Fringe Exclusive: Boardwalk Empire Standout Emily Meade Joins the Team

The Fringe division appears to be fortifying its ranks as it races to avert a possible apocalypse.

The Fox thriller has tapped actress Emily Meade — best known for her memorable (albeit brief) stint as Michael Pitt’s prostitute-girlfriend on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire — to play a new FBI agent.

Her character — described as a wide-eyed and eager rookie who’s ready to face all of the challenges in front of her — turns up in the ominously titled May 6 season finale, “The Day We Died.”

Of course, the question remains: WHICH Fringe team is the new recruit working for, the one Over Here or the one Over There? Post your theories below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Michael Sacal says:

    What happened to the other rookie agent they introduced in the first episode of last season? I know she was only brought in to act as the eyes and ears of people who hadn’t seen the show before and listen to the established characters spew exposition, but if she’s already been established, why not bring her back?

    • Gavin says:

      Because (spoiler speculation here…) She isn’t working for the team in the present ;)

      And it has to be our side because she’s FBI. There is no FBI on the other side.

      • alice says:

        Agreed. That’s how our Olivia attracted alt-Broyles suspicion- she told a victim that she worked for the FBI, which had not existed for many years in Over-There land.

        • babi says:

          tahts exactly what I tought now. So if she’s really described as a FBI agent, so she’s from our side. If she’s just described as a Fringe agent (and Ausiello just assumed she was FBI), then she could be from one of the sides.

      • Lou says:

        As with pevious experience of fauxlivia, she could be from the other side and merely had a good debrief of what to expect on this side. She could even be a shape shifter with a good supply of mercury !

      • KRITI KRISHNA says:

        WELL OBSERVED…!!!

    • MiGiMa says:

      I feel that!!! I mean who the heck is Emily & why is she joining the cast. Why not just have her as a 3-episode guest to see if WE even like her.
      LISTEN Directors, Producers, Writers:
      We like the team the way it is! Change is not cool unless they are changelings, shape-shifters, or something. Let her be one of Alien visitors… passing through for a few. Explain the D* frog finally or the Leaf, etc. LOVE THE SHOW by the way – Keep it Up! Seems like you all are about to bring it to an end/head, so why the New Chick? Let it go… Stay brilliant, drop the fluff.

      • Blue Baker says:

        Now we know who she is, she’s olivia’s (SPOILER) niece Ella in the future. We saw her a couple times over the first two seasons but, really young. I like her. She definitely fits, I think.

  2. astroid says:

    if this new person in any way shape or form results in less screen time for astrid then, do not want.

    otherwise, sounds fun, i’ll wait and see. :)

  3. Jake says:

    What ever happened to that other girl… you know… the other girl? They put her in like one episode after Charlie died and they said she’d be back.

    SPOILER ALERT: She never came back.

  4. JohnDoe says:

    Interesting, I’m surprised they’re hiring new actors for recurring roles if they’re not sure they’re coming back next season. Maybe this means they have info that FOX isn’t giving us yet. At least we could hope.

  5. mack says:

    Bring back Amy Jessup

  6. Becca says:

    I really hope it’s the “over here” universe because to be quite honest with you, I could care less what happens to the “over there” Alt Universe. Love Fringe, I never, ever miss it. It’s just the Bolivia, Walternet etc characters have gotten old, I lack feeling for them like I do “our” characters and so if they want to bring her on, then I say go with the characters I root for. Long live Fringe. It’s the best show on television!

    • Fringie6989 says:

      It has to be over here because the FBI doesn’t exist anymore in the other universe :)

    • Garnet_and_Gold47 says:

      I agree 100% The “over there” characters seem a lot less caring and more ruthless. I love “over here.” I especially love Olivia and Peter.

      • Fred says:

        Of course they’re a lot less caring and more ruthless. That’s the point. If what happened to them happened to us, how would we respond? That’s one of the central questions of this season.

      • babi says:

        have to desagree, i prefer the characters from over there, especially Liv and Linc

      • Kimberly says:

        I’m pretty much in love with Lincoln….and Charlie Francis! I miss Charlie, so if I have to see him in the other universe, then that’s something.

        • Yonnie says:

          I love agent Lincoln lee!!! I wish they would make him a regular character in both universes!! As to this new female agent–who needs her!!

    • brian says:

      Isn’t that like saying “I like ‘Lost,’ never miss it, but I don’t care about the island. I just like the characters.” The island is what connects the characters and gives them a story, just like the existence of Over There is what generates the stories for the characters Over Here.

