American Idol Top 11 Results Night: How Did You Feel About Tonight's Voting Outcome?

Start making plans to attend the American Idol Season 10 Summer Tour — that is, if you like the way tonight’s Motown Week results-show telecast played out. For the first time in three weeks — praise Haley’s ability to sing on pitch, and maybe her booty shorts! — the bottom three wasn’t completely comprised of female contestants. In fact, as per Ryan Seacrest’s warning that tonight’s results might come as a shock to the Idoloonie Nation, here’s how things played out:

Bottom Three
Stefano “Clay Bust” Langone
Thia “Blue Corn Moon” Megia
Casey “Where the Upright Bass At?” Abrams

Bottom Two
Stefano (come ON, America!)
Casey Abrams (we warned you on Idoloonies about the excessive screaming, dude!)

Lowest Number of Votes
Casey Abrams


Guest Performers
Stevie Wonder: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”
Sugarland: “Stuck Like Glue”
Season 3 Alum/Oscar Winner Jennifer Hudson: “Where You At”

Yes folks, Idol voters sent a direct message to Casey to cut it with the growling and get back to the singing — a message reiterated by judges Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson.

What’s more, because of the timing of the save, and because two contestants will be sent home next week, this year’s Idol Summer Tour will feature 11 singers instead of 10. (Woot!) Cue Ryan Seacrest’s best Oprah impression: And you’re going on tour! And you’re going on tour! And you’re going on tour!

I’ll leave it to you to discuss tonight’s action-packed hour. As for me, I’ve got a full episode recap to write — look for it to post overnight here at — so I’d better get crackin’! [UPDATE: Full recap is now live; click here to check it out!] Did the right contestant face elimination tonight? Did the judges do the right thing in using the save? What about the performances by J.Hud and Sugarland? Sound off below, and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Sam says:

    Everything about this smells fishy. The way they cut him off? The fact that he goes home RIGHT before the tour starts? I call shenanigans.

    • Joe says:

      Agree with you completely. Shenanigans were definitely afoot. They cut him off because the show was running long. I don’t believe for a second he got the lowest votes. I think the ratings were weak and the threat of a double elimination with no save next week is just the recipe for them. That said, J Lo correctly called Casey out and if he comes out and goes Rowr! next week and doesn’t sing softly and in tune with the bass he’ll look like a moron. Casey has a huge fanbase. I don’t think he got less votes than Naima, Haley, Thia or Stefano. This was Idol trying to resurrect a early favorite who has flopped since he hit the big stage. Great show tonight though.

      • jmj says:

        He was on the bottom on Dial Idol…

        • mooshki says:

          He was on the bottom on Dial Idol last week too. He may get big buzz on the internet, but Casey is not America’s favorite.

          • AlliK says:

            I have NO trouble believing that Casey legitimately got the fewest votes. He’s turned into a growling parody of a rock singer these past few weeks, as if he thought this were all a joke. (And it may be, but don’t perform like you think it is!) I liked him very much at the beginning but had grown so tired of his goofy, entitled antics that I was relieved to see him be at the bottom. That said, I was moved by his genuine reaction to the save.

          • Hit Dog Will Holla says:

            I hate Casey, and they just threw away a good save on that fat ugly growling Bigfoot, who will not sell any cds after the show. WHAT A WASTE. That fat thang should’ve gone home.

          • deedee says:

            This is not to you mooshki. This is to the people who commented and called Casey fat. Talk about his singing, not his looks. People who have to get so low in voicing their opinions really piss me off. Makes me wonder what THEY look like. And yeah, I like the way Casey sings. I would have thought he would have made it to the top 5. His gravelly Joe Cocker-esque voice is unique to the Idol line-up. I think there is an amazing amount of talent this year. Casey may not make it to be THE American Idol, but he certainly belongs in the touring group.

          • Delirious says:

            This isn’t for mooshki either, it’s for Hit Dog Will Holla.

            So, since you have such a clear opinion, and are so knowledgeable about what sells and doesn’t sell, or what’s “good” or “bad looks”, tell me, who are your “hits” and your “shouldn’t be theres”, besides Casey, and why? I’m really curious.

            That said, I gotta say I love Casey, and I can’t understand how he could get the least votes having people like Haley, Naima or Thia there, or seeing weak performances this week, like Lauren’s (and gotta say, although I also love Stefano, I wouldn’t have given him Hello in that particular key, he seemed to be struggling a bit to hold up properly). That said, the wake up call was a good one, and well justified, and I think it showed when he started singing I Don’t Need No Doctor. Like everyone’s saying, enough with the rawring and growling, and get to singing already, and like Jennifer said, show the musician you are.

        • Tekkie says:

          Don’t think dial idol counts Facebook votes. I think that is having an impact in that people who would never text or call will do anything if it is thru Facebook. Food for thought.

          • Michael says:

            The people voting on Facebook are the same people speed dialing. There have been few busy signals for any of the contestants. It takes much less time to dial than it does to vote via facebook and enter that stupid code at the bottom of the page.

        • darclyte says:

          Dial Idol is irrelevant because it CAN’T factor in online votes. More and more people are voting without calling, so Dial Idol’s results have been bad since the Top 24.

        • CoCo says:

          If you believe AI manipulates the B3 votes, which I’m not saying I do, but let’s say that’s what you believe. Well then, it’s super easy to manipulate Dial Idol to back up your fake B3 by adding extra phone lines for certain contestants thereby creating less busy signals/

      • Sally in Chicago says:

        I think they saved him because of his health problems. Nigel tweeted there was a “shocker” so, they all probably decided to save him because his health is not the best and that sh**t cost money. But will he be able to do the tour 100%? I doubt it.

