American Idol Top 12 Results: Did the Right Person Go Home Tonight?

“America has spoken,” said the words across the screen at the start of Top 12 results night on American Idol. And apparently, the message is “bring on the boys!” Yep, for the second consecutive week (in only two weeks of the season 10 finals), the bottom three contestants were all female.

I’ll leave it to you to discuss whether that means the Idoloonie Nation is actually digging something known as “Lusky Stank” (please, God, no) or if the women of season 10 simply aren’t performing up to expectations. (Perhaps a results-night guest spot from Melinda Doolittle is exactly the kind of front-row training these chicas have been waiting for? Get on it, Nigel!) As for me, I’ve got a full episode recap to write — look for it to post overnight here at — so I’d better get crackin’! But before I do, a rundown on tonight’s festivities:

Bottom Three
Haley ‘Scarnato Shorts’ Reinhart
MySpace Contestant Karen Rodriguez
Naima ‘Robo-Strut’ Adedapo

Bottom Two


Guest Performers
Season 9 Champ Lee DeWyze: “Beautiful Like You”
Black Eyed Peas: A whole lot of foolery.

And there you have it! Did the right contestant go home? How did you feel about Karen’s sing-out/”save me!” performance of “Hero”? What about the performances by Lee and the BEPs? And who do you think is most likely to be at risk next week? Sound off below, and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Tracie says:

    I think Haley will go home next week. She has been really underwhelming from the start.

    • Unless somebody is atrociuous next week I think Haley is definetly going next week. You can’t be in the Bottom 3 two weeks in a row and not go home pretty soon after. Randy is confused by Haley and I think Haley is confused by Haley. She barely knew what she wanted to do when Ryan asked her point blank. I think Paul is in danger, as well as Jacob and Naima. But Haley is definetly the clear cut next potential person sent packing. Being the 11th person out sucks because you don’t get to be on tour, so big stakes next week.

      • Jon says:

        That’s not true. Syesha Mercado from David Cook’s season was in the bottom three practically every week!!! except twice or thrice I think. And she ended up in the top 3!!!

    • SpyKi says:

      She’s been better than at least half of the contestants. America has terrible taste.

    • Casey says:

      Karen was so boring, I’m not surprised she went home. I could barely remember she was even on the show. It’s true that Haley is in danger, but I’d rather see Thia go – she’s boring too. Haley seems to have more potential if she can find the right song to connect with. Thia seems stuck in boring ballad land and that’s the kiss of death – just ask Karen.

  2. Linda says:

    Karen sang “Hero” beautifully; Haley is the one who should have gotten the boot! Her body language onstage is annoying, too.

  3. Mals says:

    I felt the (so-called) Judges were harder on the girls than the guys while (I say this loosely) critiquing them. Case in point–Hayley was told she was pitchy and didn’t know what genre she wanted to be a singer in–James who was often off key in his performance was told he was great, brilliant, they loved him. Naima should have been the one to go home–except she has some dance moves that saved her.

    • Marianne says:

      I agree about judges being harsher on the girls (except Pia and Lauren). Haley – pitchy?? C’mon – that’s a load of cra*! They praise the drunken-uncle “dancing” Paul does but don’t like the way Haley moves? It really makes my head spin. Jacob should have been in the bottom 3 imo. I hope Haley KILLS it next week and shuts all the naysayers up. At least she has an interesting voice and tone, and can actually sing well live (ahem, Naima) and doesn’t b-o-r-e me to death (ahem, Thia)!

      Did anyone else notice that Haley was not shown a single second of the opening montage? (Or did I miss a micro-second?). I was sure that meant she was gone. Pretty rude.

      • AB says:

        Well-said Marianne, I agree with you. I think Haley’s voice & style really add to the show this year, and Paul’s moves are seriously ridiculous. It makes me wonder if there are any attitude problems behind the scenes. Why are they throwing her under the bus?

      • AlliK says:

        I agree as well! Haley is interesting and versatile. She sings in perfect tune every week. She’s funny and takes risks. I like her so much more than all the other girls, and many of the guys as well. Why are the judges and voters so much harder on her than, say, Jacob, whose overwrought style makes me cower on my sofa? It’s a mystery, but I agree she needs one performance that shuts up all these critics! Go Haley!

