Glee Exclusive: Jonathan Groff Returns to [Major Spoiler Alert]!

Remember me telling you a few weeks back that there were no current plans for Jonathan Groff to reprise his role as Rachel’s evil ex Jesse St. James this season on Glee?

Those plans have changed — big time.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that the fan favorite has closed a deal to return for this season’s final three episodes.

Exclusive: Glee + Gaga = Biggest. Episode. Ever.

Groff exited Glee at the end of Season 1 when the Vocal Adrenaline frontman’s diabolical scheme to infiltrate and bring down New Directions was revealed. Next thing you know Jesse’s back with VA and Rachel’s heart is in tatters.

“He’s back to apologize to Rachel,” confides a source close to the show, “and perhaps get her back.”

Glee Spoiler Alert: Look Who’s Going to the Prom Together!

Thoughts? Pumped Lea Michele’s real-life BFF is back? Do you hope Jesse succeeds in winning back Rachel? Hit the comments!

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  1. Lily says:

    I looovvvee rachel and Finn! Yes Finn has been such a jerk lately, but he loves Rachel more than Jesse ever did. If jesse really love Rachel then he wouldn’t have egged her. Finn egged her waaaayyyy back before he knew her and his character has changed since then. If Jesse and Rachel get back together instead of Finn and Rachel, I’m going to be really upset. And quinn should get a taste of her own medicine again…perhaps by losing prom queen to Lauren? :) and I think they need to give finn and Rachel a truly loving and functional relationship…maybe they could do that by Finn learning what he has in his return to quinn…

  2. Michelle says:

    I hope he dances some too – maybe some big guy dance production.

  3. Leila says:

    I love Jesse and Rachel together. they were the all around cutest couple and even though Jesse AND Vocal Adrenaline egged her, so did other people(uh hem!!!…FINN) and some of New Direction felt sorry for her but I don’t think Quinn did. Quinn and Finn deserve each other. They both picked on Rachel and Quinn is still wreaking havoc on her heart. “Get It Right” was Rachel’s way of getting her back and I liked it. I really hope Rachel takes her back. The episodes went wayyyy tooo fast.

  4. simon says:

    I am glad Jesse is coming back, he has the voice, the style, the looks, the swagger and he knows how to treat a woman right when he is not doing some evil scheme for VA.

    Finn has become so boring and he sings like a BLEATING SHEEP.

  5. jjj says:



    Jesse: Icon of coolness.

    Give me St. BERRY anyday..

    Can’t wait what “epic” songs Jesse will sing to win Rachel back and the dramatic duets they will have together.

  6. Catherine says:

    There is no chance of Jesse and Rachel ever being together. He is a guest star!!

  7. Megan says:

    I don’t care what happens as long as I see that adorable face back on the screen. But I would totally be up for a St.Berry return.

  8. rosy connolly says:

    ive just read every single comment and do you lot actually know what your on about here?
    yes finn loves rachel, but if hes crazy enough to forgive quinn that easily i dont think rachel really needs hi. and then theres jessie who has been so mean to her too she truly doesn’t have a good eye for men bu now i think its time for a new start for her to go her own way come on rachel!!!!!! x

  9. gizzy says:

    I reckon that jesse did love rachel but he was torn by his need to be the star and he wasn’t getting that at mckinley. he had to ditch them in an extreme way to get back on top with vocal adrenaline. you could tell that when he was egging her he didn’t want to and during his final performance he kept stealing glances at rachel. They might not get back together but maybe they could be friends and he can train her how to truely be the star! either way his character needs some sort of closure.

  10. Baba says:

    Yes, to Jesse and Rachel together.

  11. Elise says:

    I, personally, am a Puckleberry shipper, but that’s not what the article is about and it’s beside the point. I’m hoping that Jesse’s character returning will lead to more insight on Rachael and how much she’s developed in season one. She isn’t the same self-centered, insane, and trusting girl she was when Jesse left. She became kinder, more considerate, and more reserved- basically, she grew up. I think that he’ll be more consistent with her- you know, trying to apologize and get her back, so it may make the next season more dramatic, if he’s either still there or leaving somebody sad and insecure again. Besides, maybe, with his return, he’ll get a nice, hard punch in the face from some of our favorite glee guys. Lord knows he’s earned it.

  12. Hollis says:

    I hope Jesse does get Rachel back. I mean if Finn can forgive Quinn for lying about who was the father, and not Rachel for kissing Puck he shouldn’t be with her, Rachel should be able to forgive Jesse for egging her in my opinion.

  13. haley carter says:

    I cannot wait to have the totally amazing Jessie back….he is what Glee has been missing!!!!! He has the best voice and cheeky looks ever xx

  14. fafa1122 says:

    I personally think Recheal and jesse suit better. they are both the same and they understand each other perfectlly. Their voices in rolling in the deep had something that could never compare with her and fin. although i do think he will try to screw her over again and she will end up with fin, i dont think fin deserves her. fin act embarrassed with her all the time whereas jesse embrasses her and sticks up for her even if she is wrong. He doesnt car what every one else thinks whereas finn does. Oh and do you realize that every time jessie comes back fin suddenly wants her? its pathetic she still loves a guy like him really. She may have done wrong but he definaitly treats her like a toy. their when he wants to play but chucks her away when he gets bored… I for one only ever watch the episodes with St. Racheal the rest are boring tbh. i think st. racheal are like the power couple at mckenlly* (spelt wrong i know)
    racheal and jessie all the way!!!