Grey's Anatomy: Why Did Arizona [Spoiler]? And Watch What Happens Next!

Oh, what a ride ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy sent “Calzona” fans on this week, closing Thursday’s episode with a sequence that steered romantic as hell… and then veered straight into harrowing hell.

After months of tension stemming from the fact that Callie is carrying Mark’s baby, she and her lady love embarked on a getaway. Ongoing anxieties persist, though, when Callie gets a text from Mark, the very last person Arizona wants intruding on their “we” time. Arizona grabs and lobs Cal’s cell into the back seat — a critical moment, as it requires Callie to unbuckle and retrieve it.

Then, in the midst of squabbling anew, Arizona decides there is one way to make clear to Callie how she feels, and secure real, Mark-immune commitment.

As Jessica Capshaw told TVLine, “Arizona feels like, ‘Where am I? Who am I?’ So in a bold effort to sort of legitimize and find her place, she pops the question. And then something wild and crazy happens. And then we lead into the musical episode [airing March 31].”

Wild and crazy, yes, though not in any remotely festive sense of the words. No sooner does the proposal land on Callie’s ears and is processed by her brain and heart then their car meets head-on with a truck ahead of them. What happens next? ABC released a sneak peek of next week’s first minute. (Warning: The scenes may be a bit intense for a Friday morning.)

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One of many outcomes of the accident: Somewhat ironically, Arizona and Mark will grow closer as the events of next week’s episode unfold. “The traumatic circumstance leads to them having a greater understanding of each other and then appreciation, and then need for each other and desire to be in each other’s lives,” Capshaw previews. “They come to care, I think, for one another.”

Grey’s fans, what did you think of last night’s shocking ending? (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Donna says:

    Wow, I don’t know what’s more disturbing…the preview of next week or the comments on this site. Maybe you guys could be a little nicer. I lost my first son and it’s not easy to come on this site I love so much and read some of these comments. Don’t flame me; just saying.

  2. erikaa says:

    yeaaah me too!!! :O when I’ve see them, in the car I was like : oh no I’m sure, something is going to happen !! :O

  3. Kelly says:

    I think Callie will be fine. I just can’t believe Shonda thinks this storyline and threesome is good. I read the April 1st issue of entertainment weekly and she and we are talking about how great this season is and how the threesome is stealing the show when for me it’s ruining it.

  4. Ridiculous! says:

    PLEASE DON’T DIE CALLIE! DON’T DIE CALLIE!!! Get back to full health! That’s the first thing I wanted to write.
    Second thing: I hate Arizona and it not being biased against her being a lesbian at all.
    She is bitchy and always wants to put her own agenda first. Sure, sometimes you see that she cares about others (like Callie). But occasionally you see that selfishness and vanity.
    She fights with Mark all the time! Her bitchiness towards Mark is just disgusting. And annoying. If she expects to get through this pregnancy, she needs to befriend Mark not insult him every chance she gets.
    When something does not go her way personally, she walks away instead of dealing with the problem.
    Example: When Callie said she wanted a baby, Arizona disagreed. I mean, if you disagree on this pivotal issue, you might as well not be together because IT’S A BIG DEAL! So what did Arizona do? She walked away. Said she was going to Africa. And then she comes back expecting some love from Callie?! NO WAY!! LEAVING CALLIE WAS A SIGN ARIZONA SHOULD NOT BE WITH HER IN THE FIRST PLACE!
    1. He will be a GOOD FATHER.
    2. He HAS BEEN CALLIE’S FRIEND FOR A LONG TIME and though their romance fizzled many times, they need to GIVE THEIR RELATIONSHIP ANOTHER TRY for the baby and for themselves.
    3. He is KIND AND SWEET (making a scrapbook table for the shower when Arizona disagreed). If Arizona is always fighting with Mark after the baby is born, how will this work?
    4. THIS IS WHAT CALLIE AND MARK HAVE ALWAYS WANTED, and since Arizona never wanted a child in the first place, she should just leave. Her progress in accepting these circumstances are too slow. GET ARIZONA OFF THE SHOW!!!!

  5. Ridiculous! says:

    Also Arizona took her eyes off the road to propose to Callie when she should have been focusing on the road. Come on Arizona! Common sense tells you focus on the road especially when you are driving your pregnant partner, so you don’t endanger both lives! She could have proposed when she got to the Bed and Breakfast Inn, not on the road!!

