American Idol Recap: It's Reigning Men!

Nobody tries out for American Idol hoping to finish in a tie for tenth place. But the two contestants booted at the end of Thursday night’s Top 11 Redux results show have reason to take heart: After witnessing a harrowing performance-art piece titled “The Emperor Is Doing an NC-17 Strip-Tease” (by Academy Award winner Jaime Foxx and Grammy winner, Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia can leave the Idolverse knowing all it takes is a shred of talent — combined with copious luck, first-rate schmoozing skills, impeccable timing, corporate marketing dollars, brightly adorned backup dancers, and a healthy dose of Auto-Tune — to become international recording superstars. Honestly, I bet that left to his own devices, even Randy Jackson would be capable of cooking up a more satisfying four minutes of televised entertainment that Mr. Foxx and Mr.’s ode to animated parrots, lady midriffs, kaleidoscopes, male-pattern posturing, and possibly (and yet probably not) the films of Busby Berkeley.

But back to the topic of our evictees: Say what you want about Thia’s pretty/vacant take on “Daniel,” her often bewildered stage presence, her penchant for smiling in all the wrong places, but you could strap the relentlessly poised teenager to the hood of a Ford hybrid vehicle and drive it through downtown Los Angeles, and she’d still be able to cough up a better vocal than the not-so-fantastic Mr. Foxx did on the Idol stage this week (or what the Black Eyed Peas frontman has offered in two separate trips to the Idoldome this season). At the end of the day, Thia probably needed a good four or five years of life experience if she was ever going to resemble a legitimate Idol contender, but as a consolation prize, she’ll be on the Season 10 Idol Summer Tour.

Now here’s hoping the sound of Thia’s Idol dreams going “pop!” also signals the detonation of this year’s test balloon of allowing 15-year-olds to audition for the show. How about next year Uncle Nigel and his team raise the minimum age to 18?

As for Naima, I can’t lie and say I’m not sad to see her go. Sure, her affected Jamaican accent tarnished an otherwise happenin’, reggae-tinged cover of “I’m Still Standing” on Wedneday. And yes, she suffered from occasional pitch problems and a slight case of  multiple artistic personae disorder. But Naima also brought to the Season 10 stage much-needed doses of creativity, true musical passion, and a sense of the unexpected. And now I’m worried her early-ish ouster might discourage the season’s remaining nine contestants from taking risks going forward.

Speaking of taking the road less traveled by, The Talented Mr. Lythgoe shook up the results-show format for the first time in recent memory, nixing the often hideous group number for a series of duets, trios, and quartets that showcased the contestants’ voices to much starker (although not always more flattering) effect. This is the kind of change I can believe in! We also got a glimpse into the grueling day-to-day schedules of the season 10 finalists that I wouldn’t have minded being two or three times as long. (Show us how these kids picked their Elton John songs from a pitifully small list of 20!)

Oh, and did I mention a guest performance from the magical, talented Fantasia Barrino? (I can’t tell you how much restraint it took for me to hold off mentioning ‘Tasia till now.) Actually, why wait another second? Let’s do a rundown of the night’s performances, with letter grades for everyone:

Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery, “I Told You So”: I think Lauren may have worked with Peggi Blu this week because I kinda thought she BURIED SCOTTY ALIVE ON THAT STAGE. Overall, though, this was more pleasantly inoffensive than combustably awesome, no? B-

Naima Adedapo and Jacob Lusk, “Solid as a Rock”: Yes, they did some Sonny and Cher Hour choreography (and Jacob loved every minute of it) but the vocals on this duet were kind of fantastic. Maybe Jacob should be forced to sing with Naima every week — her presence seemed to keep his caterwauling demons at bay. I just don’t know why Scotty and Lauren got the Standing O from the judges, but Naima and Jacob didn’t. Hmph. Well, at least they’ll get a higher grade from yours truly. A-

Fantasia, “Collard Greens and Cornbread”: I’m not going to pretend the brutal fit of that red sequined dress did my all-time favorite Idol any favors, but The Lady Barrino has a voice that sounds more delicious than Richard Blais’ cornbread dessert looked on Wednesday night’s Top Chef finale (which I happened to recap here). And her latest single is such a lazy weekend afternoon of an old-soul throwback that I smile every time I hear it. Pop radio, can you please set down the plastic tray of Black Eyed Peas and pass me some ‘Tasia? A

Pia Toscano, Haley Reinhart, and Thia Megia, “Teenage Dream”: Kinda glad Thia didn’t get a solo, especially on the lines “put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans,” but did anyone on the Idol production team think for even a second that maybe that wasn’t the best song to assign the season’s youngest contestant in the first place? Meanwhile, the botched lyrics from Haley (oh how I wish she’d dropped in a “nuts of wonder”) cancel out the rich, sexy second verse by Pia. (Well, well, well…look who went uptempo  — and nailed it!) Nice harmonies at the end, ladies! B

Stefano Langone, Paul McDonald, Casey Abrams, and James Durbin, “Band on the Run”: Can we pretend that, much like Camile Velasco’s post-Idol single “Guava Jelly,” this never happened? D-

And now, on to our awards ceremony for the evening!

Most Hearbreaking Moment
Naima sitting all alone on the Silver Stools of Doom, clapping and bopping enthusiastically to Pia, Haley, and Thia’s group ditty.

Is Your Beard Covering Your Ears, Dood?
Two nights running, Casey Abrams has insisted producer Rodney Jerkins told him to trim his beard, not shave it — despite the fact that we’ve all seen footage that tells us the “Darkchild” mastermind did indeed ask for his facial hair to go the way of Clint Jun Gamboa.

Are Those Track Pants Covering Your Legs?
Oh Casey, why hath the Idol styling team forsaken thee?

A Quote from My Husband I Thought Was Worth Repeating
“Nobody likes to see Jamie Foxx. I f%$#&@* hate that wanker!”

Favorite Chyron Typo After Ms. Toscano Was Sent to Safety
Pia’ Family

Favorite Unexpected Sighting That Resulted in a Top Twitter Trending Topic
KRIS ALLEN!!! (#KrisAllen) (Eff Yeah Kris Allen!!!)

Thought I Felt Bad for Having
I wonder if those are tears of joy from Little Lauren now that two more female competitors have been bumped off.

Most Likely to Inherit Ashthon’s Diva Mantle
Mani-pedi aficionado Jacob Lusk.

And now I turn it over to you, dear readers, so start your engines: Did the right two contestants get booted tonight? If not, who should’ve gone in their place? What about the performances by Fantasia and those other two foolios?Sound off below, and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Arthur says:

    Lol at Slezak avoiding the most obvious talking point on earth.

    After Season 8 (4 guys and 1 girl in the top 5) and season 9 (same thing), “America” decides once again to eliminate the girls first.

    I hope women learn to use the internet to find cute boys pictures and videos, so that they don’t need to vote for them on American Idol to get their fix.

    • But here’s the thing, Thia and Naima were terrible. It’s not like they were great and the voters got rid of them because they were females, they were awful. Sure Naima was more creative than some, and Thia could carry a tune, but they really were weak. Plus, does it really matter the order at this point? Naima and Thia weren’t winning so what’s the difference between being the 11th and 10th person out, or being the 9th or 8th person out. Sure Paul was bad, Jacob’s facial expressions are scary, and Stefano has sunk quickly, but they will be gone soon enough. Maybe the girls and women voting are choosing these guys over the girls for now, but honestly they all aren’t so great. As long as we get Pia, Lauren, Casey, James, Haley and (I guess) Scotty in the Top 6, then the order makes no difference.

      • Arthur says:

        They were weak? Thia can sing and she has a beautifull tone, Naima has the best stage presence
        Sure they aren’t the complete package but what guy is?
        Paul isn’t even singing. He’s just doing the cute WGWG thing that worked so well for Jason, Lee, Kris in the past.
        I could go on and on about Stefano, Jacob, James, etc.

        • JenD says:

          amen to that.

          • S says:

            I’m glad Paul is safe. He is a artist singer like Adam Levine. Naima and Thia needed to go.

        • Sally in Chicago says:

          2nd Amen….also the female AI alum are the best selling charting singers who are “stars”….the boy winners woefully lag behind.

        • agrimesy says:

          @Arthur ~~ You get another AMEN from me!!

          • Kaze says:

            Agree with you. Thia and Naima were not terrible, they just had the unfortunate luck of being women on a show where the voters who are predominantly women tend to vote with their hormones instead of ears. I’d also point out that these two were as far removed from a white male contestant as you can get.

          • djm says:

            I agree with Kaze – about them being women and the fact that they aren’t white. Sorry, but neither of them were any worse than Paul and even Casey for the two performances prior to this week.

          • m says:

            Stefano is still there, so that pretty much counts as 4 girls. Just think of Stefano as Thia, he sings just like her.

          • fbeifebf says:

            Oh please. American Idol has never been about just the voice.

            Thia has a beautiful voice, but there was so much disconnect between her and her song. As Slezak said, she would/will be much better if given a few more years to grow.
            And I will miss Naima’s Boom Fiyah as much as the next person, but she was not good last week.

            Im really liking all the contestants, and I’m sad to see any of them go.

            It was their time to go. I do feel that there were others who could have rightfully been in their spot -but if theyre all on the same level, what does it really matter who goes home first anyway.

        • Teresa says:

          I can see why Thia went this early. She has a beautiful voice, but she’s not interesting. What I can’t understand is why Naima would go and Stephano (who to my mind has the same problems that Thia has) wouldn’t even be in the bottom three.

          Unless it’s that people are rooting more for Stephano. There’s a bit of suspense when he sings as to whether he’ll keep his eyes open or not.

          With Thia, the instructions she’s given to connect to her songs are harder to quantify. I thought she did connect last night and I felt a prickle of tears as she ended the song. But there’s only so much depth she’s capable of at her age.

