House Mystery: What Did Thirteen Do?!

Holy twist, Batman: Turns out when Olivia Wilde’s Huntington’s-afflicted Thirteen tendered her leave of absence last May on House, she wasn’t jetting off to some foreign land to undergo an experimental medical treatment — she was going straight to jail!

The bombshell was dropped into a Fox press release previewing the Fox hit’s April 11 episode:

“Thirteen has been in prison for the past year, but the real mystery for House is what she did to get there. When she exits the prison, she is taken aback to find him waiting for her, and unaware he’s got plans for the two of them for the next few days. As House probes Thirteen for more information about her crime, intent on solving the puzzle of her mysterious incarceration, they travel to an annual spud-gun competition and join forces to compete against House’s much younger, overconfident rival, and along the journey uncover secrets and truths about each other.”

Earlier this year, House creator David Shore hinted to TVLine that Wilde’s comeback would confound expectations. “We have something very cool in mind,” he said. “We’re writing an episode built largely around her return. I know [fans] are speculating about what happened to her during her absence, and I don’t want to rule anything out.”

Getting back to the question posed in the headline, why did Thirteen get tossed in the clink? Sounds like the perfect topic for a poll question!

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  1. Colby says:

    This is retarded.

    • dsaasdas says:

      You are, actually.

    • Polly says:

      completely, amazingly retarded. Guys this season has been decent again, can we not send it down the drain now.

      • 8daysaweek says:

        This is a pretty stupid plot line. Finding out why someone was arrested or imprisoned is pretty much the easiest thing on Earth to find out.

        • Mindy says:

          Yes, the mystery really is: Why doesn’t House know how to use Google?

          • Mark says:

            They don’t publicize every crime.

            My cousin spent 6 months in jail for tax evasion, I google his name and only his facebook comes up.

            I suppose he could go to the courthouse and ask for the records… but why not just ask?

          • Mindy says:

            Crimes don’t have to be publicized. Public records should be online somewhere. And even if a state doesn’t have them digitized, just go to the courthouse and ask. If House is showing up at the prison when she gets released, am I supposed to believe he doesn’t also know why she was there to start with?

          • Matt says:

            If she only plead to the drug charges which is what was said in the episode the person who died would not have been in the criminal record report, or even that someone was killed. House knew she plead to drug charges, but would have no way to find out that someone died because of it or that it was her brother. There was no arrest report about the death, indictment hearing about the death, or charge brought about because of the death, so there is no criminal record in this regard. As a matter of fact that information would be specifically excluded from being obtained because of an individual knew or had access to initial police investigations and its information, like the death in this case, people would hide and alter evidence.

        • Jack Frost says:

          Considering the banality of the mongrel of an episode that was Fall From Grace, nothing will ever surprise me about House again. It not only jumped the shark, it took it for a ride in a monster truck and then ate it.

          Somewhere out there, Bobby Ewing is laughing out loud at this.

          • maggi says:

            Jack Frost, let me guess, banality your new vocabulary word of the week?
            So if you were going to take the show in another direction, keeping the medical mysteries forefront, what would you do?

          • John Fooligan says:

            And BTW- If there was a reference to made made about ‘Jumping the Shark’, it wouldn’t be Bobby Ewing and the Dallas Dream Debacle, it would be about Fonzie from Happy Days, literally Jumping The Shark on waterskis, from whence the term describing a tv series fall from grace came.

        • EJ says:

          Well, did it say she was in an AMERICAN jail? might be harder to find out if she was in a foreign country

        • lp says:

          It’s a freakin television show!! It’s drama and not reality… that’s why we watch it!!

        • Sam Sours Jr. says:

          With a person like 13, the way she can talk just about around everything and puzzle the great Dr. House, nothing is simple unless she whats it to be. Rip to Kutner. :(

  2. Polly says:

    “She was arrested for going both ways down a one-way street!”
    oooh, I see what you did there! ;D

  3. BabyGoz says:

    She killed the decent writers!!

  4. duckie says:

    You left out “boring me to death” as an option.

  5. lol says:



    • A says:

      It’s just so adorable how you are speaking for people you don’t even know. There ARE Thirteen fans out there who do care about her, you just aren’t one of them. .

