Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey's Anatomy Chuck, Gossip Girl, Glee, NCIS: LA and More!

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Question: Do you know what will happen in the Grey’s Anatomy finale? —Shaz
Unlike last year’s deadly bloodbath of a climax, which had a profound impact on everyone at Seattle Grace, this season’s cliffhanger will focus on three characters in particular. “Meredith, Cristina and Alex are all left in a position that’s surprising,” hints series creator Shonda Rhimes. “I think fans are going to be very surprised about a lot of the things that happen [in the episode]. A lot of things get turned on their head.”

Question: What was up with Grey’s Anatomy inserting an old Der/Mer love scene into the montage at the end of last week’s episode? Did they think we wouldn’t notice? —Katie
First off, as Rhimes is quick to point out, “It was not a love scene, it was a shot.” The boss lady goes on to explain that the original version of the episode was screaming for “another beat with Derek and Meredith at the end” but Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo were not available to shoot the extra footage. “We would’ve had to drag them [back to the set] from places we couldn’t drag them in from to do one shot.” So Rhimes made the decision to splice in the previously used clip. “It’s something we’ve done before,” Rhimes says. “We’ve used the shot of Derek standing on the catwalk from the pilot like 700 times. It was just a shot. I would never recycle an entire scene. [But] I love that the fans are so invested in the show that they noticed. After seven seasons I take that as a true compliment that they got outraged.”

Question: Any truth to the rumor that Sam will get kicked out of his home for being gay on Glee? —Back
Funny story: No, there’s no truth to that rumor. We will get to see Sam’s home life in the upcoming “Rumors” episode when Finn — suspicious that Quinn is cheating on him with Trouty Mouth — goes on a stakeout with (wait for it) Rachel!

Question: Hello. I would love to hear a snippet about NCIS: LA. —Joshua
Hello yourself. We’ll meet Marty Deeks’ undercover persona in early May and the dude’s kind of a scumbag. Also, I hear things will heat up between Deeks and Kensi, although it may be some time before a first move is made.

Question: I’m a big Cougar Town fan. I was wondering if the finale will end with a cliffhanger? —Heather
“The finale is not a cliffhanger, but it is momentous,” responds exec producer Bill Lawrence. “We did a lot of big stories — if you can think of what each character’s big story might be, we address it head on. There are stakes-y things for every character on the show besides Ellie and Andy, and that’s because they are somewhat of a constant. And we like them being a very successful married couple.” Speaking of enduring duos that make us cackle, if you’re not following Lawrence and his real-life wife Christa Miller (a.k.a. Ellie) on Twitter — at @VDOOZER and @ChristaBMiller respectively — you, my friend, are missing out. They’re Al and Peg Bundy only richer and more self-aware!

Question: Any scoop on next week’s No Ordinary Family finale? —Chris
A series regular perishes and we’ll get an answer to the show’s biggest mystery: How did the Powell clan get their powers?

Question: How many Bones related items are on your May Sweeps Scorecard? —Sydnee
At least two. Maybe more.

Question: Since you gave us a hint about the shocking pregnancy blind item last week, can you please give us a hint on the shocking death blind item? I’m so scared! —Heather
The character in question appears on an hour-long drama that has been on the air for more than three but less than 10 years.

Question: Please, give us some Chuck scoop! Man, I hate this hiatus. —Ceci
Yeah, well, you may hate this next scoop more: In this season’s penultimate episode on May 9, “Something terrible happens to someone we love,” reveals EP Chris Fedak. In potentially related news, the show is casting the role of Clyde Decker, a “determined and remorseless CIA agent who will go to any lengths and spare no expense — or life — in order to keep the CIA’s secrets buried.” His nickname? The Eraser. Um, yikes much?!

Question: What can we expect from the two-hour finale of Desperate Housewives?  —Logan
Sixth category from the top in TVLine’s May Sweeps Scorecard. You can expect one of those.

Question: Really need some news on How to Make It in America. Is season 2 still happening? —Matt
Yes. Ben’s getting a new, older love interest, and rumor has it producers’ wish list contains some very familiar/exciting names. The character, Nancy, is described as a smart, classy and sexy New York tastemaker with an eye for talent who owns a showroom in downtown Manhattan. Sound like anyone we know?!

Question: Thanks for the awesome scoop about Ben Lawson’s upcoming stint on Covert Affairs. Have anything else to share about the second season? —Tristina
How about some more casting scoop? General Hospital and Privileged star Ignacio Serricchio has signed on to guest star in episode 2.02 as an alleged member of the Italian AISE that Annie is tasked with exchanging for a captured CIA operative.  In the same episode, The Shield‘s Benito Martinez plays the Deputy Director of Argentine Military Intelligence and an old chum of Joan’s (Kari Matchett). When the aforementioned exchange goes awry, their friendship is put to the test.

Question: Can I get some scoop on my favorite show The Good Wife? Is Will ever going to tell Alicia that he lied to her about the second voicemail? —Sietske
As executive producer Robert King recently told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich, Will initially lied “for the most honorable reason, in that she is married. But what will that mean now that the foundation of [Peter and Alicia’s] marriage will be shook?” My guess? He’s going to tell her he lied about the voicemail and those two crazy kids will finally get it on. But that’s just a guess.

Question: Any word on whether or not The Event will be back next season? And if not, will finale end with a cliffhanger? —Carter
The season ends with more of a climax than a cliffhanger, which is probably wise since a Year 2 remains a long shot, per TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard. At least the show is going out with a bang. According to a source, the episode concludes with “something that is truly momentous and, I believe, never seen before” on TV.

Question: No, Justified scoop at all? C’mon give Justified fans a little love! —Tiffany-Liana
Raylan loses some of his trademark swagger in the wake of that whole botched money run with his ex, and Boyd’s new lady boss (Hung‘s fantastic Rebecca Creskoff) has a ringside seat to the mini-meltdown. In fact, those two will be forced to spend a lot of time together over the next two episodes when Raylan is assigned to serve as Carol’s personal bodyguard.

Question: Can I have some Justified scoop on Boyd and Ava! —Ash
Next week we bear witness to what I’m fairly certain is the couple’s first truly happy moment together. The setting of this magical sequence? The last place you’d ever expect. The action-packed April 6 episode — easily one of the show’s best ever — is also noteworthy in that it features a si********t ****h. BTW, can we get a round of applause for Margo Martindale? In a perfect world, her balls-to-the-wall performance as Bennett matriarch Mags would make her the frontrunner for the 2011 guest actress in a drama Emmy.

