Glee Scoop: Kurt and Blaine Are Prom-Bound!

Kurt and Blaine are taking their Glee romance to the next level.

Just prior to Wednesday night’s PaleyFest ’11 panel honoring the Fox phenom, executive producer Ryan Murphy told TVLine that the duo — who shared their first kiss in this week’s Regionals-themed outing — will be attending the prom together later this season.

”That story is ripped-from-the-headlines,” revealed Murphy. “Can you imagine two boys wanting to go to the prom in Ohio?” Fellow EP Brad Falchuk added that “Klaine,” like the the show’s other super couples, would face their fair share of obstacles. “What [else] happens when people start dating?” he said, “Everything goes to hell.”

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Golden Globe winner Chris Colfer hinted that one of the obstacles might involve a separation of sorts. When asked if Kurt and Blaine would eventually transfer to McKinley High, Colfer responded, “Maybe half of them will… Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? That’s what they tell me. So even if they do go through some bumps in the road, it would be very realistic.” (Murphy all but confirmed that Blaine would eventually follow Kurt to WMHS when he revealed that the Warblers’ lead singer would audition for New Directions in Season 3.)

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Murphy also confirmed that Kristin Chenoweth’s April Rhodes will be back later this season, and she’ll be belting out the Glee original, “It’s 10 am, I’m Drunk.” (She returns to pester Will Schuester after her all-Caucasian production of The Wiz crashed and burned and she’s now performing in a one-woman show called Crossroads.)

Other Glee scooplets from Wednesday’s Paley event:

| Murphy announced that he’s making plans for Gwyneth Paltrow’s Holly Holiday — due for an encore after the current four-week hiatus — “to come back next year,” adding that, “Gwyneth is sort of the muse of the show. I’m friendly with her. And Brad has become quite friendly with her. She’s also somebody who I write on the weekends and say, ‘What do you think about this for an episode even if you’re not in it?’ She has opinions. She’s great.”

| Murphy says the show’s creators have long wanted to do an episode devoted to an album as opposed to an artist, and their wish has come true: Glee has been granted the rights to Fleetwood Mac’s legendary “Rumors.”

| Mercedes (Amber Riley) will be getting a love interest, Murphy confirmed. The showrunner revealed that he’s keeping an eye on the talent on Oxygen’s Glee reality show, airing this summer, for potential suitors.

| Matthew Morrison opened up about “star-crossed lovers” Will and Emma (Jayma Mays): “They deserve each other and would help each other so much. So I hope it happens.”

| The Rachel/Finn/Quinn love triangle is a huge part of the rest of Season 2, Murphy offered. Cory Monteith, for one, says he thinks it’s more interesting when “Finchel” is apart.

| As we hinted above, Kurt will return to New Directions. When asked about being away from the group for most of the season, Colfer accidentally spilled, “It feels good to be back.”

| Both Murphy and Falchuk explained that while they love the Brittany/Santana dynamic, the focus will now be Santana’s solo journey as she comes to terms with her sexuality.

| In the next new episode, Sue (Jane Lynch) assembles her “Legion of Doom” — Terri Schuester (Jessalyn Gilsig), Sandy Ryerson (Stephen Tobolowsky) and Cheyenne Jackson’s Dustin Goolsby — to take down New Directions. “They’re my trifecta of evil,” Lynch laughed. With Jackson’s return comes the reappearance of Vocal Adrenaline and Charice, Murphy revealed. The final six episodes of the season will be about Nationals and ND’s battle with its long-lost rival.

| Fans attending Glee‘s live tour this summer can expect about “80 percent Season 2 songs” as well as the continued story of the underdogs reigning supreme. And Cory Monteith will perform “Jessie’s Girl.”

| Murphy addressed rumors about his former Popular cast guest-starring on Glee: “I had a lot of them on Nip/Tuck, so I think probably not. But I’m still in contact with them all and love them all. Maybe Mary Cherry [though].”

Thoughts on all things Klaine, Finchel and everything in between? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Anthony Newhall says:

    What. This can’t happen.

