House Exclusive: Season Finale Special Guest Star and Title Revealed!

If my hunch is right, House fans are gonna love this news, and Huddy fans are gonna hate it: Shohreh Aghdashloo has just signed on to appear in the Fox hit’s season finale.

Why will fans of the show love it? Uh, because the 24 alum kicks ass — she’s not only an Oscar nominee, she’s an Emmy winner. Hello?!!

House Spoiler: Find Out Where Thirteen’s Been!

But, like I said, Huddy fans might not be so excited if I’m correct in guessing that she’ll be playing Doc Crankypants’ new mother-in-law, which would translate to his recent green-card marriage having legs.

Mind you, I don’t know for sure that the new missus’ mom is who Aghdashloo will be playing — details about her role are being kept under wraps for now. It’s entirely possible Aghdashloo is just the patient of the week. But you have admit, Aghdashloo bears a strong resemblance to the new Mrs. House, actress Karolina Wydra.

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One thing I know for sure about the finale: The title is, “Moving On.” A reference to Huddy perhaps? Hit the comments with your theories. And toss in some speculation about Aghdashloo’s character while you’re at it.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Marli says:

    Guess I was right :/
    House WILL get into a REAL marriage with Dominika, possibly even develop feelings for her, since he’ll be moving on. Hate it, my heart is in pain, but there’s nothing I can do.

    PS: Although I find it odd that they keep saying things to crash Huddy. If we’re nothing why bother? Give House’s fans other spoilers that doesn’t involve Huddy, after all non-Huddies are majority aren’t they? Why keep giving interviews, tweets and spoilers to a meaningless part of House’s fans? We are nothing to the show and the ratings, so leave us alone. Give scoops on House only (I get that this spoiler can be seen as a House only related, since he’s moving on and it’s about his wife and mother-in-law, but Ausiello did start it by mentioning Huddy), or Hilson, or the team, or 13, or Masters leaving, or the medical mysteries. If they so wish RIPHuddy, then do it, let us RIP.

  2. Theodoro says:

    Moving On could be a better thing. House needs to move on from his ghosts.

  3. Casiano says:

    Huddy RIP right? So MOVE ON Ausiello!

    David Shore said he doesn’t want to jerk us around it, it’s not what I’m seeing.

  4. LOL says:

    Well, this actress has THE RIGHT AGE to sleep with Hugh Laurie. LOL Dominika seems her niece!!!!!!

    • poorBitterHuddy says:

      The actress playing Dominika is so classy she doesn’t seem so young and I like her better than Cuddy, maybe we’ll find out she is not a hooker and this could explain why she dresses which such a good taste. To be fair, Cuddy dresses like a whore all the time so it’s pretty easy to be better than her in that regard ;)

      • djesus says:

        how can you prefer a so “cliché” character? how can we expect a good storyline with her? and it’s true, House should really dates some women in his age (so immature to date young women), why not Stacy again? no they prefer a barbie girl.

        • Jess says:

          You say she is a clichè character but what do we know about her? Nothing! And after the huddy crap fest things can only improve. I guess you’re sad and bitter because you’re a huddy but as someone who dislike both Cuddy and huddy I’m willing to give her a chance.

          • djesus says:

            sorry? did you really see how writers describe this russian girl? it’s a sexist, nice and dumb. And what’s her job?
            You speak about crap, just wait S8 if they keep characters like her.
            Stacy was a character who I’d enjoy to see again.

          • Joy says:

            From what i saw Dominika is going to be like a pet for House. She seems to do whatever he wants, she serves him like a lapdog. I guess that’s the only way House can have a wife. She has to be a spineless girl. They should have married him off to Cameron if they wanted him with someone weak and pathetic. Would have made more sense than this. HOminika is going to be the new ship for Hameron fans.. Enjoy ;)

          • Russia says:

            Hello, people
            Greetings from Russia. There is a huge army of Housefans here. And we want writers to know that their scripts this season disappointed us a lot.
            Why do you have this old stereotype about our country and people? It was unpleasant to see how you try to show our girls as they would do everything for the green card. And why does the actress from Poland plays Russian whore? And then her mother-in-low, as you suppose? Maybe you want House to MOVE ON to Russia? It would be cool by the way!

  5. uranidiot says:

    Ausiello, fu*k you.

