Chris Brown Still Set To Perform on DWTS, Even After 'Very Angry' Backstage GMA Outburst

Chris Brown is still set to perform on next Tuesday’s Dancing With the Stars results show, an ABC rep tells — this even though the R&B artist trashed his dressing room following a Tuesday Good Morning America appearance during which anchor Robin Roberts alluded to his March 2009 assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Addressing the situation on Wednesday morning, GMA‘s Roberts said that Brown knew the domestic violence case would be a topic during their sit-down. When Roberts brought up the fact that Rihanna had dropped the restraining order that was part of Brown’s guilty plea, the singer shrugged off the situation as “not really a big deal,” and expressed his wish that people  focus on his new album F.A.M.E., and not “stuff that happened two years ago.”

After performing on the morning show, Brown got “very angry” backstage, ABC News correspondent Andrea Canning confirmed on Wednesday’s GMA, breaking a large window in his dressing room. He then exited the studio shirtless, and later said on Twitter about the on-camera interview, “I’m so over people bring this s–t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie Sheen and other celebs for there [sic] bulls–t!”

That tweet has since been deleted. Later, he wrote: “Thank you to everyone who supports my music!!! Key word music!”

Watch GMA‘s recap of the Tuesday-morning incident here, then read on:

What do you think of Brown’s backstage GMA outburst, and ABC’s decision to keep him booked for Dancing With the Stars?

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  1. Kim R says:

    Personally I am so tired of people being rewarded with media attention for bad behaviour. Why would DWTS still have him on? Why would CBS want to have CS back? Everything that is wrong, is right….and everything that is right, is wrong in the eyes of the media coverage. You beat a woman to a pulp & in 2 years you get to be on GMA selling your new Cd. Disgusting. As I said, I’m just tired of all of it. :(

    • sashay says:

      It’s so disheartening, what are we teaching future generations, when they see women-beating slime like Chris Rock and Charlie Sheen continually rewarded for their bad behaviour? I’m going to boycott the results show, not that it’s difficult given how boring the first episode was (fell asleep after the Wendy Williams dance – or maybe it was thru it). You’d think a “family-oriented” kind of show would immediately bump him as a guest. Didn’t the kids award show do so because of a backlash against him right after he beat up Rihanna?
      This kid needs to be put away, in a minimum security lock-up at the very least.

  2. John says:

    Who was praising Sheen again?

    Here’s the thing, I support the guy’s desire to move on, but the tricky part of moving on is that you have to move through, not around. True, we’ve been talking about the issue for a long time, but it’s serious, and he’ll have to make peace with it and the version of himself he was and the version he (hopefully) has evolved into and let it be part of who he is in the future, especially living a public life as a celebrity. The questions go away when the drama goes away.

  3. Donna says:

    If this in fact true, it will be the final straw. I refuse to continue rewarding bad behavior. This man (as many others in the news today) continues to push the envelope of accepted behavior. Had he not been “Chris Brown” the police would have been contacted and an investigation started. Wanton destruction of property, potential personal injury, etc.

    Please petition DWTS to stop the madness. Stop rewarding these spoiled, petulent, angry, destructive people with more publicity and attention. Good music or not, this man needs serious help and not sycophants that tell him what a good job he is doing because he destroyed a window rather than a face this time.

  4. Tim says:

    I find it odd that GMA felt it was relevant to ask about a two-year-old incident. That issue was addressed by him then, and has run the legal and commercial channels.

    I also annot believe that ABC would want to continue associating with Brown after his actions this week.

    As for Sheen, the media love a controversy and will milk it for as long as they can. People obviously get into these things, based on the number of followers Sheen has and the fact that millions tuned into each show for the interviews.

    • MDEP says:

      I do not think it is odd GMA would ask about it. He is trying to stage a comeback, and him beating Rihanna is what he is trying to come back from. People want to know if/how he grew and learned from what happened. And he showed everyone that he did neither. It seems he just wants it swept under the rug and for people to forget it ever happened. Guess what? There are people that think dometic abuse is a big deal, and for him to think two years is enough time for poeple to no longer associate that incident with him is just delusional on his part. I never did think he truly felt sorry for what did. I personally will not be watching DWTS when he performs.

