House Exclusive: Season Finale Special Guest Star and Title Revealed!

If my hunch is right, House fans are gonna love this news, and Huddy fans are gonna hate it: Shohreh Aghdashloo has just signed on to appear in the Fox hit’s season finale.

Why will fans of the show love it? Uh, because the 24 alum kicks ass — she’s not only an Oscar nominee, she’s an Emmy winner. Hello?!!

House Spoiler: Find Out Where Thirteen’s Been!

But, like I said, Huddy fans might not be so excited if I’m correct in guessing that she’ll be playing Doc Crankypants’ new mother-in-law, which would translate to his recent green-card marriage having legs.

Mind you, I don’t know for sure that the new missus’ mom is who Aghdashloo will be playing — details about her role are being kept under wraps for now. It’s entirely possible Aghdashloo is just the patient of the week. But you have admit, Aghdashloo bears a strong resemblance to the new Mrs. House, actress Karolina Wydra.

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One thing I know for sure about the finale: The title is, “Moving On.” A reference to Huddy perhaps? Hit the comments with your theories. And toss in some speculation about Aghdashloo’s character while you’re at it.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. WWTTFF says:


  2. R says:

    She will always be Dina Araz to me. “Behroooooz!” -24

    • Nick C says:

      Ha Ha ha Im not the only one who thought that….

      • Matt says:

        No you’re not. I’ll always hate her. It’s amazing how playing one character can make you hate an actor. The same thing goes for President Logan from 24, Captain Aceveda from The Shield, and Sherry Palmer from 24 (which is especially tough because I loved her in The Larry Sanders Show).

        • Elltee says:

          Can’t STAND her gravelly smoker’s voice. And she’ll also always be the lady married to Ben Kingsly when they took their lives at the end. Of course Ben Kingsley walks on water as Mahatma Gandhi.

          Cloris Leachman in “Rhoda” is on my list…

        • carmen says:

          Totally agree with you… I couldn’t believe the writers came up with the “idea” of huddy…

    • Deb Mac says:

      LOL! That’s exactly what I think of when I think of her!

    • jackie says:

      I can only see her as the 24 character. Behrooooz indeed!

    • Nitih says:

      Very true for me as well

  3. Mindy says:

    Cool! She is a great actress!

    I kind of liked House’s new wife. Thought she was fun. Although, granted that was just one episode. I guess we’ll see how I like her after a few episodes.

    • DL says:

      I was actually a big Huddy fan, but I like House’s new lady a lot, too.

    • sashay says:

      I’m feeling that way too. You’re right, sometimes it takes a few episodes to get a good feel for the character, but so far I’m liking her quite a bit.

      • BJ says:

        She won me over when she said (in reference to Taub), “I feel bad for the little one.” Then they made him ringbearer LOL!!! If nothing else, at least she has a sense of humor.

  4. David says:

    Jesus Christ. Could this get any worse? I hope Shoreh is playing a POTW. At least there would be some substance there.

    • Jenny says:


      The new wife is a more offensive stereotype than even Cameron.

    • Alicia says:

      Don’t hold your breath, this is House after all. Last week we were treated to such gems as House riding a segway and driving a monster truck “just because.”

      Although, I’d like some of whatever Ausiello is smoking since apparently the Iranian Aghdashloo “bears a strong resemblance” to the Polish Karolina Wydra (House’s “wife”).
      Yeah, might as well lump 13 and Cuddy in there too–they’re also brunette!

      And Ausiello makes a curious distinction between “Huddy” fans and “House” fans. Who knew they were mutually exclusive? Thanks for clearing that up, Aus!

  5. KC says:

    I love Shohreh Ahgdashloo! She is such a classy lady and so beautiful. I might not like the storyline but I will watch just because of her.

  6. FH14 says:

    Instead of letting the Huddy fans whip themselves into a frezy you do all the legwork yourself with a post full of more speculation than actual fact.

    Stay Classy Michael. ಠ_ಠ

  7. Knox B. says:

    No no no… “Moving On” is clearly about Masters moving on, since it is known that she is not sticking around!

    • Matt says:

      She leaves in ep 19.