    • Christine says:

      Oh please…Really?

      The cussing is necessary? Hope you don’t kiss your mother with that “mouth.”

      You don’t have to read about speculation about 13… but it’s there. People I know talk of it all the time.

    • Jacob says:

      Thirteen is my favourite, and mostly everyone I know who watches it agrees with me.

    • McEwan says:

      Right here! I have not been speculating about 13, but I cannot wait to see her back on the show. Tamblyn’s character is annoying. I know it should be annoying and she is doing a good job, and that fresh character was fun for about 5 episodes, but by now I grew tired of her honesty and naiveness.

    • Dana Lynn says:

      Go to Dox website and you’ll see.We Love ,Master’s suck!!!!

    • Chelsea says:

      I am a 13 fan! Some people don’t care about what happened to her, but it could be interesting. I like her much better than the new girl. at least 13’s bisexuality and her rotten deathly future made it interesteing. The newer girl tells the truth all the time and seems like a lesbian to me. I’m excited for 13’s return!!!

      • Sassy says:

        So you like bisexuals but look down on lesbians? How about preferring Masters because she’s interesting and actually adds some interesting viewpoints to their case discussions, instead of 13 pouting about her love life and imminent death? I’m sick of her already, and she hasn’t even returned yet. I’m hoping she comes to a tragic end during the spud gun battle.

    • Charlotte says:

      I love 13 :) I watch house clothed, and you don’t care about 13. Not “we”

    • Nadine says:

      Yea I actually love 13 and I couldn’t be more excited that she’s coming back, so you, my good sir, can suck it.

  6. Harold X says:

    Caught trying to cash checks made out to “Twelve.”

  7. Amanda says:

    She’s the one with the secret marriage. She killed her husband during a domestic dispute. It just caught up with her.

    • Bob says:

      Um…I think, even in the most liberal states, you get a bit more than one year in prison for murder.

      • Quentin says:

        Maybe if it were a circumstancial murder.. maybe self defense, but a bad plea… a difficult jury decision. It could happen. I’m glad to know she’s back… definitely the “sex” of House. Who can look at 13 and not have some “thoughts”? Not me! lol

        • anna.t. says:

          no such thing as “circumstantial murder”, self defense doesn’t result in imprisonment, no attorney would offer one year in prison for murder as a plea, and juries don’t determine sentencing. it couldn’t happen.

      • wanda says:

        i think she bought the drugs in tailand for her huntingtons and they nailed her bringing back into the country. house found out she was in jail…. paid greatly to get her out…. but he knows NOT the juicy reasons….how can she be a dr. and have a felony of drugs…. ?????

  8. Michael Sacal says:

    Killed Kutner sounds right to me, heh.

  9. HUDDY_MD says:

    She killed the decent writers!! ;)

    • Christine says:

      The writers are doing quite well in my opinion!

      Those actors are SO lucky to be working on that show with such great stories each & every week. I know I’d be over the moon to work with those writers & actors!

      • Mike C. says:

        I think they ought to be ashamed and embarrassed at some of the crap they’ve come up with over the past couple of years. They have lost all credibility, in my opinion.

        And count me in as someone who couldn’t care less about 13, and I definitely wouldn’t watch an episode that is mostly about her. Olivia Wilde is horribly miscast as a doctor.

        • Mike D. says:

          Where did you go to film school? Your depth of knowledge obviously stems from much more than just a stupid opinion.

  10. Nic says:

    If you don’t care, don’t read it

    • ava mareno farmer says:

      So right !!The name should b the clue,HOUSE . Can we get writers 2 let him get on wth his medical sitUations ? LMFAO !! 8-)

  11. Jay says:

    I really couldn’t care less. The show has been so much better without her.

    • Kris says:

      Really? You don;t care? It seems to me, people who “don’t care: don’t read articles about her and comment. You very much care, don’t deny it. Pathetic.

      • PassiveWatcher says:

        That is exactly how I feel! If you don’t care about the show, the characters, the writing and the plot lines then why are we reading your opinion on here at all? To have a negative opinion about any character or any aspect of the show is proof that you CARE. UGH! It is obnoxious to see people get on here and spew crap just to make the rest of us respond and give them attention!

