House Mystery: What Did Thirteen Do?!

Holy twist, Batman: Turns out when Olivia Wilde’s Huntington’s-afflicted Thirteen tendered her leave of absence last May on House, she wasn’t jetting off to some foreign land to undergo an experimental medical treatment — she was going straight to jail!

The bombshell was dropped into a Fox press release previewing the Fox hit’s April 11 episode:

“Thirteen has been in prison for the past year, but the real mystery for House is what she did to get there. When she exits the prison, she is taken aback to find him waiting for her, and unaware he’s got plans for the two of them for the next few days. As House probes Thirteen for more information about her crime, intent on solving the puzzle of her mysterious incarceration, they travel to an annual spud-gun competition and join forces to compete against House’s much younger, overconfident rival, and along the journey uncover secrets and truths about each other.”

Earlier this year, House creator David Shore hinted to TVLine that Wilde’s comeback would confound expectations. “We have something very cool in mind,” he said. “We’re writing an episode built largely around her return. I know [fans] are speculating about what happened to her during her absence, and I don’t want to rule anything out.”

Getting back to the question posed in the headline, why did Thirteen get tossed in the clink? Sounds like the perfect topic for a poll question!

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  1. Lon says:

    I think it would be really interesting if it were related to Kutner’s death (although the direct murder of him would add up to more than a year in prison, unless maybe it was for withholding information or something). Kutner was my favourite character, and I feel like his death was too sudden and could be revisited. Anyways, can’t wait to see Thirteen back for some answers!

  2. kirsty says:

    she will have been selling drugs or summat or maybe sleeping around for money to help with buying drugs x

  3. Jeff Mlwr says:

    13 was in prison for a year for drunk driving.

  4. kdubs says:

    In response to all of you who wonder how House could have found out that 13 is in jail without finding out why, you’re forgetting that this is House we’re talking about. His whole life is about the game and trying to solve the puzzle. Sure, he could have found out what she did, but it’s so much more fulfilling for him if he can figure it out on his own, or better yet, get her to crack and admit it herself.

  5. LW says:

    Personally I liked Kutner and Amber they were two personality off shoots of House. Kutner got written out because the actor wanted to do something else. Now he’s tied to doing those Harold and Kumar things. The other guy from that at least gets more roles. Kutner was actually a keeper. I watch the show for House and Wilson myself. Masters is ok. But, they don’t fully utilize her so you knew she wasn’t long for the show. The way characters are written you pretty much know who’s going to be going anyway. 13 is ok personally I’d like her more if she was like 7 from the Next Generation in tone of strength and femininity after they fleshed her out more.

    I would also like to see more cases like the first few seasons of the show proving Everyone Lies theory of House. More medicine in the story lines. Some segway is fine for inter personal relationships.
    But, I like the medical finds myself. They could and have tried to use some as House versions of PSA’s.

    13 coming back is ok. I just see most of the cast as expendable except for House and Wilson to be honest.

  6. Shannon says:

    13 is totally hot and one of the reasons I watch can’t wait to see her back

  7. Sylvie says:

    I think 13 was just working in the prison and not incarcerated… House found out and ya

  8. Robert says:

    Am I the only one who hopes that somehow 13 and House, one day get together. I always thought that they made a much better pairing, than House and Cuddy. Just saying….

  9. shannon huizenga says:

    Ummmmm isn’t one of the requirements of practicing medicine not being a felon??? It’s a little too far out there to me…sorry

  10. HouseFan says:

    I love 13, she does “sex” the show up & I think putting her back on as a “doctor” will make the show alot more like the HOUSE I originally came to know & love. The last couple episodes were kinda weird and off-track to me. Make the show more about treating special medical cases again PLEASE.

  11. calicrys says:

    If someone has their record sealed at the time of conviction, (which is often what happens in plea agreements) It becomes pretty difficult for just anyone to find out what the charges were.. So, maybe some people could stop talking crap, unless they know what they’re talking about!!

  12. samelizabeth says:

    I cannot wait until Thirteen comes back! I have no idea what made her go to jail in the first place but I want to find out!

  13. fatOlady says:

    House figures out “13” was in prison for the last year but wasn’t smart enough to figure out why? SERIOUSLY????

    Well, that is just dumb! Or…..totally impossible.

    So, as the show moves closer to the truth this season……. this can only mean one of the three things I listed below.

    1) Most of season 7 has been a dream (House, Cuddy’s or “ours” depending on how deranged the writers are) with one foot in reality and one foot in the Land of Nod.