      • Dani C says:

        Totally agree! Last night and tonight it was almost a forgone conclusion that Haley would be going home…the whole thing w/Jimmy, the make-up debacle…..all during the results show she thought she was going home. I too hope she kills it next week; she’s way more interesting than about 70% of the other “singers”.

      • SpyKi says:

        Thank you. At least there’s some people out there with working eyes and ears.

      • Ken says:

        I agree. I found myself saying “poor Haley” over and over again since she gets no respect. The judges and producers are practically telling us to vote her off (they probably even disable her phone line…I kid).

        And both weeks she was in the bottom three she wasn’t the one that Ryan sent over to the couch safe before the final announcement. She needs a Kris Allen “Ain’t No Sunshine” moment next week.

  4. Paul says:

    Did anyone else notice how they bleeped Pia when she talked about her “Shih Tzu?” I mean SERIOUSLY!? What was that?!

  5. Paul says:

    Did anyone else notice that they bleeped out Pia when she was talking about her Shih Tzu dog? What was that about? I mean I know what it may have sounded like, but I think that was completely unnecessary! It’s a dog!

    • agrimesy says:

      I noticed that! I was like, whoops, they just bleeped Pia! She must have said b**ch in the actual dog sense! BUT NO!! All she said was Shih Tzu! Seriously!? Idol fail . . . sheesh.

      • Eolra says:

        Oh, I totally thought she said “She’s a b**ch too.” and I was like “Wow, that’s a little unusual for someone as peachy-keen as Pia…surprised Idol aired that…”. Totally makes sense now – Shih Tzu, yeah.

    • Micah says:

      Blame Janet Jackson. It’s called a 7-second delay. Better safe than sorry and risk an FCC fine. Not much of a big deal.

    • amy.. says:

      I thought they bleeped it to be funny, Plus the montage wasn’t live.

  6. cjinsd says:

    The right person went home for the second straight week. The girls will continue to be eliminated if they continue to be so damn boring. Quit with the ballads already. The only girl who’s changing it up at all is Naima…hope she stays awhile.

    • agrimesy says:

      I just shook my head at Haley and Thia tonight. They both claimed to have sooooo much more inside them that they promised to show if they made it to the next round. What are they waiting for? Every Wednesday, they’ve got ONE shot! That’s it! Haley’s up for three strikes next week. I have a feeling no matter how well she sings, she will go home.

      • Eurydice says:

        I was shaking my head, too. Especially with Thia being utterly clueless – “as an artist, I’m just me.” That’s the problem. She’s not an artist, she’s a 15 year old who can sing and she approaches every song like she’s trying to get an “A” on her homework – like her song this week which she thought would be totally relevant because it was about the environment and stuff. Does she actually care about the environment? Who knows, who cares.

        • engmathers says:

          What a great description of Thia’s performances! I agree that she can sing, but needs to mature a lot!

      • Pattie says:

        It’s called BEGGING !! and it makes people hate ya ! they need to sing for their lives every time !

    • Lunakit says:

      Did you see where JLo was talking to Naima at the tail end of the show and said that Mark would come mentor them this week on how to use the ear pieces? Hopefully that will help Naima! Love her as a performer…

      • Bill says:

        Totally agree. Naima has more star quality than Thia, Jacob, Lauren, and Haley put together. Her singing has been very disappointing but I have faith that she will apply herself. Girl has depth and discipline…and a heap of style.

  7. Jim says:

    1. The right person went home.
    2. It was a legitimate bottom 3.
    3. I love the exclamation marks.
    4. I love Idoloonies.
    5. I will stop numbering now.

  8. Andrew says:

    I think the Bottom 3 was right, but I think Haley should have gone. That being said, it’s shaping up to be a great tour to see.

    • SpyKi says:

      Yeah, get rid of one of the best singers and one of the most interesting contestants over terrible ones like Karen, Thia, Naima or Jacob. Makes sense.

  9. Gary says:

    I think this year has been underwhelming for sure. My guesses were that either Haley or Karen would go home, not because they were the worst, but because they have provided forgettable performances.

    Last night overall was bad, and some of these contestants must be paying off the judges because they are overlooking some terrible performances.

  10. Jason S says:

    Please enough with Melinda Doolittle already. She was boring on idol and I’m sure whatever she’s done post idol is boring. Now what I want to see is Carly Smithson’s Goth rock band We Are The Fallen! That album is probably the most relevant album ever released by Idol contestant.

