Grey's Anatomy: Why Did Arizona [Spoiler]? And Watch What Happens Next!

Oh, what a ride ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy sent “Calzona” fans on this week, closing Thursday’s episode with a sequence that steered romantic as hell… and then veered straight into harrowing hell.

After months of tension stemming from the fact that Callie is carrying Mark’s baby, she and her lady love embarked on a getaway. Ongoing anxieties persist, though, when Callie gets a text from Mark, the very last person Arizona wants intruding on their “we” time. Arizona grabs and lobs Cal’s cell into the back seat — a critical moment, as it requires Callie to unbuckle and retrieve it.

Then, in the midst of squabbling anew, Arizona decides there is one way to make clear to Callie how she feels, and secure real, Mark-immune commitment.

As Jessica Capshaw told TVLine, “Arizona feels like, ‘Where am I? Who am I?’ So in a bold effort to sort of legitimize and find her place, she pops the question. And then something wild and crazy happens. And then we lead into the musical episode [airing March 31].”

Wild and crazy, yes, though not in any remotely festive sense of the words. No sooner does the proposal land on Callie’s ears and is processed by her brain and heart then their car meets head-on with a truck ahead of them. What happens next? ABC released a sneak peek of next week’s first minute. (Warning: The scenes may be a bit intense for a Friday morning.)

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One of many outcomes of the accident: Somewhat ironically, Arizona and Mark will grow closer as the events of next week’s episode unfold. “The traumatic circumstance leads to them having a greater understanding of each other and then appreciation, and then need for each other and desire to be in each other’s lives,” Capshaw previews. “They come to care, I think, for one another.”

Grey’s fans, what did you think of last night’s shocking ending? (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Chris says:

    I knew it was going to happen as soon as Callie took of her seatbelt.

    • elr says:

      Me too! When I saw the previews before this I thought it was Christina that grabs Bailey’s hand, but now I know I was wrong.

    • lorna says:

      I absolutely detest Arizona. Her and Hahn, both I hate with passion. I don’t even like Callie anymore. Get rid of them both! And April.

      • michael says:

        Hear that? It’s the sound of no one caring.

      • Lynda says:

        You almost(I mean do) sound scary. Take it easy.. it’s only a tv show. Oh,I like both Arizona and Callie.. and April!!

      • samsam24 says:

        you must be homophobic

      • Devara says:

        Thank you for stating what I’ve been thinking. I despise Arizona, and I wish they would let Callie go back to being straight and put her with Mark and the baby. Let Arizona die of a brain bleed or something. Good riddance!

        • Jude says:

          That’e right EVERYONE should be straight right DEVARA???????????? Well here’s a news flash THERE ARE A LOT OF GAY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD SOME DON’T NEED MEN AND SOME DON’T NEED WOMEN. IGNORANT FOOL!!!!

        • milidzani says:

          geez.that’s so harsh.arizona’s nice.

        • Chades says:

          No callie and mark can’t get together and live happily ever after it’s too cliche and lots of People may not like Arizona or callie but the charectars wouldn’t be the same without each other can you not see that I’m gay and my girlfriend and I think that both callie and Arizona should be able to be happy and if they are happy together then leave them be.

        • Jess says:

          Since when did this world become hateful … I love Arizona and Callie … The life of a gay person is not easy because of people like u … Certainly isnt the love god intended for us to have on each other. Unconditional

      • C says:

        Why because they are lesbians? Its about time a show had the balls to do this. I love them and I hope the show doesnt turn out as it seems its going to turn out.

        • Stevanie says:

          It is a joke of a storyline that’s why and they did do a lesbian story on the show ER. It lead to an unhappy ending when one of them did and left behind a young infant son for her partner and her family memner to fight over for year. Don’t you remember I do. So now the show does not have that much balls. It is just the same out boring song.

        • Mcdreamy4evr says:

          Omg I like Callie and Arizona and why wuld u want them to die I am the biggest greys anatomy fan tht has ever lived I know everybody and all about them I know every line to each episode why would u want anyone to die y’all r just plain rude

      • Phoenix says:

        What the Hell did Arizona and Callie do to you????? i could understand Han i mean sumn bout that chick creeped me the hell out but Arizona is Awesome

    • Cherie says:

      While I saw it coming a mile away, I was hoping that Arizona would be the one with the worst (if not fatal) injuries. I really like Callie’s character and I do hope they don’t kill her off. She is a breath of fresh air on this program.

      • Jen says:

        I absolutely agree. If Callie is killed off I will no longer watch this show. Period, end of story.

      • Cecily says:

        I think the baby’s dead, not Callie.

      • Kariushka says:

        I was hoping Arizona was the only one inured here…. But as soon as I saw Callie unbuckling … Now I think Callie is going to die, and they’ll keep it alive with the machines until the baby is ready to come to the world… Arizona and the father of the baby( omg forgot his name) will blame each other for the accident.
        And the big thing will come who is going to raise the baby…. So maybe they’ll be enemies forever because he is the father!! Then maybe he’ll get back with the younger Dr. Grey and raised them together … Lol !! I have a BIG IMAGINATION!!!

    • ananamo says:

      If if this is a TV series how can some people wish death upon someone. I love this show and look forward to it every week. I look forward to it and it’s like real life to me because all of these kind of things do happen in our lives. But, there has been too much death and unhappiness on show. I was really looking forward to Mark being the good father he portrays already and for Callie to be the good mother she plans to be. It would break my heart for her or the baby to die. It was enough when George died. But, I had a feeling when they were messing with the cell phone and gazing at each other something was about to happen. I’m really anxious to see next episode and I hope for the best that she can make it and her baby survives. She is a good actress and blends in with the crowd. Brings a distinct look and personality to show. Can’t wait till Thursday.

      • hopeful1814 says:

        I totally agree, with you! I look forward to this show every single week and have a certain attachment to the characters, especially Callie, she’s my all-time favorite. If she’s killed off the show it would change the whole dynamic, and I would no longer have an invested interest to watch the show. I know last year was really traumatic and seemingly capricious, but good things are created when times appear the most acrimonious. So, I’m gonna stay positive and anxiously wait for each consecutive episode because I’m really rooting for Callie and Arizona. I personally need there to be a Callie and Arizona. Also, I think Mark will prove to be an excellent father.

    • hopeful1814 says:

      Me too! I kept repeating, out loud, “put your seat belt back on!” And when Arizona prolonged her stare…I knew they were going to hit something. WHY, WHY, WHY? THE HORROR…As if Callie and Arizona haven’t been through enough.

    • Brock says:

      Agreed. Unbuckling is way too dangerous on TV! And the fact Arizona spent waaaaaaay too long glancing at her ladylove and not staring straight ahead.

      LOVE Arizona and Callie. LOVE them. But – with Addison coming along next ep, I am worried for the baby!

    • Caro says:

      Me too! I knew something bad happened the minute I saw the promo’s for this weeks episode, when I saw Sara Ramirez singing I knew something bad would happen to her. When she unbuckled I knew they would have a car accident.

      I predict Callie will survive and the baby will die. (Which I’m sorry to say but is a thing I don’t mind! This whole Mark-baby thing was a terrible thing!). Nothing is ever easy on Grey’s Anatomy so Callie can’t “have it all”, in true Grey’s style there will be loss, pain and possibilities for new stories: Another baby for Callie, how will that story develop? Is there new hope for Mark/Lexie, now the baby is gone but Lexie moved on with Jackson (another triangle)? What will do this to the Arizona/Callie relationship (probably make them closer)? And last but not least: Meredith will feel bad because she wanted to be pregnant instead of Callie, and now she’s facing the loss of a baby while feeling a bit jealous about it in the beginning, and the reminder of her miscarriage which might prove so painful that she might consider adoption? Am I close?