Question: Any Pretty Little Liars scoop to tide us over until season 2? —Jenny
The unhinged foursome are finally getting some psychological help. The show is casting the role of a female therapist who provides group counseling for the increasingly erratic Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna.

Question: Any news on Dan/Blair storyline on Gossip Girl? I’m dying here. The hiatus is killing me. —Megan
Allow me to add to your agony: At some point before the end of the season, Blair will get engaged.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Also, you can keep track of my scoops on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Megan Masters)

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  1. We need more clues to these blind items!!

    • Alicia says:

      Seriously, an “hour-long drama that has been on the air for more than three but less than 10 years”???
      Ausiello, you should be flogged for that one!

      • allie says:

        It also says Network (in the original post), so that cancels out all the cable shows. Still a lot of shows, but obviously not Hawaii 5-0 or the Good Wife or Law and Order or CSI the original…. and a drama so not Gossip Girl (i guess…) I’m going with House, Bones or Grey’s Anatomy on this one. Actually scratch that. Grey’s did the bloody death stuff last year. Bones, House, and… Private Practice maybe?

    • Kelli Jo says:

      It is too much to hope that it’s Calleigh (Emily Procter) on CSI Miami? I’ve grown to really hate that character.

  2. Stacy Smith says:

    Why is it when I love a show it gets cancelled or threatened to be cancelled…ie Stargate Universe, The Event, NOF. Maybe I have bad taste in tv, but I doubt it.

    • Jeremiah says:

      No, I’d say just the opposite, if anything. It’s everyone else that has bad taste, increasingly opting to watch more mindless reality tv, and less quality scripted programming.

      Unfortunately, popularity doesn’t always mean high quality.

      • Tom's says:

        I know, people are all over stupid reality tv shows. Jersey Shore for example, how much suckish can tv get??
        The Event is a really good show, non predictable. I would be so upset if it gets cancelled.

    • Vanny says:

      I have to agree!

    • lauren says:

      OMG, I completely agree. I ask myself that all the time. I really love The Event, I get upset when the final credit screen pops up, and I cant wait for Monday night! It’s too bad that the rest of America is too stupid to appreciate good television!

  3. Lore says:

    WTH Blair engaged? OMG it is not witch Chuck Bass or Dan Humpfrey i will dont like this show anymore

    • Stephanie says:

      It’s with Prince Louis.

      I thought everyone knew that.

      Awww Ausiello- I wish you had more positive Dair news. As per usual, GG destroys the only good thing about their show.

      • MC says:

        They did that with Chair. If you haven’t noticed people left when Dair came on screen so ,yeah, Dair destroyed the show already.

        • Amanda says:

          Dair is killing all my love for the show. I already stopping watching. I am glad it’s the Prince because I would take anything over Dan/Blair. And hopefully will get Chuck’s POV back with the prince. I am so tired of his character being destroyed so they can stop and explore DB. DB is the worst thing that happened in this show. You just have to look at the ratings to see how much they are killing the show.

          • Carri says:

            Pretty much what I wrote too.

          • Marissa says:

            actually, what kills this show is the boring, immature and superficial relationship of Chuck and Blair.
            Nobody cares for this couple anymore, only you, crazy chair fans.

            We want a new and refreshing storyline(DAIR!)

          • Amanda says:

            Marissa, at least when CB was the story and in the forefront the ratings were great. 4×06-4×09 had amazing ratings. But since DB became the main story they just keep falling. It’s a fact honey. What is killing gg is all the DB prop. The fact that the writers are neglecting Chuck and Serena’s characters because they have to write for their precious DB. People are just losing interesting. Ratings dont lie

        • Jenna says:

          YEP! Dair sucked the show dry, They ain’t happrning. Get over it morons.

          • Marissa says:

            Jenna, why this anger? DB will happen, you KNOW they will :)

          • Steph says:

            No worries, Jenna, the DB fans here don’t read real spoilers. They are in for a big surprise.

          • Audrey says:

            I agree that Dair was unblairable. I can’t wait for episode 18, simply because Blair will “manipulate” Dan and her true colours will show. I’m all for Blouis since that will bring my Chair closer. Expect the unexpected next episode….

        • Kris says:

          If anything, Dair has saved the show. It’s literally the ONLY interesting part of Gossip Girl. GG was really good in the first 12 episodes because of Katie Cassidy and when she left, the only thing keeping it from reverting back to suckish Season 3 was Dan/Blair. Of course Gossip Girl is all build-up, no reward so they had to drop it cold. I like Chair just as much as the next guy but they should have explored Dan/Blair more.

          • I says:

            In my mind, that’s why it’s been WORSE than “suckish season 3.” Each to their own though.

    • Carri says:

      Blair is never going to marry Dan so not sure what people are smoking if they think that. GG is a yawn fest these days and much of that has stemmed from the ever so ridiculous pairing of Dan and Blair. What a waste of screen space. Chuck and Blair should be together and when the writers get their acts together and write for them I’ll tune in ,right now, I’d rather wash my hair than watch anything they are putting on or that Mr. Ausiello continues to pimp.

      • jen says:

        Chuck & Blair are together since season four, the audience is getting tired of them!
        Its time to the writers be a little creative and get over this self-destructive couple!

        • Amanda says:

          Actually, since CB stopped interacting the ratings just keep dropping. So, your argument doesnt make any sense.

          • Jenna says:


          • sam says:

            Try when DS stopped interacting the ratings fell. It started as early as S2 and the trend continued this season.410, 404 and 408 all DS-centric episodes had some of the highest ratings of this season. People need to leave Dan alone cause it’s not like Blair will ever be allowed to have Serena’s man.

          • erica says:

            actually the ratings have been dropping before the…when they were a couple…actually since season 2..so i dont understand why you keep bringing up the ratings and dropping because of dair…..maybe it because no one cares about the endless ride of same old same old chair crap

        • wickedfan says:

          Sweetie, Dair has the worst ratings. More lefty this show when they came on- what people got bored with is DB . Wake up and smell the defeat.

          • erica says:

            why do you keep saying dair has the worst ratings….its called gossip girl…and the show is not just about dair maybe people arent interested in all the other crap this show has to offer and watch online…so they skip it …huh did you ever think of that????