        • allie says:

          I’m willing to bet that far more girls watch AI than boys which skews the voting block to begin with. Instead of lowering the age limit, Nigel should put on a few more relevant contestants. Boys buy CD’s too but most do not typically listen to ballads, old school country, Motown, Elton John or Broadway show tunes. Durbin is the only one that might appeal to some of them but, imo, he really isn’t all that good. AI is simply not a cool thing for tween boys to watch anymore which is a huge market they are missing. I don’t blame the tween girls for voting the way that they do – I just wish AI would do more to get a more varied audience.

          • elr says:

            I agree with you. The major problem that faces Idol is the voting system. Until they fix, change or whatever…the girls will always be voted out first. I was disheartened to see two girls go, even though they deserved it on some level, but then so do Jacob, Paul, Casey and Stefano. And I think the judges, producers and the show itself has done a BIG disservice to Thia by putting her through this year instead of having her wait and try out again in a few years. Sure she was ready vocally, but just think how far she would have gone with some living under her belt.

        • Andre says:

          Okay, let me just set one thing straight. Kris Allen did not have the typical bombastic voice that American Idol seems to glorify, but he was never off-key (except perhaps that God-awful DioGuardi song) and barely missed a note (except maybe the last note on Ain’t No Sunshine when he first performed it). The guy can sing. Done and done. Jason, Lee and Paul – that I will not argue with.

          • Tricia says:

            Well said Andre. 100% agree in everything you said.

            I agree with Arthur too except about Kris Allen. I miss having people like him on the show! I thought it was gonna be a great season because all of them seemed great during the elimination and hollywood rounds. But come live shows, no one has sung so great that made me search for it so I can view it over and over again. Still nothing like season 4, 8 & 9 for me. :)

          • karenb says:

            I actually loved that last note on “Ain’t No Sunshine” the first time Kris performed it! I didn’t think he missed it at all! :)

      • adamfan says:

        I agree with your final order. Naima and Thia were just not good and so was Stefano and really, if we are being honest Paul. He is a sweet guy and we can all see his great personality and stage presence. It has to be said that a girl would not get away with the type of a performance and voice like Paul. Yes, I think that the competition is a bit easier for men, since I cannot see teenage boys voting for 2 hours.
        One thing that I would like to address, as long as I am here. There were some artists that have been complaining of the state the music business is in. Bon Jovi blamed apple/itunes for the death of the music business. Well, maybe it is the type of GARBAGE like that Rio song that is ruining the music business. I know it was a song for a family movie but it was trash, and it did not differ from the trash that the BEP’s fed us a couple of weeks ago. Fantasia has a lovely voice but I could not remember her song from last night to hum in in the shower, the song from last week by Jennifer Hudson also stunk as did the song by Lady Antabellum . Stop insulting us with such crap and we will spend money on your songs. Listening to Rio last night I truly felt angry with Jamie Foxx and William (I know, let’s get over it his name is William). It was so bad that it almost seemed as if they were themselves laughing. I loved the duets. The results show are much more entertaining this season.

        • JOHN says:

          I agree 110%!!!!!…..and Kris was SITTING in the audience….if the powers-that-be would only have been smart enough to replace that FOXXfiasco with KRIS!!!!!!!!!!!

          • kate says:

            I know!!!!!! If a three-second sighting results in worldwide trending, the powers that be should realize how much we want to see Kris. Surely they’ll clue in eventually…..RIGHT?

          • Kris Fan says:

            Gimmeee some Kris Allen ANY day.

          • kathy says:

            I don’t understand why radio stations are not playing Kris Allen’s All Right With Me.

          • Aunt Sassy says:

            Is it me or is Kris’ comb-over getting worse? He just needs to embrace his baldness.

          • karenb says:

            EFF YEAH! KRIS!! I totally agree! TPTB suck! I think they still hate Kris for foiling their master plan! lol!!

          • Joe says:

            I agree with all the positive vibes for Kris. I too want to see and hear him perform on the idol stage. The producers have not given
            Kris the credit and respect and support that he deserves. It is
            obvious that aunt sassy is not a fan based on her catty comment.

        • Yo says:

          I think this performance of the song from Rio will reduce the film’s audience by half, so at least something good came out of the Foxx-will debacle.

        • Mudica1 says:

          I think autotuning has killed the music business. You don’t even have to be able to sing to be a hit. I saw critics rave over Britney Spears latest, and she’s lip synched every performance she’s ever done. BEP found great on the radio but can’t sing live. But it’s here to stay, do you real artists shouldn’t expect to get radio play.

          • Snsetblaze says:

            Both comments are accurate. Auto-tuning and crappy songs have killed the music business. Plus pop performers that are just not that good in the first place – and straight-out abysmal without the overproduction and autotuning.

          • Jessabean says:

            Ever notice that the only thing they don’t autotune anymore is all the “uhhhh”s and “yeah”s and “____ in the house”s and “right here”s and all the various and sundry so-called “street” utterances on rap songs.

            I’m so glad I get to hear the authentic grunting.

          • Templar says:

            That’s one of the reasons people love Adam Lambert. He doesn’t need auto tune, The first song on his FYE CD is “You Make Me Want To Listen To Music Again” . He does.

      • Sophie says:

        Can you please get your head out of the hole it has obviously been in for far too long? More teenage girls vote than any other demographic group. That is the reason we have lost four women. Please wake yourself up!

        • Ablo says:

          A little historical perspective. There have been 9 AI winners. 4 women/5 men. That’s not a landslide.

          • RTW says:

            Right on Ablo. Might I add too that three of our winners (Ruben, Fantasia and partially Jordan) are of African-American ethnicity. I mention this because some have expressed a lack in diversity. In my opinion, what ultimately keeps someone on idol is not what demographic is voting or what your race is, but how you relate to an audience through your talent and music, and how you conduct yourself as an emerging artist.

          • Matt says:

            Yes, but no female winner since Season 6. The past few seasons have been trending towards men. Not sure of the reason behind this phenomenon — just making the observation.

          • NedPepper says:

            The demographic has changed in the past few years. If Fantasia was part of the show the last four years, she would probably would be gone by now. (The idea of that is staggering.) The voting has changed. It’s obvious. The only hope for this year is that Pia, Haley and (barf) Lauren can connect to teenage girls or old ladies who like Celine Dion, a bluesy pretty girl or obnoxious Southern teenage country singers.

            Until they change the voting, it’s never going to get better.

        • anon says:

          Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that these two women were not very good, no, huh-uh, it has to be a conspiracy.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Hello! The judges put two women through that should NOT have been put through (Naima and Ashthon). The voters put Thia and Karen through (I understand Karen, but I have still have not figured out who in the world was voting for Thia).

            And look where they all are!

        • karenb says:

          Really? Tell that to my 13 and almost 11 year old girls who could. not. be bothered. to vote. Their old lady did all the voting at this house!

      • ARCHU-D2 says:

        Why would you put Haley in the top 6 before scotty!!?? TOP SIX For this Idol season:

        I have listed them in order of how I think they rank so far this season.

        • lukien says:

          I have to disagree. Pia & Lauren put me to sleep. Hayley’s actually getting better, she’s like Kristy Lee Cook, perhaps better. I’m sad that Naima’s gone, she’s more interesting than Pia & Lauren combined. But this year is another WGWG for sure, with a country twang. It’s Scotty’s year. He’s unstoppable, a male version of Carrie, Idol producers might be licking their lips now with dollar sigs in their eyes. Loser of two years ago was deemed worldwide superstar by the Brit judge, despite all the pimping, only sold less than a million albums, but Scotty, at least 3 millions albums for sure … Gooooo Scotttttyyyyyy !!! James is ok and I agree wholeheartedly with Steven, I might start disliking Paul if he starts to sing in tune all the time. Talking about Steven, he’s the best judge Idol ever have, so cool man, Jlo is ok but I still miss Paula. Paula’s LTD isn’t that great, GTD UK is better. Anyhoo, my top 4 (for now since Naima’s gone) is Scotty, Paul, James & Hayley. Stefano, Jacob, Pia, Lauren & Casey can go out in whatever order they want, I just don’t care. Sorry. Miss you Naima …

          • @lukien says:

            Scotty is horrible. One trick pony, ridiculous facial expressions and gestures….smug, so limited vocally……..PULEESE!!!!

          • dude says:

            if you miss naima then everything you just said has no backing behind it at all. lol she is beyond aweful. Scotty wont win due to the fact hes only country…carrie underwood could sing anything but she just loved country…buthe will make it to the top 5, but what you dont realize is that every person theat gets voted off those votted go to other people and none of them will go to scotty. he gets the country vote which is a large portion of the voting in terms of contestant percentages, but once its dwindles down to 5 or 6 and him and lauren are left then all those 55,000,000 votes will go to everyone else more so then scotty. Country fans will take him far, but not all the way. This is not country idol its American idol!!!

          • ditto says:

            Glad someone mentioned Paul in a favorable way. Hopefully you know you can listen to Paul in his band, The Grand Magnolias. I love his voice. Can he win? Not sure but I put him in my top 5 for sure. If this is just a singing contest, then Pia should win. But it’s a popularity contest and many are stepping up the “entertainment” part of the performance.

          • Nedsdag says:

            With Naima gone, I’m not watching the show anymore. Why? Because there is no way that Scotty will lose. This season is like Carrie’s season where no one could get within an hair of her, not even Bo. There is no way the other eight can beat him and TBTH NONE of these contestants are worth downloading both legally and illegally.

          • McFudge says:

            Dude: So country singers need not apply? Guess they aren’t part of America.

            I do think Scotty is going to have problems down the road. Carrie is very much country pop, while Scotty is old school country. Two completely different things. Carrie could appeal to a wide swath of people because of that. Scotty’s appeal will be strong within the country-loving subset of Idol watchers, and he’s good enough to appeal to some non-country lovers, but not at all to the degree that Carrie was able to. If he loses, it’ll be because of just what you say….as the field narrows, votes will be transferred to similar contestants. I think that’s what happened when Lambert lost; all the Gokey votes transferred to Kris Allen.

