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Question: Do you know what will happen in the Grey’s Anatomy finale? —Shaz
Unlike last year’s deadly bloodbath of a climax, which had a profound impact on everyone at Seattle Grace, this season’s cliffhanger will focus on three characters in particular. “Meredith, Cristina and Alex are all left in a position that’s surprising,” hints series creator Shonda Rhimes. “I think fans are going to be very surprised about a lot of the things that happen [in the episode]. A lot of things get turned on their head.”

Question: What was up with Grey’s Anatomy inserting an old Der/Mer love scene into the montage at the end of last week’s episode? Did they think we wouldn’t notice? —Katie
First off, as Rhimes is quick to point out, “It was not a love scene, it was a shot.” The boss lady goes on to explain that the original version of the episode was screaming for “another beat with Derek and Meredith at the end” but Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo were not available to shoot the extra footage. “We would’ve had to drag them [back to the set] from places we couldn’t drag them in from to do one shot.” So Rhimes made the decision to splice in the previously used clip. “It’s something we’ve done before,” Rhimes says. “We’ve used the shot of Derek standing on the catwalk from the pilot like 700 times. It was just a shot. I would never recycle an entire scene. [But] I love that the fans are so invested in the show that they noticed. After seven seasons I take that as a true compliment that they got outraged.”

Question: Any truth to the rumor that Sam will get kicked out of his home for being gay on Glee? —Back
Funny story: No, there’s no truth to that rumor. We will get to see Sam’s home life in the upcoming “Rumors” episode when Finn — suspicious that Quinn is cheating on him with Trouty Mouth — goes on a stakeout with (wait for it) Rachel!

Question: Hello. I would love to hear a snippet about NCIS: LA. —Joshua
Hello yourself. We’ll meet Marty Deeks’ undercover persona in early May and the dude’s kind of a scumbag. Also, I hear things will heat up between Deeks and Kensi, although it may be some time before a first move is made.

Question: I’m a big Cougar Town fan. I was wondering if the finale will end with a cliffhanger? —Heather
“The finale is not a cliffhanger, but it is momentous,” responds exec producer Bill Lawrence. “We did a lot of big stories — if you can think of what each character’s big story might be, we address it head on. There are stakes-y things for every character on the show besides Ellie and Andy, and that’s because they are somewhat of a constant. And we like them being a very successful married couple.” Speaking of enduring duos that make us cackle, if you’re not following Lawrence and his real-life wife Christa Miller (a.k.a. Ellie) on Twitter — at @VDOOZER and @ChristaBMiller respectively — you, my friend, are missing out. They’re Al and Peg Bundy only richer and more self-aware!

Question: Any scoop on next week’s No Ordinary Family finale? —Chris
A series regular perishes and we’ll get an answer to the show’s biggest mystery: How did the Powell clan get their powers?

Question: How many Bones related items are on your May Sweeps Scorecard? —Sydnee
At least two. Maybe more.

Question: Since you gave us a hint about the shocking pregnancy blind item last week, can you please give us a hint on the shocking death blind item? I’m so scared! —Heather
The character in question appears on an hour-long drama that has been on the air for more than three but less than 10 years.

Question: Please, give us some Chuck scoop! Man, I hate this hiatus. —Ceci
Yeah, well, you may hate this next scoop more: In this season’s penultimate episode on May 9, “Something terrible happens to someone we love,” reveals EP Chris Fedak. In potentially related news, the show is casting the role of Clyde Decker, a “determined and remorseless CIA agent who will go to any lengths and spare no expense — or life — in order to keep the CIA’s secrets buried.” His nickname? The Eraser. Um, yikes much?!

Question: What can we expect from the two-hour finale of Desperate Housewives?  —Logan
Sixth category from the top in TVLine’s May Sweeps Scorecard. You can expect one of those.