    You pretended to be a Huddy fans for years and now you kiss GY’s ass to get a spoiler NOBODY CARES ABOUT cause it’s not Huddy!

    Do you think it’s worth it? I say no. LOL

    Go on with these spoilers we don’t care about! Good work! *ironic*

  6. Tati says:

    Huddy is not over. Cuddy will be always important to House, as Wilson is. Maybe House will need some time alone to deal with his problems, his mental problem and his love for Cuddy, his friendship with Wilson will hold him. But he needs do it for himself, so MOVING ON.

    I’m not a Huddy, but I believe in true love in all levels, and I always will!

    • Eva says:

      Isn’t that the perfect description of season six? Really that is why fans are Moving On. We have been there and done that. This show broke new ground in so many ways and now they can’t even write scripts for more than 14 episodes that depict an uncommon relationship. Disappointing.

      11.1m viewers for Bombshells to 9.3m for this past episode – the numbers speak for themselves.

  7. Carol says:

    I am a devoted fan of House/Cuddy AND a fan of “House.” The two go together in my mind. I think that SA is a wonderful actress, but I am definitely moving on from the lame storyline this show has been peddling since the House/Cuddy break up. I want to see House open up again, let down those mile-high barriers, and move forward toward redemption. This ridiculous frat-boy storyline, replete with interchangeable whores and pathetic immigrants is insulting to women, and in fact to intelligent people in general. Who wrote this stuff, Charlie Sheen?

  8. Captain Picard says:

    Why keep pushing the dead “Huddy” line? Unless it really isn’t dead at all? The more the “House” show runners proclaim “RIP Huddy,” the less I find it believable. This stuff stinks of misdirection and trickery.

  9. Sam says:

    The huddy crap ruined this season and now the huddy break up is going to do the same. I hope the writers will put an end to this huddy mess (maybe they’ll get rid of Cuddy and give to SA a better role than the mother in law) and we’ll able to have back the great show we used to love.

  10. Jen says:

    I agree with another poster on here. If Huddy is RIP, then why do all the writers, creator, Ausiello etc…keep on talking about it? After all supposedly “Huddy viewers” (either online or casual viewers)are just a minority? Right? And yet, all these ppl continue to talk about Huddy. Usually RIP means “rest in peace”. I find it odd that all these creative powers and TV articles refuse to let the Huddy fans do that. Please MOVE ON ….I’m getting tired or this silly game.

  11. Parker says:

    David Shore, Greg Yaitanes, Lisa Edelstein, and Hugh Laurie have all told us in the past few weeks that “Huddy” is dead. I believe them. So what I want to know is why Ausiello is trying to stir up something with strained rumors about a storyline that has been killed and buried? Shore said he didn’t want to jerk around the fans, but that is exactly what is going on now. I loved House/Cuddy while it flourished over the past seven years. I say let it die now and let us move on. If it is true that “Huddy” is dead then give us some non-“Huddy” rumors and story arcs to launch the next phase of “House.” RIP Huddy, we hardly knew ye.

  12. Bob says:

    Michael, I believe you’re turning into your own joke. As others have said, it’s time for YOU to move on, like the producers and stars of House have, and stop bringing up Huddy. It’s over. Stick a fork in it. It’s done (until the series finale).

  13. Aloysio says:

    There is something more this season… Don’t believe what you hear, read or see! People lie!!!

  14. Alex says:

    If Huddy RIP, why Ausiello, GY and others keep this game? David Shore said that Huddy is over, so it’s over for me! The show is about House, right? So… Talk about House and forget Huddy!

    I don’t understand how can you like to make joke with your own fans… Incredible and sad!

    and Ausiello should read the last Shore interview.

  15. Paty says:

    I’m not sad with the Huddy break up. I’m sad with the way they are treating us (GY, writers, actors, David Shore). And now Ausiello is make fun too… I don’t care anymore, my hope is RIP and my interesting too. So, this actress could be the next House’s wife that I don’t care. Now I watch only for HUGH! YET!

  16. Kutner says:

    All that I want is a really good storyline to answer all the “WTF” from this season and a Emmy to Hugh. Just it!

  17. Richard says:

    Ausiello is a dramaqueen! Don’t forget it!

  18. cynthia says:

    We get it, Huddy is dead! So why are you people (I mean Ausiello, TPTB etc.)keep mentioning it? I thought #RIPHuddy means rest in peace. So how about you leave us in peace,write about other aspects of the show (you know, those parts who are still alive) & finally move on. The greater part of the Huddy fans already do.