          • pip says:

            loser of two years ago? What loser sells more than a million internationally? What loser has had an international sold out tour?
            Was Kris Allen ever on Leno, Ellen or Oprah? Or for that fact, ever invited back to sing on Idol? Ever?
            Which loser exactly are you referring to? (besides yourself)

          • Idolidol says:

            I agree Lukien

            Lauren and Pia are a snore feast and so boring. I always fast forward to Hailey, Idol step child as she gives the most upbeat perfromances

            GO HAILEy!!!

      • Spycigal says:

        Yep I totally agree with you on your Top 6!!!

      • @galaga6846 says:

        Perfect comment.

      • Lali says:

        Absolutely! Well said.

    • Susan says:

      Hey, I voted for all those I wanted to stay including the girls that are still there. I hoping Jacob would go…can’t we change it to vote for the one we want to leave???

      As for the celeb performances-all I can say is bring on DAVID COOK…he never disappoints and he’ll be singing his new song “the Last Goodbye”. April 21 can’t come soon enough! I also have to say that even last year I noticed the non-idol celebs are so pre-fab, they are never as good on that stage as any IDOL-kudos to all the idol allums and current for that matter. They deserve our respect for actually being able to pull off a live performance brilliantly, it’s such a glaring difference!!!

    • Sally says:

      Naima should not have been voted off. Out of all of them, she was the risk taker. But Middle America doesn’t like Risk!
      The voters are older cougar women and their teen daughters. Women don’t have a chance in the voting system.
      Out of who’s left — the boys are the worst I’ve seen in a long time. Not one of them has charisma or an ounce or originality. They don’t even look good!!!
      The two girls who have potential for star power are Pia and Lauren, and I choose Lauren over Pia.
      I’m sure the producers are catching heck in the blogosphere about this outcome.

      • Laura says:

        Said just like someone who has absolutely no clue *how* “middle America thinks”… give me a break.

        • @galaga6846 says:

          “Said just like someone who has absolutely no clue *how* “middle America thinks”… give me a break.
          Comment by Laura”

          “Tired of condescending remarks about “middle america”. Also, peculiar coming from someone who prefers Lauren. If there was ever a female contestant targeted for the stereotype of “middle america”, Lauren is it.
          Comment by stevenjaba”


      • Elle says:

        Cut the digs on older women – I voted for Naima for the very reason you mentioned. And so did my 12 year old.

      • stevenjaba says:

        Tired of condescending remarks about “middle america”. Also, peculiar coming from someone who prefers Lauren. If there was ever a female contestant targeted for the stereotype of “middle america”, Lauren is it.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        No kidding! Let’s stop bashing middle America, older women, and while we’re at it, conservatives. We don’t dislike gays, minorities, and young beautiful women. Where DOES this attitude come from?

        I am solidly entrenched in the heart of middle America (right here in David Cook country) and we love David Cook but we all loved Adam Lambert as well! One neighbor called Kris Allen for the win right from the get-go that season (maybe she works for Psychic Hotline in her spare time because she also predicted Jordin Sparks) but we were all Adam and Allison fans. And EVERYONE loved Crystal – dredlocks and all! We’re a bunch of middle-aged, conservative white women.

        My husband likes Scotty but hubby is a HUGE country fan – he loves Randy Travis. If Jacob sang like Scotty he would love Jacob. And as I pointed out before, George Strait has over 50 number one hits and every last one of them sounds the same. So I think Scotty is safe!

        I really, truly liked Naima. Too bad she couldn’t sing consistently well. She sounded wonderful with Jacob last night. Where was THAT Naima? And let’s face it, is that reggae/Afro sound really “American Idol” material? I don’t think Ziggy Marley himself would have won American Idol. One thing that made Adam so appealing was his ability to sing ALL types of music.

        • banshee says:

          Bravo, darcy’s evil twin. I’m tired of the “middle America homophobe blah blah blah. ” I suspect some people saying that actually don’t even KNOW any gay people. Peter Noone was right: Idol is strictly a vote-getting contest, and if you have best numbers you automatically win. I enjoy following the recap though I no longer watch AI. Glad to see Kris Allen get some exposure, too!

        • Nedsdag says:

          Not only Ziggy, but Erykah Badu or India.Arie wouldn’t have made it pass the audition stage.

        • Agnes says:

          I just wanted to say that I really, really appreciate your comments. *looks for the ‘like’ button*

        • Popeye says:

          Agree wholeheartedly with you!

      • jb says:

        Naima may have been a risk-taker but I think she pulled out these acts more to mask the fact that she’s can’t sing very well more than anything. I think it was right to send her home along with soulless Thia. Yech.

        • Deb says:

          Just like Madonna does.

        • dude says:

          James pulls out these overraated acts to to get votes…like if people close there eyes naima blows who cares about her performance..and james come on dude i feel like hes just trying to hard to get votes anyway he can instead of just rocking in out on stage plus, lets face it peeps, daughtry was way better and SOUNDS way better and he didnt even win.

      • RobNJ says:

        Is this the same middle America that includes Milwaukee where Naima is from?

      • Delon says:

        Well, risks should be taken in a pragmatic way when it comes to reality competitions. You can’t just simply sing in a genre that is probably the least favorite of the overall AI audience during the least watched part of the telecast and expect it to pay off. Naima was my favorite contestant this season, but she was essentially naive.

      • Liz says:

        Aside from the ridiculously inaccurate stereotypes reflected in this comment, there’s the equally ridiculous image of middle-aged women repeatedly texting votes to keep kids on a reality show. The “cougar” demographic has lots more important things to do with their time, not to mention that many of them are not into the texting culture at all.

        • Sharleen says:

          Oh, you are sooo right Liz! I’m a huge American Idol fan, but apart from watching the show & reading Slezak’s most awesome recaps, I don’t spend too much of my precious time mass voting for contestants! Far too busy with work, children, husband, pets, housework etc…

      • NedPepper says:

        Middle America doesn’t like black contestants unless they sing gospel. (coughjacobluskgeorgehufffantasiaruebenstudderdcough) Period.

        • @NedPepper says:

          I LIKE Jacob on certain songs. Thought he was great with Naima last night and wonderful on Motown night. The performances I didn’t like had nothing to do with his color.

      • Rascal2978 says:

        In regards to taking risks, what makes something risky is that it could turn out badly. Personally, I don’t think risk-taking, or even originality, is ipso facto a virtue. Yes, sometimes a risk can produce amazing results on this show (e.g., Blake Lewis’ beat-boxing during his “You Give Love a Bad Name” performance, for example). Sometimes, it can create a train wreck. For myself, I watch AI to hear (hopefully) good singing. I was not a fan of the particular risks Naima was taking, or the results of those efforts, so I was glad to see her go. I didn’t find her performances interesting … if anything, I found them distracting. I keep reading criticisms of Pia for being a good but boring singer. I, however, have never found myself bored by her performances because I enjoy the tone and polish of her voice. And honestly, given that uptempo songs rarely showcase a singer’s voice in the same way a ballad does, I can’t blame her for choosing them. BTW, I also enjoy Lauren’s voice a great deal.

    • AdamWasRobbed says:

      I don’t really have a problem with who was sent home. From the get go I kind of felt that the boys had more talent this season (can’t speak for past seasons). James, Jacob, Stefano, Scotty, Casey and (though I hate it) Paul ALL bring something a little different to the table, and IMO, save for Paul, all are VERY good at what they do.

      The judges just aren’t helping these contestants much and are leaving us to our own designs as far as what Idol is all about. Simon ALWAYS said, “This is a singing competition first and foremost.”. Well, Naima forgot that but America didn’t. Thia could sing, but had zero connection to what she was singing and I’ll bet Simon would have been fit to be tied trying to watch a 15 year old sing songs with lyrics about more mature themes that she couldn’t possibly understand….

      Don’t worry all, the boys will be getting theirs coming up… America is on to Paul, Stefano’s lack of….. whatever it is, will catch up with him soon and I feel that (especially based on what I read here) that Idol fans are on to Jacob’s “issues” with the rut he’s stuck in……

      Make no bones about it though, Stefano and Jacob are MADLY talented singers. Jacob has just been led astray into believing that what he’s doing is flat-out awesome, and poor Stefano just cannot correct his on-stage performance issues. It isn’t “him” I guess….

      These three and Haley will be the next four to go IMO and leave us with Scotty, Casey, James, Lauren and Pia….. Just a guess.

      • jb says:

        Good observations and I agree with most of them.

      • Delon says:

        What Naima forgot wasn’t that AI is a singing competition, but the fact that you can’t just do niche stuff on AI when you are taking the stage during the least watched part of the telecast. It was such a fatal mistake. The “reggaefication” of the song was brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. The end result would have been different if she had sang towards the end of the show. AI is not just about good singing and talent. Strategy plays a big part in it, and that’s the one department Naima has failed in.

        • lukien says:

          I agree. I enjoyed the first 3 performances yesterday, Scotty – Paul – Naima, even screamed Naima Naima Naima after she performed. Disagree totally with Randy – the worst AI judge eeeeeeeiiverrrr (in Randy’s voice) to call the reggae corny since he’s himself so corny, I liked Naima’s performance very much. I feel like punching Randy’s so much thesedays, he annoys me … sorry. Anyhoo after the first 3 performances I got distracted and started playing with my mobile, the middle of the show was so boring, but watched James’ performance and Hayley’s coz both were interesting. Whatnottosing deemed Lauren’s performance the best … really??? I can’t remember a thing, it was blah. I was clinching and making the same face like Jacob’s face while hearing him sing, he butchered the song, but Jlo was applausing and kudos to Tricky, the producer … are we even living on the same planet?

        • AdamWasRobbed says:

          Naima’s performance last night with Jacob shows us what she can do when she JUST sticks to singing. Naima was one of my favorites when we entered the live-show stage, but she opted for a lot of style and dancing over singing and it cost her.