Question: Really need some news on How to Make It in America. Is season 2 still happening? —Matt
Yes. Ben’s getting a new, older love interest, and rumor has it producers’ wish list contains some very familiar/exciting names. The character, Nancy, is described as a smart, classy and sexy New York tastemaker with an eye for talent who owns a showroom in downtown Manhattan. Sound like anyone we know?!

Question: Thanks for the awesome scoop about Ben Lawson’s upcoming stint on Covert Affairs. Have anything else to share about the second season? —Tristina
How about some more casting scoop? General Hospital and Privileged star Ignacio Serricchio has signed on to guest star in episode 2.02 as an alleged member of the Italian AISE that Annie is tasked with exchanging for a captured CIA operative.  In the same episode, The Shield‘s Benito Martinez plays the Deputy Director of Argentine Military Intelligence and an old chum of Joan’s (Kari Matchett). When the aforementioned exchange goes awry, their friendship is put to the test.

Question: Can I get some scoop on my favorite show The Good Wife? Is Will ever going to tell Alicia that he lied to her about the second voicemail? —Sietske
As executive producer Robert King recently told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich, Will initially lied “for the most honorable reason, in that she is married. But what will that mean now that the foundation of [Peter and Alicia’s] marriage will be shook?” My guess? He’s going to tell her he lied about the voicemail and those two crazy kids will finally get it on. But that’s just a guess.

Question: Any word on whether or not The Event will be back next season? And if not, will finale end with a cliffhanger? —Carter
The season ends with more of a climax than a cliffhanger, which is probably wise since a Year 2 remains a long shot, per TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard. At least the show is going out with a bang. According to a source, the episode concludes with “something that is truly momentous and, I believe, never seen before” on TV.

Question: No, Justified scoop at all? C’mon give Justified fans a little love! —Tiffany-Liana
Raylan loses some of his trademark swagger in the wake of that whole botched money run with his ex, and Boyd’s new lady boss (Hung‘s fantastic Rebecca Creskoff) has a ringside seat to the mini-meltdown. In fact, those two will be forced to spend a lot of time together over the next two episodes when Raylan is assigned to serve as Carol’s personal bodyguard.

Question: Can I have some Justified scoop on Boyd and Ava! —Ash
Next week we bear witness to what I’m fairly certain is the couple’s first truly happy moment together. The setting of this magical sequence? The last place you’d ever expect. The action-packed April 6 episode — easily one of the show’s best ever — is also noteworthy in that it features a si********t ****h. BTW, can we get a round of applause for Margo Martindale? In a perfect world, her balls-to-the-wall performance as Bennett matriarch Mags would make her the frontrunner for the 2011 guest actress in a drama Emmy.

Question: Any Pretty Little Liars scoop to tide us over until season 2? —Jenny
The unhinged foursome are finally getting some psychological help. The show is casting the role of a female therapist who provides group counseling for the increasingly erratic Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna.

Question: Any news on Dan/Blair storyline on Gossip Girl? I’m dying here. The hiatus is killing me. —Megan
Allow me to add to your agony: At some point before the end of the season, Blair will get engaged.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Also, you can keep track of my scoops on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Megan Masters)

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  1. ash says:

    my head hurts from reading all these psycho chair posts….seriously you girls are freaking me out…calm down and breath…….

  2. Thais says:

    DAIR is the best thing that ever happened to Gossip Girl.

  3. toni says:

    wow, another week with nothing on True Blood, I thought you were tight with that crew. I’m disappointed.

  4. AL says:

    Anyone else find it hilarious reading these people freak out on each other. I wonder if A a lot of the comments by different people are just the same ones under different names, and B if they’d talk like this if they could see each other. O well maybe they should just throw all the shippers on GG and have them fight, I’d watch that show, and seriously who pulls out ratings as an argument about 2 characters chemistry.

