American Idol Top 11 Tackle Elton John: Vote for Your Favorite! Tell Us Who's Going Home!

With apologies to Elton John, American Idol‘s Top 11 are still standin’, and the Idoloonie Nation has good reason to shout “yeah, yeah, yeah.” Indeed, after last week’s Judges’ Save spared Casey Abrams and gave us a Top 11 redux, a “sing for your life” spirit seemed to infect the bulk of the season 10 finalists tonight. For the second straight week, we didn’t witness a single catastrophic performance — pause here to fondly remember Camile Velasco violently assaulting Elton’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” back in season 3 — and better still, several singers delivered legitimate Idol Moments.

I’ll say no more about the proceedings — I’ve got a full episode recap to write; [UPDATE: Full recap is liive! — and instead, will turn things over to you. Check out tonight’s set list below, vote for your favorite and least favorite performances in our highly scientific polls, then head down to the comments to share your thoughts on who’ll be in the bottom three and which two singers will get the boot on Thursday’s results-show telecast.

Tonight’s Set List
Scotty McCreery: “Country Comfort”
Naima Adedapo: “I’m Still Standing”
Paul McDonald: “Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going to Be a Long, Long Time)”
Pia Toscano: “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”
Stefano Langone: “Tiny Dancer”
Lauren Alaina: “Candle in the Wind”
James Durbin: “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting”
Thia Megia: “Daniel”
Casey Abrams: “Your Song”
Jacob Lusk: “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word”
HALEY REINHART: “BENNY AND THE JETS” (Intentional ALL CAPS, thank you very much)

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  1. Brittany says:

    I have never EVER EVER EVER EVER liked Haley (or her looks or her wannabe sexiness) and cringed about the idea of voting for her… guess who I voted for tonight? The girl was rockin’ in very department! I also loved James, Casey, and Paul. They were my favorite 4 of the night. Bye bye Thia (not sad) and Naima (sad)!

    • Sally says:

      She stunk. She hit some bad notes in the beginning (nerves?) and she was stagey.

      • Ben says:

        Agree with this. Sorry, but I only had audio not visual, and she was just not that good. When I heard about the visuals, I think that actually must have swayed people into liking her performance.

        • Bill says:

          Haley was absolutely awful in every way. After a mini-surge in quality last week, she reverted to the unwatchable, unlistenable disaster area she was in the auditions and Hollywood week. The judges have become totally unreliable. A charming and photogenic group of idiotic cheerleaders.

          • Wyatt says:

            Haley was easily the best last night. Does that mean that I think that she is the most talented singer left in the Top 11? No. But she was easily the best last night. She infused more passion and personality into her performance than ever before. She hit all the notes, including many high ones, with ease. She owned the stage and sang with confidence and spontaneity. Bravo Haley! You Go Girl!

    • karenb says:

      Haley totally stole the show tonight!! Her outfit, confidence, dancing and oh yeah-her vocals!! were amazing!!

    • Brian says:

      Haley is down for banging hard on the piano…enough said.

    • AKL says:

      I’ve actually been a Haley fan for some time — ever since “Blue.” Tonight, I think she really rocked it out of the park. She’s always interesting. Unpredictable and versatile and sexy and fun in a way the other singers (especially the other women) are not. But tonight I felt like she took it a step further. I actually voted for Haley tonight, the first time I’ve voted since calling in for Kris Allen two years ago.

      • idolidol says:

        I agree AKL I too have always enjoyed Hailey’s unique aproach. Pia and Lauren are so BORING that I actually fast forwarded. I’ve notced Hailey’s potential since the beginning

        GO HAILEY!!!

      • Yo says:

        I have been on her bandwagon, but not last night. America and I are at odds.

    • darclyte says:

      I think this will be another case of people being swayed by the judges. Listen to Haley without watching. It was not very good, and nowhere near the best of the night. It wasn’t very good watching it either. That said, I think she’ll be safe since she went last and the judges over praised her. Naima and Thia could be in real trouble. While I thought the reggae beat worked with I’m Still Standing, but Naima busting out the Jamaican accent didn’t work at all. It made it all seem cheesy. Nearly as bad as Carla Gugino slathering on the German accent while singing Love is the Drug during the credits of Sucker Punch. Had Thia sang the whole song like those last few lines, she would have killed it (in a good way) instead of killing it in a bad way. Stefano also could wind up in the bottom 3, or perhaps Paul, but I thought Paul was really good. I really liked him the most since Maggie May. It’ll be interesting that’s for sure.

      • Brittany says:

        I don’t think the judges had any effect on my opinion of Haley, actually. I almost fast forwarded it, but then I decided to watch it and went into it read to critique it death and hate it like I always do, but I liked it from the start. I wouldn’t say it was my favorite performance of the night, but she was so much better to me than usual… It’s almost like she deserves the Most Improved Award. It also wasn’t the visuals that swayed my opinion of her because that’s normally what bugs me most about her. She just seemed more natural and like she was having more fun up there. Her growling and typical over-doing the notes and runs were actually appropriate for certain spots in the song and it worked for her. More importantly, they were done tastefully, as were her movements and less revealing clothing choice. She’s not classy, like say Pia, but she took a huge leap in the right direction (at least for me).

      • Kai says:

        Actually I disagree with you, darclyte .

        I re-wound her performance 5 times, and twice I didn’t watch and just listened, and I thought she did great. She’s one of the very few singers on the show who always hits her notes. Her scruffy, scratchy voice shouldn’t be confused with missing notes.

        Not only did she hit her notes, she picked the right song, had a variety of range going on through out the song and I think the best of her personality shined through on her performance. I think over all, Randy was right, best performance of the night.

        Paul and Scotty did very good too.

        Naima and Thia are probably going home. Possibility of Stefano.

        Casey knocked it out of the ball park as well. So nice to hear his voice and that last note was just amazing. Totally worth the save.

        Two people who did well, but I’m getting sick of the same ole same is James and Pia. They so bore me. I just FF through them. He needs to do a slow song like Casey and she needs to bring some up tempo to her songs. Grenade was awesome.

        Jacob needs to go home but I think we’ll be seeing him till top 5.

        I thought Lauren, for the first time for me really connected to the song and put a emotional connection to it. I loved it.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        darclyte – I disagree as well on Haley. I thought the vocals were interesting and solid. She can growl those low notes and hit the high ones effortlessly. And wow – does she look great. She’s a true performer.

    • Katillac says:

      Just the opposite here. I usually like Haley, but tonight her performance came off like a SPOOF of the song. She way overdid the growling and really “camped it up”. I didn’t believe the performance at all.

