of tea, and that’s fine. I didn’t like Naima, Aston, Thia or Karen. I hate Scotty’s country stylings, Paul’s wafer-thin rasp and Jakob’s dramatized gospel stylings. I don’t however begrudge others their favorites. What sounds good to me doesn’t necessarily sound good to everyone else.

          You need to get over the fact that you are not The Gospel of Good Musical Taste.

    • Kris Fan says:

      I know! Why not have awesome Kris Allen perform??!! I muted my TV for Fantasia, and left the room for that other load of ^$%*.

    • Joe says:

      You are right about Kris Allen. I did ask myself why Adam got to perform and Kris Allen did not. I have been apalled by the lack of respect for Kris. Adam was good, but Kris was better in my opinion.
      He has more talent than many people give him cretit for. Kris has handled himself very well over the last two years. He deserves more support than he has been given by Idol management. Kris put out a great first album. Those who voted for Kris, should support Kris by buying his album or at least downloading some of his songs. I have his album and enjoy hearing it.

  11. blingedup.susan says:

    Okay, anyone who wanted Naima to go — no bitchin’ about how boring it’s gonna get, y’hear?

  12. agrimesy says:

    I bummed two ways: 1) Paul did not deserve to go on when Naima obviously tries ten times harder than he does every single week. 2) Two girls going home already puts the odds in the guys favor for the winner’s spot . . . AGAIN!

    I expected Thia to go home. Sweet kid, but not ready by a long shot.

    • agrimesy says:

      I’m bummed . . . not “I bummed” . . . what am I saying?

      I forgot to mention how bad the guest performances were tonight. I really wanted to like Fantasia. I really did.

      I thought the duets worked. Pia sounded great in the trio! The boy band was pretty lame. Those guys are way too full of themselves. It’s a man’s world . . . case in point this vote off show tonight.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Thia was definitely not ready – in 5 years she might have had a better shot. Didn’t she get in to the top 24 over the rocker chick?

  13. RTW says:

    Okay, did anyone else notice how Thia didn’t get a solo in the Teenage Dream performance? Is there such thing as a subliminal spoiler?

    • S.S. White says:

      I noticed that too!

    • Brittany says:

      I noticed that immediately as well! I was waiting for her to get her moment and then the song ended. I was wondering why they did that to her… I thought maybe the key was too high for her or maybe they thought those lyrics were a bit too much for a 16 year old (long shot)? But still… that’s wrong to give both Haley and Pia solos, but not the only other performer. I thought that was weird.

    • ErixN says:

      I thought it was foreshadowing as well. I also noticed that in the Ford commercial Naima got in the car and drove off… was that foreshadowing there?

    • Erica says:

      We also noticed it at my house, and figured it spelled DOOM.

    • Jurybox says:

      Somehow I think either Nigel didn’t think the audience would respond well to Thia singing “put your hands on me in my skintight jeans” or Thia’s mom said she would sing that over her dead body.

      Seriously, Thia singing “let’s go all the way tonight”? Ridiculous. Haley – definitely believable – Pia – still boring.

    • Davey says:

      I thought it was ridiculous that Thia didn’t get a solo. She can obviously sing those notes. I got the feeling that Nigel Lithgoe decided that he wanted Thia off the show weeks ago. They barely gave her any pre-song footage last night. And why did the early singers get the photographer to praise them? This show is so rigged it isn’t funny.

      The only singer who hasn’t been pushed down on her throats since day one is Pia. Jacob, Casey, Paul, Lauren, Scotty, we’ve been told over and over again how amazing they are. Well they really aren’t. I don’t know how Haley got thrown in this blender.

  14. S.S. White says:

    While I think America got it right, it is disconcerting that, if you discount Casey because he was saved, that everyone who’s gone home this season has been a minority AND a female. Female isn’t surprising, because guys get votes due to teen girls texting and moms swooning, but the minority aspect is icky. I’m not saying it’s intentional, but it’s just not pretty from a statistical point of view.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Um, excuse me, but Lauren Turner and Kendra Chantelle SHOULD have been saved rather than Ashthon Jones and Naima!
      American Idol’s Affirmative Action casting program just didn’t work out so well.

      • LadyBug979 says:

        I definitly agree Lauren Turner should have been saved.