    BTW can we get a community scoop next round

  5. bhm1304 says:

    Margo Martindale should win the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama — she a hell of a lot more than a “guest star”. Kaitlyn Dever “Loretta McReady”, the youngest in the cast, is also pretty phenomenal in one of the best roles written for a teenager on television. Considering Martindale’s fantastic “Mags Bennett” a ‘guest’ role seems pretty far off the mark. F/X is doing a superb job, on par with Showtime, giving actresses brilliantly written and acted a-typical parts and not just stereotypical, ‘I’ve seen this character before’ female roles which network television remains incapable of. Katey Segal’s “Gemma Teller Morrow” set the mark for this type of role and hopefully these parts continue being written. (USA Network better not cancel Sarah Shahi’s “Fairly Legal”!)

    But I digress, Margo Martindale should win an Emmy this year in a real category. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

  6. caitiedidit says:

    Oh my god, the Chair stans need to stop.

  7. Alice says:

    Actually, spoilers: we’re not delusional (personal insults, yay!) We actually base our arguments on logic, evidence and facts. Sam was undeniably put into Glee as a future love interest for Kurt, and the argument that RIB supposedly changed the storyline just doesn’t hold water, because Sam was ALWAYS meant to be in the closet and date girls at first, while Kurt was involved in the bullying storyline. Nice effort, but no, and try not to label us all as ‘delusional’ next time.

    • Serena says:

      Well, here’s some logic for you: You are right. Sam was intended to be Kurt’s love interest. Blaine was originally susposed to serve only as Kurt’s mentor. However, RIB changed their mind after seeing how well Blaine’s character was receieved. I’m sorry but Sam is no longer set up as Kurt’s love interest. RIB gave the boyfriend role to Blaine and the coming out story to Karofsky.

  8. Tina says:

    DROP DEAD DIVA!!!!!! Please? Pretty please???

  9. Stacey says:

    Rather than Chuck, maybe Blair will get engaged to that Prince that she met in Paris, can’t remember his name. Sorry to see Dair end, it was fun!

  10. Jacqi says:

    AWESOME SCOOP this week!!!!!!! Finchel time coming up!!!! Please don’t let any of the main characters on Bones die! :( Good Grey’s scoop!!! Please don’t let Mike and Susan break up (again).

  11. Leigh says:

    Finally something about NCIS!!! About time!

    Lots of rude comments on here from GG fans from both sides. I just like Chuck and Blair from that show the rest is pretty pathetic.

    I’m nervous about Chuck and who gets hurt! EEK!

  12. JJovana3 says:

    Gossip Girl fans are the worst. Its like frickin grade school playground with all this argument.
    Dair happened, now lets move on to something more exciting. Looking forward to engaged Blair, jealous Chuck, and Derena resolving their issues.

    • JD says:

      AGREE. i love gossip girl, but it’s just not good writing long term to put chuck and blair together and in a happy relationship immediately. the writers already said that they’re endgame, so they’ll get together eventually. everyone messes around in their early 20’s (and i think these characters are still technically 19 years old). have some faith that they’ll be together eventually and enjoy the ride until then. i know that the ratings were best when they were together, but from an unbiased (as i don’t really care who blair ends up with, as long as it’s an entertaining show) point of view, i think they were a bit boring as a happy couple. and also, realistically, i don’t care how good they were together, if i was blair i’d NEVER get back together with someone who treated me the way chuck treated her. but i’m not a television character, so that’s probably irrelevant. in fairness though, i do think blair and dan are completely unrealistic and shouldn’t exist as anything other than friends.

  13. Jena says:

    Thanks for the scoop on Bones and NCIS LA. Can’t wait !!

  14. Tiffany-Liana says:

    Woo hoo FINALLY some Justified scoop from Ausiello. Seriously it’s the best damn show in the world.