    • Llopo says:

      You’ve forgotten Carly — your remembering a memory. Carly has a weak voice — she runs out of air half way through every song. Very unpleasant. I admit she starts off ok, but it goes south very quickly.

      • L says:

        You must be kidding and you need to check your memory! Carly Smithson has one of the best female rock voices they’ve ever had on AI. She should have finished Top 3 in that great season 7. She had powerful pipes. She also did ‘Alone’ during Hollywood Week and was awesome in that. She was not even my fave that season. My fave in that season was Michael Johns, for which we owe the “judges’ save.’ Season 7 was one of the best seasons.

    • Joe Martin says:

      Melinda Doolittle should have won that year. She was not boring. She put out an excellent album posr idol. Of course it would not pass your test. Michael is right. They could learn a lot from Melinda about performing. As far as I am concerned Michael can praise her as often as he wants. She deserves it.

      • Bill says:

        Melinda should definitely have won that year. She was one of the top five finalists in the history of Idol. America decided she was too old to win; that’s my opinion.

  11. Kim says:

    I hate the results show and all the phony drama. I’ll DVR it for the performances and watch the end. Otherwise it’s a waste of time.

  12. mooshki says:

    I think “Shih Tzu” was bleeped because of the running joke about having to bleep Steven Tyler. Or, their person who’s in charge of live broadcast censoring has an itchy trigger finger.

    I think Haley is a lot better than people are giving her credit for.

    I thought Karen’t entire performance was screaming “this is why I’m going home.” It was weak, and really off-key.

  13. Michael says:

    Acceptable Bottom 3. Ideally, it would have been Karen, Jacob and Thia. In my estimation(not that it counts all that much), Haley and Naima round out the weakest 5. Since Jacob didn’t go home, I’m happy with the next best ousting. Karen had the thinnest voice in the competition.

    Can someone explain why exactly the Black Eyed Peas are so popular. What a trifling mess.

    • Pattie says:

      I think Karen was to busy trying to, as she stated, “REPRESENT” I think she lost a lot of votes, no one wants to hear that, but then again no one will admit it either for fear of being labeled a racist.

  14. Paisley Quinn says:

    Adios, Karen!

    What a predictable result.

    Awful performances by Lee and BEP’s. I didn’t even recognize Fergie at first — her face looked so different. And what’s with the Lego-People hair on

    • Gailer says:

      I kept saying to my daughter that isn’t Fergie. I think it was a last minute replacement? I predict no girl will ever win Idol again.

  15. agrimesy says:

    Karen sang her “save me” song very well, but playing the mom card for pity pushed her over the edge for me. Of course, your mom wants you to stay! The judge’s hugs after were weird. Is JLo going to pull an Ellen and try to gift careers to the vote offs? I don’t like that.

    What is it with Ryan and the goofy questions for Steven? Let’s not talk about other people’s goo, n’kay?

    Oh, Lee . . . I couldn’t help thinking of the advice Adam Lambert gave Lee when he mentored last season. He basically told Lee to engage his audience more, wake it up and sex it up a little! It fell on deaf ears apparently. Yawn.

    Fergie, PLEASE go back to a solo career! You don’t need the autotuned back up singers.

    Not one boy has been in the bottom three yet . . . I’m not saying that the girls were unjustly seated, but there were plenty of reasons for Paul and Jacob to leave the comfort of the couch. I predict it’ll be Haley next week to go home. Even if she sings well, she doesn’t have a fan base to keep her safe.

    • Pattie says:

      We must all remember it is not about anyone being unjustly seated but how many people call in to support the one they “LOVE” .Some of the most popular stars on the air now may not be the BEST in voice but the best in putting on a show! we can sit at home and listen to a CD but when we go out we want to see a exciting show !

  16. Maria says:

    So happy Karen left, she was annoying me….

  17. Inpireluv says:

    America got the bottom 3 right!! Karen won’t be missed, accept by JLo!
    Lee dewyze=tragic & BEP=not good!

  18. NANA says:

    I think it will be Naima next week….Hailey is a much better singer.

    • Pattie says:

      Hailey may be a better singer (maybe)but Naima has more showmanship and that’s what it’s all about…like it or not !

  19. Sebastian says:

    i think it SHOULD have been Jacob. But though haley was GOING to be cut. But i think it was Karen’s time to go she definetely performed worse than haley but i think she can have a future in mexican-style latin music.