      • S.S. White says:

        I liked Naima (still do, even though she’s got pitch issues), but I agree: I really wanted Lauren Turner and Kendrea Chantelle in the top 13 too.

      • Liz says:

        Loved Kendra and Lauren Turner. If they had been saved, there would be more girls in the top 9.

      • Anonymous says:

        I loved Lauren and liked Kendra and both should have been saved over Ashthton and Naima. There’s even an argument that Rachel should have been saved over at least Ashthon.

    • Michael says:

      If we were talking 4 terrific singers, I’d say that something nefarious was afoot. None of these 4 girls were so outstanding that their oustings indicated anything but a reflection of their performances.

      • S.S. White says:

        That’s true. I never thought Thia nor Karen should’ve gotten into the Top 13, but I’m still a fan of Naima, despite her pitch problems. :)

        • davey says:

          You can think whatever you what. Thia sang better than Karen, Naima, and Ashton so that’s why she made the top 10. And she deserved to be in the top 10 too. And she’d probably still be on the show if Casey wasn’t saved.

          • B.Rich says:

            Thia was consistently average. Kendra sang the lights out every time she got a chance, the producers just couldn’t let a legitimate thread have two seconds of screen time.

          • S.S. White says:

            Thia definitely had a pretty tone and was consistently on pitch, but she bored me. I really wish she’d waited a few more years before auditioning. But you’re right: I suspect if Casey hadn’t been saved (let’s pretend the save didn’t exist), Naima would’ve still gone home this week and Thia’d still be around.

    • Kaleena says:

      Before I start, let me clarify, I may be white, but I’m also an out-of-the-closet lesbian so I know about being a minority.

      I don’t think that has ANYTHING to do with it and I am TIRED of people doing this! Karen acted like a Latino-supremacist (vs. a white supremacist), and while I loved her voice, that made me stop voting for her. It was like she and Jennifer Lopez both were saying they were better just for being born Latina.

      Naima was doing anything she could to make up for the fact that her skin and her eyes aren’t “black” enough, even using a fake Jamaican accent, just to get the “black” vote.

      It’s DISGUSTING for people to behave this way, truly. Vote for the good singer, not because someone is male or female, black or white, etc.

      • Jurybox says:

        I think Karen got voted off because of her hair. I mean, seriously, what was that?

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        agreed! I’ve said it before. Don’t care if they are black, white, gay, straight, tall, short, skinny, not skinny, Asian, Italian, Scandanavian, disabled, or from Mars. Just give us people that can sing. This business of trying to appeal to every demographic ALWAYS backfires. If Kendra Chantelle and Lauren Turner had been chosen as Wild Card picks Casey may not have been saved and Paul or Stephano might have gone home tonight.

      • hsd says:

        I believe Naima sings in a Reggae band with her husband. The accent is probably part of their usual schtick. So I don’t believe she did it to get the black vote. Google her reggae band, she uses it there too.

    • Jurybox says:

      I think Naima going home will make the next broadcast a little more boring. She is beautiful AND has charisma (note that the other beautiful AI contestant lacks the charisma part) and when she’s on key her voice is beautiful. I will miss her.

      Plus, I’m really getting annoyed that people think moms are swooning over this collection of guys. Puhleeze. Exactly who am I supposed to be infatuated with?

  15. Leigha says:

    Yes, the right two went home. Jacob next. Loved Lauren and Scotty’s song and not really a fan of either of them. Fantasia looks like she’s eating too many of the collard greens and biscuits she was singing about.

    • Vivi says:

      People are not grasping the reality that Jacob is not going anywhere anytime soon. The man has fans. Fans that apparently do not write on message boards. Nor read the message boards. They’re using their time to vote consistently for this fellow. And to be honest, I’m not surprised. He has not even taken a whiff at a bottom 3. Let’s see how next week carries out.
      Anywho, I was hoping for a Thia/Paul elimination. But at least Paul got to taste the Bottom 3 for a couple of minutes. Maybe that will teach him to never finish out a song in barely a whisper ever again.

  16. darcy's evil twin says:

    Wow, no comments yet?

    Well, here goes…the “shocking eliminations” weren’t so shocking.
    What was shocking was for the first time ever, I liked Lauren! Her duet with Scotty on Randy Travis’ “I Told You So” was very nice.