    2) The writers are really, REALLY stupid and have no idea that the Department of Corrections in EVERY state in the US (YES, even New Jersey) has a Criminal Offender Records database online that is available for public inspection. This means anyone with internet access, can look up anyone who has been incarcerated. The records provide basic information such as name, DOB, identifying marks (tattoos, piercings, or scars), incarceration date, WHAT CRIME or CRIMES A PERSON WAS CONVICTED OF, length of incarceration,whether or not they have probation, and what facility currently has custody of the individual. AND………,House was also too stupid to know that.

    3) The writers think that the viewers (HOUSE fans) are too stupid to know everything I just said in point #2.

  14. Sonya says:

    She was into drugs there for a bit, how about trafficking? Big league trafficking, with a little prostitution involved, she would make a great pimp! Very sexy!!

  15. lizzie says:

    Olivia Wilde is great,so some of the shows are wierd then watch Jerseyshore! You don,t get awards for crap

  16. afishh says:

    13’s much better than the new girl…she’s too naive. Taub’s just a average-Joe fill-in (for normalcy, somewhat). Foreman’s turning into House (slowly). But I’ve always watched the show for the main character…House. He’s the coolest character since…geez, I can’t even think of anyone before him! I do miss Kutner, wish they’d somehow bring him back! Then it’d be like the soap opera you guys are trying to turn the show into! Cuddy & House will always be playing back & forth with each other (love/hate relationship, just like the one I’m in!). And last but not least, the aussie is just plain HOT! He’s the eye-candy of the show (for women, anyway). Guys, you can have 13, I’ll take the aussie!

  17. tom says:

    you know. it takes a good whole cast to make a show what it is. not just one character. so i say 13 is great but without the other characters in the show, now/previously, it is a great show because they all work together well. my opinion Hugh Laurie is the best character he brings all the IT that this show has.. :)

  18. Brazilski says:

    Probably jailed on suspicion of providing drugs to someone,..

  19. niteowl83 says:

    Why everyone hates 13 is beyond me. I’ve missed Olivia immensely (and Jennifer Morrison even more!) I’d love to have as caring a doctor as Cameron was. Seems we have a lot of women haters on here. You don’t like 13, Cameron & some don’t even like Cuddy! Lisa is my all time favorite, if they got rid of her, i would quit watching. BUT i definitely did NOT like the House/Cuddy hookup. It didn’t have chemistry, i don’t know how anyone thought it did. House had chemistry with Stacy, if Cuddy has chemistry with anyone, I could see it with Wilson. She always goes to him for trust; who was the one who helped her out when she first got the baby & before? It wasn’t House, it was Wilson. I think they look & act far more believable as a couple. And 13, well, the character is dealing with a death sentence illness; she’s only acting the part as the writers give her. (And this season has really sucked, but that’s my opinion.) I mean, House is hurting cuz Cuddy breaks up with him, so he jumps right on the hooker bandwagon right away?? Oh yeh, that’ll sure win her back. He may be a brilliant doctor but he’s worthless as a human being capable of true love. Most geniuses are a little nuts anyhow, (and yes, i know this is just a show, i’m just giving m take on the show). Am i the only one to notice how other than Kutner, it’s the women they keep getting rid of? Cameron, 13 (for almost the whole season) & now Masters (which i really didn’t much care for, she looks like she’s 17!) Lisa is the only one constant on the show thank God, cuz she’s my favorite woman on the show…at least now maybe the show can get back to somewhat like it used to be. It seems more like it was now that the House/Cuddy thing is over. thank god for that…hope it stays that way! Can’t wait to see Olivia again–I would rather see Foreman or Taub gone, Foreman is a dullard who never smiles & Taub, well, at least they use him to comic effect now & then. I guess they must be playing the parts the way the writers want but some of it is so unbelievable & “Huddy” was so hard to watch…..just my opinion but i didn’t like it! Looking forward to April 11!!

    • Katja says:

      I agree with most of what you say. Only a couple things that I blanch at, but like you have said, opinion is opinion. I didn’t like Cameron, but I do love Thirteen. And I know what you mean about kind of returning to the past. But I do like Huddy. The others I have less of an opinion on. Good to read a comment that isn’t blatant hate for anything. ! :)

  20. Sir Artist says:

    I know wat happened she got in trouble 4datin foreman cause he’s black n its illeagl if u didnt know. Dats how u get a year n jail lol

  21. Sir Artist says:

    Btw Masters really grinds my gears I curse at da tv on da things she does. I know its her part n da show but damn woman chill out b4 I take house cane n hit u n da head wit it

    • Katja says:

      Where you watching when Cameron was around? She was far worse than Masters, but ultimately that just means that they are doing their job.

