Glee Exclusive: Jonathan Groff Returns to [Major Spoiler Alert]!

Remember me telling you a few weeks back that there were no current plans for Jonathan Groff to reprise his role as Rachel’s evil ex Jesse St. James this season on Glee?

Those plans have changed — big time.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that the fan favorite has closed a deal to return for this season’s final three episodes.

Exclusive: Glee + Gaga = Biggest. Episode. Ever.

Groff exited Glee at the end of Season 1 when the Vocal Adrenaline frontman’s diabolical scheme to infiltrate and bring down New Directions was revealed. Next thing you know Jesse’s back with VA and Rachel’s heart is in tatters.

“He’s back to apologize to Rachel,” confides a source close to the show, “and perhaps get her back.”

Glee Spoiler Alert: Look Who’s Going to the Prom Together!

Thoughts? Pumped Lea Michele’s real-life BFF is back? Do you hope Jesse succeeds in winning back Rachel? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. cibele says:

    I hope he wins her back. They are sweet together once you get past all the things he done.

    • Kyle says:

      you mean like the egging!!!! I will never forgive him for that…she is vegan for goodness sake – that was the worst thing ever. With that said, I love me some Jon Groff… and I ESPECIALLY LIKE JEALOUS, HEAD OUT OF HIS BUTT FINN!! I hope this wakes up Finn and he realizes what they had together. I just want Rachel and Finn to be happy again!!

      • cibele says:

        I for one don’t want Finn and Rachel together. I’m tired of them together. He’s with Quinn now and treated Rachel really badly. The heartbreak he caused was ten times worst than egging her. Plus any duet with Groff is infinitely better than with Finn. I want to hear good music.

        • kelly says:

          wasn’t rachel the one who cheated on finn??? I think people like to forget that they were both wrong…. Finn’s voice is excellent! He is the heart of Glee! People are so quick to judge… it is easy to do when you sit behind a computer!!! Everyone on the show has talent…and I will enjoy it all!

          • Novak says:

            Quick to judge??!?! Finn it’s the MOST judgemental character on the show. And sorry, but there’s waaaaaay better males voices on Glee than Finn’s. And how many times Rachel has to said I’m sorry? he lied to her about SLEEPING with Santana.

          • cibele says:

            Kelly or Kyle, I’m behind a computer, yes. But you’re the one who is judging. I don’t like Finchel, yet you are the one who can’t respect that. I never offended anyone or judged. I’m judging a show, I’m sharing my opinion. And in my opinion Groff is a better musician than Finn and her duets with Groff are better. What’s the matter? Why is this so offending? If you like to enjoy all cast and think Glee show is all kittens and rainbows and talent, good for you. But I have the prerogative to find some artists better than others and share my opinion about it. If you can’t deal with diverse opinions it’s not my problem.

          • jay says:

            Finally – someone who points out the facts! They both were wrong – Rachel and Finn. They will find their way back to each other. I just hope this is the wake up call Finn needs to stop being so stupid!! Quinn? REALLY??? I like Jessie – but not for Rachel. I think this will be fun – all with a hopeful end result of Rachel and Finn together of course!

          • will says:

            i don’t watch GLEE anymore but i will definitely tune in to the last three episodes just to see watch JONATHAN GROFF. if they make him a regular, i think it would definitely benefit GLEE. he’s got a POWERFUL voice.

          • Kris says:

            Rachel didn’t cheat on Finn, she kissed Puck. Finn slept with Santana, lied to her about it, then started dating Quinn behind her back. Lets not pretend like what Rachel did was even in the same league as Finn.

          • solo1861 says:

            “Lets not pretend like what Rachel did was even in the same league as Finn.”
            Agreed, Rachel did far worst.
            Finn lied and it’s stupid and childish. But when he sleept with Santana Rachel was with Jesse and he got back with Quinn when he was single.
            Rachel didn’t just kissed Puck, they were making out and she wanted to sleep with him when her relationship with Finn wasn’t officially over.