      • Ellie says:

        I got a very weird recording (sounded like a phone sex line) every time I tried to vote for Casey by phone, speaking of fishy shenanigans. I finally gave up and used the website to vote. After watching the “Social Network,” my suspicious mind leads me to believe that a hacker may be at work here. Seriously, Casey below Haley? or Stefano?? And I love Naima, but seriously? He is the hairy-er, goofier version of Harry Connick Jr. with loads of talent. He may not make it to #1 but he will certainly get a recording contract before Haley.

        • idolidol says:

          I definately believe that Casey received less votes then Hailey

          Casey deserved to get less then Hailey

          Hailey bring a unique qulaity to the show. Eveyone else is boring

          • Suncatcher says:

            Would someone please tell Hailey to STOP SQUATTING so much when she sings!!! It’s unattractive and totally takes away from her performance. She looks constipated.

      • Joe says:

        Yes, he did get the lowest number of votes. I voted for him before,
        but I did not like Casey’s performances last week or this week. The blogs were full of comments about how bad he performed. I think the save has been wasted. The only good thing is that Casey will go on tour. But no save will be available again. And it might be a greater shock when someone is eliminated down the road. It would be ironic if Casey got cut next week.

      • Amber J. Hayes says:

        I remember when Big Mike was saved, I was so happy, until I saw his reaction, he acted so full of himself, like he deserved it, & was in the bottom 3 the next 3 to 4 shows and finaly got eliminated, I,(personally, was happy to see him go), and I was a big fan of his. As for Casey, I like Casey, does he deserve to be there, I dunno. I like his screaming screechy voice, I like pretty much all the contestants, to see any of them go will hurt. Also Casey mentioned that he’s well aware of the fact that because of his save, 2 people will be eliminated, I’m glad that he saw the irony in that. If he’s in the bottom 3 again, then send him home, if it doesn’t happen, well maybe American Idol is fixed. Music is in the ear of the beholder as beauty is in the eye. I think Scott should go, he’s a sweetheart, but to me he doesn’t have the chops that any of the other contestants have. Country yes, and he will probably have a career there, because he’s fantastic for country, but I’m a little bit rock n roll. Steve Tyler screeches, and I like it!!!

    • great says:

      I’m glad the save was used. Now there will be more pressure for the contestants. They better put 100% of their heart and soul into their performances now or else they are out of there. Best results show ever!

      • The Save should be used for people that have a legitimate chance of winning. Being voted out at 11 signals that you are not America’s favorite and you probably won’t win. Sometimes when you get down to 5 or 6 people then things could get weird and the wrong person could be sent home, at the 11th spot there’s no doubt that you ain’t winning. He has no chance, the Save was used wrong. Worst results show ever!

        • Brittany says:

          I whole-heartedly agree with your point, but I also think Casey has the talent and charm to pull it together and possibly win the whole thing or at least make the top 5. I really liked him at first, but I, like many other people, have kinda forgotten about him and have jumped off his bandwagon in the past few weeks. However, I haven’t written him off. I still have that potential to love him again with a good performance/less growling/less facial expressions, etc. because he just is goofy and it seems more like a transient adjustment to fame/idolness rather than some inherent character flaw. I compare him to another contestant, like say… Lauren, who I am beyond done with and there’s no turning back. She is irritating, as most 16-year old girls tend to be.

          • Hit Dog Will Holla says:

            uh…Casey has ZERO chance of winning this whole thing, if he did he would not have been in the bottom 3 this early on and his ‘fans’ would’ve voted for his ugly ass.

        • Idle Talk says:

          What ^ said.

          • Stella says:

            Totally agree. Casey has the talent to go very far. Lauren has been pimped since she opened her mouth at auditions. I find her VERY annoying and her voice is mediocre at best.

        • CoCo says:

          Disagree. Every year there’s someone awesome who slips through the cracks because people mistakenly believe they are safe while a perennial bottom feeder moves on ahead of them because their fanbase is scared enough to powervote.

        • Roberta Steele says:

          You make an excellent point. Another point is the judges aren’t doing their job by going so easy on the contestants and not properly critiquing them. The contestants are the ones who pay for this in the end.

        • Amber J. Hayes says:

          Remember Chris getting eliminated and Taylor Hicks winning the competition, that really blew my mind!

    • indycraft says:

      Agreed. It all felt scripted to me.

    • Yawn City says:

      I don’t for a minute believe that Casey, Stefano and Thia were the bottom three. And Casey’s reaction at being saved seemed so fake. Seems like a lot of people are picking up on this, but I don’t agree that it made the show better. I now wonder about every other Idol results show I’ve ever seen.

        • HWah says:

          Thank you for this…it is exhausting the comments that ignore the law. Quiz Show was a very good movie based on real life that will offer entertainment along with a primer on laws governing shows like these.

      • McFudge says:

        No way. He was shaking for real. And I don’t go along with the conspiracy theorists who think Idol cooks the voting books.

        • Michelle R. says:

          Yep, I don’t know about anyone else’s TV but he was white, completely ashen, when Steven Tyler told him they were saving him. That kid was scared and in shock and sure he was out.