        • raraRyland says:

          Because some people have nothing better to do. As irritating as it is to read some of the things people post on the internet, it’s always entertaining…

        • sashay says:

          He/she didn’t said they didn’t care about HOUSE, just didn’t care about 13. There will still be some non 13 aspects to the episode (or so I hope!) and is obviously still a fan of the show. You don’t have to love every one of the characters in a show to be a fan, although you’re entitled to hope that they’re written off in some way.

  12. Chrissy says:

    ugh, please kill her off.

  13. maddie says:

    Bet that she abducted some good writers. Really, do people care about Thirteen? Anyone?

    That’s what I thought.

    • un-holy says:

      If you took the time to read comments instead of asking and replying to yourself at the same time you would see that many of us care about Thirteen.

  14. Ellen in NYC says:

    I don’t miss Thirteen. At all. I feel sad that Amber Tamblyn will be leaving. She added an energy that will be missed.

  15. João Amaral says:

    F*ck the trolls, Thirteen is awesome.

    • A says:

      Thirteen is, and always has been awesome. She’s the only reason I even watch the show, because she’s realistic.

      • Ang says:

        ‘Realistic’???? A bisexual woman who only sleeps with women when she feels out of control, because she can ‘control them’, and otherwise only ever uses that side of her sexuality as titilation for her current boyfriend? She’s the biggest insult to the LGBT community I’ve seen in a while. The actress can’t act and the character is as 2D and cardboard as the woman herself.

        • X says:

          LGBT… that’s funny…..

        • mike says:

          Really! Insult because she represents what a real person can go through for a change. I’ve never seen her character declare that she is representing the LGBT community of which I openly support. Only someone who sheds perfectly positive light on the LGBT can play parts by your own omission on TV? You call her an insult to the community yet you insult her yourself. Way to go. Your proof in itself that the LGBT lacks respect and for good reason. The community asks the public for respect and acceptance yet you cannot do the same yourself.

        • Anonymous says:

          Oy, here come the gays making EVERYTHING about them and turning it into a political correctness issue. Have an open mind, it doesn’t all need to be that serious. Jeez.

  16. LOL says:

    I still don’t know why she is called “Thirteen.”

  17. Erica says:

    Well this just sounds awful. I hope she leaves again fast.

  18. Ant says:

    Olivia Wilde is an insult to the craft of acting. To see her dead frozen face on TV while other people who actually have talent and whose last name is not Cockburn are struggling, is nothing but offending.

  19. ronnie says:

    if you ask me I would leave her in jail, the show is so much better without her in it. I wish Masters could stay instead of her but I know that the actress that plays Masters doesn’t want to :S

    • fan says:

      This is just an example of ppl who are very lonely and have nothing better to do. Wow, if the show bothers ppl that bad, stop warching it!

      • sarah h says:

        Hey, the name of the show is House, not 13. If someone thinks she is a terrible actress, that’s their right.Has nothing to do with not being a fan of the show itself, or the lead character.
        As for you, maybe you could take some time out and look over a dictionary. Unless “warching” is your very own, special word.

  20. Terry says:

    Looks like we’ll be going back to the 13 show now that she’s back. The writers are so in love with that character, she eats the show. I don’t know anyone who watches this show who missed that character or cared about where she’s been, myself included. Fans don’t watch this show because of 13 or all of the actresses box office duds. I don’t care about 13 & now she’ll be the focus of again. Yawn, just when the show was getting back on track.

  21. Trevis says:

    She kidnapped David Shore and replaced him for a cheap copy!

  22. Harold X says:

    Every time someone makes a “kidnapped the writers” joke, it sounds so…fresh and original? No; it sounds like they haven’t read the thread and are less clever than they believe.

  23. Mindy says:

    I truly don’t care about Thirteen. And as someone pointed out above, it is super easy to find out why someone has been in prison. This thing called the internet is darned useful sometimes. This character is very boring to me. I dislike how much screen time she gobbles up. I kind of wished she wouldn’t come back at all.

