NBC Schedule Scoop: The Paul Reiser Show In, Perfect Couples Out!

NBC is dumping Perfect Couples for Paul Reiser.

The Peacock announced that the long-delayed Paul Reiser Show will replace the low-rated Couples on Thursday at 8:30 beginning April 14.

The single camera comedy is loosely based on Reiser’s life post-Mad About You. Per the show’s official description, “It’s been a few years since his 
hit TV series went off the air. Since then, he’s been enjoying the quiet
life at home with his lovely wife, Claire [Amy Landecker], and kids and generally minding his own business, writing and
producing television but enjoying life out of the spotlight. Getting him
into trouble — and into adventures — are a group of new “friends,”
most of which he didn’t choose since they’re the husbands of his wife’s
friends and the dads of his kids’ classmates.”

In light of this development, Perfect Couples has been downgraded from “a long-shot” to “essentially canceled” on TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard. It’s too bad. The show was just starting to grow on me.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Bummer, I liked Perfect Couples.

    • sashay says:

      Me too. By the third episode, I was hooked. I thought they took what looked like a very limited concept and ran with it, featuring great couples and a different take on what it’s like to be in a couple. I especially liked Vance and his girlfriend. Even Olivia Munn had begun to grow on me. I don’t understand why NBC gave so many opportunities to Outsourced and S**T My Father Says, yet gives this far superior comedy a few weeks and then gives it up. Another bad move from the peacock network. I guess they haven’t really changed, despite the new owners.

      • sashay says:

        Meant to say, “great characters.”

      • garin says:

        crap my dad says is on CBS…

      • Eve_Williams says:

        I really, really wish that all the OutSourced naysayers would just be quite for awhile. Most of you dont know what goes into getting anything on the air, especially something as DIFFERENT as outsourced. Yes I know it’s about Outsourcing but guys lets face it — this show did not cause outsourcing, and it’s not going to stop it. If i was against how the world has changed then I would hate computers cause they’ve taken many a jobs away. Or be really upset at China when in the 70s my dads factory had to close because it was the beginning of the end of clothes manufacturing in the USA. Did my father hyperventilate, no — he found another job. Ive been involved with this show for two years now — It’s funny. It’s sweet. So really just let it breath a little. And perfect couples was awful. Truly and everyone in the industry new it.

        • Lil Jo says:

          So you really think people don’t like Outsource because they equate the show to the outsourcing of jobs??? I think people don’t like Outsource because the show is UNWATCHABLE!

        • Narshkite says:

          and racist

        • Karen says:

          Yup, Eve is right. Outsourced is funny and sweet. It’s a breath of fresh air to have something a little different to watch on network television. All the characters have really developed this season. And, there’s even singing and dancing – Bollywood style! It’s great. So, you Outsourced critics, enjoy your reality shows or whatever you watch, but shut the hell up about Outsourced already. I’ve watched every episode and it’s a wonderful show.

    • L says:

      Agree. It really hit its stride and was pretty cute/funny. Seemed to fit in well with the Thursday line-up too, this sounds like another really safe and boring old person comedy.

    • Shmem says:

      I agree, Perfect Couples was great. I watched every episode and I think it is better than about 5 of the new shows this season. It is better than Guys with Kids, The New Normal, and Go On and others. Well, The New Normal has potential. Eh, who is working the slots!

  2. ken says:

    a shame. i was starting to enjoy it more. but then again, the show is too similar to other shows right now. so overall i understand why they cancelled it, but it wasn’t a bad show. this kyle guy can’t seem to catch a break.

  3. JB says:

    This makes me sad because I was really starting to like perfect couples. The last several episodes have been really funny.

  4. LA says:

    Not surprising. Perfect Couples wasn’t good and Olivia Munn is exceptionally unfunny and annoying. Then again, I hate Paul Reiser, so either way, I lose.