  20. JoeC says:

    I’m not sure why Michael likes Haley—I thought she butchered Whitney’s ‘I’m Your Baby Tonight’; the people got it right by placing her in the bottom 3.

  21. Denise says:

    Was that Fergie? Something is off/different. Surgery?

    • Jewels says:

      I agree.I think Fergie got a nose job.

    • Chris says:

      Agreed!! I said the same thing to the family! Her face was way different! I couldn’t figure it out! And she needs to lay off the bronzer :)

      • Pattie says:

        Yep ! I though the same thing, but the Grammy show was not that long ago and she looked totally different then, not long enough for plastic surgery and recovery time !she looked like a roasted chicken.

  22. cmb says:

    The Black Eye Peas deserved to be voted off.

  23. dj says:

    I agree with the person who said the judges have been harder on the girls than the guys. Was anybody worse than Paul this week? What about Jacob? I think they get a pass because the judges know they can do this really interesting stuff, so they want them around longer. Karen was doing the same stuff every week. Haley at least mixed it up, and they criticized her for it. At the same time, they praise Casey for the risks he takes. I find the judging really inconsistent, but then I always have. The things that make a performance magic are intangible.

    • AlliK says:

      Agree, agree! See our earlier comment thread above (around 7 p.m.). It makes no sense to criticize Haley for mixing it up and taking risks — especially when she sings on-pitch every week, which is more than we can say for many of the others who get a lot more love from the judges and voters.

  24. BobT says:

    Naima Adepoopoo needs to go home next week. She should have gone home this week. She was WAY off key several times and hey, this ISN’T a dance contest. Get off Haley’s case already, she has a great voice and just needs to choose her songs better.

  25. GMan says:

    Who was the female singer in the Black Eyed Peas?The gal did not look like Fergie! Who was she?

  26. Joe says:

    Apparently, betting on the Latino vote didn’t quite pan out for dear sweet Karen. Not only did she sing for life (quite well I must say) but she begged for it on stage (not so well I must say).
    But don’t fear Karen, we still may have a Latino American Idol. Scotty is 1/4 Puerto Rican after all. I’m looking forward to him picking up the Latino vote by singing an English/Spanish version of God Bless The USA next week.

  27. Karen says:

    Jacob needs to go home. I don’t know why the judges keep praising him!! He has had NO constructive criticism, so I’m sure he sees no reason to change his “pitchy”, wailing style.

  28. Tekkie says:

    Hmmm…the bottom 3 were valid, though not necessarily my choices. Karen went home and rightfully so…Hero was painful to watch and listen to.

    I don’t get the Haley love. She sounds like she’s on helium or something. Won’t buy anything the girls are selling this year. I’ll keep Crystal Bowersox on rotation instead.

    Lee sucked tonight. No it factor from him and the same awful out of tune monotone drivel he won with. The Tweens that voted him a winner must like his eyes or scruff or something.

    BEP’s did what they do, but Fergie was almost unrecognizable….what was up with her?

    Missing Colton, Caleb, Kendra and others who were passed over for this crop of underachievers. Why so much praise for performance over singing? Have to be honest and say – while I liked all of Casey’s performances so far I have no desire to buy then or watch them again with the exception of Georgia. Why won’t that boy showcase his musicality over the possessed growls and odd pronunciations?

    So disappointed so far…hearing faint chants of BOW-ER-SOX and envisioning Crystal with rug and mic stand In my memories while Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares” runs as a soundtrack. Wilson the Volleyball is perched on the edge of the carpet, with Jim Morrison and the naked Indian from WW2.

    Sorry…back to the ugly reality of season 10.

    • Chris says:

      That image of BOW-ER-SOX is quite possibly the best thing ever written…

      • Erika says:

        And where is Bowersox today? Anybody seen or heard of her performing anywhere?? AI is definitely not what it used to be.

        • Tekkie says:

          Not that she needs me to defend her, but following her on twitter she is going all over the country making appearances and has even sung at the Grand Ole Opry. Whether a country music fan or not, that is an honor to be asked to perform there. I enjoy her music and listen to her idol studio music as well as Farmer’s Daughter.

          I could be wrong, but I think that she will endure longer than most fly by nights, but it will be difficult when the music on the charts is laden with auto tune electronic repetitive tracks. Oh yeah, and she can hit the notes. All I’m saying is that last year I looked forward to her performances each week and I find myself this season wondering why I’m watching and when someone on season 10 is going to sing something I want to buy. Not happened yet.