    P.S. Mark looked so angry with her in the preview for the next episode.

  6. Henna54 says:

    First of all, I have loved Greys Anatomy from episode one, and watched every single episode. And yes it´s called Greys Anatomy, but to have every episode, season or story arc involve Meredith just beacuse of that, IMO, is not what makes this show great. What makes Grey´s, again IMO, one of the BEST shows I have ever followed IS the fact that almost every single character from start up until this point have been multifaceted and interesting in one way or the other….
    I agree on one thing you said, Teddy .. SHe feels somewhat forced eventhough I do like her character aswell just maybe not as much as the others, and not in the form it has now.

    And for you to say that George and Izzie didn´t get good storylines, well either we haven´t seen the same show for the last six years or our opinions on what makes a good story, differ wastly. Admittedly George´s last season could have been better, his sendoff however sad it was, I thought was very well written, well the last 5 episodes anyway (the one downside maybe with many talented actors and interesting characters?).
    I miss him, but the way he exited I thought was powerful and in some ways beautifully written however tragic it may have been. It remains one of my favorite episodes to this day the-09 season finale.

    As for Izzie, well her arcs in season 2and 5 was one the best of the whole series, again IMO. And considering that both Heigl and T.R both wanted out of their contracts, I don´t know how else they could have exited. Sure Izzie´s sendoff could have been better, and in some ways it also felt forced and illogical. But they wanted out, however sad I may have found their departures to be, I continue to watch the show because it still holds an extreme amount of talent among it´s cast and writing staff.

    I have enjoyed this season immensely even without Mer/Der in the front all the time. I haven´t liked every single road Shonda and CO have decided to take, but to give every fan exactly what they want, is impossible.

    -I LOVE the Alex/Lucy arc we are given, it feels real and genuinely sweet. I hope they keep exploring that more.
    -Callie/Arizona are one of my favorite couplings , so I´m happy they are involved in a big arc, whatever my opinions are on the McSteamy baby, it has mostly been well done.
    – Bailey and Eli, same goes there… Finally we get to see Bailey and a beau!!

    … the list could go on and on of things I appreciate about season 7. You may think otherwise, but to call me and others, who enjoy this show for more than Mer/Der stories idiotic fans is in itself idiotic. Different people like different things, just as it should be.
    I don´t have´to agree with your opinion, nor you with mine. But we all have to respect it.
    I wrote my opinion on the constant Mer/Der nagging and highlighted the many more great things about this show, you just called me and the rest of us who enjoy it idiots.
    Disrespectful and simpleminded IMO, but your free to have it.

    I will continue to watch, criticize and enjoy Grey´s as long as it keeps me entertained and engaged in the stories told and invested in what happens to the characters. When it stops doing all those things, only then will I consider to stop. NOT because Meredith and Derek has a “slow” season.

  7. Nisha says:

    I don’t understand why so many people are hating on this season. It seems like there is no pleasing anyone. Either it’s over the top and dramatic or it’s too realistic for people. And yes, the show is called “Grey’s Anatomy” but to focus an entire drama series around one character is completely ridiculous and unrealistic, especially a medical series where there are tons of characters. Also, what’s with all the Arizona bashing? She has reasons to be pissed about the pregnancy. You’d be pretty pissed if the love your life got knocked up by someone else too. And both Callie and Arizona were to blame for the way the whole Africa situation went down. Callie should have spoke up sooner about the move and Arizona shouldn’t have left her hanging. If either one of them would have communicated with each other they may have actually figured things out. But just like in reality, they are a couple that’s not perfect. Every relationship has its highs and lows so why are we whining about seeing it evolve on TV? This goes back to my point on how people become angry when things become a little too real. I mean, the plots may not always be realistic but then again, it’s TV. However, the way the characters handle the situations are.

    • Henna54 says:

      Word! I agree… totally!
      Having just spent X amount of words on defending my right to enjoy this show for all it´s great characters and stories without being called a idiotic fan, it brings me joy to see that I am not alone in my appreciation of this season … =)

  8. latricechi says:

    Wow I remember when everyone loved Arizona! I do think that her character has gone through some changes,but I thinkshe will redeemed by the season’s end. Take it easy on her, guys!