    • Bob says:

      I think there’s going to be a big move in ‘Moving On’. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Cuddy. I think the producers really want to shake up this show and get rid of one of the core characters.

      • Cory says:

        Getting rid of Cuddy would be a good move, this show needs to get rid of those soap opera elements

        • djesus says:

          They can’t write good storylines between two characters anymore, if they want to keep audience, please stop with the romance between 2 characters, just show frienship, ok it’s not realistic but the show will be better only with all of them alone.

        • barbara Battaglia says:

          I agree good riddance to Cuddy and that storyline.Bring back House like it was

          • geraldine says:

            Yeah, i really hope Cuddy will be written out of the show. The show needs to move from this Huddy-mess. It lasted long enough IMO

      • Ahreada says:

        Please God let that be true

  8. Jordan says:

    Maybe they will finally reveal what happened to Behrooz. That boy just disappeared, maybe it was to a different TV show.

    • Stephen S. says:

      There is a deleted scene in the dvd of season 4 that shows Curtis rescuing Behrooze from Marwan’s goons. So we do find out what happened to him, in the dvd.

      • Joanie 22 says:

        Thanks for the info regarding Behrooze, glad he made it. I had always wondered.
        I like that his Mom will be on House. Actually I wish it would turn into a ShoHouse only to see her put House in his place once in a while. On well I am not a writer.

    • jody says:

      yes I hate unfinished stories thought there would be an answer left me mt…sick of the Cuddy stuff we all knew it would not last so time 4 her to go lol what’s the pont now 4 her

  9. Karla says:

    I am a huge huddy fan but at this point I don’t care if SA is house’s mother-in-law or not. They already told me the relationship is over too many times already. I have no hope for them especially after the way cuddy broke off the relationship.

    All I care about is Lisa is signed for Season 8.

    • Judy says:

      I agree. I loved Huddy cause it led to some funny stuff and touching stuff too, but, as long as Lisa Cuddy is back next year, I don’t care. If she left, I’d have to rename my Kindle.

  10. Steven says:

    I’m watching 24 season 4 for the first time now. Shohreh just finished her arc. I’ll watch House for her even though I stopped watching House when the new ducklings came in.

  11. victoria hernández says:

    OMFH!! i cant hardly wait for this episode!!! D:
    btw i love huddy but i like the way house is taking he’s live :) hahahaha i miss the creepy and junky house!!!

  12. Sharona says:

    Shohreh Aghdashloo is fantastic, this is great news.

  13. Keyla Rocha says:

    WTF is That ? Shohreh Aausgauybxasxhbasyuxya ? How pronunciate this ? Oh God ! I’m afraid of the producers !

    • WWTTFF says:

      haha! THIS!

    • Hunter says:

      Ugh… that shows a lot of disrespect for people from other countries, instead of learning and accepting, you have to mock a last name just because your tiny brain cannot handle it. Geez…

      Good thing the producers are casting Shohreh Aghdashloo, she is an excellent actress, and her character will hopefully make House accept his reality and move on from what Cuddy ended up doing to him. And what he did to her, which was just as ill advised for her idea of couple and family.

  14. Ant says:

    Love Aghdashloo, but her star power is not enough to make me watch that joke of a show again. Would love to see her doing decent TV though, she is a great actress and deserves good material.

    • dan_me says:

      Not a joke of a show, i like House MD, it is a clever made show! Lately it got king of boring, but some scenes were great, i loved the zombie scene! I really see huddy as a possible thing, but anything new is wellcomed, just don`t end the show !

  15. Ant says:

    Ausiello, we know perfectly well that your hand is so deep in Yaitanes’s pocket, that you probably gently massage his tiny balls every time, and I bet you both enjoy it. Stop the “hunch” crap, nobody buys it anymore. You suck more than last two seasons of House combined. Boo!

  16. Isabel says:

    Is there a way this show get any worse? I think not! It’s a joke see House marrying a bitch, and moreover the writers create a storyline for it. The writers’ lack of respect towards the public is reaching its limit. Maybe House MD has turned into a parody of “Two and a Half Man”

    • Sam says:

      It got worse thanks to Huddy! Thank God that is over now :D I like House’s wife, she’s cute.