          First with the Rhianna song that she danced so hard to that she was too out of breath to sing (I could forgive that, she bit off more than she could chew in that instance), then it was the song that was sung okay with the African two-step at the end. Okay, whatever, but this week it was time to SING and instead she went with a nifty reggae arrangement that didn’t showcase singing in the first place, and then used a phony Jamaican accent to boot. It just didn’t work and we never got to see her SING the way we know she can (like we saw last night after the die had already been cast…).

          Its too bad. Based on talent? No, she shouldn’t be going home yet. But based on what she showed on the Idol stage? Yeah, it was her turn.

      • dude says:

        finnaly someone is not an idiot. Agreed

      • ladyhelix says:

        Simon may have said “This is a singing competition” but they readily acknowledge they’re looking for a STAR. Someone whose record we will buy – who we will pay big bucks to go to see PERFORM for a couple of hours.

        To get my vote you have to be an entertainer AND a singer. In my mind it’s not about a “recital” piece. This is American “IDOL”.

        I’m very much influenced by SYTYCD (Nigel’s other show). One of the most important things the judges look for in a dance performance is “was it believable”, Contestants can’t get by with just flawless technique – they have to commit heart and soul and make us believe it. Or they go home. So I’ll admit I’m using different criteria than a lot of other people – and that I’m holding them to a higher (different) standard. But it’s my vote.

        I have several favorites this season, but I WILL miss Naima’s Passion for the music, her infectious joy, the fact that she is one of the few I believe actually FEELS what she sings about. I will miss her willingness to try different things – to take risks. And I FULLY understand that these things may not factor in for other voters.

        • elr says:

          I agree with you and would only add that I think some of the blame for the 4 girls getting eliminated has to go to Jimmy Iovine and the music producers. I think the mentoring the contestants are getting from Jimmy is changing all of their styles in some way and damping down their passion. I’ve said this before but they are starting to sound like carbon copies of each other.

    • marie says:

      “I hope women learn to use the internet to find cute boys pictures and videos”…

      (Gag. Some day, I hope “boys” making sexist wisecracks will be a thing of the past.)

    • GingerSnap says:

      Boy, are you out of touch with female voters. Every single girl has to be gorgeous to make it to the top 12/13 & sing like they are auditioning for a beauty pageant. That’s the common theme for 3 of the 4 girls voted off. The reaction to them has been BORING.
      There’s only one guy who fits the tag “cute” – Paul. I wouldn’t call Casey cute (reminds of Seth Grogan) or James or Stefano or Jacob. Scotty has potential but he is only 17. So we aren’t mesmerized by their looks.
      BTW, Lauren isn’t the most attractive female on the show (wrong body type) but she’s around because she can sing.
      Want more girls in the top 5? Stop choosing beauty pageant singers. Look for the same thing you do in the guys – uniaue artists.

      • cmj says:

        Really? Paul? I mean REALLY?? *hurl*

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          CMJ – I think Paul is cute and I find myself forced to stand up for GingerSnap. She has a point. Women are held to a higher standard in the “looks” department than men. Video really did kill the radio star to some extent.

          Back in the Stone Age nobody cared that Janis Joplin, Cass Elliot, and God Forbid it’s hard to even type her name, Joan Baez, weren’t beauty queens. But, times have changed. Hubby was a huge fan of Joan Baez and if I ever have to hear her sing “Diamonds and Rust” again *I* will hurl! And trust me when I say I will “out-hurl” your “hurl” over Paul!

          • GG says:

            I agree, Paul has a very nice face. Thanks for your comments here about middle America, cougars, etc! Quite frankly I believe if the younger Elton John, Rod Stewart (who Paul is much like),Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen (all greats and unique artists) and many of the most popular singers of the past years were on AI they would not have had a chance. I think all the contestants are young, deserve a chance and are much better than some of the nasty comments I’ve seen in here. Wonder how any of you would sound up on that stage.

      • Nedsdag says:

        Paul is cute after too many mai tais, margaritas, and tequila shots.

        • McFudge says:

          Yeah, the people who think Paul is cute have been playing the Steven Tyler “Beautiful” drinking game.

        • UKfan says:

          I think Paul is good looking, but the first thing I liked about him was his voice. They finally showed/introduced us to him/his talent once we got into Hollywood and the “wow” factor was his voice. The looks are just a bonus. If people only voted based on looks, Megan Joy from season 8, would have won the competition. That girl was gorgeous.

  2. TL says:

    America hates jazz, reggae and vajayjays.

  3. Aiden says:

    I completely agree with the grades you gave the performances tonight. It’s their first go-round so I’ll forgive some of the less-than-stellar performances(*cough*Band on the Run*cough*). I do appreciate that Nigel is switching it up with the results show.

    “Favorite Unexpected Sighting That Resulted in a Top Twitter Trending Topic
    KRIS ALLEN!!! (#KrisAllen) (Eff Yeah Kris Allen!!!)”

    –Totally with you here, Michael. I’m glad that 5 seconds back on Idol jump started the fan base again so quickly. Forever love the Pocket Idol. How I wish he performed instead of Jamie Foxx, though.

    • Ablo says:

      I think Michael was grading was he wanted, not what he got. Fantasia an A??? The Pia trio a B?? Michael loves Fantasia, and he loves Pia, so there are his grades. It’s funny that he teases the judges for not speaking truth, but then he does that.

      Fantasia was very bad last night — a D perhaps or to be generous a D+. The Pia trio was at best a C.

      • Cari says:

        I agree. Not that they were particularly fantastic, but I can’t believe he gave the “Band on the Run” group a D- when he gave Fantasia an A. But then, I never agree with anything he says about American Idol…

        • McFudge says:

          Agreed on Fantasia. I could only listen for about 15 seconds before I fast forwarded through her performance. But then I never did like her voice.

          • Erin says:

            I have never understood the appeal of Fantasia. This is the biggest dissension I have with M. Slezak. I know the power of Christ compels her… to have seizures onstage. Really, an A? I almost gave her 2 verses before the zip zip!

      • ladyhelix says:

        And I would have given Lauren & Scotty a B or a B+ because they are NOT my favorites and I was very pleasantly surprised by their performance. For ME – it was actually a “moment”. I didn’t know they had it in them.

        But objectively yea, probably a B-

  4. Tahoe Mike says:

    I wanted to see Paul and Thia go. I guess that Naima is not much of a surprise.

    May the group number never be seen again!!

    • Rich says:

      I agree; it was Paul’s and Thia’s turn.

    • josie says:

      Yes, I really wanted Paul to go before Naima. I am so over him that he is really going to have to have a major Idol moment to win me back. He is this season’s Meagan Joy Corkery.

      • B says:

        I like Paul and I liked Megan. They both have very unique, albeit not as strong of voices as some of the power vocalists, but their voices have character. They both have/had awkward movements up on stage, but it makes them different, not “bad”. I think Paul is more talented and has more practice/training than Megan did when she was on Idol. The problem is they are polarizing contestants, but just because they are not mainstream/typical singers doesn’t make them “bad”.

  5. Tyler says:

    I may receive crap, but I don’t care. Tonight, I was rooting for Thia since no one gave her a chance. Never did I have a problem with her vocals. You can change stage persona, but vocals (Paul…cough, cough) you can’t. She had the makings of something special.

    • Ruthi says:

      Me too, Tyler! But, I knew it was too late. She fell victim to the “Lisa Tucker” syndrom, where she treated Idol like a pagent and played it safe and downplayed her personality. She is very, very talented and probably next to Pia had the best voice in the competiton. She needed some coaching, and probably should have taken some cues from Lauren on acting her age.. but IMHO it’s a shame she’s gone because she really can sing.

      • Sally in Chicago says:

        Lovely voice, but “programmed” probably by her voice coach and stage mom.

      • umbrella says:

        Since when does Lauren act her age?

        • Sue says:

          My sentiments exactly. I thought she acted more like her IQ. Thia’s peronality was just very reserved – probably some of it comes from her cultural background and her family. She is somewhat like Scotty in personality – he’s a bit reserved as well. Not every 15-16 year old is annoying like Lauren.

      • Nedsdag says:

        Lauren acted her age last night? She looked like Tammy Faye Bakker reincarnated with the mascara meltdown she had.

        It’s too bad Lauren is under control of a stage mother who won’t act her age. Lauren could have waited a few years until she is mature enough to handle this sort of thing.

        • killercub618 says:

          Amen to that last statement- Lauren is simply TOO YOUNG to be there. In fact, I think it’s time to RAISE the age to 18. I actually think that Lauren is doing this more for her mother than for herself.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I thought Thia’s vocals were her strongest yet, but when you’re smiling through a song like “Daniel” it comes off as you don’t “get” the song thus proving at 15/16 she was too young for this competition.

      • Kaze says:

        How was she smiling through Daniel? Her facial expressions were appropriate to me. Go take a look at Lauren A’s performance of Candle In the Wind and I can show you 4 places where she smiled on a song that’s even more melancholy than Daniel, yet received heaps of praise from the judges. Why do we have a double standard for Thia?

        • GingerSnap says:

          Rewatch her performance. She kept breaking out in a smile at inappropiate times. I don’t think she can help it. She’s been trained to smile when she sings. JLo talked about “acting” while you sing. At this stage in Thia’s development, she is unable to get into character & stay in character. To a lesser extent, Lauren has the same problem. It’s the problem with letting 15 year olds in this thing. They aren’t mature performers & won’t be for a couple of years – see Scotty for an example of that.

        • Joe says:

          Lauren definitely was smiling through Candle In The Wind. You could see the little gears in her head going, “OMG! This song is about me! Do y’all get it? They made me change my name and put me on treadmill! Take that America!”

