Secret Life Star Previews 'Dramatic, Even Tragic' Future for Ben, Adrian and Their Baby-to-Be

The Secret Life of the American Teenager is back after a six-month hiatus (Mondays at 8/7c), and star Ken Baumann tells TVLine there are big things ahead for the ABC Family drama. What’s in store for Ben and his teen baby mama Adrian (played by Francia Raisa)? Might Ben/Amy reunite? Baumann is revealing all, including a shocking tidbit about a possible tragedy.

TVLINE | Talk a little about Ben’s journey this season.
I’d say this is the most difficult, challenging season for Ben yet. He is dealing with his most adult issues, and there are a lot of really dramatic, maybe even tragic things that he’s going to have to endure.

TVLINE | Can you elaborate at all on your use of the word “tragic”? Are you possibly referring to some problems with Adrian’s pregnancy and/or birth?
I plead the fifth amendment. I won’t incriminate myself. [Laughs] I’ve got to leave that one dangling.

TVLINE | Will we see a baby, or at the very least some resolution to the Ben/Adrian pregnancy storyline before the May finale?
There is definitely going to be resolution. I don’t know how exactly when that will air or how many episodes into the season, but I believe it’s about 12 episodes in from tonight’s premiere.

TVLINE | Besides typical teen pregnancy issues, will Ben and Adrian have any particular obstacles to overcome?
It’s going to get increasingly difficult for them to find some common ground. They got pregnant not from a very altruistic place — it was revenge sex-turned-teen pregnancy, which is pretty unfortunate. They’re going to struggle with the idea of being together and they’re going to struggle with the idea of raising a kid, particularly when you don’t know if you even want to be with the other parent. I would say that that dominates the season for Ben and Adrian, for the most part.

TVLINE | Will Secret Life fans witness any happiness between these two, or is it strictly an obligation-based relationship?
They do manage to find a common ground and that will show. There are a lot of scenes that are almost romantic, where they are forced into this intimate place and they’re going to make the best of it occasionally. So, yes, they have some happier moments.

TVLINE | How, if at all, is Ben and Adrian’s education impacted by having a baby on the way?
There is an impact for Adrian, because it becomes a question of how long will she be out of school, and does that mean she won’t graduate if she stays out too long after giving birth? So, there are those questions that these characters will have to face leading up to the finale, but Ben and Adrian have it relatively easy on the school-side because they are pretty intelligent. Ben is definitely going to experience some difficulty at work. It interferes a lot with his general scheduled way of life, big time.

TVLINE | And finally, since there’s a pretty big Ben/Amy (played by Shailene Woodley) following out there: Is there anything between the exes that fandom can look forward to this season?
As this show is really skilled at, there are definitely going to be a lot of interactions between Ben/Amy, Adrian/Ricky (Daren Kagasoff) and Ben/Ricky. It’s a small world, that high school. [Laughs] Amy, in particular, has been through the pregnancy-thing before, so she’s there. You’re also going to see Ben yearn for a way out eventually, and why would you not want to go back to your first love? There is a lot of fun stuff between Ben and Amy coming up.

The Secret Life returns to ABC Family Monday night at 8/7c.

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  1. Friend says:

    I am so glad I stopped watching that show two years ago.

    • Jane says:

      Wow!That’s so funny, me too. I watched the first season for Molly Ringwald, but the plot/ acting just got on my nerves and I had to give it up. Looks like I could start watching again and not have missed anything.

  2. Dirk says:

    It’s a shame that he’s on this show; he seems to be very well-spoken. But here’s a fun fact: whenever ABC Family would air marathons of this show, I would watch them to piss off my roommate. Those were glorious days.

  3. Sam says:

    I hate that this show is my guilty pleasure :(

    • Jenna says:

      Lol. I have a love hate relationship with this show. I always hate it the first time I watch but I still watch it. And wen I watch the marathons I fall in love wit the show.:)!!!! Werid huh??

  4. pennie says:

    so help me if they put ben and amy back together i am done with the show to. I have read all the replies and u guys got ur comments from everyone and they say amy and ricky so why bother asking if they are not going to listen to their viewers

    • Cass says:

      I don’t wanna see Amy & Ben together, if that happens i wont watch the show anymore. So, Ben and Adrain can be with whoever they want as long as Amy and Ricky are together!

      • DELTAGIRL21 says:

        I agree with you Ricky&Amy all the way,Ben makes me sick but heres the thing all the spoilers for the upcoming season in June talk about some action with Amy&Ben.I hope they don`t have Amy sleeping with Ben.