          • gettherapy says:

            People who use sweetie are needy

        • Suzy says:

          That’s actually false, if you look at the target demographics. The episode where Dan and Blair kiss, btw, was for weeks among the top downloads on itunes. People SO want to see that!

      • jen says:

        Its time to the writers be a little creative and get over this self-destructive couple called “Chair”.

        • wickedfan says:

          It’s time you wake up and realize people HATE DB and aren’t happening. Awwww, the fail ship that is DB.

        • nooneknows says:

          cb never end. db do.

        • crista says:

          Nope, Chair is the best thing this show has ever had. Chuck and Blair are endgame!

        • Mette says:

          I do understand that people might like DAIR because it is new and fresh, but what I don’t understand is why people can’t see that Dan and Blair are too different. He comes from Brooklyn and she is the queen of Manhattan!!! They are too different for the long run. Blair and Chuck are like Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara they belong together… And before anyone is going to write “but Chuck sold her for a hotel” it is not like Dan has treated Blair with dignity for the last four years. What about the time when he humiliated her in front of her whole dorm when they both attended NYU. And this season he humiliated Blair at her birthday party where Eric many many times told him not to do so. He just wanted revenge so he did it anyway- which disappointed all Dan’s UES friends and even his dad said “I can’t believe you of all people has become like them(UES kids)!!!” … I would really like Blair and Dan as friends because they’re really great as friends- but not as a couple. This is also why Dan in the next episodes starts dating Serena’s cousin Charlie and Blair gets engaged to Prince Louis of Monaco… And in the end: THIS IS JUST A SHOW PEOPLE RELAX FOR GOD SAKE!!!!

          • T says:

            I agree…this is what the WRITERS WANTED. look at this board and you have a full on fan war. Look at the press the plot line has brought. The plot was thrown in there to see if they could get a reaction like this. Well guess what it happened and now say Dair wasn’t even plotted for the rest of this season, now they know that such a reaction they can do what this show has lacked, a valid real love Triangle with fan wars. All these Chair/Dair people hate posting all this stuff might actually lead them to write more tension in a Chuck/Blair/Dan plot line. Man you people do realize you are watching a soap opera

          • HUh says:

            Who in the hell is Charlie??? And for anyone who thinks that the engagement will be real is crazy. It’s probably only because he needs to be engaged in order to be in line for king or something dumb like that. AND…..why can’t people like “Dair” and “Chair” (god I hate those nicknames)??? Clearly, Leighton Meester has great chemistry with both. And am I the only one not sad about less Serena, she is annoying as hell, with the exception of her wardrobe. They could’ve done better for Chuck than Raina, on paper it probably seemed like a good way to go and I think it could’ve been except for the fact that Ed Westwick and the actress who played Raina, had NO chemistry what so ever. I think she has more with Chase Crawford. Interested to see what happens when it comes back on. It’s my total guilty pleasure.

          • Jossie Gonzalez says:

            No, offense but that is so stupid. Dan has not been nice to her, but what Chuck did was much worse–no comparison. Anyways, that does not matter. Chuck and Blair said they still loved each other and they will be together when Blair accomplishes some stuff. Dan and Blair are not a couple; they’re just friends. A lot fans wanted them to get together because they are interesting together. That wont happen however, and if that were to happen it would be because Chuck chose to be with someone else.

      • wickedfan says:

        I hate to say this ,Marissa, but your the nut job if you think Dan and Blair will be anything more. The arrogance of DB fans is astounding when this couple has the worst ratings in this series history. Face it, Chuck and Blair are the story and DB won’t be. Face the facts or quot watching because we “crazy CB fans” will get our pairing . You will not. She picks a prince far over Dan and I’m really astounded and the ignorance of fans.

        • Marissa says:

          Only the writers know what will happen.

          and just to remember you, Joshua Safran said that there’s NOT endgame yet.

          Chuck and Blair = PAST.

          • Jenna says:

            You wish. keep clinging to your fail ship, Dairheads.

          • Ruby says:

            Do you guys not realize how ridiculous you sound, fighting and flaming each other over a fictional couple? Man I wish my life was so good that something this inconsequential is all I had to worry about. Must be nice.

        • Derek says:

          God, what the hell is with all the hate from both sides of the GG ships? The show’s ratings have been on a steady downfall long before Dan/Blair. If anything, Dan/Blair have helped raise media attention towards the show once again.

          Honestly, I think it’s pretty damn obvious that Chuck/Blair will end up together in the end so why are all you crazies acting so INSANE about a temporary diversion? If anything maybe Blair needs to temporarily be with another man to truly appreciate Chuck and maybe Chuck needs to temporarily be single/or with another woman to truly appreciate Blair. They both need to grow up before they can get back together and sail off into that sunset.

          So please, enough with this pathetic ship-war. It makes normal people who watch the show embarrassed.

          • Kat says:

            I couldn’t agree more with you :)

            Also, when has ratings said anything really honest about the show? Sure, it may be what the majority of the viewers are feeling – whether they decide to watch it or not – but what matters is whether you like it or agree with it. The ratings? I mean, crap reality tv shows have great ratings, yet it doesn’t mean that it’s good television.

          • Stephanie says:

            your the sole voice of reason here Derek :)

        • tacos422 says:

          Gah … who CARES what the ratings are? You know what, I can argue that the other terrible story lines are dragging down the numbers, but in the end, what does is matter. I could be the only person who loved Dair, and the only person who thinks that Chair has become too self-destruction to be much fun to watch; I could be the only person still watching if they ever make Dan and Blair a couple; I could the only person objecting if they then rushed back into Chair to fix the ratings. Whatever. I like the couple I like, and right now that’s Dair. Which doesn’t mean I hate Chair, or that I begrudge the Chair fans if the show runners decide to go with them. What bugs me is that after four years Dan and Blair are finally getting some scenes, and some of these Chair fans can’t handle it. It doesn’t mean your ship is sunk. It’s just on hold. Is it going to kill you to let us have our moment? Or are you lashing out because you think that all this fan support means that Dair might actually have a shot? Again, whatever. All I know is this – Blair isn’t getting engaged to either of them. In fact, so far as I know, while Chuck is certainly interested again, nothing’s been confirmed happening for either Chair or Dair. So what’s the point of this fight?

          • redreh says:

            Tacos, WORD. Just… word. PREACH IT.

