How I Met Your Mother Mystery Deepens: Is Robin Marrying A Cylon?

That noise you hear is the sound of How I Met Your Mother‘s marital mystery plot thickening.

A spokesperson for the CBS comedy confirms that ex-Battlestar Galactica toaster Michael Trucco will guest star in the April 18 episode as Robin’s longtime crush.

The news, first reported by TV Guide magazine, adds another possible couple combination to the sitcom’s season-long wedding conundrum — or does it? As of now, Trucco isn’t slated to appear in any additional episodes beyond the one on April 18 — and that includes the May 16 season finale when the bride and groom are slated to be unmasked.

Casting further doubt on the Robin/Crush knot-tying argument is the fact that Trucco is currently a series regular on the USA drama Fairly Legal.

A much likelier scenario — next to the ever-popular Robin/Barney theory, natch — has Barney walking down the aisle with new crush Nora. Unlike Trucco, Nazanin Boniadi is slated to appear in the May 16 finale.

Which duo do you think HIMYM will marry off at season’s end? Cast your vote in the comments section below!

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  1. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    Huh it seems like Trucco is always guest staring as the third wheel in a romance a la Demming in Castle.

    • b says:

      Well, that was kinda his entire role on BSG, too… Even if he was married to Starbuck.

    • Scott says:

      And wasn’t he also Penny’s boyfriend for an episode on The Big Bang Theory to make Leonard jealous?

    • tvfan says:

      I read on that Trucco could become a series regular next season, but this looks more like a one episode tease.

    • Joe says:

      Did anyone watch the ep with barney’s dad! He says he has a daughter in college? Maybe barney is getin married and invites his dad, who brings his family and his daughter and wait for it…barney’s step sister is ted’s future wife!

      • himym says:

        Wow that could be true?!?!?. But why does the children ask is this mom? is she dead or what?

      • R says:

        We already know who it is, we just haven’t met her yet. It’s the roommate of the student he dated. And we already know that they meet the day of said student’s wedding when Ted is her best man.

  2. Harper says:

    I’ve seen every episode, but can’t remember if this has been addressed… Could Robin be getting deported? This could be her wedding to someone (Barney?) to keep her in the states? Just a thought.

    • Kirsty says:

      She was made a dual citizen of Canada and the US in I believe episode 4 of Season 5. I know Barney and Robin were dating anyway. I could be wrong, however, my understanding is dual citizens can’t be deported so there’s not much in the “Robin marrying for a Green Card” theory. I’m still going with it being Punchy’s wedding. How that ties in with The Mother though, I could not tell you.

    • Kathleen says:

      I think they have addressed this before and Robin became a citizen.

    • Harper says:

      Ok, then nevermind! Thanks for being kind : )

    • t.t says:

      it was addressed and robin got a dual citizenship because she was getting deported

    • Jesse says:

      I really hope not, as that storyline was a cliche used in Wings, Will & Grace, My Name is Earl, Felicity, Dawson’s Creek, That 70s Show, The Drew Carey Show, Mama’s Family, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Friends, Reaper, Taxi, Parks & Recreation, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and Night Court (just to name a few).

      Then again, HIMYM could do worse than to cop plot lines straight from the genius that was Mama’s Family…

    • Mike says:

      BUT could Barney be getting married to Nora to prevent her from getting deported?? I am pretty sure her accent is not American…

  3. katelin says:

    I think it would be weird if Barney and Nora got married but it would also be a great storyline twist. I just want Ted to meet the mother already! I mean I know they have at least two more seasons of show, but that doesn’t mean that can’t meet? Even in passing? Right? Maybe? Yes?

  4. xav says:

    I don’t know about Robin but I’d like to marry me a Cylon. Several of them, in fact.

  5. Amber says:

    Did I miss something, or weren’t we already told that the wedding is that of Ted’s high school friend Punchy? Was I the only one who saw the episode where Ted called Punchy and Punchy told him he was getting married and asked Ted to be his best man?