          • Mary says:

            I’m just surprised that no one has pointed out the fact that Finn is able to forgive Quinn for getting pregnant by Puck and lying to him to make him believe the baby was his but he cannot forgive Rachel for kissing Puck. I think bringing back Jessie is a good ideal she deserves to have someone try to woo her for a change. And maybe it will make
            Finn see that he cannot have his cake and eat it too.

          • Kelly says:

            I’m tired of all three of them, personally – Rachel, Finn, and Quinn.

            And just to weigh in, my personal opinion is that Finn/Cory is the LEAST vocally talented one of all the guys up there (well, except for Mike – there’s a reason he doesn’t sing). They can all sing circles around him.

        • Novak says:

          I agree with your post 99% I still haven’t forgive Jesse for what he did but compared to Finn ughhhh. Finchel annoys me!!! (mostly Finn but yeah)

          • sophie says:

            totally! i’m glad we can hear jesse. He’s the best male singer who’s been on the show. i love glee and it’s good music, but i’m tired of finn, his character and especially his voice!

          • Megan says:

            I am also extremely pleased that Jesse is returning to the show for the last three. I think it will cause a lot of emotions for Rachel, but I hope they end up back together. I think Finn is a great singer, but I agree that Jesse is better. Besides Matthew Morrison (who is vocally trained) and Jonathan Groff (also professionally vocally trained) I think Puck is one of the strongest male vocals. I think Finn (Cory Monteith) does an amazing job amongst these other males that have such strong training. Remember that Matthew and Jonathan have both worked on Broadway. I liked the Rachel/Finn relationship in the first season until they brought Jesse it. But now I think Jesse is a better fit for her. I’ve read a lot of comments where people feel that Finn tolerates Rachel, whereas Jesse embraces her. I tend to agree with that assumption.

        • Julianna says:

          I agree with you. Jon’s voice is infinitely better, and I can’t wait for Jesse to come back.

        • Samantha Puckorius says:

          I totally agree. I dont like Finn now. he can have quin. I love jonathon Groff and I so want rachel and jesse together. I think he actually feels bad about hurting her unlike finn

      • kelly says:

        finn and rachel forever!! THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! GO FINN!!

      • Mike says:

        TEAM FINN!! FOREVER! Finn and Rachel – They are meant to be!!!

      • I loooooooovvvvvvvvvvvve when Finn gets jealous, and egging her was plain stupid and rude (yeah, i know that was the whole point, but you get what I’m trying to say.)And Quinn’s MEAN! Is Finn ever going to learn that? He doesn’t want his girlfriends to lie to him, ut I think he wants to be Rachel’s friend (which I believe is a ploy to fight his left over love for her, and you can easily see there’s a WHOLE LOT of that!) so , if Quinn acts like she doesn’t hate Rachel’s guts, Fabson should soon be over… ‘Cause Quinn’s lying up a storm. Good luck getting yourself out of that hole, Fabray…. You’re gonna need quite the shovel… And, I really hope that Quinn doesn”t end up prom queen… I hear Lauren’s running! GO ZIZCES!
        i hope Quinn gets, well.. Okay, I believe it’s time to leave you with a bad pun: I hope Fabray gets ZIZCED!!!!!
        Finn, open your eyes!!! Rachel’s waiting for you. She regrets what she did and she always has!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        -Finchel forever <3

      • Alice says:

        In the Pilot episode it’s revealed that Finn also through eggs at Rachel’s head so…

      • Cate says:

        If I remember correctly Finn also egged her and we’ve either forgiven him for that or chosen to ignore it either way Finn did the same thing.

      • karenb says:

        Yea, I know–that egg scene gets me every time! I’ve watched it 100 times and I still can’t get over it!