    • Stephanie says:

      SO DID I ..i was yelling “CALLIE PUT YOUR SEATBELT BACK ON…ARIZONA WATCH THE ROAD!!” then closed my eyes and cried…i get attached to the characters..been watching i too many years.since day 1

  2. Meg says:

    I could see it coming from a mile away. Shonda Rhimes isn’t too subtle about these kind of things–for one thing, staring at each other for ninety seconds while driving is ridiculous. Of course something bad’s going to happen; you can’t see the road!

    • Magda says:

      Well, at least in this case there actually WAS an accident after they kept looking at each other for ninety seconds, Meg. ;) It drives my NUTS on “Bones” when Booth does that while sitting in the car talking to Bones. He doesn’t even bother to look where he is going. I am always tempted to yell at him: “Eyes on the street, you idiot!” :D

      • Lex says:

        Haha couldn’t agree more! I love Bones and Booth’s gazes at Brennan are priceless, but often I’m just so worried about his driving!! Come on, Booth, you’re a federal agent; you know better!

      • Mackenzie says:

        YES! I think about this ALL THE TIME. Get realistic, people. YOU WOULD CRASH YOUR CAR IF YOU DID THAT IN REAL LIFE. Which is why I’m slightly happy that Arizona and Callie crashed, if only to prove that you can’t look away from the road for that long unscathed.

    • Brendan says:

      I don’t know…I was just glad that there was an accident. I am tired of TV shoes where people have these face to face conversations while driving on what are far from straight empty streets/highways with no accidents ever happening.

    • Sam says:

      When Adele’s ‘Someone like you’ started playing i just felt that something intense was coming up. Then seeing them driving and talking i knew it was gonna be a car accident.
      Then you have the very much hyped musical episode including the fact that Addison is returning to Seattle Grace.
      Despite knowing it all, it was still beautifully done. And the musical episode now makes sense of sorts that it’s all happening in a dream/delirious sequence.
      Yea, time to start avoiding spoilers of serialized shows that i still enjoy.

    • erikaa says:

      yeaah me too I’ve think exactly that when I see them in a car ..sometings is going to happened !! and with the situation.. I have this bad impression of somethings like that (aaccident) will happen ..and callie’s pregnant oh no she’s gonna loose his baby I’m sure !! :O

  3. Kate says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever said this about a character on a show before, but I kind of hope they let Callie die. She has just made the show unwatchable for me this season. The musical can be Callie’s big send off they never gave poor George who had the indignity of just fading out after being an original cast member. It would definitely solve the pregnancy storyline so many people hate (cause you know she’s not losing it in the accident) and it would create a way for Lexie and Mark to get back together without her being forced into parenthood against her will. Not to mention it would be some bold writing for a change rather than the wimpy exits you knew were coming because of tabloids (Burke up and relocates never to be heard from again, Izzie throws a tantrum over a misunderstanding after Alex nurses her back to health and an after a brief visit vanishes without a word to her friends, Addy just up and leaves) or the shoot out last year which while killing people was really only taking out characters who were brought on for the sake of killing later so the emotion fall out was minimal. I think all the wishy-washy writing where no one stays committed to anything or anyone for very long has me hoping for a Dexter-style storyline where they just kill someone off no apologies and start anew!

    • Dana says:

      Exactly!! If you know you won’t ever be having people like Katherine Heigl or Isaiah back on the show why not wrap their story up in a big way or at least one that pays tribute to the relationships they had. I still say they missed a huge opportunity to have Izzie die in the shoot out rather than just going back to the trailer park and apparently forgetting she had friends other than Alex.

      • Freddie says:

        I feel like such a psychopath, but I didn’t know that was going to happen and it’s still the first time I’ve ever cheered at a (real or fictional) car crash.

        I just hope the baby dies. Callie can remain in a vegetative state if they don’t have the balls to kill her. Just kill the baby.

        • Ann says:

          Seriously!!! It would be such an easy way to get this show back on track!! It’s probably the only time I’ve advocated for a recycled plot line when Callie got pregnant, I thought please let them dip back into the miscarriage/ectopic pregnancy well a la Meredith/Cristina. I wouldn’t have minded the repeat if it saved us this whole Mark/Callie/AZ mess.

        • ariz says:

          Why must people be so mean and insensitive ?? I know it’s only a show, but how would you like to be in that position, and have someone say “I wish you and your baby would just die die ??. Come on now. Why can’t people try to enjoy something, and have positive thoughts for a change. It’s people like you that cause conflict and hatred in the world, and without people like you, the world would be a much nicer place.

          • Jen says:

            I’m not sure how hoping a fictional character might die causes conflict in the world. If we were wishing actual people might die you have a fair point, but until then you may be taking this a tad too seriously.

          • jules says:

            How is it insensitive? No one’s advocating for Sara Ramirez to die, just her character. I personally could care less if she stays or goes but if she stays, move the whole storyline and couple of Callie and Arizona to the backburner for a while and give some others (namely some of the original characters) a better storyline. There are way too many characters on this show.

          • Michelle says:

            I agree with you. How horrible these people are.

        • gabby says:

          NO I feel the same way! my mom was laughing at me cause I cheered when they crashed lol. I’ve never been a big callie fan so if she dies I won’t care but really I just want the baby and this stoy line gone.

        • Zan says:

          I Cant believe someone can wish for a baby or simply Anyone To die! I just dont get it.

          I hope they both survive. I love Callie and her cheerful character! II think it is actually great to show new versions of interconnected relationships – like Callie- Arizona and Mark and their growth.

      • kj says:

        I’m pretty sure Katherine Heigel was supposed to come back and have the whole Izzie/Alex thing wrapped up and her storyline closed out, but she was too good to come back to the show and finish it, so they just left it as it was. I don’t think their plan was to kill her off, but it would have been nice if they had!

      • lorna says:

        I agree. Love Heigl, but I thought they should have brought her back in s6 finale and killed her off.

      • Taralyn says:

        I totally thought there was a chance Burke would show up last night with the way Christina was talking about him,

    • teniba says:

      wow like there was something to say about addison in Seattle? she came there to fight for he marriage and she lost to meredith in the most pathtic and humiliating way… she got an offer from a friend to work else where and changer her life and the chief told her at some point that she needed to change her job and chager her life, it was time for her to go… she didn’t need to say aurevoir to everybody

      • B says:

        I think that’s the point though. They start these big things with people and there isn’t much pay off. Poor Alex has had to bear the brunt of it. He finally hooks up with Addie and then she takes off to L.A. He waits for Izzy while she deals with all her Denny crap, takes care of her while she has cancer, marries her and then she just leaves because of a misunderstanding. I’m not saying T.R. needed a big send off since he clearly didn’t want to be there anymore, but that doesn’t mean fans of the show don’t deserve to see a decent wrap for the character of George.

    • ariz says:

      You are totally wrong there. TR, (George) did not deserve a big sendoff, because he wanted off the show, so did Katherine, because I guess she thought she was too big for the show. I am personally glad they are gone. I never liked them anyway, because of how they treated Callie. George was such a little weasel, and Izzie was totally a selfish, selfcentered bitch, that hated the fact that everyone seemed happy and had someone except her, so she tried everything she could to breakup George and Callie, just so that she could have George to herself, and being the fool he was, he did nothing to defend Callie ever. Personally, I am glad they are no longer on the show, because I think the current cast, although too many, does a lot more for the show. Grey’s has grown a lot, and will be back on top soon, and with the current track it’s taking, it won’t be long before they make it back on top. Kudoos to Shonda and the cast of Grey”s

      • John says:

        Yeah, George actually had about two seasons of send-off: first, character assassination with the whole affair with Izzy, which the show was never able to salvage him from, and then sidelining him most of his final year. In the end, the show got rid of the character in a way that represented what they’d be doing to T.R. Knight for two years: they threw him under a bus.

