Major Bones Spoiler Alert: Are Booth and Brennan 'Going There' in the Finale?

Bones fans, you know that emergency kit you’ve had tucked away all these years? The one with the oxygen mask and the Xanax lollipop? Yeah, you’re gonna want to grab that right about now and lay it beside you before proceeding any further.

I have just obtained the title of the Bones season finale —  place the mask over your nose and mouth — and it’s…

“The Change in the Game.”

Take a deep breath.

Now remove the mask, unwrap the Xanax Pop and take five long licks before continuing on.

I know what you’re probably thinking: “Does that title mean what I think it means?” Executive producer Stephen Nathan — who reluctantly confirmed the title scoop — declined to say if the season ends with Booth and Brennan finally coupling up. He did, however, offer this tease: “Although the ‘game’ in the episode is bowling, that’s not the only game that will be changed.”

Emily Deschanel is Pregnant — Is Brennan Too?!

The evidence supporting a B&B hookup is strong. Back in January, series creator Hart Hanson told TVLine that the No. 1 topic of conversation in the show’s writers’ room is whether or not the star-crossed sleuths should end the season as lovebirds. “What happens [as we wrap] between Booth and Brennan is the subject of a spirited and wide-ranging debate —and that’s the honest-to-God truth,” he said. “Some people think [we should go for it], and others are wildly against it. It’s a really interesting debate.”

The March 17 episode, meanwhile, ended with the pair each writing down a date they think they might be ready to make a go of a relationship — and then burning it.

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The Bones season finale is scheduled to air on May 19. Something tells me that’s the date they both settled on.

Now place the mask back over your nose and mouth and proceed to the comments section with your thoughts/concerns/hopes/dreams/speculation.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Gigi says:

    Come on after everything they need to get together….

  2. chaz says:

    well i thoroughly enjoy bones.every episodes great,i would love to see b&b get together but am doubtful of that happening.as far as hanna,she just irrotated me.they shoul bring zach back,loved his character and keep wendel :) hope that they will continue the bones series as i know myself and alot of others that love it. great job guys.

  3. Cheryl Anne Newman says:

    Remember “Who’s the Boss”? They got together at least one season before the series was over. I thought it was better then.

  4. MANK says:

    Two grownups-get on with it and let the writers earn their salary.

  5. Jane says:

    I agree that the “Bones” character has morphed over the seasons… hopefully the writers will get some of that originality back… but maybe after being buried alive with Hodgins and then all the drama with Booth and Hannah… I think the character is hiding behind the stilted way of talking and the less than attractive clothes/hair … all of us die hard fans want Bones and Booth to be together because they belong together… I couldn’t WAIT for Hannah to be written off…

  6. Maddison says:

    Booth and Bones should totally be together.I will be really upset(again) if their not

  7. Aprelle says:

    wish i had fox so i could watch it. im in Australia and they bones on channel seven but a few weeks ago they decided to right back to season 4???? to all the ones i have already seen?!?!?!?! soooo want fox right now!!!!!!!!!!!!! :C

  8. Tamara says:

    God I hope so, though I’m reluctant to believe it until I SEE it =)

  9. ashely says:

    so I think they need to put b&b together and just explore the relationship see where it goes….and if they write in a pregnancy storyline which I think they should since bren wanted a child and well the writers seemed to have forgotten about that I hope it’s not one of those plots where he shows up at her door late one night he goes in closes the door end episode and then all of a sudden she’s preggo through “invitro” and in the last season we find out it’s really booths!! *cough xfiles cough cough* ;)

  10. I have watched Bones from the start, and even if they end the show so Booth and Brennon can get together, it will be like a good book, with a good ending. I’ll watch re-runs.

  11. natasha says:

    come on! get together already! give me a birthday present by coupling up on May 19th!! :))

  12. Laura says:


    I wonder if the “Booty Call” from the Finder will result in
    Brennan becoming pregnant?
    For me it would mean the end of the series….

    or the rumor of a “Booty Call” is to have people just watch
    The Finder. I am tired of all the police style shows.
    The best was Law and Order..

  13. Carol says:

    I hope they get together, but Bones is pregnant in real life so how’s that going to fit in with the show.