      • raerae says:

        And why would you stop watching??? Ben and Amy are the whole reason for the show. Ben got Amy through the pregnancy and where wad Ricky? He was there but not emotionally. He is a jerk and if you cant see that you must be married to a jerk yourself. You are stupid!!!!I love Ben and Amy <3

    • devil's advocate says:

      well, actually, they did listen to their viewers… thats how the show got to the way it is now. Say ‘Ricky/AmyRicky/AmyRicky/AmyRicky/Amy’ long enough and it happens. Like it has now. The way i see it all they are doing is listening to what their viewers want and everything else is suffering because they are trying so hard to make ricky/amy happen. Why? because everyone wants that. so who cares about everything else? its a good show now because they’re together now.
      Just saying. you cant say the show would turn to total crap if these two were with anybody else besides eachother. So before you say that they dont listen to what their viewers want, listen again and watch the show. they did give their viewers what they want.

      The devil’s advocate

    • jolene says:

      why would u not watch the show if u are a fan that shouldnt stop u frm watchin it

  5. melissa says:

    I haven’t watched this show since the first season, but WHAT Ben and Adrian have a baby??? That’s crazy… and taking it a bit too far. It was entertaining for a little while, but it just got way too far-fetched.

  6. Mikaylah says:

    I like Amy and Ricky together. I think they’ve both grown up a lot and helped each other become better people. I think Ben and Adrian could do that for each other as well.

  7. Jo says:

    Why is this show still on? Some of the acting is terrible with the exception of a few characters, the writing is dreadful, and its getting mainly negative reviews from important critics. All it focuses on is teenagers wanting to have sex. Seriously, stupid and uninformative.

    • katrina says:

      it is still on because it shows how our teens are these days and it is trying to send a message to them about what can happen when you have sex.

    • Carly says:

      That’s because all teenagers DO want is to have sex. Me being 16, I would know.

      You’re comment is purely opinion, I think there are still millions of people out there that love this show, me being one.
      Yes, the acting isn’t the greatest, but it portrays real life problems.

      • Carly says:

        Your* acting. Sorry.

      • alexandria says:

        that is ridicoulous that you would even post you like to have sex at sixteen. and honestly this show is stupid now. it should have ended after amy had her baby. now it is become really unrelateable and hard to follow. i mean adrian is a slut and now she is all good? really? when does that ever happen in real life? NEVER to rarely. Secret life just needs to be canceled. its time was up a long time ago.

        • alicia says:

          Personally I enjoy this show as well as my sister I am 24 and she is 28 … I think it does send good view points out to teens … My sister was a teen mother and I on the other hand learned from her decisions and did not have sex in high school … And to each their own but the point is … If you don’t like it … Don’t watch it nobody forces you to …

          • Diamond Morales says:

            That’s what I’m talking abt

          • Anna says:

            Or you know, you can have sex and be smart about it! it seems that we portray sex as always having negative consequences when we could talk to teens about being emotionally mature and ready, being safe, etc. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. I had sex at 17, managed to have several healthy relationships and NOT get pregnant.

      • Alix says:

        Er… Some teenagers. Very far from all.

      • Jenni says:

        Was I the only 16-year-old who DIDN’T want to have sex? Jeez. Although I don’t think that one 16-year-old should speak for all teenagers everywhere. That’s just silly. It portrayed real-life problems for teens. Past tense. Now, it’s just getting silly. I mean, good grief. The Christian girl decided to have sex, then her dad died? Come on now! It’s just craziness at this point.

    • DELTAGIRL21 says:

      Stop HATING for all you Secret life haters if you don`t like the show stop stop watching it because it`s funny how you get on here and say I stopped watching this a year ago. Yeah right apparently you still watch it to know what episode to hate on. Im a teen and I can relate to this show and YES my friends say SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX all the time so those who think that their teens don`t need to watch this show because you think it`s bad,well guess what you kids are much different when the parents are not around. To the secret lifers this show has super high ratings and Brenda Hampton said that she plans to let this show run longer then 7Heaven which has 12 seasons. But the person who I would like to say thinks to for getting me hooked on the secret life is my 87 year old Granny she was the one telling me about this show and when I watched it with her I have been hooked on this show.

  8. Sam says:

    This show is terrible. The acting is bad, the stories are awful, and most scenes are akward and unrealistic.

  9. Tamike says:

    I really like this show despite all the negative reviews, it focuses on reality. The scenes in the show are real life day to day problems that teenagers go through.. But hey everybody is different..

  10. Alex says:

    My girlfriend watches this show and its unbearable to even be in the same room. Last night I bet her they would say the word sex over 50 times in the episode. It was a riveting photo finish but ended at exactly 49 times. It actually made the show really enjoyable. I highly recommend it. Could also be a great drinking game!