  19. cynthia says:

    Forgot to say: Watch Castle tonight! Many Huddies already do. It won’t disappoint you. I promise. :-)

  20. erin bowers says:

    so Borat’s sister is going to bring over her relatives. First the mother then no doubt the sisters,brothers,and aunts and uncles,and cousins.
    Well thanks, Ausiello I now have enough clues to know that I am no longer watching this diaster.

    Thanks !!!!! for the update.

    • Jess says:

      Well, we had to endure Cuddy’s sister, mother, daughter, is only fair to meet the mother in law of House’s wife!
      You keep saying you’ve done with the show but you keep coming spreading your bitterness and idiocy, a tipical huddy behaviour

  21. Sid Dinnare says:

    Over the years, the show has transformed from a medical detective show into a relationship show. I don’t care about Taub’s wife or sex life. Foreman was perfect as a somewhat mysterious, lonely workaholic. To me, the relationships should have focused on coworkers in a working environment. For instance, I like the new, young doctor and her interactions with the others. For her to date or marry one of her coworkers would just detract from the show. I guess such relationships are cheap gimmicks for new plots, but there were so many better ways to go. Perhaps, let some illnesses go unsolved. Have more patients not make it. I thought the “Day in the Life” shows they did one year were good. Cuddy’s in particular. In any case, cheap relationship shows are a dime a dozen, and it’s too bad House went that direction.

  22. jen says:

    I think Cuddy will leave and Shohreh Aghdashloo will play the new Dean of Medicine. Well, looks like moving on from the show will be even easier than I thought :-)

  23. tanya says:

    WTF!!!! the writters are insane i can’t believe it how many years took to bring cuddy’s mother to the picture and then a few weeks to bring dominika’s mother that suck , really suck . why did they make a beautiful history and chemestry abouth house and cuddy and just distroyed like that ….

  24. kary says:

    all the huddy fans we are really dissapointed and sad !!!! i still don’t see the point of destroy huddy relation ship the way they did i mean house and cuddy was one of the best tv couple show in this time and no only the fans can say it also the critics

    • Jess says:

      Lmao, which critics? Huddy fangirls bloggers aren’t critics! And huddy sucks, that’s why tptb killed it

      • djesus says:

        all relationships in this show suck since season 2! they should really let them all alone! chase and cameron was soapy, the break up between Sam and Wilson was stupid, huddy since S5 is bad written, foreman and 13? lol no comments.

      • cd says:

        You’re wrong dear Huddy hater ! read all the reviews written in the magazines and papers and you’ll see that even the not Huddy shipers don’t like the way the show is taking .
        Itsn’t Huddy who sucks but Shore and co …

      • Crystal says:

        Guess they killed House/Cameron, Cameron/Chase, and 13/Foreman because they all sucked too. I mean, using your logic….

  25. faina says:

    All this stupid thing about “hunch” and other just boring and not as fun as you think ,Ausiello! If you want to make Huddy fans crying I you must write something better. What about House go to kill Cuddy with little help of russian-iranian mob and terorists. And good for SA she can bring some jerks-terorists from “24”

  26. Janeth says:

    Just to make sure: WE ALREADY KNOW HUDDY IS DONE, so… MOVING ON! Please!

    The show has luck to get Hugh Laurie. He’s the reason I’m still watching.

  27. Bia says:

    I confess that there are some insane ships (all of the ships have), but not all!!! The biggest part isn’t lunatics or crazy fans out of control. So, please, don’t put in the same box all Huddy fans. And respect your own audience and readers.

  28. Susan says:

    I hope their breakup is permanent. I hated Huddy to begin with and even lost interest in the show because of it. I just fast forward through their scenes together.

  29. Kevin says:

    It’s funny because I don’t understand what they pretend with this game. Lose the audience? Are they testing the audience? Prepare the land for the final war? Really? I know many people who stop watching and they’re not all Huddys…

    I care because I love House, so this game is boring me.

    And seems like Ausiello is enjoy this too. Very curious!

  30. dvbfan says:

    As an Iranian, I am so excited about Shohreh Aghdashloo role in House .
    Definitely,it would be an amazing season finale.

  31. Alex says:

    Everything is confuses right now. This game they are playing isn’t funny, and if take so long…. I don’t know about the ratings. I don’t know what they expect with this game and their ratings perspective.