      • sunny says:

        Thank-you MDEP for that thoughtful answer.

        Chris Brown needs to realise that he will be asked about this for a long time. Justin Timberlake is still asked about Britney Spears. Robert Downey Jr is still asked about his past drug use.

      • Dey says:

        I completely agree! Well stated!

  5. kat says:

    I can’t stand Chris Brown. I think he is a horrible person. I can’t believe he was on GMA. He has always been obnoxious about thr Rihanna think, always whining about why are people still on that? Even right after it happened. I think if any of us had done what he did yesterday, we would be in jail for violating probation. In jail, that is not an exagerration, I was a criminal lawyer for years and judges do not like people violating probation, which is a privilege. And a violent act like this, where people on the street could have suffered egregious harm? Jail. And, well, that being said, I was working out during the interview, and I thought the repeated questioning on the topic was weird for GMA and Robin Roberts. It wasn’t just one question, it was a bunch on Rihanna, and I felt like it was out of line since he was on a morning show that is usually so shallow and had already kind of glossed over by having him on. So, that might be why they are (HORRIBLY) keeping him on next week. The whole thing is an abomination. He should not have been on, nor still be on after trashing their place. ABC has acted in such an irresponsible way, it’s unforgivable.

    • Shewanda says:

      Why!!!Is this the first person that u no been hit by somone noone is perfect he is young ..Did you hate Charlie Shenn when he beat his wife, not trying to say what he did was right but he is a young man never been in any trouble, charlie Shenn grown but u dont herer to much if nothing about that..

  6. Jason says:

    Here’s why this is still relevant: It’s WHO Chris Brown IS. He beat a defenseless woman nearly to death…and has reacted with VIOLENT public outbursts on countless occasions since then, all while under the “guise” of being “rehabilitated.” That’s a huge crock, Chris, and we all know it. You’re exposed for the phony you are again and again.

    We all know it’s only a matter of time before you kill someone–yes, your uncontrolled (and unjustified) rage is just that serious. ABC should be ashamed for giving this moron any type of spotlight. What, we REWARD bad behavior now? Boycott all of the sponsors, I say, and stop watching that farce of a show.

  7. CB says:

    Chris Brown should not perform on DWTS next week after his violent outburst. He still has an anger problem which is evidenced by his behavior yesterday. I find it very interesting that he can still perform after his violent behavior but Adam Lambert was black balled by ABC after his American Music Awards performance. He didn’t do anything violent. He kissed another guy. Yet his performance on GMA was cancelled.

    • djm says:

      I totally agree. But then again, we ARE talking about two men kissing and that is WAY worse than a man beating up his girlfriend – right ABC?? In truth it has more to do with American people than it does ABC – people in this country love them some scandal – otherwise there wouldn’t be a TMZ channel and Perez Hilton would still be a fat loser hiding from society in his bedroom at his mom’s house being a cyber-bully. Instead he’s praised and rewarded – it’s just the way it goes. I’m afraid that people are fine with domestic violence – just so long as the guilty party apologizes and mentions Jesus somewhere along the line. As for guys kissing – it’s the ONLY thing in the bible that Jesus-freaks focus on, therefore it’s a far worse sin in their eyes. Sad, but true.

