Exclusive: Law & Order: Criminal Intent Lines Up First Guest Stars for Final Season

Law & Order: Criminal Intent is poised to go out with a bang as it lines up guest stars for its 10th and final season, which premieres May 1.

Exclusive: Criminal Intent Assigns New Captain

Neal McDonough, for one, will be appearing on the USA Network series, TVLine has learned exclusively. In an episode titled “The Consoler,” the alum of such shows as Boomtown and Desperate Housewives will play a Monsignor who does very good things for the Church, starting soup kitchens, orphanages, cancer wards and what not. Alas, behind closed doors he does bad things with the women of his parish.

Also guesting on one of Law & Order: CI‘s final eight episodes is Jeri Ryan, as a former CIA official who has started a private security company worth hundreds of millions. This no-nonsense businesswoman also is harboring a secret.

Having previously taught school at Boston Public and traveled aboard Star Trek: Voyager, Ryan also can be seen going toe-to-toe with Dana Delany on the new ABC procedural Body of Proof, premiering March 29.

Of course, Criminal Intent‘s final run welcomes back series vets Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe as Detectives Goren and Eames. Will you be tuning in?

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  1. mahajanssen says:

    Neal McDonough is great but I don’t get Jeri Ryan’s appeal. I saw her on ‘Shark’ and ‘Leverage’ and she doesn’t have range. She keeps playing the same character over and over again. My guess is that she keeps getting employed for her mere sexual presence than anything else. I could name so many other actresses with the same sensuality but who can also act!!!

    • billk says:

      Well name some! How can we play the speculation game without names? I do find Jeri Ryan physically appealing, her acting was better on Star Trek.

    • DL says:

      I really enjoyed Ryan’s turn on Leverage. I’d be happy to see her return.

    • maggie says:

      I agree that Jeri Ryan has a limited range as an actress. Her looks have gotten her farther in her career than talent, but that’s common in Hollywood.

    • Amhe says:

      Yeah, I hope Dick Wolf does better with the guest stars on the rumored “Law & Order: Miami” pilot. I mean Jeri Ryan… COME ON!

      I ‘heard’ Mary McCormack (“In Plain Sight”) might make another CI cameo, but IDK yet. I also ‘heard’ that CI might go out and do some filming in Los Angeles (“Law & Order: LA”), but again, IDK. Criminal Intent is the one show out of that franchise that can’t stay straight (glad it’s the final season and w/ V’DO)

      Will Chris Noth being returning Matt?

    • James Watkeys says:


  2. JuneCarter says:

    I know she’s “dead” but oh my, if they could only find a way to bring Nicole Wallace back so she and Goren can yank each other’s chains. Olivia d’Abo, where are you?

  3. Udengui says:

    Todo es esfuerzo que estan haciendo lo hubieran hecho en anteriores temporadas y cuidado de su dos actores principales D’Onofrio y Erbe, reamente es una laastima que se trate de la última temporada, es una de las pocas series policiales donde uno puede ver lo que es la investigación y sobre todo los interrogatorios. Quiero mas temporadas de LOCI

  4. Bob says:

    A terrible, reprehensible thing to ask (channeling Gilbert Gottfried here), but, do you know if she’ll be wearing her Seven of Nine costumes in any episodes of “L&O:CI”?

  5. Joe Jackson says:

    If ratings are very high what is the chance USA will rethink ending the show?

    • maggie says:

      I hope so!

    • Becky says:

      I’d rather see L&O,CI with Vincent D’Onofrio & Kathryn Erbe then any other actors. They are perfect together and make the show worth watching. PLEASE DO NO TAKE THEM OFF THE AIR……………

      • M A Reese says:

        AGREE!!!!!!! It has to be worth the time and money to keep this pair and continue the show.

      • Nancy says:

        I agree totally! I watch all the reruns with those 2! They are great, especially D’Onofrio, his character, Goren is fun to watch.

  6. JC says:

    I’ll admit it: I had no idea this show was still on the air.

  7. LMR says:

    I am counting the days!! Can’t wait to see the final season of one of the best crime dramas ever! I have missed Goren and Eames…

  8. Kai says:

    I stopped watching when Vincent and Kathryn left, but I’ll be back to season the final run now that I know they too, are coming back. Very excited.

    And I love Neal. He’s such an awesome bad guy.

  9. RG says:

    Of course I’ll be tuning in, because Vincent is back!! whoohooo!

  10. Dani says:

    I have not seen a new episode of LO:CI since Goren and Eames left, and I am very excited that they are returning for this last season. I have missed Goren a great deal! I face these last episodes with mixed emotions. I am thrilled to have new Goren episodes to enjoy, but sad that there will only be 8 more and then the show is over. I already know that I will miss him when we no longer have new episodes to see.

  11. Nicole says:

    I really like Jeri Ryan, but I don’t understand her having this role on CI. She’s really well known in the SVU world as defense attorney Patrice Larue and now she’s coming to CI in a different role. But then again, this is the L&O universe.

  12. Linderella49 says:

    This is terrific news. I will absolutely be back to see Goren and Eames. I did like the episodes with Chris Noth and Juliette Nicholson; Jeff Goldblum was good as well, but the oomph was gone without G&E. With any luck it’ll go beyond the 10 scheduled episodes.