  24. Ari says:

    She killed the huddy crap: welcome back, 13 :)

  25. rei says:

    and along the journey uncover secrets and truths about each other
    Right now the huddytards are eating their hearts, lol

    • Danielle says:

      Nope not this one, cause I see 13 as the milder, female version of House, and the truth she’ll help him understand is the BS needs to stop and win Cuddy back, cause I don’t think he’d have to work that hard to be honest. And lets not forget she denied herself some hot Australian action, and while I’d never be able to say no to him, I’m sure she’d do the same with House.

      • BB says:

        I completely agree. The major plot point right now is House going out of control because he’s hurting from losing Cuddy. Hadley (i.e. Thirteen) went out of control because she was hurting over the loss of her mother to the disease that she also has. They both have a habit of doing outlandish things to deal with stress.

        So, yeah – she’ll have “learned” something in prison that she’ll pass on to House, and because she learned it in prison, House will be a dick about it, but then he’ll put some spin on it that’ll make it make sense to HIM, and bam. The end.

        Also, I would have hit Chase from all sides, seven ways ’til Tuesday. I can’t believe girlfriend passed that up. Fail.

  26. Karla says:

    To be honest, I am not a fan of 13 or OW as an actress for that matter. I love the fact that she is active in the community but I find her acting substandard and her character is a bore. Sorry this plot line sounds ridiculous.

  27. karla says:

    to be honest, I am not a fan of 13 or the acting talents of OW. I applaud OW for her activism in the community and she seems like a very pleasant woman but her acting is less than substandard. I was hoping she left the show for good because her character is a bore. Sorry this plotline sounds ridiculous.

  28. Kutner says:

    Seriously? This is the new story arc? Yawn…I want the old, interesting House to come back. The one that was working on redemption, not the Charlie Sheen wanna-be we have now.

    • sara says:

      PLEASE House would eat Charlie Sheen for breakfast, then cure three people by noon, including Charlie. Pre frontal cortex tumor, do your research people

  29. Cammie says:

    For those of you who don’t know any Remy fans, I’m sure I could point out over 100. Olivia Wilde is a very talented actress, and I find Remy to be fascinating. Yes, the writers could give her character a lot more depth, but she’s still my favorite on the show.

    • Ant says:

      Delightful? Yes, very. Attractive? Yes, above the neck. Talented? Um, you need to have your head checked. Stat. Or at least rent bunch of indie or foreign movies to see what’s acting all about.

  30. Sam says:

    I like Olivia Wilde but Thirteen never really interested me much and I don’t really care that she was in jail or why. Sounds like a filler episode.

  31. Hop says:

    This story is the definition of lame. It’s nap time in the “House” writers room. Where is Doris Egan when we need her? The show runners at “Mad Men,” “Dexter,” and ” Breaking Bad” are rolling on the floor laughing at what a sorry mess “House” has turned into since the House/Cuddy break up. What a snooze fest!

    • pia says:

      No they laughed during this Huddy-nonsense. For example how Cuddy exmasculated House step by step in every episode a little bit more. Now we were left with a House who looks like a picture of misery.
      I´m glad he is trying to find a way out of this dilemma and to be the MAN who kick a$$es and a medical genius.

      • tjrn says:

        I’m glad to have the old “pre-Cuddy” House back. They were not a good match-though the story had to go down that road eventually-I hope it’s over with-permanently. He should hook up with 13-she has more personality than Cuddy.

    • Mindy says:

      “House” turned into a mess way before this post-Huddy phase. It was declining before the Huddy relationship ever happened. And the Huddy portion of the show was one of the worse it has ever experienced. So far there have only been two episodes since the breakup. I have liked both of them better than the Huddy episodes.

      • pia says:

        Yes you are right. In my opinion “Out of the Chute” was the best episode this season…Great acting, directing and writing.It was amazing.

  32. tahina says:

    A road trip and motels. Sounds like Thunder Road but no Cuddy and is 13 instead with House. What a waste. ..and there is S for sex. House, please keep it in your pants this time.

  33. Melonie says:

    she was practicing medicine on an expired license or so they thought because it had a real name and not the number thirteen.

  34. Liz says:

    Well, I don’t really care much about 13, but I’ll rather watch that storyline if it means I don’t have to watch yet another boring Huddy storyline. Glad that one is over. So bring on the 13 stuff! I go with “She tried to buy experimental non-FDA approved drugs”.