        • Amelia says:

          Agreed – although I briefly entertained ‘conspiracy theory’ votes when Adam was suddenly bottom-2-ed two years ago :)

          I think Casey had lowest votes because:
          1. He sang first, so voters forgot about his performance. Idols who sing first have a higher chance of being eliminated.
          2. He sang very averagely (as he has been doing for weeks), so voters weren’t enthused to vote for him.
          3. He didn’t totally suck this week and he hasn’t been in the bottom three before… so his fans didn’t think it was necessary to vote frantically in order to prevent his elimination. [In contrast, Thia was bottom-3ed last week, so HER fans did think it was necessary to frantically vote this week, which is why it wasn’t her that was eliminated].

          If you are going be the first singer on American Idol, it’s much better to totally screw up (and worry your fans) than to put in a mediocre performance.

      • idolidol says:

        I definetely believe that Casey’s being saved at the last minute
        was legitimate and not a phoney ploy by the Idol executives

        And yes the bottom 3 were the correct bottom three

        GO HAILEY !!!

        You deserve to be in the top 10. You have a great bluesy voice and you are unique within a group of boring contenders

    • sandisomething says:

      I agree. Tonight’s results felt very staged and contrived. Casey didn’t seem to be in on the plan though. His reactions seemed genuine. It is a ratings stunt and also having 11 on tour won’t leave them short if Casey has medical problems. So phoney! We’ll probably never know who was really the bottom vote getter.

      • sunny says:

        Yes, it was pre-determined that Casey would be saved and there would be a Top 11. Nigel tweeted during the day that a “shocking AI announcement would be made”. So the part where Randy stops casey from singing etc was scripted. BUT,Casey’s reaction was totally genuine. He went white as a ghost, and looked like he was going to pass out.

        • Wyatt says:

          As another person has already pointed out, the reason that RAndy stopped him from singing any further is because the show was about to run over, and people who DVR (more and more people all of the time) might miss the ending and be mad about it. Or the people interested in the following show/news/whatever, might be mad about it. So Randy cut him short so they could announce the “result” before the time slot ended. It was kind of bizarre how it transpired though.

          Was Casey’s reaction genuine? I didn’t think so at first, but then when he went to hug his parents, his mom was in tears, so it must have been emotional, at least for her. So I wavered for a few moments there, then went back to thinking he was putting on an act, kind of how his most recent performances have been. It seems like Casey cultivates this inscrutable persona. It won’t win America over to him, that’s for sure. Casey is an interesting critter.

          • Lizbeth says:

            If that was an act–Casey ought to win an Oscar. Was there some funny business going on from the producers–who knows? But that was real from Casey.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I’m with Lizabeth. Casey’s reaction was genuine.

          • Teena says:

            My DVR did cut out on the end of Jennifer’s comments. Luckily, I DVR “Bones”, too. Being right after Idol, it will pick up the idol run over and be back on time by the end of the show.

      • Brittany says:

        I think they did it for ratings, to boost the tour, and because there’s no way Casey should not have been the lowest vote getter. He seemed genuinely shocked to me, and his defense was legit because I was also curious if the judges would (and could) use the save with the tour at stake. However, they also may have done it so next week Thia and Haley will go out in a one-two punch and save us all! That would be bliss.

        • Brittany says:

          I think they did it for ratings, to boost the tour, and because there’s no way Casey should have been the lowest vote getter. He seemed genuinely shocked to me, and his defense was legit because I was also curious if the judges would (and could) use the save with the tour at stake. However, they also may have done it so next week Thia and Haley will go out in a one-two punch and save us all! That would be bliss.

        • Brittany says:

          I meant there’s no way Casey should have been the lowest vote getter in my first sentence.

          • Suncatcher says:

            Brittany, I thought the same thing. Someone else pointed out, however, that it could be people were taking their regular votes for Casey and using them for Hailey and Thia to “save” them. As a result, Casey needed to be saved! Happens several times each year.


      • debbi says:

        I agree that the “foreshadowing” by both Nigel and Ryan’s tweets today warning of a shocking elimination was a ridiculous move. I don’t think the judges are in on it, either or at least they act genuinely surprised as they always have.
        But, for Ryan to tweet not to miss tonight’s show…they had to know if Casey was at the bottom, the judges would use the save and make it that much more exciting.
        I will never believe that Thia got more votes than Casey.
        At least fans will begin to realize how much their votes count and maybe step up.
        How can dialidol be legit if it can’t contain texts and online votes?
        I felt bad for Casey and super glad that Randy stopped him singing. Very good high drama.
        Don’t they realize Casey has a stress induced medical condition?

        • Amber J. Hayes says:

          I’ve voted for different contestants each time, on different shows. One contestant, one show. I’ve voted for James twice, I really like Stefano too,(& that Chef Ramsey is a total a——–e for what he said about Stefano’s mom’s cooking), tell him to get the back to hells kitchen where he belongs, sorry my emotions got the better of me again!

  2. Andy says:

    Ridiculous. The girls have no chance in hell now.

  3. Lee says:

    Can you say “Lame”? If they’re going to have the Judge’s save at all, I really wish they’d save it until later in the competition; I have the feeling this “decision” will come back to haunt them (or at least the viewers).

    Not like I hate Casey the most of everyone left but I really hope he doesn’t win now that he was saved.

    • agrimesy says:

      It’s so obvious that Casey is a judges favorite but NOT an audience favorite. If the viewers like him so much, WHY was Casey at the very bottom? Some will argue that the show is rigged, and that we really never know who is at the bottom or the top. I choose not to believe that. I think the votes really count. Casey has not met the standard of his Hollywood week performances. He lost fans. He lost votes. He should have gone home. That being said, I don’t begrudge him another chance now that Idol will allow all eleven to go on tour. This early use of the save is going to have an impact on the winner’s spot only. I predict another SHOCKING number 4 ousting of someone who will deserve the winner’s circle. Oh well . . . time and again we have seen that not winning is not that awful.