  14. Anne-Sophie says:

    BONES is a series that I love, I France and is the first series I want to follow, I really like the actress Emily Deschanel and I am a great Fan, so this series is amazing.

  15. Donna Newman says:

    Most.if not all, writers agree that B&B need to get together, so producers get it done. It won’tbother the tension because the crime does that and it won’t keep B&B from being any more effective. In fact, it should enhance their abilities to solve crimes.

  16. cmj says:

    Look what “going there” did for Moonlighting.

    Haven’t these people learned this is the BEST way to destroy a series with two butting head leads?

    Dem Bones could be heading south….

  17. Diane says:

    Does any one remember the finale when Booth had his brain surgery and woke up thinking him and Bones were married? And she had written that story about the bar and they were married and the chemistry was great although we know it was pure fiction my point being if they kept the chemistry than they can again with both Seely and Bones. Am I right because the chemistry is always going to be there

  18. Laura says:

    I recall in episode 100 when Booth asks Brennan for a chance
    for a relationship. Brennan answers I can’t change.
    When the writer decide to have them start their relationship

    Brennan can turn to booth and ask for his help her change.
    I wonder if season will be the last one.
    The writers can close all the lose ends babies, marriages etc.
    In reality the show has become a Soap Opera with all the
    love affairs. The writing and acting has changed…..
    and not for the better.

  19. Pattie says:

    I think it would be about time they hook them up. Their relationship can only grow more intense by doing so. The writers need to stop being so afraid of going in a new direction, their relationship will only get stronger especially if they have a child together. You think Booth is protective now, just wait! Bring it on!

  20. Shaunna says:

    I honestly think that both Booth and Bones will finally be together b/c Emily Deschanel is pregnant (not Bones). So that means that Bones has no choice but to be pregnant, but by who? It comes down to nobody but Booth. But the BIG question is: Will there be a next season b/c of “Bones” being pregnant? Lord knows I hope so, I’d love to see how it all begins again. A lot more story plots they can make up and choose from b/c Angela & Hodgins have a baby, and so does “Bones” now. What do you think?

  21. Amanda says:

    besides all the crimes they investigate the main story line is about booth and bones’ on again off again love for each other and alot of the viewers are following the love connection rather than the crimes therefor to not make booth and bones get together before the show goes off air will disappoint millions of fans of the show and can severely hurt thier ratings so i think they should get booth and bones together to end the story line.

  22. Joanna says:

    So you really think Hart won’t allow other writers to “couple” them in the season finale, but before?
    That would be so perfect! They’d avoid one of the biggest TV shows cliches ever…

    anyway…I think we all got tired of this “will they, won’t they” thing. I want them together…right now!

  23. Mary l says:

    The new show “BODY of PROOF” reminds me of the early Bones.
    Bones has run its course. the story lines have become boring.
    The characters offer nothing of interest for me.
    The whole Brennan/Booth thing has been overplayed for me.

    Bones should just bring some kind of closure for all the
    characters. The season can end in a high note……

  24. Bo says:

    I think they can’t wait anymore!If producers prolong that situation too much
    the moment will be lost!the character and the actors will be in a different place! Look at
    Daved he cant goof around with Emily as much as he as use to because of whole
    cheating situation!He wants to but now he’s little bit held back!

  25. Lennie says:

    I think they should be together, it has been going on to long for them not to be together. She has help Hannah with a gift that he loved. Bones knows him better then anyone. it will make perfect sense. it will be a even better if she does have a baby by booth.

  26. Jena says:

    I agree. But whats the book series called?

  27. Amber says:

    I would love it if they finally gave Bones and Booth a chance and a baby scenario would be fun. As to the moonlighting references. The reason moonlighting went down the tubes wasn’t the writers. Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd couldn’t be on the same set together. They hated each other. I don’t think Emily and David have the same problem. They have great chemistry together, use it for heaven’s sake!

  28. Nicole says:

    OMG – So the writers screwed up. They are human. Now they are tring to fix it. Give them a break.

    As for B&B, it has been a very long and drawn out process for them to get together. They are both afraid to lose what they have and if it would still be the same after they really get together.

