TVLine Items: Lost Star Goes Bad, Syfy's Being Human Renewed, and Other TV News to Know

Matthew Fox has landed his first post-Lost movie role, and it’s a far cry from Oceanic hero Jack Shephard.

Fox has been cast in the big-screen reboot of James Patterson’s Alex Cross stories, Deadline reports. He’ll play villainous assassin Michael Sullivan, a man who “kills both for money and thrills.” Something tells me Jacob would not approve. Tyler Perry and Ed Burns are already set to co-star in the film, titled I, Alex Cross.

Want to know more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• Syfy has officially renewed its hit freshman drama Being Human, Deadline says. The network has also picked up its SFX make-up competition series Face Off for a second season. Casting for the next installment will begin in late March.

• No stranger to working behind the camera, Kelsey Grammer has been tapped to direct CBS’ Conan O’Brien-produced pilot Vince Uncensored, per Deadline. The multicamera comedy will star Michael Chiklis, whose casting is in second position to ABC’s floundering No Ordinary Family.

• MTV is taking a trip down memory lane and reviving the classic alt-rock series 120 Minutes, says The Hollywood Reporter. Veteran VJ Matt Pinfield will host the weekly webseries at beginning March 18, and also a monthly small-screen version on MTV2 later this year.

The Insider anchor Lara Spencer is vacating her seat at the nightly entertainment news staple for a gig on ABC’s Good Morning America, Deadline reports. Spencer will serve as GMA’s new lifestyle anchor.

Which TVLine Items have you talking today?

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  1. luke@ says:

    Tyler Perry? Seriously? Epic FAIL

    • slipperyslope says:

      Totally agree. I was all in with Ed Burns and Matt Fox. But Tyler Perry as what I assume will be Alex’s partner? I was thinking Laurence Fishburne. Even if they are going for a younger vibe (since Alex Cross is probably mid 50’s in I, Alex), I’d still prefer someone like Malcolm Jamal Warner or Donald Glover.

      • Alyssa says:

        @slipperslope – he’s actually playing Alex. It was originally supposed to be Idris Elba but he backed out. Tyler was announced as Alex in January but it’s not on IMDB yet.

        • maggie says:

          The great Idris Elba did not back out. He was fired because the producer decided he wanted a bigger “name” to play Alex Cross. The producer told Entertainment Weekly:

          “Sure, Idris is a great actor; Tyler Perry is a phenomenon. Tyler Perry is one of the most significant entertainers in all of media… Tyler Perry is going to take this to the worldwide audience. It’s just a very different, much bigger opportunity…If you can get Tyler Perry or Will Smith, you try.”

          Worldwide audience? Doesn’t this guy know that Tyler Perry’s movies are rarely shown outside the US?

      • Christi says:

        Tyler Perry is going to play the role of Alex Cross, which I find odd and confusing. They should have stuck with Morgan Freeman.

  2. AlistairCrane says:

    Yuck, SyFy’s Americanized Being Human is awful!!! I implore you all to seek out and watch the original UK Being Human. It is far superior to its American counterpart in every department.

    • Kris says:

      The SyFy one is actually Canadian, not American but I think it’s quite good.

      • AlistairCrane says:

        It’s filmed in Canada but was developed by an American (Jeremy Carver) and 2/3rds of the cast is American.

      • Tania says:

        It’s American Kris. It’s filmed in Canada like some other American programs of this ilk; ie., Fringe. Did you think that The X-Files was Canadian?

        • Kelly says:

          Actually, it’s North American. While the EPs are American, the funding comes from Muse Entertainment, a Canadian TV/film producer, and rights are split between SyFy and Space, which is why it’s aired concurrently in both countries.

    • Tania says:

      AlistairCrane you are entitled to your opinion of course. However, the American version has its own feel to it and is very good indeed. It stands solidly alongside the Brit version very nicely. In fact, there are some Brits who actually like it. Btw, this is coming from someone who also watches the original.

    • maggie says:

      I agree that the BBC Being Human is superior to the American/Canadian version.

  3. Chris says:

    I really like Being Human and the British werewolf is such a crybaby! Josh has problems, but at least he’s funny.

    • AlistairCrane says:

      Josh is annoying. Give me George any day of the week! But I’m not surprised Americans don’t get George.

      • Tania says:

        I knew it AlistairCrane. Your snarky ‘But I’m not surprised Americans don’t get George’ comment reveals much. You suffer from the typical anti-yank sentiments. Don’t be such a xenophobe. Open up your mind even for a TV program. Oh wait….programme. :D

        Bottomonline AC, have a civil discussion not a snarky one.

      • Kelly says:

        This American gets George just fine. This American also got the original BBC pilot just fine, quite loved the show, and then loathed the recasts and plot changes and the fact that the BBC will never let the pilot see the light of day.

        This American stayed with the BBC series through the second, and then realized it was a waste of time. This American also quite likes the SyFy/Space remake, especially as it’s finding it’s own footing, and doesn’t quite understand why it is people feel this inane need to try some sort of one-upsmanship.

        Then again, this American has also been aware that television concepts, typically from the US or UK, have been sold to other countries for years, for those countries to do remakes rather than imports, and sees absolutely no reason why one should assume that a UK or US production would be inherently better than anyone else’s take on a concept. If there’s demand for a local version of a show, why the hell not?

        • AlistairCrane says:

          Wow, Kelly, thanks for your informative post. It just proves you are dumb. Sorry!