    • Day says:

      Why not? They’re a great, adorable couple, and it’s well past time we saw a functional same-sex couple in a high school setting to show kids that It Gets Better.

      • any says:

        Really? Instead of having a beautiful coming out story for all the closeted teens out there who aren’t bullies they give a ‘I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU’ line to Kurt SOLELY because Darren Chris making out with a guy gets more views. What messages are being sent by this? How would this help people in the closet?

        Kurt deserves better than Blaine. Sam deserves better than to be a 2nd rate nobody who gets abused by all the girls.

        Just please. Two openly gay guys getting together happens all the time in real life. But overcoming the emotions of an attraction to a male and the feelings spawning with it would be groundbreaking for a show as popular as Glee.

        BUT apparently that doesn’t matter because DARREN CHRIS MAKING OUT WITH A GUY IS SO HOTT!!!!!

        • Fee says:

          “Two openly gay guys getting together happens all the time in real life.”
          No, it doesn’t. At least, not in public. What happens every day is that gay kids are bullied, or killed, or they commit suicide because they are being constantly told they are no good, or that they are not normal. What happens every day is that being gay is still not viewed as a good, or positive thing. And people suffer or die because of it.

          Kurt and Blaine’s storyline is just starting, and we have yet to see everything they will have to face together – they do live in Ohio. And if you want a well handled storyline about a person overcoming the conflict it arises when you’re attracted to someone of the same sex, you should watch Santana in 2×15.

          I’m sorry if your ship isn’t coming true, I’ve been there before and it sucks, but if you truly value a positive gay storyline in primetime TV, you should be happy that two gay kids are proud of who they are no matter who Kurt is being paired with. You should be glad that they are telling the entire world who is watching them that being gay is okay, that it’s okay being who you are.

        • 8daysaweek says:

          Um, nothing you just said made any sense at all. Absolutely nothing. Kurt had a great coming out story line. Over a year ago. Remember season 1?
          In the reality of the time we have to see Kurt’s journey on the show (3 seasons til he graduates, I believe) it’s perfectly reasonable that he would have a significant other this season. Personally I would much rather see Kurt explore his first real relationship with him than watch him pine over Finn for another year. THAT would be offensive and feed into the delusions homophobes have that all gay guys want to turn straight guys gay and are constantly checking them out, flirting with them, etc.
          Santana is clearly having a coming out story that involves overcoming the feelings of being in love with another girl and her fears and emotions about it. She can be a a bully but we’ve learning that it’s a defense mechanism for her to cope.
          The fact is that gay men and women have all kinds of different experiences with coming out. Not every one of their stories will fit into your romanticized version of what coming out should be like. Some kids know from the time they are very young that they are gay; some people don’t figure it out until they are middle-aged. Who are you to say what coming out means?

          • Faye Smith says:

            Bullying? You want to talk about bullying? Shaming? Ridiculing? Look at the demeaning way Christians and home schoolers were portrayed by the judges on the regional panel. Clearly there’s an agenda here that prides itself on being “progressive” and inclusive, but look at who they’re EXCLUDING. So before you all break your arms by patting yourselves on your backs at how you now can get good representation with all lifestyles being embraced, take a look at how unfairly represented Christians and home schoolers were in the last episode – let alone kids who are made to look like losers if they choose abstinence (meaning, what a joke the “celibacy club” is). Tell me – what’s more “alternative” these days than being celibate?

          • Kelnner says:

            The problem Faye is that you don’t see celibate teenagers committing suicide these days because they are being verbally abused, excessively bullied, beaten, rejected, and another dozen of opressive behavior like actions due to their sexuality. So show that their self-acceptance process is shared by other people and it can end it up well, as a hint of hope, is REALLY something to celebrate. Everything in a show like Glee is made fun of (how many times Kurt was comic relieve along the whole first season? – it is a comedy show, for god sakes!!!), so please, stop trying to create a case where the ones proud to fit are now consider the “excluded”, because it really does not fit as argument, and specially does not fit in the show. Christians can be seen in the show, and I do believe they will, but in a way that fits the context and not as a sunday morning class about something which is bragged already as a way of life for centuries. Get Real.

