Fringe Countdown: What Happens at 6:02 AM?!

With Fringe freshly renewed for a fourth season yet serving up repeats for the next two Fridays, Fox is whetting fans’ appetites with a 15-second promo teasing what’s to come.

Apparent to the naked eye upon casual viewing is a flurry of familiar images — Walternate, Peter and Olivia, The Machine, the book The First People — while a clock tick-tocks in the background. It all closes with the question, “Where Will You Be When It Happens?”

But when is “it” happening? Well, if you freeze-frame during that closing title card, you can catch a glimpse of “6:02 AM.” To me, that seems kind of early in the morning to be destroying or saving a universe, but I have to assume the producers did their research.

Watch the promo here, then share in comments A) your own thoughts and B) a second wave off yee-haws over the Fringe renewal.

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  1. Spyder23 says:

    I’m going with option 2 :)

    FRINGE WAS Renewed ! ! !
    FRINGE WAS Renewed ! ! !
    FRINGE WAS Renewed ! ! !

  2. Lo says:

    I don’t know why, but I have this sneaking suspicion that a lot of characters are going to die (easy enough, since there are two universes so most characters have an ‘extra’ to spare), but I don’t think either universe will get destroyed. No matter what the circumstances, I don’t think the writers would do it mainly because it would be all too obvious that the alternate world would be eliminated.

    Who the heck wants to watch Fauxlivia in army fatigues, robot-like Asterix and creepy suit-wearing Walternate? Their random eps are fun, but without LSD-dropping Walter, insecure Olivia, Gene the cow, etc there is no show.

    Though I am anticipating one jaw-dropping finale, that part doesn’t seem likely.

    • Rachel says:

      I have to agree. I just keep coming back to Peter telling Fauxlivia that “there must be another way” and we “can’t kill 8 billion people”. If he’s the one making the decision, he’ll figure something out.

    • Nick C says:

      I would watch the OTHER side every week.Charlie and Lee are great together…I only there were 2 Fringe shows.If the other side goes away i will be a sad…

      • Nick C says:

        “If” only…..and, will be a sad “Man”…I just woke up ok.. :)

      • Archie says:

        Yeay! People are finally liking “the other side”. I love the other side. Walternate refuses to experiment on kids (other than his grandson, apparently), Faux didn’t have bad childhood experiences due to Walter, Charlie & Lincoln are cool – normal people, and THEY didn’t cause all these troubles…we (again, Walter) did!

        Peter isn’t from thsi side. He should be with Faux. Not to mention that Faux is way sexier than O. She genuine, she was just over here trying to do her job, protect her universe.

        And what is up with that gooft asmile that O has all the time now, like she’s never had a boyfriend. When we first met her she was with that guy, Torv’s actual ex-husband from Human Target and Boston Legal. :)

        I’m packing my bags. See you at the World Trade Center.

    • susela says:

      Ah, but how many more universes are there?

    • teniba says:

      I agree with you, people love that the other side team is made of cool people with the lowest ratio of insecurities ever. But Drama Tv is not about that, most of drama Tv is about the flaws in human beings. And Astride positive/joviale nature non withstanding, Fringe is a collection of people whoa ll have been broken by life and who have the most difficulties going forward.

      People on the other side have had their share of insecurities, but they seem to be dealing with it better. In the end, none of those universe will be destroyed, but some favourite Characters will have to die even on our side!

      • debbiedee says:

        I totally agree w/the fact that others seem to have less frailities…AND…they dont have ink pens! lol Whats up w/that?

  3. Xerophytes says:

    Perhaps a nod to the Mole Day

  4. Xerophytes says:

    The avogradro’s number is 6.02 X 10 (23), and Mole day is celebrated between 6:02AM and 6:02PM of October 23.

    What is odd is it does not correlate with the airdate which is April 22.

    • RAGGEDT says:

      Except that April 22 would be (within a day) of exactly a half year from October 23rd. Maybe Mole Day is six months later (earlier?) in the alternate universe?! ;-)

  5. for some reason, I flashed on Peter & Olivia/Bell at the table when the clock when off…

    I’m so glad they renewed FRINGE – it’s the only show on television that’s like reading an amazing novel. :)

  6. Ashton says:

    With promo’s like these and storyline this rich, I just can’t seem to fathom how Fringe could ever have been thought of as on the brink of renewal. But then again, this is Fox, the network famous for moving around their sci fi shows until no one knows what the heck is going on anymore and just stop watching (Example: Firefly – The best show ever made EVER). Maybe they’re getting their act together though.