  5. Josh T says:

    I was actually starting to warm to Perfect Couples. But, I’ve thought since the beginning, that they only got half the cast right. Olivia Munn, Kyle Bornheimer, and Christine Woods are terrific. David Walton is hit or miss. And Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Hayes MacArthur seem COMPLETELY miscast.

    I’m sure Paul Reiser’s show won’t be any better. Little surprised Outsourced has lasted as long as it has.

  6. Karen says:

    I reallylike the show. Not a fan of Paul since Mad Aboutyou went off air.

  7. Alexis says:

    this is an outrage of peacock proportions! I LOVED Perfect Couples. It takes a lot for a TV show to make me laugh out loud, but somehow, week after week, Perfect Couples did that for me. Is there any hope that it will finish up this summer? Or come back in any capacity?! It is such a funny show with an incredibly talented cast, I am so upset!

    • deb says:

      I totally agree…am really, really bummed about this!

    • Melissa McCarel says:

      I agree..great show with such potential and amazing cast…it always takes a few episodes to get the characters figured out…Love this show …I hope NBC reconsiders.,..I also have many laugh out loud moments…

  8. Rita says:

    So what’s going to happen with the rest of the Perfect Couples episodes? Are we going to get a finale or just whatever we get through before April 14?

    This is kind of a bummer. Perfect Couples wasn’t the greatest show ever, but neither were a lot of shows in their freshman season. I’m just in agreement with Josh T that Outsourced is still on the air.

  9. Larrysims says:

    Oh, NBC, why? Why take the the new “Friends” from those of us who loved “Friends” when it was big? This one had the opportunity to become just as big. Paul Reiser might be a very nice fellow, but he had his moment, now step aside and give the kids their shot. Why NBC? Why?

  10. Erin says:

    Damn. I liked Perfect Couples – it started off a bit rocky, but it was starting to come into its own. They replace a decent show, and keep Outsourced? LAME.

  11. Caro says:

    Great, because I didn’t like Perfect Couples at all. It wasn’t funny and I’m hoping The Paul Reiser Show is more fun! So I’m happy with this. Looking forward to TPRS!

  12. Caro says:

    I’m happy with this because I expect The Paul Reiser Show to be really fun to watch, and Perfect Couples wasn’t fun at all to watch. So yeah, happy with this!

  13. Sterling says:

    Wait, so Outsourced is still on the air? FAIL.

    I did NOT like perfect couples the first time I watched it. But this last week I was laughing out loud. Too bad for that one dude. He cannot get a show to save his life!

    • John Berggren says:

      Kyle Bornheimer has no problem getting shows. It’s keeping them that seems to be trouble. It’s really too bad because I’d love to watch him in something successful. He’s usually the most fun part of any of the shows.

  14. sam says:

    this sucks, how is outsourced still on the air but not this? networks need to give shows a longer shot

  15. brandon says:

    It seems any sitcom about couples with witty writing doesn’t make it. Kyle bornheimer is a good talent, you gotta give him an opportunity.

  16. David says:

    Agreed, Ken — Kyle can’t catch a break. We have a mutual friend who says he’s the nicest guy she knows in the biz.

    My biggest problem was that I could never keep track of who was married to whom. And I consider myself quite an astute viewer.

  17. comedyguy76 says:

    Such a huge bummer. Perfect Couples was actually getting really hilarious and that cast is so strong — especially bornheimer and woods. it had a rocky start, but so did parks and rec and nbc stuck with it and now it’s a big hit. I can’t believe NBC is actually replacing something funny and relevant with a show about a guy who peeked in 1988. so stupid!!

  18. Sourabh says:

    Was just starting to grow on me too. But I won’t particularly miss it.
    I have to say this though, Outsourced isn’t a bad show.

  19. Jeremy says:

    I liked the Perfect Couples theme song, by AC Newman (of New Pornographers).

  20. tracey says:

    Perfect Couples is actually pretty funny! So well cast… darn it!!

