House Sneak Peek: Look Who's Getting Hitched!

House creator David Shore recently confirmed that upcoming episode would feature a wedding no one would see coming, and the boss man will deliver on that promise this Monday. But if you think the identity of the bride and groom is surprising (watch video No. 1 for the answer), wait until you see who made the guest list (video No. 2)!

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  1. Mariel says:

    Old news.

  2. Sally says:



  3. K. says:


    • kim says:

      House is marrying some (pretty) Russian-y accented lady (knowing him probably a hooker he just met) that weekend. In the second clip he invites Cuddy but she didn’t open the invite or react, they just fight over him riding a Segway in the hospital.

  4. David says:

    Dear Lord.

  5. Andy says:

    Boring. So tired of stupid gimmicks. TPTB should kill this show already and move to new projects.

    • Tania says:

      Aren’t you an arrogant one.

      • amy says:

        She is a bitter huddy fangirl, we must be kind with them ;)
        Nope, just kidding, huddies deserved all the moking!

    • Alicia says:

      Unfortunately true; these antics aren’t cute or clever. If the show wants to get back to it’s roots TPTB need to focus on writing smart MEDICAL CASES–the POTW used to be all that mattered.

  6. Bianca says:


  7. Derek64 says:

    not surprised unless House and Wilson marry.

  8. berenice says:

    the same with me…
    stupid Shore…is no a new..

    they lose many fans,really

  9. Matt says:

    Is this show for real? House is marrying a hooker? Wake me up when he marries Wilson or Cuddy. You know, the only two people he would ACTUALLY marry for real.

    • Tracy Murray says:

      I can not believe TPTB would have a smart intelligent guy like Greg House marry a prostitute so soon after his break up with Cuddy , I could maybe see him marrying or hooking up with a woman who has a legit career or 9 to 5 job that he suddenly and foolishly fell in love with shortly after meeting her , only to learn she is not what she claimed to be , but maybe Shore , Jacobs , and company has something in store for us and the hooker ( not the wedding ) is only a minor ( major? ) part of a forthcoming story arc .

  10. kerstin says:


  11. Teresa says:

    Great. There go Chuck’s ratings again. Let’s move one of these shows to 9 pm where they both belong.

  12. Laurence says:

    can someone please describe the videos for us?

  13. chk says:

    Anyone to analyze what the videos are about?

  14. Vero says:


  15. Mikaylah says:

    The first video is House introducing the team to his bride-to-be. She is most likely his “masseuse”. The 2nd video is him giving an invitation to Cuddy, and her showing no interest.

  16. Erin says:

    I am really starting to think that this sadistic show has finally JUMPED THE FREAKING SHARK! House getting married to a hooker! This is moonlighting all over again! The breakup in my mind and the afternmath of it are the freaking trainwreck! I wish they would have gotten house and cuddy together in the final episode of the show so we wouldn’t have to deal with this.

  17. serenity says:

    The first video shows House introducing the team to a Russian woman he introduces as his fiancee. The second is House, on a Segway, handing Cuddy an invite to the wedding (which she doesn’t open) as they spar about him driving the Segway in the hospital.

  18. jaded says:

    This show is so beyond stupid now!! Just kill House and end this show already!! I’m done watching this lame crap!

    • amy says:

      Bye bye, you won’t be missed bitter huddy fangirl, the huddy crap is finally over and we have are show back!

      • jaded says:

        Ok, cool.. Enjoy the rehash.. HOOKERS MD

        • lauren says:

          Better than the huddy crap :)
          Also, Cuddy dress like a hooker, I don’t see why House can’t marry one.
          Yes, I’m so going to enjoy this free-huddy-crapfest House!

          • jaded says:

            You will be one of a handful.. Cool with me.. I will be watching Dancing with the Stars :)

          • @jaded says:

            Lol, I could care less of what you’re going to watch and obviously a huddy is going to watch DWTS: from stupid huddy to stupid DWTS.
            Now, don’t forget to keep post your hate ;)

          • @lauren says:

            “Cuddy dress like a hooker, I don’t see why House can’t marry one”

            Great point!
            I’m so glad the huddy nonsense is over, it was time!!!

          • jaded says:

            well at least my ship was canon, your ship Hameron or Hilson whatever you are has never been! go suck on that :)

          • Kim says:

            Cuddy dress like a hooker, I don’t see why House can’t marry one


    • Kim says:

      You’re so bitter, jaded, and just like a stupid huddy you think that all of us who don’t like huddy must be hilson or hameron. How stupid from you! Bad writing is bad writing, no matter what and the huddy arc was sinking the show down, good thing tptb realized it and decided to end it. Now they’re trying to gain back us not shipper pointed it out.

