Idoloonies: Dishing the First Man Out, the New 'Kristy Lee,' and the Trouble With Jimmy Iovine

The first two weeks of American Idol‘s season 10 finals have passed without a single male contestant landing in the bottom three. And while some pundits have predicted we could see four or even five women sent packing before a single guy gets ousted, I think that’s total folly. Idol is a fickle and finicky mistress, subject to change its moods as often as J.Lo changes her hairstyles.

And that’s why on this week’s installment of Idoloonies, my panel of reader cohosts and I discuss which season 10 male contestant is likeliest to go home first, and which woman has the greatest potential to pull a Kristy Lee Cook and outwit, outlast, and maybe even outsing her more lauded competitors. Plus, we talk about how Jimmy Iovine and his team of superstar producers may be sacrificing the quality of Idol‘s live performance shows in favor of increasing iTunes downloads of the week’s musical numbers.

And if that’s not enough, we’ve got an interview with 13th-place finisher Ashthon Jones, who has some surprising things to say about her “diva status,” her Blu Cantrell connection, and her feelings about fellow contestant Kendra Chantelle’s Wild Card performance.

So press play on our four-part episode below, and for all my Idol news and opinions, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. remmez says:

    It is rather strange – isn’t it?! Let’s be honoust. Paul? Jacob? Scotty? What the flying f are they still doing on this show. I’d rather hear Danny Gokey, Kevin Covais and Anthony Fedorov all sing for an entire hour than having to bear one more song of the three stooges i named above.

    I don’t agree with you Michael.. there will be way way way more female-‘blood’ before the first guy will cut himself out the show..

    Unfortunately i might add.

    • DL says:

      I have to say that country music isn’t my thing, but Scotty is a pitch-perfect country singer, and many, many people in the US enjoy that genre of music. He absolutely deserves his spot in the competition.

      • remmez says:

        I can agree with you on the lack of pitchyness. But he just looks like a standup comedian. He looks like he’s playing the comedic role of a country singer as played by David Burtka/Ernest(saves idol)the guy from mad mag. (like slezak said).
        He is the country version of Constantine Maroulis or Sanyaya for all that matters. I can’t take him serious.
        But than again, i had that same problem with Lee and Taylor..

        • Linda says:

          I’m a country music fan, and I’m not wild about Scotty. Yes, he’s competent with specific type of song, but country is not owned by an unsophisticated bunch of singers with no stylistic range. Yes, it’s a category, and most people will perform a category within that category, but you rarely see the narrowness of voice or performance that Scotty is demonstrating. Yes, I think he could have one or two successful country songs, but the genre is not so staid that the “artist” he is at this point could be enormously successful.

          • Fernando says:

            I agree completely about Scotty. I love country music (actually, alt- country), but regardless, Scotty has to do more than gooey ballads at the same tempo and the same volume/intensity and range all the way through. I’d love to see him tear into some Steve Earle, Waylon Jennings, or Merle Haggard, but I’m afraid “tearing” isn’t in his bag of tricks. Too bad, because his voice is wonderful. (And, for his Motown week, how about “Stuck on You” instead of “Three Times a Lady”? Or better yet, pick a classic Motown tune –“Tracks of My Tears”? — and country it up.)

        • Rhama says:

          Exactly. Scotty is the fifth member of Woody’s Roundup (will appear in Toy Story 4).

        • Truth teller says:

          A lot of people like Scotty, more than Paul and other contestants. Country is one of the top genres of music in the USA. It not about how he looks, because if that was the case Casey would not even be on the show.

        • Wyatt says:

          The trick with Scotty is to close your eyes while he sings. Otherwise, no matter how well he sings, there is a visual disconnect. Let’s face it, like some of the others on the show this year, he is very young and still has a lot of growing to do musically. I think in another 5 years he could be special. Right now… not so much.

        • J says:

          This is what I hope will happen: I hope that Lauren does another lousy performance and the judges save her. Get the da** save over with. The girls suck this year…maybe once the save is used then there will be more pressure for them.

        • J says:

          If the save is used soon then there will be more pressure for the guys too.

        • Eolra says:

          Aw, now that’s not fair – the kid is 17; perhaps he can be forgiven for have slight gawkiness and not having his ears pinned back yet by the machine, yes?

      • allie says:

        I totally agree that Scotty deserves to be here. He KNOWS who he is and is relevant to his genre and he sings it very well. I don’t particularly care for old school country so I won’t vote for him but he is good – and country is one of the few genres that can totally work with his excellent but very limited range. I hope he is able to re-work the themes into a country songs b/c I do not think he could do anything else and be the slightest bit believable.

      • MIchael says:

        I agree. I don’t even like Scotty and I loathe country music, but if any of these remaining contestants make it big, I have a feeling it’ll be him. Travis Tritt has sold millions of records and this kid is pretty comparable in tonal quality.

        Jacob is an absolute hot mess, but he’s fulling people with all of that bombast. I can’t tell you how many people gush over him. You’d have to be tone-deaf to miss all of the botched melodies, but he’s duping a lot of people and I guarantee that he outlasts at least a few boys.

      • Brett says:

        But here’s the truth of the matter: Scotty could drop out of this competition tomorrow and he’d get a country record deal. He could get 4th place, and he’d get a deal. It doesn’t matter, he’s a perfect fit for that genre, and he won’t go to waste.

        So, I say it’s time he’s sent home. Why make him go through Motown or Disco week and see him (and most likely us) suffer? Send him home and open up that spot for someone that really needs this stage.

        • Eolra says:

          At least I’m interested to see how he’ll handle the themes, good or bad – that’s more than I can say for quite a few of the contestants so far, particularly Thia and Pia. Yawn….

    • Sally in Chicago says:

      In the past 2-3 seasons, there was usually just one woman standing ni the top 5. I predict that the next cut will be a woman and then after that the men. There two women standing in the top 10 will be Naima and Pia; or Pia and Lana.

      Then the men will be cut: Jacob, Paul, and probably Casey.

    • A Hit Dog Will Holler says:

      I think Casey is a mess and should not be on the show. What is he going to sell after the show? Jazz?

      He isn’t. He is another Taylor Hicks, but at least Taylor Hicks were more attractive.

    • Shawty says:

      Once again that fat phcuk Casey has missed a promo for Idol. Casey should be disqualified. He can’t handle Idol, then he should GTFO.

    • hmm says:

      I gotta tell you remmez–Paul, Jacob, and Scotty are ten times better than the girls. That is, when it comes down to entertainment. The girls are boring.