  6. Estee says:

    Great recap, Michael, as usual…one odd thing this week…what was with all that leaking from the roof at “The Mansion”? I mean, coffee cans collecting streams of water in the kitchen, Lauren slipping on water on the stairs, and then the whole group having to leave the leaky place? What a piece of crap pretentious property!! Just thought it was a strange sidebar this week…

  7. Christine says:


    I have to say that I always look forward to your reviews and usually pretty much agree with you, but tonight I can not agree with your grades for Scotty and Lauren and Jacob and Naima! Lauren and Scotty blew everyone else away with their duet – that could be on the radio tomorrow. I do agree with you that Jacob and Naima had a decent vocal, but the whole performance and song choice was so corny I had trouble watching it! I gave the three girls the same grade as you and the boys a little higher, but you were right on with them! Thanks for listening, I do enjoy your thoughts and point of view!

    • Lunakit says:

      I was very happy to see the group performance broken up this way and I hope it continues each week. Didn’t seem like they had much time to practice though!

      I think a girl band is just the fix for Pia. Both times we’ve seen her perform with 2 other girls by her side (“Grenade” in Hollywood Week and again tonight) she seemed looser and altogether more natural. She also seemed stronger by comparison on both occasions.

      Also loved the taped piece about how they spent their week. I hope there is more of that each week.

    • Isabella says:

      I agree with Christine. I don’t even like country music but Lauren and Scotty’s duet was really beautiful. Naima and Jacob? Not so much. I admit i’m not a big fan of Jacob, but I do like Naima – however, that was weak and embarrassing performance.

    • Liz says:

      Michael must not be a country music fan. Lauren and Scotty were fab-u-lous.

    • Templar says:

      It takes a lot to make me stand and applaud in front of my TV, but I did last night for Lauren and Scotty.

  8. takakupo says:

    Where the hell is Elton John to tell it like it is!?

    And the judging panel is just as gender biased. They praise the boys like they want to lick their nipples and then trash the girls whenever they get the chance. They wasted the save on an undeserving guy for the THIRD season in a row! Ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous. Completely and utterly ridiculous.

    #BoomFire (Naima) Will be missed.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Sir Elton was on Jimmy Fallon last night and he said he hadn’t watched American Idol yet. he did say it’s an honor anytime someone wants to sing your music.
      Elton also criticized the “artists” that don’t want to see their music on “Glee”. he said, “Oh, give me a break, a******s, or something like that. It was funny and surprising. he criticized the Kings of Leon and acted like they were all pretty high and mighty for not wanting their music used on “Glee”.
      He came across as more relaxed and “middle America” than I’ve ever seen him on a talk show. :-)
      Oh wait, he’s English. Okay then, he came across as “Very Midlands”. ;-)

    • lukien says:

      I agree … the word “racxxx” comes to my mind since the first four eliminated contestants were (my apology) colored women … but then again, it’s the voters … anyhoo never mind … the funny thing is … ELTON called AI “racxxx” when he was the judge back in AI3 (if I’m not mistaken) now in Elton’s week, two non-white American were eliminated … I’m curious what Sir Elton would say about it, perhaps someone should just ask him what he thinks about it? To be fair, Thia is ok but kinda vanilla, but Naima, no no no sirrrr, so sorry to see her go …

      • Bat Country says:

        God forbid it has something to do with the fact that the girls weren’t that appealing.

        • takakupo says:

          While I agree with you somewhat on an objective level, I just can’t get it out of my head that the judges have been overpraising the boys for the last seven weeks and trashing the girls for every technical opportunity they can get.
          I also have to say that while J. Lo and the other judges were still fawning over Paul and telling America that they hope they “GET” Pauls performance, they couldn’t bring themselves to “GET” Naima’s performance when she actually started concentrating on singing while giving us a passionate and well thought out performance at the same time. Naima was definitely appealing if you took the time to understand her genre and her style (or if you just already did) but I don’t think people had enough diversification in their lives to understand her and what she was doing.

          I look forward to her career in music wholeheartedly and hope that she does something tremendous and with longevity :D

  9. M says:

    I liked the change from group performances to duets and whatnot. It’s a good idea. Tonight’s performances weren’t exactly my favorite (except Scotty and Lauren’s–loved that one), but I’d like to see this happening again next week.

    Fastforwarded through Fantasia and Jamie Foxx. Not a Fantasia, but I’m sure she did better than whatever the hell was going on with and Foxx. I just don’t even know.

    I wasn’t that upset at tonight’s elimination. Namia is a very unique artist, and likable, but last night…not the greatest. Kind of weird.

    Thia. Buh-bye.

    As always, great recap.. :)

  10. Skitty says:

    Oh Slezak, this was one of your best Idol recaps to date. My thoughts in no particular order.
    – “male pattern posturing’ inre: Willi.I.Am and Jamie Fox has to be one of your best ever. LOL for real.
    – I’ll miss Naima most. For all her issues she was the only contestant I could see myself truly enjoying outside the Idol environment. Paul should have gotten Cook’s size 13 boot (song) in the ass this week instead of Naima.
    – The smaller groupings for performances were interesting but I have to admit I missed the the group sing cheese course.
    – LMAO at your hubbies quote! Other than “wanker” that quote could have come from me.

  11. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso says:

    I have a feeling it will be quite a while before a girl is eliminated next. The next to go will be Paul. After that, it becomes harder to predict. Stefano could have another moment but I think his bottom two showing last week and need for the wildcard weeks earlier shows a weak fan base. If history repeats itself, I fear a Top 4 ouster for Pia. Top two will be Lauren and Scotty. Lauren will win this season.

    • JenD says:

      i agree with everything you wrote, except i think scotty will win. i would love to see pia win. it’d be great if she could pull it off, but i think the people who vote are young (or really wish they still were), like country music and are girls who like boys. a lot.

    • GingerSnap says:

      If it’s Lauren & Scotty as the top 2, then Scotty will win. But I don’t think it’s gonna be that. I don’t think Lauren makes it past the top 5. I see Pia leaving around top 3. A couple of weeks ago I thought James vs. Casey. Not so sure about that now. Could be Scotty vs. James. The shocker would be if Jacob is still around then.

      • McFudge says:

        Pia’s got to bring some more energy and pick her feet up. I really get blown away every time I hear her sing; love her love her love her. I’m sure she’s not a lost cause in the use-the-stage department (see: Carrie Underwood), but she needs to put it in gear sometime yesterday.

  12. Joe says:

    I’ve been following you Mr Slezak since the Idolatry days but I can’t take it any more: your obsessions w/ Fantasia and Melinda Dolittle were bad enough but your taste has TANKED this season. Every you performance you rave about i find mediocre (Hailey) and your trashing of tonight’s “Band on the Run” and Durban’s “Saturday” were the nail in the coffin – back to your show tunes! You lost a fan. TTFN

    • Amanda says:

      Well, I partially agree with your comment, Michael hasn’t lost a follower in me yet but some of those ratings tonight, I mean, were we watching the same show? I thought the “Band on the Run” performance was fun, lively and the vocals were pretty good but the A- you gave Naima and Jacob? That had to be the most awkward and cheesy two minutes of the night. The vocals were awful and the whole thing was a mess. Scotty and Laurens vocals were good, but it was dull, whereas the Pia,Thia and Haley thing was fun and well done.

      I also did not care for either performance of Fantasia or Jamie Foxx and Will.I.Am but although Fantasia has good vocals the song itself was awful. I think you let your love for her, overrule your better judgment.

      I’m also in agreement with Joe’s comment about Haley, she is mediocre at best(although I know I’m in the minority when it comes to this opinion). I find all her performances “put on” and the growl does not come across as natural or sexy, it’s like she’s trying to hard. I also don’t understand Stefano’s appeal, I thought Tiny Dancer was horrendous and though I like Pia, I’m in agreement that the girl should take the judges advice and do something a bit different.

    • MrSideEye says:

      Sounds to me like you’re racist. (TOTALLY JOKING BTW) Lol we are all entitled to our own opinion.

      But the fact that you can stop being a fan because of a difference of opinions is a bit excessive and saying he has bad taste because he doesnt like what you like is just plain dumb. I too have been following him since Idolatry and I have not always agreed with him as well (I will never get the Jesse Langseth (sp?) obsession) but hey we all have different taste.

      Sidenote: Can we PLEASE get a Kristen Baldwin cameo. PLEASE!

      Side-Sidenote: Melinda Dolittle rocks which is mostly the reason why i wanted to reply. You obviously hate talent. (again, all jokes…. but semi-serious, she is the best)

      Moral of the story: Slezak rocks. Leave the hate elsewhere.

      • Mike says:

        Add to the list Jermaine Purifory and the famous Mishavonna Henson. I’ve got my own semifinalists I think got burned and could talk about (Janelle Wheeler and Jordan Dorsey), but I don’t go on about them. Then again, I don’t get paid to know everything about Idol and comment on it. Kristen works for EW. Not gonna happen.
        In spite of the annoying stuff, I look forward to Slezak’s commentary the day after to see if he validates what I thought or what he saw that I missed. He writes well and has great style.

      • Jurybox says:

        I’m a big Michael Slezak fan – I always find his recaps hilarious, even if I don’t always agree with him. As for this recap – Michael – how can you let the ridiculousness of the overhead shot of the dancers on the Rio song go with a simple “busby berkeley” reference? That was the most unbelievably stupid moment in Idol history (although I have to admit it did make me laugh for a long time at its utter obliviousness).

        How could you give the Jacob/Naima duo a high grade? That was such an awkward performance. I will miss Naima (I’ve been a fan of hers since the “wildcard” song.

        I was blown away by Lauren’s voice on her duo with Scotty. She’s starting to impress me this week with that performance and “Candle.” I think she’ll start to break away from the pack.

        Agree with you that he boy band should never again be repeated.

        And like you – I still can’t get over Jesse Langseth’s elimination. Please add Alex Lambert to your list of obsessions, though. Compared to Paul, he was so much more interesting.

        And one final request to please please please, America, send Jacob home next!!!!!!

    • Suncatcher says:

      Joe. Joe. Joe. You very obviously cannot stand someone with a different opinion – which, indeed, is the purpose of this blog (to get peoples’ opinions). Don’t let the home page smack you in the butt when you sign off from here forever.

