Amber Tamblyn: Before Leaving House, Masters Will Have a 'Juicy' Encounter with Thirteen

House‘s titular diagnostician won’t have med student Martha Masters to push around much longer. As first reported by TVLine, Amber Tamblyn‘s run will wrap up by season’s end, if not before May sweeps. And the actress’ decision to discharge herself from Fox’s hit medical drama didn’t come easy. “There is a reason I’m leaving,” Tamblyn shared as part of this in-depth interview with TVLine, “and it’s a really good reason.”

Read on for more about that, the big Joan of Arcadia reunion she enjoyed before checking out of Princeton-Plainsboro, and how “juicy” things will be when Masters gets Thirteen’s number. (House airs Mondays at 8/7c.)

TVLINE | How has it been for you, vying to be the voice of reason against Dr. Cranky Pants all season long?
You mean Dr. Hottie Pants? Dr. Sexy Face? I shot my last episode, and I’m sad to be done, but it was a really fun experience, something I would never take back.

TVLINE | You’ve had some really great verbal volleys with Hugh Laurie.
Yeah, they were really cool in writing me some great stuff when they didn’t have to do that. I could have just been the background doctor person, but they were great to me as an actor.

TVLINE | And wasn’t Masters fired once or twice along the way…?
Masters has been fired so many times by House, I can’t even keep track. [Laughs] When someone asks about that, I’m like, “Yeah, which time?”

TVLINE | Toward the end of last week’s episode, Masters said, “I was wrong, ” to which House said, “Not yet.” Was it your interpretation that he realized he went too far by “blowing up” that guy’s heart?
No, I don’t think he ever feels like that. [Laughs ] I think he was not being the champion that he usually is about himself. Normally he would be, “Ha-ha, I told you so. Idiot.” This is just a darker way of him expressing that he’s right without being egotistical about it. It was interesting to see, leading up to that, how he’s off of his game because of what’s going on with Cuddy, and his inability to make that work. He can get everything else in his life to work exactly the way he wants it to, but he’s pretty much handicapped in the relationship department — much the way Masters is in the social department.

TVLINE | At the end of the day, will Masters be better or worse for this experience?
I think she’ll be both. When characters leave House, they are forced to grow exponentially — whether it’s in a good way or in a bad way. [In the end] it’s a pretty fascinating thing that happens for her. It’s pretty unique.

TVLINE | This Monday’s Patient of the Week is played by Chris Marquette (Joan of Arcadia)– someone you know just a bit.
Yes, indeed! That’s actually happened twice now, because Sprague Grayden was on House [in mid-January]. But Chris and I worked pretty heavily together on Joan of Arcadia, so it was clearly as if nothing had ever changed. Like, I was making an inside joke that only he and I would know. Chris has an infectious laugh the way that Jason Ritter (The Event), who played my brother on that show, does, and it makes you want to make them laugh harder. Chris’ character is a pretty serious one for House, but still, we would get each other to laugh.

TVLINE | Was it pure coincidence that he was cast?
Total coincidence. In fact when I told the director, he was like, “Oh my god, I wonder what that would have done to my choice in casting him had I known that?” But we’re totally different characters than we were on Joan of Arcadia [playing boyfriend/girlfriend].

TVLINE | Before you leave House, will there be any overlap with you and Olivia Wilde?
We have two episodes — one where we actually work together — and it was super, super fun.

TVLINE | Does the fact that Thirteen is back (starting April 11) have anything to do with why Martha leaves?
No, it had more to do with us the actors. They really wanted me to stay, but there are reasons I have to leave, because of other things I’m doing. It was my 13th episode, and that’s when Olivia had finished her film and was due back. But I was glad — I was going to be real peeved if I didn’t get to do something with her, because I’ve heard nothing but amazing things. My boyfriend (actor/comedian David Cross) has worked with her, and I’ve heard she’s a really rad chick that I would get along with well. If they hadn’t given us at least one scene, with me being the only other female team member, it would have been a missed opportunity. I think they knew better than to pass that up, so they gave us some really cool scenes together. It will be definitely juicy for House fans.

TVLINE | So what are your plans for the spring, if not House?
I am taking a little break and adapting a book that I worked three years trying to buy the rights to.

TVLINE | So although leaving was a difficult decision, it was the right decision.
House is such a great environment to work in, exactly what every actor wants – good writing, steady work, great actors and great producers. I was the most sad to say goodbye to Hugh, because he’s the most incredible and giving actor to work with.

House fans, will you miss Masters when Tamblyn’s time on the show runs out later this spring?

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  1. Lou says:

    I think they’re starting to trash up the show ,anyway.. Between 13 and Foreman,House and Cutty,Wilson and his ex-wife and all the crap they’ve been pulling,(RIDICULOUS DREAM SEQUENCES,,PLEASE,,HOW “I DREAM OF JEANNIE “!!! )the show is REALLY starting to get stupid….. I look forward to it each week,but in recent weeks have been dissapointed by mid-show… Its a folly ,with absolutely NO reality to it anymore…

  2. Ryan says:

    Too bad. I like Thirteen, but Olivia herself is so smug and self-righteous it made me war with my channel changer for a few seconds every episode over whether or not to change the channel.