      • Brie says:

        just so you know, Finn technically threw eggs at Rachel too. There is a scene in one of the first episodes where Finn says “i dont want to be that guy who goes around and throws eggs a people…” And Rachel is like “That was you?” Also, Finn has been a complete jerk to Rachel more times than i can count and has used her countless times, Finchel is just there to create drama. And lets all be honest, Jesse is better than Finn vocally and emotionally, he never tried to change Rachel. He loved her for exactly who she was. He loved her flaws and all, he accepted her, something Finn could never do because he can’t look past Rachel’s unpopularity to see her as a person. Jesse was perfect for Rachel in every way, he made a bad decision, but Finn made about 5.

        • angel says:

          Did you forget that Jessie didn’t really care about Rachel. He just used her. her mom made him befriend her so she could get to meet her. Jessie was a total jerk to her. i would like him to be back for one to make Finn jealous and put Finchel together and apologize and two because he is cute. Finchel forever! favorite characters and favorite voices. And Finn does accept her for her. they were meant to be from the beginning.

          • Sassy.Selena says:

            Yeah but after a while he falls for her, remember? He got the tape to her and met up with her mom and said “I think I’m starting to fall for her”.

        • Pedro Schmitt says:

          Groof is hugely better than finn, bu t Jonathan doesn’t really love rachel, and we saw at original songs that finn really loves her.

      • Beth says:

        You are totally right !

      • marylyn catania says:

        you said the words before i said them

      • Rosie says:

        Finn’s egged Rachel before too, FYI. It was told in the pilot. I get what Jesse did was horrible too, but seriously? Let’s compare and contrast, shall we? Finn: Sleeps with Santana but lies about it, gets back together with his ex after she became PREGNANT from his best friend. (And let’s not forget some things he might have done in the past… before glee) Jesse: Egged Rachel and left, but out of peer pressure and is coming back to apologize.

      • Kate says:

        ditto!!! :D this is strategic so finn and rachel will be back together! :) looove jesse!! hated what he did!! and totally on for finn and rachel…. but finn needs to wake up!!!

    • Margaret says:

      So happy – Jesse will get a chance at redemption and we’ll hear Jonathan Groff sing again. I love ‘Glee’. When it’s good it’s great and when it’s bad it’s still good!

    • Rachael J says:

      I completely agree – Rachel and Jesse were the best couple and had amazing chemistry with each other!

    • Sandy says:

      I think Rachael and Jesse should be together. There is alot of chemistry there. And I really think they looked good together. And in the story I think they really loved each other

  2. Ana says:

    Just for Jesse St. James I will see Glee again!!

  3. Goo says:


  4. Alex says:


  5. Emme says:

    Yay! I would love for him to be around as long as possible, even if that puts Finn/Rachel on the far back burner.

  6. Sarah says:

    Yay! Maybe he will help fix this inconsistent season!

    • Reena says:

      glad im not the only one who feels this way…

    • Jay says:

      I hope so too.. I am so disappointed with this season. I still adore Finn and think he is best for Rachel, but they have made him to look like an idiot… it is so sad to watch my favorite character get ripped apart by people. I hope with this news, Finn will go back to being himself and realize he belongs with Rachel.

  7. Thu Ha says:

    I love him! I haven’t watch the last few episodes because glee is getting pretty bad, but I might come back for the final 3 episodes for him.

    • Lauren says:

      Although the first few episodes after the season break were too awful for words the last 3 episodes have been fantastic. Glee has handled sex and alcohol in them and just nailed it. I tell my friends that Glee is kind of like the little girl with a little curl all down the center of her forehead. When she is good, she’s very VERY good but she’s bad, she is HORRID.

      Give the previous 3 episode a chance. I was about to stop watching all together when they reminded me of why I like this show so much

  8. Andrew says:

    Any word on Idina Menzel reprising her role as Rachel’s mom Shelby?

  9. Sandra says:

    Nooo. I was hoping to see some Puck/Rachel action by the end of the season.
    Oh man how many love interests can one character get?