            And I’ll tell you why they’re fighting–you’ll notice it’s not just a few comments sprinkled here and there, it’s EVERYWHERE. They have exploded (and quite frankly, spammed) this board for people looking for other comments pertaining to a different show. I mean, for crying out loud I came on here to read about NCIS not to see a bunch of teenaged girls throwing a hissy fit that CB isn’t happening RIGHT NOW.
            Like, guys, please–get over it. I like CB too, I was a huge CB fan, but I’m more into Dair now. It’s OK to like something else, too. It’s ok to see Blair have scenes with someone other than Chuck.
            It’s impressive, actually, the amount of bitterness and hate.

          • Allie says:

            Speaking only for myself, I object to the pairing because they make me not want to watch the show anymore. And I’ve sat through a lot of crappy Gossip Girl storylines, so something has to be pretty damn unpleasant to make me miss almost half a season.

            And regarding ratings, I’m pretty sure the CW cares. At this point, the only reason Gossip Girl hasn’t been cancelled is because the whole network is doing so badly, they don’t have any competition. I don’t think ratings are the end-all-be-all of tv quality, but when you’re losing viewers at this rate, you’re clearly doing something wrong.

          • I says:

            I think you nailed it – for me, anyway, it’s fear that all this strong support for Dair might mean that they’ll have a shot. It’s just after rooting for one couple (CB) for four years, it’s hard not to be invested.

          • Suzy says:

            Exactly: Chair fans are having a hissy fit because they’re concerned that the surprising show of interest and excitement about Dan and Blair might mean that their precious “ship” is not “endgame”. Criminy, do these people have actual lives? It’s scary, almost.

    • MegamiTenchi says:

      That this kind of information is readily available so soon before the season finale rather makes me wonder. There are pictures from on-set of Leighton/Blair letting people photo her wearing the ring. Other photos do seem to point to it being Prince Louis. *This* information is not the cliffhanger. If we can trust Stephanie Savage, she said Chuck and Blair are end game, so let’s see how the drama unfolds? After all, at the end of the day, it’s the drama we’re watching for, no? I mean, Chuck got SHOT at the end of last season. They kind of have to at least *try* to top this season.

      • Ann says:

        I love Chuck and Blair. They were the best thing on this show and the writers feel the need to destroy them. The ratings have sunk to record low numbers. Fans aren’t happy and the ratings are proof. Blair getting engaged to the Prince directly after DB and little CB interaction is a mistake and I don’t think it’s going to help the ratings only hurt them more. If they want to save this show they need to bring CB back together and stop with these OOC hook ups and obstacles to keep them a part.

        • I says:

          I agree! I’m also a big Chuck/Blair fan. They’ve been the key couple in GG for the last 4 years…I just want to see them happy together. Is that too much to ask?

      • Jeremy says:

        Chuck&Blair are DA BOMB!!! Truly destined-to-be in EVERY way. I’m excited that the GG OOC crapfest is ending & CHAIR EPICNESS is coming back FULL FORCE!!! As for Louis, I’m not worried. Just part of Blair’s plan to win Chuck back & it is SO going to work!! CB=DESTINY=ENDGAME!!!

  4. Jessica says:

    Loving the NCIS:LA scoop! I love the interactions between Deeks and Kensi and can’t wait for May!

  5. AlistairCrane says:

    Pfft, the PLL girls don’t need therapy!

  6. Tamara says:

    She has to be getting engaged to Prince Louis! There were photos of them on-set together just a month or so ago.

  7. Capo says:

    The Event has been leaps and bounds better since coming back from the break.. Unfortunately, it looks to be too little, too late. :(

  8. JohnDoe says:

    More scoop for soap operas, how wonderful…Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl…*UGH* give me a break.

  9. Joh says:

    Why do I think the shocking death is Foreman(Omar Epps) in House… or Taub.

    • Sarah says:

      Ausiello said that no one is going to die on House this season. However, I think someone is going to die during the beginning of season 8. Most likely Wilson or Cuddy

    • Suzy says:

      I think Chuck on Gossip Girl is going to die. He has made no secret of the fact that he wants off the ship. Last year he was shot; this year they can top it by actually killing him. Maybe Blair will have just returned to him, and then… Goodbye, Chair. Sorry, psychotic Chair fans, I’m just making a prediction. Who knows what the odds are.

  10. Jane says:

    Seriously over the whole Quinn-Finn-Rachel thing.Im ready for Quinn and Rachel to be friends now! It seems really un-natural to have Quinn and Finn back together and Finn is such a hypocrite! He made Quinn cheat on Sam with him but then he couldn’t be with Rachel cause she cheated and the same with Quinn cause she slept with Puck and now he thinks Quinn is cheating on him with Sam? haha it makes my head spin!

    But does that mean Santana and Sam aren’t together anymore?

  11. Petra says:

    Ugh, I’m so sick of Finchel.

  12. Lexie says:

    No, no no no. The death blind item can’t be NCIS, can it? Can it???!!!
    Or Bones? What about Bones? I think it might be Sweets. But I love that guy!! ARG! I need to know its not a show I like. Please, not one of those. Please.

    • LeeAnn says:

      I’m totally afraid it’s Sweets too. I don’t know why I just think it is. I hope it’s not though!

    • Kate says:

      I’m worried it’s Sweets too! When I found out the show was losing someone major the season of the Gormogon (sp?) he was the one person other than Bones/Booth I wasn’t willing to lose. I miss Zack now, but at the time he was a completely acceptable loss as long as it wasn’t Sweets!

    • Enzell says:

      My bet’s on either Sweets or Daisy. Maybe Sweets was planning on proposing AGAIN to Daisy but ironically, Daisy ends up getting shot OR Sweets takes a bullet for her.

  13. GeekGirl13 says:

    ::::CLAPS HANDS LOUDLY!!!!::: I’m quite happy to help start that round of applause for Margo Martindale. She is an amazing actress, and I couldn’t agree more. Her turn as Mags Bennet is truly Emmy worthy.

    • Mark says:

      I SO love Mags. Something bad is gonna happen this season but I hope she survives. I started watching the show because of Tim but now I look forward to Margo.

  14. Brenna says:

    well i was hoping that chuck and blair would be engaged (yes i know its a huge long shot, and yes im still rooting for them), but from the sounds of it its prince louis :( yeh this show is off my watch list now…..

    • Jeremy says:

      No worries, CB’s love will win out!!! Pretty sure that Blair’s engagement to Louis will be brief & part of B’s plan to reunite with Chuck!!! CHAIR is KISMET!!!