    Thia, Pia, and Haley did a good job on Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”, although I’m not so sure that Haley didn’t have a “nuts of wonder” moment on the lyrics. Opinions? How do you nail Bennie and the Jets and screw up Teenage Dream, LOL? Doesn’t matter- she’s safe.

    Jacob and Naima were surprisingly good on “Solid as a Rock” (who did that song? Ashford and Simpson?). Jacob actually showed some restraint and Naima sounded very good.

    The Band on the Run guys did a good job as well, although I’m not sure that’s Stephano’s cup of tea. What’s the deal with Paul’s voice? Is he this season’s Paige Miles with the injured voice? Now I can skip next week’s results show because I think I know who will be going home.

    Good news for Naima – she can get a job with Jaime Foxx, and those June Taylor dancers!

  17. Jake says:

    Alright Nigel, you couldn’t really pull off two-weeks running of surprise-filled results show. I knew once Jacob was safe (never thought Pia and James were in genuine danger) that there wouldn’t any “shocking” elimination as promised. Even is Paul left it wouldn’t be that shocking.

    I still worry that all the Casey love is going to come back and bite this show in behind when he goes the way of Taylor Hicks.

    Also, nice touch on breaking up the group numbers…until we got to Jacob and Naima and then it was all downhill from there.

    Fantasia continues to be a hot mess (was that a giant Bugle in her head), but at least it was better than’s second catastrophe on the Idol stage this season.

  18. jazzy says:

    I think Thia and Jacob should have gone home. Both have not listened to Jimmy Iovine. At least Naima has tried although she is not the next great recording artist which is what this competition is supposedly about.

    I honestly think Jacob has the best voice in the comp. he is not using it wisely.

  19. AWmC says:

    so sad to see Naima go, she kinda had a low key week this week, where instead she needed to shine…Would have preferred for Paul to go. Naima at least brought something different to the game..

  20. JenniferForPresident says:

    Paul saved?! WHY????????!!!!!!!!!

    • GG says:

      He has a voice like Rod Stewart, and it served RS very well.

      • Lulu says:

        One RS is more than plenty. We don’t need another.

      • Ablo says:

        I’m not a Paul hater — but his voice isn’t like Rod Stewart. His voice is reminiscent of Rod Stewart. RS has tons more power and control. Listen to the early recordings.

        • Snsetblaze says:

          I love Paul. His voice is reminiscent of RS but also of James Blunt and Paul Simon.

          • Muzic2Luv says:

            Yes, and he is a singer/musician/songwriter. Not my favorite singer, but I really like those creative qualities. If contestants had to write and sing original songs, Paul & Casey would shine.

  21. pinkberry says:

    I can’t believe Paul got less votes than Jacob or Stefano…Upset about Naima, but in all fairness she was terrible this week. Paul was really at his best. I blame the judges, and their overall lovefest. I think Paul and Casey are the most original and interesting singers left, but clearly, America doesn’t want them….Oh well.

  22. shari says:

    I was really hoping that the ones who went home were Naima and Haley. Naima was horrble this week and last week. and I never really liked Haley’s voice! her voice cracks when she sings and she tries too hard.

  23. Jake says:

    I have a feeling that the judges will go out of their way next week to be harder on the guys so not to see another girl go home. I actually see Thia’s votes (based on people who like safe, sweet and boring) going to Pia, Stefano and Lauren and Naima’s votes (based on people who like weird and funk) going to Jacob and Casey. That leaves Hayley and Paul in danger next week.

  24. Mary says:

    I am not surprise but I thought Paul should have gone. Well there are still on the tour. I liked the pairing for singing. The best was Pia,Haley and Thia. There Pia sang
    An upbeat song. All the nay Sayers can stop. It was good to see Kris in the audience, surprise Ryan acknowledged it. Too bad he didn’t sing. Would of been 10000 times better than fox and will I.M. I do not think anyone is safe at this point.
    There is no front runner. next week they need to rock our socks off and the judges need to be honest with their critiques. Steven I am talking to you.

  25. Sebastian says:

    so sad naima went home. :( not suprised about thia but saad to see naima go.