  13. Ebluci says:

    I am just glad that Eames and Gorem are back. Stopped watching the show after they left.

  14. Theuresamaven says:

    I don’t believe that I missed a Goren and Eames episode of Criminal Intent, and will be sad as I view each new episode knowing that each one is bringing you closer to the end of the series. Erbe and Goldblum actually made a good team in the few episodes that they worked on together, and I would have watched them if Dinofrio was not available. Frankly, watching Dinofrio in the last few years had become very uncomfortable. The way in which “Nicole” was killed off felt unfinished and was a missed opportunity. I had always envisioned Dinofrio’s last episode as: Bobby walking into the sunset, hand in hand with Nicole, where you just knew that Bobby would spend the rest of his life making sure that his food wasn’t poisoned.

  15. Theuresamaven says:

    I don’t believe that I missed a Goren and Eames episode of Criminal Intent, and will be sad as I view each new episode knowing that each one is bringing you closer to the end of the series. Erbe and Goldblum actually made a good team in the few episodes that they worked together, and I would have watched them if Dinofrio had been unavailable. Frankly, watching Dinofrio in the past couple of years had become very uncomfortable anyway. The way in which “Nicole” was killed off felt thrown away, unfinished, and was a missed opportunity. I had always envisioned Dinofrio’s last episode as: Bobby walking into the sunset, hand in hand with Nicole, where you just knew that he would spend the rest of his life making sure that his food wasn’t poisoned, and loving playing the game.

  16. Ann Davey says:

    I am thrilled that D’Onofrio and Erbe are coming back. This was the
    very best show on TV in my opinion and not anywhere near that when they
    left. My husband and I were devoted fans but stopped watching when
    they left. We didn’t watch but a few episodes with Chris Noth, either.
    He was great as Logan on L&O but didn’t measure up on CI.

    We are delighted that G&E will be back but we wish the show would
    not end after eight more episodes. Can the network and the stars be
    convinced to stay?

  17. Laura says:

    Great news that Vincent and Katherine are back, but sad to hear it’s the final season. It’s been my favorite of the L&O’s since its inception. The new team didn’t seem to have the same chemistry. I never liked the former captain Danny Ross. It’s all about the chemistry and interaction that makes for a good team and Goren and Eames had it.

  18. Malissa says:

    I’m so glad Eames and Goren will be back. CI was my favorite for so long. I get really frustrated when writers get lost in getting so deep into the characters stories that they forget what they do best then everyone losses interest. I hope Nicole Wallace doesn’t come back. I hated her character. She monopolized way too much time. I love Vincent D’Onofrio.

  19. Dave Smith says:

    Jeff Goldbloom is boring.

  20. Stixx says:

    Dating myself here – but as an old ‘Columbo’ fan, Goren is a dark eccentric version of Peter Falk. He absolutely makes the series work.

  21. Dr. John S. Davey says:

    My wife and I congratulate you in bringing back D’Onofrio and Erbe
    We really valued the excellent script and their performances since
    2001 until the script they had to act stopped concentrating on
    solving crimes and brought in totally ridiculous pseudopsychological
    elements that rendered Goren’s character impotent and gave cause for
    his dismissal. We are glad that the script writers are having them
    solve crimes and that they are performing and are dressed like
    senior detectives. We hope they will continue past this season!
    John Davey

  22. Karen says:

    Don’t cancel the show!!! Goren and Eames are great, the banter, the writing has gotten better. So much more for the characters to flesh out. Recent episode, we didn’t know ‘who done it’ till the end. What can we do to keep it on??!!

  23. Karen says:

    Don’t cancel the show! Goren and Eames characters have so much more to offer!! Vincent D’Onofrio is brilliant!! What can we do?

  24. Nancy says:

    Love Goren and Eames. Was delighted they were coming back gone, but devastated that these are the final episodes. It is hard to find a series of this quality and will miss them greatly.

  25. debbie says:

    I didn’t even know that Goren and Eames were back! What an awesome surprise!!!!stopped watching when they left!!!Sorry it will only last one season!!!!

  26. Ann Davey says:

    I think D’Onofrio and Erbe are doing their ususally excellent job
    with CI this season. We would not miss a show for anything. However,
    I wish the writers would get over their obsessions with characterizing
    Goren as a hopeless case psychologically. We believe they spoil the
    show with making him “fail” as a therapy candidate. He is a brilliant, yes troubled, man who should be portrayed with some capacity
    for insight. Give him a break, already, and on with the show!!!

  27. Dr, Stephen Davey says:

    Congratulations on bringing back CI with D’Onofrio
    and Erbe who make the show. We apppreciate Erbe having
    a more major part. Thank you for casting them
    dressed and groomed in a manner which adds credibility
    to their roles as senior professionals. We especially
    appreciate the script writers staying with the detective
    issues. All that nonsense with Goren’s father being a
    serial rapist/murderer ruined an otherwise outstanding show.
    As respected clinical and neuropsychological therapists
    we would ask you cut out the psychobable and let Goren
    be a brilliant although eccentric detective. Thank you again.