    • Amelia says:

      I haven’t watched the show yet, but it seems that a lot of people think that Hayley did well: What Not To Sing .com currently has Lauren, Hayley & James in the top three for the night (they are still collecting data though so this could change a bit).

      • amelia says:

        Just wanted to add: Hayley & Jacob have the highest standard deviations for the evening (on WhatNotToSing dot com), which means that even though Hayley’s performance ranks 3rd highest for the night on that site, there was a wide difference in opinion (people either ‘loved it or hated it’).

  2. Machelle (Mach5555) says:

    Did people REALLY not get James Durbin’s Pepsi reference?? Seriously??

  3. Karen says:


    • I think she and Lauren were the best of the night. I am so glad they gave Haley the “pimp slot”. She deserved it and I hope she will get some more fans after this. I think Thia and Naima are going home, with Stefano and Paul following very closely.

      • Sally says:

        Had to watch the performance again this a.m., and Haley was much more relaxed and enjoyed herself. No pitch problems, but the growl bothers me. And she tends to yodel too. I wonder who taught her that? Lauren is turning out to be the “star” girl singer. She’s consistent, which I cannot say for Haley. Haley just has not been consistent, but she’ll stay until next week.

  4. messenger says:

    who went home?

  5. Broadway Baby says:

    I never noticed how much Stefano looks like Tony Danza. Until I saw him sing ‘Tiny Dancer.’

  6. Steph says:

    Haley KILLED IT tonight! It’s one of those performances that people are either going to love or hate but one that is going to have everyone talking.

    • Vivi says:

      I’m in the ‘hated it!’ group. I thought she was forcing everything. From her singing to her sexuality. Everything. With that being said, I don’t think she’s going home tomorrow. I’m giving that to Thia and Naima/Stefano. (Hopefully, it’s not Stefano. He deserves another chance.)

      • Sally says:

        Totally agree with you. Totally agree. Haley is Haley Scarnato 2. She’s not going home, but I wish they could cut 3 in one night: Haley, Thia and Pia (yes Pia!) because she doesn’t listen and she’s programmed to sing like she does, just like Thia.

        Naima tried something different, give her props for that, but nobody’s going to appreciate it. Her vocals are the weakest among the girls – next to Haley. And Naima doesn’t know how to appeal to Middle America.

        I didn’t like any of the boyz tonight. Not one. But the girls are in the most trouble because they’re girlz and Middle America always votes for the boyz.

        Lauren is the last savior among the girls. She can take the competition or come in 2nd.

        • KristenV says:

          Loved what Naima did with the song! She gave it her style. Good for her!

        • Rick says:

          Cut Pia, that’s a dumb statement! Best pure singer I’ve seen on this show. Last time I checked it’s a singing competition. Haley was awesome, she wasn’t vocally spot-on but replay it, she had that place rocking and she is sexy!

        • ginaM says:

          I thought the whole number was a tacky lounge act. Sitting on the piano. Really. Syesha already did a piano number and it seemed classier. At least Hailey’s outfit was classier this week. It just seems forced week in and week out. I’m tired of the judges keep saying she is sexy. We get it. Naima’s number was forced and tacky starting with the part where she talks to the audience. I mean Jimmy told her to say that. I think it is a big turn off when the producer’s start feeding the contestants their lines before they do their songs. I appreciate that she wants to be original, but she killed the melody of a great song. You still have to honor the original song not completely re-make it. Is she going to sing raggae and or dance every week? I would rather she put more effort in singing better first before she starts throwing the extras in. JMO

          • takakupo says:

            Um, Reggae is not an “extra”! It’s a genre. You can sing reggae like you can sing a ballad or like you can sing country. It’s a style and a type of music.
            I think your utterly stupid and pretentious talk of class really brought you down when you started announcing your opinion on Haley’s outfits. I don’t know if you go out in long robes and habit everyday but have a little more respect for women in general, please!

      • Katillac says:

        Agree too. Haley’s performance was very staged. Came off like a spoof.

    • allie says:

      loved it but the girl had a tough time getting off that piano, lol

  7. Michael says:

    Tonight was terrific. I thought that Paul and Naima were forgettable, but a few of the long shots pulled it out tonight. I don’t think that Thia has a prayer of making in much longer but I thought that her performance was VASTLY improved over previous weeks. And, holy canoli, Haley R. was off-the-freakin-charts good. She controlled the growling and runs and didn’t some beautiful things with her voice. She jumps octaves effortlessy. She picked the last song in the Elton songbook that I would have picked for her, but she sang the bejeezus out of it.

    I’m worried for Stefano. All the other guys besides Paul did a beautiful job. I enjoyed him, but I don’t know if he stood out enough tonight to get the votes that he needs to stay. My ideal bottom 3 would be Thia, Naima and Paul, but I predict a Thia, Paul and Stefano bottom 3 with Thia and Stefano going home. I hate Votefortheworst. What a pathetic bunch of schmucks.

    • darclyte says:

      VFTW has no affect on AI what so ever. Check the history. Most seasons, their pick only lasts 2 weeks. But when they’ve changed it up from picking “the worst” to someone who is “different” that person can last longer. Paul is FAR from “the worst,” and should last for several weeks, and VFTW has NOTHING to do with it. Case in point, when they had the poll to choose their pick for this season, the total amount of votes was less than 1,500 people. With 30 million votes cast, even if all 1,500 voted times each for Paul that’s only 75,000 votes. I bet there’s less than half of those 1,500 who actually vote for AI, and I highly doubt they vote more than 20 times a piece. VFTW likes to lay claim to results that have NOTHING to do with them other than coincidence or due to their picking a contestant who isn’t really “the worst.” I think the record one of their picks lasted is 6 weeks, and again it wasn’t someone who was “the worst.”

    • Emme says:

      Agreed re: Haley and I love what you said about the way she jumps the octaves – I say the same thing every time she sings. At all of the diffcult jumps that could easily be flat, Haley hits the notes effortlessly. She’s a natural singer and I enjoy her performances and her crazy personality!

  8. Mel21602 says:

    Agree that for the second straight week everyone was good. Many of the performances were safe but with a double elim this is the week to be safe. Oddly the two who took the biggest risks- James and Naima- were my favorite and least favorites of the night respectively. Those who I hadn’t liked before- namely Casey and Haley- were enjoyable tonight so I don’t know who I would send home besides Naima. It will probably be Thia but I really liked her so I would send home Paul just because I don’t like his style of music

    • JBanana says:

      I hope Thia goes home. One “okay” performance from her doesn’t make up for all the weeks of wooden, stilted performances in my opinion. But since she annoys me so much, she’ll probably stay. I am sick of widdle wauren, too. Her “look at me being serious and deep while I try really hard not to giggle” expression did not seem genuine at all. But she’ll also stick around, I’m sure. I bet Paul is in trouble.