  13. Sis says:

    Somewhere the girl who was booted after 7 times on her bday is celebrating with her thia megia voodoo doll…a hole where her heart should be making Thia incapable of emotion and a steel rod thru her arm stuck in pageant position

    • takakupo says:

      Lol, comment of the night!

    • Snsetblaze says:

      I know. Makes me wonder if Thia was cast and not the rocker girl just so she could be booted early. Not that I am dissappointed that she was going. And if it had been reversed, the rocker girl may have given the chosen ones a run for their money.

    • Kris Fan says:

      @Sis – LMAO!!!

    • JLo's Lipstick says:

      Rocker girl, and Colton Dixon, and Kendra, and Lauren T!! Even Tim Halperin could have broken out the piano too! No piano this year, just %@^$ing pageant singing from some of these kids? Blech.

      • Kevin C. says:

        There’s still time (maybe not much time though) for Stefano to break out the piano one of these weeks. I was hoping he’d do it last week (surely Elton John’s the perfect theme to go for it), but no dice.

  14. Cindy says:

    “A Quote from My Husband I Thought Was Worth Repeating”
    Wait . . . What?

  15. Colonel says:

    Whatever a girl does it doesn’t matter.

    The structure of the show is just twisted, wrong, immoral, and sends a wrong message to the entire society. It should be an insult to every civilized person in this country.
    What kind of message is that no matter how hard you work and how hard you try, you lose because of your gender? Your hard work has no value because you are a girl. Is it the message we should be proud of in the XXI century?

    Is it possible to limit the show only to the guys? Just guys only, period. From start to finish. From the auditions to the finale? Why even bother to pretend we are equal if we are not?

    • Scot says:

      This comment is inane and intellectually lazy. Did it ever occur to you that the first four eliminated Idol contestants were booted because they were horrible? Why assume their dismissals had anything to do with their gender? Fact is, Thia and Naima were TERRIBLE and deserved to be sent packing. Good riddance! You can get off your soapbox now.

      • OK says:

        The thing is though, there are guys that are equally bad or worse than the women being voted off. I think that’s what people are saying when they say it’s sexist. Jacob and Paul have been horrible and I think they deserve to go home more than some of the women that have. And I’m not too upset about Naima or Thia going home, but I’m saying that some of the men should have gone before them, or at least Naima. I’m just glad Paul was at least in the bottom. I think the judges critique the women more harshly as well.

    • S. Lee Stack says:

      this is really simple:
      the results reflect the voting trends of people who watch the show and choose to participate…nothing more, nothing less…

      the fact that Naima/Thia were voted off tonight reflects that they received the least amount of votes from people who vote…no deep-seated messages of race/gender/religion/sex/etc needs to be read into it except simple demographic preferences…no need to call the ACLU on this…

  16. luke says:


    • Ablo says:

      Didn’t watch this week’s show?

    • anon says:

      Now luke, that’s just a ridiculously homophobic thing to say. How is this going to be SUCH A GAY SHOW!!!! What a twit you are.

    • Suncatcher says:

      Luke. Luke. Luke. All that – and in CAPS too! Take a breath!
      I hope, for your health, that your are NOT watching Idol any more. No need to comment here any more either going forward, as they say.

    • RC GIBSON says:

      CASEY does suck don’t know why they saved him. When he sang Joe Cocker, he acted just like Joe Cocker; nothing special or out of the ordinary. A dislexic monkey can be trained to sing Nirvana because Kurt Kobain basically sucks therefore vocals simple. Basically Casey does not belong on the show… HOWEVER !!!

      Well Naima Good Riddance is right.. Every song cannot be turned into reggae so take your talent to a Reggae Bar or something.

      Thia has a great voice, no doubt about it. But star quality, definitely lacking.

      Don’t worry you will see all of them, even the losers on Itunes. Look at Daughtry, the kid was awesome, lost and low and behold he put out a few albums already.

      • Anna says:

        Casey IS overated, goofy and unattractive. I wonder if pity over the lamentable state of his bowels is motivating the judges.

    • luke2 says:

      I just want to say that I will now be ‘luke2’ when I post because I do NOT want people to think ‘luke’ is me! Because I LOVE Casey and I would never say “it’s going to be such a gay show!!!” – (what does that even mean?)

  17. JenD says:

    I will truly miss Naima. She kept it interesting and she was so likable. I really hope she makes a career out of it. She should not be cleaning toilets.

    • Yo says:

      I thought she was terrific, and refreshing, too. Her voice was not always the best, however. I hoped Paul would be voted off as he is having major vocal chord problems and should probably not be singing, anyway.

    • Pam says:

      I’ll miss Naima too. Even though Naima was not everyone’s cup of tea, I really thought that people would see she was at least working her butt off and showing us that there’s a girl on the show with entertainment value. I have to say I thought she’d last another week or two. I hope that a music producer has taken notice of her and will give her a chance.

      Actually, I was shocked that Stefano wasn’t in the bottom. I really thought that he and Thia would be the two going home last night.

    • McFudge says:

      Even though she could be a hot mess sometimes, she was always entertaining. And she could always be counted on to bring some style…again, sometimes a hot mess but definitely not “safe”. And she seems like a really sweet girl to boot. In fact, they all seem like pretty nice people.

  18. Hilary says:

    Hey Michael,
    I am one of your biggest fans and I am usually so in sync with you, but we are at complete odds tonight. Were we watching the same show? Lauren and Scotty blew me away, Naima and Jacob blah, the girl trio was a TRAIN WRECK, (yes I had to capitalize that), and the boy band was really nice (minus Stefano’s weird vocal). Uh, Tasia was HORRIBLE. She looked a mess and sounded it too. What a stupid song. Of course, she was never my cup of tea, so I’ll let you by for being a fan. The only thing we really agreed on tonight, and I would be surprised if anyone disagreed, was the absolute absurdity of Jamie Foxx and What was that?

    • Kim R says:

      Totally agree Hilary! I thought Lauren & Scotty were fantastic. Jacob & Naima were painful…I had to look away. Fantasia was NOT good. Her voice is so yangy (for lack of a better word). Jaimie Foxx’s number was so bizarre I didn’t quite know what was happening. I’m not surprised who went home. I think Naima’s fake accent killed her. Too bad. :)

    • lukien says:

      Yeah I have to agree with you, Lauren & Scotty were the best, altho for me it was Scotty who buried Lauren, not the other way around, Slezak. Jacob & Naima? Ewww, awful. As much as I like Naima, I have to admit it was unberable, but I blame Jacob for that hehehehe. I think my jaw was dropped when I read Slezak gave it an A … the trio was kinda lame (coz Blaine done it for me), my problem was why they didnt give Thia any solo, it’s really unfair, c’mon !!! (in Trouty Mouth’s voice). The boyband was trainwreck with some awesomeness … if they kick away two in the left (Casey & Stefano) … make it a boyband of two (James & Paul) … it’ll be awwwwwweesomeeeeeeeeeee (in James’ voice) … please rip out the shirt!!! Fantasia’s song? Heh? I dont gedit a single thing and dont gedit a single tune … is that a song? The Rio riot, well to be honest, I just left the monitor, didn’t watch at all, nothing’s lost I guess …

  19. MrSideEye says:

    Loved the recap per usual. Your recaps are the only ones I can get through without rolling my eyes at least twice (Im looking at you Billboard)

    I have to say that so far America has been pretty good with voting, with the minor exception of last week. I have no complaints this season (with the MAJOR exception of Kendra Chantalle)

    With that said, Naima will be missed. She was the only one that wasn’t afraid to take risks. (I hardly think setting a piano on fire while screaming off-key through a song is a risk). Still her last performance was just not good enough for me to be upset she got voted off.

    Thia needed to go. Nuff said.

    Looking forward to Idoloonies! Keep up the good work Slezak!

    • MrSideEye says:

      I meant TV Guide, not Billboard. Although theirs is hard to get through at times as well.

    • jb says:

      Nope, won’t miss Naima one iota. She was consistently quirky but using a schtick to cover up bad vocals just doesn’t work when this is a singing competition, not a dancing competition.

  20. amanda says:

    Great recap, except that I loved lauren and scotty. i felt that naima deserved another week, but the contestants are all so strong this season that we are always going to see someone go home who didn’t deserve to go. loved fantasia’s song, and loved all the Kris love tonight!!! thanks for always being supportive of KA slezak!

    • Sally says:

      Strong? The boyz are the weakest bunch in a long time. There’s not one star among the boys….not one! To prove my point, who among the boys would you pay $$ to see do a one hour concert?

      • C says:

        Until they limit the number of votes per person, this will be the “new normal”. There will always be a lopsided number of guys over girls for the early rounds of the show. And, for those who say “4 girls have won”, three of the four were in the first four season. As more tweenie girls get cell phones, they will vote for the guys. And I’m sure a 12 year old girl thinks Scotty’s low notes are (sigh)”sooooo sexy”. Hence the results. Frankly, until some of these awful guys get voted off, watching 6 of them versus 3 of the girls (only one of whom I really like) is going to be trying my patience.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        My husband and dad would pay to see Scotty.

        • C says:

          I’m not saying Scotty doesn’t appeal to anyone except tweenies. But would your husband and dad spend two hours a week VOTING for Scotty? They probably have more important things to do and aren’t emotionally motivated by a crush. My husband likes him, too, as he does almost all country music. But he doesn’t vote, so, in this situation, it doesn’t matter how much he likes him.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Well, whether or not they have better things to do is arguable, LOL, but clearly someone is voting for Scotty. He’s not been in the bottom three and so far he appears to have sailed through this competition. Country music has a huge fan base and some of them are young women.

      • Snsetblaze says:

        I’d pay to see both Casey and Paul in concert. I like Pia as well but with her song choices and pagenty stage presence, they have to pay me – a lot – to sit through her concert, let alone listen to an album.