    If I’m confused, I imagine a general viewers… And again: No sense at all!

  32. Amy says:

    Before we get all hot and bothered have you considered that she may be the patient of the week? And if so, she’ll be a good one.

  33. Katie says:

    I do hope that Shohreh Aghdashloo’s role is an interesting one in terms of the finale. Also, I hope the writers and producers can find a way to make up for the weak writing in the second half of the season, as I’ve felt things have gone a bit overboard and off. It’s one thing to have our main character acting a little crazy, but this has gone beyond House’s usual insanity. I know many general viewers and critics have agreed with this sentiment as well. There are many out of character things happening on the show as of late and it’s disturbing. It’s either poor writing or an incredible misdirection for the fans. Since House has been known for their stellar finales, I hold out hope that this is all going somewhere other than a brick wall.

    As for your comments Mr. Ausiello about House and “Huddy” fans being separate groups, I think that is a misconception for even “Huddy” fans began as House fans and I believe most still are regardless. Are any House/WIlson fans any less than House fans? As a journalist, you should know better. Additionally, a simple revelation of Shohreh Aghdashloo being a guest as well as the finale title would have sufficed as opposed to your speculation, since those should be reserved for forums and not places of journalistic media where facts are supposed to be as such.

    Here’s hoping that the writers and TPTB pull off some sort of hat trick, because this has been a disappointing display. The show is taking a huge gamble, especially when DWTS has returned. I wouldn’t want to lose any viewers. Good luck Team House! Hope you have the intelligence to create something extraordinary. Otherwise, fans will be moving on indeed.

  34. sabrina says:

    I like the speculation here in the comments section than your guess. It would be great if we finally had a new Dean of Medicine. I really don`t care anymore about Cuddy. During the last 3 season i started to dislike her. She is such a narcistic person who only cares more for her needs than others. I saw no moments during this Huddy arc where she asked what House wants or needs. It was allways about her needs and her delusional thoughts of a perfect relationship. It was painful to watch IMO. And no I´M not a Hameron or hilson, I allways watched for House.

    I like Shorheh very much she is a great actress who knows how to portray a strong female character and she can do it without throw her boobs and ass in front of the camera.

  35. Aline says:

    It’s sad how they’re handled the Huddy storyline. They have a lot of possibilities, I lot of chemistry and talent and now what we have? Now, it’s better if House or Cuddy really move on from PPTH.

    They get what they want: destroy the meaning of Huddy with a cheap storyline.

  36. Aloysio says:

    I think they’re going too far this time.
    One final episode wouldn’t be enough to explain all.

    This sesion finale Will be really important. People will go back to watch or no because of this.

    Good Luck!

    (It’s sad, I’ve never thought about leaving House)

  37. Pitty says:

    The question is not HUDDY, the question is THE STORYLINE!

    We’re unhappy with HOW not WHAT!

    Do you understand now?

  38. L says:

    В какой же цирк превратилось шоу…

  39. Syd says:

    This is so “helpful”. This is all pure speculation. She’s probably the patient of the week. Hell, I’m still clinging that the third shocking pregnancy in the sweeps chart is Cuddy, because well, then there would finally be some continuity in the writing. I don’t even care about Huddy anymore.

  40. Give me a break says:

    In line with the incredible DEPTH and COMPLEXITY that has been Season 7, how about this? Ausiello, you wanted speculation about the character because the show wanted you to put out some feelers for how the fans feel, right? No, wait, it was just to stir up controversy. My bad. Well, I’ll humor you. How about this? Really, it’s in line with the writing of S7.

    See, it turns out that Dominika IS Aghdashloo. See, House is brain damaged all during S7 (which would explain the general cr#p that’s been spun) ,so in his head, he sees Dominika, but actually, she is Aghdashloo, who has come to take over PPTH, shove Cuddy out of her chair, and take over the Dean of Medicine. She kicks a** AND knows how to give massages.

    Also, Chase is her boy-toy and Taub is her manservant. Cuddy? What Cuddy? No one cares about character continuity on that show! It’s all about House and how he can NEVER change!

    So, in order for things to never, ever change, all the characters around him must either (1) change their personalities overnight or for each episode or, better yet, (2) DIE. Yeah. A Dominika/Aghdashloo/Cuddy wrestling match where one of them dies would seem to fit the intention of the producers and writers this season. Then the producers and writers can replay the match over and over again and take bets on whose hotter and stronger and congratulate each other on their brilliance.