    • Amber says:

      Oops, my bad, Punchy came to visit (not called) because he thought Ted sounded depressed and then told Ted he was getting married and asked him to be his best man.

      • 8daysaweek says:

        If it’s Punchy, why would Marshall and Lily also be there?

        • Jordan says:

          It’s not like Punchy doesn’t know Marshall and Lily. It’s entirely plausible for them to be invited as well. Obviously Marshall knows about Punchy.

          • Rebecca says:

            Marshall was in an identical tux as Ted. Marshall wasn’t in Punchy’s wedding party. I’m assuming it’s a different wedding.

          • Lil Jo says:

            That’s possible, but why then would Marshall be wearing a Tux as well. All the foreshadowing scenes so far have shown Ted and Marshall sitting on a bench both wearing Tuxes. I know Punchy doesn’t seem to have too many friends but to invite a friend, friend to be in your wedding party?

    • Faith says:

      Amber 1 – Ausiello 0

      • Stephanie says:

        Considering Ausiello has actual sources and spoilers, and knows more than any of us….

        Ausiello 1 – Anyone else 0

    • Les says:

      I thought that exact thing. Has anybody actually said that the wedding is between a regular, not a recurring cast member?

  6. Lynn says:

    The wedding is going to be Ted’s friend from highschool. Punchy-remember, he got engaged at the beginning of the season and asked Ted to be the best man.

    • Michael says:

      Right. But then Robin asked Ted if she were ever to get married if he would be her best man, and he said yes. Then they showed that Barney really does want to settle down and who else would he ask to be his best man? The HIMYM people mean for this to be a mystery, but you’re probably right.

      • Sophie says:

        I think you’re right. They are trying to bring on different theories so it become a mystery and in the end it will probably just be punchy’s wedding so we will all be disappointed…

  7. Deion says:

    Um…I have beenunder the impression, since early in the season that the wedding is that of Ted’s high school friend Punchy.

  8. Sterling says:

    What if the whole HIMYM wedding mystery was just Punchy’s wedding? HAHAHA
    We all know that Ted is the best man in it. That would be HILARIOUS. And the mother is actually like Punchy’s wife’s cousin and he falls for her and has to end it with Zoe and Barney brings Nora as a date because he will go get her back.

    There mystery solved.

  9. Dave says:

    I hope it’s Barney and Nora. I think they make a GREAT couple. I can’t stand Robin and Barney together! I miss Robin and Ted as a couple!

    • lorna says:

      agreed, i hated robin and barney. robin and ted all the way. michael tr. played hot uncle cooper on one tree hill when it was actually still good.

      • Harper says:

        Yes!! So sexy on OTH.

      • Sophie says:

        I felt just the opposite. To me Robin and Ted together was just the worst match ever and so boring. I loved robin with barney but i think they are over too… There’s a little hope left but i could see barney with nora now. They would make a great item

    • Kristen says:

      Unfortunately, you’ll have to get over that: Robin and Ted are not going to end up together.

      Is there really being a surprise bride and groom? I assumed it would be Punchy as well. When were we told otherwise?

      • Jenna says:

        It makes no sense that it is Punchy. Clearly Marshall is in a tux also as a groomsmen and the dress Lily is wearing has to be a bridesmaid or else I have a hard time believing she’d be caught dead in it! Punchy knows the rest of the group but not enough to invite them all to his wedding. PLUS punchy lives in Ohio so why would the rest of the group go that far for a sort of acquaintance?

  10. aldaryn says:

    The mom has to be there. The roommate thanked Ted for opening her eyes…Ted is the best man at the roommate’s lesbian wedding. Exactly the wedding you DIDN’T see coming – and it makes more sense than Robin’s or Barney’s, although I guess I could see it being Punchy’s, but why would the mother be there?

    • Meg says:

      I never even thought of it, but it makes the most sense since Ted is supposed to meet the mother at this wedding.