  22. un-holy says:

    I generally hate all the “I watch for…[insert Huddy or Hilson or OT3] etc. 13, as well as House’s team in general is an extremely important part of the show. And I think the creators see this as well. In the beginning of season 4 when House was left without a team we saw how much he struggled and how in the end he really needed a team. And I believe everyone who has remained in the team since season 4 is an important character. David Shore knows what he’s doing (despite what all the Huddy crazies are saying, who have started a war against him).

    I love Thirteen, and even though I love Cuddy too, I think Thirteen is my favourite female character. Thirteen along with Chase are my favourites from House’s team. And I think they both deserve to stick around in the show because they add a lot to it.

    I’m excited to see 13 back. Her storyline with House seems very interesting. I can’t wait!

  23. French fangirl says:

    I know everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but why acting like yours is the best and other people’s are just stupid ?

    If you really hate Thirteen, or even OW, why are you even reading AND commenting a article about her ? I mean, besides wanting to piss off people ?

  24. emmkay says:

    I like the suggestion about 13 having something to do with Kutner’s death – that never did feel like it was ended “right”. (Obviously we know that Kal Penn had to make an abrupt exit to go and work on Obama’s team) The only problem with 13 having something to do with it is that she will have broken her Hippocratic (yes, it is spelled that way, lol) oath – so therefore couldn’t be a doctor anymore?

    I’ve enjoyed Amber Tamblyn as Masters, but I kinda agree that her role has run it’s course. Whilst I would “do damage” to Olivia Wilde (well, she is lovely), I’m not sure of bringing her back – really don’t know where they’re going to “go” with her character. Meh, we’ll just need to wait and see.

  25. H says:

    You missed the “Who cares?” option in the poll, there, dudes.

  26. Joanna Lessor says:

    I love watching House because it isn’t a reality show! Whatever 13 did, House knows & just wants to screw with her head! Duh!

  27. Ty says:

    I like olivia wilde… For the record, I don’t watch house very often but when I do, I like when theres a medical plot rather than just focused on houses issues…. I don’t know much about showbiz but I do know about law; however, and she could be in jail for many things…. Except murder or anything like murder like assisted suicide because with that kind of thing you get AT LEAST 5 years, if not more.

  28. Hope says:

    It is clear to me that the whole season is imagined inside House’s mind. I suspect Cuddy is dead.

  29. trudy says:

    Hi I actually believe it is within the rights of a job to know why you have a record are in prison as especially ajob entailing caregiving ie teaching childcare eldercare hospital work etc a no go with certain convictions for 8 yrs or forever. Depends on if violent or dishonest or bondable or policies etc. So in reality dont think it would be feasible her to be a hospital worker again but see what they pull out of their hat. Dont like she is coming back but House is so flawed and corrupt tho a messiah complex too but this isnot believable someone new if Amber moving on would be cooler to round things out. Always the woman spars and feels a magnetism with House and his flaws collapse the glamour folks that is real hospital tho I was with a lead in a hospital in Seattle and it is alot like this in real life plus went to jail one yr in 2006 had to call work and just say would not be back … no time to plan a two wk exit po’d judge for sticking up for myself so the imperial wizard freaked and took me then People ask if I would do it again and YES I had the right tho it is etiquette not to thinks so balogna its my life we are talking about and I did not deserve it or what it caused period so over exaggerated. My boss believed in me as a quality character and saw what i went thru in the middle of the nite and respected women but it happens

    • Kara says:

      he knew why she was in jail he just didn’t know why. You get my drift? She was in jail for something but did something else that was worse.

  30. trudy says:

    …also I might add that when exited jail after a year my friend was there so on that level it is believable for House to be there for 13 when she exits prison as they had a personal tie not all work and he is flawed and a drug problem so he gets it and he is throwing her a life preserver a step up always helps. Find out who your friends are…

  31. trina says:

    There are diseases that would also bar a doc from continuing caring for patients where they are sort of blackballed out as not on top of their game inmore ways than one and have to go on to disability farmland such is life.

  32. lickety split says:

    Life went on without Olivia Wilde everyone says she is so hot but dont see it. Kind of brooding and bland. Skinny too. Whatever. Life went on without Olivia Wilde will have draw tho as some think she is hot I bet overrated. Hmmm will see.

  33. nik says:

    i hate 13 unno why she stayed and cameron went house was way better then then the storylines were less focused on the original cast and more on the newer cast… i also dont care much for taub he could go too and i would feel a difference just like when 13 went away i simpl went hmm and forgot about her

    • Kara says:

      I actually stopped watching after the first episode because she left. Probably if she left the whole show i wouldn’t watch it at all anymore.

