One Tree Hill Vs. Nikita: Vote Now, While The 'Renew Our Show!' Quarterfinals Rage On!

Two beautiful CW dramas stand before us, but we each have only a single vote in our hands. Yes folks, the third quarterfinal matchup of’s first annual “Renew Our Show!” Bracket Tournament — a hard-to-predict showdown between One Tree Hill and Nikita — pretty much turns you into Tyra Banks deciding which show will stay in the competition, and which must return to the “Renew Our Show!” House, pack its belongings, and go home.

To reach the quarterfinals, One Tree Hill and Nikita have already had to survive some muscular opponents, respectively knocking off Hellcats and The Event in Round One of our single-elimination competition for 16 on-the-bubble series hoping to score slots on the 2011-2012 primetime calendar.

Every afternoon at 1 p.m. ET for the rest of the week, you’ll be able to vote in polls to help narrow down the “Renew Our Show!” field — until there’s only one champ standing. Click here to see the entire bracket (then click again on the image for a zoomed-in view). And if you’re losing sleep about the status of anything currently on your DVR “series-recording” lineup, don’t miss our regularly updated Renewal Scorecard feature.

But before that happens, you’ve got to make a decision: occasionally outrageous, North Carolina-set soap opera or sexy, action-packed spy thriller. Polls will be open for 48 hours, so do your civic duty, then hit the comments to justify your vote, and head to Facebook and Twitter to whip your fellow fanboys and fangirls into a frenzy.

Oh! And to get alerted to all future “Renew Our Show” showdowns, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV. Now what are you waiting for? Get voting!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alex C says:


  2. Sabrina says:


  3. Ingmar says:

    One Tree Hill. It has to end this season but still, OTH is a way better show.

    • Ashley says:

      I would like One Tree Hille(OTH) to stay. The people that are in the show are really good and plus there is no better show then oth. I would be sad and hurt if oth stoped showing after this season. Plus other fans would probly argee of being sad hurt and there no other show better then this. So ummmm keep oth playing for us fans please thanks.:)

  4. Goku says:

    OTH is in its billionth season. It should have died a few years ago.

    • Miranda says:

      Agreed wholeheartedly. Nikita deserves a chance.

    • kasey says:

      Its been on so long because its a good show! Not everyone has the same opnion about it that you do and would like to see it stay.

      • Crystal says:

        well not every body has the same that you do and would like to see it go….. DEAL WITH IT instead of saying that only people who voted for OTH can stay cuz seriously everytime someone says they voted for nikita someone `s gotta say Oth Is such a good Show OTH this and OTH that ….dont say that not evey body shares that persons opinion because they really dont care cuz it`s there opion and you dont nedd to be mean about it.

    • Jane Smith says:


  5. M says:

    Sorry gotta vote for Nikita. It’s just starting to hit creative heights, whereas OTH hit theirs 5-6 years ago. Time to end OTH. At least bow out gracefully if that’s even still possible after all this time.

    Also please don’t reply to me to yell at me. I’ve been watching OTH since the Pilot, but it’s time to end it. Nikita has way more potential.

  6. Ashley Cobb says:

    One Tree Hill , all the way, it the best show ever! :) Season 9!

  7. Jason says:

    Nikita. I needz the Fonseca.

  8. LOL says:


    • Some Dude says:

      Stop being a f-ing jerk. One Tree Hill is the best and Nikita is retarded. I watched the first four episodes and it lost its thrill after that. Yes I agree that One Tree Hill lost its touch but Nikita is just stupid.

      • Melanie says:

        Lol at complaining about someone being a jerk then doing the same thing… And One Tree Hill stopped being a good show years ago. Daytime soaps are more entertaining.

        • Some Dude says:

          Shut up.

          • You are wrong. says:

            One Tree Hill never stopped being good. This season had an amazing wedding, Brooke almost died, Jamie almost died, Clay almost died, Quinn almost died twice, also a pregnancy and an adoption. This season has ben epic. So One Tree Hill Season 8 = Amazing

          • Allegra says:

            LOL, “shut up” is your clever response?