      • Sally says:

        You think Huddy was bad? Just think if it had been Cameron? Thank God they got, Olivia Wilde, someone prettier and with more clout to replace her. :D

        • Stephen S. says:

          Cameron > 13

          Anyway, I’ve missed the last few episodes of House, so I haven’t seen this new wife of his, but I must admit, this storyline sounds really lame.

          • maddie says:

            It is lame! House was a great show up until the third season. Forth and fifth seasons were nothing but regular. Not good, not bad. Some episodes were great, others were terrible. The sixth season was just awful. And the seventh… Really, it’s terrible. I’ll watch it until this season’s finale just because I want to finish the season, but I’ve been dragging myself to watch the show. After the finale, it’s ‘goodbye, House’ for me.

        • lynn says:

          I can’t stand the one who took over Cameron’s place. She’s a wannabe Cameron. Couldn’t they get a different look for her? And the name is CUDDY, not Huddy. WTH did you come up with Huddy? You sound ridiculous.

      • djesus says:

        she looks so dumb! and “cliché”! but if a dog can make House happy why not? wilson has already a cat…

    • Kendall says:

      He didn’t marry Cuddy.

      Can I get a rimshot?

  17. Isabel says:

    Is there a way this show get any worse? I think not! It’s a joke see House marrying a bitch, and moreover the writers create a storyline for it. The writers’ lack of respect towards the public is reaching its limit. Maybe House MD has turned into a parody of “Two and a Half Men”

    • sashay says:

      Why are you calling her a bitch?
      According to, the only two applicable (noun not verb) references to a bitch are:
      a malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, especially a woman.
      a lewd woman.

      He didn’t marry 13, you know. His actual wife seems nice, albeit with a shaky grasp of English. So far, she seems to be some sort of a caring not a nasty person.
      So you must be using the secondary definition, a term that pretty much went out of fashion about 20 or 20 years ago. If you want to use a derogatory term for a prostitute, there are many other words still in use.

  18. Raisa says:

    Okay. I love House and I try to stand up for it. I’m a Huddy fan and while I’m sad they broke up you won’t find me in a tizzy over it. I think, like Kutner’s death, that this green card marriage thing was COMPLETELY out of the blue however. It’s way too random and way too soon after Huddy. One ep they’re the picture of the perfect couple and the next he’s married to someone else? I feel like the writers can barely be trusted to handle an entire season now. I honestly don’t mind House’s wife and I liked her character but in reality I think the whole storyline was a mistake.

    • sashay says:

      I think the writers were trying to show that House did this to make Cuddy jealous and drive her back to him. Since she didn’t actively try to stop the wedding, he completed the ceremony but didn’t consumate the marriage (despite presumably, having been intimate with her beforehand). That means he can annul the marriage, not have to go thru the longer process of a divorce.
      As for finding her quickly, I don’t think it’s difficult to find somebody wanting to marry to get a green card. You could find someone online, or maybe he heard about her from the many hookers he hooked up with after Cuddy dropped him. I don’t think it is that unrealistic a plotline.

    • Erin says:

      I agree Raisa. I had a feeling Huddy wouldn’t last, but her reasons for breaking up contradicted things he said in earlier episodes. Not great writing. And this marriage episode was way the crap out of left field. Jumping the shark, maybe? I really like this show. I hope the writers get back on track…

  19. Isabel says:

    “Two and a Half Men”

  20. Don't care says:

    I was excited when House and Cuddy became romantically involved. After 6 years of waiting for the hookup the inevitable finally came to fruition. But TPTB basically made a joke of the relationship and to add insult to injury, everyone on the show constantly told me it was doomed. Why? Because the only reason they put them together was to break them up and give themselves a storyline. Wow, what a creative bunch.

    • Danielle says:

      I agree, this relationship wasn’t given a chance. Other than the premire and a few minutes here and there in other episodes, Huddy got no screen time so I get confused when the Huddy haters and writer’s, producer’s, and cast of the show say that “they really explored the relationship.” Umm I’m pretty sure I stayed awakde for all the episodes this season and yeah this I did not see.

    • Debby says:

      I have to agree. I was so looking forward to a Huddy relationship and they dropped the ball like the hydrogen bomb on it. Now they are going ahead with his new reltionship and I am losing interest in the show.