  9. Gabby says:

    The Aftica thing, I’m glad Arizona broke up with Callie, Callie was being a whiny bitch about the whole thing. If she didn’t want to go she didn’t have to go. It was a big deal to Arizona and Callie was being a brat about it. I’ve never liked Callie she’s always been selfish, whiny and when people don’t act the way she thinks or wants them too she throws a fit about it. I’m also sick of the people hating on Mark. I think they’re forgetting HE’S the father of the baby. So he has a right to be there. Callie and Arizona are treating him like crap through this pregnancy.
    I don’t care either way if Callie dies, I mainly want the baby to go. I’m so sick of this story line, it was stupid and pointless. I also think Azizona has a right to be upset, I’ve always felt Callie treats her badly. And even though I love Mark, him and Callie really needed to put some kind of boundaries up once they stopped sleeping together.

  10. caspian says:

    i wanted them to kill arizona off she is a pain in the ass

  11. Henna54 says:

    Arizona is entitled to some amount of resentment, and I don´t understand the Arizona bashing going on. I love her and Callie together, given she is abit off at the moment and seems whiny… But can anyone really blame the girl, the love of her life is pregnant with a man she does not all too much like, she barely got to the point that she wanted children in the first place. She returns to Callie to beg for forgiveness and win her back to find her world upside down in an instant…
    Give the girl a break!

  12. cdizzle says:

    I was not surprised by the cliffy at all. But, If they kill Callie off they;ll probaly just bring someone very annoying in and i dont think we want that, but it;ll probaly just a miscarriage or something. Thats how Rimes likes to operate.

  13. kristen says:

    i love callie and arizona! they are my main reason for watching the show, so i love that they are getting lots of air time. i could use a little more actually! :)
    on the other hand, i’m not a huge fan of the callie/arizona/mark triangle situation. sadly, i’m thinking if the baby died, we could start fresh and they could have their own, non-mark baby. which would make me very very happy! here’s to hoping!
    love calzona… both need to live please!!

  14. Kutnah Katen says:

    I hate des shiw
    not nice

  15. Ziska says:

    The last one and a half minutes I already knew what would happen cause it was so obvious but still I was like: oh no! I didn’t want to see it but I couldn’t stop watching either. And then Callie without a seatbelt lets us just think what might happened to her and the baby…hope it won’t be too bad

  16. Ali says:

    I’m a fairly new GA viewer and tuned in during the Mark/Lexie romance and kind of enjoyed that. It was what drew me in. I liked the Alex character and was starting to learn who everyone else was. I enjoy Owen/Christina but oddly find my least favorite couple to be Meredith and Derek (more than likely from not watching the show from the beginning.) I also don’t really care for the Chief’s wife that much and the current Alzheimers story and the newbie Doctors are fairly boring. I was enjoying the Mark/Arizona/Callie drama and hope Callie will make it, but the show is a bit odd as of late. I think the singing is strange but should be interesting for a change of pace. I can’t wait to hear Kevin Mckidd’s voice. He’s so talented!

  17. Joan Hogg says:

    We like the show and watch it every week from the start. Callies girlfreind needs to go. Callie needs to not die and ge married to Mark. Its time to turn the show around from the gay group to a good hospital show. Lots of familys don’t let there kids watch just because of the sex scenes and gay stuff.

    • Mambo says:

      Some families should get them some brains and should teach their kids tolerance to let them become wonderful people as they grow up. Some families should stop to praise hate and despise anyone who’s different than them. That’s what some GOOD and respectable families should do. Are you a racist too?

      But hey, to teach something smart and good to your children, you have to be a smart and good person yourself in the first place. Sorry to break the news but gay people exist. You can try to spread hate as much as you want, you can’t change that.

      I bet the same kind of comment wouldn’t have been accepted if someone had said “lots of families don’t let their kids watch just because of the black people in it”. People like you are despicable. And for God’s sake, learn to write english properly, it’s not even my native language and I’m better at it.

    • Katie says:

      The GAY GROUP?! The gay group?
      You’re almost too pathetic to respond to, but that comment is so offensive I had to say something. Do you realize that there is only one gay couple on Grey’s, and even that took four years to get around to? And let me tell you, I’d MUCH rather watch two hot women go at it, then listen to pointless, arrogant, evil, close-minded dribble from someone like you.