      • Tekkie says:

        LOL … guess that’s was lack of sleep, St. Patrick’s Day, a recent viewing of Wayne’s World 1 & 2, and a crappy 2 nights of Idol will do to a person. ;)

  29. Bob says:

    I can live happily with Karen going home. Next to go should be Paul and Naima. They are both dreadful. Haley may not be able to find her artistic self among the songs they are allowed to sing but she’s a hell of a lot better than the judges let on.

  30. smathy rodgers says:

    I only ask that the singers SING in tune. After that it’s all icing on the cake. The best SINGERS are Stephano, Pia, Hayley and Scotty. We do not need another Lee Dewyze. AND passing on Kendra Chantrelle was criminal. Reminds me of when we lost Alexis Grace.

  31. Ben says:

    Naima and Jacob sounded awful and deserve to be the bottom two. But Karen was not much better. I really liked Haley’s Blue last week and thought she was OK this week, better than some of the bombs dropped by other contestants. The judges have lost all credibility by me and i plan to fast forward them from now on.

  32. Sean D says:

    Slezak, I must say I was very surprised in the last Idoloonies when you said a women will win this season. I know it would be a very reassuring thing to happen given the Lee DeWyze fiasco, but I think this is the weakest batch of female contestants I’ve ever seen watching the show (I started in Season 3). Lord knows Crystal Bowersox should have won, and Allison before her, and Carly before her, and Melinda Doolittle before her, but this year I’m finally secure in a male winner. Casey or Stefano, in my opinion, as things stand right now.

    Although, I feel it’s worth bringing up that I love Naima and Pia and hope they go very far.

  33. Violet says:

    MIchael, love your column, but your obsession with Melinda Doolittle is getting seriously annoying. She seems like a lovely person with a fine voice, but is not at all current, and never had a snowball’s chance of winning the show.

    It’s the same reaction I have when Richard Rushfield goes on and on about Carly Smithson. They are gone, so get over it. I say that with love.

    Otherwise, love the recaps and videos.

    • Eolra says:

      I don’t mind. Melinda wasn’t my fave while she was on the show, and her style of music isn’t the kind I would buy, but I’ve really enjoyed her appearances on Idolatry, and now Idoloonies. Slezak’s obsession with her is NOTHING compared to the one with Bowersox we had to endure FOREVER last season.

    • Joe M says:

      Melinda was the best performer that year, and should have won. She lost based on looks. I am glad that Michael continues to praise her. She deserves it.

    • takakupo says:

      Just because you’ve been eliminated from the ranks of American Idol doesn’t mean you’re career is over. Carly Smithson and Melinda Doolittle are relevant as Career musicians. They may not make a drop in the bucket kind of impact on the pop culture scene but that doesn’t mean they’re irrelevant and it most certainly doesn’t mean that you should disregard their chances of appearing on American Idol’s stage once in a while…or just once for that matter -____-‘

  34. Buster Cretin says:

    Lo Siento Karen! Looks like the Idol Tour just got a lot more tolerable!

    Karen was annoying and obnoxious, and I won’t miss her a bit.

  35. scorpo says:

    How in the hell did Paul not make bottom 3?

    • Linderella49 says:

      Ditto, ditto, ditto, Scorpo. I’d like to know how Paul made it to Hollywood! If he doesn’t go home this week, please send home Naima. I’m sure she’ll end up making a reggae album and probably win a Grammy, but she is not an American Idol. As for Haley, she is probably the most versatile singer because she can sing different genres, but there’s no hook – which is probably why Randy doesn’t get her. As for Pia, sorry – she’s either cruise ship or Broadway but not an American Idol. To me, AI is about pop or cw music – that means “Baby-Lock-em-Doors,” Little Miss Georgia, or Stefano.

    • Pattie says:

      For some reason a lot of the public likes Paul and that’s what it’s all about ! the phone calls pull the shots not the three judges!

  36. Gabrielle says:

    I’m so glad Karen went home. I hated how they kept saying she had flavor. She was so bland. Just because you sing in spanish and are latina, doesn’t mean you have flavor. HOLA! COMO ESTAS. ME LLAMO GABRIELA! There, now I have flavor. And she was so robotic. I can’t believe she decided to sing “Hero” for her save card song. She even used the same hand motions. UGH! SO glad she is gone.