    • allie says:

      I agree that there were no trainwrecks but my problem with this season is that there are no standouts. No Underwood, Lambert, Clarkson, Allen, Cook, or Daughtry. No stars. They are all runner-ups. My favs of the night – Casey, Haley, & Pia. Liked Paul,Scotty, Lauren, James, Jacob and Naima (hey, she isn’t great but she keeps me awake). Bottom? Thia and Stefano. Not current, relevant or interesting AT ALL. Lovely voices but no potential, imo.

      • mrd says:

        It’s hard to sound current when for the last three weeks the only choices are songs that were at least 16 years old.

        • allie says:

          I disagree. In past seasons, several standout contestants have totally made old songs seem current – Cook’s “Hello” and Daughtry’s ” Ring of Fire” come to mind. I don’t know whether it is because the producers have total control or if these kids are just good singers but not capable of reworking a song- but either way, these songs COULD be current but are not.

      • Sally says:

        There are definitely no “WOW” moments. I think Naima comes closest because she totally rearranges the songs. Funny, she started out a jazz singer in the auditions and she’s changed to this “world music” singer; * head scratcher *

        I don’t like any of the boyz at all. James comes closest to an entertainer, but he can be grating.

        Haley is inconsistent. She had a good night, but that girl overall cannot sing.

        • Frodo says:

          She’s a world music singer (not really, world more Afro/Caribbean) because she’s pandering to a perceived audience. She’s as bad as Karen begging for Latino votes by singing in Spanish. If she just sang the song, she’d have gone home weeks ago.

  9. Christina says:

    Haley, seriously. Was I watching a different program than everyone else cause I thought that was one of her worst.

    • Sally says:

      She was pitchy in the beginning. She hurt my ears.

      • Michael says:

        You might want to clean out your ears. If you don’t like her voice, that’s fine, but she was not pitchy.

    • betty says:

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      i was literally cringing the entire time.

      • dude says:

        for the critique of the performances Ill make them short and sweet
        1. Scotty-sings country only country every time..although he does it well he will not win this competition. but will definitely get a contract.
        2. Naima- Her mom might be reggae, but her father was the predator!! and she sings about as good as the predator to. Rebecca Black (Friday) would give this girl a run for her money and if a people thought a reggae Elton John song was good then they probably though the lyrics to Rebecca Blacks Friday song was good to because it helped them remember the days of the week! Arnold says asta la vista baby to the predator!!!
        3. Paul- just don’t have it..cant sing hi..seems like a great guy but just doesn’t have extra talent is all. nothing you can do about that, but best of luck to him.
        4. Pia- well another ballad that gave me goosebumps and she is by far the best singer in the competition and she definately will be back next week. So im really looking forward to river deep moutain high and if she nails it ( which I think she will) she will win the hearts of America, especially the ones who think shes boring and could quite possibly run away with this competition. Mind you 4 ballads in a row at concert would never happen so I understand some of her critcs with the boring thing going on. So watch out for PIA to Party on stage next week.
        5. Stefano- dude is to same old boy toy boy band mimic of the 90’s. voice reminds me of nick lache who really was not that good and lasted probably a year with 1 hit (do yo young girls)
        6. Lauren- I was kinda impressed with her this week. Definately put her country twang on it and made it work. good for her and steven tylers comment priceless.
        7. James Durbin- IDk about this dude, if Daughtry were on this show hed be voted off probably around 7 or 8. Although I see a lot of people like him which confuses me. Great he puts on good performances with all the theatrics, but when you close your eyes and listen……it really is only alright…and the screaming the high notes…..people need to realize great vocals comes before great performances in a recording artists career. its gotta hit billboards top 100 on the radio, before you can actually perform it on stage. James just doesn’t do it for me, Daughtry is much better and didn’t even make it to the final round (biggest mistake ever)and he didnt use fire or go all over the place, but just rocked it on stage
        8.thia Megia- girl sang daniel….Idk about u guys but she sings without any power or passion in her voice…dont get me wrong she hits the right notes its just so dull. Pia and Lauren sang ballads beautifully, but thia not so much…and to let everybody know who doesnt she was on americas got talent…so if she didn’t make it on that at 14 why are people still voting for her on american idol at 15…interesting question?
        9. Casey- Did a great job, impressed by his ability to comeback after getting voted off last week, by some crazy outlandished, unlucky, unfathomable, ring of bad luck. He’s not my fav to win it all, but there are definately at least 4 people worse then him still on..American (fill in blank here) a brick on that one and I bet it will come to haunt some big name down the line due to the judges saving him.
        10. Jacob Lusk- hmmmmm, this dude what to say. decent vocals, but I feel like every time he sings hes either trying to push the largest dump out of him, or trying to have a baby with all his facial expression. He is more dramatic then 5 women PMSing at the same time and hes a dude. AS the ESPN analysts say it best “COME ON MAN”
        11. Hailey- Well i never really like her voice at all and wouldnt have mind if she got voted off earlier and she should have way back when she mest up the song in hollywood, but for some reason the judges saved her. no clue why. But tonight she didn’t do half bad, but you don’t vote American idol night to night people.

        As for voting people should vote for their favorite person who is most likely to become a star!! That takes looks, vocals, which gets you on the radio, then showmanship which makes you a star. Look at the idols passed 4 weeks performances and see who does this for you and choose accordingly. Anybody can be a one hit wonder (or one night wonder as in performing every wed night), but someone who has star potential is great every wed night.

        Possibly going home. Naima, Paul, thia, stefano, Hailey
        Bottom three: Naima(Predator), thia , stefano total guess
        (possible holy crap casey is in the bottom three moment person)-Hailey

        Going Home- Please GOD Naima and one of those remaining 4, ill guess thia just cause she was in the bottom three last week idk we shall see. Hit me up back with COMMENTS if you would like!!

    • athina says:

      totally agree- Couldnt believe judges said best of the night- so phoney, forced, fake- no authenticity or soul…

    • Deb C. says:

      I can’t imagine how anyone liked ANYTHING about Haley’s performance.
      That grinding voice “technique” that she utilizes it so utterly annoying I want to scream. The style and the song were incompatible.
      I was on board with the kinder, gentler judging. Loved how sensitive Steve Tyler and how articulate and supportive JLo were, but OMG, take off the rose colored glasses. Simon, I miss you!