        • Juliana says:

          Having guys who are proudly out on tv are probably even more inspiring because it shows closeted gay teens not to be afraid. And they don’t have them kiss because “Darren Criss making out with a guy is hot” they do it because the two characters are now in a relationship and believe it or not gay or straight people who are dating make out, not to mention they’ve only kissed once (and a half) so get over it.

        • lolo says:

          If that was the case then they would have had Kurt and Blaine making out on Darren Chris’s first episode. And the kiss did not get more viewer’s. The episode declined in viewer’s from Sexy, the episode the week before. (Not necessarily because of the kiss, i’m assuming because of Gweneth Paltrow.)
          Also, Kurt has struggled with his coming out…for almost two seasons. It is only natural for him, now that he is comfortable with himself, to get a boyfriend. It is the next step.
          This is definitely a ground breaking storyline and it is helping many closeted and out kids. Because Glee has shown that coming out in high school doesn’t make all the problems go away, which is the truth. Too many shows show a teen struggling with their sexuality for an episode or two then they come out and poof everything is perfect, except they rarely get a love interest for more than an episode, and are alone most of the time. Glee is showing that kids will continue to struggle, but it still gets better. That by accepting yourself you can be strong enough to handle the hard times and even fall in love.
          Anyway we still do get the struggling coming to terms with sexuality storylines with Santana and Karofsky (he is getting an episode later in the season specifically for what you have stated Glee is not showing).
          I am especially happy to see Santana’s storyline because it is one we haven’t seen and is similar to my experience in high school. (without the singing and bitchiness)

        • Luna says:

          Actually, it’s great for gay teens to have a role model on television such as Blaine, who’s openly gay, and confidently so. He was a mentor for Kurt. I think it’s wonderful for gay teens to see people on TV who are completely comfortable with being gay.

          • James says:

            Don’t forget that Blaine is “out, and comfortably so” in a vary rare kind of school with a zero-tolerance policy on bullying (which is enforced). Blaine would probably not be so confident and comfortable at the kind of school most kids go to. I agree it’s good to see a strong (and awesomely cool) gay character on telly, but I’m not sure how well the kids who are really struggling with their sexuality at a rough school will relate and take courage. Still, anything’s better than nothing.

        • Mariah says:

          Actually, Glee does have a story line of someone struggling with feelings for someone of the same sex–Santana. Santana has always been with boys, and in “Sexy” Santana finally realized that she’s in love with Brittany. I thought it was a touching and emotional moment. And in this article, it said that Santana would be coming to terms with her sexuality. So Glee does have what you’re looking for, just in the form of Santana instead of Kurt and Blaine.

        • dance says:

          That’s not why they did it, I’m guessing, to get more views. This is the first time a gay couple has been on Glee, and if you’ve been actually watching, the beginning of season one Kurt was struggling with coming out, halfway through season 2 Karofsky was (and still is, although the spotlight has been off of him for awhile) and now it’s Santana. They’re an adorable couple, and it gives a new angle, a functional gay couple instead of all of the unreturned feelings, and sends the opposite message that you say it does.

        • trixie blue says:

          Well YEAH!

        • donna says:

          Blaine is perfect for kurt! Its the best part of the show, He’s already showing great qualities. I know about 50 people that agree!

        • shen says:

          yes “any”, actually it important. i don’t know if you’ve paid any attention but Karofsky is still in the mix even if they haven’t been focusing on him. He’s a kid struggling with his sexuality isn’t he?

        • kevin says:

          That is what they are doing with Santana’s story it is all about the overcoming the emotions of an attraction to the same sex

        • Carolina says:

          I almost cry! I looooove Klaine!

        • L.Kelly says:

          The alternative is to have a single gay depressed character, while almost every other character in the show is in a relationship. i think what they were trying to show is that things aren’t all doom and gloom if you are gay.