  15. Abby says:

    How can people make and believe the statement that Dair “reinvented” the show. That is a completely and utterly false and a misconception. The ratings have significantly dropped immediately after Dair began their hang-outs. When Chuck and Blair briefly reunited for two episodes the ratings instantly and dramatically increased. The numbers tell the facts, and those facts are that Dair hurt GG popularity dramatically. Dair can never be endgame, and I feel bad for the show for misguiding some of you Dair fans. Blair and Serena are probably the most important relationship and a Dair relationship would hammer a nail into the coffin of that friendship and a possible future for Derena. It just is not going to happen…

  16. Kelley Belle says:

    Chuck and Blair are the heart of the show, gossip girl wouldnt be gossip girl with out them…CHAIR!

  17. Maggi says:

    I guess it’s pretty obvious and sad, who is Blair going to engage (prince). GET RID OF THE GUEST STARS messing up with our ships!

    CB forever

  18. Chloe says:

    We all know Blair gets engaged to Louis, there are set pictures of the two of them and Blair with a huge diamond ring.
    Just wake me up when Chair are the story again, GG is always more interesting when its about those two.

  19. j says:

    Perhaps DB has won over the remaining portion of the GG fanbase. Key word? REMAINING. GG has lost approximately 700,000 viewers since the start of DB (and that’s just counting those with Nielsen boxes). The CB fans have become so discouraged that most (like me) have simply stopped watching/commenting on it as much.
    CB still has a larger fanbase- we just have stopped watching. I’m a Chair fan, not a GG fan.

    And no… no one views DB as a threat. Something that will taint CB? Sure. Something that will threaten their endgame status? Hell no.

  20. Abby says:

    The Dair scenes keep inducing a profusion of yawns in myself. In comparison to the intense, interesting, and captivating Chair scenes, Dair’s shine is lackluster in comparison. Each and every Dair scene has managed to behold such bore that by the next morning I could not even remember a second of what happened during their scenes. Chair’s moments will be remembered after GG ends. Comparing their chemistry to Dair’s is like comparing a Ferrari to an outdated Ford.

  21. Allie says:

    Well, most of us knew about Blair getting engaged to Louis after those filming pictures came out a few weeks ago. Can’t say I’m super excited about it, but it can only be an improvement after the trainwreck that’s been the last 7 episodes. At this point, I’m just counting down the days to season 5 when they’ll finally start rebuilding Chuck and Blair’s relationship.

  22. CBGirl says:

    Im sad that Blair will be getting engaged as I don’t think it will be to Chuck (and its definitely not Dan!) Looks like it will be too the Prince.

    However, Im glad because it means it will raise the stakes in CB relationship and we will hopefully see them interacting in each others stories again after toooooo long.

    I have faith and hope that CB will come back together. The writers proved with the 4.02 Train station scene that when they want to they can write epic Chair so Im sure when they want to go back to telling the CB storyline they will find away to makes us fall in love with CB all over again. :)

  23. M says:

    She will be engaged to the prince….so DB ends. I hope they can redeem Chuck in time bc CHAIR is AMAZING and GG is so boring wo them… even all the DB stuff is only exciting bc everyone wants to see S and C’s reactions!!!

  24. cenerella says:

    I can’t understand why many people are shocked that some fans suffer hardly in seeing Chuck and Blair apart. I realize that this is just a TV show, they are not real, but the reason why people are fond of these characters, is the desire to live as their passionate love. I don’t think I am a stupid person, nor trivial or superficial but I do realize that the love story between C and B has involved me so much. They are jealousy, love, passion, resentment… all the feelings that sometimes make us suffer while others make us dream but always make us feel alive.. I love Chuck and Blair because they are the portrait of love, twisted and complicated, full of contradictions as are the feelings, but true .. I just hope that the authors do not destroy what they built wisely and make us happy to see them together again. They are the ones that made ​​the show amazing.. they are the show!!!! I remain faithful to my favorite couple.. Blair at the moment is taken by all these strange relations but she doesn’t belong for any prince.. She is the queen of UES and sooner or later she will be again with the only king of her heart.. Chuck Bass.