  37. Jake says:

    Can someone explain why the judges “don’t get what kind of artist” Haley is because she sang R&B, country and pop and they “totally get the artist” Casey is after he sang big band, soul and grunge alternative.

    One is erratic. The other is eclectic. One leaves them confused. The other leaves them surprised. One doesn’t know who she is. The other does his thing.

    I say they both have no future in music. Both Warble their words. Make crazy eyes

    • Linderella49 says:

      Jake, I agree with your post up until the last line. I think they both have talent – but they both have presentation problems. In my view, Haley has the potential to be groomed because she does have a unique voice – Grizzly Adams not so much in spite of his quirky style.

  38. Jake says:

    Can someone explain why the judges “don’t get what kind of artist” Haley is because she sang R&B, country and pop and they “totally get the artist” Casey is after he sang big band, soul and grunge alternative.

    One is erratic. The other is eclectic. One leaves them confused. The other leaves them surprised. One doesn’t know who she is. The other does his thing. One shouldn’t tackle Whitney. The other is praised for tackling Cobain.

    I say they both have no future in radio. Both warble their words. Both make crazy eyes to the camera. But one will be gone next week and long forgotten like Haley scarnato. The other will win the whole thing like Taylor Hicks.

  39. amy.. says:

    So much Haley love is popping up…NOT a fan.

    I was thinking Karen was making a classy exit until she almost guilted the judges into keeping her. Embarassing!

    I hope Naima is safe next week and Haley goes.

    IMO Randy spilled the beans saying…”We’ve talked about this for a LONG time, er uh, tonight. They exchanged 3 sentences during her song. Me thinks the judges know what’s up ahead of time.

    Casey: Next week sing with your cool Jazz voice and TRIM your beard and CUT your hair!!!!

    • Pattie says:

      “DANG” you sound like Simon ! Glad he is gone!

    • Ben says:

      “Me thinks the judges know what’s up ahead of time.”

      HAHAHA ya think? They “talked” from the moment she started singing, through her whole song. They didn’t listen to a single note she sang. How can you listen while you’re arguing? It’s unbelievable fakery that makes the show look stupid.

  40. G- toronto says:

    Haley is actually a really good singer and her style is a cool bluesy cr&b meets country thing. I don’t get why people don’t see it! I wasn’t a fan if hers till she hit the big idol stage and I have to say she’s won me over with every song. So she does a differ t song every week- she sings them very well and is bringing something new every time.

  41. Chris says:

    a. Love Haley’s voice, thought her song last week was far superior to this weeks though. Awesome shorts.

    b. Didn’t even recognize Fergie, thought it was a guest vocalist at first. Boy, her voice is weak. Ugh. Great dress though. If that was really her.

    c. Agree with Jake above, in that the judges obviously pick their favorites, and have just destroyed Haley every week with non-sensical remarks compared to someone like Casey who they swoon over. For the same choices. Sigh. It’s no wonder she is in the bottom 3.

    d. Thia? Safe? Really? Pretty voice that has sung the same song EVERY week. She is supposedly going uptempo next week. Which uptempo Disney ballad will she sing next week? Chim Chim Cheree? She could even dance to that one. But she does get points for dressing in Pocahontas earth tones and looking the part last night.

  42. Rave_Moon says:

    My problem with the girls this year is that I don’t really love any of them. I really liked Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Melinda Doolittle, Carly Smithson, Alison Iraheta and Crystal Bowersox. For me, this year’s group of girls is just kinda meh. The few I liked got cut early & didn’t make it to the top 13, so no, I’m not surprised that the girls keep ending up in the bottom 3.

  43. Cath says:

    Was thinking Naima would be saying Ta-Ta but it was not to be. She’s likable anyway. Unlike Ms. Haley whose attitude I’m so over. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was being called out perhaps for shoddy work ethic behind-the-scenes. Somebody is certainly trying to teach her a lesson. The ONLY reason Karen went home before her is because Karen, although beautiful, likable and talented IMO, is apparently lacking something that the voting audience wants from her and not getting. Too nice perhaps?? Ridiculous. I am not surprised that JLo is going to see to the monitor issue. I would bet most of these kids have NEVER sang with monitors let alone the ear pieces and AI is notorious for having a crappy PA system according to Adam Lambert who was ALWAYS pulling that sucker out of his ear. Wouldn’t surprise me if that has accounted for most of their “pitch” problems. Too bad Karen may have had to pay the price for AI’s crappy equipment.