  2. Bartleby says:

    Wow. First of all, learn how to spell “honest”. Second, every guy this season (with maybe Jacob the exception) is FAR more talented than the 3 guys you named above. If everyone is so horrible, why read and watch Idol commentary and complain? Just walk away.

    • remmez says:

      I am from and life in the Netherlands.. So do excuse my somewhat poor grammer. ;-)

      for the rest i don’t agree with you

    • remmez says:

      Wow dude, take the red pill.. it’s for chillness

      First: i am dutch and life in the netherlands..

      Second: Get of your rainbow man.. You must be joking.. right?

      We are mos def not watching the same show. I’m watching american idol. You are watching..Glee?

      • takakupo says:

        I have to agree with Remz here. Scotty is only here because of the lack of any other great country artist. The only reason he’s survived is because of his unique voice (much like Thia who is liked to a lesser extent because she hasn’t come up with a gimmick *cough cough* country *cough* Ehem. I’m sorry, i had something in my throat. I meant to say HIS COUNTRY GIMMICK!).
        It really is the same reason that Jacob is here still. Why is he being stacked against Haley and Naima as a better contestant? Because he’s showboating how Stanky he gets up in there and I agree wholeheartedly that he made it stank. Honestly I didn’t like his “God Bless The Child” but I loved it when He, Naima and Haley took on “The Long and Winding Road” during Beatles week cause that was some beautiful shi*.
        Paul is okay when he’s sticking to the music he loves cause he understands it more than say Thia (Thanks Slezak :) and I wish he would put in some serious performances like a Wonderwall A la Catpower. Otherwise he’s bottom six material for me like he has been for the last two weeks. STOP DANCING ON STAGE! Unless you’re Naima ^_^
        Speaking of our dancer maestro/guru, Naima should either get some back-up dancers and go back to some down to earth, honest dance steps with a strong earthy song (or poppy stuff that she can breath to) and hammer out a brilliant number. Otherwise, PLEASE WOW US with something beautiful and out of the ordinary. Perhaps an interpretation of “Little Lion Man” by Mumford and Sons?

        and Michael! Can we please all e-mail the producers of this show and tell them to come up with some Unique theme weeks.

        like….”Songs from the Year you Graduated” or “Songs you sing during your pap smear” not that I know anything about that last one >___> but they gotta start giving us something new and filled with potential.

        • djm says:

          I totally agree with you. For me, it’s not the genre or his voice, it’s just that I don’t think Scotty is authentic at all. To me he is the male version of a pageant performer – all poses and winks and nods and no substance. He doesn’t connect emotionally to what he’s singing and it honestly just creeps me out. As for Jacob – I must be alone in thinking his “God Bless the Child” during Hollywood week was just WAY over blown. I mean I get “taking it to church” – I’ve seen Fantasia live and I’ve gone there right along with her, but when she goes there it makes sense. When Jacob tries to take me to church all I wanna do is get off the bus – and fast. I also think Michael may be wrong about a boy going home – unless the producers have a hand in it. I mean let’s face it – if Paul can do what he’s done the past two weeks and not land in at least the bottom 3 then that says something to me about the voting audience. I think the only way a boy will go home in the next few weeks is if the girls all A) sing patriotic or religious themed songs or B) if they all cry during their time in front of the judges – especially in they are Lauren or Thia. If one or both of those things happen I see a boy going home. Oh, and I loved this weeks episode of Idoloonies = it proved just how desperately one of the current judges needs to step up and actually provide feedback that is useful.

        • Wyatt says:

          Takatupo said about Scotty: “The only reason he’s survived is because of his unique voice” Yes, sure, but that was enough to take the whole ball of wax last year with Lee.

        • Ladyhelix says:

          Michael mentioned that Idol is both (1) a music competition, and (2) a reality show.

          Scotty the singer (1) gets points with me for being one of the VERY FEW contestants who does not have serious pitch problems. And for the most part he sings like he knows what he’s singing about – and like he means it. (I know – but a lot of the others DON’t)

          Scotty the “reality show contestant”(2) comes across as poised, self aware, and wholesome even in those ridiculous interview segments. His handling of the Hollywood week snafu that sank Jordan and the Bug is paying off (with my mother and her friends), and in a season where we still don’t feel like we know many of the contestants very well – Scotty has established a solid unwavering persona. Even more striking because the other school age kids are SO dazed and confused.

          Since many people vote for conestants they LIKE, if he doesn’t hit any bad notes, Scotty the reality show contestant could be around for a long time.

        • fernando says:

          why is country music a “gimmick”? Is James’ rock music a “gimmick”?

  3. Jean says:

    Yeah Parks and Rec!!! Thanks Jason!!!

  4. Adam says:

    Lowering the standards lol. Now we have to hope that at some point the idol voters decide to vote one of dudes off.

    Kristy Lee survived barely for 7 weeks, she was in the B3 multiple times. It was more luck than anything else that got her to 7th.
    Same for Allison who was I think 4 times in the B3.

    Jacob will probably go home first, he’s black and RnB types haven’t been popular for a long time on the show.

  5. Lior says:

    Oh Michael… You made me miss Simon…

    • allie says:

      TOTALLY love the cut and paste Simon – much better than the actual show!

    • MDEP says:

      I agree. Loved the Simon cuts. They fit so perfectly.

    • agrimesy says:

      Simon is still the best judge, and he isn’t even there for season 10! His recycled comments are spot on! I guess one season is very like another. The current contestants are merely repetitions of former hopefuls.

    • Denise says:

      Agree!!! And a special thank you for all your hard work in finding the perfect “Simon” comments for the performances.

    • ginaM says:

      Totally miss Simon. He would have cracked his whip at Jacob and told him to stop the over-singing of every single note. I’m curious what he would say to Alaina. Either he would love her, or would say she needs to lay off the sugar factor.

    • Tina says:

      OMG!!! loved the Simon comments, they were so spot on. Better that what the judges are doing right now. Too bad the contestants wouldn’t her that. That’s what made Simon so beloved because he would say exactly what the audience was thinking. Makes me excited for the X factor.

    • kb23 says:

      ITA!!!! Miss Simon so much! The new judges don’t critique at all and they really need to. Send this Idoloonies over to TPTB at Fox and let them see what they are missing!

      • lunakit says:

        AGREE! Idoloonies should be required viewing for Idol producers, judges and contestants. Excellent reality check. I hope they are taking notes! (Michael, do you ever get feedback from Idol that they are watching Idoloonies??)