          • Stephanie says:

            “Brooke almost died, Jamie almost died, Clay almost died, Quinn almost died twice…” Wow. Half the cast had near death experiences in one season. I’m glad OTH has learned to diversify its plots. Nikita is a spy/action show, meaning it actually has a reason for its characters to be in danger all the time. What is OTH’s excuse? Renew them both, just put OTH on at 3 in the afternoon where it belongs with the rest of the cast-rotating, plot-recycling, cheesy-@$$ soap operas.

          • Some Dude says:

            Yeah shut up is my response because I said it to your mom last night.

          • JUST SMILE says:


        • anon says:

          What daytime soaps are you watching?! They recycle the same storylines over and over again. At least OTH has new plot lines and new characters and doesn’t fire actors because they are blamed for low ratings.

          OTH all the way. S9

          Though I do love some Shane!

          • Kat says:

            Dear Some Dude and Everyone Else,
            I don’t care what you opinion is it doesn’t matter to me. But if you are going to bring someones family into this that it low. You say you’ve learned something for OTH but you are dissing someone’s opinion. That is not right. If you weren’t at a computer would you have said that? What if you knew that person and they were you friend? Seriously using a line about someones mom well that’s worse than shut up! How old are ya’ll 8? Fighting over TV shows, telling people their opinions are wrong that’s stupid. They are both amazing shows, that’s my opinion. Can’t we all agree that we all have different tastes? That doesn’t mean we have to fight!

          • crystal says:


      • Kristina says:

        I totally agree! I couldn’t get into it… Tried but couldn’t. One tree hill is my favorite

  9. kimberly briggs says:


  10. Mikaylah says:

    The pictures you chose to use pretty much sum it up. Over the top, crazy drama OR awesomeness. Nikita all the way. :)

    • nina says:


    • JUST SMILE says:

      the world to describe nikita you think is awesomeness?!?!
      and cracy drama for oth?
      oh boy…
      well done you should be proud!

  11. Christa says:

    One Tree Hill, They are an original show. Nikita is just a bad copy of La Femme Nikita that was even way better. So ONE TREE HILL all the way :-)
    Season 9, Here we go!

    • Erika says:

      Nikita isn’t “just a bad copy of La Femme Nikita”. Nikita may be based off of the movie, but the movie is about her becoming a spy/assassin and her missions while working for the government. The series is about what happens after she escapes. So while it may be loosely based off of the film, the storylines and plot are completely original.
      If we’re being honest here, One Tree Hill hasn’t been original in a long time. The storylines are repetitive, and occasionally so farfetched that I don’t think even a soap opera would touch them. A dog eating Dan’s heart transplant, anyone?
      Eight years is a long run for any show. I really think that OTH has had a good run, but it’s time to hang up it’s hat.

      • tonya says:

        how can something that is a knock off of something else be completely original OTH should get another season there are too many things left unanswered and if you kept up with the show you would know that. Friends ran a lot longer than OTH a soap opera is a soap opera regardless of what time of day it plays. OTH is not far fetched anybody that watches this show can relate one person they know to each character and each situation if you ask me which you didnt but i will express my opinion anyways OTH is the only soap opera that is as close to reality as you get its holly wood what did you expect they are going to put their own twist on reality its not going to be the exact but its close enough.


  12. Sandra says:

    NIKITA OFC!! WAY better than OTH !OTH needs to END!

    • Elvisbabye1935 says:

      I totally agree, Nikita all the way! Nikita is awesome and I really want a second , third, and many more seasons! I love my mikita!!!=)

  13. Tyler says:

    Come on even I, an OTH fan know that Nikita is sooooo much better. OTH is bland it’s only sentimentally to keep it. But Nikita is action packed sexy, hot drama. It is an amazing show. Maggie Q is awesome. Shane West is awesome… super super super hot!
    I seriously love Aaron Standford he is the ultimate Birkhoff. Nikita must have a season 2 so we can explore the characters.

    What would happen in OTH really? Another near death event, another wedding, another baby, another basketball game…..