  3. Tiffany Rayan says:

    Sad she’s leaving but glad that Olivia is back!

  4. kelly says:

    I didn’t like her in “house” at all! her script sucked, or perhaps her execution of the lines? I’m not sure. Can’t wait till 13 comes back, she’s Wonderful.

  5. RARARARAR says:

    Nope, won’t miss her at all. You should keep 13 gone too. I also hate her.

  6. Seth says:

    I didn’t like Masters at all I dont really care for 13 either in fact the only character I really like is House but I think Masters is my least favorite Cameron is the all time worst character though

  7. Joe Cool says:

    I think that both thirteen added things to the show and I just wish they could both be on the team for at least another episode or two

  8. Deb Mac says:

    It was awesome to see Amber join a show I already loved. It’ll be sad to see her go. But props to House for casting her for this arc to begin with. And quadruple props for casting Chris Marquette for this ep!

    And thank you Matt Webb Mitovich for writing about this reunion! Whew! It was starting to feel like only my gang of Marquette fans even cared about this at all.

  9. Jen says:

    I’m actually excited to have Masters leave, I cannot stand her character. I’m not a big fan of 13, but her character is a lot better.

  10. ... says:

    I’m going to miss her, but i’m pretty excited to see what all goes down in the next couple episodes. I can’t wait to find out what happened with thirteen and what reason they give for masters leaving. (ohhh and she could do so much better than David Cross)

  11. Kel says:

    I love thirteen she was better then amber amber to didn’t suit or fit in with the guys

  12. ER says:

    Oh please…any day of the week…13 over Masters…..OW is HOT!

  13. Adrian says:

    nooo!! we need Masters, who’s 13?… XD

  14. Ron says:

    When someone leaves and someone comes back, it’s a great opportunity to change a character. So trust the writers and sit back before talking of the past. The past is written the future will be reviled. Best wishes to both!

  15. randy says:

    will miss amber. but good actresses never stay..always moving up..and on..

  16. Michelle says:

    I did like Masters. But I still miss Cameron. :(

  17. Kara says:

    I seriously missed Thirteen and I am glad she’s coming back. Masters was an okay character but Thirteen will always be my favorite besides House of course…

  18. steph says:

    i love 13 im glad shes coming back. i dont like amber too much she was a tattle tale and made the show annoying

  19. jeff v. says:

    i hate how the doctors who are crazy about morals on this show have both been women (i.e. cameron and masters)not to sound like a crazy feminist but it seems sexist to me
    besides, masters is too goody-goody and its annoying, and i miss 13 so im looking forward to this change

  20. monica says:

    I am so glad Master’s is leaving. I couldn’t stand her character:)

  21. steve-o says:

    As much as I enjoyed Masters youthful ideology in contrast to House’s jaded perfectionist self-martyrdom, I think it would have been very difficult for the writers to maintain her as a credible character for too many more episodes. I think she herself sees it the same way: it was great while it lasted and now it’s great that it’s over. I also agree with those who have reminded us that sometimes we’re critical of actors when we should lay that burden on the writers….

  22. kylie says:

    i think whatever she does next will be even better than what she’s done before, so it’s not sad, it’s exciting… plus, i’m really just glad to see thirteen back =D

  23. Liam says:

    The Masters character was too much of a goody two shoes for my liking, and I can’t stand that vibe in general, so I say good riddance, here’s hoping her character gets hits by a bus (AFTER she “Bangs a gong” with 13 hehehe :P)


  24. mimi says:

    Ew, seriously? This girl is disgusting looking and a horrible actress. So glad to have her gone – she nearly ruined my favorite show for half the season! Thank god Ms. Wilde is returning. :)

  25. angelusgutmann says:

    Yeah, I’m gonna miss Masters. Her naivity, well hidden behind all that scientific chit-chat… it was really fun to watch, and I loved how she interacted with House and the rest of the team. Really didn’t like 13 that much, if I’m going to be serious.

  26. kylie says:

    i think whatever amber does next in her career will be even better than what she’s done before, so it’s not sad that she’s leaving house, but it’s exciting. also, i’ll be really glad to see thirteen back.

  27. Cat P says:

    I, for one, will be glad to see her go. I have found her to be annoying.

  28. Kara says:

    I will definitely not miss masters aka Amber Tamblyns!!! She was horrible on the show…weird,akward, dorky just a waste of space and bad acting! Thirteen(Olivia Wilde) fits in perfect with the team of doctors and House! I can’t wait until Amber’s gone and the smart,sexy,entertaining Olivia Wilde is back to make the show interesting again!