  21. Nick says:

    Good, that show was terrible. My DVR stopped recording it cause it was soo bad. Outsourced was kind of crapy at first, but its gotten better so glad they didn’t axe that.

  22. Summer says:

    I actually really liked Perfect Couples. Last week’s episode was less than stellar, but there’s been some great ones, besides.

    I hope that Outsourced makes it past season one.

  23. xwiseguyx says:

    I never watched an entire episode of Perfect Couples from the premiere… David Walton has been on 2 remarkably low rated shows in a row now…

  24. Natrino says:

    Perfect Couples was starting to grow on you…like a fungus.

  25. Fulton says:

    I really liked Perfect Couples! We watched every epsiode more than once b/c it’s relatable and always makes us laugh! I also don’t get why so many people hate on Olivia Munn.

  26. rosncranz says:

    I have to say I am very excited for “The Paul Reiser Show,” I love Paul, Mad About You was so good and far more complex, genuine, and funny than Friends. He is also a very funny writer. That being said, I liked Perfect Couples. I will be sad to see it go, but at least it didn’t canceled for something awful.

  27. Scr33nam3 says:

    Canceled?! oh, because it’s good. It is so nice to watch a show that depicts couples that actually like each other instead of the bumbling oaf of a husband that constantly has to get over on his wife. Leigh and Rex are the best together, working with each other instead of against. The writing is spectacular.

  28. Jesse says:

    Wait…so who is Paul Reiser? Aww I really hope Perfect Couples doesn’t get cancelled…I love the main lady…the one who was on FlashForward last year. She’s awesome.

  29. Kate says:

    Im gunna be immature here BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NBC! First they take away a crime show with an amazing leading lady (Chase) and now they are taking away a show that real couples can relate to and is hilarious! It’s like NBC don’t respect good shows! Well we know they dont because they are still keeping Chuck on the bubble! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NBC!

  30. mal says:

    I liked Mad About You but this show sounds like Larry David should get a creator credit. How is this not Curb??

    • Tego Livi says:

      1. Larry David is actually funny.
      2. Seinfeld was a GOOD show.

    • You must have gained consciousness when CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM began. It didn’t invent this format by a long shot. Most notably see THE GEORGE BURNS AND GRACIE ALLEN SHOW in the 1950’s (playing themselves post radio show) and IT’S GARY SHANDLING’S SHOW in the 1980’s (self-admitted update of the Burns and Allen show). I’m still waiting for Larry David to acknowledge both Burns and Shandling for the Curb shows. Much of David’s Seinfeld non-plot humor also came from here but Seinfeld has always acknowledged both, probably because he’s a nightclub comic and would admire other nightclub comics. By this time I think THE GEORGE BURNS AND GRACIE ALLEN format is a bonafide style like sitcoms or reality shows that require no acknowledgement, but if there is any acknowledgement it certainly doesn’t belong to Larry David.

  31. onestell says:

    Welcome back, Mr. Reiser!

  32. Caio says:

    NOTHING on Love Bites, not even on the summer schedule?

    It should get a few weeks on the The Event spot. It can’t get much worse than what the event is getting right now.

  33. Graham says:

    Perfect Couples was getting better each week as the audience got to know the characters. What’s the point of making a show if you aren’t going to give it a chance? Perfect Couples has a better chance of appealing to the young, coveted demographic than a show starring Reiser.

  34. Matt says:

    HA! suck it perfect couples! That show was TERRIBLE!!! so glad it’s gone, did not fit in with community and parks & recs.

    • sashay says:

      No, it fit in with Community just fine. Parks and Recs sucks, it belongs in the dumper with Outsourced and S**T My Father Says.

  35. Joe says:

    Perfect Couples is a really good show. My wife and I love it and haven’t missed an episode. Shame on NBC for giving up on it so quickly. I laugh more at that show than I do at Community & Parks and Rec combined.