  10. kts63 says:

    I hate Bennie and the Jets with a fiery passion–imagine my surprise when I really, really liked Hailey’s rendition. I still hate Jacob’s singing–he sounds vaguely like he’s phlegmy and singing underwater until he hits his high notes. James Durbin took his sweet time getting to a good part–but he finished up very nicely. What the hell did wittle Wwauren mean that she “really identified” with Candle in the Wind? She’s not trying to suggest that she’s somehow Marilyn, is she? I’m SO UTTERLY OVER Paul–but I have been for weeks. William Shatner can hold his head up with pride now…Paul’s tuneless, wispy country nonsense ruined Rocket Man for me. And Casey–that Thia, is emotion. Poor Robot Girl–go home and recharge your batteries. Pia was good–but I really don’t care. And Stefano–he doesn’t have an accent in his speaking voice. Why the hell does he have one when he sings? It’s unfortunately reminiscent of Ricky Ricardo.

  11. Chmarin says:

    Arghhh, I can’t stand Jacob. It’s like someone stabs him in the chest every time he’s about to sing. The crying is so irritating and so fake. And don’t even get me started on the screaming. God, I wish Simon would come back for just one performance night – he would have sooo much to say to Jacob. And then the tears would be real.

    Casey was my favorite, gotta say – this was his first really good live performance. Lauren was okay, although I gotta say I expected a little more.

    Thia, a snoozefest as usual. Hopefully they send her packing. The other person? Either Naima or Stefano. Although I hope it’s not Stefano.

    • Bill says:

      I think Naima is in trouble, but I really hope she sticks around. Despite some faulty choices (the Jamaican accent, for instance) she still has more charisma and star power than most of the others. Pia and Casey are the best all-around, but Naima is right up there because she puts it all together–style, presence, and vocal ability. The ones who should go are Thia (for sure) and Haley, but H was probably saved by the ridiculous amount of praise she got from the judges.

    • Bat Country says:

      Stefano acted like it was his last performance, and unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. He just never really expanded. His best performance to date remains his last chance song for the wildcard spot. And why didn’t he ever play the piano? I was waiting for that, dammit! Love me a piano man…

  12. Dominique22 says:

    My faves were Paul, James, Pia & Haley. They were all good tonight but my bottom 3 is Thia, Stefano & Jacob.

    • Samuel D. Honeycutt says:

      My wife is always saying that my vision and music ear is tainted because I believe Scotty is kinsfolk of mine from North Carolina, so I take special care to listen. But I still have to say Scotty was best out of all of them with Piano a very close second.
      The worst was trying to stomach Elton being sung Reggae. :-b

    • Samuel D. Honeycutt says:

      My wife is always saying that my vision and music ear is tainted because I believe Scotty is kinsfolk of mine from North Carolina, so I take special care to listen. But I still have to say Scotty was. best out of all of them with Pia very close second.
      The worst was trying to stomach Elton being sung Reggae. :-b

  13. raftrap says:

    I’ve always loved Haley, and thought maybe everyone else was watching another show, she killed it tonight, she was just great, something tells me everyone else is finding out that Haley has the chops, she must never ever touch those silver chairs again. She was so amazing even JLo really liked her for the first time, and remember this is not Simon, Jennifer means business, last week when Casey was almost gone and she had that face like she wanted to bitchslap America, This is who you’re dealing with, Vote for Haley now.

  14. Erica says:

    Bottom three: Thia, Paul, Naima
    Going home: Thia and Naima

  15. kate says:

    Top Moments of the Show:

    5) Randy’s watch
    4) All three judges’ excessively praising themselves for saving Casey while Casey stared at them like he wanted to beat them with his upright bass.
    3) Durbin’s pants. Find some that fit you, brother.
    2) Jacob’s I’m-giving-birth face, and the fact that it did not disappear for a single moment of his performance.
    1) The last 5-10 seconds of Paul’s performance. OMG. Maybe the best 10 seconds in Idol history. I rarely laugh out loud while watching TV but this was just spectacular.

  16. agrimesy says:

    After an entire episode of blah blah blah ballads, I thought Haley was very refreshing. She got my votes.

    James didn’t do a ballad, but I still wasn’t impressed with him at all. Paul was awful again. Can’t he do better than that? I can’t believe the judges praised the arrangement on Jacob Lusk’s performance. He could have done better too.

    Everyone else was just okay. Not great, not notable either. All this episode did for me was remind me how amazing Elton John is. No one else can do his songs justice.

    • Sally says:

      Had to watch the vid again, and she was more relaxed and entertaining, but the girl still cannot sing. I don’t know how she got “in” while better female singers were cut.

  17. Christina says:

    Observation of the night: Pia was wearing the same dress at the magazine shoot as JLo was wearing tonight!

  18. Ziamp says:

    Oh, I am sad. I liked Naima, and missed her performance, so I cannot comment, but the opinion here and on twitter seems to not be behind her. But, FINALLY, it looks like Thia Lee Cook may be on her way home. I cannot say I am surprised. However, what I am surprised about is Haley! Whoo Hoo!!! CHUGGA-CHUGGA! All aboard the Haley Train!!! She actually brought what I have been missing since Hollywood/Vegas weeks – ARTISTRY!(Sorry Michael about the Kara reference). I was bemoaning the lack of creativity this season, when all the producers seemed hell bent on producing packaged pop-pap, and had just tweeted about missing Kris Allen and David Cook, when Haley came out. If she could just bring that each week… well, if she can escape elimination again. In any case, tonight hell froze over: Haley was totally entertaining, and I actually agreed with (and understood) Randy Dogg Jackson’s critiques.

    • KLH says:

      Yes! Haley isn’t afraid to mix things up. She is creative and unpredictable. And I think she has been bringing some of this in weeks past (did you see her perform “Blue”?). She just hasn’t gotten the proper credit until now.

  19. Vivi says:

    Once again, these contestants delivered a good show. This is turning out to be a great season. Is it comparable to the greatness of Season 5 and Season 8, though? We’ll see.
    My rankings for tonight:
    1) Pia
    2) Casey
    3) James
    4) Scotty
    5) Jacob
    6) Naima
    7) Stefano
    8) Lauren
    9) Hailey
    10) Paul
    11) Thia

    • agrimesy says:

      I’ll bet you didn’t know that the number 8 with a parenthesis makes a shades emoticon . . . LOL. I did that once. Otherwise you thought Lauren was super cool tonight. ;)

