Ratings: Renewed Fringe Spawns Better Demos

Fringe was treated to a little icing on its Season 4 renewal cake this Friday, in the form of a 15 percent gain in the coveted 18-49 demo (returning to a 1.5 rating). The Fox drama also saw a small uptick in total audience, to 3.9 million viewers. (What did you think of the white-knuckle ride that was last night’s episode?!)

Fringe Renewed for Season 4!

Elsewhere… well, there’s not much else to see here. But let’s try, shall we?

* CBS’ coverage of the NCAA basketball tourney enjoyed the night’s best demos (2.7) and averaged just over 8 million viewers, peaking at 10 o’clock with north of 10 mil.

* Dateline NBC was Friday’s most watched program, averaging 8.11 million viewers over its two-hour run.

* And ABC’s Shark Tank officially opened its new season with 4.8 million viewers and a fourth place-worthy 1.2 rating.

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  1. Reese Mitchell says:

    Loved last nights episode. I only wished the baby pulled an Alien and came out baby momma’s stomach instead of the old fashioned way. Other than that another win in my book.

    • Jacob says:

      As much as we all love a little gore on Fringe, the baby is still human. And clawing your way out of your mother’s stomach… not so human.

  2. Will says:

    I hope people don’t stop watching Fringe live because it’s “safe”.

  3. Tricia says:

    They made me cry! At the wrong universe! I’m so happy that Lincoln and Charlie are figuring stuff out, now I have to wait 3 WEEKS for the next episode. Lame.

  4. Vivian says:

    Amazing episode! Now I REALLY can’t decide which universe I like more. And three weeks for the LSD episode? What am I supposed to do until then?!

  5. Cindy says:

    I wish when all is said and done, Lincoln and Charlie end up getting rid of both Walter net AND Bolivia. Can’t stand either and it’s hard for me to watch an entire episode with a character I do not liken, nor care about, though I am THRILLED Fringe has been renewed. Here’s hoping at some point Faulivia can just be done with so I don’t have to suffer through an entire hour rolling my eyes not caring. Sorry, “Our Olivia” rocks. This Faulivia/Bolivia I simply do not give a cr*p about. But Fringe is amazing!

    • Jacob says:

      In my opinion, Fauxlivia is amazing. She’s how Olivia would be if Olivia wasn’t so sad and abused/ mistreated by all the people in her life she’s supposed to be close to (Her stepfather, Dr. Walter, John, etc ).

  6. Idgie says:

    I strongly believe that one of the biggest reasons quality rating challenged show fail rather than catch on these days is the media as well as the networks. These days when watchers find out that a favorite new show or even an established show is on the so-called-bubble, they stop watching. Myself included or though more so with newer shows. In the past ratings were not discussed like they are today, they are absolutely everywhere, add that to the fact that networks were not as quick to pull a show, these days after an episode or two. In the past shows like All in the Family, Dick Van Dyke had dismal ratings but were given an opportunity to find it’s auduence. There classics now , with great runs. The n there are the great shows like Picket Fences and ED that never had great ratings but the networks were willing to sometimes sacfrice quality for top tier ratings. No more!!! There is nothing worse for a viewer (in TV Land) than to fall in love with a show only to have it pulled after a certain amount of episodes or even a whole season. For me a perfect example was Terriers, I feel that I became invested in this quality and unique concept show, loved the complex characters characters only to have it cancelled. All season I had heard the rumours in regards to the ratings and a second season but I kept on watching, only to see it cancelled. That is the reason why when I began to hear early on about the ratings issues with Lights Out, I stopped watching the show. I understand that I do not have a Neilsen box, so I do not count anyway (The Neilsen’s rating system….save that antiquated system for another day) but I believe the exact same situation occurs with Neilsen watchers. I beleieve that is why the ratings were up, people heard about the renewal and came back to the show or even watched it for the first time knowing their emotional and time investment will be rewarded with another season a least. Bottom line between the combination of the networks and the media constant rating chatter, original and quality programming is going to continue to fall by the wayside.

    • Bob says:

      Well, Idgie, if you stop watching because some media snob is telling you your favorite show is “on the bubble”, then you’re weak. Stick with your favorites until the bitter end. That’s called loyalty.

  7. Michael says:

    My reasons for not watching Fringe live anymore and choosing to go the DVR route have nothing to do with this show being on the bubble, but for episodes like last night’s. While there were aspects I did like, namely Charlie/Lincoln and the taxi driver. I don’t want to see the Alt Universe characters and don’t care enough to invest in them let alone watch an entire hour dedicated to them. I started watching Fringe for Walter, Peter, Olivia. Now I am force fed Walternet and Fauxlivia. Bravo for Anna Torv to be able to play multiple characters, but frankly, Fauxlivia is a liar, not redeemable and not interesting as a character. I actually found myself rooting for her to die last night to finally put at least a partial end to this nonsense storyline. One of my favorite things about Fringe is the relationship between Peter and Walter. It’s funny, smart, well written and touching. Walternet, I could care less about and even worse to bring Peter into it means DVR time for me. I never miss the live Friday showing when I know the original characters are in the forefront, but I’ll continue to tune out in the Alt Universe and I am not alone. This has been shared with me on several Fringe forums. I beg the writers to end this mess and soon. I’m feeling less and less of a need to continue to support the silliness of what I saw last night. So I’ll DVR that, and invest when the original characters are back because that is where the heart of the show and the greatness of the storylines are for me.

