Breaking: FX KO's Lights Out

Patrick “Lights” Leary will retire again — this time involuntarily — in light of FX’s decision not to renew the boxing drama Lights Out for a second round.

“FX will not be moving forward with a second season of the critically acclaimed drama series Lights Out,” a network rep says in a statement.

Despite its aforementioned acclaim, Lights Out struggled in the ratings ring against a host of heavyweights, namely CBS’ buzzy The Good Wife and NBC’s Parenthood. TNT’s gritty Southland surely also got in a punch or two.

FX will air the final two episodes of Lights Out‘s freshman run in the show’s regularly scheduled time slot, Tuesdays at 10/9c, on March 29 and April 5. Hopefully, we’ll get to see the Lights/Death Row rematch before it’s lights out for the drama.

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  1. Joe says:

    :( NOOOOOO!

    • Shahin says:

      I really loved Lights out.
      It reminded me of a modern day “Les Miserables”.

      • bomag says:

        Have you ever heard of a movie called Rocky. Same set up but Irish. Basically begins Rocky 4, but has all the sequences of previous Rockys. However Stacy Keach and the actor for Lights were excellent. Hope to see them in upcoming shows or movies.

    • Chris says:

      Forget about all the other shows and bring lights back lol

  2. Erik says:

    Not a shock. I’m just glad FX shows the whole run of shows they cancel like Terriers and Lights Out. I would love 2nd seasons of both, but at least they respect the shows and the viewers enough to show them in their entirety.

  3. Bev says:

    That is a shame. It is a great show with character depth. I am sad!

  4. Lights On says:

    Loved “Lights Out” Was the one show my wife and I both enjoyed watching. Guess it’s back to seperate TV’s on Tuesday nights.

  5. Phil says:

    I loved this show but if the ratings didn’t justify a renewal I don’t have a problem with F/X on it as they showed the whole series. I also knew by the 4th episode that because of the ratings it would likely be cancelled which made watching it a bit strange but it was a really good show with 3 great actors (Holt, Stacey and Irwin)

  6. Greg says:

    You mentioned the excellent shows it competed against in it time slot. FX, as with all their shows, did it no favors via cable on-demand. New episodes were rarely available even a week after the original aired. Poor support for this little gem, just like Terriers.

    • DarkHawke says:

      You should have checked Hulu. As always (at least if you don’t have a Plus account), they had shows a week after initial airing. That’s how I caught up on this surprisingly excellent show!

  7. Maggie says:

    THIS MAKES ME REALLY SAD! I loved this show. It was my favorite new show this season. Great Characters! I am so bummed.

  8. Veronica says:

    What a shame!!!

  9. Kennkmay50 says:

    Very upsetting. This was down and out my favorite show since 24. Why didn’t FX try scheduling it on another nite if the competition wsas so fierce. Just another blow to quality TV. A real shame.

    • dexx says:


      Competition is fierce on every night but Saturday which in modern times is not a night for new scripted programming.

  10. Pamela says:

    That’s unfortunate. I’ve never heard of it. Perhaps if they promoted it & had given it a better time. I hate that a critically acclaimed drama gets axed. We have very few of them thanks to all the crappy reality & competition shows.

    • tasha says:

      This is a great show! FX did practically nothing to promote it, and that’s why it failed. It is a shame that another network won’t leap on it and make season 2. With the right promotion, it could be another “Good Wife,” or even better. For me, it was “must-see” TV from the first, and even I almost missed the opening episode because it wasn’t advertised enough. Can’t wait to see whether Lights beats Death Row for the title, but will never know what happens to him after that. That stinks!

  11. Jeff says:

    I really liked Lights Out. It seems the only shows that FX can have in the Tuesday at 10 slot and have survive are The Shield (which has since ended) and then they put Sons of Anarchy on Tuesdays at 10. I love SOA and just wish that their seasons were longer than 13 episodes.

  12. TigerNightmare says:

    What a shame. This was one of the best shows FX has put on. The best since Justified. The show does so well with telling the characters’ stories, and yet crap like Hawaii Five-0, which has millions tune into it every week, just spins a wheel to determine who gets to say which line. A tremendous loss to TV, to entertainment and to people who care about what they watch.

  13. Tania says:

    And yet Sons of Anarchy continues. Go figure.

    • brandon says:

      SOA is a superior show as is Justified.

      Long as those shows along with always sunny and louie continues i will be happy, lets face it.. Lights Out should of been a 1 season mini-series or show anyways it’s about a come back, you can’t go much further after a season maybe 2.

      now terriers on the other hand should of lasted longer but FX is to blame for poor marketing, FX is becoming the new FOX.. they cancel Dirt, Damages, Riches, Lights Out, Terriers and Over There.. what next? i know from now on when a new FX show comes out i won’t watch until it gets renewed or canceled because im tired of getting my hopes up.

  14. Ed says:

    As much as I liked this show, and I liked it quite a bit, I think that it might be for the best that the story ends after the climactic fight no matter how it might turn out. There’s something very wonderfully sad about the show and the characters and I’d like to see them achieve some positivity and closure, which wouldn’t be possible if the characters had to be manipulated into another story line. The character of Lights should never fight again after this battle, as the diagnosis he received is too definitive and too real.

    I was delighted with the show, and I’d love to see the actors again, but the characters need to be given some modicum of peace.

  15. Mike minow says:

    That sucks !!!!!!!!!!

  16. suzanna says:

    It was so good…

  17. kaw says:

    This is a terrific show, FX needs to give it more time to build a viewership with greater marketing using must see tv advertising. It is a shame this will be taken off the air. AN AWFUL DECISION!!!