    • KrisTheDane says:

      Soo true. Enough of all the sugarcoating we’re hearing this season from the judges. Not even Jimmy tells them when to get a grip.
      Atleast Simon told it like it was, love or hate him…

    • Dave in Alamitos Beach says:

      Sorry, but I hated the Simon stuff. I was so, so ready to see him go. I’m moved on, that’s for sure.

    • ladyhelix says:

      I know you & Jason worked hard for those because constructive comments from Simon were few and far between these last few years!

    • Diane says:

      I have been missing Simon the whole season, so far. The judges may be mildly entertaining once in awhile, but there is very little judging going on. It’s pretty bad when the only one who says anything with any substance is Randy. Keep putting Simon in the idoloonies, love it!

  6. Teena says:

    Agree with Lior…total Simon withdrawal now!

    • Teena says:

      I am seriously wondering if it is the lack of a certain Ricky Minor instead of the addition of Jimmy Iovine regarding the creativity of the performances.

      • takakupo says:

        OMG! I AGREE!
        I really think the biggest problem this year is the band. Every performance they put out some awful key that doesn’t fit the contestant or they use some stupid instrument or arrangement of the songs and kill all the potential that the contestants song had.

        I do love the lighting they’ve been doing tough (especially Naima’s) though whoever chose the background for Pia’s “Where do Broken Hearts Go” needs to be suspended without pay indefinitely.

      • fernando says:

        I’ve wondered about the producers, too, and whether they are the reason the live eps have been so dull. I’ve not liked most of the song choices and have not felt like the arrangements were very interesting or appealing, either.

  7. Dani C says:

    Allison!!!!! Awesome as always Slezak! I’m actually pulling for Haley too, but i’m not ready to give up on Paul. I am almost ready to give up on Casey though?! Please let Jacob go home next (though i’m pretty sure it ain’t happening). Loving the Doc Who and Parks & Recs cuts!!

    • sherimoonzombie says:

      Me too, Dani. I still love Paul, weird dancing and all. Beats pageant bot performances all to heck. I think Haley has great potential – but lady needs some good advice (and elocution lessons). I was ready to send Jacob home way back when Slezak did his stock market assessment – I said Jacob was SELL, SELL, SELL. Now who’s wishing they’d cashed that stock in 3 wks ago, eh MS?

  8. stevenjaba says:

    “Plus, we talk about how Jimmy Iovine and his team of superstar producers may be sacrificing the quality of Idol‘s live performance shows in favor of increasing iTunes downloads of the week’s musical numbers.”

    Agree completely. I’ve been saying this all week on TVLine boards!

  9. Robin says:

    How sweet this episode is…David and Kris! Made MY day! And the Simon critiques to show what the judges SHOULD have said to the contestants performances was spot on. I know what I am hearing from my television set, why are the judges not calling them out on this crap? Get set for Motown everyone. Are we going to hear anything new…one can only hope.

    • allie says:

      Sigh. Cookie was AMAZING and the acoustic Heartless from Kris was in that same style and so very good. Makes me want to kick Durbin out of the competition now. He’s decent but nowhere near as good as the other rocker style guys like Cook, Allen, Lambert and Daughtry. No where near.

  10. Glenn says:

    This idoloonies gave me a great idea – keep several clips of Simon’s contestant reviews ready to play instead of listening to the judges praises of bad performances.

    And did Ashthon just say that God loves her more than Kendra? Just checking.

    • stevenjaba says:

      I was wondering the exact same thing about Ashthon. If that’s not what she was saying, she was walking a very, very fine line…

    • allie says:

      I agree about Simon & hope Michael keeps this in Idolloonies – good stuff indeed! I also agree about Ashton – I was enjoying the interview up until that point. I’d like to believe that she just worded her thoughts poorly. If not, well then she most certainly is the diva she was trying to deny that she was.

    • Margie says:

      God didn’t have to love Ashton more to have her win. He just had different plans for her and Kendra. I don’t think she meant to say God loved her more.

    • Leigh says:

      Totally agree Glenn. A reality check for sure. Simon would have blasted these overblown performances.

  11. DJ says:

    I agree. I don’t think the voters are going to go much further on Paul or Jacob if they don’t get it together. Pretty soon people are going to admit that the emperor’s got no clothes. They can’t ride on Hollywood and Vegas forever.

    I disagree about Thia. I think she’s got more going on than what is showing up on the surface. I still think if she can figure out how to show it, she could be a dark horse in this thing. I actually liked her studio version of “Colors of the Wind” a lot last week. But she needs to get out of the Disney and stay out of the Disney.

    I totally agree that the producers are mucking it up this year. There are two things that I really miss:

    1) I miss Simon, and I loved how you popped him in there with appropriate comments. So refreshing, wasn’t it? Like the old Nestea commercials where a hot and sweaty person drinks Nestea and simultaneously falls into a pool. Love him or hate him, he told it like it was most of the time.

    2) Like you said, a lot of the creativity from the contestants is being squelched, I think. Remember a couple of seasons ago, when Adam was giving Kris advice, and Kris was giving Allison advice? Contestants were helping other contestants pick songs, and there were these artistic performances that were coming out of those collaborations. I miss that so much. Now you’ve got these jaded industry types with dollar signs in their eyes messing with these kids’ heads. It’s just very sad.

    • Sabrina says:

      Exactly! The creativity that was involved in the relationship between Allison, Kris and Adam was what made that season so great. They won’t duplicate that bringing in producers who cookie cutter these kids into specific arrangements and songs. The collaboration from those three was amazing and really probably the pinnacle for Idol. I fear we are seeing the demise of this show and it becomes more likely each week.

    • GingerSnap says:

      You have to have developed a sense of self separate from your parents, teachers, & peers to know who you are as an artist. Then you can show creativity. We have two 16 year olds (15 when this started) & one 17 year old in this year’s top eleven. They don’t know who they are as people. How are they gonna know about doing something outside the box? We have one 19 year old who is in the process of working it out (Casey) who takes risks, but doesn’t always show wisdom in those choices. Paul knows who he is, just doesn’t have a great deal of talent. Haley & Jacob can sing but can’t interpret what they sing. That leaves us with the best pure singers in the group. – James, Pia, & Stefano. Not a great deal of creativity amongst the 3 of them, but a producer like Jimmy I could help them carve out successful careers. And Naima has been all over the place with her vocals.

      I totally agree with Scotty, Pia, and Stefano in the top 3. Scotty will grow into the role of country artist – he’s only 17! While technically gifted, Stefano bores the heck out of me. I love to see a woman win again. Pia has the big voice that previous female winners had. She’s the closest thing to a Carrie Underwood type of talent. She could sing anything, but she’s limited by the Idol machine.