  7. Pamela says:

    Perhaps it’s to replace Kirk Acevedo/Alt Charlie. I hear he has a new pilot not that THAT means much nowadays…

    While I love ‘our’ universe, I LOVE the alternate universe. Show more!

    • sashay says:

      Me too. I’m always surprised how many people don’t like seeing an alternate take on our world. There’s certainly a big market for sci-fi books exploring an earth after a WWII won by the Germans & Japanese, and I can think of quite a few other series. It’s different, and I find I like the alt Olivia almost as much, she’s a product of her environment and I’m liking how the writers are working that out.

  8. Jay says:

    If she’s part of an FBI team, then it’s the “here” universe as we know from when Olivia was on the other side that there was not an FBI agency anymore (per how Broyle’s figured out she didn’t belong when she shouted out FBI! during a raid).

  9. Cass says:

    I think this side, because as someone mentioned, the other universe’s FBI shut down ten years ago. However, I just LOVE that the question needs to be and can be asked! FRINGE is so awesome. I also agree with “astroid” that it had better not mean less screen time for the underappreciated Jasika Nicole.

  10. Yisbel says:

    Since the FBI doesn’t exist in the alternate universe it would definitely be OVER HERE!

  11. Kelly says:

    Boo! They should just use Astrid more then just as a babysitter. They could use Broyles and Nina more. Use the observers and Sam Weiss more or even keep either Linc around. Not interested in more team members. use the ones they already have and work on their various relationships/friendships with each other more.

  12. teniba says:

    This is stupid if it’s for over here, so Astrid will continue to use her Quantico-FBI training to be a nany/maid/confidant to Walter while a rookie might do some real action on the field.

    At this point Walter has even more field experience than astri, that is whta i don’t like about the way they use Astrid character!

  13. Aimee says:

    I’m not thrilled with this younger addition either. If it is a way to attract younger viewers.., The younger viewers are in love with Peter and Olivia. There are teens professing their undying love for Josh and Anna…

    I want more time with who we have, particularly the under-used Astrid Farnsworth. But no use quibbling now. I just want a fourth season period.

  14. Jasna says:

    She’s probably in both. They’re all in both

    • kalola says:

      My thoughts exactly…our charlie is gone, she could fill in there…their olivia may feel a need for time off to be a new mom, so she could be brought in there, although i can’t see their olivia just sitting back and letting someone else try to save their world. wherever she is, they’ll likely bring her in slowly and give us a chance to hate her…or love her, either emotion can pull us (and hopefully lots of others)in and that could help with a season 5. besides, this show’s too good for a new character to make us change the channel!

  15. TheRiffRaff says:

    WHo cares, just make Lincoln Lee a series regular!!!

  16. Michelle says:

    Astrid is already underused! Plus we have this side’s Lincoln. I’d rather they got more screentime than some random new person. But as long as we get a fourth season, I’m happy. We’ll quibble about the rest later!

  17. DotDotDot says:

    Not sure how I feel about this. The chemistry is so perfect with the current cast members, I don’t want anybody else brought in.

  18. forrest says:

    I agree DotDotDot. New characters take away screen time from our core group. Also less air time for our existing supporting cast who are currently underused. Taking a hint from the X-files, more recurring characters means more chance for betrayal. Expanded story lines are available with a larger ensemble. So we’ll see. I’ll be watching regardless.

  19. Too Late Kev says:

    Maybe they’re bringing her in to kill her off.

  20. Don Christopher says:

    This new young actress, Emily Meade, brought a lot of excitement in her few episodes in Boardwalk Empire! I am very excited to see what she brings and how she fits into Fringe! I also agree that her character will be for this side! C’mon Fox; RENEW!!!!

  21. Ashley says:

    I’ll wait until we meet the character before forming an opinion. I really hope she’s an agent in the alt-universe, not ours. But ultimately I trust the Fringe writers; Fringe is one of the best shows on TV right now.

    If the show is renewed for a 4th season (fingers crossed!), what are the chances Seth Gabel (Linc) will be made a series regular? I LOVE both versions of Linc, so it wouldn’t even matter which universe he appeared in, as long as we saw him every week!

  22. Bob says:

    Assuming “The Day We Died” actually refers to one of the universe’s “blowing up”, do you really think they would change the entire premise of the show and destroy “Over Here”?

  23. Wendy says:

    Since I have never watched FRINGE, will it be hard to understand? Emily is a fabulous actress and I want to follow her in this show.

