House Exclusive: Season Finale Special Guest Star and Title Revealed!

If my hunch is right, House fans are gonna love this news, and Huddy fans are gonna hate it: Shohreh Aghdashloo has just signed on to appear in the Fox hit’s season finale.

Why will fans of the show love it? Uh, because the 24 alum kicks ass — she’s not only an Oscar nominee, she’s an Emmy winner. Hello?!!

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But, like I said, Huddy fans might not be so excited if I’m correct in guessing that she’ll be playing Doc Crankypants’ new mother-in-law, which would translate to his recent green-card marriage having legs.

Mind you, I don’t know for sure that the new missus’ mom is who Aghdashloo will be playing — details about her role are being kept under wraps for now. It’s entirely possible Aghdashloo is just the patient of the week. But you have admit, Aghdashloo bears a strong resemblance to the new Mrs. House, actress Karolina Wydra.

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One thing I know for sure about the finale: The title is, “Moving On.” A reference to Huddy perhaps? Hit the comments with your theories. And toss in some speculation about Aghdashloo’s character while you’re at it.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. shotahunter says:

    All these people bickering about how they feel “offended” because of House’s misogyny? Where have you been all these seasons? Why weren’t you offended every time House had names for Cuddy’s breasts or ass? Oh no, that was “flirting”! House had prostitutes over tons of times, heck, he spent all the money he saved eating half of Wilson’s food on them! Now you guys get mad at him for doing crazy insane things while he’s not thinking right cause he’s hurt and scared to be alone because the woman he chose to trust, the woman who told him since day 1 that she would be with him, who made him feel loved and trusted and belonging somewhere just bailed on him when he went back on drugs? Heck, an addict going through that can have lots of darker thoughts, he could just mix drugs for an overdose, maim himself, find colorful ways to end with his life… So he got married to that girl? Do you think she is innocent and didn’t know what she was getting into? His mind is still trying to hide from reality and she was right there, willing and happy-go-crazy!

    This is actually funny. I can’t wait to see what Shohreh Aghdashloo’s character can do, she’s a brilliant actress and if the producers play their cards well, we may see House wake up and oh yes, move on from the Huddy hole.

    Now, of course, the yawns, comments about how I shouldn’t be talking since Im not a Huddy fan and how Im crazy because I choose to chill out and not be upset about the turn of events on this FICTIONAL TV DRAMA may follow. Like I care. Im a Hilson, so I chillllll…..

    • Adam says:


    • GracieGirl says:

      I totally agree with you! Please see my post, as it mirrors a few of your thoughts.

    • Hella says:

      Oh God, I HAD to replay to this… There is a difference between House calling a hooker occasionally becuase he is lonely and has no other physical outlet and the 7 hookers he went through in a matter of days. With each new hooker his OVERALL devaluation of women got worse and worse.

      There is an even BIGGER difference in the Green Card marraige. It’s OFFENSIVE becuase he (by his own words) has contracted a woman to clean his house, cook for him and have sex with him – and he holds over this woman’s head her chance for citizenship. He has ALL the power. Of course Dominika says she LIKES him and does WHATEVER he says. She has NO CHOICE in the matter, becuase if she doesn’t he might back out and she would be shipped back to wherever she doesn’t want to go back to. Of course she knows what she got into – she agreed to sell her body and her services to a TOTAL STRANGER and give up all independence in exchange for a chance to better her life. Women without choices do desperate things, and that is sad. That House has become a part of this is even sadder. This was not a long time friend that he knew and trusted – he’s basically paid a whore (by definiation of selling her body for something) to serve him for two years. And yes, THAT IS OFFENSIVE to many women.

      But even sadder is that it is NOT offensive to you, and is in fact “funny” and that you thinks she was “willing.” That you don’t recognize the difference between “willing” and “forced by circumstance.” Let me put it to you this way. A weak man in prison may agree to be some strong inmates sex toy in order to live – but he sure as heck isn’t “willing.” And all of that is why I am PISSED that this story would be used for comedy.

  2. Sutaru says:

    I’m just interested in watching the show and seeing what happens. I recently rewatched the show from season one and I agree it was a lot funnier in the earlier seasons. I paused to quote a lot of scenes from earlier seasons and didn’t quote any from the last couple. House is a drama though.

  3. HouseFan says:

    I think, this is it. This is the final House episode for good !!!