      • Linda says:

        Yes I also believe they dropped the ball on the Huddy relationship and am beginning to lose interest after following for so many years. What has happened to the great story writing (like “One Day, One Room” and “Three Stories”) that use to be there at one time?

      • shirrill says:

        I agree Debby. They did very little with Cuddy’s character but make her look as if she had wasted 10 years on House, who really has no redemption. I may not be into s8 either…

  21. Emily says:

    Y’know, I was always a pretty big Huddy fan, but actually seeing them together this season hasn’t been all that great. I wouldn’t mind moving on from this.

    • Erin says:

      I think it would have been great if they weren’t planing on ending their relationship for good from the beginning.

    • Deven says:

      This show now needs a decent burial. It should have stuck to its original core story. Well-done medical shows are interesting. Adding House’s lousy disposition to the story could carry it only so far. His drug addiction is now the core. He couldn’t keep a good woman like Dr. Cuddy. He’s a lousy friend to the only buddy he’s ever had. He’s basically a physically attractive, rotten human being. Why should we care about him? The scripts suck, at best. It’s just too hard to sustain the concept or the watchers’ interest any longer.

  22. J says:

    I don’t think she will be his mother in law, that doesn’t seem dramatic enough for the finale, but she really does look like the new wife. Do a side by side, they look like the same person at a different age

  23. Elka says:

    In the fight of mother-in-laws, Candice Bergen will always win. Cage match?

    • Veronica says:

      Candice Bergen is my favorite guest star of the season. I’m so glad they brought her in.

      Mike, I like that you have been good about giving Huddies spoilers in the past, but don’t you think this article is reaching a little? Basically it’s just a guest star and a guess. And I’m not really interested enough in who she is to try to guess. Thanks though.

  24. Ryan D says:

    Admiral Shala’Raan on House?

    Now, if they could get Mark Meer and Brandon Keener together in an episode, that would be awesome.

  25. Babygate says:

    I don’t care what part she plays or what the story line is. I love that she’s going to be on. I love her work. She is absolutely brilliant and excellent. Just having her on the show elevates the standing of House for me, and I already love it so that’s saying a lot. She is classy and raises the caliber of everything she is involved in, even when she was on the ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.’ :-)

  26. Huddies' answering service says:

    Sorry we can’t answer your call right now but we’re busy ‘moving on.’ If you are trying to bait us into something please start speaking now and hang up at the beep. Everyone else start speaking at the beep and hang up when you’ve finished.

  27. Laurence says:

    Mr. Ausiello, your article is not even thinly veiled. It’s a completely transparent attempt to stir up mass hysteria. Basically, you found out the name of a guest star and the name of the title. That’s all. Yet, the way you presented it is such an obvious attempt to stir up controversy.

    Why am I responding to your post, then, you ask? I’m responding to it because I want you and the producers of House to know that they can stop with the terrible attempts at publicity they are doing this season. It’s not Huddy that’s the problem, IMHO. It’s the sudden, jarring lack of quality in plotlines, scripts, and character development. No matter how many justification interviews you do or sensationalist articles like this get published, the truth of the matter is, it is the work that speaks for itself in the end.

    Please stop with this nonsense and get back in the writer’s room, behind the camera, on set–and give us substance over this nightmare of a season that has been filled with gimmicks and carelessness. Unless the season finale can explain WHY there has been such a sudden drop in quality of the show, I think that many fans will be moving on, indeed.

  28. Sally says:

    Sounds great! Time to move on sounds even better. The only good thing about Huddy was the break-up anyway. I kind of like House’s wife too, at least she doesn’t want to change him.