  41. Arya says:

    It is so annoying to see all the categorization, I’ve been a Huddy fan for 7 years now (in a pretty deep way I can assure you, still am), and I absolutely love the turn of events of the last episodes and this season so far! I watch for the show, the stories, the actors and at lastly for the ship, as much as I love it. It’s insulting to be seen as the annoying lunatics all the time. I just want a well written and breathless finale, like most of the people out there!

  42. Robbie says:

    I’m really looking forward to Shoreh on House! I kind of knew Huddy wouldn’t last, but I loved the time they spent together. It was good Huddy banter between them, and the reason they ended it was actually pretty common–she thought she can change him, but he’s unchangable. Huddy ran its course. House went through Candace Bergen, I want to see him handle Shoreh!!

  43. Matt says:

    Does anyone know if she’s going to breathe as heavy as she did when she accepted her Oscar? That will get irritating to listen to for a whole episode.

  44. RanSi says:

    This season had few well written episodes. If you compare House’s scenes with Stacy vs Cuddy, it is readily apparent the chemistry lies with Stacy. Cuddy and Wilson have more respect for each other than Cuddy and House, and a long time ago I thought there could be more of a relationship there. I still can’t figure out what Wilson gets out of House’s friendship. Anyway, the only character spark has been with 13’s replacement – a lot more opportunity for learning lessons for her. I’m not sure why the rest of the MD’s stick around – no stories worth watching other than Taub learning a bigger picture life lesson with soon-to-be-exwife. I love Lisa as an actress, but Cuddy deserves a promotion to a better level at the hopsital or another opportunity she can’t pass up elsewhere. She’s at her best when doing her job – and the episode of a day in her life was one of any season’s best.

  45. JohnDoe says:

    I may not dig the Huddy storyline on House, but it still presents itself on a show that is better than all that heavy duty soap opera crap on other channels.

  46. Jolie says:

    Why is it that 90% of the Huddy fan girls
    can barely speak English?

    There can only be 2 believable explanations.

    The same non English speaking people keep posting
    over and over again.

    Or 90% of the Huddy fan girls are functionally

    • Billa says:

      House is a famous tv show, there are Huddy fans all over the world, with different languages.

      Did I answer your question?

    • Jane says:

      We can learn English or another language, but it’s hard to learn how to be polite. Unfortunately. :(

      • Jolie says:

        So sorry. I don’t need lessons on how to be polite, thank you
        very much.

        I’m just treating the illiterate crazy Huddy fan
        girls the same way they’ve treated everyone else for years.

        • Carol says:

          Fans of the House/Cuddy relationship are found in all nations and all language groups. Their intense interest in the show and their ability to communicate cogently in English about it is admirable and enviable. While it is certainly possible that these fans will be able to improve their command of English over time, it seems certain that you will remain the same small minded, mean spirited, embarrassingly ignorant person you are today. I admire “House” and in particular I love House/Cuddy and House/Wilson; I am repulsed by your smug bigotry and your smarmy sense of entitlement.

  47. Crystal says:

    You can only work with what you are given and lately, the stories have been sub-par at best and turn-off-the-tv at worst. Regardless of what ship you align yourself with, most would admit that earlier seasons were of a better caliber. I want to stick with the show but I am still unsure of things. I don’t care if House/Cuddy are no longer together. That isn’t the issue. Just show us some writing and plots that make sense.

  48. karen says:

    omg!!! i love huddy together but they didnt give them a fighting chance! why get house to marry a hooker? cos cuddy said she had been married before and hes never, wants to be the same as her and hurt her at the same time. just want them together, soulmates

  49. HAPPY says:

    Cuddy shouldn’t have dumped House. Guess the mother in law of the green card lady he married will fit right up House’s alley. He;ll be in for a BIG surprise, thought Cuddy’s mom was a handful Look out now. Let me on the show it will be more than a handful for House > 3’s company > that is Ladies. That would be interesting. ? ? Just a thought that passed in my mind. I want to be the other Lady.

  50. Iván says:

    hey, hey, don’t forget “Wilson’s brother” from the last POTW … my heart is in an outcome likewise …

    hope a ending no one expects … my finger crossed on that