Fringe Battles Nikita: Only One Can Make the 'Renew Our Show!' Finals

One features brainy characters whose doppelgängers live in an alternate universe. The other features sexy sleuths leading double lives. But both Fox’s Fringe and the CW’s Nikita have one important thing in common: They’re in the semifinals of’s first annual ‘Renew Our Show!’ Bracket Tournament, and only one will survive into Monday’s final showdown.

To make the final four, Fringe had to erase Outsourced and V, while Nikita assassinated The Event then pulled off a close upset over No. 3 seed One Tree Hill in the opening two rounds of our single-elimination competition for 16 on-the-bubble series hoping to score slots on the 2011-2012 primetime calendar.

Monday at 1 p.m. ET, you’ll be able to vote for the ultimate “Renew Our Show!” Champion — where the winner of this battle will be up against the winner of Chuck Vs. Parenthood. Click here to see the entire bracket (then click again on the image for a zoomed-in view). And if you’re losing sleep about the status of anything currently on your DVR “series-recording” lineup, don’t miss our regularly updated Renewal Scorecard feature.

But now, you’ve got a tough choice to make — either Fringe or Nikita. Polls will be open for 48 hours, and once you’re done, feel free to hit the comments to justify your vote, and head to Facebook and Twitter to whip your fellow fanboys and fangirls into a frenzy.

Oh! And to get alerted to all future “Renew Our Show” showdowns, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV. And now the time has come for you to vote like you mean it!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. nathy says:

    i think this is a unfair poll, since both shows AREN’T alike at all. and both deserves to be renewed. i’m picking fringe since nikita it’s almost right to be renew ;)

  2. Drewgo says:

    Fringe for the win……….. Plus it’s filmed here in Vancouver and I love spotting them filming on the streets…

  3. brown betty says:

    I love them both, but if i have to choose…. FRINGE ALL THE WAY!!!!!

  4. asdfsaf says:

    Wow i knew from the beginning that it would be Chuck and Fringe at the Finals!!! but i voted for Nikita cuz it is awesome!!!

  5. Sam Weiss says:

    I have nothing against Nikita. In fact, I plan on watching it someday so I hope both shows survive cancellation. However, since Fringe is the only show that I do watch between the two: FRINGE ALL THE WAY. Tune in LIVE!

  6. Natasha says:

    Wow, this is so not fair, I adore both of these shows for very different reasons. I voted for Nikita as it’s only in its first season, but I love them both! Looks like Nikita needed the support, though.

    But then again, I don’t have any concerns about Nikita not getting another season, while I do worry about Fringe. *crosses fingers we get them both back*

  7. Eliza says:

    nikita, of course

  8. Maru says:

    OF course FRINGE!!! Fringe NEEDS to be renewed, it’s the best show on TV currently!!!!
    It’s going to be hard to pick between Chuck and Fringe if that’s the final, but we’ll leave that for later…


  9. Annie says:

    Fringe all the way, I have never watched Nikita so I won’t trash it. I just love fringe!!

  10. Jessica says:

    How is posts just forum-shouting out the name “NIKITA” contributing to anything? Seriously, is there a bunch of 10 year olds posting on this board? Came here to here the pros and cons of both shows, but instead I’m seeing post after post most a minute between each other which means one person is spamming just useless Nikita shout outs rather than explaining why I should watch this show. Or maybe the shout outs rather than opinions just convinced me I shouldn’t……

  11. Jarrod says:


  12. Dan Feddern says:

    Nikita makes more sense.

  13. Colormytv says:

    i like both. and nikita is most likely already renewed.

    FRINGE NEEDS TO LIVE. its one of the like 3 shows that are good on television now adays.

  14. Raichy95 says:

    Nikita 100% I have never seen or heard of Fringe(is that correct??) but I do watch Nikita. And I shall vote for it, because truly a spy-action-killer-thirller is a quadrople punch, and in my opinion what sane teenage girl wouldnt want to see Shane West on the once alonst every week? Unless you haven’t heard of him, guessing the percentage is small. Just saying, so yes I am voting for Nikita ALL THE WAY (episode 1.09)

  15. Zara says:

    Haha Nikita fans you rock! OTH fans maybe in another poll yeah? Nikita takes the cake definitely!