  8. Shewanda Smith says:

    Ok first of all this is so old. He made a bad mistake but I dont see anybody talkn about what Rkelly did that football player did n O Charlie Sheen is makin mega bucks for being a ahole. I mean he paid for his mistake n he still is this just as he said two years old n he know he was wrong ok he admitted to it. Only God can Judge him, I would be mad to if thats all everyone wants to talk about. Another thing whenever I go on a website for CB its somtthing about Rihanna, I mean if I was to go 2 her website it would not be niothing about him, n besides look at how she is she is out of control. And NOONE can say it is because of him because whats n side you is going 2 cum out I dont care who you are. It is always two sides to every story. He is not telling his, he is only sayn he is sorry but I know something happen to make him snap. I dont care if you are a man or woman if you hit me I am going to hit you back. So leave this young talented man alone god has his back n his real true fans..I pray that he just let people say what they wanna say n Laugh at them. Killn them with kidness is the best way to go!!Always a fan. I dont agree with him hittn her not at all but keep ur hands to urself. N tell the truth she is going to do somthing else n everything is going to come out!keep ur head UP Chris

    I am aconcerned parent because I can only imagine what his mother is going threw. I have a child almost his age.

    • sashay says:

      I find it truly sad that you are a parent. Are you teaching them that hitting women is alright if they are young? They will probably be as illiterate as you as well. It is just about impossible to follow your train of thought because you express yourself horribly and can’t spell anything properly. Have you ever thought of reading a book? Perhaps try reading the Bible, since you don’t seem to understand that God does not “have the back” of sinners without remorse.

  9. Jeri says:

    Chris Brown is a petulant brat that will not take responsibility for his violent actions. People will keep bringing it up because he has never expressed remorse, only resentment for being called out for his actions.

    Now he has again shown he cannot handle his violent urges.

  10. Gumshoe says:

    Big fail ABC.

  11. Beverly says:

    I would like to know WHAT MORE do people want this YOUNG man to do to get past this whole Rihanna situation? I do not condone him hitting her one bit NOR do I condone him throwing a tantrum backstage, HOWEVER, it has to be irritating and aggravating to constantly be asked about the situation in interviews. We are not in this young man’s shoes, who know’s how YOU would react in this situation. If YOU were a crack head and was 10 years clean, is it fair to keep going back to your crackhead past????? Or is that something you would rather people to move past and recognize the person you are TODAY..AT THIS PRESENT MOMENT??!!!! I’m sure NONE OF YOU would want some of the things you have done in the past brought up to the forefront. it would probably make what he did look like child’s play. Stop throwing rocks at this young man. He is TRYING to get through this. Respect that!

    • Suzie says:

      sorry, don’t buy that he is trying to get past this. Listen to his words and actions. He needs counseling and wisdom that comes with age. He acts like a spoiled, immature brat. If he wants to be an entertainer in the public eye he better get some training on how to do interviews- fast. No respect for him at all.

    • Megalion says:

      When he demonstrates real remorse and understanding of the severity & harm of his actions.

      Look at Mike Tyson… he was freaking hailed as a homecoming hero when he was released from prison for rape. People like Maya Angelou visited and supported him.

      Then he gets in trouble again over assaulting a woman… brushed under the rug.

      But then he goes and bites off part of a man’s ear and then FINALLY people get it… this man is a very violent and disturbed person to be avoided at all costs.

      Chris Brown seems to be heading down that path with his refusal to accept the consequences of his actions. The way to make people forget/forgive the past is to be the BEST person you can be here on out. To be a DIFFERENT person. To conquer the violence & demons.

      And he does not want to. He just wants a pass.

  12. someone who knows says:

    Men like Brown are not rehabilitated. Some may go through treatment after being court ordered, some may even be awakened, but the truth is if its there once, it’s always there, and could be triggered by the least expected reason. Maybe he will go, say, 10years with no physical abuse, then something happens and POW! 10 years of pent up feelings come out with a vengeance! I talk from personal experience. If he is so rehabilitated where the f*c* did that violent episode come from? If he cannot restrain himself from a little inquisition, how will he control himself in any other situation. He went off because he felt he had no control and what will happen if he cannot control a woman’s actions or behaviors that do not meet his approval? There is no such thing as a rehabilitated woman beater!! No matter what he does to control it, it is always going to be there, like a land mine, just sitting there ready to blow if it is touched the right way.