    • MC says:

      Beautiful. I think people seem to forget that Blair loves Chuck and vice & vica since 4 years, they are always the story. That’s not gonna change. Chuck will have to fix his MANY issues (that’s called GROWING UP btw) and make it up to her but CB will have their inevitable happy ending. It’s just that the writers are taking too much time to tell the story. Will the audience have the faith to wait until then…Who knows.

    • Leigh says:

      Excellent post!!! ICAM. Cannot wait for Chuck&Blair to come back together & FINALLY see their love win the day. I’m certain it will. CHAIR is DESTINY!!!

  25. daisy says:

    Hey! what are those comments saying that Dair saved the show? Are you people serious? don’t you ever check the ratings after the episodes? if you did,then you would be ashamed of saying that Dair saved the show because just the opposite, kudos to silly Dair ,it only destroyed the best things about this show by its lameness…this show lost its edges and became a real lame teen soap by Dairs sick lameness.
    Sorry but I can’t help.I don’t enjoy watching GG thanks to Dair.did they have to pair everyother character with everyone? was it necessray? Can’t GG tell good stories other than sexing people up even if it is an unbelievable couple? Bring back s1s2s3 Blair I am sick of this comedic pathetic girl when she is with Dan.He is trying to show how smart he is more than the Queen of UES and he is trying to direct her.İts unbelievable.s1 s2 s3 Blair would never allow Dan to come close to her more than one meter.İts not realistic to even make Dan and Blair friends.Just leave this sillyness please.

  26. SL says:

    Oh Ausiello what happened? You used to have the best scoops out there, now it’s just lame. Either yoou write about shows no one cares about or you write scoops that are really boring or not really new. The finales are coming up, go back to your old glorios self and give us something spectacular!

  27. Vittra says:

    Chuck and Blair ARE Gossip Girl. I think it’s been proven over this Ban storyline that the show can’t survive in the long run without Chair to bring in the ratings (no matter what the Internet buzz, if you lose 1/3 of your viewers because of a new pairing the pairing ain’t popular or good for the show). Chuck and Blair belong together and hopefully they will be back together before the show loses even more viewers and gets cancelled.

  28. Tammy says:

    Chuck and Blair FTW

  29. Q says:

    I want Chair back. I want my show back!

  30. MD says:

    I so miss the Blair/Chuck interaction on GG. I can only hope the engagement is theirs!

  31. Anna-Karen says:

    The sad thing I find about the Dair storyline is that every other good pairing and storyline has been become secondary to concentrate on ‘Dare to Dair’.
    When they have had to isolate Dan & Blair in order to make Dair happen with any sense of plausability, I find that an insult to the characters and the viewers. In 4:07 Dan was sabotaging Blair on her birthday due to how ‘evil’ she was, and how she had broken up his family. Now he is ignoring his family and loyalties to try to have a relationship with this same woman?????
    The sad thing is that the same ‘pimping’ of couples by the producers that have left other shippers disheartened is going to happen to the DB shippers as well. Blouis is happening (and this from a Chair shipper), and DB shippers will be joining the rest of us who will be muttering curse words at writers who are only pandering to their own distorted sense of ego. If GG only has 1 season left, start setting it up instead of last minute explainations. CB have been foreshadowed as endgame from Season 1, and to if they are going to do it, start getting Chuck & Blair in order to be a functional couple together.

  32. MC says:

    All this “ship war” is useless. You can enjoy what you can about this show. That’s FINE. The writers will do what they want anyway.
    Right now my biggest concern is Chuck Bass. I’m so angry with the way they are treating him. Enough about putting his REDEMPTION on hold for their precious DB hence “Stop & Explore”. Chuck NEEDS to have his POV bak and Grow up. I’m sorry but I never cared bout Dan Humphrey, and all this Dan “the hero” pimping is not gonna change that, I want Chuck bass top be Redeem for the IP mess, is this too much to ask for, jeez.

  33. Guro says:

    I don’t understand why some people still claim that Sam is gay. Maybe that was the intention many months ago, but I love Blaine and Kurt together.