  14. evs says:

    can we have a poll called “Do you think CW needs an intervention more then Charlie Sheen?” … This whole reboot vibe is not working for me, and OTH has passed it’s relevance a long time ago. Sorry ( I used to be a fan, for the first 3 seasons. )

    I keep waiting for something worth watching on CW.. Maybe the Josh Schwarz project next year.

    • Maddie says:

      Obviously, you have not seen the Vampire Diaries. It is the most underrated show on TV.

      • emma says:

        ..are you serious?

        TVD? the most UNDERRATED show on television? If anything, TVD is the most over-hyped show ever, buoyed only by crazy fangirls who subscribe to this vampire craze and like to look at Paul Westley’s abs. Please, underrated? That’s like saying Harry Potter is underrated…except Harry Potter actually has a semblance of a plot. Holy cow, TVD, underrated. Never heard that one before.

  15. Fran says:

    One Tree Hill!!!!

  16. MoxieSue says:

    Nikita — OTH should have died years ago.

  17. sylvie says:


  18. sela says:

    Nikita. duh.

    i think even the author of this article has come to a decision, based on this statement:

    occasionally outrageous, North Carolina-set soap opera or sexy, action-packed spy thriller.


  19. Delirious says:

    Dear Sophia Bush: you’re über-hot, and all (don’t watch OTH, but if I did, it would be for you), but I gotta vote for Nikita all the way. Yours sincerily, me.

  20. Clara says:

    One Tree Hill had a long life, but now it’s really dragging out, I think the time has come to have it end the show beautifully. For me, without The characters of Lucas and Peyton it’s not really the same.

    Nikita all the way.
    It has so much potential.
    CW, please???

    • JUST SMILE says:

      Just 2 actors don’t make a good series ,try to see the good in the whole series and then come to speak!
      one tree hill wants to show something else to the world not the beauty of some actors……!

      • Georgia says:

        Show what poorly scripted repetitive cliche storylines. Errghhh One Tree Hill is like that Rebecca Black song Friday it is so frickin posionous to the eyes and ears. I can’t…I just can’t.
        One Tree Hill needs to end, or I have got to machette down Mark Schwan for dragging this mother fricker out so long.

  21. Kari says:

    Nikita FTW! I absolutely love OTH but I do think it should end this season!

  22. Kenna marie says:


  23. Paola says:

    OTH forever!!!

  24. Jamie says:

    I’m not voting in this… I just can’t.

    Nikita is one of my favourite shows at the moment… But OTH has my loyalty for 8 years and beyond.

  25. Simone says:

    Nikita. No question.

  26. Kyle says:

    One Tree Hill. It’s original, and amazing. Nikita is too unoriginal. One Tree Hill should be renewed for a proper ending if anything.

  27. Anthony Kerty says:

    I absolutely adore OTH, but it simply is TIME TO GO. That said, I don’t even watch Nikita but NIKITA FTW.

  28. Lauren Z says:

    One Tree Hill is horrid, it has always been horrid and it always will be.

    Nikita is eons better and deserves to stay!

  29. Aidan says:

    NIKITA, all the way! Common now, I mean sure I liked ne tree hill back when it was actually watchable like 4 years ago but it needs to end, seriously, its just taking up space from new fresh material to come in (like nikita).

  30. Sara says:

    Nothing ever happens on One Tree Hill anymore. It just feels like an episode of 7th Heaven. No drama at all. Nikita is a really good show and should get another chance. One tree hill is over.

  31. Rina says:

    Nikita hands down!

  32. Jones19 says:

    I’m a huge OTH fan but it’s time to end it. Nikita is a great show with a lot of potential.

  33. Sammi says:

    One tree hill all the way! I know that its getting old but we need a proper ending plus its the third highest in ratings! (tvd n something else not niktia though.

  34. Giuseppe F. says:

    Nikita, i think it’s a great series.

  35. Kendra says:

    Gotta go with Nikita even though I’m a huge oth fan

  36. Lisa says:

    One tre hill. Please vote for this show !
    OTH’s fans need it :(

  37. Chatty says:

    This is so easy: Nikita!

  38. Jacqi says:

    I voted for OTH, because one I have only seen an episode or two of Nikita and two its way better. But I will admit that I think it is time for OTH to end. There is not a whole lot of storylines left to tell on the show. Brooke is getting a baby this season and Haley is having a girl.