      The first male to go? Jacob. Paul has some fans & will still be there 3 weeks from now. I could see Jacob leaving befote Naima. He might go before Haley. I see him as B3 material this week.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      You said it exactly. The producer interference is not showing me why I should buy any of these contestant’s albums after they finish. I personally like Pia’s voice but hate the songs/artists she chooses and dislike her pagenty style of performing. So, as of now, I won’t be buying her album because I suspect it will be like the songs I hate. I also feel not like I’m voting for someone that I love (like Crystal last year) but against someone by issuing my vote – Lauren Alaina in particular since the producers pimped her so much and did not give us any information on a few other contestants. I’m just not excited this year.

  12. Sabrina says:

    Jacob needs to go, I have been saying it for weeks. He is getting worse and it is not even fun TV (admit is was fun to watch some of the train wrecks of the past). I too felt sorry for Halley with the lipstick, but did not like her performance, I would like to see quite a few of them leave quickly stage left, including Thia and Naima (hate to say that). Stefano has grown on me and I like the quiet confidence he seems to be gaining, honestly he is a different type of performer but it is the vibe Kris Allen started to give off just about this time in his season. As for the producers, I feel like now more than ever they are pressuring the kids into very specific songs that they already have not only picked out but arranged!! What 20 year old is going to argue with someone who is a “famous” producer?! Don’t you get the feeling that they already mapped out the next 10 weeks and nothing is really going to change what anyone does between now and then? That is the travesty of pulling in these producers, it has further removed the contestants from having a say in their performances and thus they are not invested in them as much as we see on performance nights.

    And Jason, you are a genius as always!! The Simon comments were perfect and the clips of Allison, Kris, even David Cook were all awesome and made us realize how far the show has fallen in the last year.

  13. Chase says:

    I’m completely amazed by the lack of criticism over the past two seasons.
    Ashton Jones had ZERO chance of ever making the top 7, and thus shouldn’t have even given the opportunity to make the top 12.

    Kendra is still the best female singer the show had this year

    Pia, has the voice to have an Idol moment, but she’s just too boring to do so.

    Stefano wouldn’t have cracked the top 12 in years past, and now he’s a favorite…really?

    I still watch every show religiously, and the only good thing, is that it takes less time because I am forced to fast forward through almost every performance, and listening to the judges at this point is a joke.

    C’mon Slezak. You know you want to be more harsh. It is that bad. It would help if any of them other than Pia had range. Oh well. Another garbage winner.

  14. Chase says:

    Mark my words,
    Simon’s new show will produce a better singer, as will the new one with Cee-lo and Adam Levine. Simply because they will take the reality show aspect that devours AI these days. They are going back to what it’s all about. SINGING!!!!!

    • Linda says:

      Well, but on the X-Factor UK, aren’t the contestants pretty much told what songs to sing and handed the arrangement? Each contestant is mentored by a judge, who calls the shots? So if that’s true, Simon or no Simon, there will be even less creativity in the US X-Factor.

    • LenaJ says:

      If you think X-Factor is all about singing I’m pretty sure you have no been watched X-Factor UK. Wagner, Cher, Jedward, Simon’s terrible boyband I can’t remember the name of…

  15. RTW says:

    Whoever had the idea of inserting video clips of Simon’s critique at the end of these performances, a well deserved standing ovation to you (please don’t stop)! You pointed out what I believe is ultimately this year’s AI problem, the complete and utter absence of a brutally honest critique from anyone! I already feel like the gas is running low this season because we’ve been pedal-to-the-metal since the top 13 with all the illustrious praise on performances that frankly bombed. For me, nothing is more pleasing when week after week a contestant has been sub-par (and has been told so) and then suddenly hits a home run; to me, this shows how someone has grown throughout the AI process and finally “gets it”. So with that being said:

    – Steven needs to stop acting like a lost dog and agreeing with his counterparts; it’s time he speaks his mind because he’s a judge too.
    – Jennifer can relate to what those performers are going through on the show better than Steven or Randy. Time to fill in Simon’s shoes and be more assertive.
    – Randy, listen here man, listen here. For me dog, 10 seasons and not once have you provided anything relevant. Love him or hate him, Jimmy Iovine is a better producer than you and would be a better fit, or maybe that vocal teacher from hell.

  16. Chase says:

    What’s funny is, the only reason the show has continued to have great moments in the past few years of horrendous talent is because of the instruments.

    Now, thanks to Nigel and Jimmy, we get to hear everyone sing with a beat that makes you feel you need glo-sticks to enjoy.

    Also, please point out that Scotty only hits one note, over and over. He may have left Josh Turner, but not that note. When the limited Garth Brooks song ‘The River’, is too much for you for, you aren’t ready yet.

    • Teresa says:

      Not sure if you’re saying that the addition of instruments added in general, or if the moments came only when instruments were used.

      But I gotta disagree. A lot of my favorite performances were sans instrument-playing. “Mad World,” “Tracks of My Tears,” and “Ring of Fire” were all stunning vocal performances. Allison only played an instrument once, but her “Alone,” “Someone to Watch Over Me” and “Cry Baby” were amazing. Add Danny’s “Come Rain or Come Shine” and (grudgingly) “Hero.”

      Even for the instrumentalists, Cook and Kris, “Music of the Night” and “Falling Slowly” were terrific and sung without guitar or piano. One of Lee’s best performances was on Frank Sinatra night, when he sang without his guitar.

      • jas886 says:

        how about Crystal Bowersox’ “People Get Ready.” In my opinion, that was one of the show’s best moments ever.

  17. AT says:

    I don’t worry that Thia will have a Kristy Lee-esque run. I worry that she will have a Jasmine Trias-esque run!

  18. CMJ says:

    I think presence in the bottom 3 early on isn’t an indicator of an early exit. Remember Kimberly Locke? early on she was a bottom 3 staple and ended up a respectable 3rd.

    Scotty does have a bright future in Nashville. I think he’ll finish in the top 3 or 5, but even though Country is popular he can’t do crossover as well as Carrie Underwood.

    Pia and Lauren will be the last girls standing. I don’t see a top five without Stefano and Scotty. Casey is coming across more like a Taylor Hicks that fits nowhere.

    I’ll toss in my top 4: Pia, Lauren, Stefano and Scotty. I honestly can’t see anyone else lasting that long given the demographic and voting habits of most to the target demographic.