    • Patricia Mesojednik says:

      Wendy..You will enjoy Fringe for the quality of the acting and production values, knowing everything helps with the subtle undertones but not knowing doesn’t doesn’t make it less enjoyable.

    • fay says:


  24. Angela says:

    Doesn’t matter, she’s too young and I doubt I’ll take her seriously. Give her lines to Astrid. We don’t see enough of her. I don’t much care what happens “over there” either, but I do enjoy seeing Charlie and Lincoln.

  25. franktaplin says:

    Well we’ll see more of her next year. they gave the official announcement late this afternoon that Fringe will be back for a fourth season. The wording on the announcement that Fringe will be renewed in both universes makes me think that this seasons ending won’t finish the parallel universe arc.

  26. fauxme says:

    Just like others have said, with FBI being mentioned, it must be here.

    ITA that Astrid is underloved. She’s smart, beautiful, and a great actress. She should be more than a glorified babysitter. I kinda liked the way she was on the other side, smart and useful in case. Although I didn’t like the drone/computer voice/mannerisms.

    Although I like Olivia, I did like the Other Side, at first, because Fauxlivia is way more confident and fun. I like her interactions with Linc and Charlie. I hate that Charlie was killed off Over Here.
    I am also growing sick of the whole Over Here/Over there thing. Can we go ahead and wrap this up and get back to the original X-files type cases?

  27. NemoBob says:

    I wish they would have a mind meld where the alternates and “heres” would have flashback of each others lives intermittenly and cause confusion but hopefully lead to an exciting climax.

  28. ilene says:

    What ever happened to Olivia’s boyfriend from season one? I think his name was Michael. He turned out to be a double agent and was killed. But the last we saw or heard of him, his body was frozen at Mass Dynamics, leaving me wondering if he would return. If that character does somehow come back, they can’t use the same actor because he is on the show Human Target. Hmmmm….

  29. Ghost says:

    IIRC Astrid is not an FBI Agent, but was one of the thousands of analysists the FBI employs. So she has clearances and may know some things, but doesn’t have the same training as Olivia, Charlie, or a young Broyles.

    That being the case, it makes sense for her to be doing what she does, especially if she has any background in forensics as she seems to be not only Walters Watcher, but also his Lab Assistant. Say the Sam to Walters Quincy.

    • Fringe Fan says:

      Astrid is an agent, hence the reasson she’s introduced as Agent Farnsworth. And she was at Quantico for training.

  30. lightshades says:

    maybe she is from over there traveled in time from future (as there was FBI) to past.. wouldn’t be the first time of time travel… maybe to change things in past for a beter THERE future..

  31. Baba says:

    What I want to know is: Are they watching Fringe in the other universe? And, will the character played by Meade also be seen in the other universe?

  32. Melissa says:

    I’m so irritated at this news. I have nothing against this actress, but FRINGE has a gold mine of cast members that are so significantly under-used already that it seems ludicrous that they’d even imagine bringing in a new team members. It’s the END of the third season and we know like 5 things about Astrid! I don’t know anyone who watches this show and doesn’t want to know more about her. I feel like you purposely underuse her and that’s sad because Jasika Nicole is so engaging and supportive of the show in all the Cons she goes to and the interviews she does. You should at least THINK about giving her a background, story and let her work with Olivia and Peter considering she’s a Jr. FBI agent herself and technically OLIVIA’s assistant. :/

    Additionally, we know little to nothing about the observers. We know little to nothing about Sam Weiss, Nina, OUR Broyles, our Lincoln…

  33. Jen says:

    ITA, Ghost. Astrid is not an agent, she’s an analyst. That’s why she was assigned to work with Walter. She’s not just a glorified baby sitter, and she does a lot of analyzing data and so on, it’s just that she doesn’t work out in the field like Olivia.

  34. HT says:

    Would she be the new bell??? Would be quite a contrast…

  35. Allie says:

    I like the other side. But I’m so much more attached to ‘our’ characters. Walternate gives me the willies. I love the child-like brilliance of our Walter. Astrid is like a robot over there, and well duh- I LOVE Peter on our side. Our Olivia needs to take the stick out of here rear a little, but generally I prefer her.

    Go our team!

  36. Dee says:

    I have to say its over there because lots of things are happening over there right now. I mean peter n oblivia r happy right now. The new agent is prob gonna be walternate’s right hand guy!

  37. Erin says:

    Rumors are going around that they were casting for an actor to play a 23-year old Ella….could this be her?? I could see her following Aunt Liv and joining the family world saving business….you never know!