        • Annie says:

          Lol! That is so true!! Although I think it started when he married Callie since that whole relationship felt forced and weird from the start since one week they weren’t talking and the next they were married.

        • jules says:

          I’m not sure I remember but did they sideline him because he wanted off? Or did he want off because he was sidelined? I see the same thing happening with Patrick Dempsey. If he’s gone after this year, I wouldn’t be surprised after how little screen time he’s been getting. I really despise how this has become the Callie/Arizona/Mark show. The only non-original characters I like on this show are Lexie and Mark (and Addison when she was on).

          • Kate says:

            I think he wanted off because he wasn’t getting any screen time, but I wouldn’t surprised if they took it even further once he dared to ask off the show since nothing good happens to anyone who has complained about the show. I think he probably saw the writing on the wall though, as someone below said they just tore his character up the season before with all the Callie/Izzie/Intern stuff to the point where there wasn’t much left to do to him. In that way killing George may have been a kinder fate, since I think the writers have been trying to stuff too many new people into the show without really knowing how to juggle them all.

          • Maggie says:

            I don’t know how clear they ever made that. I think they had sidelined him a bit and he was unhappy so they sidelined him more. Shonda Rhimes says the sidelining was deliberate once they knew he would be off the show. Honestly, it WAS crucial to that season finale. I didn’t think anything of George being MIA for that episode b/c he so often was. It never occurred to me that he was the patient in the bus accident and that is what made that moment of the reveal so powerful – one of THE best episodes of TV ever, IMO. But that being said, Shonda doesn’t like anyone having beef with her show so I’m not sure how long the sidelining was in effect for finale purposes and how much was spite. ;-)

    • Thaís says:

      I disagree with you. I hoped Arizona would die, because she is the most annoying character on television, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. She’s unbearable!

      • SPIKESGRL says:

        Totally agree!!! I thought I was the only one who hated Arizona. Why, oh why, couldn’t they kill her off!!

    • Bosss Bitch says:

      Seriously? Callie is like one of the best characters in the story shes been there forever….i just want the baby to die! ehhh…thats evil but still i hate the triangle they have going here…it disgust me like get some new material….and honestly…eww im glad mexie is over mark is better with just callie…and avery is sexy!

    • Dimples61 says:

      Why don’t U just admit what ya are and quit ragging on Grey’s? Your a queer hater. I got news for you and everyone else hoping Callie dies. It isn’t going to happen. She may lose the baby, but in one of the may eppy’s. She and Arizona are going to get married. OMG!!! Reading these post reminds me of the late 50s and early 60s when there was so much hate for blacks. Now it is our turn. People can’t stand to see a loving relationship between to people of the same gender on a show as popular show like Grey’s. But all I can say to you is this. Get used to it, this is 2011 and not 1950 and we are every where.

      • Melissa says:

        You’re so silly. No one said a word about them being gay. They said they don’t like Arizona as a character. I don’t either. And it has nothing to do with what team she hits for. I don’t like the character’s personality, the way she comes across and snarky and snooty at times, etc. Callie could do much better. So stop with all the “oh you’re a bunch of queer haters”. That’s garbage..and frankly, I have to wonder about someone who can read these comments, NOT see anything about them being gay, and then bring it up on their own. Maybe you have the gay issues??

      • Stevanie says:

        Sensitive much.

  4. Julie says:

    Even if I knew it was coming, I still felt awful seeing that.
    For once, Callie is happy…and it gets taken away.

    • Chatty says:

      That’s because Shonda is a sick human being. She can’t stand to see anybody happy on one of her shows, so she always brings on the tragedies. It’s like she doesn’t know anybody in her personal life who is actually happy. That is just not realistic, and it ticks me off.

      • Katie says:

        Comments like this irritate me to no end. Seriously? You seriously think that Ms. Shonda is worse than other directors? It’s called television. No one is going to tune in to a show just to watch puppies and rainbows. Think of ANY drama television show and try to say that the same isn’t true across the board. Just examples of the very few drama shows that I watch.
        House-killed off Amber and Kutner, had House go crazy then relapse on Vicodin
        Brothers and Sisters-one of Tommy’s kids died, and Kitty got cancer, then Robert died and Holly got selecive amnesia.
        For crying out loud, on Bones one of their team turned out to be on of the bad guy.
        All drama shows make their money because of the drama.

      • Melissa says:

        LOL What are they supposed to do? Give us shows with nice little tied up endings where everything is glitter and rainbows and feels like an episode of Leave it to Beaver?? Give me a break. Shonda makes you come back again and again BECAUSE of how real it is…the good, the bad, the tragedies, all of it…it’s what makes it real to us and draws us in. If you don’t like it, there’s a little on/off switch you can press…takes care of the problem.

  5. Cindy says:

    I’m so tired of Arizona. Was hoping this would be a way to write her annoying character out.

    • Chloe says:

      Ditto, Cindy. I was overjoyed when AZ left for Africa but noooo… Shonda ust had to bring her back.

    • ariz, says:

      @ Cindy, I wish someone could write you out of he world.

      • Joe says:

        Wait, weren’t you the one telling other people their negativity was causing conflict and hatred in the world? Pot meet Kettle!!

      • jules says:

        You’re an idiot. No one’s wishing death on Jessica Capshaw. But clearly, judging by your screenname, you can’t take any criticism of your favorite character. While I don’t necessarily wish death upon Arizona, she is extremely annoying lately.

      • Dimples61 says:


    • Liana in San Diego says:

      Oh, so totally agree with you! CANNOT stand the character of Arizona, and frankly I just don’t get why on earth Callie would take her back. That’s a whole lot of forgiveness that Arizona did not deserve. I really hoped she wouldn’t return from Africa… seemed so much better without her. As for Callie, I love the character and think the actress does a great job with her. I just wish that even if she loses the baby – most likely – that she gets wise about Arizona.

    • laylagalise says:

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks Arizona is obnoxious! I’m sure the actress is lovely, but ever since her character came back from Africa (and sometimes before she left), she’s been really annoying– especially concerning Mark’s role in the baby’s life. Her complaining and negative attitude have made her scenes harder to watch. I like the actress, but I wish they would find her character someone else to be with.

  6. joseph riley land says:

    They showed Callie taking off her seatbelt to set the scene. Yeah, we knew what would happen from there, but that’s the way it works.

  7. Wendy says:

    Once again, JCaps is amazing. And she can SING.

  8. Joann Panzica says:

    My first thought was — “Aw Hell NO!” — but then all the preview clips made sense. I like Callie — I want Callie to survive — I want Arizona to go away. She’s been a thorn in the side of most of this season. I can’t stand her, and I can’t stand the way she decided to get Mark out of their lives. Shonda sure knows how to manipulate her audience.

  9. cashisking says:

    Geez how long was Arizona not going to look at the road. Does she have one of those cars that steers itself? Too funny.

  10. Cassie J. says:

    Hey now! Arizona wasn’t taking Callie on a getaway, Callie took Arizona on a getaway because she knew she was upset about Mark and all the baby hoopla. Come on now!

  11. xav says:

    I really hope Callie learns something from this. She’s been absolutely horrible this season. Too bad Mark couldn’t have been killed in the accident too.

    Poor Arizona, she never gets a break.

    • Kate says:

      Agreed!! I have never been a huge fan of hers but this season has been the worst. She’s been a brat all season. I long for the days when she only showed up periodically. It doesn’t help that the writers have decided to push her to the forefront while pushing Mer/Der even further on the back burner.

      • xav says:

        I was with you until the MerDer part. They’re boring so of course they don’t get any stories. If people want them to be ‘happy’ then they have to settle for less screentime on a television show. It’s either happy and little screentime or dramatastic and angsty and lots of screentime.