  18. Ricky P says:

    It has become one of my favorite shows as well. My opinion is that the first few episodes were very slow. I think people tuned out. I almost did myself. Its too bad it wont be renewed as it has gotten really good!

  19. Ed says:

    All one has to do is to read ALL the comments above to know how special Lights Out is! Maybe all of our positive rating comments should be sent to the powers that be at FX. I would be happy to sign a petition to keep Lights Out (On) the air!!! Come on Matt Webb Mitovich, let’s find another cable station who will keep this great show with incredible character development and portrayal coming back for many more rounds! The actors were phenomenal!

  20. Don Wilson says:

    Come on fx I thought you were better than that. Terriers and now lights out? Give these quaility shows another chance.

  21. sylvia says:

    r.i.p lights out damn it that is so un fair how can the rating be low when almost all comments on are so good well crap now i have boring tues: :(

  22. joan says:

    Loved the show. Just enough back story info, not to mention fabulous nuanced performances by Holt, Stacey and others, to texture the characters and give us insight into their tortured decisions.
    Lack of, or poor promotion of the show seems a big part of the failure.

  23. stanley says:

    damn that was a great show too bad

  24. Mark Brown says:

    A sad statement. Crap gets renewed. A fine program gets canned.

  25. Karoline says:

    I really loved this show. I just watched the series finale and have to say that I can’t imagine what they would’ve done with a second season. I think it worked really well as more of a mini-series and would encourage networks like FX to support more shows like this.

  26. dan says:

    Wow ! Great show sad to see it end.I hope someone picks it up for a 2nd season.The actors & story are too good not to

  27. JerryS says:

    My co-worker and I both loved the show and we are both upset that “Lights Out” is going to be cancelled. I never felt strongly enough about any other show to express my thoughts for others to see. I thought the storyline was excellent. There was a lot more depth than “Rocky 4” or “Rocky 5” that another poster alluded to. The storyline seemed to get compacted in the last 6 episodes, as if, the producers determined the writing was already on the wall. I think one of the things I could identify with the “Patrick Leary” character was his “character”. Here’s a working man, a boxer that got to a certain economic standing in his life. His family got used to it and was oblivious to the financial strain it was putting on him after 5 years of retirement by the urging/demand of his beloved wife. At first, he heeds to his wife’s demands and goes against his principles and takes nefarious side jobs. Towards the end he risks his health/life so that he can continue to provide for his children and wife. He didn’t do it out of greed, he did so he wouldn’t have to uproot the complete lives of his loved ones. Any of us (all of us) struggling through these difficult economic times can certainly identify with that. There was a great cast here, a great storyline and a lot more storyline potential. It’s too bad the ratings didn’t reflect all this potential. There are enough CSI-like shows out there and worse, enough reality shows out there. “Lights Out” had a lot of character. Let’s hope the producers see enough comments like the ones listed here and decide to give the show another season to reach a wider audience.

    • LeAnne says:

      Jerry, this post was well written and made alot of good points! Too bad we can’t use this post and others like it to bring the show back. It was both original and well cast. I agree whole heartidly that there are WAY too many reality/CSI like shows out there. Add in all of the DR and hospital shows and we only have carbnon copies with different actors, NOT originality! Thank you for this wonderful post from a fellow fan!

  28. Dogtag114 says:

    Nooooo! Truly this was a great series. I just watched the great finale with an even better last minute. I want to see the characters continue!!!!

  29. JohnnyOutlaw says:

    Simply unreal. Can’t believe FX gonna cancel such a great show after one season. If ratings were the issue don’t blame the show blame the execs. who did a bad scheduling & marketing job. If it wasn’t for a buddy telling me about how great the show was I would have never knew it existed until after it started. Caught up on OD & just watch season finale & it’s by far one of the best shows on TV. Unfortunately in this “gotta be roaring out the blocks” TV world we now live in great shows get lost, (Firefly, Arrested Development, Terriers, etc). I just thank God FX put Justified on Wed. instead of Tues. time slot like Lights Out or it may have never made it….Bunch of savages.

  30. John Lopez says:

    What a shame! This was the best show on cable since Sopranos! The story line was great, not to mention the acting!! Please reconsider your decision FX!!! You’ll be losing one of your biggest fans of your channel!!

  31. John Lopez says:

    What a shame! Lights out was the best show on cable since Sopranos! The story line was great, not to mention the acting!! Please reconsider your decision FX!!! You’ll be losing one of your biggest fans of your channel!!

  32. Kevin says:

    It would brave helped if it was at an earlier time-slot as well. I dunno, maybe 8PM instead of 10PM? This was by far my new favorite show. Sad :(

  33. David from PA says:

    Fx should turn their own lights out, because they just cancelled one of the best shows on t.v….

  34. Tom from PA says:

    This sucks. I loved this show! FX please reconsider.

  35. Lorence G says:

    Lights out was a breath of fresh air amongst all the crap CSI-type shows and the rest of the trash that’s on TV these days. It was the next best thing since the Sopranos. I still cant believe how the ratings were not up to par. Even so, you shouldn’t judge a show based on ratings, cuz most people don’t normally watch during regularly scheduled airing times and rather wait to watch multiple episodes consecutively online.

  36. michael weiner says:

    the show was a hit you should show round 2 worse shows are still on the air go lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Jordan says:

    I hope they come to thier sences and put lights out back on the air I hella liked that show and all my friends at work did too.. If they dont put it back on air they should atleast sell it to another network… We want a season 2 ! ! ! !

  38. Donna Price says:

    I’m very unhappy that they canceled the show…my husband and I loved having our night together with a glass of wine and the show, snuggling! Loved the show!