      • Autumn says:

        You are so right Jeremy, and that’ why I can’t wait to see more of the epically dramatic storyline of Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf. ;) ♡

  15. Storm says:

    Ok the blind items are way worse than knowing nothing at all ! Ignorance truly is bliss !

  16. Jeremiah says:

    So, the death blind item could be Chuck after all? I thought the fact that it would be either this season or the beginning of next meant a show that was guaranteed renewal, but maybe not?

    • I can’t help it. As much as I like the actor who plays her, I keep hoping that the fatality/unspeakable horrors that people keep teasing will happen to Beckman. I think the mother would be a cop-out, Alex wouldn’t *really* affect anyone but Casey and Morgan, and anyone else is just too frightening to think of. That said, I’m guessing (and worrying) this “Eraser” person will be going after Ellie, given that she’s had unauthorized access to the Orion computer for a while now.

  17. Megan says:

    Oh, Michael thank you for the answer. Let’s hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

  18. MC says:

    Yeah, Dair will NEVER be engaged or anything else for that matter. Dair is NOT the story and she gets engaged to the prince not boring Dan Humphrey. Wake up, Dair ain’t happening, folks.Chuck and Blair are e and I can’t wait to see more of them.

  19. Steph says:

    Thank God DB end. I hate them and I can’t wait for that boring couple pairing to get the hell off my screen. When are Chuck and Blair coming back? They are the only thing worth watching on this piece of crap show.

    • Ashley says:

      Josh Safran love Dair since he did write their hall way scene and said Dan and Blair’s connection won’t go away. So right now Chair and Derena need closure in order for Dair to work in season 5.

      Don’t cry.

      • Amanda says:

        Josh Safran also wrote High Society, he is a bid Derena fan too. And he has to write for the audience, not for him. And the ratings are showing the audience is losing interest in the show. But wait till the season finale, you are gonna see who is the real SL.

      • Jenna says:

        Keep dreaming! This is all you get Db fans

      • Marissa says:

        Problably the low ratings are due to the rest of the storylines, especially Chuck’s.

        • Jenna says:

          NOPE. Dair are the feature. Your pairing failed. Face facts. Move on.

          • Suzy says:

            Seriously, your irrational hatred of Dan/Blair is at the level of requiring professional help.

        • Amanda says:

          But if DB were so interesting to the audience wouldn’t they be able to keep people watching? At least that’s what happened with CB in s2. The fact is, DB isnt able to carry the show or keep the audience interested. If they were, the ratings would be great. Why would people stop watching if they were enjoying DB? doesnt make sense to me

        • Meg says:

          Actually it’s not because Chuck and Blair got great ratings and held the show together. Dan and Blair have 4 out of 5 of the lowest ratings in the series history and 2 of the “romance” eppisodes were the worst. please check your facts.

  20. Brad says:

    Wait a second! Sam on Glee is gay? Did I miss something?

    • Laura says:

      Only in the minds of some people.

    • Bee says:

      exactly my reaction. huh?

    • E says:

      no, he’s not & no, you didn’t.

      Sam just has some completely delusional fans.

    • Ang says:

      Sam was originally supposed to be Kurt’s love interest. Fans that are O-V-E-R Blaine and his solo hogging are hoping it still happens.

    • Ali says:

      Some won’t let it go. Others, like myself, are looking forward to more of the REAL coming out story of Karofsky.

      • Laura says:

        Just as long as he stays away from Kurt I’ll be interested too.

        • Ali says:

          Oh same here. I still remember that sick feeling I got all through their scenes together in The Substitute and Furt. I’m sure they’ll have them come to an understanding once Karofsky comes out, and maybe they’ll even be sort-of-friends or something, who knows. I could accept that, since Karofsky is really confused and messed up, and needs it. They’d just better not even consider romance. Max and Chris do act very well together, but after that death threat, I’m with Chris when I say love can’t be in the cards.

    • Amy says:

      It is nice to hear that there are others out there who don’t think Sam is gay. I think he is just a big goober, that’s all. People need to get over him being gay and Kurt’s next boyfriend. Can’t we just enjoy Blaine and Kurt together (even if Blaine has too many solos)? I hope Karovsky and Kurt become allies, but nothing more. I just can’ see it.

  21. nooneknows says:

    want cb. do not like db.hope they end.

  22. Sarah says:

    The blind item is clearly about Thirteen on House. First of all, House is having budget issues – check. Secondly, the earlier post mention the character was “wildly” popular – as in Olivia Wilde. And finally, “more than 3, less than 10?” – those add up to 13 for a reason.

    • Jackie says:

      I don’t think, considering how fast her film career is going, that she would actually be upset that they kill her off. She has barely been able to make time for House this season – who knows what would happen in future seasons.

    • Amanda says:

      Kinda makes sense. However, I will be disappointed if that is the answer to the blind item. Her being killed off is no different than her being gone all season so far. It’s not a big enough shocker for me to warrant blind item status.

  23. Kel says:

    I agree about that Emmy for Margo Martindale!

  24. Bee says:

    ahhh can’t wait for another incredible grey’s finale. excited for what’s in store for MAC.
    and i heard rumors about blair being engaged to prince louis. no idea how they plan to make that convincing in just 4-5 episodes left but okay.

  25. Kiddo says:

    I approve of Ausiello’s guess about The Good Wife so, freaking, much.

  26. Marissa says:

    We al already know that Blair will be engaged to Louis, but I want Dan and Blair together…they are the best thing ever happened to this show!

    • Carri says:

      Ratings are certainly contradicting this statement. DB ruined this show o the point to where no one cares anymore. Dair don’t amount to anything and I kind of have to laugh at that.

      • Yes says:

        I totally agree Carri. The writers thought DB would be able to carry the show alone like CB did in s2. But they were so wrong. The ratings are awful, the online buzz is dying. DB may work to some people but a lot of people stopped watching. And I hate how the writers are destroying Chuck’s character and CB to prop DB. Well, guess what Stephanie, Dan is not Chuck Bass, he will never be as popular as Chuck. So please, stop protecting Dan so much and go back to CB and let Chuck be awesome again. GG needs Chuck Bass and not Dan boring Humphrey

        • Ashley says:

          Chair is repetitious. It gets so boring to see them break up, get together, break up again because either Chuck or Blair does something stupid and then get together again.