      Huddy is canon, so what? It was crappy canon :)
      Now, go back crying on your huddy’s lj and reading fanfic, while the rest of us is going to watch the show again

  19. Becca says:

    I think House maaaay have just jumped the shark.

  20. Sarabi says:


  21. nitemar says:

    Ausiello baby get yourself a new mole, pleasey, those are old spoilers and sneek peaks.

  22. Kelly says:

    You know ppl have been saying House creator DS has just pushed the re-set button. I disagree…this is waaaaay worse then any season of House has ever been. What a stupid plot twist. House marry a hooker? Really? So glad I tuned out after it was clear anyone couple on this show doesn’t stand a chance b/c NO ONE can have a lasting relationship in EMO HouselandMD

  23. MiMi says:

    (LOL, I love all those comments from bitter Huddies.)
    This crazy, addict House is much better than that unrecognisable, lovesick idiot House. The show is finally back on the right track.
    Also, this marrige is not going to happen for sure. He set up all this just to hurt Cuddy (and she deserves it).

    • djesus says:

      House move on please! I want him with new characters and a new team, it’s always the same stupid jokes with Cuddy.

    • Bel says:

      Cuddy deserves to be punished? For what? For House repeatedly failing her in the relationship? For House not turning up for her award, for blaming his love for her for effecting his medical abilites for not supporting her through a life threatening health scare??? For only having the courage to support her by getting high, which meant he wasn’t really emotionally there anyway when he did make an appearance. I believe the breakup was badly done and it seemed way out of Character for Cuddy to walk away from him but House has actually been punishing her for weeks and he is punishing her for the mistake he actually made (the vicodin) and made no attempt to correct or apologise for.

      I understand in some forums that it is sport to pick on Cuddy but really your view of the breakup is very one eyed. Fault lies on both sides and yet the writers seem determined to only punish one of the characters – which is unbalanced and crap in my opinion.

      House last week went from being tragic but amusing to grotesque, I am no shipper just a fan of the show and characters but this reset of David Shores on the show has left me confused, dismayed and contemplating parting with the show. A marriage between House and his hooker or whatever she is may induce me to vomit :(

      • Isabella says:

        I don’t think he’ll really marry this woman. Probably not Cuddy either. I’m not sure where this show can go now. Maybe Cuddy pregnant?
        Maybe Wilson dies? Maybe HOUSE dies? ????
        I love Hugh Laurie and the show,but am baffled by the plot at this point.

      • Melanie says:

        Oh please, Cuddy knew what she was doing when she started the relationship. He’s a child when it comes to relationships. Its obvious he wasn’t ready to “be there” for all of the crap in her life. And the not showing up for her award ceremony was perfectly understandable, he lost a patient due to finding the answer too late.

        And yes the break up was badly done, seemed out of character and disappointing to watch, that said… finally no more lame relationship bs!

  24. b says:

    Screw the haters – I was so worried about a House/Cuddy wedding for long that I think this is HILARIOUS. Looking forward to this episode, and to whenever somebody finally kicks House in the balls to smack some sense back into him. I’m kind of loving seeing his total breakdown at being dumped.

  25. Jenny says:

    I hate coming into these House posts, so many crybabies. Do people think everyone has nothing better to do than be glued to their TVs or the internet to hunt down videos? And where does Ausiello say this is a big fat spoiler? Some folks need a major reality check.

  26. Houdy says:






  27. Amy says:

    Just because there is a wedding doesn’t mean people will actually be married. It’s probably just another stupid gimmick.

  28. djesus says:

    I want something new in House, please move on House!

  29. Rob J. says:

    Yawn! House relapses, behaves like, well, as big of an ass as he usually does. Could we have some relatively original storylines, please?

  30. Sourabh says:

    I apologize for being one more person to post that, but it was necessary.

  31. be says:

    Finally House MD is back and goodbye Huddy MD!! These sneaks peek are so funny!!

  32. stick & carrot says:

    hey Ausiello,
    how’s the view from deel inside of Greg Yaitanes’ A-S-S? tasty? enjoying yourself?
    you’ve sold your soul man!
    pathetic ‘reporting’…

    • ari says:

      But for you huddies he wasn’t pathetic as long as he was posting things about the huddy crap! Bitter huddies are the only pathetic ones

  33. SnazzyO says:

    I don’t know what to say about House. It’s still entertaining and I liked Huddy (not to an extreme level but enough) but I don’t think I like post-Huddy fallout.