    • Jim says:

      Well when you are Rachel “Freakin” Berry as many as you want…

      I hope he help get her back on track… screw Finn, Jesse can keep up with ehr musically and intelligently.

      • gleetastic says:

        intelligently? what?! Jesse did not even know what a recession was! When they were all having dinner at Breadsticks, before prom, you realize how dumb and superficial he REALLY is. Come on guys… at least Finn doesn’t try to act smart.
        P.S. I like having Jesse back though, it changes the dynamics of the show a bit, I have no real preference but sometimes I do find myself rooting for Finn and Rachel, if only to see to it that Quinn & Finn don’t end up together. They’re terrible, Quinn is too controlling.

    • Kel says:

      puck and rachel??? never… they are like the biggest joke. Mark said himself – Puck has something special with Quinn and Lauren. Puck will never be in that picture.

      YAY Groff!! Bring on the jealous finn!!! I miss jealous, wonderful Finn…someone that had drive and was living in the moment.

  10. kate says:

    He graduated, right? Jesse’s at UCLA now? Can we focus on the nine other main characters without storylines instead of digging up more past characters we don’t care about? I’m trying really hard to keep defending Glee, but it’s getting harder every week.

    • nrfan says:

      seriously this is getting ridiculous. they need to develop their main characters more instead of doing theme episodes and guest stars. give mercedes and tina a friggen storyline and stop letting blaine take so much screen time too.

      • elie says:

        so totally true!! we never hear Tina singing though she has an amazing voice. Mercedes and Tina’s duo song “The Dog Days Are Over” with the whole cast dancing in the background was awesome! We want more of that please.

    • Kate says:

      I care about him and Rachel is a main character. They didn;’t have much of a resolved sotry either.

      Puck/Rachel is the second best idea behind Jesse.

    • Dominic says:

      Actually a lot of people care about Jesse and his storyline. Glee did a really bad job with it last season and left a lot of things unresolved, so bringing Jesse back even just to bring closure to Rachel and to the audience would be more than great – it would be responsible writing.

      • Megan says:

        I agree 100% on the bad ending to Jesse’s story line last season. There was bits and pieces revealed of his home life that made you realize why he is the way he is. But they never got fully into it. I think the first episode he was in there was raw emotion in the music store. I think throughout the whole thing even after Shelby became involved, he really cared about her. There were no pretenses when they met in that store. You can’t fake the emotion that was shown there. I think bringing him back will allow him to seek redemption.
        I’m not saying that either guy (Finn or Jesse) were right in how they ended things with Rachel. But I think in the end, she’ll have an easier time forgiving Jesse.
        I just rewatched Original Song. There was a part in the episode where Rachel and Quinn were talking about Rachel’s future. Quinn stated that she would stay in Lima as a real estate agent while Finn takes over Burt’s tire shop. She says that Rachel will get out of Lima and onto bigger things. It was something along those lines. I don’t remember seeing that the first time I saw the episode, but it put a lot in perspective for me. Quinn realized Rachel’s talent and that she’s going to get out of the small town life and will succeed. I feel that she hints to Rachel that if she ends back up with Finn for good, she’ll be stuck in Lima and won’t reach her potential. Even though Quinn is obviously insecure about Finn’s feelings towards Rachel, she wants Rachel to succeed. I think Finn still has unresolved feelings for Rachel. That will all come to afront when Jesse returns.
        I commented on a post a little earlier saying that Finn seems to tolerate Rachel, whereas Jesse embraces her. He gets annoyed or embarrassed when she has a tantrem whereas Jesse will make a comment about her being as big of a drama queen as he is. Finn cares too much about his image in high school.
        In this last episode, I really loved the scene between Rachel and Mercedes in the car. Mercedes asked her why she was always the bigger star when no one likes her. Rachel said that she doesn’t care if anyone likes her. She only cares that she succeeds. Jesse has this same mentality.