    • JBanana says:

      Me too. I will miss Naima, I always enjoyed her performances, even when they went over the top. My only consolation is that at least Thia is gone. If she had stayed longer than Naima I would have been really pissed off.

  26. Darian says:

    My prediction from yesterday was 100% right fyi. Lol (toot toot)

    Kinda sad to see Naima go but not devastated. I think she should try for X-Factor since she has the whole performance thing going on.

    Good day to Thia. Never understood what everyone saw but she is young so has some time to grow.

    Next week I am hoping to see Paul or Jacob go. Both over-hyped and over-praised. I am somewhat over Stefano. Never lived up to “I Need You Now” imo.

  27. Gami says:

    Can’t say I’m happy about Paul in the bottom 3. I would go to a Paul McDonald concert, there’s just something about his cool vibe that appeals.

    But I am most happy about Thia and Naima. I never got Naima’s appeal and Thia needs a few years out in the real world or somehow needs to tap into some true deep down pain.

  28. Lin says:

    I thought they should have eliminated Jamie Foxx.

    • Mary says:

      Agreed and the second one to go is Will IM . Hopefully we have seen the last of him on AI this year for that matter ever. Nigel please use the talent you have found on AI to entertain us , because the last three have sucked, BEP,Diddy.

      • Kris Fan says:

        Ya! As guests, have Jason Castro, Brooke White, David Archuleta, David Cook, Lakisha Jones, Gina Gloksen, Crystal Bowersox…….you get the idea. The ‘professional’ guests all stink up the joint.

  29. Denise says:

    Wow! What a great show! The first results show I have enjoyed in awhile. I liked the contestants singing, they need to continue that. I also like them inviting past contestants back. I think they have been reading the blogs.

    • JBanana says:

      yeah, it was nice to see them doing whole songs, but I also worry about their workload, they are already overworked as it is with all the crap the show makes them do.. I’d rather actually let them rest on results day, even if that means I’m less entertained.

  30. ps says:

    I thought it was very interesting when Ryan said to Casey, “You wouldn’t believe how many votes you got. You should be proud.” Okay, I thought they always told us that they can’t give us the exact vote numbers because they don’t know them. Guess that was baloney-not that I ever believed that line anyway.
    Can’t say I’ll miss either of the two ladies. Thia just seemed like a robot when she was singing-lack of maturity, maybe? And Naima was just not anything that I was interested in hearing sing.
    Did they tell us what next week’s theme is?

    • Mel31602 says:

      Supposedly it’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Another pretty broad theme- Pia is doing Tina Turner so it’s not too limiting

    • Mel31602 says:

      It’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Pretty broad- i’m sure Scotty will find a country singer in the Hall somewhere

    • JBanana says:

      Did they really ever say they didn’t know the totals? That doesn’t seem right. I specifically remember the results show when it was down to Taylor Hicks, Eliot Yamin, and Katherine McPhee, and they showed the actual vote numbers on the big screen to show how close they were. (Of course they didn’t say who got what, but since Eliot went home that night it was pretty easy to figure out, I guess.)

      • GingerSnap says:

        They know the vote totals. They just don’t tell us. Or, it appears, the contestants. Ryan was hinting that Casey got the most votes. Check out the vote totals (not score) on Dial Idol. He got the most votes this week. That’s why he would be proud.

        • B.Rich says:

          The problem is Casey has gotten the most votes every week on DialIdol. He is definitely the most popular “internet” contestant, too bad the majority of votes come in from people who would never read about idol online.

  31. Sharon says:

    I still don’t get Fantasia. I think she’s awful.

  32. dawg says:

    It’s discouraging that everyone who’s gone home has been a minority, but I don’t think it’s because the voters are necessarily racist. I think the problem is that AI doesn’t always pick the best minorities to go into the voting rounds. Slezak has pointed this out with respect to AI’s black male problem, but it seems to be a problem for females as well.

    • Darian says:

      Still wondering what the hell happened to Jermaine Purifoy.


      • Muzic2Luv says:

        Jermaine went back to finish school (graduated from Lee University last summer). He did some studio recording with Jermaine Dupri in Atlanta. Not sure about this… but I think he has been touring (backup singer) with a popular Gospel singer (can’t remember name).