  4. Brewster says:

    Who’s Huddy???

  5. Tina says:

    Everyone calling Lisa Huddy?? Her name is Cuddy…so I thought lol

  6. GracieGirl says:

    I just spent the past half hour reading through the posts, and found it interesting that no one mentioned the effect this break-up will have on Rachel. First she bonds with Lucas, then bonds with House, now another man is out of her life! What are the writer’s thinking?? Cuddy’s knee-jerk reaction in breaking up with House was immature, and unrealistic. The writers showed her strengths and smarts in “Five to Nine,” yet portrayed her as a teenager scorned after her date stands her up at the prom. Cuddy’s mea culpa to Wilson was lame. House warned her (at the end of S6), “I am the most screwed up person…” Her breathy “I know,” and words of adoration seem shallow now that she dumped House for being House. Cuddy claims she needs someone to be there when the chips are down. Helloooo? She had (boring, man-child) Lucas for cryin’ out loud, and all she thought about was House. BTW, I NEVER liked Lucas, but it boiled to fever-pitch when he tripped House in the cafeteria. Grrrr. Sadly, I agree with most “posters” in that the writers have lowered their standards as far as quality episodes.
    So writers, I have the following questions/comments: Wilson has always butted into House’s business. Why then, did he not go running to House’s psychiatrist with the news that he was back on drugs? Cuddy dumping House after pining for him for the past twenty years or so, (remember, Cuddy had a crush on House since med school), is unrealistic and insulting to the IQ content of your faithful fans. Cuddy was upset that House had to take Vicodin to visit her? Where was she when House feigned brain cancer? We saw her twirl a rubber band in her hand, and look of pain that House was sick, but she hugged him and wished him well when he came to visit her in the middle of the night, telling him to call the Make-A-Wish Foundation (if he wanted to sleep with her). “…one giant ass for mankind.” Classic. lol I WILL continue to watch House because I still love the interaction between House and Wilson, but for the love of Pete dear writers, if us House Fans don’t get another awesome two-parter like “House’s Head” and “Wilson’s Heart”…

  7. luminous says:

    Sounds great to me! Looking forward to it! Huddy was horrendous.

  8. paula t says:

    come on…love how house and cuddy made the show interesting and not boring..I guess different strokes for different folks..want cuddy back maybe with wilson..that would show House

  9. hollyhousewife says:

    You know, at first I did not like the fact that House got married to this other girl. It did seem that he was looking for Cuddy to stop the marriage but she didn’t and he just went with it. But now after thinking maybe this new girl will be good for him, she seemed to be accepting but was hurt at the end when House just went to bed and she got the couch I do hope to see more of them, and I was a big House/Cuddy fan.

  10. chloe b says:

    I love huddy, house and cuddy are made for each other I just hope that a happy ending will happen.
    Rock on house !!!!

  11. Frannie Bistin says:

    Once again, TV shows no permanancy to relationships. I think writers had Cuddy completely overreact. House got to her side; you don;t change a lifetime of fear in 3 months, and she knew that. Even said he didn’t have to change and after all that love confessed in the most touching scene, the writers have to shake things up. I don’t believe real overs would not give each other another chance. i hate this new line with house marrying this girl. it makes him unappealing and the show for that matter.

  12. Sai Ganesh says:

    I think that the episode title “Moving On” might revolve around House and the so called “green card marriage with legs”……

  13. Kim says:

    I think its pretty obvious that Aghdashloo is a new boss figure to replace Cuddy. She certainly always plays the authoritarian types!

  14. Hermogenianus says:

    “Moving on” will be ’bout that Wilson is gonna move to another city/hospital you dump-asses. Not about this stupid pseudo-polish-girl that supposed to be his formal wife.

  15. bye bye wilson says:

    Hey people… moving on is for wilson… he did not sign for season 8….

    Yea… I know.. :(

  16. j.h. says:

    isnt her name cuddy? not huddy?

  17. Maryanne says:

    Cuddy is leaving the show. The 2011 Season Finale is her last episode.

  18. Spooge says:

    Well at least most of you all got to see the season finale. Those of us around Columbia TN, didn’t. all we got to see for thelast 20 min was a bunch of colors on the screen. I guess I will have to wait till I find it online to watch. Will be looking for some other place to watch it than FOX.COM. Hopefully I will be able to see how it ends soon.