        • Kate says:

          I don’t need them to get lots of screen time necessarily but at least something interesting to do instead of the stupid maybe she does or doesn’t have alzheimer’s thing, which then transitioned into her fertility drugs made her blind. It seems like the only thing allowed to happen to them is health problems (appendicitis, liver transplant, shooting, drowning, alzheimer’s, etc), I mean there has to be a way to get some drama without breaking up or nearly dying. Honestly if they were the ones having a baby I wouldn’t have minded them being background cause at least they would be growing, but I feel like the writers are going to stagnate their relationship until the show has a foreseeable end date.

          • teniba says:

            Look this “that couple is boring thing” happens on every tv show where a couple is acting like adults without drama, there is always people complaing about them being boring. You should visit any forum for any tv show other than the ones from shondaland… everytime there is a couple who is in the “no drama zone” acting like adults, they become boring to some poeple…

          • @teniba says:

            You assume that they have to be boring to be happy. There are tons of things they could do like I don’t know move into the house they’ve been building for years. That would change up their dynamic as they move out of the frat house and deal with being alone. They could have had a drama free baby, adult but interesting watching Meredith deal with the idea of being a parent after coming from two crappy ones. It’s just enough with the health crises already!

          • xav says:

            @teniba, What you just described is less than three minutes of screentime. Babies are boring television, that’s why there’s always something wrong or they get hurt or whatever. And moving, there’s another exciting thing to tune in for.

    • lorna says:

      Aww no I LOVE Mark. They should just switch Jsesica Capshaw to Off the Map, I mean does anyone watch that crap?

    • Melanie says:

      Agreed. I cannot stand Callie this season. Such a whiny selfish brat. I don’t give a fig what happens to her baby and that’s the fault of the writing. This storyline has been a mess from start to finish. I wish they’d let Arizona find a better girlfriend who’d actually treat her with some respect.

  12. Sarah says:

    I hate this storyline so much. This season of Grey’s is turning out to be one of the worst. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

  13. Chif says:

    I might be going off topic here but why do people act like Shonda Rhimes fired Katherine Heigl? What did you expect her to do? Keep Heigl against her will? You know that would’ve ended even worse. Just had to get it off my chest.

    • Sophie says:

      I don’t think it matters why Heigl left the show, I think the disappointment was in how they decided to write off the character. After all the emotion of the cancer storyline having her just drop off the map was a let down. It would have been better to let her die with George. That’s one thing that has really disappointed me about this show in the past, I hate how they let behind the scenes drama effect the show. Burke was a great character and an awesome match for Cristina, so it was sad to see all that wasted because of a tiff with the guy who played George. (Not excusing what he said, but the whole thing could have been handled by everyone involved so that it didn’t eclipse the show.) It seemed like not terribly long after that Heigl had beef with the writers, and then it was Knight complaining about his screen time in the media. It seems like at some point Shondra lost control of the ship which is sad because up until then things had been pretty great. It seems like once she had to start writing out characters by choice or force she at least could have used it for some great drama instead of letting them just fizzle on the way out.

      • Sara says:

        To be fair to Shonda, I read that Heigl refused to come back after a hiatus, so there was no way for them to properly write her off.

        • jules says:

          I read the same thing. I think the plan was to give her a better exit but she didn’t want to come back. What were they supposed to do? I always liked the character of Izzie (minus the dead Denny hallucinations) but KH seems like a gigantic b*tch in real life. Maybe she’s not but I guess no one ever taught her not to bite the hand that feeds her. She’s not a huge movie star. She plays characters that anyone could play. Knocked Up was a hit because of Seth Rogan and (in my opinion at least) Paul Rudd. Any actress could have played her part.

      • mary says:

        You can’t write a storyline if the actor refuses to be on set. KH left the show unexpectedly so how could Shonda write a decent storyline?

    • ariz says:

      @ Chif, I agree with you. I am glad Katherine is gone. She did nothing for the show, in my opinion, except try to make everything about her.

  14. Jake says:

    This show was mediocre when it started, got worse from seasons 3-5, and is now unwatchable.

    • Sarah says:

      Then why do you watch it?

    • lorna says:

      i personally loved s5. s6 was awful for the most part, this season is just terrible. im utterly bored. will not buy s7 on dvd. and i had heard heigl asked them to not kill her off bc she wanted to stay, then she screws everyone over, including fans.

  15. Rachel says:

    Thank you for the clip I have been trying to find out / see what happens. I really hope the baby and Calli come out of this fine. I could care less about whinny Arizona. Calli is over due for something good to happen to her.

    • xav says:

      Tons of good things happen to her. Callie just throws them away by whining and throwing tantrums or making really, really bad decisions.

      • Mags says:

        Agreed xav, Callie is like a giant child. She mocked Arizona in front of her peers and their boss about her crying which was simultaneously unprofessional and a horrendous thing to do to your significant other but no one said boo about it. Then AZ gets this amazing opportunity to go to Africa, which Callie then ruins with all her whining about what she is giving up to the point that Arizona has no choice but to leave her behind again giving Callie exactly what she wanted (although without a girlfriend). Callie then gets the baby she wanted but Arizona didn’t, by sleeping around with Mark while apparently forgetting how babies are made. Which is part of the problem with the show, because after all the crap Callie has pulled I have no idea why Arizona would want to be with her anymore.

  16. Sissi says:

    I hope this accident makes Callie to open her eyes! She has been very selfcentered and selfish and she has to see how Arizona is all for it and what she has been through regarding the pregnancy and with Mark being all annoying towards Arizona.

    @Wendy, yes! I agree, JCap is amazing!!

    Cannot wait for the musical epi!!

    • Leigh says:

      I agree. I’ve been solidly on Arizona’s side throughout this whole ordeal. Callie has just been annoying this season and I hope that’s deliberate and not a surprise to the writers that the audience is responding negatively to Callie’s behavior. I have a feeling the musical will bring things back into order, though. Maybe having her brains shaken up will return Callie to her former awesome ways.

  17. Pam says:

    The scene was predictable when Arizona kept taking her eyes off the road. But still, I love this show and have loved it since the beginning with the original cast members.

  18. Claudy says:

    You know, I’m glad Sara’s singing the GA theme song in this sneakpeek.

    About time. Haven’t heard that familiar tune for way too long.

  19. Christa says:

    While you almost knew it was going to happen the minute Callie took her seatbelt off, you hoped it wouldn’t. The end of the show still took my breath away because “they went there.” Not a big fan of Arizona and all her negativity. Callie is okay – I could take her or leave her. I kind of like Lexy with Avery, and I like that Mark can’t have anyone he wants. If Callie looses the baby, I’ll be sad for Mark because I think he was looking at this as his second chance at being a father and doing it better.

    What does everyone think about Hunt being tasked at picking the next chief resident? There’s no way he can pick Cristina.

    It’s still not the Grey’s of the first couple of seasons, but it’s better than a couple of the past seasons.

    • xav says:

      It’s funny you say ‘Arizona and her negativity’ when one of the most common complaints about Arizona is how upbeat she is.

      • Christa says:

        I definitely feel like she’s always negative. She tries to be upbeat, but it just comes off as a weak attempt. She goes to Africa and breaks up with Callie at the airport, she constantly complains about Mark, she didn’t want to do the baby shower, etc.

        • Sissi says:

          I would complaint about Mark too if i was Arizona! Come on! The man is annoying and he’s in the middle of Calzona ALL the time!!
          He’s the father, ok but how would you feel if you are in a relationship and “your girl/boyfriend’s BBFF who happened to be also her/his sex buddy” is always around? Not so excited about sharing all with her/him i guess…
          And besides, have you seen how Callie treated her the last few epis? It seems like she doesn’t love her anymore
          Arizona is trying and is supporting Callie and now loving that she’s going to have a child with her but is not her dream (as she said) to share it all with Mark so i think her not being all super positive is pretty understandable

        • winky says:

          Callie caused the airport scene by lying about wanting to go and than behaving like a three year old. What was AZ supposed to do? Not go at the last minute because of Callie. As for Mark, he intrudes in on their relationship every chance he gets. I don’t know about you, but I don’t intrude in my friends relationships like he does and they can go away with their partners without me contacting them to whine. Mark could have waited until Callie got back from her trip to whine about Lexie, but no, it is all about him. AZ did not say she did not want to do a baby shower, she just had different ideas.