      • CoCo says:

        If Casey makes it further now, it will be on the votes of the people. I think the judges know Casey has it in him to recapture the magic of Hollywood week and they made the right decision. I would be aghast to see the likes of Thia, Haley, Jacob, Stefano and Paul make the tour but not Casey!

      • Joe says:

        I totally agree with you. I voted for Casey before last week, but
        not since because of poor performances. I, for one, will not vote for him again. Besides, I now have other favorites. I really thought Thia would go home, but I was not surprised it was Casey.

      • Suncatcher says:

        I doubt the voting / results were rigged. Wed. night, I checked 4 websites with online fan voting for Idol favorites – Casey was in the bottom 3 in every single one of them. I was totally shocked.

  4. tuppy says:

    waste of a save! casey is the emperor with no clothes! this will be sad when stefano or pia is eliminated in the next couple of weeks.

    • Amber J. Hayes says:

      The truth comes out when you see who gets a record deal, with AI’s help or not. Winning can be a double-edged sword too, they own you for awhile, if you’re good they take half your profits, if it doesn’t work out they drop you like a hot potato!

  5. crey014 says:

    Thia “Blue Corn Moon” Media. Gold.

  6. melissa says:

    Most enertaining Idol results show EVER. Loved it when Stevie Wonder surprised Stevie, Hulk Hogan surprised James and Paul, and everything at the end with the save! I did think Casey had the worst performance of the night last night, though, and hopefully Casey will take this as a note to STOP GROWLING SO MUCH. Bring back the bass!

    • Christina says:

      Totally agree, crazy show!

    • cheryl says:

      Agree…agree…agree! Loved the show. What a night. Regardless of the results, I was left kinda breathless. And I believe this was absolutely the right time to use the save. Idol has really become an interesting show. Not so predictable anymore.

    • darclyte says:

      His performance tonight, what little there was of it, is what people liked him for in the first place. He needs to find songs that allow him to sing and perform like that, rather than the angry face and growling. A growl here or there when appropriate is fine, much like Haley’s growl or a “glory note” from James or Pia. Craziest Idol show ever, that’s for sure. Except for Ryan going into the audience (which looked stoopid,) and Sugarland (was she trying to be Olivia Newton John during the Physical era?) the show was entertaining and unpredictable.

  7. James says:

    This is certainly quite a weird night…Too bad the moronic public voted to keep Thia safe…she deserved to go home…now the save is used up (but not wasted at least)…when it should of still been there to begin with…BOO @ THIA!

  8. agrimesy says:

    I wonder if Casey’s fans are the regular Idol audience that follows the show season after season. If not, they may not realize just how cray cray the voters can get. Casey’s fans need to step up their voting strategy. Those loyal to their favorites will help that 30 mill total that Ryan keeps gloating about shoot ever skyward. It’s a battle of the voters from here. Game on!

    • Stacey says:

      Except if you believe And they are almost right with the bottom 3 if you read the raw vote. Except they had Jacob going home. Casey is wearing out his welcome with his performances. Not only this week, but last week too… If he doesn’t step up his game. He could be out and no save would save him.
      Plus I think the cynic in me thinks they did a Top 11 tour so if Casey somehow for health reasons can’t tour; they still have ten contestants… So might a well take him.. and if he can’t tour; no lost.

  9. Templar says:

    Bad move on the judges’ part.

  10. Salome says:

    I know it was staged, but that was probably the best episode of American Idol ever.

    A surprise visit by Stevie Wonder? I can’t even see that man without cracking a grin. I had my own little dance party in the privacy of my bedroom. And how cute was it that he sang to Steven Tyler? Call me a sucker, but I was sucked in.

    And for another surprise, Hulk Hogan? James Durbin’s reaction was PRICELESS. I might just have to start liking the guy.

    Now, I think we can all agree that out of that bottom three Thia is the least likely to win this thing and probably should’ve gone home. But you know what? My one relief when Ryan said “Casey” instead of “Stefano” was that I was sure the judges would use the save and all would be right in Idol land again.

    This was probably the best thing that could’ve happened. Casey, while amazing, needed the wake-up call. Like J-Lo so aptly (!) said, he needs to be a musician again. He has to bring back that unique sense of musicality that one him fans to begin with. I’ll bet this lit a fire under him and THAT I look forward to!

    • Genie says:

      I agree with everything you said. Especially about Thia, I was SCREAMING at my TV, WTF America????

    • SoozinCA says:

      I agree completely. Thought Thia should go home, was pretty sure that the judges would not save her or Stefano, and that they would if it was Casey. I’m glad they did use the save, now it is out of the mix. Ryan and the producers do know the results the day of the show (obviously). Ken Warwick talked at Paleyfest last week about how awkward it is for him to run into the contestants during the day of the results show, when they know he know who is going home.

  11. Templar says:

    Really bad move on the judges’ part.

  12. Anna says:

    BEST.RESULTS.SHOW.EVER!!! The cheesetasticness of this show would normally annoy the crap out of me, but for some reason it all worked. Loved it!

  13. debi says:

    They shouldn’t have saved Casey. He sounds the same every week and he expected not to be saved. The perfect opportunity to respect the vote of the people. What if the bottom two is two of the favorite four like Lauren, Pia, James, or Scotty.

    It is nice that all of the remaining contestants will go on tour, but the bottom two next week have no chance.

    Oh well.