        • Sexy Boy says:

          Are u Gay ? hahaha me too

        • Lolthatsinteresting says:

          Ummmm hello… So Kurt came out in season ONE… He had issues with it and was bullied AND LEFT THE SCHOOL…he was insecure but learned to be confident! & now he’s dating!
          Isn’t THAT what you WOULD want for a role model to gays… Someone who overcame insecurity and became happy of who he is and his life.
          Oh, and I don’t understand your problem with DARREN CRISS he is also a good role model for gays… And if you want to watch someone insecure watch santanna. Goshh, if you support gays you’d be happy for him.

      • alicea says:

        Maybe he was talking about Holly Holliday being back for Season Three.

        (I know, I know, probably not as the post is being updated… just go with it.)

      • kay says:

        they cant break up it cnt happen fans everywhere will be disgusted if this happens thy should get it on big style go all the way.
        if kurt goes back to nd klaine will split

      • Karen says:

        This sucks because Blaine looks like he’s about 30 years old and Blaine takes up way too much time. Face it! Blaine is taking away character development time from all the others! His solos are wastes of time, non-emotional, and he is an altogether BORING character. Kurt can have a boyfriend, but Blaine should stop getting so much air time. I hope the school just embraces them as a couple, and moves on quickly to the other characters.

        • Elise says:

          I’m sorry, but that’s not really what Blaine’s characte is about.
          He was created to show that, while maybe a homosexual’s persons family isn’t very comfortable about their sexuality, or is angered by it, it IS possible to be completely comfortable with yourself being gay. We see all these characters coming out, or struggling to do so, and we think, ‘Wow. But what about bullying and depression? What about the other things a lot of people go through. And we have Blaine, someone who’s already come out, has shown it’s possible to deal with it, and helps others. He just happens to be a really great singer, and someone that represents a mentor, a friend, and, now (thank god), a significant other.

    • Michael says:

      I am really smitten, yes smitten, with the romance between Kurt and Blaine. I like to think that their prom kings dance will maybe open up a few doors to those watching glee in less tolerant areas. If it’s accepted as the norm and they’re not smeared with the cheating and lying the other glee couples face – we can have a couple that’s functional, that goes through their ups and downs and just happens to be gay… almost like an afterthought.

      I’m really loving this story in season 2.

    • Eva Klein says:

      I’m must admit I’m a bit disappointed by this season…I really thought the main interest would be Quinn’s baby and the problem around the fact that it’s Rachel’s mother who adopted it…(since adoption is normally something anonymous, well I don’t know in the US, but it is in France) I thought it would have been interesting to make them found out about that and to see them dealing with that problem, Quinn realizing she should have kept the baby or…well you get my point ;)

      Also, I honestly think there are too many characters…The number is actually not the source of the problem, but the way they all have been introduced in the show was in my opinion too fast…Moreover, the ones who were on the show since the beginning haven’t been fully exploit (we still haven’t met Rachel’s fathers…).

      Furthermore, I think there are too many couples, like one per week almost! How can people start to like a couple if it only lasts an episode (Rachel/Blaine was a really nice plot, it could have been interesting to see how Blaine and Kurt BTW deal with their sexuality, etc…) And unfortunately, I have the bad impression they only create ‘gay couples’ to have gay couples in the show…It’s a good think I’m not saying the contrary, it’s just that they don’t develop enough the relationships between the characters : (Santana/Brittany sounded just so wrong…it’s like they discovered they were gay in 10 seconds…really?)

      Anyways, even if the show could be even better, I satisfied with what I have and the songs are still super great, I’m just saying it’s a shame…

      • Jet says:

        Really? Santana/Brittany sounded so wrong? I disagree, there have been many little hints that the two of them are more then friends. Yes, I agree the whole “i love you” thing was pretty shocking, but like in real life they have been exploring their feelings. It makes sense that a person like Santana would have so much trouble coping with those feelings. It’s one thing to “fool around,” but when you realize it might be more than that it can be very troubling. Plus, often times people focus so much on the gay/straight thing that we forget that there really are bisexual people. Sexuality is fluid, and it seems that Brittany is perfectly comfortable with that. Santana, who is a very sexual being, is obviously struggling with what her feelings mean, and with the possible labels they will place on her. I only hope that she continues to refuse to be boxed in by the names other people give her.