  29. Belle says:

    Thats great we get the stupid plot device of House getting a Green Card wife who’s inanity House watchers are going to have to put up with for the rest of the season and now you are implying we get to meet the rest of her family as well. With all due respect to Shohreh Aghdashloo, who is a wonderful actress, everything you have told me in this article does nothing but prompt me to reach for the off switch. I was over the rather sudden House’s Green Card wife plot device 20 seconds after it was introduced, it looks like it is going to be an even lamer and tired roadblock than the introduction of the Lucas character in season 6 (and look at how much the House fans loved him – NOT)

    You can put me in the catergory of someone who was surprised and dismayed by the House/Cuddy breakup, I’m not an ardent shipper but I was one of the people who thought moving those characters forward through the “Huddy” storyline was a good idea – the writing for it was a little inconsistent but still there was enough there, coupled with the other storylines to keep me intereseted in the show. Now the storylines have done a complete 180 turn and the plots and writing are so contrived and shallow that I can barely recognise the show or its characters. Plus there is a misogynist edge to these last few episodes that has slipped straight from trying to be funny into base, mean and sexist. As a female viewer it is just not appealing.

    Honestly none of what you report/imply here gives me any incentive to watch the show Ausiello it only prompts me to be “Moving On” from this show myself.

    And as to the Huddy romance, yeah I get it, You and every producer and writer for House keep telling House fandom that it appears to be over. So stop being Yaitaines and Shores little mouth piece to belabor the point in an attempt to get Huddies to rise to the bait and increase the comments and hits on your website. It is pretty obvious that your House aticles are being less veiwed and commented on since Bombshells aired and your David Shore interview were posted. Sucks for you. After the poor attempt at TV journalism you have displayed with this aticle I for one wont bother reading this site or commenting here again.

    • hheavenscent391 says:

      Ok lets just play this out as a season finale leave it at that cause you know that cuddy is gonna find a way to become pregnant with his child tooo funny plot. Only kidding. NOT lol I think that it was just a plot to get HOUSE back on the drugs he is much funnier when he is on them and make the show way more about the problems than the cures come on that is when he is in his element so you know he had to return to it sooner or later after all he is the lead role. I think though that we should have fun with it and make both the women pregnant and he becomes a disfuntional dad too funny remember you heard it here first lol. Love the show we got to see the nice side of him for a season now it time for him to get back to his bad self making us laugh our a-s-s-e-s off…

    • NiceIce says:

      Thanks for elucidating the “misogyny” aspect. I’ve gotten nothing but an icky feeling from the last two episodes, but failed to put words to it. So House is hot, but incredibly f’d up. Let’s get back to the medicine and leave his inability to sustain decent human relationships behind.

  30. Lena says:

    Ohhhh how exciting….not. What a waste of a talented actress. Playing the mother of a character no one cares about must be the role of her life *sarcasm off*
    It´s funny how nobody cared about House getting married and writers are still trying to push the storyline. Watching the episode with my friends i thought they would make a big deal out of House getting married, either a positive or a negative one but they were just excited for the cannibal patient and didn´t even mention the wife.
    Making the season finale about it it´s plain wrong and will be boring.
    I started having doubts about the quality of this show last season but season 7 is just making me want to…MOVE ON

  31. Jill says:

    No you are wrong Ausiello. I am NOT a so called Huddy, I love this show just for House. But this does not make me happy in the least. This so called green card bride was pathetic as it was stupid, and now they want to bring the whole darn family over! I do not understand as to where the show has gone this year. David Shore said they where back to square one with House, I don’t see it myself, and I have been watching for the last seven years. No I am done with the show, I will not be watching the final, nor will I be watching S8 if there is one. Fox still have not confirmed that. This was once a great show, I adore Hugh Laurie, but this mess the PTB have put out this year, sigh! it’s not the show I loved any more. This makes me very VERY sad.

  32. tahia45 says:

    I was a Huddy until Cuddy broke with House, she never gave him a second chance..hope House is moving on and away from Cuddy. They both will do better away from each other..there, I said it..hate myself.

  33. Freyah says:

    “House fans are gonna love this news, and Huddy fans are gonna hate it”

    You know Ausiello just because I am a Huddy fan it doesn’t mean I am not a House fan. Why the hell do you think I watched the show for 7 years. Thanks for being so incredibly insulting.

    As to this news – as a storyline this leaves me dissapointed as a House fan and a Huddy fan. The writers on this show have lost direction and credibility as story tellers and this sort of Stunt Casting is not going to help. I doubt I’ll even make it to this episode as I am already contemplating not bothering to tune in for the next one.