        Ok, sorry. That’s a really long comment. I apologize. But this is why I think Jesse and Rachel have a better chance together.

  11. Ed says:

    Best. Glee. News. Ever.!!!!

  12. mawhi says:

    GOOD. That breakup made zero sense. Also, I look forward to the internet exploding when he and Darren Criss share a frame.

    Also I’m glad that some continuity will be preserved because I didn’t see/was worried as to how they were going to bring back Vocal Adrenaline and explain how he somehow just wasn’t there.

  13. Sam says:

    If he gets her back, and as a result has to stay on this crappy show, he can’t be on Smash! Run, Jesse, RUN!!!!

    • Marie says:

      Actually, they have only filmed a pilot for Smash (well, they are still filming… LOL) – it hasn’t actually been picked up for the network officially, though I hope it does. Jonathan wasn’t cast in the pilot, but that doesn’t mean he can’t pop up on the show if they do pick it up. It films in New York and there are a ton of theatre people on it, so here’s hoping! The Glee eps this season won’t matter to Smash as it won’t film til next season anyway. Here’s hoping he gets both!

  14. JT York says:

    I thought Jesse St. James was a a graduating senior on Vocal Adrenaline last season. Guess I thought wrong.

    • John says:

      I feel like he’ll be coming back from college. (Spring semesters at college end a good month before they do in high school.)

  15. theo says:


  16. Lindsey says:

    Good, that means the Finchel reunion most likely won’t be happening this season. Finn sucks anyway.

    • Shey says:

      I never liked him either. Why is a smart, ambitious, talented, I repeat, SMART girl like Rachel chasing after him again?

  17. martuki says:

    hell yeaaaah!!! this is what i’ve been spected for so long; he is so talented and the idea of a new fight for rachel’s heart between finn and jesse is so exiting

  18. Lisa K says:

    Haven’t been keeping up with Glee but I WILL NOW! YES!! He better win her back I love these two together :D

  19. Emilee says:


  20. amy says:


  21. Tammy says:

    YES! So glad that he’ll be coming back. I really enjoyed he and Rachel together, much more than Finn and Rachel (which I didn’t expect).

  22. Rebeccapedia says:

    Hooray! I love the groffles! I wish he hadn’t egged Rachel though, I hope he’s back to show her what a horrible boyfriend Finn is! I hope he’s not competing against New Directions though!

    • Bre Rose says:

      I’m sorry…even though I semi-agreed with what you just said DID YOU JUST READ WHAT YOU SAID. “I wish he hadn’t egged rachel- i hope he’s back to show her what a horrible boyfriend Finn is.”
      In the same sentence. Like….you meant that. Jesse broke up with Rachel by.egging.her. That, literally, is the moment they break up, because before he’s just on stage and she’s all heartbroken, but he ignores her to do a song. That is the EPITOME of a bad boyfriend.

  23. Robin says:

    Yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can he please win her back and stay forever?

    • Julianna says:

      I so want this.

    • Ann says:

      Best. News. Ever. Glee hasn’t been the same this season without Jonathan Groff. As a die-hard St. Berry fan, I finally have something to look forward to. Lea and Jon’s chemistry is off the charts, and Jesse and Rachel are totally made for each other. Bring on the final 3 episodes!

  24. Aniello says:

    I love KG such a nice artist!

    here he is talking about coming back to glee and his new play in london


  25. Amy says:

    I don’t trust the guy. Maybe he is trying to screw with Rachel and New Directions again to help out Vocal Adrenaline’s Nationals chances. I mean it is kind of fishy that he will be back right when they are ramping up for Nationals. Just saying. I don’t mind him beiing back though.

  26. karin says:

    The one thing that can rescue this horrible season

  27. donna says:

    Wish they would concentrate on existing storylines rather than keep bringing guest stars back.

    • Petey says:

      Maybe his sotryline will help explain the existing storyline as to way Rachel has been off her game all season…..

      He messed her up and than Finn comes along and lies their entire relationship too.