        • Robert says:

          Well, see, the thing is, after Puck was in juvenile prison, and Santana & Brittany were in bed together for that one short scene, Santana said that she didn’t have true feelings for her and she was only doing that because Puck was unavailable, and to “aid her digestion”. She was even more straight than gay, considering in an even earlier episode how she proudly stated that she had sex with every guy in the school, but didn’t say the same about any women.

          As for Kurt/Blaine, I really don’t care how many kisses or “I’m made for you!” scenes they have together. If they start bringing out the creepy sex (and especially considering they haven’t even shown sex from any other couple), that’s when it gets unforgiving.

          I am excited that they’ll be doing an episode devoted to Rumours, though.

          • BatmanFanGirl says:

            “If they start bringing out the creepy sex”

            Umm I’m not sure what you mean by this and would like you to clarify before I stand on my soapbox.

            AS far as sex on the show, they haven’t put in any all out sex scenes on the show, though the have had some pretty intense racy scenes, and a lot of heavy make out scenes. So if Kurt and Blaine did this, would that be a problem for you? IF so you might have to not watch the show anymore if gay make out sessions bother you but straight ones do not.

        • Eva Klein says:

          Yeah, Ok I get your point. It’s not the fact that Santana is bisexual or anything else that is weird, it is that they didn’t developed enough this “side” of her personality or even her relationship with Brittany. At first she was just a background cheerleader who slept with everyone and stuff. And then, the only scene I remember telling me “what the…” was in the 4th episode of season 2 (if I remember well) when she was in bed with Brittany… And that was WITHOUT any explanation! It’s as if on next tuesday we discover Finn is actually gay…I’m sorry but that is stupid! It doesn’t make any sense! As I said, I have the impression they created gay couples only to put them on TV and convey the message that being gay is cool and it’s hard for gay people to do their coming out and blablabla (which is true, and a good message to send, especially in the US) but how do you want to convey such important message (since it’s still controversial nowadays) by telling their story so badly ?

          • Kimberly says:

            Seriously? Brit & Santana have been making out since the show started. You never noticed? Because it was pretty obvious, and referred to on many occasions. She isn’t necessarily gay either. She has feelings for Brit, not ALL girls. There’s a difference. There are a lot of kids in high school these days that are very confused about their sexuality, and this is very realistic. There is one gay couple on the show, and you’re sitting here talking like everyone on the show is gay. The fact of the matter is, this is all very much like real high schools everywhere. And it is VITAL that these kids who are living this confusion and fear in real life get a positive message somewhere.

            Also, at the end of the day, Glee, like every other show on television, is mainly for entertainment. Let it be that. Stop acting like every show has to be forced into some groups agenda.

      • Rachel says:

        I couldn’t agree more with you!! The 1st season was so great but they covered too many areas, and now they are having to pick out ideas from everywhere (Or repeat ideas, just with different characters), and that means so many relationships!! It has defiantly been a disappointment but I still watch it lol

    • Cakey says:

      Really? I think it’s a brilliant idea. My only complaint — I would have gone with “Blurt” instead of “Klaine.”

    • tyler says:

      It would be AWESOME to see Kurt & Blaine go to prom! I hope they can find some way to make it happen on the show. Darren Criss and Chris Colfer are phenomenal in so many ways, and it’s an inspiration to see these two great actors (and singers) get together :-) And I hope Mary Cherry makes an appearance! Please Ryan Murphy?!?!