  33. Wendeeloo says:

    I can’t believe the negative comments about Fantasia. Oh you can say something about her dress – it was unfortunately distracting. But I thought her performance was amazing – went back and watched it again – it was even better. She took everyone to school in that auditorium. I appreciated her comments about the kids not surrounding themselves with yes people – Hello, judges!

  34. LadyBug979 says:

    I didn’t mind Naimi too much but I’ll miss Thia. She may have been very young but Ryan’s description of her as poised was accurate. And we don’t see too much of that on Idol. But I do wish the producers would get the message and raise the age limit to 20-35. It would eliminate the problem of getting contestants who aren’t experienced in life enough yet. And people who pout….wittle Wauwen…don’t get me wrong I love Lauren, and Thia but it is true they just aren’t ready yet at that age. Phenonimal singing isn’t enough. Susan Boyle is proof older people can sing too and looks are a shallow thing. Few have longevity based on looks alone. Please don’t give me examples of those who have…..I don’t want to get into that……American Idol should be a radio show…………Then we could have a better idea of whether or not we will actually enjoy their cd’s. As someone who has only attended 2 concerts in my whole life I am depentant on how they sound on cd’s. Video killed the radio star. What a shame!!!!!!

  35. Mack says:

    I would have kept Thia and sent Paul home.

    I also don’t like that there are only three women left now, but I have a feeling those numbers will even out a bit more.

  36. Raya says:

    While I’ve been a Paul McDonald fan from the start, I’m actually kinda glad seeing him in the bottom 3 this week. That may give him the much needed wake up-call to actually put more thoughts&efforts into his performance. I’m also not happy with how the judges always overpraised him and never actually give him constructive criticism. Kinda makes him think he can always get away by doing the same thing week after week. The guy is really talented(check out the Grand Magnolias’ album if you don’t believe me), but it just seems like he doesn’t really have his head in the game. Maybe he’s just not too happy with singing cover songs? IDK..but I would hate to see him leave this least not before Haley and Jacob..

    That being said, I believe the front runners here are actually Pia/James/Lauren.. I realize Scotty has massive&loyal fanbase out there, but I just can’t get myself to like him. His performances are so monotone&he came across as too smug for me..

  37. JBSFan101 says:

    “So what did we learn tonight? American Idol voters hate women? No, um, of course not! In actuality, the take-home message is that at this tenuous point in the competition, vulnerable contestants can’t afford to take a misstep — vocally, emotionally, tonally, or otherwise.”

    Unless your name is Paul, Stefano, Jacob, or Casey. Among the guys, only James and Scotty have been vocally consistent enough to justify their absence from the Bottom 3 each week, and Scotty isn’t exactly delivering a vocal masterclass each week. I’m not going to defend Ashthon, Karen, Thia, and Naima, but if Pia, Lauren, or even Haley go home next week, I’m gonna bust out my Clinton ’08 memorabilia and host sexism-themed viewing parties at my house. Don’t make me do it, America.

    • Faz says:

      Yea, well there are people who need to go home in front of the girls, but I wouldn’t mind not having to listen to Pia or Lauren again. That said

  38. Georgia says:

    Very predictable, and that’s OK. The only surprise of the night was poor Jacob and Naima doing that duet. Hadn’t anyone seen SNL’s “Solid as Barrack”?

  39. raftrap says:

    I think the lesson is actually, that this panel of judges is actually being heard by America, yes they don’t actually say anything, but everyone is paying attention to Jennifer’s facial expressions, Steven Tyler’s ramblings and to Randy’s… well, and Randy is also there. The weird thing is that after nine seasons, voters really were just trying to prove Simon wrong, and pick against him, this time, if the judges like, they stay, if the judges don’t like that much, gone.

    • Sol says:

      Huh? That doesn’t even make sense. First of all not sure where you got the idea that people voted against Simon (some did, but clearly most didn’t). Second, the judges like everyone this year, so . . .

    • Leigha says:

      Your comment makes no sense. Simon was the voice of reason and most of the voting public listened to him as well as the contestants. Randy is also where? He’s never really been “there.” Nonsensical ramblings.