    • Amber says:

      I think you’re on to something there. I always thought that Punchy getting married was just a red herring meant to lead the audience in the wrong direction. HIMYM would never do what’s expected, and they’re certainly not going to do that in a season finale. So with that reasoning, both Barney and Robin wanting Ted to be their best man at their weddings could be a red herring too. Though I admit I did think it would be a Barney and/or Robin wedding until you provided this very believable theory. It might also explain the awkwardness Ted seemed to feel towards being a best man at the wedding that we saw in the flash forward (i.e., awkwardness being a best man at an ex-gf’s lesbian wedding). At least I interpreted what he seemed to be feeling as awkwardness in that moment. Maybe I was wrong. I originally thought it was awkwardness at having other close friends (like Robin and/or Barney) getting married when he wasn’t married yet. I can’t believe I’m putting this much thought into a TV show, but yet, here I am doing it.

    • Erin says:

      I have assumed that it was the roommates wedding from day one. I don’t know where all this “mystery wedding” stuff came from. The original episode spelled it out pretty clearly.

    • mytwocents says:

      I think the main argument against it being the roommate’s lesbian wedding is that Ausiello said in a prior blind item about HIMYM that the couple getting married were heterosexual.

  11. JenH says:

    I’m a bit confused. I read the article when it was posted and to quote, “And I’m hearing Michael will be featured heavily next season as well, as he apparently figures prominently into Robin’s future.” Now you are saying that he isn’t slated to appear after the April 18th episode. Who’s right?

    Fairly Legal is not the best show. He’s rarely featured and the show doesn’t have the same commitment and schedule as regular network shows. So I don’t see an issue with doing both.

  12. Lisa says:

    Isn’t it punchy’s wedding?

  13. MKS says:

    YESYESYES. I really loved the chemistry between NPH and Nazanin Boniadi. Nora’s definitely different from the kind of girls Barney usually goes for, and that’s why I’m rooting for her to be in the show longer.

  14. Rebecca says:

    It could be Punchy, but then why all the secrecy surrounding the wedding? It very well could be Nora and Barney…or Robin and someone, since Robin made Ted promise to be her “best man” as well. But let’s remember, we’ve heard that there’s a wedding, not a marriage…so whomever it is doesn’t mean that it’s the end of another couple. HIMYM has played that card before.

    • Rebecca says:

      Oh! One thing I just remembered as well! If it’s Punchy’s wedding, then why are Lily and Marshall there? They didn’t go to high school with Ted. I don’t even think they know Punchy.

      • Jen says:

        They didn’t go to high school with Ted, but they have been friends with Ted over 10 years at this point and, if I remember correctly, it was Lily that first mentioned Ted’s relationship with Punchy when they were talking about “revertigo” in Season 3’s “Sandcastles in the Sand” episode. Having known Ted so long, it is more than likely that Marshall and Lily both know Punchy…

  15. Ruby says:

    Oh, YUMMY. I don’t care who he’s playing, I am just glad he’ll be on the show!

  16. kat says:

    It could either be be Punchy and his girlfriend, or Cindy and her girlfriend…

  17. Wada says:

    I know that I’m not the only one who wants Barney/Robin to be endgame. I don’t know if the wedding it’s theirs, but they have to eng up together!

  18. keith says:

    It’s weird that in the scenes with Barney and Nora, everyone has been in the scenes (Robin, Lilly, Marshall) but not Ted. I think the wedding will be Ted’s dad -he is serving as best man, everyone is there and Barney brings Nora as his date. At one point at the party, Barney introduces Ted to his date and BOOM -“Kids, that’s how I met your mother.”

    • Sara says:

      False. Ted met her in the bar when Barney brought her to meet everyone.

      • DZ says:

        Nope. Ted wasn’t there.

      • DZ says:

        Nope. Ted wasn’t at the bar when she was introduced.

        • redreh says:

          No, he has met her. I remember because I was banking on that theory too–I thought it was ingenious. Get to know the character without Ted having met her. Perfect!
          But Barney brought her to the bar in her second episode, I think. I think there was an episode where he wasn’t there, which solidified that theory… but yeah, he definitely met her.