  16. Anne says:

    Nikita off course!!!!!!

  17. Thasleema x says:

    Nikita All Da Way. Its awesome ;-)

  18. Tiril says:

    Nikita is the best tv show that’s ever been made!!! Love it♥

  19. Insider says:

    I LOVE FRINGE and like NIkita.

    I’m sure CW will renew Nikita, we are just waiting for FOX to renew the best sci-fi show on all universes.


  20. mia says:

    A hard match up… going with FRINGE. Shane’s tweet about Fringe made it easier to choose.

  21. Diana says:

    Hate 2 C anyone go, but have 2 vote 4 Nikita!!!

  22. Josh says:


  23. Pocki says:

    Watching both these shows, but there is no contest in my mind. It’s Fringe all the way. A show I’ve just recently fallen madly in love with (I resisted for so long, knowing it would take up my soul onc eI sat down and gave it a go). It’s grand and complicated and well, it fills you up somehow. While Nikita is a good romp with Maggiw Q rocking those leggings it just doesn’t measure up to the storytelling quality of Fringe. Or the scope of Fringe for that matter. But it is quite hard to compare anything to a show juggling two universes successfully when it comes to scope, isn’t it?

  24. Tim says:


  25. truthmaw says:

    I really, really want BOTH Fringe and Nikita renewed.

  26. Katy says:

    Nikita. Nuff said :D

  27. whatever says:


  28. Jill says:


  29. arjun99 says:

    nikita 100%

  30. Sally says:

    N I K I T A ^____^ I <3 that show so much!!!!!

  31. nanda says:

    Fringe is the best!

  32. anonymous says:


  33. breeze9 says:


  34. ana muller says:

    FRINGE! Nikita is total crap, fringe is the best most well-written show on TV!

  35. Ted says:

    NIKITA ALL THE WAY!!!!!! BEST SHOW ON TV!!!!!! NIKITA FWT<3<3<3<3 ^____^

  36. Lo says:

    I voted for Nikita (I love that show), and though I have never really watched Fringe, I know people who do, and they say it’s brilliant. Personally, I think both should be renewed, but let’s be realistic here:

    Fringe (according fans) is a well-written, well acted, unique, amazing show. It’s a Sci-fi, and it’s on Fox on Friday of all days.

    It’s going to get cancelled. Fox has a reputation of cancelling amazing shows. *cough* Firefly & Wonderfalls *cough*

  37. Dirge Crowley says:

    Sorry Nikita but sex appeal only gets you so far. Fringe is by far the better show and it will kick ass

  38. Jerry says:

    Nikita is AMAZING just the plot and story line. Plus awesome actors:) NIKITA NIKITA NIKITA NIKITA NIKITA NIKITA x]

  39. Tia says:

    Nikita!!! Fringe is a very interesting show, no doubt, but Nikita is AMAZING. Great writing, great acting, great camera work… Each episode ends with you begging for more :D This show is a find– It’s underrated: Not enough people have given it a chance to dig into its story… But when/if you do, it’s good stuff people! Check it out ;)

  40. caroline says:


  41. Nicolette says:

    Nikita!!!!!!! It’s a way better show than fringe. If they don’t renew Nikita, I will just DIE. Nikita all the way :)

  42. Dan says:

    Really? Did I really just see Shane West call Fringe a “mediocre” show on Twitter? Shane West isn’t fit to lick John Noble’s shoes. What a twit.

    • Fringe says:

      He’s just probably ticked that he wanted to be Peter Bishop, but the better man, Joshua Jackson, won the role.

      • Hell says:



        ANYWAY FRINGE CAST IS THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. marie says:

    Fringe is best! Lets go fringies vote! #foxrenewfringe

  44. allie says:

    Fringe, hands down. It’s in its best season yet, and I don’t think any Fringe fans want to see it end really hurried.

  45. Salindaaa says:

    Nikita. end of discussion.

  46. whatever says:


  47. heather says:


  48. Elaine says:

    Renew Nikita !!! The show is doing great so far! The Vampire Diaries and Nikita are the BEST shows on tv. Anyone agree :)

  49. Riley says:

    Fringe is superior.

  50. Kelly says:

    Can’t believe Nikita is losing!!!! I am going to vote AGAINST Fringe in the last round! Chuck FTW!!!!