  28. celita says:

    Finally! I’ve missed him so freaking much!

  29. Juliana says:

    I’m so happy, you guys have no idea!

  30. Monica says:

    Yes, yes, yes. This is the best news I have read in a long while.

  31. Rachel says:

    Oh Thank God! I’ve given up on this show all together, but would definitely be tempted to tune in for my darling Jesse.

  32. renata says:

    so good news, her was my favorite guest on the glee show.

  33. krys says:

    This just made my week. I loved jess and jonthan goff will watch him in just about anything

  34. Amy says:

    The fact that the writers a re bringing him back makes me think that they don’t know where they want their current storylines to go. They’ve gotten lost so they’re bringing back Jesse until they can sort it out.

  35. Shaina says:

    But I thought Jesse was a senior in the first season of Glee. He talked about his scholarship to UCLA. He’s going to come back from college just to get back Rachel?

  36. Sara says:

    YAY. This is great news!!!

  37. Dirk says:

    I know Jesse has graduated by this point, but I hope Rachel gets revenge on him. Maybe she’ll pretend to be interested in dating him again, “accidentally” spills details about what New Directions will be doing at Nationals, and Jesse ends up telling his friends at Vocal Adrenaline, only to have those details be false and they end up getting screwed. Oh, and New Directions throws eggs at Jesse. That would totally save this season for me.

    • WhiteLady says:

      As much as I loved St Berry I really agree with this. She shouldn’t just forgive and forget the egging, that was way too much. Either revenge or make him work really hard to get you back.

  38. Katie says:

    ZOMG! Best news of the day. Even now, every time I watch Glee, I think “I miss Jesse.”

  39. Louise says:

    OMG, if Jesse is coming back then that’ll make me one very happy Gleek! Hmm, Jesse comes back to apologise to Rachel…Finn gets jealous, dumps Quinn and we have the epic Finchel reunion at Nationals! Can’t friggin’ wait! :)

    • Kel says:


      I hate that they are keeping us waiting for Finn and Rachel! They are the best part of the show!!

      • Shey says:

        …not really. Finchel is just cringe-worthy. They have zero chemistry and are completely ill-matched. I mean, what do they even talk about?

  40. Will says:

    I don’t understand why so many people love Jesse when his character isn’t even all that. I think more people love Jonathan Groff than Jesse himself.

    • Michele says:

      The ONLY reason I want Jessie back is cause I like Jon Groff….

      I SAY ST. KURT!!!! Let’s get Jessie and Kurt together!!!

    • Amy Leigh says:

      I know a lot of St. Berry shippers and Jesse fans who are fans of Jon Groff BECAUSE of Jesse, not the other way around. I’m one of them. I didn’t know who Jon Groff was before Glee and I loved Jesse so much and how he played him that I found out more about him and now love Jon Groff.

      • Shey says:

        Same. And if you ever read this, OMG are you AmyLeigh88 on FF(dot)net??? Because I’m such a fan of you it’s not even funny.

  41. Petra says:

    Even though Puckleberry will always be my favorite I wouldn’t mind Jesse with Rachel. Anything is better than Finchel. But I’m still hoping for some Puckleberry.

    • Kelly says:

      what is puckleberry? I don’t understand…there has never been anything there? Puck loves Quinn / Lauren!! LUCK FOREVER!!

      Finn and Rachel are beautiful…. best TV couple! They are why I watch!

      • Meli says:

        I have to disagree. There has always been a little something there between Puck and Rachel because 1) they are Jewish and have a bond. Puck only loved Quinn because of Beth. The Lauren thing, well I think he likes her because she is like him…a badass. Once the crazy wears off, there isn’t anything there. IF you notice, Rachel and Puck always wind up making out. There is something there and Mark even said at Paley and would like to see where it goes, but endgame for the show is Finnchel.

        Finn and Rachel are not the best TV couple…but that is your opinion and I appreciate your opinion.