          • darclyte says:

            Stop being a wanker, Alistair.
            This American likes both versions as both have merits.
            I don’t like the North American ghost as well, nor do I like the werewolf’s girlfriend as well, but it’s early and they both could get better.
            I really enjoy Josh, he’s very different than George, and I like that they included his family. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE George, especially as he’s evolved, but Josh seems more like “evolved” George than early George.
            I also like Aidan much more now than at first. I LOVE Mitchell, but I think the actor who plays Aidan plays him with slightly more humor at times and slightly more human. Both are VERY good, ultimately.
            I don’t like that the American vampires can be seen in mirrors and on film. I like that the Brits kept the vampire the way most are portrayed. I do like the lead vampire in the North American version better than Herrick, but I think much of that is the actor.
            Both series have much more positives than negatives, and the NA version seems to have learned from the “mistakes” from the Brit version.
            I also really enjoy the fact that i can watch the NA version on Monday, and the 3rd season of the Brit version on Saturday.
            I have LOVED the idea of the series since I first read about it, and having 2 variations is great!
            It’s kinda like being able to watch Tim Burton’s take on Batman and Chris Nolan’s take on Batman at the same time. 2 slightly different interpretations of great characters.

    • maggie says:

      George is a much more fully developed character than Josh, who’s mainly comic relief. And George is played by a better actor, Russell Tovey.

  4. Jon says:

    So much for Fox’s self-imposed retirement from acting.

    • AlistairCrane says:

      He never said he was retiring from acting, he just said he was going to do film and theatre work because he has already spent a total of 12 years working in TV.

    • DL says:

      He’s been performing in a play at London’s West End with Olivia Williams. :P

    • jules says:

      He said he was done doing television so he could have more time to focus on movies and theater.

  5. Laurel says:

    It’s GREAT news that SyFy has renewed both Being Human and Face Off.
    The storyline plays out at a much faster pace on the US Version of Being Human than it’s UK counterpart.
    I like BOTH versions.

    Face Off was a fantastic show. Very creative and interesting see how they make all of those special effects on movies.

  6. Michelle says:

    And here come the UK trolls. Seriously, give it a rest. The US version exists. It’s actually pretty good. If you don’t like, that’s fine, just don’t berate the people who DO like it. Sheesh.

    I’m thrilled to see it get renewed! Can’t wait for more adventures with Aidan, Josh and Sally!

    • Alicia says:

      I agree! I LOVE the US version. I tried watching the UK one and found the werewolf to be annoying. But I hear the UK version is great so maybe I’ll have to give it another shot.

    • AlistairCrane says:

      Is the UK show too much for you to handle? I guess you don’t like it when your dumbed-down US version gets called out for the rubbish that it is.

      • Adele says:

        Yes, I have a hard time handling bad drama. I tried to watch the British show and thought it sucked. I turned the American version on in protest and was pleasently surprised that it was good. But it’s always been a trend, American Office and American Kitchen Nightmares are better too.

        • AlistairCrane says:

          The fact that you honestly think the US version is better than the UK original proves that you have no taste. But that’s Americans for you, always thinking their remade rubbish is better than the real thing!

      • Amber says:

        Don’t worry, Adele. I too prefer the American version and I have taste. There are many times that our remakes are not better than the original British version (Skins). I too like the pacing of the American version and find the lead actors more engaging. Also, there have been many British shows that are copies of American ones. Coupling comes to mind. It is a blatant Friends rip-off, but I still own every season on DVD and laugh hysterically at it. Law and Order UK uses actual scripts from the American show. So it goes both ways, Alistair.

        • AlistairCrane says:

          You don’t have taste—the very fact that you “prefer the American version” proves that.

          • Tania says:

            You’re a silly, silly little person AlistairCrane, but extremely funny. Keep it coming. lol

          • Amber says:

            Never mind the legitimate points I made. You’re right, having a different opinion than yours means I have no taste. Thank you so much for clearing that up.

  7. Amanda Leigh says:

    At last….EVIL JACK!!! XD

  8. elisabeth says:

    American here. I still love the original Being Human… exponentially. Tho, I will confess the remake is slowly growing on me. BH Canada/US version is beginning to step away from its predecessor. I’m curious to where it wants to go. Although, I’m still watching both; the remake takes me a week to find viewing interest.

  9. Michelle says:

    I LOVE Syfy’s version of Being Human. I’ve never seen the UK version, so I can’t compare the two. But it doesn’t matter – the U.S. version is great. I’m so happy to hear it’s been renewed.

    • AlistairCrane says:

      The American version is AWFUL. Please watch the UK original—your tune will change once you realize how much better it is. Then you’ll probably feel ashamed for ever having liked the American version, but you’ll get over it.

      • Tania says:

        ‘The American version is AWFUL.’ When will YOUR tune change? LOL…LOL…LOL…LOL!! We get it.

        • AlistairCrane says:

          The American version IS awful. Why would I start singing another tune?

          • beingenglishsucks says:

            being human uk would be good if uk actors could actually act outside of their anus

          • beingenglishsucks says:

            to add to this point, most decent english actors end up in the us because of the fact that in the uk tv is packed full of emotionless rubbish. its the typical shy englishman thing, to affraid to act properly incase its embarrasing so they just immitate trees and play wooden. I’m english and a musician/singer, trust me there r no roles for real actors because over here we all must be fake drama skool attendants who think emotion is to talk loudly and point a lot.

  10. RouxRaven says:

    I really don’t understand why people think Tyler Perry is so great. As for Josh vs George, I’d rather hang out with George than be put to sleep by Josh. This SyFy version seems like the creators are trying ideas that were rejected but judging by most American programming we would love them.

  11. jules says:

    Glad to see Matthew Fox will be back on the big screen. And playing an entirely different character than heroic Jack.

  12. Rosie says:

    This new role won’t be Matthew Fox’s first time as a screen villain.

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