    • Kim Havlick says:

      I would like to see Finchel back together they are part of the reason I love gee so much , Both of as a singer’s have treffic voice’s . Also I can wait to see what becomes of Blane and Kurt as they try out their new realationship. I loved this week’s episode of orignal Song’s but why are they going back to haveing new one’s in April again . They just came back with like 5 or 6 new episode’s and now for the rest of this month no new one’s

    • Sall says:

      Why is this show still even on. It’s so boring. The first episode of the first season was okay, and then it turned into this romance fest with dancing. If I wanted to watch Saved by the Bell, I would watch Saved by the Bell. At least it had Zack, Kelly, and Mr. Belding. Not this Lia Michaels woman whose voice sounds like nails on a chalk board. Heck even my Cat’s annoying ‘after-bathroom’ cries are more soothing to the ears than her voice. You know, maybe the show would be better without her. It’s a drama/comedy, they really don’t know what they are, but whatever; why not kill off characters then? She’s due.

      • MC says:

        You must be crazy!! I don’t know what kind of awful music you listen too, but it has obviously damaged your hearing & ability to recognize talent! Lea Michele has been in many BROADWAY shows since she was 8!! Yes, many people think that Glee, like many other TV shows, edit their people’s voices. This is not true, they sound almost EXACTLY the same LIVE as they do on their album!! If you make it on BROADWAY, you know you have talent. Lea Michele did, but she wanted to expand her horizons & decided to audition for this. So she did. & It was one of the greatest decisions of show biz ever.

        • beth says:

          I absolutly agree. The fact that she was on broadway just proves that she has to have at least some talent. Not to mention that the cast had to audition with both speaking and singing before they could be put on the show. I mean, even the woman who plays Sue Sylverter can sing!

        • Drake says:

          You’re kidding me, right? They sound very different live from what they did in their first season. One of the things that annoyed me about season 1 is that they auto-tuned them within an inch of thier lives, and I KNOW they can sing.

      • Glee Girl says:

        SUE IS CRAZY
        I REST MY CASE

  2. Ruby says:

    This will be wonderful! Love that this show is taking such big strides with its gay characters. It’s about damn time someone has some balls on this subject.

    • Steven says:

      That already happened on Queer as Folk in 2000. I live on Long island in New York and you can bring whoever you want to prom.

      • Bamabunny says:

        A: “Queer As Folk” was premium cable, not broadcast network TV.
        B: Long Island is NOT suburban Ohio, which is probably a little closer to Fulton, Mississippi re: acceptance (NOT) of gay couples at the prom.

        Guess what; MOST teens don’t have every channel known to man. MOST teens aren’t lucky enough to live in more accepting communities. Hell, I thought this was important in that it was treated no differently than any straight couple sharing their first kiss. I haven’t been this giddy over a kiss since Jack & Jenn on “Days.” DAMN I’m old.

        • Steven says:

          Calm down. I was just stating a point that it’s been done before before everyone seems to think this is groundbreaking when it isn’t. This is a topic that has been tackled before. No need to list things like I don’t know what I’m talking about.

          • Tom says:

            It is, however, not a topic that has been tackled on primetime network television, on a show directed at teens, on a show with more than ten million viewers a week. In this sense, it is indeed groundbreaking. Comparing Queer as Folk with Glee just doesn’t work, however much I adore both shows. Undermining Glee’s social impact because it’s done somewhat similarly before on a cult show (QAF) or daytime (e.g. ATWT) is unfair and holds no substance.

          • DUH says:

            you don’t know what you’re talking about. it IS groundbreaking to have this addressed on a primetime broadcast network tv show with such a large audience.

          • Jen says:

            Let’s all DREAM of the day (and keep trying to bring it about) when it won’t be a big deal anymore. But it IS. Ten years ago Ellen merely said the words “I’m gay” to another character she wasn’t even going to date or kiss or anything and advertisers dropped out and none of Ellen Degeneris’s phone calls were returned in Hollywood for over a year. Every time Luke and Noah kissed on As The World Turns (two gay teens – was it 2007?) people counted them online and there would be months between kisses at first, whereas all the other couples would make out 5 days a week! Someday we’ll be able to have gay couples treated like all the other couples on the same show. And the groundbreakers like Glee and Brothers and Sisters are bringing us closer to that dream.