  7. B says:

    I can totally see the producers canceling out BOTH universes and introducing the yellow universe beginning the fourth season. You can still keep the characters and even some of the quirks that make them who they are but put a completely different twist to the show by now starting a new arc and story. There must be a reason why the season finale is called “the day we all died”

    • Bob says:

      Ding, ding, ding. Give the man a prize. Ooooo…not two universes, not one universe over the other, but two into one…

    • Elizabeth says:

      That would be AMAZING. Genius idea, B!

    • Katherine215 says:

      Couldn’t “the day we all died” be referring to the First People rather than either of the universes?

    • forrest says:

      another variation: the MERGING of the 2 universes to create a more complete ‘whole’ – Its all about vibrations and the melding of the 2 for a better third. Haven’t you heard the phrase, “the best of both worlds?” Who says one has to be destroyed?

    • Mindy says:

      This is such a cool idea. Every time I read this idea I wish for it to happen more and more. Some sort of combination or merging would be fascinating.

    • Ariana says:

      The producers seem pretty adamant about just sticking with these two universes for the most part. Which is kind of a shame because this whole “two into one” idea sounds kind of like the coolest thing ever…

    • Ariana says:

      Okay, me again: I cannot get over how cool it would be if the the two universes, and the people in them, were halves of a whole. I wish this could happen! ):

  8. Danielle H. says:

    Just a heads up, video doesn’t work right. Only plays about half way then goes back to the push play screen. :/

    I really wish Fringe would move on with all this lore and go back to the hour long one-shot supernatural mystery stuff. That is what made this show great. Perhaps next season we can see more of that.

    • Aimee says:

      Count me as one firmly in the mythology camp. So called One-shots were never even really one-shots anyway, as we are seeing all the call-backs from S1. Ambered bus? Check. Accelerated pregnancy? Check. Olivia drinking Bell’s tea? check. All those hints about Peter’s origin and the alternate universe? Many, many more.

      This show is never going back to straight case of the week. If you want that, then maybe Castle or Criminal Minds is more your thing. I am loving the grand story that Fringe has become.

      • michael says:

        I’m with you on this one; the more serialized Fringe has become, the better it has become. The case-of-the-week episodes always seemed to be somewhat disconnected.

  9. Kelly says:

    I am not invested or interested in Bolivia. I was actually disappointed that she did not die this past week. Hopefully Olivia can help Peter save both worlds or at least get henry,scharlie and linc over here.

  10. John Berggren says:

    I wish the number of viewers would be equivalent to the quality of this program. People who haven’t tried it,or who only tried it for part of the first season, are seriously missing out.

  11. santa1563 says:

    If you watch the promo for “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide” (3×19), check the clock over the doctor’s shoulder in the ER when he shocks Olivia’s heart. 6:02. That’s probably not what “6:02 am EST” (3×20) is about, but one of Fringe’s classic next-ep clues.

  12. Rich says:

    What happens at 6:02 AM isn’t THE EVENT.

  13. CricketGirl says:

    And stuff like this… which had not sunk in, although I remembered it when you pointed it out – is why I am buying each & every seasons’ DVDs as soon as I can. Something I never have done before. You don’t have to see these “clues” to enjoy the story but boy, do they ever make it more fun!!!

  14. Garnet_and_Gold47 says:

    AHHHHHH!!!! that’s the ultimate teaser. Mostly old images thrown in with just a few new ones. Enough to drive any fan crazy!

    Oh and I’ve done a victory dance because FRINGE WAS RENEWED!!