  38. Evil Tom says:

    I think you all missed the point when they said who is she working for,yes she works for the fbi but is she an agent or a double agent

  39. doug says:

    Whatever they want to do is fine with me. A great show, and it keeps getting better.

  40. Foxcraft says:

    I hope Walter and alt. Walter meet each other, come face to face!

    What did Peter die from?

    In episode “subject 13” (my favorite episode) right at start, walter talks of the “window showing other universes” and others almost like ours. Notice the “window” shown and there are three walters in it, all in lab coats working. Two Walts look like the “regular” walt, the other looks different. I always thought there were Two Universes. Could there be more?

    Anyone know the number of episodes Fringe was renewed for in season 4? There were 22 this year?

    I must say, Fringe is a great show! Makes you think, and you have to follow it to understand it well. I think a lot who enjoyed the X-Files like Fringe. Friday nights also!

    Let’s hope FOX really meant they wanted to turn Friday into Fringe night! Not much else on other than Supernatural.

    A LOT of people are out so they record Fringe, or delay it with the dvr. However Nielson does not cover taping or delay watching for ratings. Why is that?

    • M. Mancera says:

      According to Quantum Mechanics, there are many parallel universes, but in terms of this story, it would be very confusing if they showed more than one, right?

  41. jopo says:

    I totally agree, already enough wonderful characters that we don’t see enough, who wants a new one, so young that she seems hardly credible as an FBI agent… I hope she’s only temporary or an insignificant character.

  42. Sandi says:

    I have to admit, as much as I love Peter and Olivia being together on this side, I love the idea of Linc and Fauxlivia being together in the alternate. In my opinion, Astrid compliments Walter’s personality on this side, and I love her commando personality on the other side. She’s a terrific actress and if you take her out of the lab, you won’t see as many good scenes and rhetoric between her and Walter. Fringe is one of the best new shows around. It gives you something to think about.

  43. Kim says:

    What about Lincoln Lee? He was fun in our universe, and super cute. I liked his interactions with the team, why bring in a new chick? Astrid doesn’t get enough screen time as it is, and she’s one of my favorite characters. The best support character I’ve ever seen on television, too. I absolutely love her, and if they’re trying to add a new girl to the team for sex appeal, Astrid is far more beautiful than Emily, in my opinion. I guess she isn’t the “sexy type” though. Still, there are already so many characters in the series, all of them fantastic, that I don’t understand why they feel the need to keep adding more.

    However, as others have said, Fringe is the best show on tv, probably my favorite show of all time. It’s amazing, and the writers seem to know what they’re doing so far. So I’ll wait until we meet this new girl before I start complaining about her.

  44. Glenn says:

    For all the reasons above She is in this side. Besides they all ready have a new character on the other side, the child.

  45. Julie White says:

    She should go to the other side. The new person that should be on this side should be the FBI guy from Hartford, who helped with the lady who couldn’t die. He’s the double of the new head of Fringe on the other side, who had gotten burned up. He needs to move to Boston and help out with Walter and Peter’s Fringe, but get rid of the glasses! LOL! ☺

  46. Susan Quijano says:

    Fringe is my favorite show….Emily Meade is exciting to watch in the movies I have seen her in…She will be a great addition to a great cast and great show!!! I think Emily will be on our side…who knows…just know I love her work and I love Fringe!

  47. Susan Quijano says:

    Fringe is my favorite show….Emily Meade is exciting to watch in the movies I have seen her in…She will be a great addition to a great cast and great show!!! I think Emily will be on our side…who knows…just know I love her work and I love Fringe!

  48. Susan Quijano says:

    Fringe is my favorite show….Emily Meade is exciting to watch in the movies I have seen her in…She will be a great addition to a great cast and great show!!! I think Emily will be on our side…who knows…just know I love her work and I love Fringe!

  49. Mark says:

    Just what are side needed someone more feminine to replace Olivia. Not that Olivia will be replaced but it needs to happen because our Olivia just isn’t believable as the love intrest this season. I mean I didn’t even care when it happened.

    • M. Mancera says:

      I agree that the Olivia from the other side is a more developed character. She has more dimension than our Olivia, but I think that will change, because she is the main character of the show. Writers take note. Make our Olivia more lovable. At this point I completely get why Peter is in love with Olivia from “over there”.

  50. angie says:

    Just so they don’t plan to get rid of any of the cast we all love….if it is not broken don’t fix it !! Don’t really need a new face !!