    • faz says:

      Wouldn’t it be great if Lauren and Pia would leave? AI life would be worth living again. Unfortunately, too many tin ears across America.

      • Rick says:

        Huh? Tin ear? This suggests to me that you think they are not in tune…both of these women–Pia especially–are always in tune. Pia sings beautifully. I can see someone criticizing them for other reasons, such as Pia’s ‘pageant arm’, but they are *great* singers.

        • Faz says:

          But she’s not agreat — she can’t hit high notes — she forces them — and her tone is off. And Lauren has no power in her voice. In the world of AI this year, Pia sings great. In the real world, she sings like a Miss America pagent singer — ok, but only ok. Now I’ve been hard on Pia, but that doesn’t mean I think the other singers are doing well — this year’s crop seemed as if they were going to be the best in a couple of years — but I don’t think it is panning out that way. Maybe we can blame the mentors. But calling these singers perfect is not helping them.

        • viv says:

          I don’t think either of these girls are star material and that’s what it’s all about two good PUB singers that’s all

    • Coco says:

      I would rather have Casey on tour than the four people you named! And until last week Casey was listed up there with them.

  14. allie says:

    I’m still laughing about Jennifer Hudson’s song title. She is a gorgeous, intelligent, Oscar and Grammy winning artist with a sophisticated, powerful voice. “Where You At”?!? Are you kidding me? Who is she trying to convince that she lives in the ghetto? It was like a SNL skit complete with cheesy background singers singing “where you at”?

    As for Casey… glad they saved him but he better stop the silliness and start singing or he’ll be out again in a week or two.

    • McFudge says:

      No worse a title than “Since U Been Gone”. I think maybe better, actually, now that I’ve typed that one out.

    • Michael says:

      Ghetto? Really? Because of a song title? Stereotype much?

      • chistosa says:

        It is not a stereotype but rather an observation. ” Where you at” is not the expression of an educated suburbanite. Nor of even lower income suburban dwellers. There are words and expressions that belong to certain groups and ethnicities. This is not derogatory. It is part of a shared identity. With all our political correctness we at times lose sight of the fact that some of our cultural attributes are neither positive nor negative, merely an identifying marker.

      • takakupo says:

        Umm…what’s so stereotypical of calling a duck a duck? lol. Ghetto linguistics are ghetto linguistics. There’s nothing wrong with them.

    • forrest says:

      Remember this is Casey who said, “I don’t care, I want to take risks.” during his talk with the Chairman of the Record Lable. I really don’t think he heard a word JLo said. He’s 19 and full of his own publicity. He may go home next week.

    • Eurydice says:

      Uh huh. I can just imagine a 2-hour concert with Hudson singing non-stop about how beautiful and smart and successful she is, maybe with giant replicas of her Oscar and Grammy on either side of the stage. Yes indeed, cuz she’s only allowed to sing about herself and exactly how she is today.

  15. Caitlyn says:

    I thought that Thia should have gone home, I don’t think she was ready for Idol in the first place, and she really doesn’t ‘get’ the concept of rearranging a song and making it her own. I don’t think Casey deserved the save, his performance was one of the worst this week, and everything seemed so planned. The judges didn’t even let him finish singing, and the parts of his song that we did hear were not save-worthy. With this season in particular, America can be very unpredictable with their voting, and I have a feeling the judges will regret using the save so early in the season and on Casey later on.

  16. Christina says:

    I think that was the most head spinning hour of Idol I’ve ever seen. Surprise performance by Stevie Wonder, Wrestling and Hulk Hogan, Casey being voted off then saved after only singing 10 seconds of his song, What?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  17. Jan says:

    Well done, judges! Casey had two off weeks but did not deserve to go home this early in the competition.

  18. Cat says:

    Why, oh why, oh why, oh why did the judges save him? I don’t want to have to listen to another non-musical scream/growlfest next Wednesday. I was at to the point where Casey was the absolute next one I wanted to get rid of. At least now they can’t use it again to save Lauren or Paul or Haley.

  19. Amanda says:

    I hate that the judges used the save so early on in the show, I really do. However, I think Casey does deserve the save. Sometimes the judges don’t use the save on the right person(last year was Big Mike), so it was a good choice just sooooo early. I don’t know what the hell American voters(teen voters) are smoking with the bottom three this week. If anyone should have gone home from the bottom it should have been Thia. I’m sorry, but three weeks of dull performances and the girl has no idea of what she wants to do. I agree with Michael’s comments that it’s like she’s doing homework, trying to give them what they want. Honestly, what are you going to do AFTER you leave Idol, girl? I definitely will not be purchasing her Disney Songs performed by Thia Megia cd, that’s for damn sure.

    Sigh, I really hope Casey does try to bring it back. I miss the upright bass, sasquatchy boy I fell in love with during Hollywood week. He needs to lose the “I’m about to rape you” face he pulls, along with that growl. JLO actually gave some good advice, he needs to go back to who he is and I have confidence he will. He is only a few years older than Thia, but he does have a better understanding of himself and what he wants to do, he just has to get his groove back. Otherwise, it was a waste of an early save.

    • amandakikok says:

      You are wrong, Thia has the most beautiful vocal voice I’ve ever heard among the ladies in season 10, I think you are just deaf because she is an asian and you are discriminating her honestly right? I believe that America like her the way I do. She’s young sweet and vibrant. Is it that bad for being so natural and not pretending who really she is. Regarding your issue of “girl has no idea of what she wants to do” then why does she is still in the AI? Michael is right, shes doing her homework because she is an obedient girl not like you may be in high school an idiot student. Then don’t you agree with how America voted? Do you respect their preferences? And one more, after the AI what is your problem with it? If she could have CD Disney Songs that’s great don’t you know the Disney – a Multi-Million Dollar company? probably you won’t buy then who cares? haha.

