Parenthood Vs. Brothers & Sisters: 'Renew Our Show!' Quarterfinals Continue!

You want family drama? You can’t handle our brand of family drama! Wait, you think you can? Okay, well how about NBC’s Braverman clan locked in a bloody battle to the death against ABC’s Walker household? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s the kind of intensity you’re getting in the quarterfinals of’s first annual “Renew Our Show!” Bracket Tournament, where No. 4 seed Parenthood is clashing with No. 5 seed Brothers & Sisters for a coveted semifinal berth.

Parenthood and Brothers & Sisters are already grizzled “Renew Our Show!” veterans, having respectively vanquished The Defenders and Harry’s Law in Round One of our single-elimination competition for 16 on-the-bubble series hoping to score slots on the 2011-2012 primetime calendar.

Chuck Battles Lie To Me as the ‘Renew Our Show!’ Tournament Quarterfinals Begin!

Every weekday at 1 p.m. ET for the next week, you’ll be able to vote in polls to help narrow down the “Renew Our Show!” field — until there’s only one champ standing. Click here to see the entire bracket (then click again on the image for a zoomed-in view). And if you’re losing sleep about the status of anything currently on your DVR “series-recording” lineup, don’t miss our regularly updated Renewal Scorecard feature.

But before that happens, you’ve got to make a decision: Team Braverman or Team Walker. Polls will be open for 48 hours, so do your civic duty, then hit the comments to justify your vote, and head to Facebook and Twitter to whip your fellow fanboys and fangirls into a frenzy.

Fringe Vs. Outsourced: Only One Can Survive in the ‘Renew Our Show’ Tourney

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Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. I loveB&S says:

    Brothers&Sisters of course!!! We really want a new season!!! I LOVE THE SHOW.

  2. jackie says:

    I have never even heard of brothers and sisters…so IMO it must not be that popular. Parenthood is an amazing show and it’s got a great cast and spectacular writing. It is going to be renewed…I don’t know about the brothers and sisters show. Maybe they will renew it too, but if I had to off one of them….it would be the show I’ve never heard of. I love me some Lauren Graham!

    • Brenda says:

      Can’t believe that people haven’t heard of Brothers and Sisters!! They’ve been on longer than Parenthood!!

  3. Robert Pfeifer says:

    Please post this and retweet it on Twitter to all of your followers, we need to help save Parenthood & get it picked up for season 3.

  4. David says:

    My wife and I love Parenthood. Its one of the few shows we both are excited about watching together and our tastes differ greatly. So I beg you keep it on the air. The quality of writing and production is uncommonly good is these times of entertainment overload. It allows us to connect on so many levels it really is a blessing to our marriage.

    Sincerely David

  5. chelsey says:

    PARENTHOOD for sure!! Love the cast and how real it is!.. They still have a lot of places to take the show! It deserves to be renewed!

  6. Brenda Webb says:

    I don’t want to lose Brothers & Sisters, I’ve watched since beginning! I also feel the same about Parenthood!! Two great shows!!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    My mom and I love both shows, although this year, Parenthood gets my vote for renewal. While this season for Brothers and Sister is good, but has not been great. Parenthood ended on Tuesday, so I am sorry t say that it is over for the season. Hopefully they both get renewed.

    Brothers and Sisters has a realistic view of what families go through everyday. I miss Rebecca on Brothers and Sisters. I also miss Holly, while she could be annoying she had amnesia from the car accident. Amnesia can take awhile to overcome. However, I think the cast is great, the wrtiers are not as creative as the used to be,

    Parenthood gives us a more realistic view of what families go through everyday. Adam wasn’t happy with his new boss, and frankly I can’t blame him at all. I think that the guy is a real jerk myself. He can’t be any older than 35, even that is pushing it.

    Adam, who had been with his previous boss, Gordon, who was somewhat of a jerk at times, but gave him orders on what he had to get done. This new boss hardly gives Adam anything to do. This new boss has a design team so why couldn’t they come up with something they all liked? He is the manager who is going to tell people to sell these shoes and he wants them more to the style that adults like too, not just children.

    Kristina, on the other hand learned to accept their daughter Haddie’s relationship with Alex. He had had a difficult time. His dad died at one time and his mother died when he was a little kid, so he had nobody to turn to in hard times. And his dad had alochol in the house, even though he was underage that was all he could think of to get his mind off of hurting. Kristina at the season’s end ends up pregnant, which was unexpected.

    Haddie, the 16 year old daughter of Adam and Kristina, had sex with her boyfriend Alex on prom night. I was surprised that she even made it that long without having sex with him. Adam gets all bent out of shape because his 16 year old daughter had sex. I can understand that, but she is changing from a child to an adult and he needs to learn to accept that.

    Max, the 10 year old son of Adam and Kristina, has Asperger’s. He cannot control his outbursts at times. Max needs to learn to control his temper better, especially in hard times like when somebody is in surgery. I can understand that he was frustrated, tired, cranky and more after spending hours in the hopsital, I know I would be.

    Sarah needs to learn to back off at times. That is probably why Amber rebelled on her. She was always pushy with her children, especially Amber. I can understand that she wants what is best for her kids, but she needs to realize that soon they will someday be adults and will have lives of their own.

    Amber is the 18 year old daughter of Sarah and from what the grandparents say about Sarah, she is turning out just like her. Amber needs to realize that she made a bad choice, even though she liked Gary. She is lucky to have survived the accident as well as surgery. Amber realized what she did when Zeek showed the car that she was riding in the night of the accident.

    Drew, the 15/16 year old son of Sarah is more laid back than Amber. He really has not had much intervention with a male influence in his life. His and Amber’s father was an alocholic and has supposedly been sober. However, I think Drew makes the better choices of the two.

    Joel, the husband of Julia and the father of Sydney is a good man. He has helped Crosby repair the house that Crosby bought and is trying to fix up for Jasmine. Joel is quite the handyman when it comes to projects like home improvement.

    Jula, a lawyer, is a good mom. She did not realize until the season finale on Tuesday just how much she wanted another baby. It would be good for their daughter to have a little playmate and to see what happens when she ends up with a brother or sister.

    Sydney, the 6 year old daughter of Julia and Joel is a bright kid. I like that she wants to eat healthier and is right in that perspective. Even though she is only six years old, I think she will end up with a career similar to Julia’s once she is grown.

    Crosby, the youngest son, has really matured this season. He made a terrible mistake and cheated on Jasmine, but admitted his mistake. I can understand that Jasmine was heartbroken, but I think she should have seen it coming. Crosby, trying to make decisions on what will happen in Jabbar’s life as well as his and Jasmine’s, but Jasmine always has something negative to say back to him.

    Jasmine, needs to realize that even though Crosby cheated on her, he tried to start over with her and try again. Every time he tried to make an effort, she would storm off, not a mature thing to do. She would refuse to listen to Crosby’s ideas about what they should do with Jabbar.

    She is the one who failed to tell him that he had a son until five years later. How resposnible is that? She should have told him the minute she found out she was pregnant, not five years later. I certainly would not keep a secret like that from my future child’s father.

    She would fight on where the dishes would go in the dishwasher, and more. She really needs to grow up and accept that Crosby was sorry that he made a mistake, although I am surprised, she did not do it to him. It was either her way or the highway. Once you are in a relationship, you have to make sacrifices even if you don’t want to.

  8. Cindy says:

    I love Brothers And Sisters!!!!!!! Its my favorite show and I can relate this crazy family because mine is the same way. This show has to be renewed and if some how Rob Lowe could be brought back would be great!