    • allie says:

      When Stefano is “on” he is fantastic but when he isn’t he is quite boring. He’s got a little of the Archuletta vibe but he certainly feels the music more. I worry that he isn’t really relevant. Last week was good but very dated – he needs to sound more contemporary. He is going to need to bring it every week to make it whicle others, like Casey, Lauren and Paul, can have an off night and still progress. My bet for the top 4 is Pia, Scotty, Casey and Stefano. There’s a backlash against Lauren that will keep her out of the top group, imo.

      • Faz says:

        Yea, but i don’t know that I’ve ever gotten Stefano. To me he is kind of a middle of the road singer. I’ve certainly heard worse on AI, but he is so boring and so nasally that if he never sang again, I wouldn’t care. He’s sort of like the fifth member of a 1990’s boy band.

        • Coco says:

          Wow, you nailed it. Stefano would be a great boy band token cutie, but as a solo artist? Zzzzzzz. Bor-ing.

          And Slezak, you also nailed it. There’s a serious lack of creative juice flowing this season, and it’s making for boring television. I am not impressed with the overproduction of the songs when they are given new arrangements. It’s not ironic that the most interesting performances this far came from a more organic place…Paul’s duet, Casey and his upright plucking out Georgia, and Naima actually writing her own reggae/rap and changing up Umbrella.

        • Diego says:

          I’ve been wondering for the longest time why so many people use the term NASALLY as an adjective. It’s and adverb, people! It should either be “He was so NASAL” or “She was singing NASALLY”. And to think English is my second language!

        • allie says:

          well said. He isn’t bad but I would never buy a CD of his… but to be fair, at this point in the competition I am not sure I’d buy ANY of these contestants CD’s – particularly if this is what the production team is going to do with the songs.

    • Boss6sr says:

      I totally agree. Kimberly Locke was constantly in the bottom 3 but she had a stand out performance one night (and straightened her hair) and became a fast favorite. The same with Syesha Mercado. I didn’t really like her that much and she was always in the bottom 3. She came back and by the time she was singing A Change is Gonna Come, I wanted her in the top 2!

      You never know with this show. It’s ridiculous because the audience becomes fickle. I also think there’s a bit of tampering with votes. I always thought that. I always felt they put the person with the lowest votes in the bottom and the other two were just there to either scare the public into voting more, or to put them in to vote less. It depends on what the public’s perception of them is.

      Like Karen, for example. I HATED HER during Hero. Why, Karen? Why are you singing to me in Spanglish? I found it irritating. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of flack for that, but I found it so annoying and over the top that I wanted her out as soon as she was off that stage.

      I also feel like they over-praise Jacob. He is not even singing! He’s a bit ridiculous for my taste.

      I like Lauren. She’s technically the only real singer on the show. Plus, she knows who she is as a performer already. Pia is amazing, but singing to the heavens just to get your note across doesn’t mean you’re always going to get it.

      Casey is overrated. Paul is too much for me. I wish he would go home with his seizures and Scotty needs to stick to Mad Magazine where he belongs. I didn’t like Haley before but after last weeks performace, I felt bad. She was really decent. She didn’t flub any lines and her runs in that Whitney song were pretty amazing if you ask me.

      I think Kendra was robbed by putting Naima make you wanna scream’a in the Final 13. The only positive thing I could say about her is that she’s better off being a stand up comedienne. Her personality shines so much more than her average vocals.

  19. Fredringo says:

    To those knocking Scotty, I’m not a country fan in the least, but he is going to have the most commercial success – by far – of anyone in this group.

    • Chase says:

      It’s so hard to predict record sales now a days. But i will say that Josh Gracin had wayyyy more talent a few years back and only had mild success.

      BUt being that he’s young and a deep voice, he’ll probably sell for a little while. But all his songs will sound exactly the same until he grows range in his 20’s.

  20. blingedup.susan says:

    Oh, Michael. *sniff, sniff*

    Did you have to do that to me? Show those clips of Simon that remind me of how he used to make perfect sense, how he almost alwaays said what I was at home thinking, how he gave those contestants some real critiques? I hadn’t realized just how much I miss him. It hurts.

    And then….when I’m reeling from that….you had to throw up David Cook doing Hello? You think I can bear that? Knowing full well that with all the producer meddling this season that we have no hope for a performance like that? *sigh*

    Why you have to do me like that?

  21. Liva says:

    Not to get too nostalgic, but the Kristy Lee / Robot clips brought back some real laughs. The best in Idolatry right there. Not that Idoloonies can’t top it, mind you… ;-)

  22. tekkie says:

    First: I echo the sentiments of other posters. Those Simon critiques were spot on and are sorely missed now that we have proven the judges are more concerned with what’s in their coca-cola cups than giving these kids honest critiques that will help them in life/career. Everyone knows rejection hurts, but when people are honest it usually becomes clear once the hurt subsides.
    Second: I don’t know what’s gotten into Casey, but I suspect the attention is going to his head a bit. I actually tweeted a message to him asking him for less growling and more singing. Didn’t get/expect a response, but his days are numbered if he doesn’t. I love him as a singer, like his performances, but not enough to want to hear them more than once.
    Third: I think there’s a problem with the producers and the kids. The producers are overproducing these kids and I’m not sure why. I think this is detrimental because it’s the producers’ vision we are seeing and not the kids. It’s almost like Nigel L. is over-compensating for the loss of Simon by flaunting his industry connections and power. It’s almost a mirror of using the All Stars on SYTYCD instead of more kids who tried out. Sorry Nigel…it didn’t work on SYTYCD and it’s not working on Idol. We watch because we WANT to see the kids and what they can and can’t do. Not to see them trying to mold the kids into the next Ke$ha or Fareast Movement.
    Fourth: Yes I can count! Yay for me! Jacob Lusk will not sell records outside of the gospel arena. Not sure why he’s getting the vote other than he’s the only black male in Idol this year. There were some other more talented men, black and white, passed over for this guy and he’s stuck on stank and never going anywhere now that he is garnering votes and has the judges unwilling to critique him because of his passion. I agree, he leaves everything on the stage, it’s just a hot mess of stank. Praise his passion, but critique the unhinged (jaw included) performances.
    Fifth: Jason and Michael and team, you made me realize how great David C.,Allison I., Adam, Kris, Crystal and a few others were. I’ve only been watching since Jordin took the crown, but my goodness, what a difference in shows. I will forgive you for subjecting my poor ears to the Cook that no one wants to listen to (Kristy Lee), since there was so much more ear candy from the formers and Simon. Please, don’t let it happen again. Bad enough LStank is in there every episode.
    Sixth: I don’t think the contestants were “hiding” behind their instruments. If you continually tell someone they need to know who they are as an artist, then why in the H%%% take away the instrument they are comfortable with? Kris’ Ain’t no Sunshine and Heartless worked because he used the instrument in question to play with the tune. Why take that away in the name of “you can’t be a singer if you play a guitar or piano or melodica”? You don’t see anyone complaining about John Mayer’s guitar or Don Henley playing the drums. Give the contestants their instruments and let them flourish. Let their talent shine. If they are subpar on the instrument it will show, just as it will when they are subpar on the vocals.
    Finally, I agree with Michael that the soundscape this season is weird. After 10 seasons and at least a year in that location, it should be worked out by now. Maybe they should fire some producers and use that money to fix the sound dynamics???????