    Hate this news. Paul Reiser is a been there done that thing. Perfect Couples was original and needed the network to believe in it.

  36. Michelle says:

    Ohh noooo, I really like Perfect Couples! It was smart and funny.

  37. KevyB says:

    Apparently the quality must’ve improved because the first three episodes were UNWATCHABLE. I wanted to like it. I love me some Kyle Bornheimer. But ugh. I do not need to see him surrounded by a bunch of losers.

  38. nikki says:

    This show was awesome! Nbc sucks! THey never give anything a chance! Chuck is one exception, and god only knows why this suck fest is still on the air! Paul Reiser is just not funny! He is washed up!! Ughhhh!

  39. Bob says:

    I can see why they canned Perfect Couples, but Paul Reiser? What, is everyone going to start shouting for a Mad About You reunion episode? Hey, maybe they could get Larry David to do something.

  40. MJ says:

    I liked Perfect Couples – but am more excited to have Paul Reiser back. I still miss Mad About You !

  41. Greg says:

    I have to call BS on NBC, which is apparently run by brainless morons.

  42. David says:

    Glad they cancelled this show. NBC should also cancel OutSourced and move 30 Rock back to between Office and Community. That was comedy night done right by NBC in recent history. Both PC and OS are terrible.

  43. Sallie says:

    I’m looking forward to trying out the Paul Reiser show thing. I’ll probably still watch it even if its terrible because I’m too lazy to change the channel after Community, just like with Perfect Couples. I don’t hate PC, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it like the rest of the NBC lineup. I do love Outsourced though. It’s gotten all kinds of funny. I really don;t get why people think it’s racist.

  44. David says:

    I honestly feel extremely let down by NBC cancelling “Perfect Couples”. It was one of the first shows that I really got into and I started to feel like I was a fan of an awesome show that I could call my own. The characters, plot, and everything else was superb, and I found myself becoming attached to the storyline. I don’t think that new Paul Reiser show will even compare. (I don’t even know who the guy is.)

  45. Nathan says:

    Eh, Perfect Couples was awful. I’ve never met a more irritating group of self-involved, unlikable characters (especially Vance – people actually *like* this guy?!). And my wife loves it, which means the show invades my house every week whether I want it to or not. Ecstatic that it’s getting bumped – nothing Paul Reiser could do could possiblly be as awful as this drek.

  46. Pam says:

    I totally love Perfect Couples. I don’t understand what is wrong with NBC. This show was fresh, funny and inspiring. I think the people that don’t like it don’t have the brains to understand the humor that is there. It is a “Perfect” show. The actors are great and the writers/creators are obviously incredibly talented.

    Please don’t cancel, it will be a big mistake.

  47. Canucks says:

    we have a group of people watching it at the bar. Too bad it will be cancelled. It’s not the best show, but it’s very entertainning.. We can related at the bar.. <cheers

  48. bigdaddy says:

    Another dumb move by NBC…the geniuses that brought the big jay Leno/Conan fiasco last yr.
    Hmm…Paul Reiser…lemme guess, a sitcom about an awkward, difficult jew in NYC. How groundbreaking! :)

    Shame to see Perfect Couples go…I guess it wasnt slapstick enough for the masses who dont want to actually listen and think during a tv show…It would probably have gotten renewed if they added a nerdy buffoon to it like Steve Carell or Rob Schneider.
    Plus it contravened the new code for tv that there must be more attractive men on any given show than attractive women (a la Grey’s Anatomy). Nothing more intimidating to the average american woman than beautiful smart funny women I suppose….until they’re over 45.

  49. Taelor says:

    NOOOOO!!!!! While I assumed that the show would be cancelled after season 1 (and I was OK with that, considering the fact that the show is filled with hilarious standalones rather than one serialized story arc), the fact that all of the episodes aren’t going to be aired disgusts me. AT LEAST LET A SHOW RUN ITS ENTIRE COURSE.