  29. Mrs. Vice says:

    I agree – Amber is great, and Thirteen hasn’t been missed. It’s so annoying to see her all sexed up trying to work as a doctor. Give me a break. Masters’ character was way more genuine.

  30. Jess says:

    Yeew thirteen is back i missed her :)

  31. Alan Reimer says:

    Masters is good looking. She annoys me sometimes, but was a good piece to the puzzle.

    I am excited for Thirteen to be back; she’s a much better character than Masters.

  32. lala says:

    I have only seen a few episodes of this season..and was confussed when i didnt see 13….she is my favorite….masters is good..not sure how i really about her…but i do likeher….but yeah so i will be happy to see 13 again….

  33. Barry says:

    I’m ecstatic that she is leaving, I stopped watching when she joined. I can finally enjoy the show again.

  34. Betty says:

    I love, love, love Masters and will be sorry to see her go. I really enjoyed her back and forth with house and the way she has an impact on all the Doctors (at least in the back of their minds). I hope they give her a really good promotion and put her in the same position as House at another hospital or something so she can come back as his colleague and really knock everyone’s socks off! Sorry to see her go.

  35. That person says:

    I can’t stand Masters, glad she’s leaving. I miss Thirteen.

  36. David says:

    Good Riddance! What an annoying character. The Best House women were Cameron, 13, CIA chick, Cutthroat Bitch, with Masters a very distant last. Kudos and curses to the costume and makeup people for turning a stunning actress (Amber) into such an absolutely frumpy character. Looking forward to seeing more of 13 again.

  37. jasmina says:

    No, I will not. Although she is a good actor, I didn’t like her character, her lines, her clothes… :P nothing! Looking forward to seeing 13 again though :)She’s a much better and more interesting character.

  38. shawn says:

    masters was a tattletale on the show. ima be glad shes gone. ive stopped watching cuz of her. but with 13 back..all i can say is sweet. 13 wouldnt tell cuddy if house got back on drugs(which i heard he is) as masters would. hell in almost every episode i think from when she started, didnt he fire her at least once…

  39. bgbdcam says:

    13 is an amazing character that is vital to the cast bye bye masters

  40. ShakkaLakka says:

    Olivia was a terrific character who’s slow degradation into her disease could be both informative & great television. They have also developed her character over time, making her bisexual & jaded.

    Regarding Amber, they have yet to really add much depth to her character, which she plays very well. Instead it almost feels like they are just putting a bookend on her like they did with Kal Penn. There they had a great, albeit brief, character to work with who was likable & with very little depth. Then in one fell-swoop they changed all of that. If they can’t pull off another amazing writing piece like that again, I’m afraid the show will start to lose some of it’s luster.

  41. sarah says:

    Masters was annoying at first but then I really got into her character.I hate to see her leaving.Maybe they can bring her character back after med school.

  42. Beki says:

    What does her being sexy enough or showing skin have to do with her being a good actress? so sorry she has class! And I thought she was pretty damn cute imo

  43. Mark Fine says:

    I too will miss Amber. She was a breath of fresh air, blown into that entire cast. I hope they leave the door open for some future story arc’s. Olivia Wilde has her own strengths but Amber really injected herself into every scene, where many times 13 is just background noise.

  44. Bernadette says:

    Masters’ character did not blend well with the rest of the characters. Perhaps if the powers that be changed her hairdo and her dialog enunciation had been better her character would have proved more interesting. Don’t care if 13 is coming back, I’d rather see Cameron return than anyone else. She was awesome! I really miss her. Hugh Laurie, just gotta love him!

  45. Naomi says:

    YAY 13’s back she’s probs my fave out of the whole story line, her stories are always so twisted and intresting and olivia is a great actress

  46. Dave says:

    What??? How could someone possibly like her? The worst character ever on House, so happy she’s gone. Makes me nauseous.

  47. Shelly says:

    I’m glad. I HATE master’s over-the-top goody two-shoes, obnoxiously self-righteous character, thought I was gonna have to stop watching my fav show. On the flip-side, I always loved both Cameron & 13’s roles, morally sound but w/enough spunk to keep up w/House w/o being a constant & complete snitch

  48. briana lawson says:

    I think AT was a great addition to House. I loved the way her character was the “goody good” of all the team. It really made for a great contrast within the characters. She made me feel alot of different emotions as I watched recent episodes that I have not had before. I kind of don’t care for OW as an actor in House. She didn’t do much for the show but be another pretty face. I agree with others that her acting is not the best. Best of luck Amber you will be missed!

  49. Jax says:

    I am glad Masters will be leaving and even happier that 13 will be returning! Masters gets on my nerves so much! 13 is awesome, plus Olivia Wilde is hot!!

  50. Ely says:

    I personally can’t wait for Thirteen to come back! :D
    I was just starting to warm up to Masters’ character, but I find Thirteen a lot more interesting and intriguing.
    In a way, it’s a shame they couldn’t both stay.