    • Dw says:

      That’s exactly what I told my husband earlier… If we could take a shot everytime they said sex we’d be drunk before the whole recap in the beginning was over!

  11. Rich says:

    This show has gone from so bad it’s funny to watch to just so bad it’s unwatchable. I don’t get how these “actors” can get worse and worse each season. I watched the first 10 minutes of the season premiere and deleted it from my DVR.

  12. nadjiba says:

    so i watch this movie for personnage of adrian ,i like her feministe idea of corse she has probleme about estime de soi for that she makes sex easy ,but what i dt like in this movie has to much jugement the moral jugement comme par hasard the easy girl or like vergine girl said slut girl will has tragique evenement ,and of corse the easy boy when no body say to him a slut has happy end with virgin girl ,ahahhhhhhhhh
    and virgin girl with same time she is good girl pretty has happy end
    me i say vive les femmes libres independantes

  13. ylime says:

    honestly… sex is not everything teenagers think about… i love this show but they should really but something else in there… a lot of kids in high school dont just have sex, but they drink, do drugd and party too
    and some dont do anything! i for one dont do any of that but im not a super Christian either…
    to me the show isnt all that realistic…

    • Alix says:

      I don’t remember seeing anything about schooling in this show, aside from Ashley wanting to do homeschooling, and that’s not about the learning, but her social issues. Plenty of high school students spend a lot of time on classes, learning, studying, stressing, etc.

  14. Kristen says:

    I totally agree wit you

  15. Unidentified says:

    I <3 This Show!! (:

  16. that girl says:

    I understand! They talk about sex a LOT! But I really like the drama of it and i’m always wanting to know what happens nxt. That’s what the show is, what happens nxt? It’s real life stuff, it doesn’t have to be perfect, what life is perfect? If you don’t like the show then don’t watch it. For me otherwise, I love it! Idc how much they talk about sex, it’s suspensful and amazing what they go through! My opinion

  17. Jessica says:

    I really enjoy watching this show. I watched it on netflix, all of the seasons leading up to this one. It is definitely addicting. So if you dont like it don’t watch it. But i for one , would really like to see it continuing. it has a bit of educational info for the teens and young children growing up.

  18. Jessica Triplett says:

    I am so frustrated with this show, i loved it and didn’t miss an episode, even watched the episodes again on netflix. But the season premiere was…. dreadful. The acting really has gotten horrible, and the story line is SO very far fetched. They need to pull it back some and make it reasonable, everyone doesn’t have to sleep with everyone on the show to make it interesting.

  19. lo says:

    I like This show. one thing I don’t like about it is all the sex (its allll They talk about) but its very dramatic. It let’s me be a gossip girl without actually talkin about people I know, cause that Would be wrong. Anywho, I doubt ill stop watching it. <3

  20. KRYSTA says:

    I think that it depends on what age you are and what you have to relate to the show…sure some things are over dramatic but for the most part it shows what teenagers act like and talk about.. I personally really like the show and im 24.. my sister had a baby when she was 16 and sometimes watching this show makes me feel like i can relate to her seeing shes someone i barely ever see or talk to because of her boyfriend..regardless of what people think i think that this show shows what real teenagers go through throughout their years….

  21. twood says:

    I do NOT want ben and amy back together that will ruin the show all together !

  22. kayla says:

    Ok so here’s my opinion. I think the show didn’t show an as realisitic point of view as other shows, but it showed a view. And if you don’t like the show your probally older and don’t remember being a teenager. Sex is such a large part of the society now a days. Every song has sex and drugs in it. And I watched the first show of the newest season and its about getting tested if that’s not informated then wtf is, honestly I think you guys’ point of view is wrong! Thanks*

  23. Alyssa says:

    I Love this show. Yes, it may seem far fetched but some lives are actually like this. If it’s unrealistic then who cares? I’d rather watch drama than live it. This show is great and has amazing cliff hangers. It allows the person to be left hanging and wanting more without realizing they feel that way. It’s brilliant(:

  24. Jenn says:

    I absolutely love this show and I’m not in high school! I hope Amy and Ricky get married, the’ve both come a long way. I can’t stop watching this show, I just hope next time they don’t take such a long hiatus.