  13. B.N.M says:

    Last time I check were all humans that make mistake and CB isn’t GOD he wasn’t made perfect and for ppl to still be bringing up things that’s isn’t important as of today in the year 2011 and to the present leave it alone. People are forgetting that CB is talented/creative in every aspect when it comes to entertainment so separate his personal life and his work. Its bad enough that his life is in the eyes of the public always judging him. I ride for CB ’til the end despite of his wrongs.

    *** I want to know why you guys feel as though you guys are beneath him? You guys aren’t perfect in anyway. PLEASE go sit somewhere!!!!!!!!!

    • Lisa says:

      Pick up a book and learn to write more intelligently. Try focusing on your life more and not this ignorant,pompous asshole. Who knows, maybe you will get somewhere.

  14. B.N.M says:

    Last time I check were all humans that make mistake and CB isn’t GOD he wasn’t made perfect and for ppl to still be bringing up things that’s isn’t important as of today in the year 2011 and to the present leave it alone. People are forgetting that CB is talented/creative in every aspect when it comes to entertainment so separate his personal life and his work. Its bad enough that his life is in the eyes of the public always judging him. I ride for CB ’til the end despite of his wrongs.

    *** I want to know why you guys feel as though you guys are above him? You guys aren’t perfect in anyway. PLEASE go sit somewhere!!!!!!!!!

  15. Miller says:

    It is disgraceful, disgusting, and demoralizing to anyone trying to instill any sort of values in the younger generation. Why is bad behavior not only being rewarded but groveled to. ABC lost me a while ago and this only reinforces the wisdom of my choice.
    Next week on DANCING WITH THE STARS: A Homophobe (unless he gets kicked off, please God) and a Thug. Wow, what a line up.

    • Beverly says:

      A thug? Really? You would take it that far? HOWEVER..UPON RESEARCH, which you can do yourself..Charlie Sheen tore up a hotel room with his kids in the next room, allegedly held a knife to someone, etc and “THUG” was never used to describe him. Thats more “thuggish” behavior than ANY tantrum CB throws. You ADULTS are incredible. This is a YOUNG man whom has many years ahead of him to continue to make progress. That’s what’s wrong with the world now. People judge others from their past behaviors and why why they do the same things OVER and OVER again. This young man is NOT a lost cause. You all are NOT..I repeat..NOT GOD. I am sure NONE of you whom feels he is so beneath of you have crispy clean past. God can change ANYONE. Whom are we to say that “once a woman beater, always one”…then the same applies for crackheads, alcoholics, and any other trouble making behavior. No matter how long they been clean. I think alot of you all are just JEALOUS because you not him.

      • Mary says:

        Chris Brown does not look good because he doesn’t want to deal with what he did. Well, too bad Chris. Beating a girlfriend is far worse than tearing up a hotel or breaking a window plus I am sure there was more damage to the dressing room.

        Charlie is screwed. He’s an idiot. I couldn’t watch an interview with him for a full hour. Charlie is psycho and needs meds.

        Chris isn’t willing to deal with what he did. Until he deals with what he did, he won’t change. Obviously he has a temper. Charlie has a temper. Neither guy is good, an embarrassment and someone no would want their daughter to marry and god forbid have kids with.

  16. Dawn says:

    For the first time, I did not watch Dancing with the Stars. I watched last week, yesterday but not tonight. Instead I watched Mildred Pierce on HBO (on demand thanks to cox cable). I’d even watch one of the Bravo Housewives show instead of DWTS.

  17. Susan says:

    ABC disapproves of 2 gay guys grinding…..and cancells an abc appearance however, its okay with ABC to break a dressing room window and beat up on women. Charlie Sheen is on ABC and he discusses his crazy behavior although Sheen has no clue how sick he is. Brown doesn’t want to discuss his abusive behavior to a woman (and windows I suspect) and ABC is okay with that.


    • Beverly says:

      Why should CB have to explain what he did to you all? You all are not God. That’s the ONLY person he owes an explanation to, besides Rihanna. It’s been TWO years. How long does he have to keep paying for it??? And who are YOU..that you feel you’re owed an explaination?