  44. Cath says:

    P.S. Thought Lee DeWyze did a great job with his own band. WHAT ON EARTH do people see in the BEP’s? WHAT????

  45. betsy says:

    HA! I was totally reminded of Haley Scarnato with those shorts on, too! And thought, man, if Simon were there, he would be making lecherous faces at her.

    Also, if Simon were there, he would have told Paul McDonald that he looked like a sick, drunk uncle and sounded like someone was choking him while he was trying to sing; he would have pointed out that Casey’s rendition of the Nirvana song was absolutely ridiculous and horrible; he would have called out Jacob Lusk for being totally out of tune and self-indulgent; and he would have pointed out to everyone that SONG CHOICE is the key. And singing well.

  46. Brenda Russell says:

    Stop criticizing Lee DeWyze- He had to shorten his performance of Beautiful Like You so the Black Eyed Peas could make me change the channel. Lee looked annoyed and I don’t blame him. After being told he was going to perform last week, he was dropped so JLo’s horrible video could be premiered. The song is nearly 5 minutes long and I noticed immediately he had skipped the 1st verse. Planned to cut down the song- more like had to in order to suite Idol’s time limits. His album is great- Beautiful Like You-the entire song is BEAUTIFUL- Me and My jealousy, Dear Isabelle, A song about love- you should check out his cd instead of judging his career on one performance- how about that. He is a really nice person-saw him live and is very appreciative of his fans. A class act-unlike you people who don’t know what you’re talking about. He and David Cook are the 2 best guy Idols EVER. And he was gracious as ever to the new judges and contestants.Also let them play their instruments although I believe only Paul, Scotty and Casey actually can play one. Pia-good needs some personality-Thia-the same, Scotty-knows who he is Lauren-great for country, Haley-UNDERATED-very unique voice James-marketable and very entertaining Paul-overated-voice is WEAK, Jacob-too over dramatic in the worst way, Naima- different- passionate-the other girls need to get some emotion like her. Stefano-iIdon’t see what all the fuss is about-He’s not that unique to me. All you Lee haters, get a life.

  47. Tee says:

    A few points:

    – Simon would have called out everyone on their dreariness, their lack of talent. I miss him.
    – why the hate for Haley? She can sing – like a 70s popstar…singers who didn’t have to pick a genre to make good music.
    – Naima is adorable and fun. She is about as out of tune as Paul, or Jacob, or Casey for that matter yet she’s the only one getting grief for it
    – Karen was awful – and needed to leave my TV screen immediately
    – Paul – while cute – is horrendous. I’m a fan of alt-country (Ryan Adams, Wilco, Ray LeMontagne etc.) and I fail to see how he could possibly fit into that genre. He can’t sing! It’s brutal!
    – I miss the semi-final rounds…
    – Lee DeWyze – he’s like Ambien!

  48. Vanessa says:

    I really like Naima but she’s not making good song choices and maybe I’m the only one but I can’t stand James… He’s no Adam… Stop trying Adam could actually sing (Motown Week) all James does is scream at the top of his lungs

  49. Gerrie Gillespie says:

    I cannot figure out why Naomi is even there- she has no talent at all- Pia is the only girl that has a shot at this one- and a guy WILL win this year- as usual! Not that they should’nt- there are a couple good guys on there.

  50. Lori says:

    James has said he has Asperger’s Disorder, which is likely the explanation for his slightly “off” social behavior that you’ve mentioned a few times now. Yes it can be off-putting, but he probably just has difficulty with all that subtle social cue stuff that most of us take for granted. For example, people cheering for you = good, you cheering for yourself = bad. Most people just “get” that, but if you happen to have a deficit with social things, it wouldn’t be something you would automatically “just know.” People with Asperger’s Disorder often have difficulty with both reading social feedback (facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, etc.) and putting themselves in others’ shoes. In other words, him cheering for himself doesn’t mean he’s conceited. Others cheer for themselves but on the inside. But if he has trouble reading others’ social feedback or imagining himself in their shoes, he may just not automatically grasp how cheering for himself might come across to other people. Maybe if you look at it through that lens, it will allow you to see him for him and him for his talent rather than dismissing him based on behavior that may not mean the same thing coming from him as it might coming from someone more socially skilled.