          At least with Dair it is new and fresh. Nothing reused and recycled.

          Ratings ? A very stupid argument.

        • Amy says:

          Dan is not Chuck Bass.

          Thank God for that! Chuck Bass is an attempted rapist, womanizer, alcoholic, who sold his girlfriend for a hotel. Why do people want Blair to go back to that? I don’t get it.

      • NYR says:

        Girl, you know they have your IP and they know that you are the same person who wrotes this CB shi* and the ratings argument LOL

  27. Damien Barriga says:

    Notice how the CHUCK spoiler, is right under the Death Blind Item update… :(

    • Jeff Winger says:

      If they kill off Ellie, I’m going to quit watching the show. My heart couldn’t handle that.

      • I honestly think that’s the only thing that could turn me off “Chuck”. I love the show more than just about anything on TV but it’s gone too dark recently. It’s totally inconsistent with the tone of the first three seasons (even when Orion and Bryce died those episodes weren’t 90% angst, 10% humor–which is how some of this season’s seem to break down), and it reeks of NBC trying to raise ratings by making it a more traditional spy show.

  28. Chloé says:

    Blair engaged with Louis, good for her!! I can’t wait for jealous Chuckles!!!
    As for Dan…Meh, I don’t care ROFL.

  29. mawhi says:


  30. bonnie says:

    Glad no more dan and blair on gg, so annoying. Her engaged to anyone other that chuck is stupid.Fix GG dumb writers.

  31. Dntbstpd1 says:

    The blind item SEEMS so obvious to be Callie on Greys…but it could be misleading…

    • erin says:

      There is no chance in hell Shonda would kill off Callie. That’s why this whole car crash situation holds absolutely no real tension. Of coarse she’s going to live.

  32. xav says:

    Alicia running into Will’s arms when her marriage to Peter goes kaput is just going to set her up for a lot more disappointment. She’s suffered from some disillusion already in regards to Will this season. I think Alicia deserves better than either of them.

  33. Barbie says:

    I’m glad. The Death Blind Item excludes NCIS:LA, Castle (been on air for three years, not more), Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior and CSI that I really like.

    Also, I’m thinking 13 in House is about the safest character, since I don’t think they’d go through all the trouble of bringing Olivia Wilde back, and send Amber Tamblyn off, just to kill her.

    Also, lots of my favorites are NOT wildly popular, like the whole CSI:NY crew, or Calleigh from CSI:Miami, and even people from Private Practice and Desperate Housewives. They can’t kill either Booth or Bones, so, I’m really cool with the whole death thing. I’m REALLY hoping it’s like, Gossip Girl, though.

  34. Ugh says:

    Just make Sam gay already on Glee! No one cares about Quam or Samtana. Samchel isn’t happening. Brittany and Tina are in love tirangles. They wouldn’t give Mercedes a love interest. There is no one left for Sam to date and I’m sick of Blaine. UGH THIS SHOW.

  35. Carolyn says:

    Grey’s- Mer is married for real, Cris is prego and Alex is Chief Resident.
    NCIS:LA- not sure if I will like Deeks and Kensi together. I do like the flirting but not sure if romance will work.

    • xav says:

      What a nightmare for Cristina. If that ever happens I hope she aborts it. Or else my beloved Cristina will have suffered the worst character assassination ever.

      • Kate says:

        I agree! Cristina has said over and over she doesn’t want them, so I can’t imagine she is careless with preventing another accidental pregnancy. I’m ok if she ever changes her mind about it, but I’m very much against another oops! It would be Cristina’s second of the series, and the second overall oops of the season. Enough already! Not to mention I really don’t think Cristina and Arizona both need to be going through the “having a baby against their will” at the same time. It’s amazing to me that on a show full of doctors the only way to get pregnant is if you don’t want! (even Bailey didn’t get pregnant until it was inconvenient!)

        • JD says:

          AGREE. you’d think that these are intelligent doctors, so how could they possibly wind up accidentally pregnant SO MUCH? although, i could buy Christina more than Callie (Christina could easily think she’s infertile from the incident the last time she got knocked up and be careless). with callie, i feel like she was almost TRYING to get pregnant. also, every female i know between the ages of 19 and 32 is currently on the pill unles they’re trying to get pregnant, so i’d think that female DOCTORS who have amazing health insurance would also take some precautions. not that you can’t get pregnant on the pill, but it would be strange for that to happen to ALL of them. enough already. the only pregnancy i’ll be happy with on this show is Meredith’s.

          i think the official mer/der wedding is what Shonda was referring to when she said she lied to her fans a few weeks ago though…because she did promise a long time ago that they would never officially get married. who cares though.

    • Margareth says:

      Meredith and Derek get married in 7×20, not in the finale.

    • Jackie says:

      Ugh, I really hope Alex is Chief Resident. But I guess it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Or, something could be happening with his family, you never know.

  36. Ahsley says:

    Chair is repetitious. It gets so boring to see them break up, get together, break up again because either Chuck or Blair does something stupid and then get together again.

    At least with Dair it is new and fresh. Nothing reused and recycled.

  37. NYR says:

    Blair is a runaway bride. And goes to… Brooklyn. To watch some good movies and talk. I hope so!

  38. lucia says:

    Damn, why can’t GG even give us Dan and Blair as a real couple for just a second before moving Blair along to be ENGAGED to the prince?


  39. Debra says:

    I was hoping they wouldn’t drag out the disaster that is Finn and Quinn part 2 as long as they have. But it doesn’t shock me that he suspects her of cheating, she cheated on him with Puck and cheated on Sam with him. The girl never learns her lesson and that ‘relationship’ has been a joke since it started back up again. Given that it is very obvious he still has feelings for Rachel.

  40. Abby says:

    “Significant death” is my guess for the JUSTIFIED fill-in-the-blank.

    • Jess says:

      I agree, significant death. E! spoiled several weeks ago that there would be a death on Justified, someone that’s been there from the beginning & will have a major impact on Raylan. I’m thinking it’s gonna be his boss. Too many references lately about his age & him planning on living a long time cause of his grandkids.

      • dee says:

        I don’t think they’re killing a main character just a recurring character. The only person they could kill off that will have a deep impact on Raylan and is a recurring character is Aunt Helen.

    • IndyR says:

      Or maybe a “significant lunch”? ;)

  41. Amanda says:

    Blair is way boring with Dan. So cool and exciting wathing her wash dishes.