      • Cassie says:

        She has been very negative during this entire pregnancy. It is like she came back from Africa and swallowed a bitter pill. I understand how she is feeling but seriously, she chose to be part of the mess so don’t carp about it all of the time.

        • Dana says:

          Kind of funny, since that is exactly what someone should have told Callie when she decided to go with Arizona to Africa!!!! If you’re in, zip it. If not, see ya later!!

      • lorna says:

        Arizona is always mad at somebody and going off on a rant. She’s too self righteous, reminds me of Haley in S5 of OTH.

  20. mdb says:

    nothing shocking about the end of this week’s epi – way too predictable to me. As soon as I saw them in a car i knew what was coming. Proposal was not heart felt but desperation. Ari wants to establish her position not because that is what she feels but because of her own insecurity and callie’s inability to see or care about what Ari needs. Callie has always been self absorbed it is just showing itself in her need to attend to mark whenever he calls. No surprises here and after I hear Sara sing next week I am walking away from GA.

  21. Joe says:

    I turned it on 5mins early ,( I watch private practice) I saw the crash coming and I don’t even watch show

  22. D says:

    Arizona has been horrible since her return from Africa and I really wish she stayed gone. I wanted to see how Mark and Callie did raising a baby living next door to each other, given their friends sometimes w/benfits status and the fact that they both wanted a baby so badly. Arizona has not been undersanding at all. IMO she’s lucky Callie took her back after her snotty airport display and selfish behavior as of late.

    • carmina says:

      shes lucky, dude at least she wasn’t sleeping around if anything callie is lucky arizona decided to stay and put up with all the bull crap from mark

    • Trew says:

      Yes because standing by and willingly raising someone else’s child is soooo selfish, how dare she? lol

  23. nichole says:

    seriously grey’s please kill callie. i can’t take her anymore. if shonda wanted to do a pregnancy storyline then why not let her lead actress get pregnant? i don’t know why this show turned literally into ‘Callie’s Anatomy’ starring her special vagina vote. over it!

    • Grace says:

      That’s hilarious!! I feel the same way. My theory is that one of the writers on the shows really sees themselves as a Callie or says things they can’t through her. Apparently that writer must be the only one left since Callie seems to have hijacked the show. She has been annoying since day 1 when she used to whine to George about his friends. It got even worse the next season when she got all high and mighty with just about everyone who walked in the hospital (It seemed like she had a really long preachy monologue in every episode for awhile). But the writing this season tops it all since Callie pushes Arizona around all the time without it ever being addressed, whines non-stop til AZ tells her to stay in Seattle, then like a moron gets impregnated by the man-slut next door almost immediately but Arizona is still the bad guy! Amazing!!

  24. Sheela says:

    Standing ovation for Kate!! I used to like Grey’s Anatomy a lot, now I just HATE it. The plot is disgusting, all focused on new characters we don’t give a crap to.

    Lexie? Mark? Callie? Avery? Kepner? FREAKING TEDDIE?!

    And where are the OLD, good ones? Let’s see…

    George: dead (T. R. Knight knew better and left the show before it turned to crap)

    Izzie: left for no reason

    Burke: left for no reason

    Meredith&Derek: do random, useless things just so we can see they’re still on the show. We got lucky when we see them for more than a scene.

    Christina: she got crazy, then went back doing nothing.

    Alex: random flirts.

    What about the new characters? Ohh Teddie had a hard time getting over Owen, then started dating and got a fake husband that turns to be her new love interest, while Lexie has a new relationship, after she broke up, got back with, and broke up again with Mark who is gonna be the father of Callie’s babie that’s gonna be parented by Arizo…WHAT. THE. HECK?! WHOOOOOOO CAAAAAAAREEEEESSSSSS????

    When I saw Callie singing Meredith and Derek’s song, I thought that was just the end. Seriously, a musical episode?? With a (supposed) minor character risking her life? =.=

    Great way to ruin a show!

    • Lex says:

      So stop watching…

    • brit387 says:

      ive been reading all these comments , even the ones who wanted Callie dead sounded funny to me, but ur comment got on my nerves.
      Sara Ramirez is doing a great job, or they would have kicked her off the show, iam not a fan of her lesbian story coz i think she was an extreme heterosexual, but i think she s funny, talented, and she is unlike any other character, Callie is a badass.
      ppl grow, they get bigger, u said a minor role, is she supposed to have a minor role forever, if so u r supposed to be in ur position forever, sitting on the same chair and getting the same salary!
      it is good for her, she is a ‘hardcore talented woman’ who has developed really fast, at least she had a Tony before she was on the show, who was Ellen Pompeo before Grey’s anatomy and she became a leading actress though she is old for her role. she was a 35 year old woman with wrinkles who was acting what? 25 yr old intern! and it worked just fine!! no offens to Ellen Pompeo.
      but this s how things go, minor roles, work really hard, major roles.
      but u r right, why wouldnt she get a whole new show of her own.
      and btw in pi 17 she only had 6 minutes screen time, and even in the previous epis but coz she s charming, and she gives fresh air to the show u feel like she is taking all the lights.

  25. Caren says:

    We all know Shonda Rhimes would never let her precious Callie die. I’m so sick of every show being about her and Arizona and ick.. Mark.

  26. Wendy says:

    The acting of JCap and Sara will make this an event. ED can’t act his way out of a scrub cap.

    In regard to the Arizona hate-some of you fail to realize that she is the one in the relationship with Callie, not Mark.
    It is Mark who needs to back off and get a life of his own. He may actually have a relationship if he didn’t continually use and disrespect all the women in his life.

    • Kacey says:

      Sing It! Mallie fans will never accept the fact that Mark and Callie have never been nor will they ever be a couple.

      Plus damn JCap and SaRa can actually act unlike ED who is laughable. The less involved he is in their storyline the meatier the scripts can be because unlike him, they can actually handle the material. Each dramatic moment he has makes me cringe. I’ve already seen 2 “dramatic” sneaks with him and I couldn’t help but giggle. He’s the reason why this dumb C/M/A baby storyline had to be “comic relief” 90% of the time.

      But leave it to Shonda to add a “trauma” to “bring people together” because they couldn’t do it on their own like regular adults. I guess now that C/A are getting married in a couple of episodes, the Mark/Arizona bonding will ensure that they become a happy “modern family.”

      • jules says:

        I am not by any means a Mark and Callie fan (I’m all for Mark and Lexie) but the baby is Mark’s. Why the hell would he just suck it up and walk away or even back off? He’s the father.

        • anna16 says:

          Yes Mark is the father. But the baby is not a love child, it was unexpected. Mark is not Callie’s boyfriend. She doesn’t love Mark the way she loves Arizona. Get real.

  27. tkart says:

    I absolutely hate Arizona but especially with Callie!

  28. d says:


  29. carmina says:

    I saw the accident a mile away. I was so upset with Callie with what was supposed to be “their weekend away” and Mark still finds a way to interupt.I would be surprised if it hadn’t upset Arizona. And whats with all the Arizona bashing yes she made a freaking mistake but at least she didn’t jump someones bones to “try and forget” the woman she loves. Callie treats Arizona like crap time after time she always puts Mark before her, and then she wonders why Arizona gets jealous of Mark. Seriously she says she loves Arizona but she just treats her like the third wheel, what kind of relationship is that. Callie needs to freaking accept that she made a mistake and even though shes knocked up Arizona still wants to be with her… Callie needs to change the way she treats Arizona hands down and put her before Mark.