  15. Elaine says:

    I think a universe will not die. I think that they will combine leaving only one. There will be subtle and not so suble changes in every character as a result of “combining”. This owuld make for a fascinating fourth season. Will pople know they’re different? Will the world know something’s happened? HOw will it come ot light? How will people react when they realize they’re different? (Of course if there’s only one version of a person because the alternate is dead, then that person would stay the same). I think this ould be a fascinating premise for the next season. I think of the alternative…. one universe disappears/dies….. then what the heck do you do the next season? (unless the alternate unierse goges to “limbo” and the crew tries to figure out how to bring it to where it should? The first is what I think will happen though.

  16. Cass says:

    My overanalytical brain could speculate until my head hurts, but I’ll not exert myself to that extent. Because I HAVE NO IDEA what will happen. Even if I tried to imagine every possible scenario, I couldn’t. Because I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past the FRINGE creators/writers. Either universe could be destroyed. It could be that neither is destroyed. The two universes could combine. A THIRD universe could be created (after which either, both, or neither of the current two universes is destroyed). I do think characters on both sides might die, which makes me sad, because save for Walternate (and perhaps even with him), I’d be sad at the passing of any of them. And what about Peter and Olivia? I have a sickening feeling their so-right romance won’t last (can’t either of them be happy for a spell, gosh darnit?!). And what about Peter’s son? How is THAT little problem going to solve itself? It seems that this series is, despite all the tragedy and darkness and horror, overall hopeful. So I think that no matter what does actually happen, somehow there will be a measure of hope. All I DO know is that this summer will be difficult (not so difficult as it would have been had FRINGE not been so deservedly granted a fourth season, for which I can hardly contain my excitement!) because there is no way the Season 3 finale will not end on a cliffhanger. So we’ll all be held in suspense for four months. Ack! Gosh, I just love this show!

  17. Mindy says:

    I’ll take option B, as well. YEA!!! Fringe was renewed!! Hooray!!!

    While part of me thinks it would be cool to actually destroy a universe, the other part of me really likes the parallel universe concept and would hate to see it go.

  18. Lore says:

    OMG, i got chills!! Did you notice, when Walter says “my son is gonna be responseble for the end of the world” a light appears behind the phrase“Where Will You Be When It Happens?” and moves!

  19. The End Will Come says:

    My thought would be a merger of the two Uninverses, and the deaths of some. It would be awesome to have a Charlie/Lee with joining the Fringe time. So many interesting stories would come from this, Olivia’s Mother could come back, Broils could have both wives in the same universe, the two fringe teams now joined working through the distrust of each other as well as the journey to realizing that there is a greater threat to the newly created world. It would be an amazingly creative world that the writers could do anything with.

    Or if Peter were to create a third universe based on the two current ones, that would similar to joining them but then they would have three universes to contend with, the dooplegangers everywhere!

    I doubt it would happen cause it would create a kind of dues ex machina situation where everything is resolved by joining the worlds.

  20. tpie says:

    does anyone think that maybe since Peter can travel between both universes and not be compromised, so maybe can his son? Also, what if because of this ability he alone powers the machine (or maybe his son can also?). Also, what if its like a reset button? everything, everyone shuts down like we all die, then the universes are repaired of the damage from contact between each other. No more vortexs, etc., and only a few will know what really happened. I cant imagine the complexity involved with combining two universes. do i live with my double or merge with that person? ick

  21. Karla B.k says:

    I don’t know what will happen with the 2 universes, but I think that because the growth of Peter’s son was accelerated by Walternate, he can forget about worrying whether Peter will or will not activate the machine. He can use Peter’s son to do it instead. Walternate doesn’t care about his grandson, except for how he can be manipulated to fit into his master plan. I wonder if Peter’s son will grow so quickly that he will be able to be played by Joshua J. when the time comes. And I wonder if Fauxlivia will find out about what Walternate did to her and her child, and end up working against him to try and save both universes. Man, that other Walter sure is devious. It is no wonder that the real Walter asked to have some of his brain removed. He must have witnessed something in his one-way interdimensional computer screen that made him terrified that he would be just like the other Walter. I wonder what it was that would cause him to think of something that drastic as a solution.

  22. John Mullins says:

    Fringe is without a doubt is best Sci-Fi show ever………..If I can figure out the plot of a show 5 minutes into a show then its not that good….but Fringe is impossible to figure out….I LOVE IT….I just hope the writers keep it coming…..I havent been disappointed yet….