  42. A.S. says:

    I like Dair and Chair. Is that not allowed or something? I want Dair to happen. They have good chemistry.

    • Jenna says:

      Ain’t happening

    • newblair says:

      As a Dair fan, Id say its fine. Chair were okay in S1 and S2. Also Derena was good. But they did Dair on purpose and everybody loved it. My guess is Blairll end season alone and Dairll be on in S5.

      • Amanda says:

        Everybody loved Dair? Why are the ratings dropping? Since CB stopped interacting the buzz and the ratings just keep dropping. It’s a fact.

        • newblair says:

          Ratings are dropping because of the hiatus, we have another right now. BI is boring, Serena? No comment.

          I was just wondering, why can’t Chair fans accept Blair as a powerful woman? Chuck’s dealing with his BI problems, why don’t you support him? There’s only Chair, Chair, Chair… I guess most of the Chair fans are Chuck’s fans, which is sad. What about Chuck’s redemption?? Nevermind, right? Who cares, give me some sex on the piano. Ktnxb.

          • Meg says:

            I love how you judge CB fans, yet you fail to get us and really listen. We want Chuck to grow and be redeemed and we want Blair to be powerful but that has yet to be shown. Blair’s arc was nothing more than her and Dan painting each others toenails and Chuck was stuck in guest star hell. Of course we want CB fixed and to grow then be a couple. I am and Chuck and Bair fan and we Chair fans don’t just want sex, which is pretty obvious if you ever read our posts. It’s not about sex and they have a lot to work through but we also don’t buy Dan and Blair as a couple, particularly when we know and have seen these two interact. It’s dull and it’s why people left. I find it funny how Blair fans neglect to get her character so much that they think simpleton Dan ill be enough. You obvios=usly have no clue who Blair Waldorf is.

          • I says:

            I agree, we haven’t had the chance to see any of these SL’s really happen. Blair hasn’t become a powerful woman – if anything, she’s shown how much she depends upon men. Chuck’s BI SL was hardly emotionally impacting.. although it is obvious that he has daddy issues left unresolved. And we certainly haven’t seen Chuck’s redemption!

        • Erica says:

          the ratings have been dropping since season 2……and dair was never a couple then…so whats your excuse now???

          • Meg says:

            Wow, not the brightest bulb in the box are you? Check the ratings. Rating have been above the 1,4 Dair brought in. They have the worst ratings of the SERIES for 4 out of 5 of their episodes. Check it. we aren’t lying about this. Ratings were going up and consistent until the second half with Dair.Please get information and facts because you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. 700,000 have left since Dair- there has never been that big of a drop. it’s facts, not made up.

          • Emily says:

            Meg you obviously aren’t the brightest bulb in the box because correlation does not equal causation. The ratings have been steadily declining since season 2. Also The Townie was the highest rate episode of the season if you still wish to present that argument. If anything people are tuning out because of the horrendously boring bass industries and ben/serena storylines. In fact I know a lot of people who are just watching dan and blair scenes on youtube instead of watching the actual show when it airs because all the other plots are just terrible

          • redreh says:

            @Emily OH LORD thank you for speaking sense!

            And I can testify to your statement about DB watching on YT–I loved GG when it first came on, and I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED Chair. Chair was, in fact, the best part of the show. But the last half of season two started to slope down, down, down… with crap storylines and crap couples. And I stopped watching. But I kept up to date with things. And by GOD am I glad I walked away, because I saw the horrible things Chuck did to Blair in Season Three, the horrible things he can never come back from. Why would anyone want Blair to return to a man who WHORED HER OUT? Maybe eventually, one day Chair could work again. But what the hell is so wrong with her finding happiness with someone else?

            Dair is good–they make each other HAPPY. They bring out each other’s best and help them to fix their wrongs. I am so on board with it I could not climb on any higher–anyone who makes Blair “find her center” as Dan did is good in my books.

      • Meg says:

        No, more didn’t like Db. 700000 left and these ARE the lowest rated episodes with DB. Also, Chair is popular and will always have a larger fanbase. So ,please check numbers before saying things that aren’t true.

        • Jenna says:

          They are delusional as hell! They can’t read or count. No use in reasoning.

          • Lara says:

            Thank you! Seriously, I know so many people who won’t even watch the show until the ridiculous Dan/Blair story line is over! Chuck and Blair alll the way!

        • Meg says:

          Erica- notice The Townie had CB and DS prior to that episode then notice after the Townie ratings took a hit. 700,000 people. Biggest hit EVER for this show. You don’t get the ratings system obviously. How many times does it have to be said DB has 4 out of 5 of the lowest rated episodes. Two of the worst rated are the DB kiss and Hand holding episodes. Worst rated is worst rated. People didn’t wwwant to watch it.Please do your research.

          And DB certainly contribute to the ratings drop considering they were propped the most and they literally took Chuck and Serena away all to do DB. It’s not rocket science.

      • Carri says:

        Agree with Amanda. GG is boring with DB and I can’t wait for it to be done. Bring on real pairings, please.

  43. rb says:

    Can someone tell me if Ziva/Tony/Tiva on NCIS is something that Ausiello talks & writes about a lot? Is it an “aushole” staple? I just really, really, really don’t want the death blind item to be about NCIS!

  44. Kris says:

    I LOVE Margo Martindale, one of the most under-rated actresses in the biz in my opinion <3 love her.

    Id love to see Diane Neal as the new therapist for the gals of Rosewood! Im excited to see how A will deal with that haha.

    I really hope the big death wont be Ziva from NCIS.

  45. Ali says:

    The Sam thing is really getting tired. But some people will believe what they want no matter what, they do have that right. I’ll just be over here enjoying the Klaine romance and interesting Karofsky storyline.

  46. Tristina says:

    Thanks for the Covert Affairs scoop. Really looking forward to the new season!

  47. Lara says:

    Ugh, this GG scoop is killing me!! Ive barely been able to watch this season without a cringe or scowl on my face because of Dan and Blair…now THIS!?! GG is killing me. I’ve been a Chuck and Blair lover for four years, and now this? Please Noooooo!

    • Amanda says:

      I know Lara, it sucks to be a chair fan. GG writers have no respect for the couple or Chuck’s character. but if it helps, she is not gonna get engaged to Dan, is to the prince. And Chuck will be very jealous and Dan will move on to Charlie cousin. So, I think it may be good for chair becuase will get jealous Chuck. And there are pictures of Ed and Leighton filming the season finale and CB look fine. I don’t think they will end the season together, but I think they will end it on a good note and give us hope for next season.