          Which sucks, because that would have been awesome.

  19. John says:

    We know that the future wife will be there, that Marshall and Lily are there, and that Ted is best man. We know it takes place at Barney’s brother’s father’s church. However, we also know that Nora is in the episode and that they realized that Barney in a relationship is not good for the show. Robin needs to be single to provide the threat to Ted and his wife once they meet (and why start the story with Robin if she doesn’t play a key role in the Ted/wife relationship?). Accordingly, I’m going with the Captain and Zoey getting married with Ted the best man because he brings them back together. And Zoey introduces Ted to the wife after the ceremony…

  20. Becky says:

    It’s totally Barney’s wedding. Ausiello previously said that the name of the episode is “Challenge Accepted.” How is that not talking about Barney’s wedding???

  21. Nikita says:

    It’s punchy’s wedding! We already know that Ted is his best man right?

  22. John Berggren says:

    Swarkles forever!

  23. Doug says:

    It should be BArney’s wedding, so Ted can meet Barney’s half sister in college, the kid’s future mother

    • Alyssa says:

      I LOVE this idea. It’s so completely believable and awesome. I wondered why they mentioned in the last episode that Barney had a half brother and sister, but then only showed the little brother. This would be a phenomenal way to merge two big story lines. Not to mention how amazing it would be to make Ted and Barney brother-in-laws :)

    • himymfan says:

      If the mother was Barney’s stepsister it does not make sense that the kids would not already know that.

  24. noe_zero says:

    from the beginning of the season I think it’s gonna be Barney and Robin XD

  25. Stephanie says:

    To say Nora would be a “great” choice to marry Barney seems…odd (to me, so in other words my opinion holds no value,haha) She’s been in two or three episodes and served more as a prop for the audience to see the character of Barney evolve.
    Honestly, having her as a regular (were she to marr Barney) would change the group dynamic, and maybe it could work- but I think it would feel forced and awkward.

    I do like the idea that it is Barney’s wedding and it’s his half-sister who Ted meets and falls for. But considering we have at least 2 years left of HYMYM I’m going to say there’s a mega twist coming up- we don’t meet the mother (because this show apparently loooves to drag it out) OR it is the wedding (I’m guessing Barney/Robin) but years from now. Or has the year been established?

    I love this show but I am cautious whenever there are hints of the mother finally making appearance- I do hope I’m wrong.

    Except on the Nora/Barney wedding- I hope there isn’t one.

    • mytwocents says:

      Yeah, I agree. We’ve barely seen Nora. She seems nice, but it also seemed like her whole purpose was to be someone who absolutely wants marriage and kids so as to get Barney to think about those things.

      The year of the wedding from “Big Days” has not been established, which is why I don’t understand why so many people seem to assume that the wedding must be this season? Like you said, with two seasons left, I cannot imagine them letting Barney (or Robin) marry other people or each other with that much time left.

      • redreh says:

        You guys have said it perfectly!

        And THANK YOU–I don’t understand where people got the idea or made the assumption that the wedding was actually HAPPENING at the end of this season. I actually assumed from the moment we saw it that it was taking place at a much later time–because he friggin said he MEETS THE MOTHER THERE. Now, I could be wrong, but wouldn’t meeting the mother end the story? And we’ve got two more seasons, yes?

        So, there is apparently A WEDDING at the end of this season, and maybe it’s the one we saw in the first episode, maybe not. I’ll bet that that’s the twist–that Ted perhaps mixes them up in his memory and we see a mixture of Punchy and the mystery wedding, or that we go between both without confusion.

        In any case–although Ted will best man for Punchy, I don’t think the wedding in the first episode is Punchy’s. Marshall and Lily were both dressed in wedding party gear. Robin and Barney were absent–here’s hoping for this BRotp fan that that mean’s it really is Barney’s wedding, and that’s where Ted meets his future wife, Barney’s half-sister.