    • Teena says:

      I don’t get the Disney hate. Some truly amazing artists have done Disney, like Phil Collins, Christina Aguilera, Sarah MacLachlan, and even Celine Dion…

  20. Yo says:

    Well, that were one helluva save. I so thought Casey was sick that I got sick. I don’t think I have ever seen more emotional reactions than Casey’s and Stefano’s, with Casey’s being almost frightening (given his health). Ryan really needs to cut his faking on the bottom three contestants, because Casey did not trust good news when he heard it – and after Ryan’s toying, why should he? The sadism knows no limits. High drama, lotta wear and tear on the performers. Congratulations to Haley, who looked to be in seventh heaven – no seat dusting this week!

    • Leah Hoffman @galaga6846 says:

      I totally agree with this, given his history of health issues during the show (wasn’t it ulcerative colitis due to stress?) I too thought his reaction was a bit scary. I thought he was going to collapse. He almost did.

      The cynical side of me thinks this was a set-up, but the Idoloonie in me knows it was 100% genuine.

  21. gerritv says:

    Casey doesn’t get America’s vote because they’re afraid he’s imbued with Taylor Hick’s soul magnets and he isn’t really an Idol.

  22. davey says:

    I think they cut the song short because the show was running late. And they had obviously decided to save him ahead of time.

    I’m glad Thia is going on the tour. She has a good voice and will only grow over the summer. I’d buy her CD way before Haley or Lauren.

    The judges got their wish basically. Everyone they like is on the tour. Though I’m not sure why there so crazy about Jacob or Haley.

  23. Jane says:

    Agree … this is one of the best AI episodes ever. Stevie Wonder! Hulk Hogan! And I am so stinking glad the judges saved Casey. He is so much more interesting than most of the others. (Well, they have a lot of interesting people on this year, except Pia, Thia and Stefano who are mind-numbingly dull even if they do sing well.)

  24. GingerSnap says:

    Using the save now means they can’t use it on some other Chosen Ones – like Lauren A, Stefano, even Scotty. And that’s a great thing.

  25. Jem says:

    Bad choice by the judges but not unexpected. He was and is still one of their favourite contestants. Anyway, I hope this will be a wake up call to Casey Abrams to stop growling and howling and start SINGING like he did throughout Hollywood Week. I have no idea what got into his mind over the last few weeks, they certainly weren’t up to his potential standard.

    Is that really what he thinks America wants? He’s so wrong. The producers and judges should be called out on about this, letting him think he’s “all that” and everything. Bahhhhh.

    Looking forward to his performance next week though, I’m anticipating how he’s going to try to turn the tide in his favour.

    • AlliK says:

      You make an excellent point. The judges have been WAY too easy on Casey, which very likely made him feel like he could go on for a couple more weeks with his crazy-eyed, growly, maniacal send-up of a real rock singer. The voters had sense to at least be honest with him!

  26. Blondie says:

    The BEST results show that i’ve seen on Idol in a long time!!!
    Casey deserved the save!! He’s an original. I wish Stefano or Thia had gone home- they are really boring!!

  27. Skitty says:

    I was not surprised at Casey’s low vote total. He did seem somehwat surprised which I blame on the judges overpraising the last couple of weeks. Had Casey been given some honest criticism he may not have been in that spot. I do not really have a favorite this year so I don’t care that the save was used.
    The show itself was as entertaining tonight as I have ever seen Idol be. The Hulk Hogan thing was hilarious and I always enjoy Stevie Wonder. Nigel is working his eeevil magic, hehe.

    • Salome says:

      I totally agree. If they had called Casey out earlier he never would’ve been in the bottom. Constructive criticism, guys. That’s what they pay you for.

    • Leila says:

      I agree. Stefano seemed more prepared, because he had some negative feedback.

  28. CMJ says:

    I’m cheating. On the west coast and have a dinner to go to in half an hour (6:320 here) with no hope of being back to the hotel by 9. Can’t say I was surprised by the bottom 3, but can’t say I’m surprised at the judge’s save. Just wish it weren’t so.

  29. Sam says:

    I think Casey deserved the save…Hopefully he’ll get back to what everyone loved about him in the Hollywood rounds. Bring back bluesy jazzy Casey.

  30. RTW says:

    So now you have to be eliminated in order to receive constructive criticism on your performances? I don’t think that’s the case, but it sounds like Randy and J-Lo finally caught a case of “Simonitis”; let’s hope for some direct critiques now and make this show a competition once again!

  31. Liva says:

    Excellent seeing (hearing) George Huff as vocalist for Jennifer. *Loved* George! And love that Casey gets to play another week. He veered off course, I agree, but at his best he is one helluva’n entertainer. So much more fun to watch than wee Thia, as lovely as she is.

    • Salome says:

      George Huff was a great blast from the past! I always loved him. How about the guest performers tonight were all great? I usually hate the results shows and just fast forward through everything. Really glad I didn’t this time.

      • Liva says:

        I’m really happy George makes his living singing. I hope Jacob has the same fortune after idol … in real life, in other words ;-)

        You’re right, this results show was well done – nicely timed performances, hi-jinx mixed with suspense (James!), and a dramatic, chaotic ending which, I’m not ashamed to say, left me a little teary. And I love that they all go on tour!

        • McFudge says:

          The thought of Jacob as a back-up singer makes me giggle.