        • Ing says:

          Actually, I LIVE in Ohio, in a suburb of Cleveland. When I went to Prom 4 years ago, we had not one but TWO gay couples come together, and both the couples were men. It was totally fine, and accepted. I realize people like to think that Ohio is filled with redneck hicks, but it’s not true. So the show taking place in Ohio and having two gay guys go to Prom together should not be as big of a deal as people are trying to make it. Now, according to the storyline, maybe, since McKinley High does not seem to be that tolerant, but don’t say it’s because it takes place in Ohio.

          • V says:

            But this show doesn’t take place in a suburb. (Barnabunny, you were wrong on that. It’s not suburban anywhere.) It takes place in a small town in Ohio. It’s not any particular state that has that attitude, but smaller towns and more rural areas, especially in the middle of the country or the South, tend to be more insulated communities and thus less accepting of differences. Not everywhere, and not all communities, but it’s a tendency, and probably one that comes about because people who are different tend to leave for more hospitable places, rather than stay and fight what might feel like (and in many cases is) a losing battle.

          • Mara says:

            I agree with V. I go to college in rural, small town Ohio, and the region is very, very conservative. But a lot of my friends are from the big cities in Ohio, like Cincinnati and Cleveland, and in some ways they are more sophisticated and cosmopolitan than me coming from suburban CA.

          • Ing says:

            Of course, this is also coming from a TV show that thinks that Lima and Westerville are close to each other, close enough that they can go get coffee in one town before going back to the other. In case you aren’t from Ohio, Lima is out by Findlay, and Westerville is a suburb of Columbus. They are TWO HOURS away from each other! considering Kurt still lives at home in Lima, that is QUITE a long way to go to school everyday. Not to mention, Lima isn’t that small of a city. It has at least 40,000+ people in population and is 12+ sq. miles. Just saying…

          • Kelly says:

            Just picking at details, don’t mind me, but I don’t think Kurt DOES still live at home, because at one point Finn said something about not talking to Kurt since the wedding – one would assume that if they both lived in the same house, they’d’ve at least talked to each other.

          • Dan says:

            @Kelly – He does still live at home, because in that same sentence, Finn says that it’s weird that they haven’t really spoken because they still live together.

          • North of Lost In Mid America says:

            Okay, I live FIFTEEN MILES from Lima, Ohio… and I can tell you it would not be accepted. We’re talking a very small city surrounded by farmland. Very conservative and since I’m from there I can say it… very ‘redneck’ (if you’re not from ’round here those are ‘fight’n words’). Our communities are not BAD – just very behind the times. And this would be EARTH SHATTERING in Lima.

            I, for one, cheered when they kissed. I love the Kurt/Blaine relationship and think it is wonderful! And am even more impressed with the fact that the two men Chris has kissed this season are BOTH straight actors!

            Well done Chris, well done Darrin & well done Ryan!

          • MZ says:

            I live in Ohio too, and I agree that just assuming midwest= bigots is annoying.

          • Jenny says:

            EXACTLY, ING!!! People think Ohioians are all conservative and closed-minded but it’s just flat out not true. Westerville (where Kurt and Blaine go to school) is a suburb of Columbus (where I live). Columbus is a very gay-friendly city with a large LGBT community. Two girls in my high school class went to prom together and no one blinked an eye about it- That was 6 years ago. Also, Lima (which, as someone else pointed out, is 2 hours away from Westerville) is not that small. It has 40,000 people. Westerville has 35,000 and is, like a said, a suburb of Columbus which has 750,000 people. It’s not New York City, but it’s by no means small town Ohio. Ryan Murphy has no idea what he’s talking about.

          • North of Lost In Mid America says:

            @Ing I agree with the Lima/Westerville thing. I keep expecting some one to clue Ryan in (who BTW is from Ft. Wayne) and one of the characters say, “I don’t know why they keep saying we’re in Westerville; we’re in Westminster!” Which is a small town less than 10 miles east of Lima and has little in it but a Pork Rind factory.

          • Josh says:

            Ryan Murphy really bugs me. Instead of them just going to prom, my guess is there will be a bunch of angry people up in arms at the thought of Kurt and Blaine going together. If he really wants acceptance, treat it just like any other relationship, and any other couple going to prom.