  26. Amy says:

    Seriously people! HIMYM loves to drop clues and they have been dropping clues all season that it is Barney’s wedding. The only real mystery is who it will be to. Paunchy’s wedding is just to throw people off. That would be totally lame and why would Lily and Marshall be there in what looks like wedding party attire.

  27. Jenny says:

    I still think Robin is marrying Don. I don’t know why, but that’s my guess.

    • JD says:

      Someone mentioned on another message board a while ago that they thought that the Ted Voiceover referred to Don as “Uncle Don” when addressing his kids at one point. I don’t remember it, but I rarely see the episodes more than once. If that is true, then obviously Don and Robin get back together at some point. But hopefully not yet, Robin is more fun without Don.

      Everything really does point at it being Barney’s wedding (maybe a green card for Nora or something?), especially the episode title and the fact that everyone is in it, and that it’s at his brother’s dad’s church. But it’s already been said that The Mother was Cindy’s roommate, and I have no idea how Nora or Barney would know Cindy and her roommate well enough to invite them to their wedding.

  28. DonLunte says:

    Its gonna be Punchy and his fioncee of course….

  29. Melissa says:

    I really hope the wedding is not Punchy’s, that would be too obvious. I really want Barney and Robin to end up together in the end, I’m actually more invested in them than I am in the “mother”. So I hope its not one of them getting married. I think its too soon for Barney to be marrying Nora, that would seem weird and rushed to me.

  30. Joshm says:

    I think that Barney is getting married, but I’m not sure to whom. However, this may have been a throwaway line, but Barney’a dad mentioned that his half sister is at college. I think she will be the mom.

  31. Davidch says:

    I think is going to be Ted`s dad

  32. bongo says:

    the wedding is obviously punchies

  33. Audrey says:

    Its not Punchy’s wedding. There is no way that they would have a random characters wedding be The Wedding where Ted meets YM. And since the show is renewed for a couple more yrs, I can be sure that we won’t be finding out who YM is anytime soon.

  34. SAH says:

    Even if its Barney’s wedding, does that mean it takes place the spring of 2011? Didn’t the first episode start with “A few years down the road” or something?

  35. Aslyn says:

    The wedding is Barney and Robin’s. The mother is Barney’s half-sister.

  36. Joshua says:

    if it’s barney’s wedding why can’t it be a challenge. Get this girl to marry you or something like that and ted is de best man en here maid of Honor is the mother :p

  37. Keel says:

    Well the finale is called ‘Challenge Accepted’ and I could so see Barney saying that when he is getting married, so I think it could be his wedding. But I don’t know who to, or there could be other reasons for him getting married and that could be what the title is referring to.

  38. mellie says:

    i reckon it is wendy the waitresses wedding… she stops being part of the crowd – she didn’t know that ted and zoey had parted ways. so maybe she got married and left. ted is best man because… well, i don’t know.

    just putting it out there.

  39. gin says:

    Wow, that’s a good theory!
    @himym: Ted is telling ‘how’ he met their mom, not ‘who’. Probably, if this theory is correct, the kids knew that uncle barney is their mom’s step brother, but they didn’t know precisely how she met Ted.

    • gin says:

      Err… I clicked the ‘reply’ button for Joe’s comment somewhere up there, but how it end up as a new comment? =.=

  40. Lorenzo Von Matterhorn says:

    It is not Punchy, that would be so lame to build this up the whole season just for that. Besides like someone says in here already. By the name of the episode. It has to be Barney. I don’t see Don returning. I think that is done but could be wrong. People we already know that Punchy is getting married so why would that be a shocker at the end? Carter Bays and Craig are not that lame.