          • Liva says:

            Nice one! Can you picture him him trying to contain himself at the back? :lol: Really though, no offense to spa concierges, but he really is meant for some sort of singing career.

      • Paisley Quinn says:

        GEORGE!!!!! So happy to see him!!

  32. Vivi says:

    I was kinda shocked that Casey was the one with the lesser votes. Probably due to him performing first and then through out the rest of the night, better performances came that made people forget about him. Well, I’m just happy Stefano made it through. My talented eye candy. Thia got lucky. If she doesn’t step her game up next week, she is definitely going home. Definitely.

  33. IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

    Did you see that?! Did you see it?! That’s all I could say after I heard the news. Idol History! And in such a talented season! I think this is fair for those kids; even those who didn’t do too great last night (cough*Thia*cough*Haley*cough.) Now I can’t wait to order my tickets!
    P.S. I agree with the overwhelming majority. Casey, for the love of Clarkson and Underwood, knock it off with the growling! You’re so much better than that.

  34. Lemon says:

    There is more than likely a second save coming. Nigel will tweet about an “exciting change,” and announce it that night.

  35. LindaT says:

    I think it was the right bottom three. Stefano was unremarkable this week and Thia was her usual boring self; at this point, I wouldn’t miss either one of them. Casey deserved to be at the bottom. Growling and screaming are not singing, and all his grimacing and weird facial expressions were hard to watch. I really liked Casey’s audition and his earlier performances, but he has gone off the rails the last few weeks (and the judges should have called him on it). Maybe this will be a wake-up call for him.

  36. Dan says:

    Casey should not have been saved. He has been the absolute worst the last couple of weeks. With Thia’s voice as pure as it is, she deserves to go far. It would have been terrible to see her not make the tour and be out this soon. Casey’s growling and non-singing would not have been missed. Even though the judges weren’t thinking clearly, America thankfully put Casey at the bottom. That’s a good sign that he’ll last 1 to 3 more weeks in this competition tops.

    • Roxanne says:

      Anyone who thinks Casey should not have been saved doesn’t know squat about music and what it takes to be an entertainer. Does Thia get the same response from the audience that Casey does after he sings? I think Casey definitely has a career in music ahead of him. You won’t be seeing Thia get far enough to be picked up by a record label unless they want a fresh singer for a new Disney movie. She’s a lovely young lady but should have waited a few more years before auditioning for Idol to give her a little more time to experience life and bring that passion to her performance. Music is more than singing words and hitting notes, it’s about what the singer makes you feel when they perform and Casey has the ability to move people. Like it or not Casey will have a career in music regardless of how far he goes on Idol and will be one of the favorites on the concert tour, just wait and see.

      • takakupo says:

        Casey moves me away from the television when he starts singing.

      • Dan says:

        Casey makes me cringe and will go nowhere in music sales. His time is close to being up. He’s just lucky the judges swooned over him so that he made it to the tour. It was a terrible way to use the save.
        After last year’s winner, they truly need a good singer this year.
        Casey, my friend, is most definitely 100% not it.

  37. christyLauren says:

    What a waste of the save! America voted that way for a reason and until they change the voting system to something like Dancing with the Stars where it is a combination of voters plus judges then the judges did not have the right to change things. Casey is not an IDOL, lest we forget Taylor, Lee Dewyze, etc, An Idol is someone who looks and sounds the part. Casey thinks he is todays Joe Cocker and last I checked the talent is nowhere near it. America spoke today and the Judges ignored it! What will they do next week if Pia or Lauren get voted off. Their talent is much more deserving of a save. I am really missing Simon right about now. The judges need to judge not just Gush! if all these kids were as talented and perfect as the judges make them out to be they would not need this show!

  38. mainegirl says:

    Great show tonight! Totally entertaining and it was nice to see Marc Anthony worked with them so much to get used to using the ear pieces. Everyone sung in tune and sounded great last night and the group song was really well done too. All the guest singers were amazing–I totally enjoyed the show. Good save with sage advice from the judges. Casey should thank his lucky stars and listen up or he’ll be gone next week (and I am actually a fan of the old Casey before he got a big ego and growled).

  39. Lorie says:

    Bad save on the judges part. I think there will come a time when they will really need it and now it’s gone. America finally got it right and the judges made a mistake. They were too eager to use the save.
    As usual Sugarland stole the show, with their awesome performance, and it was great to see Stevie again.

  40. Joseph says:

    sort of surprised and at the same time not really about Casey ,
    he has been coming off cocky and entitled over the last few shows , and that is not from a bad edit but rather from Caey not thinking about what will entertain an audience , his song last week was horrible and this week was not that much better.
    What drew an audience to watch Casey was his fun upbeat playful attitude we have not seen that seen Hollywood.

    • Sally in Chicago says:

      Nigel tweeted there was a shocker coming. So, I think he got with the judges and decided to save Casey and extend it to 11, but that doesn’t seem fair to Karen and Ashton does it?

      • chistosa says:

        What is unfair? Both Ashton and Karen were consistently in the bottom 3. Ashton was a wild card. America did not vote her into the top, the judges placed her there and she still scored no votes from the public. That would have been a real waste of a save. Karen was not a wild card but not liked by the public as proved by her consistent low standings. She would not have lasted past another week if they saved her. If Casey returns to his musical roots as they suggested tonight he could reclaim his frontrunner status. He was incredibly popular. This is exactly how the save should be used. Right call.

  41. Betsy says:

    Best. Idol. Results. Show. Ever.