  20. Leslie says:

    WOW! I honestly don’t know who was my favorite–although my least favorites would have to be Jacob and Thia. I think they both did really well and they both showed a lot of growth, they just weren’t my favorites.
    Scotty WOWWED me, when he starts singing, I just can’t believe that THAT voice is coming out of that kid! Too bad he went first, though, as his performance will be forgotten.
    I liked what Naima did, I like how she really changes things up–unfortunately I fear she may be going home. So many people dislike her for stupid reasons, I’m sure those same people will be scandalized by her Reggae approach–I thought it was cool.
    Paul was hot, I think that Jennifer is right about him holding back some, I’d like to see him go all out with his voice.
    Pia gave me goosebumps and I’ve never really been a HUGE fan, I appreciate her beautiful voice and talent–tonight she won me over as a fan!
    Stefano was ok—he had some really, really good vocal moments, and then he’d lose them. He cuts off his phrases too soon sometimes and doesn’t hold things out long enough—although the ending was good–reminded me of Moulin Rouge.
    Lauren did really well! She can’t take a joke for nothing, but that girl can SING!!!!
    James was awesome, watching him WAS like watching a concert—he rocked that theater! The burning piano was a bit much—but it worked!
    Thia showed some emotion. She did really well, I really felt as if she were singing about her brother. She still bored me.
    Casey—he’s back!!! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! He looks so much better trimmed up, too!
    Jacob did well.
    Haley–how can anyone NOT like Haley??? She sang the heck outta that song and she owned it!
    I think the Idols and producers AND judges ARE reading these boards. Every Idol improved on the things we’ve all pointed out they needed to work on. Stephen SPOKE AND he even said something to the effect of–I spoke a whole sentence!! LOL! Gotta love Stephen, I think he was very effective tonight! J-Lo, wonderful as usual and Randy even stepped it up. Another great show!

  21. sunny says:

    I think Naima and Paul are in jeapordy tonight. They went early, and they didn’t fully achieve what they were attempting. I think Scotty could be in jeapordy, simply because he went first on a night when the better performances came at the end of the night. Thia is probably safe,her fanbase got scared last week and won’t let it happen again.

  22. Elena says:

    What a night! The three people I normally like least I liked best. I loved the fact that Casey actually SANG tonight and it was sincere, tender and so lovely. Guess who I loved best? HALEY! What a revelation. I’ve never liked her at all (and that’s putting it mildly). She slayed that song! Lauren was my third favorite performance of the night. She finally connected with her lyrics in a semi-mature way.

    I also loved how much Naima and Stefano want this. They may not always succeed, but they put everything into their performances. James is always fun to watch because he has so much fun on stage. Scotty is pretty much the same from week to week. Don’t love him or hate him. I was disappointed in Pia and Jacob.

    My bottom two would be Thia and Paul, but I think Thia and Stefano are going home.

  23. Mary says:

    Time for Thia and Paul to go home. Paul has a crazy, wonderful smile, but I can’t take his voice going all over the place EXCEPT on pitch. Thia had her best performance tonight, but the others did so well that she doesn’t stand a chance. Never understood why they put her in the top 24 in the first place. She isn’t ready.

    • Cheri says:

      I totally agree.
      1 – Thia always sounds way too karaoke.
      2 – Paul should really be the one to go this week. He sounds like a high pitched version of Rod Stewart. He doesn’t have a strong voice at all and he kinda creeps me out. and the way he moves on stage looks like he has spasms. He shouldn’t have been let through in the first place.
      3 – And then there’s Casey. America voted him off and the judges decided he was too good to leave. He might have sounded pretty good last night because he actually sang, but he’s a growler. He’ll revert right back to form and will eventually be voted off….again! Just my opinion.

  24. AmericanIdolit says:

    Sorry, Sleze. I got to disagree with your “second straight week, we didn’t witness a single catastrophic performance” comment. There were a few.

    Scotty McCreery: A guitar saved him from making awful animatronic chicken struts, but his gimmick of hitting the low note at the end of every song is starting to get on my nerves.

    Naima Adedapo: I loved her ballsiness to take that song and turn it reggae, just as much as she’s turned other songs on their heads (“What’s Love…” not included). She was flat for some of the song, but definitely not the worst vocal of the night.

    Paul McDonald: Good song choice for him. Too raspy and wimpy on certain notes, even for Paul’s talent level. I agree with J-Lo on her criticism and want to shoot S-Ty for his “input.”

    Pia Toscano: I think she is pushing her luck here with Slezak’s love of her, especially after he wrote that this is the one song NOBODY should ever sing again on Idol. She did sing it well, and it was another ballad. WHO GIVES A FLYING F*&#? She killed it and I am really looking forward to “River Deep, Mountain High” next week (thanks for the tease Pia!).

    Stefano Langone: J-Lo observed and so did we that you took the eye contact connection note very well. I am getting used to certain mannerisms in his vocals that are a little disturbing (the same in his performance 2 weeks ago, which I thought were original, but it seems to be his thing on the “Woo-ooo-ooo-oh” line he added).

    Lauren Alaina: My opinion, this was the best vocal of the night, by far. Hair, makeup and wardrobe not so good, but vocals were on point.

    James Durbin: WE GET IT! YOU’RE A ROCKER! This performance pulled out all the stops (FLAMING PIANO? REALLY?!?). Highly disappointed with James on this one. His upper register normally is decent. Tonight he sounded like a wannabe.

    Thia Megia: Her connection with the song was more than Thia Ruxpin has ever connected with before, but her singing was as flat as her chest (ouch…).

    Casey Abrams: There was one moment towards the end when he left the stool, and was about to get all “Growly McAngryface,” thankfully, he pulled it back. If it wasn’t for that moment, I would give this song the fourth best vocals of the evening.

    Jacob Lusk: Jimmy Iovine said something about him worrying of the performance being overly dramatic, then CUE: Fog machine. I was ROFL from the get-go. Totally bad vocals (again on Jacob the first 3 weeks, I don’t know what in the hell the judges heard, because from my TV set, it was just a whole lot of mess). Simply awful.

    HALEY REINHART: Second best vocals of the night. I loved that she started the performance on the piano. After watching her cringe-inducing swaying and bobbing (AGAIN!) I wish she would have stayed on the piano. She did improve her phrasing and her voice is reliable, but her movements are still jaunty and awkward.

    Top 3 (Vocally IMHO): Lauren, Pia and Haley.
    Bottom 3 (Vocally IMHO): Jacob, Thia and Naima.
    Bottom 3 (America’s vote): Thia, Naima and Paul.
    Going home: Thia and Naima.

    • Sally says:

      I agree that Lauren was the best, and she’s the dark horse. She can take this competition.

      Naima is ballsy, she does something unexpected and that’s a good thing; only Middle America won’t appreciate it.

      • Ablo says:

        Well, opinions of course. But Lauren started off missing most of the notes, and then kind of pulled it together. Certainly not the worst of the night — but best??

    • Tyler says:

      The comment referring to Thia’s chest was uncalled for.