    • Meli says:

      I agree with you 100%. I think I am tired of Finnchel. Especially how he always seems to drag Rachel’s heart through the mud. I like Finn — just not them together. I think Puck is better for her and I believe they writers plan on making the friends. We shall see.

  42. michele says:

    I love Finn!!! Can we get Jessie’s Girl 2.0??? I just want Finn and Rachel together… that is all :)

    I like Jessie – but he will never be Finn!!!! GO FINN!

    • Shey says:

      Are you sure you have that right? Because Finn will never be Jesse–vocally, dance-wise, hell, ACADEMICALLY, Finn will never be able to compete with Jesse.

  43. Shelby says:

    Omg this is awesome news! :’)

  44. Elle says:

    Yes! I love this dude. He’s a WAY better match for Rachel than dorky, unattractive Finn. Finally a reason to b excited.

  45. Chatty says:

    If Rachel takes him back after he cracked that egg on her forehead in front of all his choir mates, it would send a terrible message…to me! Seriously, she needs to stand up for herself and get some respect. It’s one thing to forgive him but, to trust him again? Nuh-uh. That said, I’m glad the actor will be back; he is a fabulous singer!

    • Dominic says:

      You do realize that Jesse wasn’t the only one who did something horrible in that relationship and hurt the other one, right? Rachel wasn’t a very good girlfriend to Jesse during the entire duration of their relationship, so it’s hardly fair to hold Jesse to his mistake and not Rachel especially since she hasn’t apologized either.

      Just saying.

    • Shey says:

      Rachel’s forgiven Finn for many a mistake too. She forgave Finn for egging her (watch the pilot again). And if Finn is willing to take Quinn back after she FREAKING HAD A BABY WITH HIS BEST FRIEND WHILE THEY WERE DATING, what kind of message does that send?

  46. Kelly says:

    but it is exciting that he’s coming back!
    Can’t wait!!

  47. Sharon says:

    He’s definitely my favourite character from the show, funny, evil and a ten times better combined singer and dancer then anyone apart from Mr Shue. So glad he’s coming back!

    • Natalia says:

      GREAT news. Can we have him and ditch annoying Blaine?

      • Rose says:

        Thank You, someone who agrees. i wouldn’t mind Blaine so much if hadn’t stolen so much screen time this season. Even Finn and Rachel didnt get that much time on screen as Blaine and Kurt. I am seriously happy that he makes kurt happy, but i am not happy he steals the spotlight from all the main characters…even Kurt. As for Jesse, i’m all in. Who doesn’t love an etremely good-looking evil character with an angelic voice? Team St. Berry for now, as to how Finn has grown increasingly annoying this season.(I’m not a Finn hater, i just don’t like how the writers are handling his character this season.)

        • Lily says:

          Not only Finn but also Kurt has become annoying… I guess it is boring to be always the good guy… So with annoying Finn, brat Kurt and gorgeous looking evil Jesse.. who will be the good guys ? Sam and Blaine ?

      • MaggieRose says:

        I love Blaine! Kurt isn’t so self-centered anymore. That’s good! And, I think now Kurt will have much more self-confidence and not cave in to any more bullying.

      • Lily says:

        NO yet ditching annoying Blaine… he has to be there to mentor Karofsky… Yeah, as if that would help…

      • Jess says:

        agree! omg agree!! ignore Klaine moment, it’s frickin’ annoying

  48. nicole Suarez says:


  49. Halo says:

    Anything other than the god awful Finchel, I can be down with.

  50. Debra says:

    I’m all for him coming back if he is only there to make Finn come to be Finn’s wake up call. For him to get a clue that Rachel is who he belongs with and not Quinn. And for Rachel to have closure with him over what happened in the first season.

    • Debbie says:

      I completely agree. Maybe that will be the swift kick in the ass that Finn needs. I do want to see Jesse and Rachel have closure over what happened last year. That ended to ubruptly.