Fall TV Preview

Wonder Woman Gets a Makeover: Yea Or Nay?

TV’s (prospective) new Wonder Woman was spied out and about, chasing some ne’er-do-well on the streets of Los Angeles this week — and Great Caesar’s Ghost, she was sporting super new threads!

Gone are the briiiiiight blue vinyl slacks, replaced with a much more practical, foot chase-friendly stretchy… something. (I’m a guy, don’t ask for sartorial specifics.)

Also, the blue boots spied in the original publicity still for NBC’s Wonder Woman pilot apparently got the boot, replaced with a more expected and comic book-faithful red. (The new pics also show series lead Adrianne Palicki wearing a much lower heel, though these kicks may simply be for action sequences.)

Compare, ogle and contrast the two looks below, then vote on whether “new” is necessarily improved. (Additional photos of Palicki and her stunt double can be seen here, while @WonderboyLB has posted exclusive video of the shoot here.)


Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. jay says:

    wow….what an improvement. The costume looks better. But why does she look so pissed.

  2. Ogla says:

    Adrianne Palicki is tall and stunning and very very talented. Unfortunately early shots display wrong make up, face impressions and to a degree wrong costume. I liked the lower heel, that makes sense for an athlete.

  3. L says:

    I still think it’s cheesy as hell. I’ve never watched Wonder Woman, but I really think they should have done a Batman Begins/Nikita-esque sleek cool modern twist on it if they want new viewers and not just people tuning in for nostalgia.

  4. Stinky says:

    I bet that’s what Wonder-Woman would like….when she really needs to poop.

  5. Tivochick says:

    The look is now simply perfect.

  6. Tommy D. says:

    I’m sorry but this series will flop. The wonder woman we all know and love didn’t where pants. She was a hot, tall, and showed a lot of leg. This woman they have playing her is way to tiny to be an Amazon Godess. I love DC and I’m a huge fan of superhero shows that actually know that they’re superhero shows (ie. the last couple of seasons of smallville), I think the pants are going to ruin this series for me. First you have to realize the target audience young men aren’t going to turn on the show for a covered up Wonder Woman no matter how good the story is. Second the casting is weak. I mean if your going to do the most famous female DC character she has to be a bomb shell.

  7. Beka says:

    Awful. Her pants look like studded jeans and her boobs look like they are going to fall out of her ridiculously shiny top. Wonder Woman is supposed to be a warrior, not a hootchie.

  8. Mykey716 says:

    The red boots are a definite improvement, but the top is horrendous. I keep seeing ‘wardrobe malfunction’…and really, if we’re trying to empower women (esp as a positive image for young girls) can’t we get away from the ‘boob-a-licous’ look? Aren’t the ’70s over? 8 years of Buffy’s A**-kicking and she did it fully clothed and looked good doing it!!

    • amelia says:

      Yes. As a female viewer I want to relax & enjoy the show as much as the next person, not spend most of my time worrying about potential embarrassing ‘wardrobe malfunctions.’ But the costume is getting there.

  9. Elaine says:

    The pants are MUCH better. (The plastic vinyl look was distracting and just bad.) Like the red boots against the blue of the pants. The bodice is NOT working and especially not in that action shot. It’s not just how it looks in a posed shot. How does it move. It’s not moving well. Keep working.

  10. Rachel says:

    Better, but I’d like it even more if they’d give her a shirt.

  11. Renee says:

    We keep talking about the costume which is improving, but honestly the biggest problem I see with the series is David E. Kelley.

  12. laura says:

    glad they ditched the super bright pants, but they still look wrong, and now the corsat and boots look very out of place. also, i dont think that top is offering her very much support either.

  13. JohnDoe says:

    Still looks ridiculously silly.

  14. Gami says:

    Okay so they improved the bottom half of the costume. Still hate the plastic top.

  15. amelia says:

    The pants look more comfortable, for sure – but the top is still too tight & too low-cut, I’m worried her breast will fall out. If I was Wonder Woman I would design myself a more practical top (the last thing I would want on my mind during a fight is ‘I hope my breasts aren’t going to pop out or ‘I hope the seams in my top don’t split’).

  16. Girard says:

    Makes me realize why Tom Whelling has fought against wearing the Superman suit for so long. They should have taken that approach and put her in blue jeans and a red blouse of some sort.

  17. Midori says:

    I like it, red boots and some nice pants. It’s really good.

  18. shann says:

    I dont hate it but it looks like something from tv 10-15 years ago. Its not right yet I dont know what they have to change but they need to make it look more current day not something that would be on a season one episode of buffy

  19. shann says:

    and everything that is gold looks like dollar store plastic && its all to shinny

  20. Tim says:

    This is the spin picture. The one the produced this morning made her hips look really full and the waist was much bigger as well. Is was a disastrous pic. Obviously they got some different angles out there to bring her back to to the first round of pics. The boots will change the proportions of course. With the heals she would have looked more svelt, but she would never had been able to do the stunts in them ( OF COURSE) . She is a beautiful woman. I saw some great pics of her with smokey eyes and bangs and she can really pull off a dramatic look. Her skin is radiant and she is healthy. She will be a great role model for the kids. I wish her all the luck possible and I hope she gets by the blunders of the producers and media team . Its been a pathetic start for them.. they should have been out in front of these modern issues , instead they are in full spin She deserves more for taking on the role.

  21. Amanda Leigh says:

    The top is still totally not working for me – the gold color is COMPLETELY fake, they should use the color from the stripe on the boot. Same goes for the top, in fact.

  22. Darcy says:

    I’m not sure that Wonder Woman, or any superhero show, will be successful at the moment. It’s just not what people are interested in. She still works in comic book form, sure, and the Lynda Carter series will always be a classic, but I just think a Wonder Woman series, esp. headed by David E. Kelley, won’t work.

  23. AndyLuvr says:

    Still whorrific. It was an awful idea to change Wonder Woman’s costume in the comics, and it’s an even worse one to use it in a live action version. Just scrap this already.

  24. Jeff says:

    where did her boobs go between sample pic A & B?! That’s all I want to know.