  18. jo says:

    This is the only show I look forward to watching, because of Callie and arzonia. I will not be watching this show if they are not in the fall season of it

  19. Hélène from France says:

    Well, to all those who would be stressed about Callie & and her baby and what they will become, be relax, both will miraculously make it (what is strange besides!) but as it is Grey’s Anatomy and nobody is happy and get all (like Callie who will live her dream in 7×20, in getting her baby, a newly spouse and her BFF /father of her baby to surround her), I doubt that everything go on like that until the end of the season. Worst, I can even see the heatlh of Sorbetina deteriorate quite enough quickly (if Callie and her surely premature baby can be all healthy in 2 episodes, why not the opposite?) with the baby dying in the finale or in the beginning of the next season!

    Kevin McKidd declared that a lot of important things will happen in the two last episodes for doctors of SGW and Shonda Rhimes, the proucer, added that even if there won’t be a gunner walking in the alleys, our doctors will grow up at the end of the season? So, in plus of the break up between Crisitna/Owen and Lexie choosing Jackson over Mark, I see with any problem the baby disappear even though everything was finally appeased in the threesome (and then let’s be honnest, the whole storyline of “the threesome + baby Sorbetina” was – and still is so unpopular – since the beginning * that fans want its ending and Callie/Arizona move in trying to behave like a couple AND Mark runs after Lexie to get her back!

    (* mainly because it was bad written! The trio lost its stamina together and individually quite quickly!)

  20. jen says:

    I would be ok if Callie died, Arizona doesn’t have to raise the baaby, Mark gets the babay and Lexi and Mark raise the baby togetehr.

  21. Ana says:

    When will this madness end?! Why can’t they all die there? Story ends, we can move on to more sane stories.

    • Jo March says:

      SANE storeis? You do know this is “Grey’s Anatomy”, right? They don’t do sane stories and haven’t from the beginning. It’s part of the appeal. So if you don’t like it, may I suggest “30 Rock”? Or perhaps a good book.

  22. Xcake says:

    Is car crashing the new “jump the shark”? Seriously!

    Stop doing that with pregnant women, is very upsetting. Private practice (Shonda Rhimes much?) loves a car crash too or evil things done to pregnat women. Argh!

    And I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that it did happen, or when it does not happen, while the driver is for looooong minutes looking away from the road, while talking face to face (!) to the passenger on his side or in the back seat.

    Keep your frakking eyes on the road and side mirrors. And buckle up!

  23. lara says:

    I hate Arizona and do NOT find her feelings important. She could careless about that baby and i hope Mark puts her in her place. Mark and Callie should raise that baby together

    • Maddie says:

      I got nothing against lesbian, but yes I haaate Arizona. Callie and Mark should get married becasue I absolutely LOOOVEEE Callie and PLease tell me what happens!

  24. sara says:

    I dont care if Arizona is gay or not she is a B****. Go away.

  25. Maria says:

    you people are all so stupid. and youre all gay haters. mark is the father? RIGHT. we see the GREAT example mark will give as a father. are you all stupid or from 1940? do you know how a LESBIAN relationship works or do you live in the boonies of america?

    arizona once married to callie will have the ability to apply for custody as well. so SHE IS AND WILL BE AS MUCH AS A MOTHER OR FATHER AS MARK. you idiotic archaic homophobes.

    callie and arizona are together and mark is a lonely man who has nothing better to do than think he is a hero for sleeping with a DRUNK lesbian and now trying to have rights on a baby as any part other than sperm????? wow. honestly im canadian and im SO SO SO glad i am. no wonder we are constantly laughing at you uneducated fools!

    go learn to read a map before you even try to rationalize a lesbian relationship in your heads!!!.

  26. KelsieK445 says:

    If I ever have an out-of-body experience, I hope my ghost makeup looks that good.

  27. Maddie says:

    Ok… #1, I looove Callie, and If she dies, I will no longer watch the show. #2 I haaate Arizona, and she just caused my fav character pain haha no but seriously I hated her before that… #3 does the baby and Callie make it!!!! PLease tell me now!
    #4 Do any of you know a site where I can watch the full episode FREE before it is aired??? Please help!