  25. holli says:

    This thing between adrien and ben and riky and amy sort of reminds me of me and my ex we both kept going back to each other and splitting for things we had done while not together either to get revenge on the other or just cus we could and now we are both with new people but there are times i miss him and wish things had worked between us but in the end im glad they didnt and im with who im with now….i said all that to say i think its best that amy and ben found new people no metter the circumstances and that they stay friends but only friends and ben worried too much i think can we please let his balls drop at some point

  26. Loni says:

    Love this show and god hope that kids see this and think about protection!

  27. Ana says:

    I Think This Is An Awesome Show!
    I Can’t Wait For The Next Episodes!
    I Was Going Crazy Waiting For The New Episodes To Come Out!.
    People Need To Keep Their Negative Comments To ThemSelfs!.
    I Don’t Want This Show To Ever End! >.<

  28. Kristin says:

    I think that adrian will lose the baby.

    • KRW says:

      That’s what it sounds like which I don’t like.

    • Alix says:

      I don’t know if this show would go that far. Stillbirth seems way worse than anything else they’ve dealt with.

    • DELTAGIRL21 says:

      I wonder if Leo is going to die off the show,I don`t think it will be there baby,but on the ABC website they show a clip of Leo&Ben looking at a will and Ben says to Leo if you die this is all for me. So thats why I think it`s going to be Leo because of all the stress Ben is putting on Leo.Or it could be Adrians mom who flys all the time.

  29. Abi says:

    You guys stfu who cares if Ben and Amy get back together u guys prob still love your first love I know I do it’s a show not a reailaty show

    • karie says:

      Usually the writers will have the characters go far from someone & eventually find their way back . I like how these newer teen shows have the girls getting the boys to get tested, they did it in ten things I hate about u too sets a good example. We already kno kids r thinking about and having sex at an early age

  30. karie says:

    I want ben & amy back together. I think that all four have changed couples out of revenge, everything that happens gets back to the other party. Amy shows off how happy she is to ben and ben still looks at her like he’s longing for her. Ricky went after amy when he found out Adrian was pregnant he went for amy.

    • nown says:

      every thing happens in life for a reason. they ended up together cuz they belong together. if they broke up b4 its cuz they arent capatible. amy is perfect to ricky as ben is perfect for adrian

  31. KRW says:

    I loveee secret life but I gotta say the season premiere was kinda dumb, like who goes to their dad and is like “hey dad! guess what! I’m gonna have sex!” also sti sounds retarded! can’t we just say std? and how likely is it that all the couples are going to be talking about stds? Also as far a Grace goes, why would you go to your mom and ask her if you may have sex? This show needs to have kids going behind their parents backs more often, Amy needs to stop being so boring since it is her show, and I want to see more of Ashley.

  32. stephanie kerry says:

    i think this show is incrediable and is going to be very intresting this season! im excited to find out who ends up with who

  33. Ilyasha says:

    Love this show, if you don’t like it then don’t comment and don’t watch, I dont enjoy your negativity thanks:)

  34. - says:

    Definitely do NOT wanna see Ben and Amy back together. Can’t Amy and Ricky just be a happy family and it finally work out for them? That would be nice.

  35. julie says:


  36. lisa says:

    I love the show and what ever direction the show goes im a dedicated viewer

  37. Myself says:

    What’s sad is that even though Ricky is a womanizing dog, people are hoping that he and Amy will end up together. People need to wake up. Relationships like that are what is why the divorce rate is so high. Adrian and Ricky are meant to be because they are the same type of person. Amy and Ben, while both annoying at times are much more stable for John. They stood the highest chances of having a lasting and stable relationship. What’s going to happen when Ricky cheats on Amy and gives her AIDS and little John is left an orphan? People wake up and realize that there are real relationships like this out there and if this were your daughter or sister would you really want her with someone who treated her like this? Ricky thrives on abusing womens feelings. That never changes. Amy has changed a lot and deserves someone who will grow with her. Adrian and Ben make an amazing team, but as friends. They can’t last because Adriann is wild and will want to be wild again.

  38. Veronica says:

    I will also stop watching the show if amy an ricky don’t stay together i think u should stick to what the viewers want an they want amy an ricky together

  39. meg the big secret life fan says:

    i really think it is a big mistake if they out ben and amy back together. ricky has finally matured up and proven he really loves amy and is capable of being a good father and a good boyfriend to her and wants her more than any of the dumb girls he slept with in the past. alot of fans waited so long for amy and ricky to be a couple in love for real and him not jus tryna get in her pants, but rlly love her. by sticking ben and amy back together will only be a mistake and it will also loose quite a bit of viewers. ben and amy are not capatible like amy and ricky are together. ben belongs with adrian. amy and ben both need fresh starts from their crzy past and finally got it right by amy getting together with ricky and ben being with adrian and their baby-to-be. plz dont ruin it by switchign it up.