    • xav says:

      Her going to Africa wasn’t a mistake though. They talked about it and Callie agreed to go with her and then threw constant tantrums until Arizona told her not to come. The whole thing was Callie’s mistake she should have talked with Arizona about it instead of making Arizona’s life hell.

      • carmina says:

        I agree with u. Callie was being a big baby about leaving and making Arizona’s life hell any chance she got about going to Africa. She was not the supporting gf she needed to be. Callie just need to grow up and realize that if seh keeps doing what shes doing she’s going to loose it all.

  30. Dust says:

    “The traumatic circumstance leads to them having a greater understanding of each other and then appreciation, and then need for each other and desire to be in each other’s lives,” Capshaw previews. “They come to care, I think, for one another.”

    This is the thing I was fearing since the beggining of this storyline. Once again, Mark it´s the hero, the good guy that nobody understand, and Arizona is the irrational lesbian bitch that has to bend for him. I knew they were gonna do something to manipulate the emotions of the fans and they didnt dissapoint, first with the heartbeat of the baby, then with all this mess. And what are we proving with this? That Arizona was right in the S6 finale: Callie loves the idea of being in love, so, understandably, she´s going to have this revelation that she looooooves Arizona more than anything too but that´s a lie, she´s just a selfish brat that craves attention.
    And then they have an excuse to keep Mark in their orbit forever and Eric Dane will keep making this show more painful to watch with his lack of acting skills.

  31. Amanda says:

    Ahhh yes. I love that the entirety of these comments is “I hate Callie/Arizona/Mark/Grey’s Anatomy. So … stop watching? No one’s forcing you to watch.

    I enjoy it. It’s my escape from reality. Will a choice on a TV show from a writer make or break my life? Nope. This is entertainment. Always something else to watch, folks.

    • Grace says:

      I think the reason people get so upset is the show used to be amazing, but has really lost steam to the point where it feels like a daytime soap where no matter what crazy obstacles the writers come up with certain couples will always get back together. Not to mention you see the stories coming a mile away. People started talking about Callie having a baby weeks if not months before it happened. I miss the days when Addie showed up out of nowhere and they let Denny die. I used to have friends over every Thursday to watch, but now we’ve all given it up. I still read articles every once in awhile to see if I’m missing anything, but apparently not!

    • Leigh says:

      Amen, Amanda! If readers don’t like Grey’s or what’s been going on of late then use the remote and move on. Obviously a lot of people do since it’s one of the top 5 most profitable shows on television.

      • Cookie says:

        Are you kidding me?! We’ll see if this show will still live after Dempsey leaves next year.

        And by the way, House M.D. kicks the crap out of Grey’s Anatomy…Rhymes, you’ve got SO much to learn!!

        • Cassie says:

          What? Dempsey is still on this show?!? I barely see him. So I don’t think his departure would make much of a difference because we don’t see much of him now.

          • Brett says:

            Some of you are crazy to think Patrick and others would leave the show… Uhm, do you see them getting any other offers? Oh, a small bit part in an ensemble movie? oh, okay… Trust me, they are probably perfectly happy with their job. They get to test their acting skills, but at a reduced amount. Stop complaining and stop watching if you hate it that much. I’m also sick of people comparing seasons, it’s a continuing story, if every season was like the last there wouldn’t be a show. RELAX PEOPLE.

        • Katie says:

          It takes a LOT for me to say this, as I’m a hardcore House fan, but that show was a JOKE this season until Huddy ended. So, really, that’s not an accurate comparison.

    • Jen says:

      Yes, I agree. I like this show even though the plots can be crazy at times, it’s still a good show for a Thursday night. Come on people, you say you hate “this” and “that” and your getting sick and tired of whatever, but is a show! There is plenty to watch on TV, so watch something else that you will enjoy instead. Obviously you are about the drama and that is why YOU KEEP WATCHING..HA!!

    • Jake says:

      Yea i agree, i hate when people just complain about a show its ust annoying. if i dont like something i stop watching i dont watch something for the sake of only complaining about it nonstop.
      i love arizona and callie, i still love watching grey’s anatomy and that is my opinion. i dont see why people cant just state their opnion as a opinion and not as if its fact.

  32. Joe says:

    Isn’t this them show that ghost sex?

  33. kiki says:

    So, who’s betting on the fact that this might be a “what if” episode? I’m guessing that the crash doesn’t really happen. At the end of the episode we flash back to the moment right before the crash and Arizona will manage to stop the car in time.

  34. Monica says:

    I’ll never understand why people who claim they hate everything about a show continue to watch and post about it. Here’s an idea – use your remote and watch something else.

    I’m waiting to judge until I see it but from the previews it looks like an emotional episode. I’ll be watching.

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you! I’ve watched this since the beginning. I still like the show, I still watch it every week. Has it changed? Yes. Do I care? No.

  35. Amanda Byrd says:

    Ya’ll are nuts!
    I love Callie, she’s my favorite character!
    She’s strong, and gorgeous, and to you guys saying that she was whiney with George, she had a right to be! George slept with Izzy, so she was right to be suspicious.

    If they kill off Callie, I’ll stop watching Grey’s.
    I skipped a season after they killed off Denny, the only reason I picked it back up was because of Callie!

  36. Jessica says:

    What’s with all the Callie and Arizona hating over here!?! I have to ask … you people do know they’re fictional characters right? The reason Arizona can look at Callie for 90 seconds in that car is because it says “look at Callie for 90 seconds,” in the script. Seriously! Seriously. People let’s just enjoy the amazing gift that is Grey’s Anatomy, that the wonderful Shonda Rhimes has graced us with, while it last. Here’s to hoping we get a season 9 (with more Calzona!).

    • ariz says:

      Sing it Jessica, I am hoping for many, many more seasons of Grey’s also. I am totally addicted to the show, and also happy that I get to enjoy my Thursday nite lineup with a group of friends. We all get to get together to watch Grey’s and Private Practice together ever week, and although we all don’t share the exact opinion, we do not fight or have anything negative to say about how the show is progressing. We totally enjoy it. And for those people who are hating on the Grey’s characters, all I have to say is GET A LIFE. (misery loves company).

  37. Paula says:

    I also knew what was going to happen as soon as she took off her seatbelt. And also the fact that Arizona felt no need to actually look at the road while driving. Did anyone else notice the preview for next week after the show when Arizona says something like she proposed and then “this truck came out of nowhere”. Um, the truck may have been there all along and you might have noticed it in time if you’d been paying attention to the road.

    I like Callie with Arizona and would like their relationship to work out. But, I also like Callie’s friendship with Mark. And I don’t really like the way he’s been treated, especially by Arizona, in regards to the baby. Arizona is Callie’s girlfriend and will be part of the baby’s life, but Mark is the baby’s father. I honestly don’t think that Arizona’s say in decisions should be equal with Mark. She made the decision that she wanted to stay with Callie regardless of the situation because she loved her. Now she needs to just deal with it and give Mark the respect he deserves as that baby’s father.

    • xav says:

      Arizona’s going to be a primary caregiver and Mark will be a secondary. He’ll be like Ross on Friends. Gets to parent and see the kid but Callie and Arizona make all the day to day decisions.

      • Paula says:

        This is not a situation where he was a donor for Arizona and Callie wanting to have a baby together. He is an equal parent in this, not secondary. Ross on friends was his son’s father and had shared custody. I don’t consider him a secondary parent. It’s no different than if a married couple gets divorced and remarries. The new partner doesn’t replace the biological parent if that parent is involved.