    • Ronnie says:

      you mention “what a difference in shows” you see in the clips from “David C.,Allison I., Adam, Kris, Crystal and a few others” and I agree it was great to be reminded of past excellence.

      But this season’s overall talent is pretty good and its easy to forget the horror shows that sung alongside those people.
      – lets not forget the Sanjaya’s that sang alongside Melinda and Jordan.
      – or the male stripper who sang along with the two Davids.
      – or that Taylor Hicks actually won.
      – even the recent Tim Urban and Andrew “straight up” Garcia … though actually, Tim was more pleasant to listen to than Jacob or Casey.

      :D just some fun reminiscing

  23. Ronnie says:

    Another great Idoloonies, thanks for getting it up on Tuesday. This way, we get three days in a row Idol fun. This is the best update on any TV show anywhere. Here are a few of my thoughts,

    I was not a Haley fan coming out of Hollywood, but she is growing on me. I thought her attitude at results was real and understandable. She knew she was heading onto the stools once again and didn’t break down, but instead took it with a smile and kept her confidence. She seemed to constantly try and lift the spirits of Karen and Naiema. If she picks the right song, she might be a surprise. Motown week might be good for her.

    Speaking of Naiema, she needs to prove it or she is going home fast. Her vocal was atrocious last week. Same with Paul, sing please, your whisper husk couldn’t be heard in a coffee house.

    Stephano and Pia have really shined, but I’m most surprised with James. Given the horrible Hollywood package, he has been a much better singer than I expected. That said, he needs a quick review of the word “humble” in the dictionary.

    I don’t get Casey. Since the “great Bass moment”, he has screamed, growled and howled every song. At times he completely stops singing and moves into spoken word performance art. He would go over great at a nice angry poetry slam. Does he actually sing? I wouldn’t know from the last few weeks.

    One last thing about Karen. She should have known they were never going to save her since it was both week 2 and she was in the bottom the previous week. Given that, she should have sung a song completely in Spanish. It would have been a nice moment to end on.

    • music lover says:

      In reply to your remark about James reviewing the word “humble” in the dictionary. Remember, folks!, he has Aspergers which is a high functioning form of Austism. My nephew has this disability. Learning social skills which includes receptive and expressive language is not easy for those so afflicted. A person can look up a word in the dictionary but using it in the correct context is probably not their “expressive skill set”.

      Please be more understanding. James is accomplishing something awesome right now, overcoming, if only in song and music, these afflictions.

      • Well says:

        …I think part of the problem is that 90% of the time he acts “appropriately”, and then when he does something that is irritating or off-putting the other 10%, we are reminded that he has a “disability”. Apergers or not, we can still find something he does annoting.

  24. Emma says:

    No, it wasn’t God. It’s was the producers saying “we need a black female contestant!”

    Paul should go, if only because there are many others who want to be there so much more than him. How about Paul and Jacob dropping before Haley, huh? (One can wish)

  25. Mac says:

    I do believe that a guy will be in the botttom 3 in a week or two (most likely Jacob or Paul) but a guy wont be going home for a while, or at least until the less popular girls are gone. But if a guy is voted out the judges will save them, which will give them another couple weeks.

    I was a supporter of the judges early on, but I am starting to change my mind on them. It feels at times that we have 2 Paulas and Randy at the table. Now I dont want Simon back, I just want at least one of them to stop inflating the contestants egos.

    • allie says:

      I think the only 3 that have a chance at the Judges Save are Lauren, Stefano & Casey. Randy might fight for Jacob though….

      • CMJ says:

        Lauren, Stefano, Casey, Pia and Scotty beyond that, I don’t think any of them have a rodent’s rectum of a chance to be saved. (except by Jesus, right Ashthon?) ;)

  26. Beatrice says:

    James Durbin has to be the single most talented person to appear from the last 3 seasons.

  27. Rocky says:

    So if “God” put Ashton through to the Top 13, does that mean he hates Kendra?

  28. HannaBec says:

    One of the biggest changes this season, for the negative, is the lack of Ricky Minor! The band sounds as though someone just discovered Garage Band on their Mac *raises hand*. There’s no body, no fullness, all I can hear is the obnoxious same old beat of the drum. The musical arrangements are pretty awful, or at least they’re being executed (pun intended) poorly. The sound mix we get on our TV is just terrible. Going by the judges’ comments, we aren’t hearing the same thing in our homes as they’re hearing in the studio. I watch Idol mostly for the music and have been very disappointed with the quality so far this season.
    I love your comments and for the most part agree with you! And, the editing on this clips is amazing!!

    • ginaM says:

      Curious. So is the sound better in the studio? It doesn’t sound any better through my television set. I agree with all the comments on the band sounding horrible. It sounds like Euro club beat in the background of every performance except Scotty’s traditional country sound. I miss hearing a real orchestra sound on some of David Cook’s songs like MOTN and IDWTMAT or how Brooke busted out the piano. I loved the electric bass on Casey’s number, just wish he picked a different song. Sigh. I guess I miss instruments.

    • Caroline says:

      I agree, although I was thinking of it in terms of a kid with a Casio keyboard and all those nifty pre-programmed beats.

      Dude, let’s set Billy Joel to a mambo beat!

  29. agrimesy says:

    I agree with Slezak’s observation that there is something “tinny” and one-dimensional about the live stage productions. The organic nature of creativity is sorely lacking. Even the risk takers on the show (Casey, Naima, Jacob) lack spontaneity. Cue camera! Here’s where Casey growls and snarls. Here’s where Naima throws in a quirky move. Here’s where Jacob unhinges his jaw. I think everyone here remembers the excitement of wondering how our favorite contestant was going to interpret the theme in former seasons. I don’t sense any of that anticipation anymore. The singers are now as predictible as the swaybots. I have absolutely no desire to download any of these performances from iTunes. I think everyone was better during the Hollywood rounds before all the so-called mentorship came into play! The producers are ruining this show.