  35. ada says:

    I dont like 13 much but at least this gives me hope for an episode with less huddy crap (though i know house is going to be a sad puppy all episode and there will be 1000 huddy references) so i’ll take it and it sounds like fun

  36. Teresa says:

    Writers went crazy definitey

  37. Natália says:

    Who’s saying that she has no talent should go there and do better then, since they know so much about acting. :)

  38. laurak says:

    bahahahahaha that marissa cooper one had me in stitches! if only-THAT would be a show i would watch! someone return Coop from the tv dead so this show can happen

  39. Bob says:

    Overall, haven’t really missed 13 this season. Hopefully they will write her out of the show permanently for the season finale. Then she can go back to her movie “career” and hopefully the rest of us can look forward to better written episodes.

  40. Sourabh says:

    I love the voting options.
    And Kutner! I had forgotten his name.

  41. sara says:

    GY tweeted about this


  42. erin bowers says:

    Hey, I think House is going to have sex with Foreman’s sloppy seconds and since there is a “Blind Item” from Ausiello maybe Thirteen will end up pregant and House will be the “Daddy”

    I think it would be great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Robyn says:

    I like 13, and I am happy she is coming back. I like Masters too, but I think that it will be interesting to see those two interact when they get together.

  44. 13 Lover says:

    I seriously love thirteen I have beed watching house since season 1 and I think she is the best thing that has happened to the show ( tho I didn’t mind when house gired that lady from the FBI)

  45. supersandie says:

    13 is great. Her departure was surprising and now her return will be awesome. The Masters character is awful – I won’t miss her.

    I’d rather talk about all the time we have wasted with Taub. Does anyone care about his failed marriage? I know I don’t.

    This show, like all shows, has good and bad weeks.

  46. Ashley says:

    1. She could not have killed Kutner and only receive 1 year in prison. Maybe if it was Thirteen was some kind of accessory than that would work.
    2. Going both ways? Really?
    3. Illegal drugs makes some sense. Taking the heat for Foreman’s drug trial mishap makes more sense though.
    4. Her TRON costume was pretty cool, but I wouldn’t call it criminal.
    5. Again, such things would call for more jail time than given.

    Maybe she knew someone diseased in jail, so she pulled a petty crime so she would go to jail, in turn being able to care for that person.

  47. Whitney says:

    I am actually excited about the episode. I love 13 and I’ve been waiting for her to come back forever! She’s an amazing actress and an awesome part of the show.

  48. Krizz says:

    I’m disappointed by all of these House “fans” on here. You haven’t even seen the episode you’re all complaining about.

    You’re all acting like you’re the film makers, but none of you are educated in film or acting (for the most part. I don’t know who could be reading this). You think you have the training to judge Olivia Wilde? She’s making more money in one episode than you do in two years. Not to mention she wouldn’t be making that money if she weren’t talented enough to. She’s not a bad actress. She plays a half awkward character. Grow up and just enjoy where the shows story goes. If it went exactly how you want it to, why would you watch it?

    Hugh Laurie isn’t a Charlie Sheen wanna-be. They’re nothing alike in any way. House is a brilliant doctor who’s an ass. Charlie Sheen is a smart-ass. House is a full blown ass. Also, the show doesn’t look quite like it used to, thanks to higher production these days.

    I don’t understand why you all want to sit and complain about a great show. I guess just for the sake of complaining, because there are definitely more fun things to do than sit on the internet and complain.

    • French fangirl says:

      I Love you. Finally a mature grown up who doesn’t makes me want to poke my eyes out with a fork. I agree her character is a bit bland sometime, but insulting the actress is going to far.

      Haters KILLED the show. No one else did. And I hate Haters.

      • sarah h says:

        I despise people that toss around “haters” as their favourite noun. Makes me think that Sarah or Bristol Palin is the anonymous poster.

  49. Alex says:

    She got arrested for supplying Charlie Sheen with his drugs

  50. Zoe says:

    Come on Ausiello, the poll is ridiculously obvious, it’s clearly the non-FDA drugs. The Kutner thing is a long shot, but a possibility, but the rest are just painfully stupid. I know you can do better than that.

    • Cheers says:

      No is not, b/c if she buy non-FDA drugs, she lost his medical licence and can’t come back to the serie..
      I Voted NONE of the options!