  28. Marielavera says:


  29. Boston1 says:

    OMG I can’t believe how many people with ill wishes.
    I hate to see such horror and pain.
    Car accidents are very scary….
    I would never wish someone dead character or not.
    Yikes you guys are brutal.
    I hope it all works our and no one dies……………

  30. Bianca says:

    This preview gave me chills. I can’t wait it’s going to be so frigging good!

  31. If I was writing the script, I would make Callie brain dead, save the baby in her body like an incubator and make the rest of the season about Mark and Arizona making their peace in time for the birth of the baby and Callie’s death as the season finale…but that’s just me.

  32. Alyaa says:

    I’m with and forever ♥ Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez ♥ forever
    i mien ♥ Calzona fan ♥ and forever I’m not gay But the love story of this Stealing of my heart OMG they r so amazing

  33. Terri says:

    This sucks so much right now, i miss how it used to be…
    i just have four words to the creator… bring izzie back bitch!

  34. Ellen says:

    I’m with you Alyaa I’m not gay 2 but I’m watching this series only for
    Calzona The most beautiful thing in the series is Calzona I hope they to stay together Callie & Arizona ( We are with you)Golden couple

  35. Tara T says:

    I have decided if Mark loses another baby I am not watching the damn show anymore!!! At some point Callie should end up with Mark in the “forever” term. Not because of the lesbianism simply because she and Mark always end up together and I really dislike Arizonas character. I want to say “hello we all know she is Bi, why don’t you” hahaha… Anyways I am ready for Meredith to be pregnant too. So happy days for everyone in the show how much bad do they really need? The show is great and I for one am interested in their lives and would not mind some things to go well first Callie and Marks Baby just because Mark wants a baby so bad… The Meredith is pregnant and Happy days are here for her o and did I mention Christina becomes head of Cardio because she Rocks!!!

  36. angst says:

    Thw whole Torres/Arizona/Mark storyline is tired and wholly unrealistic. The accident, while an accident as in not deliberate, was Arizona’s fault; she was driving and went straight into the back of a truck. Callie was contributorily negligent for her injuries because she was not wesring her seatbelt. That is why the law of tort exists… Will Callie sue so we can have a team up (a la 2 1/2 men /CSI episode) with Boston Legal coming back for a final episode? I can just see Shatner/Spader handling that case…

    Thank God for Karev.

    PS. The singing episode was rubbish – back to acting only please.

  37. DerMerCalZona says:

    LMAO at the ignorant idiots in this thread. Guess that’s what happens when you do not know any better. Callie and Arizona are the best thing to happen to Grey’s in a long time. If it were not for them, i’d say this show would be going into it’s last season. Lots of people are watching and lots of people care what happens to Calzona. Callie loves Arizona, and Arizona loves Callie and there isn’t anything going to change that storyline. As the brilliant Rhimes recenty stated, they are MFEO – Made For Each Other! And it’s a beautiful story about love and human rights. And Calzona will go down in history as one of Grey’s best storylines, along with some of the most touching scenes ever played out on screen. Just rewatch the actresses singing “Universe & U” to each other! You’ll never see another couple on this show have that kind of beautiful scene together. Team Calzona!

  38. miranda says:

    I personally do not like the pairing of Arizona and Callie. And know it is not because i’m against gays or am homophobic.i am most definetly not. Arizona actually just sort off annoys me and i just don’t think she and Callie go well together. they dont have any real chemistry. I think Mark and Callie do have Chemistry however and i repeat its not because Mark is a man. i dont want Arizona to leave the show or anythig like that. I think they she introduce a girl who fits better with Arizona. i’ve actually thought about April and Arizona? no? Oh and to finish i love the Fact Callie had a baby regardless of how it was done. :)

  39. milidzani says:

    this aint ER.

  40. MT says:

    I like Cal and Arizona together. The shows needs another stable relationship. Heartache, mistakes and forgiveness are a part of life. Why does tragedy have to follow?

    Give them time to be together and raise the kid with Mark Slone on the side line being a father figure only. Maybe later you can change it up a bit. But not now.

  41. Lola says:

    I think mark and Callie should date or mark and arizona. Seriously! Who wants to watch two girls kiss!