  39. Monica F says:

    Nikita!!!! I loved oth, but it’s time for it to end! Oth used to have so much heart….now its about a bunch of bored randoms floating around their mid twenties with hardly any connection to one another!!! Not to mention these talented OTH actors are ready to move on!!!! Let OTH end and let Nikita keep growing!!!!

  40. Leon says:

    I am a true One Tree Hill fan but I had to vote for Nikita.

    a) because creativity One Tree Hill hasn’t been great this season and it would be best if it ended now.


    b) Because I see something great in Nikita.

    I did vote for OTH in the OTH vs. Hellcats cause Hellcats sucks!!! Get rid of it! But I had to go with Nikita on this one

    • Tany says:

      I agree 100%! I love OTH but Nikita is still “growing” and has an amazing cast and pretty good storylines! OTH isn’t depending on the fans… I think the crew and the actors are aware of the fact that S8 is the last! It’s time to move on!

    • JUST SMILE says:

      One Tree HIll fans actually VOTE for it don’t want it to end

  41. JoanMayra says:


  42. Christine says:

    One tree hill. Forever and always. ONLY if James, Joy and Sophia all stay. ALL.

  43. got2luvmel says:

    OTH has been ran its course, its time to give way for something else. Cancelling Nikita for One Tree Hill to have one more season won’t mean it will have more than that. I see no reason in a newer show, with the potential of gaining an odd amount of years of seasons, to fall flat for a show that’s possibly only promised one more season. IF OTH takes precedent here, when its gone where will the CW be? The CW as a whole does not have a lot of newer uprising shows already as it is. With Smallville on the out, and dare I say Supernatural soon, Nikita and Vampire Diaries are the CW’s future action shows. It would be a huge mistake for them not to take into consideration that they already have four other shows in the same category with OTH: Gossip Girl, 90210, Next Top Model and Hellcats. I’m not even going to start on those shows, cause really one of them could take the knife and put this matter to rest altogether. But hey, this is just all the ramblings of TV addict that doesn’t want to see her show go.

    • qwerty says:

      This poll doesn’t really determine whether or not they stay. If I would guess, I think they both should stay. Nikita is a fresh, new show with a good amount of viewers. It’s what the CW needs, but OTH will always be a strong CW show. It has some of the highest ratings on the CW and it would be in their best interest to renew that as well as Nikita. Obviously the CW isn’t gonna turn into a network with higher ratings by adding a lot of random new shows that no one really likes. Nikita isn’t one of them because I actually like it, but shows like Hellcats? Come on. They need to stick with what they have because if they don’t renew OTH and all their veteran shows, they won’t have any viewers.

      • Kyle says:

        I agree with you! Both shows should stay. :)

        • Maddy says:

          me too!! .. well my vote for this poll has to go to oth only cause i’ve watched it for so long and i think Nikita will probably get picked up and oth really needs to win things like this to show the CW that the fans still want it.

  44. MeL says:

    Nikita for sure, I stopped watching One Tree Hill a while ago

    • Rachel says:

      I voted OTH out of loyatly but it is DRY AS A BONE! With this poll being whatever…who cares. As long as in reality Nikita gets renewed because it is fresh, exciting and capitavating.

      OTH, do the writers even try? That’s my question

  45. Kim says:

    One Tree Hill!
    I like Nikita but I love OTH.

  46. Toby says:

    ONE TREE HILL !!!!

  47. N says:

    NIKITA!! I’m so over OTH….

    • Ben says:

      Right there with you. The storylines in OTH are zzzzzzzzzzzzz….
      Nikita is a BAMF, so amazin’, it needs a season 2 I would be so gobsmacked if they didn’t get it. I would literally march up to the controllers of CW with a baseball bat and well… you can guess the rest.

      • Jamie says:

        Nikita is the best. OTH as much as I love Sophia Bush, James Lafferty etc. the acting is getting so old. It’s nothing new. It’s really put them in a stalemate of boring.

  48. casey says:

    Please let it be OTH. I have been with the show since day one and I grew up with them.