    • Heather says:

      I’m a fan and I like the alt-universe. Adds an interesting dynamic to the show. Especially since Walter-Nate is Peter’s father. Actually Walter is playing the part of faux-daddy.
      Fauxliva is a lot less damaged the our world Olivia – probably due to not being experimented on as a child.
      As a fan I am more comfortable in our universe, but I do like to visit the other world too.

      • Michael says:

        I know that “Walternet” is Peter’s biological father, and still I don’t care. It is much more interesting in the dynamic of a father (our Walter) who in our world loses the son and his quest to save the Alt-Son (Peter) and all that happens afterward as a result, not to mention the rebuilding of their relationship. And as we recently saw, that in itself binds both Peter and our Olivia who met as children through “our Walther”. In terms of Fauxlivia, the very fact that in each episode she tends to tell some whopper of a lie, to I guess “save her world” in justification, or that she could “pretend” to be our Olivia while claiming to have grown to care about the people she is duping and knowing she has left the person they all care about(our Olivia) to some sort of dreadful outcome all by herself in the “Alt Universe” and again, wrap it in the “doing it for her universes survival” excuse makes me dislike her all the more. Again, there are aspects to the Alt Universe I do like,but int terms of the primary characters of Fauxlivia and Walternet, they are the least appealing parts of it. Joshua Jackson said recently that our Walter is the heart of Fringe and what makes fans attach to the characters, while our Olivia plays the storyteller of the events. I believe that to be true, because in my opinion, there is just nothing all that compelling to Fauxlivia/Walternet who both lie, hurt others and do whatever it takes for the good of only their world while our universe wants to find another solution to save both. I still love Fringe, just tend to tune out at the Walternet/Fauxlivia nonsense and will continue to DVR when Fauxlivia/Walternet is the primarily focus of the episode. That story has gone on long enough. Next please.

        • JohnDoe says:

          Your loss.

        • Jacob says:

          We all have our own opinions. Personally, the altisodes are a hit or miss. I didn’t pay attention to the bug episode – but kept in on – until they found out she was pregnant, because I was expecting it to happen. But this episode I was riveted. I like Fauxlivia when she’s not covering her pain with lies. Our Olivia hides her pain by becoming cold and emotionless, which is finally starting to break to show the real her – and so is Fauxlivia’s wall. It’s an interesting dynamic in my opinion. To each their own.

  8. Tivie says:

    Any idea how to get Anna Torv on the Emmys radar?

  9. flor says:

    YEEEEEEEEEES, now please tell me that lie to me is renew as well. Please, please!!!

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Count me as one of the “Fringe” fans who a) lost their everloving minds reading the Tweet regarding the renewal (sorry, neighbors) and b) is enjoying the Alt-Verse, if only to see the incredible transformation of John Noble as Walternate. (My partner is ridiculously sick of me yelling “HOW DOES THIS MAN NOT HAVE AN EMMY YET?” every time we watch the show. Whoops.) Friday’s episode had an intensity I can only liken to the season two finale “Over There” and I adored every minute of it. There are few shows/writers/showrunners I trust wholeheartedly, and “Fringe” is one of them.

    (All I want for Christmas is a Lincoln Lee spin-off. If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.)

    • Jacob says:

      If not a spin-off, at least an Our-lincoln-centric episode. I want him on our side’s team. Just saying. The glasses are what did it, honestly.

  11. Doug-H says:

    I for one love the Alt-Universe stuff mostly to watch for the differences between our world and over there… It’s certainly a fun part of it.. It certainly gives Joshua Jackson a week off but not the other stars.. I wonder if his contract called for only so many episodes.. same with John Noble who sometimes has a far less to do…

    I wonder how Peter will find out that he’s a father???

  12. AlistairCrane says:

    I am just getting into this show by watching the first season on DVD. Without spoiling anything, can anyone tell me if Astrid’s role grows beyond that of a “Girl-Friday”?

    • Ellen says:

      Not much, but a little here and there. I believe there are some rumors that there will be an Astrid-centric episode in the near future, although I’m not sure how true those rumors are. She definitely has some great moments though :)

    • Jacob says:

      I wish. Astrid is my favourite character – she needs more air time. Jasika is a brilliant actress and could use some storyline!

  13. fringeobsessed says:

    I am waiting for TPTB to redeem FauxLivia’s character.
    When I heard last season we would get to meet Alternate Olvia Dunham I was very excited and looking forward to it. But they limited and severely cheapened the FauxLivia character by giving her that stupid “vagenda” story arc. Is that really all they think Alternate Olivia would be good for? No? Then prove it to us, and quickly!!!