    • funkycoldmedina says:

      Elton John must be rolling over in his castle/mansion/or whatever…I’m just saying. I didn’t find a single performance that blew me away and made me anticipate saving up my dollars for Itune tracks.
      Scotty-seems like such an unassuming nice kid, but is a ONE TRICK LOW NOTE. There, I said it. Don’t hate. He’d have been better off singing Honky Cat (with a twang, of course)Or maybe Blue Eyes (with a twang, of course)
      Naima-I had high hopes at the beginning of the season for Naima, but I am not feeling her vocally. I hope I never hear an Elton John song sung reggae style again. Horrible interpretation. Sorry just being honest.I’d like to see her concentrate on giving a good, solid, MEMORABLE (in a good way) vocal because I don’t have a clue what kind of artist she is trying to be.
      Paul-I’d rather watch him dance than sing, and that is NOT a compliment. His whisper singing grates on my nerves. His Brooks and Dunn attire gave me the gigglefits.
      Pia-Has the best singing voice this season, but Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me was NOT a good song for her. Wish she could have sung Blessed. Probably not on the list.
      Stefano-It’s my opinion he should have been on the piano stripping this song down. But since he didn’t do that, it didn’t work for me. Haven’t been a fan of his from the start…and not likely to change my mind.
      Lauren-The girl has a decent singing voice, but IMO is totally disconnected from the song she sang. Hasn’t got a clue…how to emote. Unless it is when she singing Dream On to Steven Tyler. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.
      James-Hit and miss for me. This week…MISS. Sure he had fun. That was obvious. BUT, unless he pulls his inner Robert Plant out of his pocket, I could care less. OVERKILL.
      Thia-Has a very lovely tone to her voice but is totally lost in the translation.
      Casey-Sang just okay tonight, but is just a really odd guy. He epitomizes the saying “Keep Austin Weird”. He’s humorous but it’s not about being funny. I couldn’t imagine being his record label trying to sell him as a recording artist. He’s very lucky to be where he is IMO.
      Jacob-Has moments of vocal beauty but most of the time I wish he would just fly away…like a bird. Too much lack of vocal control. As painful as a root canal.
      Haley-I liked it but there were times the growly was overkill. I liked the high parts of the song best. Just ok, to me.
      All of these kids seem like very nice people. But not all of them should sing for a living.

      • takakupo says:

        You seriously don’t know what artist Naima is trying to be? Or is it that you’ve just never been into Reggae or the style of music? Cause I’m pretty sure it’s the latter which there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with. I just don’t think you should go around saying that you don’t know what kind of artist Naima is trying to be when she’s givin’ us two reggae style performances and four performances in which she’s taken the very uptempo and dance type songs and let us jig with her.

        • funkycoldmedina says:

          No, I DON’T know what kind of artist Naima is wanting to be known as…is it an artist like Rhianna, or Etta James, or Bob Marley or just WHO/WHAT? I think she is eager to please and I think she is trying to change up each song with a different flavor, but I don’t have a clue what her style is. AND…I can give my opinion on what I see whether you think I have the right to speak or not. It’s HOW I SEE IT that forms my opinion, and I certainly do not need your permission to have an opinion, takakupo. If you are her fan, great. Just don’t expect anyone else to have to like what you like or see it how you see it. That is pretty darn arrogant. Who are you to police this commentary section and force your perceptions on anyone else? I don’t dislike Naima, I just don’t get her style.

  25. robi says:

    I just DO NOT GET Jacob Lusk. “For me” his performances feel like diva parodies. While I love Thia’s voice, on all other counts she is vapid at best. And, I CANNOT forgive her stealing the sweater she wore earlier from her grandma’s closet–is she 16 or 61? Should be an interesting results show!

    • Sam says:

      100% agree…Jacob not as good as they make him out to be or he thinks he is

      • KLH says:

        I agree completely. He was horrible tonight — off pitch and over the top. Melodramatic and cheesy. Why don’t the judges simply give him honest criticism?

    • Emme says:

      Agree 1000% about Jacob!!

      • ginaM says:

        I don’t see who is voting for Jacob? Majority of comments indicate all over the Internet that he is always over the top. Are the church choirs voting for him, because that is the only group I can see who would enjoy a two hour concert by him. Or would pay to see him. It’s also his mannerisms. He looks like he is either dying or having the best sex ever through his whole routine. I cringe when the Idol cameras zoom in and I have to see his facial expressions. Doesn’t anyone give him an honest critique back stage? Or does he not look back at his own footage?

        • karen says:

          I am just going to have to go to the ear doctor today. I don’t get Jacob at all. To me, he is horrid. Although last week wasn’t too bad, last night was excruciating. Who does vote for him? Not a clue.

  26. Erica says:

    Loved Haley’s “grape” dress–why did they pick an orange background?

  27. Ziamp says:

    Oh yeah… I liked the first half of Jacob’s performance (why can’t he just keep that bridled? It is far more entertaining, and even exciting that when he lets it go), but I REALLY did not enjoy James’s pyro-piano. It was a gimmick… his vocals were not that good… it was not original… and he did nothing with the actual song. A burning performance should have come out of his heart, and out of his mouth, not out of a piece of furniture. Fail.

  28. Sam says:

    I hope Jacob, Paul, and ???? are in bottom three. Jacob is so overrated and Paul is becoming annoying…the rest I can live with for this week…get to hear david cook’s exit song…that is what I am waiting for…great cover of Don’t You Forget About Me now on itunes or free when you pre-order his album on DCO

  29. Karen says:

    I guess I’m in the minority. I thought Naima was pretty good. You can’t deny she “made it her own”. I will say with 100% conviction….she was a million times better than Jacob. OMG….he was so so so so bad. I can NOT believe the judges praised his performance.
    James Durbin….hate HATE his arrogance. Don’t even like looking at him.

  30. Darian says:

    I have HATED Haley from the beginning…. I am now a Haliever!

    I know my opinion is probably null and void after that but Haley and Casey were the best of the night. (I gave my own standing-o for him)

    Naima and Thia were the most forgettable so they are in trouble with Paul probably(hopefully)rounding out the bottom 3. Jacob didn’t really do it for me so he may be in trouble to.

    Thia (FINALLY!) and Naima (bittersweet) are probably going home.

    • B.Rich says:

      I agree !00% with everything in your post. I’m back on Casey and I’ve really fallen in love with Hailey the last few weeks.

      Time for Thia to go and the other elimination will be sad no matter who it is.

    • Kimeko says:

      So since Jacob didn’t do it for you he may in trouble. Get over yourself. As is witnessed, there are many people who enjoy Jacob’s singing. Most of the people who actually VOTE don’t post on web-sites.