    • asherlev1 says:

      I agree with everything. It’s almost a chore to sit through these live performances. It’s a sad thing when everything up to and including Hollywood Week is pretty much the highlight (with the exception of the wildcard rounds) of the season.

  30. asherlev1 says:

    Oh dear god. I think I nearly cried when that clip of Kris Allen singing Heartless came on. The level of performance was just head and shoulders above so many of these season 10ers.

    Also: these people need to listen to themselves. The band backing them does *not* make them sound better. 90% of the time, I’d say it was the other way around. (Yeah, I’m biased.)

  31. Deb says:

    Am I the only one unimpressed by Pia? Yes, the girl has technical abilities, but she has no personality on stage and little in her performances to suggest that she is contemporary. So, she can look forward to a career in Vegas with Celine and Cher?
    Happy to see someone misses the skills of contestants who could flip a song (special shout out-David, Kris, and Adam) There is absolutely no sense that these kids would know how to put a new spin on an old song. Covers are not lame; most established singers take old songs and rework them. See Johnny Cash,Garth Brooks, Cheryl Crow,and others.
    Judges-if you can’t be honest and helpful, get another job and let Michael do it.

    • luke says:

      No you are not the only one who doesn’t think Pia is all that. I love Michael but I don’t see how he can decide Pia is his favorite yet – To me it’s just a nice, big voice with nothing else. And the sweeping arm movements certainly don’t help matters. I am still hoping Casey will show all the people who have given up on him. His performance with bass for Hollywood week is one of the best I’ve seen on this show. And “Put A Spell On You” was better than people give him credit for. Frankly only Casey and Stephano are the only 2 I look forward to. (And Stephano needs to avoid over-singing.) And that is my back-seat driving for today.

    • GingerSnap says:

      Yes, sometimes these contestants need a reality check. It doesn’t help them when all they hear is how “beautiful” they sang. Meanwhile, we sit home wondering WTF the judges are talking about. Those cuts by Simon were spot on. It’s a sad day when Randy has the most critical things to say.

    • zaza says:

      I just find Pia boring. But I’m not a fan of the ballad-y, big note singers.

    • sherimoonzombie says:

      Seems like a really nice girl, but geesh she needs to stop popping a squat on stage.

  32. Kathy V. says:

    Michael, I think you hit the nail on the head. I’m feeling bored with the singers because of the lack of creativity. When I think back to Blake Lewis, David Cook and Kris Allen with their amazing creativity, it made it so much fun to watch Idol. I find PIa, Thia, Lauren and Scotty so boring. Haley changes it up every week and I’m wondering what she’s going to do next. She’s really fun. I hope Paul stays around for a few more weeks because he’s quirky and amusing. Stefano is a good singer and definitely took the night last week, but compared to the David Cook and Alison clips, he’s a snooze fest too. If you’re right and the producers are over-controlling and thinking only of the ITunes sales, it’s going to be a long, boring season and I don’t know if it will help Idol after last year’s mess of a season.

  33. John says:

    Michael….another GREAT report….and for me…right on the money. I loved the “producers/straightjacket” comment…they are ZERO help to these young singers for the live show. Also, your thoughts about the ‘canned/band’…etc…again, right on. We were promised GREAT talent this year…but frankly (and I expect to be a minority voice) I am only interested in 2 of the males and 1 of the females…and I’m already thinking that I will NOT attend a summer tour show! (To me the best yet was Season 7 tour show!…now that was entertainment!)

  34. JeannieL says:

    And now I have to go and watch all of David Cook’s performances on American Idol…there will never be another like him nor will another quite capture his spellbinding magic on that stage…

    • Holly says:

      ….or his intelligence and understated sexiness!

      • Rebecca says:

        Gotta say…I love me some Adam Lambert, but I’ve been stuck on YT watching ALL of DC’s Idol performances, and I might just be a fan!! Never watched Idol before season 8, so I just kinda missed him completely…my loss, for sure!!

  35. Skitty says:

    Great Idoloonies Michael. A stroke of genius to insert Simon at critical moments so he can do what the judges are failing to do: actually critique performances.

  36. Amy says:

    Aw, Idoloonies! You are making me so nostalgic for the good old days of Idol! It is sad that Simon’s comments from past season are better and more relevant than any of the “critique” the judges have given so far this season. Seriously, I miss the brilliant performances. Kris Allen’s Heartless is still one of my very favorite Idol performances ever. These kids (mostly) have the talent, but aren’t given the chance they deserve to have these amazing performances. They all feel so samey. This season more than ever you can feel the agenda of the producers being pushed on us, the judges, and the contestants which is making this is making this season less enjoyable than even last season.

  37. ewolfgirl says:

    Unless many, many more guys start voting like the relentless female Idol fans, no girls stand a chance of ever winning Idol again. It’s all about who is the most ‘crush-worthy’. (I know what I’m talkin’ about; I’m a huge David Cook fanatic and voted for him for 4 hours straight at the finale!) I did vote copiously for Jordan Sparks, but doubt we’ll ever see a female grace the Idol’s winner podium again. Sad, but true…

    • allie says:

      I don’t agree. I think that a strong female singer with good crossover potential (like Clarkson, Underwood and Sparks) can win. Tween girls do support female performers – Rhianna, Katy Perry, Gaga to name a few. I don’t know what happened last year -Lee is a hot mess- but, imo, the past few seasons have simply had better male contestants. Pia might have a shot this year but she has to show that she can do more than power ballads.

  38. Mandy says:

    I miss Simon. And David Cook. And Kris Allen. This season is so bland, I often have to wash down a performance show with refreshing YouTube clips from seasons 7 and 8. Where is the creativity? I liked Casey at the beginning because he was different and offbeat, but he’s getting a little ridiculous. He needs to put away the schtick this week and give a really honest performance (a la David Cook with Music of the Night) to remind us that yes, he can SING.

  39. Aims says:

    I totally disagree with your assessment of Haley. You’re totally underestimating her! She is the most interesting female left. Just because she wears shorts does not mean she’s Haley Scarnato.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Aims – to Slezak’s credit he did say Haley Reinhart is better than Haley Scarnato.

      I agree with you – she is interesting and I hope she hangs around for a while.

  40. Linda says:

    So Michael, do you really see no relevance in Colors of the Wind to the situation on our planet today? That the thoughtless destruction of the natural world by Man has made it a poorer place, and that our lives are less when we don’t appreciate and respect the natural world? Of course, you can willfully interpret the lyrics on a literal level for the purpose of witty exposition, which I generally approve completely. But I love this song for what it says and for expressing the importance of not seeing the world as human-centric. Good on Thia. Too bad she didn’t have the poise to more strongly defend at least the thematic aspect of her choice.