    • Amy says:

      Maybe because huddies keep saying “We watched for huddy, now huddy is over so the show sucks and we don’t care anymore”, “We just watch for Huddy/Cuddy, we want huddy sex, POTW are boring, the team is boring, they steal huddy’s scenes, huddy all the way”.
      It’s good that tptb are well aware of this

      • Freyah says:

        I don’t think I have seen any Huddy except the most extreme simplify their leaving the show with “We watched the show now huddy is over so we are leaving”. I liked the Huddy storyline but I also liked House as a show, and it is House the character that has kept me watching all these years . What has put me off the show in these last episodes is the complete lack of credibility of the storylines and the weakeness of the scripts but the main thing that induced me to walk away is the decent into misogyny of this show. Ep 16 aka Hookers MD and Ep17 Greencard/Sexslave Wife offended me as a woman. I don’t want to watch a show that treats its female characters so appallingly. So yes I’m dissapointed about Huddy but I am more dissapointed in the direction this show is going in. In the past whatever House did I could forgive him and like him and have hope for him. The last two episodes just made me dislike him and since David Shore and all the writers keep stating that House will not change what it there for me to look forward to in the show? A character that will not evolve is not interesting and 7 years is enough time to have invested in hoping he would. So there you have it my rather more complicated reasons for walking away from the show and none of them have a basis in me being a Huddy. Lets hope TPTB are aware of these issues as well!

      • djesus says:

        you’re kidding? huddy was boring too! what a crap they wrote this season! Stacy’s arc was so better written.
        About the team and the POTW, yes they are really uninteresting this season, but it was also the same thing in S6.

  34. Amy says:

    I really like SA and I’d love to see her as the new Dean of Medicine instead of Cuddy.

    • Ada says:

      OMG I love you for this comment !!! Wow, that would be awesome, Cuddy could leave and move on and House could move on as well and there would be a new House rising from the finally consumed ashes of this terrible romantic soap opera streak the writers fell into with this Huddy (could have been any other ship btw, still stupid)

    • be says:


    • nitemar says:

      I love it to happen, everybody is moving on, including House and Cuddy in different directions, Im game!

  35. jj says:

    Moving on is such an appropriate title. I have moved on. House is no longer a must watch show. Keep to read spoilers for other shows and happen to see this as the first post and decided to come in to have a look. Confirm that I made the right decision a few weeks ago.

    Thanks for the scoop.

  36. Lori says:

    Are we done with the huddy crap? I don’t care about huddy or cuddy or stupid huddy fangirls, I want to know more about a plot not huddy related!

  37. Kevin says:

    I hope it will be good enough to answer all the gaps until now.. Only that! I want sense, a good storyline, only that.

  38. Bia says:

    I’m a huddy fan and I’m not a lunatic that don’t appreciate a good story or another character, or House. I watch for House plus Huddy. I don’t like when people generalize that Huddys, Hilsons, Hamerons, etc are lunatics fans. Please respect us! We watch House, we are the audience, we love the show and we want good explanation, good storyline and we hope it for the finale.

    Huddy or not Huddy, I want a good season finale. And respect from the writers, the director and from you Ausiello (if I remember well… You WAS a Huddy fan too…)

  39. RUSSIA says:

    Hello, people
    Greetings from Russia. There is a huge army of Housefans here. And we want writers to know that their scripts this season disappointed us a lot.
    Why do you have this old stereotype about our country and people? It was unpleasant to see how you try to show our girls as they would do everything for the green card. And why does the actress from Poland plays Russian whore? And then her mother-in-low, as you suppose? Maybe you want House to MOVE ON to Russia? It would be cool by the way!

  40. Ada says:

    I love her name so much and she’s awesome ! I kinda’ want her to be the mother in law , maybe he can grow fond of Dominika ,at least she treats him kindly and with patience and respect and I think she really likes him, the House she met ,it’s sort of sweet as long as they don’t make the show all about it as they did with Huddy.

    Now, I think a romance on House is only good if it’s an afterthought, like just a small detail, say House is doing his thing all day and then you have a minute in the episode of him with someone ,nothing really dramatic or with a lot of accent put on it so I’m dreading the possibility that the soap opera scenarios might continue either with this Huddy crap or some new crappy romance. I already hate the fact that the main idea was now switched from the Huddy soap opera to House pinning for Cuddy in ways that remind me of telenovelas, I’d like to see him move on, a new stage in his life but I don’t think the writers are capable of this.