  21. Marc says:

    Fool me once Nigel with that BS about ‘you won’t believe who goes home’ at the beginning. I guess he meant that we won’t believe that voters are starting to get it 100% right starting with the top 10, and with each elimination so far. I say this after both Glambert and Bowersox were not elected to Idol office! The X-Factor UK voters started the return to sanity by electing Matt Cardle after similar years where I thought it was clearly going to Olly Murs and Rhydian.

    Didn’t Simon reduce the age to like 12 for X-Factor US? No more dumb girls with no life experience, entitlement, and dreams of being the featured c word on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, and I don’t mean ‘cranky Sue’, Kenneth.

  22. Marc says:

    I forgot to add that I desperately wanted them to throw in a ‘Solid as Barack’ ala South Park episode during the campaign and Maya Rudolph perhaps singing that in an SNL sketch.

  23. Q says:

    FANTASIA was Awesome! She’s the Greatest American Idol Ever!!

    • Sharon says:

      I guess I must be missing something because I think her singing is terrible. She had good advice for the kids though.

    • jb says:

      Fantasia just stinks. She’s a terrible singer. And they have the nerve to call James Durbin or for that matter, Adam Lambert, screechy and screamy. She takes the cake (or the cornbread) on being screechy and screamy.

      • f/a says:

        +1 to that sister! Last night’s performance was uck, though I will agree about the dress (and add in the helmet hair). I cringed at her squeaky advice. I wanted her to throw in “and make sure someone who can read and write is there with you all the way.”

    • Popeye says:

      Agreed! I soo love Tasia – a lot of people can’t stand her voice but she just does it for me. She sings from the heart and one of my favorite Idol moments is when she sang “Believe” in the Idol Finale.

  24. James says:

    I agree with others…something about Micheal does seem off…his predictions are usually not right *cough thinking jacob will leave every week cough* (at least 100 percent) and him liking fantasia and what not is kinda wack…that mousy voice makes my ears hurt…Perhaps without all his normal EW pals like Kristen he has lost some of his mojo…

    regardless the right two went home this week…

    Oh and I am no Jacob fan myself but I know he will be here at least a few more weeks…and anyone who thought he would be gone earlier then 10 or what not is just plain stupid…

  25. Kevin C. says:

    The real blame for the gender disparity at this point can be laid on one night: Wild card night when they passed over Kendra and Lauren T. for Naima and Ashthon.

    • Teena says:

      Great point, Kevin!

      • OK says:

        I actually kind of agree with this, I mean I think there is sexism but they really missed the boat picking Naima and Ashthon over Kendra and Lauren. I got chills from Kendra before the show even really started, you can’t tell me she wasn’t better than them.. ugh, sigh.

  26. OliversMom says:

    Thought Fantasia’s song was a throwback to the 60s and I actually enjoyed it, although I agree with Michael that the red sequined dress may not have been the most flattering dress she has worn.

    Best Sighting was indeed #KRIS ALLEN (later seen with Zorro Pup) and agree with whoever said they’d rather see Kris perform then Jamie Foxx and Will I Am (who is this person?). Thank goodness for the FF button.

    Inasmuch as I still cannot get past the fact that there is a 50 year old voice coming out of 17 year old Scott McCreery, I’m pretty certain that win, lose or draw, the Country music crowd will lap him up and he will be going places. I thought both he and Lauren sounded pretty together when Lauren wasn’t outsinging him.

    I cannot agree with Naima and Jacob’s score. I thought they were the worst of the lot, forgetting lyrics and being out of synch and in Jacob’s case not quite on key. Actually I was surprised not to see Jacob in the bottom.

    As for the band…well…how does one compete with Sir Paul McCartney.

    And finally to Arthur…who commented above somewhere…perhaps Jason and Kris are, as you say, WGWG…but PLEASE…before you judge, try listening to both post Idol recordings and please…don’t judge until you see them perform live. Both, though quite different in performance are pros. And both multi talented.

    As for Paul..the guy is adorable. Much more charming than Lee DeWyze. But I wish he’d step it up. That’s the only thing he doesn’t seem to be doing much of.

    • Jurybox says:

      Who is Lee DeWyze?

    • GinaBallerina says:

      I could be wrong, but I believe WGWG stands for “white guy with guitar.” Maybe you thought it meant something else because it’s not exactly an insult.

    • ileasa says:

      Paul needs surgery, he state the other night after his preformance “it hurts today” after JLO told him that he has more he is not showing us. I agree with JLO after listening to his pre-idol work with his band, he has/had much more.

      Lauren and Scotty did good, but country music is not my thing. Naima sounded good on the duet, Jacob not so much. Where was that Naima on her solo’s? Loved every cheesy moment of the boy band!! Girls did good too.

  27. Christina says:

    When the top 13 was announced I had a sneaking suspicion that the first 3-4 out would be girls. Ashton and Karen had no business making the top 13, Naima really wasn’t a good singer, and Thia was a bore. So the booting off 4 girls off the top is no surprise. Now if Pia or Lauren go home before the top 4 then we really know that girls don’t have a chance on this show anymore. The next stream of contestants out the door should be Jacob, Paul, Stefano, and Casey with Haley thrown in there somewhere.

    Next weeks theme is “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.” It’s a wide open theme of songs from yesteryear!

  28. vivian says:

    I like the smaller group format (probably because they don’t need to dance as much), but I saw this in the last season of Canadian Idol a couple years ago and it blown my mind back then…(It was the top 24 result show…)

    I had high hopes for Naima, she gave me a Lauren Hill vibe in Hollywood weeks but I often think her biggest set back was putting too much thought and overkill sometime.

    Also, jumping on the small Haley train! Haley FTW! She can totally be Kris Allen 2.0 (solely talking about from being a canon folder to winning the title, not comparing the actual music talent, since I have no idea how good she is or not at changing up a song…) If she gets into final 4 or God forbid she win the whole thing, Nigel Lythgoe and co. will probably collectively get a heart attack/stroke…

  29. fairguy says:

    I just wanted to say to Thia and Naima … girls dont stop believing keep on singing

  30. Michelle R. says:

    Do you know how many times I hit the 5 second rewind to watch Lauren come down the stairs? It was not my proudest five seconds times twenty.

    • Jason S says:

      Yeah! absolutely Hilarious. If she loses American Idol she should submit that for America;s Funniest Home Videos!

  31. Paisley Quinn says:

    LOL recap once again. Although I would have kept Naima and ditched Paul, I agree with the results 100%. Tasia’s single sounds more amazing on my IPod than it did on stage with the show’s overzealous backing audio/bandzilla and that dress is evidence that Tasia has certainly had plenty of collard greens and cornbread since her last Idol appearance. I actually enjoyed the boys with Band on the Run. It certainly showcased the Durbs’ vocals as the country duet did L’Alaina’s. The atrocity that was the will i am/Jamie foxx segment was more shameful than shame-less self-promotion from FOX. I hope TPTB cut the results show down to 30minutes

  32. Jason S says:

    Wow! America got it exactly right. The three worst performances in the bottom three. I think with Simon gone it’s much harder to persuade the public. By the judges being so nice and noncomittal all the time (cept for Randy and who ever listened to Randy anyway) they pretty much have no effect on the voting. (While the producers used to be able to overpimp or under pimp a contestant with Simon and America would follow like lemmings. I do miss Simon’s honesty when some performances are awful( Looking at you JAmes and Naima)

  33. Jason S says:

    Can we vote Will I AM off the Island already. No question he is a good producer but the guy can not sing and the last Black Eyed Peas album is abysmal and seemed rushed out to stike when they’re hot!!

  34. DogBoy says:

    Fantasia looks like she’s in the FIFTH ELEMENT SEQUEL that only she knows about!

    (By the way, assuming Thia was the lowest vote getter– I think Naima, Jacob and Paul were/are interchangeably next-to-go.)

  35. Teena says:

    -It was a nice change that Ryan put away the fake out crap and just delivered the results.
    – I liked all of the smaller group acts, but I would have picked something besides Katy Perry for the girls.
    -Why does Fantasia have to look so crazy every time she comes on AI?
    -I was kind of bummed for Naima and Thia that they had to share the exit time. I thought Ryan would reveal one going, do the exit, and then the next. All the more pins and needles for everyone.
    -The footage of Casey with the doctor and feeling guilty was interesting and touching.
    -Naima looked like she had some dental work done. When did she find time for that?
    -Surprised Stefano wasn’t in the bottom 3. Not shocked it was Paul, though. I think Thia and Naima was the right pick to go home.

  36. rosie's mom says:

    Come on kids, let’s be gentle with each other. There’s enough hate in the world, we don’t need to bring it here. Thanks for your recap Michael – you are the reason I still watch tv. Like the wise man said, “If you have learned how to disagree without being disagreeable then you have discovered the secret of getting along.”


  37. jeannie says:

    I liked the new format, thought the Lauren/Scotty duet was pretty good, although only because I thought Lauren was good. While I understand that Alfred E. Neuman is likely to have a successful country career, his style of singing just does not do for me. I also liked the Jacob/Naima duet. Jacob was forced to rein it in a little, which was good. But you could see on his face how that hurt him.

    I thought Fantasia was amazing, but man the hair and dress were godawful. She is a real throwback, and I think she will be around for a good long while, but will never be a pop star.

    I am sad to see Naima go. She has charisma, and was the only one in this group who ever did anything surprising. I hope she has a career after this.

    Thia will be fine; she just needs a little seasoning. I do wish it had been Paul. He is sometimes very good, but I don’t think he is good enough.

    And you should all feel sorry for me, because I will be forced to take my kids to see Rio.

  38. donna says:

    Normally love reading your recaps but I cant believe you were watching the same show as me. Scotty and Lauren blew me away with their duet and deserved the standing ovation and Scotty was just as great as Lauren in the duet too.