      • Dana says:

        That’s what I’ve been saying from the beginning!! This was a play straight out of the Friends (not to mention every soap, and I’m sure countless movies/tv shows) playbook. Ross’ wife becomes a lesbian. She has a fight with her gf spends the night with Ross, gets preggo, then decides to raise the baby with the gf. The guy who actually wants to parent his kid ends up being the third wheel. They could have done a lot better than rehashing the old lesbian accidentally gets knocked up by her best friend routine.

    • oldmaryjane says:

      If the expectation is for Arizona to respect Mark as the father (and she should), then turn around is fair play . . . he needs to respect them as a couple. I don’t think Arizona has really ever respected Mark as a person, long before this pregnancy storyline happened, and why would she? Last season, she tried to be his friend (for Callie’s sake) but hated the fact that all he did was stare at her boobs (I don’t know a single lesbian who wouldn’t feel the same as her)and wouldn’t look at her when they talked but she still went out for dinner with him because it would please the woman she loved. In a Season 6 episode after a Calzona argument, Callie was talking to Mark and he asked her if she wanted to have sex with him. When he and Lexie broke up and he was “sad”, he slept in the same bed as Callie and Arizona; when they were having morning sex, he walked into their apartment and their bedroom without knocking and then proceeded to watch them with that sickening lecherous look on his face. He constantly insinuates himself into their relationship and that’s been happening for two seasons now. Of course he should be able to be a father to his child, but not at the expense of Callie and Arizona’s relationship. Divorced couples do it all the time. The man needs boundaries and Callie needs to set them.

      • Katie says:

        If it comes down to being a parent, or respecting a pal’s relationship, he should absolutely choose being a parent. And divorced couples usually don’t end up best friends.

        Personally, I think Arizona is acting childish and VERY selfish. If Mark was Callie’s brother and had just found out the ex he still adores and pines for was with someone new and wanted to text his sister about it, no one would be saying AZ had the right for her tantrum. Callie and Mark aren’t in love and she’s never cheated on Arizona so where is all this jealousy coming from?

    • Caro says:

      Although I totally hate it that Callie is pregnant with Mark’s baby I agree with you that MARK is the FATHER and CALLIE is the MOTHER. Arizona didn’t adopt this kids with Callie or something. Anyway I emotionally checked out when Callie got pregnant with Mark’s baby because I think Shonda is ruining another opportunity to explore FRIENDSHIP more. She starts great stories and then kills those stories by throwing in a change that every fan hates! Why does everyone need to sleep with each other? Why not explore these beautiful friendships like Jackson with Lexie? I can’t believe anyone would start having sex with a friend while still loving their ex boyfriend. Also Shonda portrayed Mark as an air head when he entered the show, then he got more human and caring and a grown up when he seriously got involved with Lexie, which we all LOVED, and again Shonda ruins that by adding another terrible twist.
      I only expect she will do the predictable thing here and that is killing off the baby because that would be another twist in Grey’s style, and it will add a whole string of new possibilities for the characters: heart break for Callie (which suits Grey’s), another situation for Callie/Arizona, Mark is ‘free’ of this ‘problem’ so does this mean there is hope for Lexie/Mark while Lexie is involved with Jackson (so another love triangle) and let’s not forget the main couple Mer/Der also are touched by this. It might make Meredith and Derek decide to adopt because Mer can’t handle another baby passing away and might want to skip getting pregnant for now… All of that is possible in Shondaland. Worse scenarios are possible but let’s hope Shonda won’t come up with those please.

  38. Kelly says:

    I am excited to hear Chanrda,Chyler and JCap sing. I use to like Callie. I use to like Mark but this baby storyline to me is worse than Ghost Denny. I haven’t been invested in this story and it’s made all the characters in it annoying. I’ve only felt sympathy and understanding towards Arizona and Lexie in it. I don’t want Callie to die but since it’s fiction I can say I don’t care what happens in this baby storyline I just want it done and off the screen already. It ruined Callie for me and Mark and Arizona/Callie and I use to be Hardcore Mark/Lexie shipper now I’m actually torn and rooting for Team Jackson.

  39. Cindy says:

    Arizona is the worst thing on this show. Why is still there, for crying out loud? She’s so selfish and negative! She doesn’t deserve Callie at all.

    • xav says:

      Other way around, Callie doesn’t deserve her. At this point they should just write Callie off and leave Arizona and Alex to have some interesting medical stories.

    • carmina says:

      You’re right she doesnt deserve Callie. She deserves someone better. Callie is the one thats being selfish and not even considering Arizona at all. All season she’s made AZ look like the bad guy but rly they both have their faults. Callie always puts Mark before her and I don’t care if he is the baby daddy she needs to put the “love of her life” first before the sperm doner. Callie needs to put Mark in his place once and for all and stop letting him walk in whenever he feels like it.

  40. ariz, says:

    I am a huge fan of Sara, Chandra and Jessica, and I totally enjoy the characters they play on the show. They are the reason that I watch the show, because as far as I am concerned, they make the show. Not Meredith and Derrick or any of the other parings on the show. As far as I am concerned, the characters that “I” find annoying, if you want to talk about annoying are Meredith and Owen. I still don’t understand why Meredith got top billing on the show. Who really cares about her life anyway>

  41. ariz says:

    @ Cindy. you must be unemployed and jealous that these actors are actually making a living, while you’re struggling to maintain a roof over your head. Quit your hating. She is a wonderful actress and also a person. Unlike you.

  42. jerseygirl says:

    I think that the twist is Arizona is dead. I think Callie will linger in a coma and then die. Baby will survive and Mark will have to raise it on his own. Both sets of parents show up for a funeral for the two women.

    • TM says:

      Bravo!! Even though I like Arizona, I could still get behind this!!! Heck I could even get by with the baby surviving but not Callie so that AZ and Mark have to figure it out together. Either way this triangle needs to lose at least a third if not 2!

  43. Babygate says:

    Wow! I am shocked at the language that some people use to express their discontent. Well, I’m a Grey’s fan. Callie is my fave and I love that Sara completely rocks this character. Ed is not be best actor by any means, but I love Mark. And this whole baby mess has made me appreciate Arizona even more because she made a mistake and is trying hard as hell to fix it. And if Mark and Arizona end up being friends, then I’m for it because no matter what, the one thing that has been very clear since Callie’s and Mark’s fist hook up is that they are not in love with each other. What Callie and Arizona have is completely different. Anyway, I’m just excited about next week’s epi and very much looking forward to it. Sara has the most amazing voice ever!

  44. Nicole says:

    Arizona may be “negative”, but if I were treated the way Callie treats AZ then I would be negative too. Callie is placing Mark ABOVE Arizona in her life right now, and that was pretty obvious in the car scene. Calling Arizona “just jealous” was so insensitive and showed a total disregard for Arizona’s feelings. I honestly don’t see what it is that Arizona is getting from Callie. She’s not even getting sex, so what then? I’m not seeing it. I hope Shonda shows us, because it hasn’t been onscreen YET. Callie treated Arizona with the same level of sensitivity as Mark—that is to say, none. That wedding proposal was an act of pure desperation. Arizona is trying to figure out what the HELL she has to do for Callie to make her a priority and put her first. Even the writer of last night’s episode, Peter Nowalk, acknowledged Arizona’s sacrifices and efforts she’s made for Callie in the GA writers blog.

    • Mambo says:

      Amen to that Nicole.

      Arizona used to be a funny, sensitive, confident, happy and perky character. The writers made her a sad woman, desperate for Callie’s love hence being negative with freakin’ Mark intruding. He’s ALWAYS between them, around them, I wonder how Callie managed to keep him out of their bed until now. The guy pops up ALL THE TIME. When was the last time we saw Calzona being tender and happy together, with intimacy, without him showing up?!!
      He’s annoying, ED can’t act, and the girls deserve so much more than that (actresses and characters).