  40. Paisley says:

    I agree with the B3 this week. Paul is too hard to hear and too quirky for many viewers. But I knew he would be safe in the end. I wonder how well Casey did with votes. It seemed to me Ryan was suggesting he came in first. I will miss Naima but not Thia.

  41. IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

    Happy about Thia; she had no emotion and was boring. Sad about Naima; she was very interesting and unique. Now I absolutely have to go see the tour. Thankful that Paul was saved, I don’t know what I would have done if he had gone. Surprised that Stefano wasn’t in the bottom 3; I figured he hadn’t done enough to save himself. Can’t wait for Roak and Roll Hall of Fame Night next week!

  42. dxdrv says:

    Haley is still there, so nope. The right people did not get voted off. That girl needs a good dose of humililty or a kick in the shorts. Whichever works.

  43. James says:

    Yes the correct 2 went home tonight…We shall see who it will be next week? Whoever does not bring their A game…though if I had to choose now…I would say Stefano…

  44. Lolman says:

    Man Fantasia sucks with her squeaky mouse voice…glad I did not watch season 3…you people all must of been on crack to vote for her to win…or was it even worse then season 9 haha?

  45. Sharon says:

    What was with Kris Allen’s hair?

  46. navybluesilver says:

    Okay. So, we are watching American Idol, am I right? How come one of the contestant joined in Country Idol instead of American Idol? Huh? Who’s that contestant? Gimme a break. Who else? It’s Scotty McCreery.
    Given the fact that he is young and has a good country singing voice, it actually gets old to keep on hearing him sing the same genre every week. The only thing I have in mind is that, how come Randy keeps on pushing Thia, Pia and Hayley to get out of the box, but for Scotty, he keeps on saying that he needs to stay true to himself? Confusing aint it?

    The other things that I noticed where how James was given an extra advantage of doing special effects to his performance (fire on the piano) whilst his vocals on the song didn’t really sound good (not even great at all)! He actually played with the audience and made his vocal performance suffer. He belted out yes, but comparing the quality of his tone to Thia Megia? Don’t even let me get started!

    And Jacob? Oh the thing is I don’t know if he’s really an ebony the baptist singer or a broadway emo singer! During his holywood performance, I kind of liked him well when he sang ‘God Bless the Child’, now, I can actually say his thing gets old. Every time he perform, it’s either he would belt it out, or there’s gonna be a pitchy belt out somewhere in the song, with matching closing of his eyes that would make you think and ask, ‘does he wanna cry or is he going crazy?’ He’s way overdramatic and it’s really getting annoying, and it’s not good anymore.

    I think, the bottom 3 should have been:

    James, Jacob and Scotty. And the one voted off should have been Scotty.

    Common, I’d rather listen to ballads over and over than listen to country music and Imagine I’m in a farm! Again America, it’s American Idol not Country Idol!

    • navybluesilver says:

      and oh by the way, the other one should have been Jacob!

    • Leslie says:

      So, are you saying people that live in the country and listen to country aren’t Americans? DUH. Carrie Underwood. Josh Gracain, Bucky Covington, Kelly Pickler, Danny Gokey, Crystal Bowersox, KELLY CLARKSON—all former Idols who are making good money in Nashville right now. You countryphobe.

      • navybluesilver says:

        Not saying they aren’t but they are versatile than Scotty who even though has a different song to sing, somehow turns it still to a country song. Just saying!

    • rascal2978 says:

      In regards to Scotty, I agree that the judges, especially Randy, are inconsistent when it comes to the issue of contestants pushing their boundaries, and sympathize with the contestants confusion at times in trying to decipher just what they need to be doing. A more difficult issue for myself is whether the contestants should be encouraged/forced to try and sing different genres of music. If they really want the kids to show us what type of artist they see themselves as and what their album/cd will sound like, give them a list of all the songs cleared for use on the show and let each one pick the best song FOR THEM. It would give the audience a better sense of the type of music each would put out, given the chance, without the artificial restrictions the themes impose. Do I admire those AI contestants who can cross genre boundaries? Yes. Does that mean I necessarily will want to listen to/buy their CD? Not in the least. I will buy music from the people whose voice I like and who sing songs that I enjoy.