    • jazzy says:

      I thought this posting was brilliant satire……oops you’re serious?

    • Rochelle says:


    • Teresa says:

      Linda, I agree with you about “Colors of the Wind.” Disney songs get put down, sometimes unfairly. One of my favorite cds of all time is “Stay Awake,” which takes the Disney catalog and has various artists (including Tom Waits and Los Lobos) re-interpret the songs.

      COtW’s message about Man’s arrogance towards the planet is always relevant.

      And, for me, there’s an added tug because I can remember when Pocahontas and Mulan were breakthrough characters. Disney’s first ethnic princesses. Seeing a Pinoy sing that song (as everyone lumps her together with Jasmine Trias and all that implies) will never be irrelevant to me.

  41. Jeff says:

    It’s really not clear if you read or understand your own arguments.

    You nailed it when you pointed out the negative effects of the “producers” and the horrible advice they are giving, but then totally forgot about it when it came to discussing Thia’s song choices and arrangements.

    It is clear that the “producers” are hurting all of the contestants to the point that it is hard to distinguish incompetence from “reality show” sabotage.

    Thia was clear that she had very limited songs to choose from so why fault her when you seem to understand that a lot of backstage steering goes on, especially this season.

  42. Danielle Notaro says:

    Slezak, a couple of things. yes, I too didn’t believe Ashthon was a diva. It just wasn’t coming out of her. She seemed like a really warm person. I think she pushed her voice too much and that was her down fall.

    Haley. She has some Kelly Pickler flowing through her. Although she’s a better singer than Pickler/Scarnato/Cook. Maybe she ought to go with that funny/good-natured thing in her cause I don’t think the sexy Scarnato/Kristy Lee thing works for her. She’s not as pretty or as sure of herself physically. To me anyway. JUst sing Haley. Sing your guts out.

    Stefano. Though Elliott Yamin’s voice had many more textures to it than Stefano’s and I was a huge Elliott fan, maybe Stefano is this year’s Elliott?

    Casey was my pick/fave out of the gate. And I have been disappointed that he hasn’t risen to the occasion when given the chance since Hollywood pre-voting. Perhaps his being in and out of the hospital has something to do with this? By The Way-speaking of Hollywood here is my Hollywood piece.

    About the criticism. Yeah they sure are letting things fly by the way side. I am wondering 1.)if it’s because there is so much negativity in our world these days and everyone alive is having nervous breakdowns or 2.) if they are giving these kids strong crit off camera as a new policy?

    Will they EVER let a lesbian performer make it on this show. Ever ever ever??
    You’ll find my LGBT pieces here. The Waterfall Poem & Medicine Bundle.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Danielle Notaro wrote, “Will they EVER let a lesbian performer make it on this show. Ever ever ever??”

      Uh, how do you know they haven’t? And why is this important? I thought it was a singing contest.

  43. MNCyn says:

    Just an FYI ~ Scotty has had the largest increase in Twitter followers the past two week of any of the contestants with over +5200 each week. Of those still remaining, Naima has the least with +1400 both weeks – quite a bit less than Karen. Of the men, Jacob is lagging with gains of 2400 and 2000 respectively.

    • CMJ says:

      and Twitter matters why?

    • Teena says:

      I do think that twitter followers are relevent. I think that if people are interested enough to follow, they are probably interested enough to vote or power vote, even. It is also an interesting snapshot of popularity.

  44. Jazzy says:

    With all due reverence to God, I think he had better things to do that night Ashton, I mean really……God put you through? You really believe that? You are the chosen one? But then again maybe Kendra cursed that day so God gave her a time out.

    Slezak, Jacob will be in the top 10, as much as you are in denial.

    I fear it’s going to get a little boring and predictable unless those kids, because they are “produced” which makes them better???? bring down the house every night!

  45. MNCyn says:

    I wish you had the ‘Newest First” message option that Brian Mansfield has. Thinking out loud here.

  46. Margie says:

    Spot on analysis Michael. I can only hope that the producers (and contestants) are stopping by to watch these every week. And I would love to see Pia, Stephano, Paul and maybe a couple of others stand up to these producers and say “I want to do it my way”. I’m not sure the 16-year olds can do it but Pia and Stephano need to prove they can stand up for their own sound or they won’t succeed. I’m beginning to suspect Nigel actually WANTS a cookie cutter, pre-programmed robot contestant to win. I just think it will backfire on him if the public doesn’t get engaged in the journey of a couple of contestants (Kris/Adam, David/David, Crystal, etc). To do that we need to see who they really are.

  47. Samantha says:

    I loved Paul from the start but the past two weeks have been so weak from him! I understand what you were getting at by him maybe thinking he’s too good for Idol. He has a great band and they’re getting some fame so maybe he just wants this as a bit of a platform for recognition. It’s a shame he’s kind of coped out because he’s brilliant!

    Casey makes me very angry. He knows that everyone is raving about him and has totally bought into that!

  48. Samantha says:

    I would have to say the next few weeks Jacob, Thea and Naima wil be the next three to go. Then possibly Paul but he has a pretty large following.

  49. spilt_daydreams says:

    Scotty is going to win because he has a good voice, he sings country, he’s cute (despite looking like Dubya) and he has the correct anatomy.

    Having said that I will say that Paul is my Jacob. I think he is just terrible terrible terrible and sleazy and ‘above it’. Look when you decide to whore yourself out to reality TV own that ish. Jacob is way over the top and out of control but he’s so nice and sweet and fun and appreciative so I’m on his team. Plus as ‘too much’ as it is, his singing is exciting and a hoot to look at.

    Naima get it together gurl, I love you but that mess last week cannot fly.

    • Volcfom says:

      Thank goodness! I’m not the only one who thinks Scotty looks like Bush! He even has the smirk down pat. I think it’s his only downfall, really.

  50. Rochelle says:

    It’s hard to put a finger on where exactly this season’s problems are coming from.

    It’s not as if they’re bad singers- like last season- or completely boring and unwatchable – like last season- but there seems to be a lack of…fire or something.

    I’m not getting that sense of “I want this so bad” from anyone other than James Durbin and let’s be honest, I’d rather stick a fork through my ear than to listen to him scream his way through another bon jovi song.

    The producers are really stripping away the creativity and freedom past seasons have had. Sure they may make a great track for iTunes sales, but 23 million people plus want to watch great performances not pay for autotuned BS.