  41. Lorenzo Von Matterhorn says:

    I am not a casual fan of the show, got all 5 seasons on DVD, wear them out, I am very loyal. And I know they like to surprise us. Ted will be either Robin’s or Barney’s (after Ted and Marshal fight for it HIMYM style). And who says the wedding is even happening SOON anyway? All part of the mystery! HIMYM FTW

  42. keith says:

    Do we know for 100 percent that Ted (the voice over) is talking to HIS kids? We hear him say “kids” all the time and we know he is telling them the story about how he met “their” mother -but have they ever said “dad?” Why couldn’t he be an uncle telling the kids about how he met their mother. The ending could go like this:

    Flashback: Ted meets a woman (v/o and that’s how I met you mother).
    Cut to future party: Woman walks in room -“What are you guys talking about?”
    Ted: “I was just telling them the story of how we met.”
    Barney enters and kisses woman: “That lame story- you should hear how Uncle Ted met his wife.”
    Cut to first episode clip of Barney “Have you met Ted” and Robin turns around.
    Back to future- Robin comes in and kisses Ted
    End Scene

    • aldaryn says:

      That is an AMAZING theory. I really like it. I kind of hope that’s the ending.

      • aldaryn says:

        Unfortunately, I just watched the opening to the pilot again, and they don’t call him dad, but he says “25 years ago, before I was Dad…”

  43. Steven says:

    OH MY GOSH all these theories just merged in my head and made my brain explode, with this one. Let’s look at the facts:

    The mother undoubtedly is Cindy’s roommate. For Ted to know this, it is most logical that he would meet her while meeting up with Cindy.

    However, it is unlikely that it would be Cindy’s wedding – Marshall would have no reason to be in the wedding party. For both he and Ted to be in the wedding party, it is almost certainly Barney, Robin, or both.

    We know for a fact that Barney has a half-sister in college, who could very well be the same age as Cindy. Being in New York, it is likely that the half-sister may attend the same school Cindy goes to.

    I can only hope the bride is Robin, but I’m betting that it’s Barney’s wedding, where Ted meets Barney’s half-sister who brings Cindy as her guest because she is her ROOMMATE. How mind-blowing would that be?


  44. David P says:

    Am I the only that believe’s it’s Punchy’s Wedding? I know having Marshall at the wedding is kind of weird as they weren’t friends, but Ted would definitely be Punchy’s Best Man.

  45. elen says:

    I’d like a Robin/Barney wedding…I think Nora is not hillarius at all so she cant be a series regular. I like Barney and Robin together they both are hillarius, they are my favorite

  46. d says:

    I like the idea that it is Ted’s Dad’s wedding. Why would Barney get married in a few months if he couldn’t even meet her parents. Nora is a smart woman, she wouldn’t rush into that. Same thing with Robin rushing into marriage. Rushing into relationships is a Ted thing. Also, the show has 2 more seasons in its renewal. The writers will definitely stretch things out.

    Even if Barney marries Nora or Robin marries someone, you can’t rule out as a couple down the road. Ted is talking to his children in 2030, a lot of things can happen in 20 years.

  47. Barbis says:

    It’s Ted’s friend Punchy’s wedding. They just ran the rerun of the episode where he asks him to be his best man.

  48. Amanda says:

    its a surprise… so we know that punchy is going to be married, it isnt a surprise…

    I hope the wedding you are announcing, will be for Barney and Robin… please :)

  49. dbrocker959 says:

    HIMYM (season 6 wedding)…. Its Barney’s Wedding. Barney marries Nora and Robin is nora’s maid of honor (thats why she and Barney is not in wedding sceen). Season 7 will explain how the wedding came to be.

  50. Jazmin says:

    Hello HIMYM lovers.. This is my theory inspired by the ideas that everyone brought up : the wedding is barneys according to the season 6 finale-chalanged accepted. This wedding is suppose to end bad, metioned by someone who saw the documentary of the dvds. SO barney is convinced by his dad and other influences to settle down and nora drives him to get married. SHE secretly wants to trick barney into marrying her , who thinks hes in love, to not get deported from her foreign country and stay in the u.s.i think this because of her accent and iit could be a possibility. barney is about to say ” i do” to nora but then robin, whoKnows about noras plan, stops the vows and saves barney from a bad marriage. badda bing badda BOOM.. THEN yada yada.. Robin tries to cheer barney up and they continue on to have ted meet his wife at the party.. THIS is my thesis.. And i believe in it. Yessss Love barney&robin together! Peace