  42. Andrew says:

    While I was not at all surprised by Casey’s second chance, I will be upset if two female contestants go home next week after three guys in a row have been saved. Especially with the strong male bias from the past two seasons.

  43. Paisley Quinn says:

    Craziest results show ever! Probably staged, though, by the producers and judges. I think Casey was ready to vomit. What was with all of the bleeping tonight? Wow, from L’Alaina to Stefano to Casey — My favorite moment was actually James Durbin’s reaction to Hulk Hogan when he realized he was actually safe — And the surprised look on the judges faces when Stevie Wonder rolled onto the stage and when he sang Happy BDay to Steven Tyler — This “filler” content was actually kind of entertaining tonight. In a way, even better than some of the moments on past season’s finales.

  44. Taryn says:

    Hm… great show. I could care less who is or isn’t saved? America’s vote should be the final word anyway. This just makes the show more exciting…

    I hope next week – one of the faves goes home … especially the ones who haven’t been told to calm down those weird facial ticks and hammy camera mugging – Hello Jacob and Scotty – just look in the mirror just once, please just friggin’ once?!

    Anyways, let’s start with those two. That’s a good start.

  45. Kevin C. says:

    Not too surprising all around, in retrospect. Casey’s been wearing out his welcome, fast, and went in the first spot (strike one) in a performance that showed us nothing new about him (strike two) on a night when everyone was good (strike three).

    On the other hand, the judges know he’s more talented, and if they had any common sense they’d discuss before the “sing for your life” which contestants are definitely saved, which are definitely not, and which are borderline enough they need to actually pay attention to the singing (the last is a small group indeed, judging by the judges behavior on prior saves).

    • Kevin C. says:

      “More talented” here should read “more talented than his last few performances”.

    • Marta says:

      Wonderful explanation of the three strikes against Casey– I couldn’t agree more. I honestly would add his creepy slicked back hair as another big set-back. Image really can make or break ya– and sadly his was off-putting last night. Cut your curls short, trim the crap out of that beard or better yet– lose it! What does he have to lose now?

  46. GingerSnap says:

    Totally agree this was the best result show ever. We got to hear just enough of “I don’t need no doctor” to remind us why we thought he was so special. Loved his reaction. Now I want to see that Casey every week.

  47. L says:

    Stefano just comes off as really arrogant underneath a “likable” exterior.

    • Marta says:

      Very interestingly put…but I agree. Something about him is off-putting— but its hard to put my finger on it. I often got similar vibes from Matt Giraud his season. (Though I like his post-Idol persona now)

    • donie says:

      Disagree – looked like he was sweating bullets and bummed he hadn’t done well. I hope he takes the critique this week to heart and comes out better next week.

  48. blingedup.susan says:

    Well my, my, my, my, my, my, MY!!!!! That was one frickin’ funny, suspenseful, and surprising results show. Loved it!

    I’m gonna go watch that again…….

  49. notmzbehavin says:

    As sad as I was that Casey hadn’t fulfilled his early promise, I’m delighted that he got the save.

    He’s young, talented, and creative–which can be dangerous if he’s also bull-headed and won’t listen to constructive criticism. I don’t know what set him off on that bent-over, chicken-stepping, green-lit face grimacing behavior, but he let it take over from the excellent vocals he has.

    Which, by the way, his voice is melodic and beautiful…if he’d let it shine through. I think he simply got carried away with the performance of it all.

    Young man needed a wake up call, and this was it. I hope his health lets him continue.

    While he’s not going to be everyone’s cuppa, none of them are going to universally appeal. I honestly don’t like Pia’s voice (her song have been boring the pants off me), I can’t stand to listen to Paul, and mute the TV every time he sings (actually, I hated Rod Stewart too), I think the rest are boring except for Scotty who I love.

    But the above have their supporters and fans who love their sounds–everyone has their own tastes. I think this group of people really like each other, and I was moved to see the honest reactions from the contestants.

    And I wouldn’t trust the judgement of people who claim that Casey was “faking” his reactions–if so, he deserves an Oscar. No, that kid was shaken to his core and I was afraid he was going to pass out at one point.

    I think the depth of field of this season is phenomenal, and I’m glad they included all 11.

    • forrest says:

      I think Casey’s 2 trips to the hospital (so far) pretty much told the producers to put up an alternate (11th) person on tour. The judges new the results and thier planned response. Casey was cut short for time considerations. Casey, I feel, was genuinely shocked and shaken. IMHO.

    • Lizbeth says:

      The horrid green lighting last week is decided by TPTB not Casey. It’s also known by the grassy knoll fans as “the producers want you gone light” LOL Not only did he have a last minute song that he didn’t really want last week–but that horrible green light too. Last weeks performance coupled with going first last night and more growling–I knew it was trouble. But, I didn’t think he would be voted off.
      I am so glad that this kid got another chance because he is talented. That’s why Tyler loves him. But, he is getting bad advice about his performance or maybe he just thinks that is what the audience wants. I don’t know. I find it hard to believe that he has not wanted to play an instrument more often. He can play about anything.
      He will be a great addition to the tour because he is an entertainer–unlike many of the more boring contestants. He just needs to reel it in.

  50. Jaded says:

    Best results show ever! First time I didn’t fast forward through any of it on the dvr. The Stevie Wonder part was great and Hulk Hogan was SWEET! I loved James Durbin’s reaction to the Hulk–it actually made me start to like him. Jennifer Hudson’s song was really good and it was cool to see old George Huff! Hopefully Casey will stop all that growling and just sing. I have to say his reaction to the save was pretty over the top. Kind of made me wish they’d have just let him go!