      • Melissa says:

        At least Dair is not the real threat to Chair. Louis will be the real threat. It is all about misdirection. Chuck is going to be involved in Blair’s storyline with Louis and I think this speaks for itself about which couple is more important between Dair and Chair. If Dair was the direction the writers were going Dan would be involved too instead of dating Serena’s cousin.

    • Meg says:

      GG is killing everyone. I don’t know how people have watched this season because I’ve only seen a handful of episodes. Avoiding DB the whole second half was the best option ever for me. When Chuck and Blair come back, I’ll be back.

      I hope Chuck is renewed, though, it’s a good show and they have fans who really have fought for it. I hope it gets renewed.

      • Lara says:

        I seriously hope you’re right! I’m having a hard enough time supporting the show with the horrible dan and Blair ideas. Why the writers feel the need to pair every single character at one point is beyond me! I liked the soul mate aspect of chuck and Blair even when apart, not this tragic idea of putting characters together in the hopes of getting viewers with controversy ( instead they’re losing fans). Ugh. Cant wait for the finale, just to see where the shows headed!

        P.S. I REALLY hope Chuck gets season five! Love that show!

    • Cam says:

      Preach it sista! I’m with you all the way on chuck and blair! Hate the blair and Dan relationship!

  48. tejas says:

    Glad NCIS is still in the running to kill someone off. Fingers crossed it’s Ziva.

    • Get a life tejas says:

      Fingers crossed that it’s not NCIS and that “tejas” stops being so old and bitter about Ziva. My grandma has a better attitude than you. I was taught to respect my elders but it’s hard when they spew crap on every site about every NCIS article that there is about Ziva. LONG LIVE ZIVA!

      • redreh says:

        Amen. Tejas has been here forever and only trashes Ziva. I mean, the years you’ve been at this Anti-Tiva roll, think of all the other, more positive things you could have been doing with yourself. You don’t have to like her, just get over it already. She’s on the show, has been for six years now.
        If not for me, do it for you. Hate is bad for your heart, health, and outlook. Take a deep breath and walk away, please. Just once or twice, you know?

        • tejas says:

          That’s because Ziva’s the primary thing that’s wrong with NCIS, so of course she’s the only thing I complain about. The character is dragging the quality of the show down. I hope when she’s gone, the show will return to the same high quality it’s capable of.

  49. Liz says:

    Fact: Dair shippers don’t know math.

  50. Karah says:

    I don’t thinks it’s the end of Dair. Do I think they will end up together? Probably not. But I do think they stand the biggest threat to Chair. And thats why all the Chair shippers are acting as defensive as they are. You don’t see them acting this way to an ENGAGEMENT between Blair and the Prince. Because they know, he ultimately doesn’t stand a chance. So I wonder why they act this way with Dair. Hmmmmm……

    • Jenna says:

      Dair are dead. people stopped watching. CB fans want them off the screes becasue they’re stupid and waste space.

      • Ashley says:

        keed dreaming.

      • Karah says:

        Some people stopped watching and some people started. It’s a ship war. Everyone has their opinions and favorites. And despite what some of you think, not everyone wants C/B together. Some people are Blair fans and think that Chuck doesn’t deserve her. But it keeping with the pattern I’m just going to say, “Chair is dumb and so last year”.

        • Meg says:

          Not enough started watching to counter those who left. The ratings are the worst they’ve ever been with DB- that is stone cold facts. 700.000 left and the 2 episodes that featured Db romance were the worst in ratings. So, please someone tell me how in teh world they think DB is some epic ship. It’s simply not.

          • Karah says:

            I agree that the ratings have been pretty bad. But couldn’t that also attest the three other boring story lines going on? No? Just Dair, I guess. My point is, that if Chuck/Blair are endgame, then fine, they’re endgame. Honestly, Im already resigned to that. But for me it’s not because they belong together or deserve each other, it’s because it’s what has been said to happen. So fine, I can accept that. But this isn’t the Chuck and Blair show. It’s Gossip Girl. So if C/B fans are that confident in their pairing, why so defensive? Let the Dair shippers ship the cannon they are getting and calm down. God, I hate ship wars.

          • nooneknows says:

            this.db bad.

      • Erica says:

        because they’re stupid and waste space? is that really the best you could come up with hahahahhahaha LOSER

        • Jenna says:

          Awwww, your ship is dead. go cry.

          • Erica says:

            why would I cry over a fictional couple. the fact that you are so passionate about chair is nice and all…but there needs to be a line bb no need to be so mean to others just because they dont like chair

          • Marissa says:

            This Jenna-Amanda-Meg is a child, she doesnt respect anyone’s opinion.
            Typical deluded chair fan behavior.

        • Jenna says:

          Ashley-Erica-Marissa, dair ain’t lasting. I’m sure you’ll have a nice cry.

          • dizzy says:

            OMG! Do any of you have real lives outside this show? Do you even realize these are “fictional” characters and not real people? I come here to get a little escape and read about fun stuff about my favorite shows, not to listen to all these rantings about who’s ship is better and why! Do you have to be so abusive to each other? Making comments is one thing, but to keep attacking each other is ridiculous. Go check out the real world and see what’s happening in Japan, Libya, etc., and then ask yourselves “Is this really the best I can do?” “Would my time not be better spent trying to educate myself about the world around me, and maybe help some of the poor souls out there who are dying, who have had their whole lives destroyed, who have been gang-raped for speaking out for their rights?” Is this really what you want to do with your first-amendment priviledges? To speak out on some dumb meaningless fake couple, and spend hours in the comments section seeking war on those who disagree?

            Anyways, that’s just my two cents. I gave at the Red Cross, and it just made me think that all this bickering is such a waste of time! Personally, I just think it’s better to let everyone like who they want to!

          • Sinead says:

            Everybody calm down a little bit. People all have seprate ships. Dair VS Chair. Though as chair fan i cant help tell people get over Dair.

    • MC says:

      Maybe because the prince is just a nice guest star and NOT the guy her best friend love…? Maybe people are just getting tired of this CAST ORGIE…? Maybe they are annoyed with the way they are putting all the other characters on hold for their zzz DB arc…? Or yea, maybe some just don’t find Dan Humphrey interesting…? take your pick.