      Personally, I think Scotty has a good voice for country, and since that is clearly the type of music he wants to sing, I say have at it. As a fan of country music, I believe he will do well in that market, although I’m not really a fan of his voice personally. Will the AI viewing/voting audience tire of him? Maybe. Time will tell. But I would rather see him sing country songs (or songs made country) well then forced to sing something else poorly.

      I will agree with you, however, in regard to Jacob and his overly dramatic singing/performance style … and this is coming from a huge fan of musical theater. I have taken to only listening to his performances by shutting my eyes as watching him is simply distracting and annoying, and I am confident that I would never buy any CD he puts out as I do not like the tone of his voice and am fairly confident that his style of music is not something I would enjoy.

  47. Rick says:

    Jacob can’t go home soon enough! I thought for sure Stefano was gone, that surprised me. The whole country knew Thia was gone but honestly she’s a better singer than Paul and Jacob, she was just so damn boring.

    While I could have lived with Paul going home instead of Naima it’s not like she was going to win.

  48. NedPepper says:

    Jacob should have gone home. Paul should have gone home. This show is getting depressing. Another sausage fest. And was it me, or did Stephen Tyler tell Naima, “This show is terrible” right before the show cut off…

  49. JR says:

    the saddest thing about the jamie foxx song is not that the main lyric is “i want a sunburn”, but that he can actually sing. DREAMGIRLS LOOK IT UP

  50. Kaleena says:

    Lauren and Scotty together were amazing. Thank goodness Naima is FINALLY GONE! Fantasia, Jaime Foxx, and all stunk like rotten eggs. I would rather have seen Jacob go than Thia, but Thia wouldn’t have won anyway so I’m fine with seeing her go now. And sorry, Jacob lovers, but his facial expressions ruin his entire performance.

    • Ablo says:

      I think amazing is a bit strong. I agree they were the best of the pairings. But, they weren’t great to me. Interestingly — Scotty did a better job than Lauren.

      • GingerSnap says:

        I agree. I thought Scotty sang circles around Lauren. All around, he’s a more mature talent. Lauren is still working out the technical aspects of her singing. So, this beautiful little love ballad lacked any emotional depth when she sang, but felt tender when he sang. For all the naysayers around Scotty, he showed why he’s gonna still be here when Lauren is sitting at home.

        • Brittany says:

          AMEN! I felt the same way about Scotty >>> Lauren, but I attributed it to my love for Carrie Underwood and that I am more than likely biased toward anything she does and how she does it. I’m glad to see that I wasn’t alone in my thought process!

        • MSD says:

          Yep…. Lauren just can’t connect emotionally…and there it was on a silver platter- and cute teenage boy to sing to! Flirt! Smile! Look like you’re enjoying it! She could have proven her worth to me so much if she could shine in that instance. Instead, I was reminded how “not ready” I think she is.
          Scott reminds me of Jordin Sparks in that while he doesn’t hide the fact that he is a teen, its not the MAIN character trait portrayed all the time when he’s in front of the camera or performing.

          • Rascal2978 says:

            Up front, let me admit I am a fan of Lauren much more so than of Scotty. But that’s purely a matter of personal taste, so I’m not hear to debate that particular issue. Rather, I was stuck by your observation in regards to Lauren’s inability to connect emotionally with a song generally, and flirting and smiling specifically. I agree that Lauren often seems emotionally disconnected from the lyrics of the song she’s singing, but I say that because she can’t stop herself from smiling and looking like she’s having a good time, even when the song is serious and/or sad. It was particularly bothersome for me during her performance of Candle in the Wind on Wednesday, when she would smile even though the specific lyric didn’t call for it. I remarked to my mother that both she and Thia seemed to have been told at some point to always smile while performing so much that its become hardwired. However, she impressed me on Thursday night when she made it through the entire song without smiling because IT’S A SAD SONG. It wasn’t meant to be flirty … it is a song about a love that’s been lost, a song about regret and a relationship that seems beyond repair. I wanted to see the hurt and regret on both their faces, and I did that night. I only hope its a sign that she’s become aware of the issue and will try to address it moving forward.

      • tg says:

        Funny, I thought Lauren was much better than Scotty. I thought her strong voice kind of made his appear weak and that she was trying to hold back so she wouldn’t overshadow him. I actually like them both but I think the duet might change people”s opinion of Scotty a little. Just my opinion.