    I think we should be happy that we get to see a positive gay couple on television that many actually like. They are one of the most popular couples. I hope they stick together.

    I hope we get some Karofsky redemption eventually, too. I don’t want him with Kurt, but I do want him happy.

  34. isabel says:

    I’m so glad Dair is soon over. Blair will get engaged with the Prince and Chuck will finally fight for the love of his live! Gossip Girl is getting exciting again! I can’t wait for Chair to be BACK!!!

  35. danielle says:

    it’s definitely christina and owen from greys for the blind item.

  36. ned says:

    I am a big Gossip Girl fan. I really don’t understand why those who like Dair have to diss Chair and why those who like Chair have to diss Dair. I am a Dair fan but that doesn’t mean i’m going to bad mouth Chair. Instead of bad mouthing the couple you don’t like can’t you say good things about the couple you do like.

  37. sietsx says:

    Thanks for answering my question about The Good Wife !

  38. cdizzle says:

    So She’ll get engaged to prince and probaly realize either this season or the next that maybe Dan was the person to be with, because alot of people are getting bored with the chuck/blair courtship. a while after they got together i found myself skipping ahead because it was a snooze. but dan/blair could give something fresh to the show , i mean who knows? But, they do have a cweertain chemistry. I’m crossing my fingers lol.

  39. cdizzle says:

    So She’ll get engaged to prince and probaly realize either this season or the next that maybe Dan was the person to be with, because alot of people are getting bored with the chuck/blair courtship. a while after they got together i found myself skipping ahead because it was a snooze. but dan/blair could give something fresh to the show , i mean who knows? But, they do have a certain chemistry. I’m crossing my fingers lol.

  40. busted Shonda says:

    Shonda you are so busted about that scene. I wish she’d kill off a boring character whose name starts with an A. Take your pick. Cast bloat on Grey’s is crazy!

  41. rossie says:

    Please I want Chuck and Blair back.they are the show.they are what GG means.they are passion ,scheming, angst, drama ,romantism ,sex, sweetness ,loyalty ,deep feelings , caring,seducing..the best couple of GG which makes GG watchable and obsessive.otherwise without them GG just feels boring and dull.like an ordinary teen soap..I didn’t start to watch this show for a teen soap.please bring back my unique couple Chuck and Blair back together.its getting unbearable to watch GG these days.

  42. Grignac says:

    A Significant Death on Justified……. EEP.

  43. leigh says:

    GG- I like Chuck and Blair, personally. Hope they come back.

  44. mary says:

    I really love Chuck and Blair. Nothing will ever change that. Can’t wait to see them get back together, no matter how long I’m gonna have to wait. Every little scene with both of them is worth watching the whole episode for me. CB!!!! ♥

  45. ds says:

    I don’t care about DB…there is nothing to care about!!! and I don’t care about prince…I want CB back ASAP…

  46. Jerri says:

    Re Chuck spoiler: it better not be Casey that’s being “erased”. :-/

  47. Leigh says:

    Cannot wait for the return of CHAIR EPICNESS!!!! GG will actually be watchable again. Chuck&Blair are GG’s Heart & Soul and the hook & investment for the show. CHAIR FACTOR=TRUE LOVE 4 LIFE!!! CB=DESTINY=ENDGAME!!!

  48. Katybaity says:

    PLEASE let the character death be Ziva from NCIS. I can’t stand her and can’t wait for her to leave and take her smirky smugface school of soap acting with her.

  49. Danielle H. says:

    I wouldn’t totally write off the blind item death happening on Grey’s….. I could really see a main character that has been there since the beginning dying because they said nothing catastrophic was going to happen but on Grey’s that bar is pretty high so death could still be in the cards.

    Thanks Ausiello for the scoop. Would love some more Vampire Diaries or True Blood next time though, but I know that we can only take what you can find out ;)

  50. Alicia says:

    Seriously? All these GG comments?! Where’s the Chuck comments? “Something terrible happens to someone we love” ?? I love them all, haha.