    ~secret life 4 ever
    amy+ ricky + john= once in a life time chance at love
    adrian + ben+ their unborn baby girl = a promised future of love to come

  40. Stephanie says:

    I love the show! I like Ricky and Amy together so please keep them together! As far as the message that it sending out! I say it’s cool! Regardless of what r kids see in T.V they gonna get educated with sex at school and everyone one else! We as parnets have to educate them and talk to them more! If u dnt Like the show dnt watch it! I love it!

  41. Alexandra says:

    I know this show is quite ridiculous. I think Amy’s mother having a baby was unnecessary really. I still really like this show though. A lot of people say it’s too focused on sex but guess what? Now a days that is one of the biggest and most pressed issues. Sure there is a lot more to life then sex. In the show they point it out and stress the please don’t have sex but if you do be protected. I don’t think a lot of people really realize that like it or not, teenagers like sex. And why wouldn’t they? It feels good as an adult and it’s going to feel good when they do it too. Do I agree with teens having sex? No, but I’m not going to be stupid and pretend it doesn’t exist. I like this this show has shown that pregnancy can happen your first time. I like that it shows birth control fails even when you are on the pill and using condoms. I like that. What makes you guys think this show wouldn’t talk about sex so much anyway? This show is about a girl getting pregnant!!! Of course there will be a lot of sex talk involved! And it isn’t going to stop. Life is crazy. You don’t see ALL the girls in school getting pregnant. It is just focusing on the two of them and struggles they will have to deal with.

  42. jessica says:

    i am so glad that this show has gone the way it has. i am hoping that Ricky And Amy end up getting married in the end. and i hope that Ashley does meet someone new 4 her self. i am interested in knowing if Grace and Grant do take that next step. then y isnt Jack and Maddison 2gether anymore? i am wondering what happens there. i am really glad that the show is back. and so far so good.

  43. Tammy says:

    I love the show! Its like I’m back in high school I’m glad I graduated before I got pregnant but I think this show opens up alot of young minds n helps them see just what can happen.

  44. Bri says:

    As over-dramatized as this show already is, I almost couldn’t watch it anymore when Adrian got pregnant with Bens baby. And eventhough it happened, instead of using the same storyline with the opposite characters, I wish they would have gone a different way with her pregnancy- still do. It would have been nice to if they showed that different people choose different things (weather

  45. Diamond Morales says:

    Ok like someone said everyone is titled to their own opinion but for all the ones who said that they don’t like it and that’s wht they don’t watch it , to be honest they didn’t ask you to watch it it’s up to u weather u watch it or not they could careless andd for the ones who said they always talking about sex DUH that’s the point of the showw ‘

  46. jess says:

    I personaly love this show. I can relate to amy becuz I had my son when I was 16. If you don’t like the show, no one is forcing you to watch it. Don’t b**ch about how “aweful” it is. Some people love this show and can see what the main message is.

  47. Kaitie says:

    Wow there are a lot of different opinions out there. Although this show is my guilt pleasure, I can agree that the story line is very far fetched. I’m in my early 20s and this show is Definately unrelatable to any of my teen experiences.. On the other hand, maybe some peoples lives are insane like this show.

  48. Abby says:

    I like this show ya mabey it’s gotten alittle silly or outa hand but hey that’s Hollywood for u…. I do think it is kindof sending a mixed msg tho.. They shud rlly just focus on encouraging teens NOT to have sex bcuz I see teens younger and younger each day that r pregnant some even in my skool and I’m 14!!!! Its crazy and something needs to change

  49. Taylor says:

    I am 18 and I absolutely LOVE the show. I personally think that it really relates to alot of teenagers because stuff that happens in the show really does happen to teenagers all around the world all the time. I have several friends that are pregnant and still in high school and they have to go through all this stuff and make decisions like they do in the show. I mean people can have their negative opinions but in reality this show really does relate to alot of teens and it isn’t stupid.

  50. abby says:

    Why comment if you do not watch it.. obviously you are somewhat interested if you are reading interviews with the cast. It was supposed to be called “the sex life of the american teenager” but on abc family, it couldn’t be. Whether people want to believe it or not.. the things they discuss are real life situations that people encounter. Not everyone, but they all do happen. It is very educational and there needed to be a show like this. Real. Face it.. teenagers are having babies and contracting std’s so if it reaches one teen and prevents a pregnancy or an std.. its a success.. the writers have a good thing going and should continue to do so. When my children reach this age I would like to hope teenage pregnancy statistics will have dropped to a lower percentage rate. Alot will be attributed to education on the topic.