  39. Sally says:

    All I think about is the word “safe”, all these Idols play and sing it safe. I don’t know if it’s the judges or the producer’s fault. Maybe it’s the themes? If you look at who from the Idol alum is selling CDs, it’s the FEMALES! Who’s winning Grammys and Oscars? Females!Last year Lee won, but who’s selling the most CDs? The 2nd place female!

    I’m sure the producers are tearing their hair out now wondering if this is going to be another WG(WG) year.

  40. Dirk says:

    I do not appreciate the sullying of Busby Berkeley’s name. Not even he would’ve thought up that one.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Made me laugh! :-)

      Hey, at least I called them the June Taylor Dancers on Slezak’s previous article! I resisted the temptation to use Busby Berkeley’s name.

  41. Sandi says:

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned that not only has everyone who has been eliminated been female, they’ve also been the non-white contestants. Maybe this is a coincidence, I don’t know. But it doesn’t look good that the only person who does fit either description (female and non-white) was the person they chose to immediately save from elimination.

    I do think people are willing to vote for female contestants. Last week’s bottom 2 were both dudes. But the judges pimp out the male contestants and promote them more. The audience often just follows along.

    • B.Rich says:

      If the judges hadn’t filled the top 13 with less deserving contestants (Ashthon, Naima) over Kendra this may not have been the case.

      But the women thing is absolutely true and their is nothing the producers can do to stop it. I would guess the voting audience is at least 75% female, probably more.

  42. John says:

    YES…Michael….great recap…and I agree 110% , and wonder what idiot(s) force Foxx/ down our throats?????and the same for the Black (and blue) eyed Peas!!!! Great to see Kris….WHY DID HE NOT Sing, in place of those terrible GUEST so-called artists?????

  43. Marcus says:

    A girl’s never winning this show again — most of us figured this out 2 years ago. The least they could do is find a more attractive crowd of young men.

  44. cmp says:

    Thought the duets were a nice change and even though the 4 Amigos sounded like a bad high school garage band, they sure did look like they were enjoying themselves. Thank God for DVR as I fast fwd’d right through mega egomaniac Foxx and the other fool with the ridiculous name. In reality, Jamie Foxx is quite an accomplished musician with a decent voice. I don’t understand why he continues to sell himself out with this kind of BS?

  45. Larry says:

    Remind me never to get on Slezak’s bad side and get the treatment.

    • S. Lee Stack says:

      as long as you do not commit the crimes on modern music that has, I think you are pretty safe…

  46. darcy's evil twin says:

    I enjoyed the duets and groups (really liked Lauren for the first time, singing with Scotty – sorry, Slezak, get out of your comfort zone and listen to the Randy Travis original. Scotty did a great job!).

    I’m going to give the “boy band” a pass. It wasn’t great but it was a good, original idea and it was more entertaining than the dancing June Taylor parrots.

    I do think the right people went home. But enough about the women being sent packing. If Lauren Turner and Kendra Chantelle had been put through on Wild Card picks instead of Naima and Ashthon (NO, I’m not racist- but they did not deserve to be put through on those performances) Casey probably would NOT have been saved and Paul or Stephano would have been voted off the island a long time ago.

    As long as the producers are casting a show and trying to appeal to every demographic rather than just picking 12 CONTESTANTS, this is what we’re going to see. it’s American Idol, not Gilligan’s Island.

    Good recap, Slezak! But I wouldn’t have rated Fantasia quite as high.

    • Joe says:

      Totally agree. Kendra and Lauren T. would have been better picks than Ashthon & Naima. They would not have been gimmicky. They would have been pure voices capable of big moments. I think if they had gotten through we’d have seen guys who couldn’t sing well go home. That said, I think the show’s producers knew Kendra and Lauren T. would also want to do power ballads at times and they were afraid of a show full of those to which I say, you can never have enough good power ballads. And for the record, I’m the snarky Joe who likes to post comments about Lauren’s mothers hat. The one up there bashing Slezak is not me. Love me some Slezak.

  47. Georgia says:

    I liked the small group performances last night, although I agree that song choices were not the best. I still feel that a song that has been done as a parody on Saturday Night Live (Solid As A Rock) should NOT be performed on AI. Do they assume that people who watch SNL would not be caught dead watching American Idol?
    I give a lot of credit to Naima for her creative and energetic performances, and I think she can go forward and carve out a unique and successful career. However, her pitchiness is distracting. Little Thia has a pretty voice and pretty face. Thousands of young people do.
    Loved seeing Kris and Katy Allen on the front row. Would love it more to see Kris and his band on stage!
    I always wish Fantasia well. I’m a southerner who never ate collard greens in my life, and don’t want them on my iPod, but Fantasia has raw talent for sure.
    I don’t think this will be a season of great passion and dedication for me. I am totally turned off by Jimmie’s mentoring sessions, and I’m never going to vote for mainstream country music. Extreme antics and theatrics get tiresome, and so do chronic pitch problems.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Okay, I’m going to come clean and admit I’ve always liked “Solid as a Rock” and had completely forgotten about the SNL parody until someone mentioned it here.
      Still liked the Naima/Jacob duet with the “Sonny and Cher” coreography, to quote Slezak (I heart the 70s!). I thought Jacob toned it down perfectly and Naima sounded great!

    • anon says:

      The problem with Fantasia is that her “talent” is STILL raw, as are my ears from listening to her last night.

  48. AlyssaG says:

    I agree. It would have been much better for Thia if she had entered the competition five years from now. I would venture to say that she almost looked relieved last night. She is just a kid- was probably a little homesick/overwhelmed.

    • Kris Fan says:

      I have to agree with a previous poster, who said that Thia seems “programmed,” quite possibly by a voice coach and or a stage mother.
      Thia may have been a child prodigy who, because of rigid training, will always come off as robotic, no matter her age. She’s got the tools and the techniques, but not the heart.

  49. Bee says:

    Fantasia was impeccable. Her style, voice, true love of music and audience engagement were great. Many current pop and R&B stars need to take a lesson from her performance. She was like an old school singer who truly understood what she was singing about and felt it to her bones. She’s amazing; I’m buying her new cd today. Also, her comments to the contestants were so eloquent and sincere. After all the drama she’s been through, she kept it real by talking about LOVE OF MUSIC first. I hope the kids were listening!

    As for the elimination, I have always felt Naima was on borrowed time. But, out of all the contestants, I think she enjoyed herself the most while she performed and didn’t worry about technicalities and judgements. She seemed to truly love singing and the creativity just poured out of her. I’ll miss her performances, but I’m glad she’s on the tour.

    Lastly, I want Pia to win it all. Aside from her stellar voice, gorgeous face & figure, her humility really impresses me. After she met Muhamed Ali, she was overwhelmed with gratitude and amazement. She seems like such a grounded, smart woman and I’d love to see her succeed and take the crown. Many people have talked about her “boring” personality, but I think she’s just really normal and down to earth. She doesn’t have a schtick (like wittle Wauren or sexified Haley). I think she’s pure talent, class and poise. Love her.

    • anon says:

      Or a schtick like Naima? She may “truly love singing” but it doesn’t love her. She just doesn’t have a very good voice and her little acts quickly wore thin for me.

    • Billy says:

      Bee, either you are being facetious in your comments about Fantasia or this truly is a Parallel Line Omniverse. She sang one of the most inane, prosaic songs I have ever heard…oh wait…no…Mr. Foxx and Willy even topped her in the “so bad I was laughing” songfest!
      And Pia gushing about a man whose claim to fame is being good at beating other mens’ heads in, and in turn getting brain damage? Wow. Just Wow.

  50. agrimesy says:

    OMG, I think I’m warming up to Lauren! There was something about her almost hesitance to outsing Scotty (which she clearly did anyway), her fall on the stairs, and some genuine emotion when both Thia and Naima were sent packing. I’m going to be watching her very closely from now on.

    PIA!! Please please please sing some more uptempo pop! She has so much potential when she isn’t reaching for those abrasive high notes.

    I liked Fantasia’s voice, but I’m so tired of songs that really don’t say anything. I’m not even going to mention the other guest performance. I don’t even know . . .

    I am disturbed, as many on these message boards are, that this elimination of female contestants seems habitual. Naima is NOT worse than Stefano vocally, and she is WAY more entertaining. Thia can sing circles around Paul, and although robotic gave me the impression that she (unlike Paul) really wanted to compete. So, I don’t believe for a minute that two females were sent packing because they were the least talented. In my opinion, we women voters have only ourselves to blame. We are tempted to vote for the “cute boy with the nice smile” or the “rocker bad boy with stage antics” over solid vocal performances. As a voter, I find myself much more critical of the girls! I judge their clothing and hair, their stage movements, and their attitudes in addition to their singing. I haven’t been that critical of the boys (with the exception of Paul and James). Why is that? I have to ask myself. Why has Idol ended its season with a male singer/songwriter guitar player THREE YEARS IN A ROW? I don’t want to consider my votes according to gender, but I believe that is exactly what I will do. From now on, I am voting for girls only. Lauren, Haley, Pia . . . please earn it!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Have you heard the duet version of “I Told You So” with Randy Travis and Carrie Underwood? She kind of “out sings” him as well (Travis has the same low-toned, understated vocal as Scotty). but it works!

      • Leslie says:

        That song was actually on the radio just a little bit before Idol started and I have to say, Lauren and Scotty did really well compared to Carrie and Randy. Lauren has that clear, crisp voice that Carrie has and while I think Scotty needs to work on his higher register a bit (even Josh Turner comes out of the low notes most of the time) I think Scotty is immensely talented–when he opens his mouth and starts to sing it blows me away.

    • anon says:

      Have to disagree, Naima is not a better singer than Stefano, just quirkier. Glad she’s gone.

      • Old Toothless Cougar says:

        Glad you mentioned the Carrie/Randy duet. I thought that Lauren and Scotty’s version was a close second–and it’s the first song this entire season that I’ve even thought about downloading! (I got all of Crystal’s last year…) Thanks foe all the input, everyone. And to Michael Slezak–watching Idol wasn’t the same til I found you again on this website. Thank you!!!!!