  34. nik says:

    i hate 13 unno why she stayed and cameron went house was way better then then the storylines were less focused on the original cast and more on the newer cast… i also dont care much for taub he could go too and i would feel a difference just like when 13 went away i simpl went hmm and forgot about her

    • Katja says:

      This is because she acts as a compliment to house’s character. Can you not use proper English for God’s sake? Capitalize and put in punctuation. Make comments that say something. Really.

    • Kara says:

      At first when the new characters came i didn’t like them but personally I like thirteen way better than Cameron. Cameron wasn’t nearly as interesting she just told House anything he wanted to know where as thirteen is evasive and mysterious. She is something House needs on the team to keep him in line. I think I like her because she is mysterious and there is so little we know about her.

  35. slurredspeech says:

    This show is getting almost as bad as its fandom. :|

  36. Katja says:

    1) I am PRO-HUDDY
    2) They have been made for each other since the beginning. The original ‘we will end up destroying each other’ couple.
    3) Cameron is my least favourite character. she bugged the Hell out of me. She’s a goodie goodie.
    4) Chase and Cameron should have stayed together. They are both weak and thus a good match.
    5) I Loved Kutner.
    6) I love Taub.
    7) Foreman rocks my world and can be really thick sometimes.
    8) Thirteen adds even more depth to the show because of her ‘female house’ parallel.
    9) I really love 13’s character
    10) I’m uber-glad that she is back
    11) I am psyched to know why she was in Jail and what it was that she did that will “stay with her forever”
    12) That Masters girl is okay. She is the new Cameron, but more innocent that Cameron. Her oblivion makes me laugh.
    13) I won’t be sad if she leaves.
    14) House and Cuddy NEED to end up together.
    15) Wilson also rocks my world because in another life he committed suicide because his father was a total bitch and I love dead poets.
    16) He also has nice hair.
    17) Hameron makes me bletch.
    18) I liked Stacy.
    19) Rat McQueen was the Bomb.
    20)I was proud of House when he quit the Vicodin and understood when he went back on after the breakup with Cuddy.
    21) Lukas was a child in an almost mans body.
    22)I did the OOMPH hop in vertical circles when my exchange sister spoiled that House and Cuddy got together.
    23) Rachael is adorable.
    24) Tritter was an ass and I hate him lots and lots and lots.
    25) I cried when Amber died. It turned out I had a fever of 104 Degrees Fahrenheit. I have loved her character ever since. Three cheers for cutthroat bitch!
    26) “Now! Bring me the Thong of Lisa Cuddy!”
    27) OOMPH! Always gets added into everything I do….
    28) The Tapeworm from one of the earlier seasons looked fake, but the story/diagnosis was bitchin!
    29) I used to think house was weird.
    30) Hugh Laurie is a demi god.

  37. Franklin says:

    Anything’s better than more of House and Cuddy acting like ten-year-olds.

  38. Rose says:

    Some people posting sound as if they have watched it — how is this? Online, or … ?

    • Kara says:

      i would think that they just read the spoilers like me and knew some things but not the whole reason why she was in jail.

  39. Valerie says:

    Actually, she got arrested for prescribing marijuana to people who didnt need it. (illegally) But what the cops don’t know is that she also pulled the plug on her brother, (yes, we find out she has a brother) who also has the same disease she does. He asked her to kill him. And now she feels horrible. :(

  40. Kara says:

    I realize that the episode is over but this was in the preview and in interviews with the cast. The reason house was so curious and didn’t know is because she was convicted of something other than what she actually did. they say she was convicted of excessive prescribing but she did something worse. a.k.a euphunized her brother.

  41. Patrick says:

    So..did they tell her, they werent paying her for one year, and she was unemployed just so they can have a dramatic return a year later? No actor would agree to that. Remember Gated McFadden disappeared for a year from STNG? The real reason was, she was fired after year one for whining and mopign and complaining there werent enopugh pisodes about HER!! She came crawling back, hat in hand a year later. Maybe this actress had a problem in rela life or was fired and brought back. I stopped watcvhign 1 1/2 years ago because the episodes were all the same. 3 melodramatic bed convulshins per patient per episode, House almost kills a patient to save them, Cuddy desperately trying to act sexy and failing badly. House being on drugs, yada yada yada. Time to put this baby to sleep.

  42. patrick says:

    Gates McFadden (typo)

  43. Bruce Saltsman says:

    My wife and and her family suffer from Hunting tons disease.