  31. Darian says:

    Also, I wanted to jump through the screen and choke Randy for encouraging Jacob to always go for that “one note”………

    • Ablo says:

      And he keeps doing it!!?? I think Randy either is trying to get Jacob voted off OR he has no ears.

    • Jenni says:

      ITA! Every time he tells him to just let it go there I just want to kill him. I kept yelling at my TV for Randy to shut up with that non-sense. Doesn’t he realize how difficult it was for the producers to rein Jacob in?! Jacob don’t listen! Jacob is not my favorite at all, but he’s become more tolerable since he stopped taking every note of the song he is singing to gospeltown.

  32. Tim Gunn says:

    I wish Casey had come down the steps for his post stage quickie and shouted (while clapping his hands) “I’m back, baby! I’m back! Back, back, back!” That would have been awesome.

    He was great. A little pitchy, but great. Slezak, I’m jumping on that Haley bandwagon of yours.

    I wish everybody would stop overanalyzing Pia to death and just let her do her in the lane thang.

    I hope Thia and Stefano go home. Enough…

    I thought Tyler had some good zingers tonight. J. Lo keeps getting better and better as a judge, for me for you.

    I’m glad somebody finally tried to stand up to Casey’s beard. Bring back the bass!

  33. Michael says:

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I can’t get past Scotty sounding the same every week. Because he’s country, they don’t call him out on it. Anyway…moving on.

    I thought there was one hugely, historically disastrous performance tonight…Naima. What the hell was that??? I wanted to change the channel several times but could not pull myself away from the train wreck. I’ve been with her every other week and thought she had potential but wow…I thought it was the worst performance we’ve seen on the live shows this year.

    • sunny says:

      I’m with you on Scotty. I’m hoping he suffers the same fate Casey did last week. Going 1st and not being memorable will put him in the bottom 2. (please let this happen!). I’m probably just dreaming, but it really bothers me that he isn’t asked to surprise the judges the way Pia is!

      • Leri says:

        Scotty is playing his own game — I don’t think he necessarily needs to win Idol at all, just get the exposure and fan base to get a Nashville contract, and I’m pretty sure he’s already got that sewn up. So his best move now is to just do what he does — straight country, his style, and not try to diversify in any way. There are enough AI voters who love country and nice young, polite men that he’ll make it close to the top without ever moving out of his comfort zone or taking any risks. Who knew Elton John did a country song? They must have scraped the albums to find that one….Pia has a bit harder play, because unless she can sell herself as the next Celine Dion (whose audience skews a lot older), she will need to loosen up and move. The beautiful voice is perfect for church or opera or many other venues, but for Idol you have to bring the excitement “it” factor to win it all. Otherwise, she may have trouble finding a niche market. I gotta respect Naima for stretching and doing some really tough things; she won’t make it much further (middle America is not known to appreciate African music), but I’m really glad she’s been in it. The competition is breaking new ground, and that’s far more important to me than who wins. Oh, and GO CASEY!

      • Christy says:

        For a person named ‘sunny’ you’re kind of mean. He a young kid don’t forget that. His career is going to be country. He’s doing well with country. Sure I’d like to see him do something insanely different just for fun. But there is no “just for fun” in this game and if he takes a risk and fails, he might not bounce back. Cut him a break. He’s a baby. Sheesh.

        • sunny says:

          Sorry if you think I was mean about Scotty, I never personally attacked him. Country is not my thing, and it irks me that he sings the same song every week and gets praise while others are taken to task for this.

          I think we can both agreee that scotty is going to have a great career as a country singer. I would just like it to start sooner.

    • chrissyz says:

      You may be in the minority, but you are not alone. I like country music, but most male country stars today have real charisma and can rock it out. Scotty is a cheesefest. I just fast forward through his performances after two lines because it is obvious that he is just doing the same schtick that he has done every single time.

  34. dj says:

    I don’t know if I’m having an off night, but I wasn’t as excited about the Elton John performances as everyone else seems to be. The ones I liked were Lauren, James, and Haley. Stefano wasn’t bad, but there is something about his phrasing that is just off for me pretty much consistently.

    In other news, I think the Pia pageant arm may be contagious. Lauren and Thia have both caught it, and I saw a brief pageant moment in Haley’s performance, too, but she caught in time and corrected out of it. Is one of the producers telling them to do a super-slow-mo palm upturned pageant wave, or what the heck? It’s super annoying and unnatural.

    I didn’t like Casey’s trimmed beard. He looked better bushy. But at least he didn’t make J-Lo tell him he’s sexy again.

    Lauren didn’t whine. Maybe she’s listening, but then again, there was nothing much for her to whine about this week.

  35. Jenn says:

    Haley rocked it tonight. The best by far. I don’t understand why the judges saved Casey. He is not that good. They should have saved it for one of the stronger singers, Casey doesn’t deserve to make it to the top three, His voice isn’t strong enough. They should save the save for someone who will make it to the top three. He should have completely shaved off that bushy beard, He grosses me out. I don’t get why the judges are pushing him so much.

  36. AJ says:

    OMG, Haley was INCREDIBLE tonight. And believe me, 3 weeks ago I NEVER thought I’d type that sentence. I would even go as far to say that it may have been my favorite performance of the season so far. Everything about it worked for me, and I loved how she just tore into that chorus. Can’t believe how she’s gone from “why the hell is she there” to one of my favorites in the span of 3 weeks.

    Paul was the worst, and I’m totally sick of him at this point. I couldn’t even understand him, and that whisper thing he did tonight was just downright creepy. Also I’ve stuck by Naimai since top 24 week, but tonight I did start to get tired of her shtick. I’ll vote for her this week, but I think we need a switch up from her if she stays next week. Like just a plain ballad that she just sits and sings would be nice, and I know she can do it cause she did it great when she sang for her life on wild card night.

  37. Connie says:

    I so agree. I have NEVER gotten Jacob Lusk. Diva parody describes him to a tee. And while he is hitting his totally randomish notes, I do not like his tone. On the other hand, I love Thia’s tone but NOT her lack of personality. If she could dredge one up, she might stand a chance. As it is, she will be a cellar dweller at most this week. The other one I don’t get at all is Paul. I have trouble even recognizing the song he is singing and can’t watch the dancing. If he sticks around, I recommend hiding behind the guitar. I want to like Naima but she is making it difficult. Not a reggae fan. So, for me, any of these four could go home this week.