    I for one hope to GOD that the writers can get it right and keep it with the crazy chemistry. I personally would finally love for them to get together and hide it. Get pregnant and end the show off on that note…

    Booth’s son loves the “Bone Lady” that talks funny.

    So go for it. Make the season AWESOME! Give the fans what they truely want and put in a cliff hanger to stir all our feelings…lol

    Good writing comes from the heart. B&B are all heart!!! <3

  29. BecAcho says:

    I have had enough! Even if B&B do get together the show has lost its zing. The chemistry has gone between them and even the other characters have become stale. I only watch the show out of sheer boredom. Season 6 has been the worst season of this show and I for one am just waiting for the final death rattle. Poor Bones you used to be my favourite show :(

  30. aleg says:

    Are we supposed to still care? I gave up after the Hannah mess. I don’t even like most of the characters any more, and I used to love them all, was waiting for a Bones/ Booth relationship with baited breath, but the show drug it out too long. I’m still watching, mostly. However, I became so irritated with the show’s years long tease that I finally just gave up. Whatever happens, I don’t think I’ll watch after this season. The show has gotten dull and boring, and they should have stopped screwing with viewers’ heads about the Temperance/ Sealy pairing a couple of seasons ago.

  31. Christina says:

    Is it possible that Brennan will hook up with Walter Sherman (The Finder) for the finale? At the end of the episode (19), he told his friend that he thought maybe Bones was the one. I know it may be crazy, but I feel like when Bones and Booth get together it will be the end of the show. Would the FBI would frown upon them working together so closely if they were in a relationship?

  32. Stacie says:

    I have only seen about half the episodes this season. After being a faithful fan, I was shocked to find that Season 7 opened with characters acting so “out of character” that I could not watch anymore. I don’t believe the writers will ever get our couple together and part of me is even wondering if their time has passed. I give up! Time to switch to ABC :)

  33. Drea says:

    Personally i dont watch the show to learn about decomposing bodies. I watch it because of the relationship between Brennan and Booth and the intense wait to see them get together is overwhelming. Get them together already!!!!! Please the fans otherwise u will lose them. Ill stop watching if this drags on any further and im sure many agrees

  34. drea says:

    OMG!!!!!! god forbid no more third wheel I cant take it!!!

  35. Beatlesfan says:

    I don’t think they would do that this early. They still have a whole season to go. The sexual tension between Booth and Brennan is part of what keeps the show going. I believe they probably had sex in the last episode (“The Hole in the Heart”) and might talk about it in this next episode, but it’s still a bit early.

  36. Taylor says:

    I absolutely LOVE bones and i hope they don’t stop
    making them!

  37. Taylor says:

    i wonder how many more seasons there will be?
    I hope they will have many more and booth and brennan
    need to get together already!

  38. Taylor says:

    Bones is my fave show in the world! Did they just wait until
    Emily Deschanel was pregnant untl they actually got B&B together?
    I have waited long enough for them to get together, and i wont stop watching now! Every new episode just makes you want to see the next episode even more! I wonder how the next season will be? i bet it will be as good as the others, but the first seasons, b&b didnt flirt or anything and they do now. And even though Emily is married doent she ever thnk she could be married to Jonothan (Booth) in real life? i really wish they were. It’s the weekend and i’m just waiting for tomorrow to watch more bones!

  39. Louise says:

    You were all wrong!!! She’s pregnant!!!! Ahhhhhh!! I’m sooo happy but I’m sure it won’t work out cause Angela just had a perfect pregnancy :/ but I’ll hope ;)

  40. percy says:

    Bones Spoilers Blog

  41. caitlin xx says:

    I personally love the hole booth and brennan relationship and I for one do not think that season 6 was terrible. They brought hannah in to show that brennan did regret her decision to not get with him. I also think that the writers havnt waited to long because the more they wait the more tention rises and they might just blurt out that they love each other. I don’t get it that people say the season was rubbish and that they missed they’re chance and that they’re bored WELL IF YOU THINK THAT, THAT’S YOUR PROBLEM DON’T WAS IT THEN AND ALSO DON’T WRECK IT FOR THE TRUE “BONES” FANS :@ xx love bones so much