    The problem with a procedural is keeping it fresh. The ‘House’ recipe is:
    – unusual patient arrives
    – unusual patient gets treated but they are wrong
    – unusual patient nearly dies (or does die)
    – House (or potentially one of the others) has a sudden whacky idea and *insert obscure disease here* is the cause and the cure is found just in the nick of time.
    In the background is:
    – House’s latest antics
    – House’s team’s latest antics

    I think that they are stuck at this point and as MUCH as I love the characters I think I want them to move on with dignity. Maybe next season should be the last and we can get some closure? IDK. The Huddy thing just sort of broke my back on this show — development then regression.

    House back on Vicodin is not what I want to watch.

  34. Karen says:

    Ausiello ,you use to be such a Huddy until GY got to you.
    I will watch this show again when this stupidness stops. I can just go back and watch my S1-2 dvds.
    The most ridiculous season yet ,Breaking Huddy up so soon was a huge mistake

  35. Lelinor09 says:

    Booooring! Can’t believe how stupid they are making these post-Huddy episodes – yaaaaawwn! TPTB have obviously run out of ideas and are now grasping at anything – too bad it’s not working.

    • Sam says:

      Yes, because toilet seat and garbage discussions were so amazing, lmao.
      Huddies are gonna hate and I’m enjoying it so much :)

  36. DT says:

    This whole relationship/breakup thing seems so forced and false. I personally sort of wanted to see House and Cuddy connect, but the idea that throughout their relationship on the show, especially after they hooked up, that neither one called the other by a first name, EVER, was bizarre at best, and totally B.S. at worst, and made the whole romance seem like B.S. as well. It seemed pretty clear there was no long-range plan for Huddy to last, just because of that, from my view.
    I think the break-up seemed forced and hurried; it would have been better to show more closely the hurt and disappointment Cuddy felt over and over, that drove her to her decision. It would also make the characters seem a bit more, uh, real, which none do at this point.
    Seems the writing has gone to hell, and the writers have no sense of direction anymore.

    • Angie says:

      While I agree that the whole realtionship breakup seem completely artificial and forced, it would have been even stranger for House and Cuddy to suddenly start calling each other Lisa and Greg just because they started sleeping together. That’s just not who these people are.

  37. Shark Attack says:

    This is what House has become? They really should end the show because they’ve destroyed the only real character progression on the show in years to only have House regress. I mean, what’s the point really? An addict doing outrageous things was funny for a while but now the show is completely stagnant. While I really wasn’t a huge fan of the pairing of House and Cuddy, at least the characters were actually moving forward with their lives. The fact that the producers/writers decided to end their relationship just so House can go back to how he was for the past 6+ years is pretty ridiculous, not to mention boring as hell. They really should just wrap it up already because there’s nothing new to the show anymore and it’s obvious that any type of creativity and direction is long gone.

  38. Sam says:

    Wow, huddys are really bitter and pathetic but they are so funny in their posts, their bitterness is a good reward for all of us who had to endure the huddy nonsense. Keep it up, huddys, let us see how much you’re crying

  39. Brit says:

    Guys, don’t be surprised if all or part of Season 7 turns out to be a dream. There is a group of fans who have taken note of the many anomalies and clues this season and have turned them into a cogent theory. If TPTB can pull this off in the manner that we suspect (yes, they’ve done delusions/hallucinations/dreams ad nauseam,) we’ll all be blown away. I’m just saying it might behoove us to wait and see how they tie this up.

    • M says:

      I’m so convinced now that the whole season is a dream/hallucination of House .I think House is still on the bathroom floor from S6 finale last scene either sleeping or stoned .I also think one of the cast actually died in that crane accident .The dream/hallucination would explain all the weird & out of character behaviour of all the characters in this season.It will also mean that Huddy is not a cannon, again.

    • Jen409 says:

      I guarantee you 100% that all the hallucination theories out there about this season are total and complete BS. Because there is no way everything else they showed this season happened inside one person’s head.

      We have all the other subplots of the other characters and patients to consider, to include Taub’s divorce, Wilson’s relationship with Sam, Taub moving in with Foreman, everything with Masters, and much more besides just Huddy.