  38. Connie says:

    FYI – my above post was in reply to robi but the Reply link didn’t work. :/

  39. Joe says:

    Why didn’t Jacob sing Levon? He could have crushed that. Instead he got totally Mary J. Blige’d by singing a sad song crying like a jilted stalker. I think he’s in sheep dit.
    Hee Haw Barbie sure classed it up this week. Missed her Mom’s hat yet again though.
    Casey successfully apologized to America for being an angry panda.
    Naima mangled an already bad Elton John song. It made me miss the people painted silver from his video. Please go home. Boom Fire? Kay?
    Stefano? Thanks for playing. Boy you barfed this up. He’s coming off like a Miami gigolo the past few weeks. Check please.
    Thia’s brother was clearly held at gunpoint in the back room by Idol. That’s the only way I can explain her sudden rush of emotion. And did she really say her brother’s name was Kia? Kia Magia? Are the parents intentionally trying to make their children’s names sound like Hogwarts curses?
    Haley is sexual muppet. Search your hearts…you know this to be true.

  40. Paige says:

    A slow version of “whip my hair” by Karen would have gone down in history… AS the worst idol performance of all time. I’m almost sad we never got to see it. And Michael, I knew you would jump on the Haley bandwagon (even if it is begrudgingly) eventually. She’s probably got the strongest voice on the show. I don’t know what American doesn’t seem to like her.

    • Emme says:

      Oh my gosh – you are so right! I’d almost pay to see that “reinvented” version of whip my hair. Are you kidding me?!! I’ve been on the Haley bandwagon from day 1 and definitely think her voice is one of the strongest.

  41. SpyKi says:

    I’m so glad people are finally starting to like Haley. I’ve been in love with her since Hollywood and I was really scared she was going to get sent home early. It looks like she might be sticking around longer than I thought!

  42. beanbag says:

    In the order, I rank them:
    1. Lauren – until tonight, I thought she was too immature to really relate to and put true emotion into her singing. That changed tonight. her performance was moving and she made it her own countrified version of Candle in the Wind.
    2. I really liked the cleaned-up Casey and his toned-down, more serious singing. He gave it just enough “Casey” to make it unique.
    3. Scotty – sang well, and he’s starting to show some new elements in his singing, but I need to see more
    4. Pia – just great singing, but didn’t see anything different
    5. Paul – he has a really weak voice, but I just like his style and interpretation
    6. Thia – I saw something different this week. She sang that song with more heart than I’ve seen from her so far. But on the last notes she seemed to be forcing the emotion.
    7. James – solid, but there was some oversinging. I give him credit for the creative and exciting choreography. I’d like to see some more nuance in his singing.
    8. Naima – I give the girl mad props for her risks and individuality. I thought the fake accent came across as inauthentic. I just wasn’t that involved in the performance.
    9. Jacob – the first half of the song was great, but then it went over-the-top melodramatic
    10. Haley – I give her credit for her unique style, but she’s still not convincing me that she’s relating to the lyrics. She does the same sexy thing all the time.
    11. Stephano – I don’t see anything unique and he’s not convincing me that he is feeling the song. He comes across as wooden.

    • Tyler says:

      I completely agree with you and your ranking. There was something different about Thia’s performance tonight and I liked it. Maybe it was a combination of the background music and vocals? Hopefully, she stays. I also didn’t think Haley was that impressive. Casey growls and gets called out, however, Haley growls and she’s applauded. Also, she sounded as though she was stuttering.

  43. corky says:

    i’m disappointed at how the judges reacted to naima tonight. ok, maybe not your cup of tea, but when she got to the chorus, i thought it worked. with the ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’, bit. i remember slezak commenting before on how women don’t get the same props when they rearrange songs. maybe this is another example. or maybe i got a contact high… yeah, yeah, yeah!

  44. Merrilyn says:

    I found Lauren so underwhelming this week. I expected a lot more from her, for all the pimping she gets. But her personality is completely obnoxious, and I hope she doesn’t win on that basis alone. Pia was perfection, as always. And where did this new, amazing Haley come from? Loved it!!!

    • TIco says:

      Not that this is any fault of Lauren’s, but did you see her mother in the audience? Mutton dressed as lamb, all gussied up like she is competing with her daughter.

    • Sally says:

      Lauren is consistent and she’s improving, esp. in the looks department.

  45. ARCHU-D2 says:

    I found the performances particulary underwhelming tonight. I’ve been routing for Naima, but she didn’t bring it tonight. Paul was again disappointing. Paul and Naima should be going home. Haley…Lauren Alaina…and Casey Rocked!!

  46. Salieri says:

    Haley just dumped Jacob out of the competition.

  47. Tyler says:

    Ok, I know I’m going to take some crap, but I actually like Thia tonight. While she may be boring, I thought her vocals were good. Naima sang with a different voice…and still wasn’t impressive. Stefano was awful, again. While Thia wasn’t the best, I don’t think she’ll be going home. Naima and Stefano were worse than her.

  48. heelarryous says:

    Hey, Slezak. I have to say I was totally underwhelmed by tonight’s show. I expected soaring amazing perfs. Instead everyone seem to underplay the song, play it safe, and came off as just average/aiight. My boy James is the only one who consistently puts on an entertaining show every week. Wish u were there to tell Pia Toscano Breadsticks how many past Idol wannabes have perfed Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me and I know several of them did a better job than she did. Sure, she can sing and is one of the faves this season to win it all, but enuff w/the ballads already! Scotty is likeable and has the country vote, but he sounds the same every week as well. Miss Lusk showed restraint. Stefano did OK. Casey was good. My Naima just came off as too dowbeat. Lauren could’ve done much better. Thia was sleepy and dreadful. Paul is getting by on his looks alone, the quirk factor is getting tiring (have to agree w/Vote for the Worst that he’s bad). Haley is another generic middle-of-the-roader like Haley Scarnato. I’m thinking since Casey and Stefano were in the btm 2 last week they r gonna get lots of votes to save them. I think btm 3 will b Thia, Naima and Jacob w/Thia and Naima getting the boot. But if Thia has the Asian vote, never underestimate that voting block base.

    • Ablo says:

      I don’t want to say it was a great night — but compared to the mess last week, I thought everyone did a whole lot better. I know I am in the minority, but I thought they insulted Motown last week.

  49. Leo says:

    SLEZAK! 3 things. 1.) If she survives this week, can we start calling her Thia Mi-f*cking-gea? 2.) Scotty McCreery looks exactly like Alfred E. Neuman from Mad Magazine 3.) OMG, Haley is my new favorite!

    I’d also like to say that my favorite Idol Elton John performance of all time was Season 3, Latoya London singing “Someone saved my life tonight”. She was amazing!

  50. Amber says:

    loved the show tonight…hate thia and Naima. Paul i like cuz of his original voice. Haley is ok, but i really hope james, lauren, or scotty win :)