      And yes, he’s the biological so-called “father”, but Arizona is Callie’s PARTNER, her LOVER. How many people would accept to live the same thing, what she’s going through, whithout complaining and being jealous? Man, the uy still manages to make their life together HELL, he’s still there even if he’s not around. The accident? I blame it all on Mark. This is his fault, period. As much as Calzona fading away and not to mention he was the one questioning Arizona’s medical skills (since when Arizona is not doing the best for her patients?!!).

      Mark need to be written off the show, he’s unbearable.

      Oh and by the way Arizona haters: because she is a woman, it doesn’t mean she has to back off. Being gay doesn’t make you worthless, Callie may be bisexual, she has a female LOVER. Mark has no word to say in this couple, baby or not.

      • Paula says:

        I know that a lot of people don’t like the character of Mark, but there is no way the accident is his fault. He was texting Callie, who was NOT DRIVING at the time. She didn’t have to respond to him, that was her decision. And no matter what else was going on at the time, while Arizona was driving, she should have been paying attention to the road. It was her choice to drive while she was all emotional and her choice not to look at the road while she was driving. The accident is absolutely her fault.

        • Melanie says:

          The accident was an accident. It was nobody’s fault. Callie should have never unbuckled to grab her phone to call her precious Mark, especially after promising the weekend was just for her and her actual girlfriend. Mark is the baby daddy, not her husband. If Callie couldn’t commit to Arizona she should have never asked her to be a part of the plan.

          It needed to happen because Callie needs a big time wakeup call. She’s been acting terribly for months now, and on Grey’s you always pay the piper. It was a set up for the musical and Callie getting some sense knocked into her. That’s all.

          • Chips says:

            Melanie, you hit the nail on the head when you said that Callie ask Arizona to be a “part of her plan.” To me when Arizona excepted to be a part of the plan and they got back together Callie should have now placed Arizona ahead of Mark in her life. I’m not saying that Mark shouldn’t have rights with the baby, but it does not give him a right to interfere in their daily lives. I blame a lot of that on Callie for not giving Mark boundaries in the first place. I still love both of these characters even though I don’t like this story line.

          • Stevanie says:

            An accident maybe, but Arizona should have watched her driving and keep her eyes on the road instead of trying deperatel to cling on Callie. I would be fine if Callie dies and there will be a long custody battle for the child.

          • tina says:

            Babydaddy trumps girlfriend because BD is beginning a family with Callie…. when girlfriend becomes “wife” she is then a part of the family that her partner has created. If she didn’t like it, she shouldn’t have agreed to be a part of it. So Callie whined and Arizona left her, we get it… but Callie had the right to sleep with whomever the hell she wanted… Mark included, she got pregnant BEFORE Arizona came back. Hell, Next think you know you will be saying that Mark has less say in the baby’s life because Arizona is with Callie…. meanwhile forgetting that Callie CHOSE to bring MARK’s baby into this world and not terminate her pregnancy without Arizona in mind. Just because Arizona is a lesbian doesn’t give her the right to replace the biological father. Arizona is the girlfriend and maybe future STEP Mother, mark is the FATHER. This child is not the bi-product of a lesbian couple going to a donor, this is a child who was produced between a man and woman having sex and that man and woman want to parent this child.

  45. rs says:

    I hated this epi except for the Mer,Der,Chief & Adele scene, the Alex scenes, the Mer/new OBGyn scene & the (recycled from season 5)Mer/Der bedroom scene, even though it was totally random. I am sick to death of Calzona/Mark, April, Teddy, Jackson…I just don’t care.

  46. Dawn says:

    I am really starting to hate this season of Grey’s. I’ve stuck by its side for so long now! Through the deepest depression of the shows, when Meredith died and came back to life, when Izzie gave that awful speech about belief and eating butter when no one is looking and then deaths and exits of some of the most important of characters. But this season? Awful! Its nowhere near as great as it once was. Please someone try telling me it better than what it was and that its only gotten better after all this can’t because it hasn’t.

    Why is this season so awful? Because Shonda is hiring left and right new actors and re-writing old story plots. She’s worried about her inferior other shows and lost sight of whats made her what she is today. There are so many characters on this show that I could careless what is happening with them. What happened to the original cast? (1/3 of them up and left or just “died”) What happened to Meredith and Derek? The whole heart and soul of the show? They’re married and working and the only time you get any story is the beginning and the end of the show when they’re waking up and going to bed. The growth of the character is completely null and void, they’ve all seemed to just be stagnant. Now, the main focus of this show is Callie and Arizona?! BORING! I don’t care about those two in the lead capacity! They were better and far more interesting when they were background characters, not the leads of this show.

    Honestly, when Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo’s contracts are up and they’re no longer on the show, I will no longer be a viewer of this show.

  47. Henna54 says:

    I getting abit tired of this “where is the Mer/Der” storyline ranting going on everywhere.
    I mean come on people, there is a vast ocean of characters on this show. Why do they always have to be sent to the backburner?
    I love Mer/Der but, as someone mentioned earlier, we have had 6 seasons of NonStop Mer/Der drama, let the others shine for awhile…. They are in a happy stable place right now, I mean Meredith almost died 2 times, and Derek 1 time, not to mention the 4 season struggle just to get them in a remotely happy place, together!! Let the lovebirds be for awhile… =) …

    As for the babydrama,I am not crazy about the whole thing, but I love all those characters and I for one have been very happy they have had some more screentime. Christina storyarc aswell, which Sandra Oh has played out briliantlly!
    Even if I Haven´t loved all the storyline this season I´m not sure I could take another crisis or life and death drama between M&D. Let them rest for awhile and let all those other people that we love and care about shine in their charachters.

    Enough on that, I can´t wait for the musical ep! If done well, that can be an absolutely fabulous episode! I really hope it is! =)

    Cheers everyone!

    • Sheela says:

      You don’t get it.

      The show is called Grey’s Anatomy for one reason: it should deal with Meredith, something that hasn’t happened for the last 3 seasons.

      There could be a good storyline even without drama and brake-ups around her and Derek, the thing is, they don’t have any idea of what they’re doing anymore, and just throw random, scattered pieces of stories here and there.

      They are focusing on minor characters they forced into the show, for example, Teddy: she was there just to be an obstacle for Christina and Owen. Now they got over it, so, what’s she there for? Mark was the exact same thing.

      What about Izzie, and George? Didn’t they deserve a good storyline as well? Then why make them leave, being replaced with soulless newbies?

      Why could they not focus a little bit more on Meredith or Derek’s past? Why considering Baily or Alex just to make them have flings?
      Why has everything have to deal with alzehimer?

      Why I still watch it, someone asks?


      • oldmaryjane says:

        Actually, the show is in reference to the Gray’s Anatomy medical “encyclopedia” which was originally published in 1858 and has been revised hundreds of times since that date to accommodate present day medicine. When Grey’s (the show) was first airing, I read that Shonda used this iconic book as the basis for the show, even though the “main” character is Meredith Grey (spelled differently) which was just a play on words in reference to the book.

  48. SDTim says:

    Wow – didn’t know how out of touch I was! LOL
    I’ve actually really been enjoying this season. I thought last season’s finale was exceptional and this season has been pretty darn quality, too. (I was ready to give up totally on GA when Izzie was having ghost sex with her dead boyfriend! This is lightyears away from the mess that season was!)

    I actually really like Callie & Arizona. The character that creeps me out is the pediatrician played by Peter MacNicol. What’s his name – Dr. Stark? Now they could kill off that character in a car crash anytime! :D

  49. esme santos says:

    I’m not too happy that they had an accident Callie and Arizona, but I’m hoping that Callie doesn’t die… I am a great fan calli and hopefully Arizona will realize that mark is important to callie

  50. asdfsaf says:

    I knew from the moment they were in the car!!!