      So there is no doubt that these ridiculous hallucination theories are nothing more than the products of delusional Huddies that never paid any attention to any of the non-Huddy plots that have been going on, and would rather see the show lose all credibility than lose their precious ship.

  40. TV fan says:

    When did House start ripping of from Grey’s Anatomy? The “suprise wedding for medical insurance” manouver? Seriously?! CANCEL THIS THING ALREADY!

  41. Ellen says:

    Well, there goes 71 wasted seconds of my life that I won’t get back. I thought I could watch this show again after all the Huddy crap was over, but the fallout is just as bad.

  42. Ferr says:

    For men in their 50’s it is the very time for getting young chicks.
    Go old dirty House!

  43. Tiva4Life says:

    Get Cameron =D

  44. Asparagus says:

    It is so amusing to read all the unintelligent comments by the remnants of the snide Hilson brigade. Only a few ragged pathetic souls survive to carry on their bitter campaign. Breakup or no, the facts remain forever: House loves Cuddy, Cuddy loves House. That is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know. Get over yourselves.

    • AsparagusIsABitterHuddy says:

      It is so amusing to read all the unintelligent comments by the remnants of the snide Huddy brigade. Only a few ragged pathetic souls survive to carry on their bitter campaign. Breakup or no, the facts remain forever: HUDDY SUCKS!

    • Katie says:

      First of all, yeah, I’m hardcore teamhilson, and I’m not ashamed or going to let anyone talk down to me (as a Hilson-er) just because you’re angry. You wanna talk about “love” and “canon,” think on this: House will get over Cuddy eventually because, as DS, GY, KJ ect have all said, that ship is dead. So what if he’s still enamored with her for the time being-he’ll get over it, move on, and Jimmy will STILL be there at his side.

      So get over YOURself.

      • derekmorgansfakeGF says:

        So excited the HUDDY died and went to hell. And House is gonna get married to a hooker. Perfect. Thank God for HILSON or this show would be a crapfest. Just started watching AGAIN.

  45. Ashely says:

    What was the point of House and Cuddy even getting together if it only lasted 15 episodes? There was so much more they could have explored.

    Also, House marrying a random hooker? Who does that? It doesn’t even seem like something House would do. This storyline makes no sense. I cannot see House marrying someone for ”medical insurance”

    If this season turns out to be a dream I will be so Disappointed.

    Cuddy better not die. I hope she is pregnant with House’s child.

  46. maggie says:

    House must be marrying her so she can stay in the US. This looks really interesting!

  47. carla says:

    ahahahaha che ridere! prima le huddy per mesi e mesi tutto il tempo a dire: ”perchè criticate? siete bitter, se non vi piace il telefilm non guardatelo, andatevene”
    ora che però l’huddy è finito guarda caso vi va bene invece spendere fiumi e fiumi di inchiostro per criticarlo ovunque e dire che è una merda ahahaha.
    E il bitter? e l’andatevene? e non criticatelo se non vi piace semplicemente non vedetelo e non venite qui a dire che fa schifo dove sono finiti?
    guarda un pò, la ruota della convenienza gira…

    House non è morto due puntate fa, è morto quattro o cinque annni fa, quando ha smesso di essere un medical intelligente e profondo per imboccare la strada della soap-opera.
    E’ proprio obiettiva questa cosa, non è un’opinione.
    Date in mano a qualcuno che se ne intende i DVD delle stagioni, vedrete se non vi dice la stessa cosa.
    Come accade sempre si giocano le idee migliori nelle prime una o due massimo tre serie, poi tentano solo di veleggiare per sopravvivere e fare cassa per molti altri anni.
    Gli idioti casomai siamo noi (TUTTI noi) che per anni guardiamo e diamo retta a sta gente. Ausiello in un’altra pagina fa la lista dei matrimoni, gravidanze, resuscitamenti ecc che ci saranno nei finali di tutti gli show….la televisione americana è trash allo stato puro,del basso livello certificato.
    Usiamo il telecomando.

  48. Casey says:

    Just bring back Cameron already! Or go ahead and cancel the show…it’s so over…

  49. raveng says:

    House will marry this girl. He will take off on a trip after getting fired by Cuddy. He will return with 13. The surprise is coming before the season finale, but the end will be even more surprising.Stay tuned. Sopme will be very happy, some fanbase will want to say away from House all together.

  50. sara says:

    can anyone but the videos on YOUTUBE… we can see in PORTUGAL :D

    Please :D