  41. SnazzyO says:

    Aghdashloo is the awesomesauce. I want her to take on House in a major way. I don’t care WHAT the topic is. I want him handed his ass by her. And she’s got the ability to do it.

    Hey… maybe she’ll reveal what happened to Behrooz?

  42. Mac says:

    I’m sure she’s a fine actress but i don’t know who she is and have no interest in watching her on House. The tittle seems appropriate because I am moving on from this show. I will be a casual viewer at the most because the writing is just not good and the storyline is not interesting at all right now to me. I have no interest in seeing House “married” to a hooker or whatever she is.

  43. Jane E says:

    I actually am upset by the title. I would really hope House they would not insult the viewers intelligence by having House fall in love with an illegal hooker. Doesn’t fly with the character they have shown us over these last 7 years.

    As for Huddy, I would not hope it is over. They really botched that up in Bombshell. These are two characters who truly love each other and was written so well in the beginning that both chracters stayed true to who they are.

  44. Casiano says:

    I don’t understand this ship war. Huddy X Hameron, Huddy X Hilson. Really! It is crap! All the characters are important to House, all! I think Cuddy could be really good for House in a uncommom way, but, until now, this storyline is bad write. Wilson has been bad written this season too… All that I ask is answers!

    And would be fun if House move on to another country, anther hospital, another life. Maybe people would stop fight for silly questions and writers and journalists would stop with this crap humor.

  45. Tamiris says:

    I’m Huddy fan and I want all the writers, jornalists, directors, actors to calm down. I KNOW THIS ISN’T REAL! IT’S FICTION. I KNOW!
    I only care about the show! If it’s bad, sorry! I accept everything with sense!

    What they don’t understand is that we don’t be sad and angry with the break up but with HOW.

    I hope all make sense in the finale.

    Obs. Sorry about my poor English.

  46. Callus says:

    Do people think all Huddy or any kind of ship are stupid? I’m Huddy but I’m not stupid. Please, respect us.
    I love House and Cuddy together because it was great until season 6. You do that! You make us love this characters, the actors have great chemistry, strong personality and great dialogues. Now you look angry about that? As it would be bad and decide destroy all of this? C’mon… Every show wants this, this passion, this fans, this chemistry between actors…

    So, I don’t believe in you! You’re smart too! I know…

    • Danielle says:

      I agree with alot of this statement, while I primarily watch for Huddy, I don’t think we saw a whole lot of them while they were together for one reason or another they were kind of broken up a few times in various episodes which was bad, the only real all out Huddy episode was the premiere. I think since the break up the show has gone down hill and there is sooo much speculation, but think about this, Huddy=why put so much press out about something not going to work and talk about the end of the relationship from the start if you don’t have a big plot twist or OMG moment for it planned? Am I alone in thinking, ok I’ll be honest, begging and pleading that it isn’t to late for them to get back together, and maybe Moving On is about a proposal or pregnancy as this list and season has triggered much talk about those items to, kind of see this guest star announcement and other comments as a way to trigger anger, speculation and ultimatley ratings, but holy moly do I hope I’m right in my crazy train of thought and hope that others out there may be thinking the same!

  47. Feli says:

    This show is just crap. House getting married was the most ridiculous plot in the whole series. If they want to keep House and Cuddy apart at least writers should think about a more convincing storyline. Move on…this is what your viewers are doing

  48. Could be? Or could not? says:

    Moving On. It could be my choice after the episode. Moving on from the show or not? That is the question I hope to answer after this last episode.

  49. Tamise says:

    Ok Ausiello, so… If I’m a Huddy I’m not a House fan??? I need to pick up just one option???
    Good to know!

  50. Hinah says:

    Ok, I like House and Cuddy so apparently I’m lunatic and don’t care about House, the show, etc. So, if Ausiello, the writers and director think this way. I thing Moving On it’s about them change all that matters and send away their audience. Their old audience, cause now, they want young and smart people (because we aren’t)… I see!