          • buckeyegrrl says:

            @Ing– I used to live in Columbus, and I laugh every time there’s one of those Lima/Westerville references.

            I think there is a wormhole in the Glee-verse Ohio, that not only allows one to get from Westerville to Lima in a few minutes, but makes it easy for high-school students to write two original songs, polish them, choreograph them, get new costumes made, etc. in a couple of day’s time! :)

            Just one of those Glee-isms that are maddenly annoying and endearing at the same time!

          • Abbe says:

            I live in Ohio, too and I got a kick out of Blaine saying “I’ll still see you after school every day.” Really? It’s about a two hour drive from Lima to Westerville. I’ve been reading ahead and want to comment. I’m considered “conservative” in most of my views, but have always had gay friends, have volunteered at the AIDS Housing Council, really enjoy seeing these two special kids kiss for the first time, (it was done beautifullyand I’m what you would consider “old.” All the old barriers are being broken down. Don’t assume because someone isn’t Liberal they might not have some liberal views. And following some of this thread, I’d love to see a scene where Kurt and Blaine are hugging, holding hands, or even lying down and making out a bit. It’s normal in any relationship and should be portrayed that way. I don’t want to see them treat this relationship any differently than the others. I hope Kurt and Blaine get to dance at the Prom and I hope, like all couples, they enjoy a special kiss or two while they do. It’s time to get over the hurdles. Go Klaine! I love this story line! I only hope Blaine decides to go to McKinley High because I’ll miss seeing him. And p.s. Kurt and Blaine are young enough to be my grandkids, so you know…..and I’m straight, so you know. :-)

        • EE says:

          It might be better to compare it to Buffy, where they had two women in a relationship and didn’t make a big deal about it. It took awhile for the network to let them kiss on-screen. But that episode aired nearly a decade ago, when most high schoolers were small children and probably didn’t watch it.

        • howbeth says:

          Am I the only person who remembers watching Jack McPhee take a boy to Prom twice on Dawson’s Creek? Granted the first time they wouldn’t sell him actual Prom tickets so they gang threw an alternative Prom, but still the “boy brings boy to Prom” thing has been done on network tv before, even in the small town setting. Even though it has been done before I personally can’t wait to see Klaine at Prom!!! I’ve loved Darren Criss since he was Harry freakin Potter!! I also wish they would write in some sort of reference to the Very Potter Musicals for all the fans, and it would be awesome if Darren would write one of the original songs for the show. He’s so talented, I’m so glad he’s on my favorite show!!

    • Eric says:

      Ever heard of Degrassi? This has all been done before, and much better.

      • Steven says:

        Exactly my point!

        • lauren says:

          While Degrassi is great and yes, groundbreaking it is not, just like QAF, available to every household. Nobody is trying to say that this type of story has never been done before. It has just never been so available to kids. I grew up without cable and never saw anyone gay on tv let alone a gay teen. The closest I got was Jack on Dawson’s Creek, which wasn’t exactly the most uplifting portrayal. Though definitely ground breaking and I loved every minute of it. I watch shows like glee now and see how i was jipped.
          This is just a good story that is helping many kids and by blowing it off showing all the ways it has been done before isn’t helping. Yes it has been done before (though this is being told in a new voice) and it needs to continue to be done. Being able to count the amount of gay teens on tv on one hand isn’t enough.

          • Lilly says:

            I disagree. In the last few decades teen shows have led the way in including gay characters. Degrassi, Dawson’ Creek, Buffy, the OC, and Gossip Girl are some of, if not THE, most popular teen shows of the last couple decades. Plus I watched gay characters on tv since I was a little kid, in Will&Grace and Friends and other really popular shows of the ’90s. It’s more popular shows aimed towards older generations that have been slower in including gay characters. Since Glee is so popular and watched by the entire spectrum of age groups, and older adults still control the media, they’ve portrayed it as revolutionary b/c THEY aren’t used to watching shows with gay characters.

          • Linnea says:

            Is everybody kidding me?? I love Glee and I think the whole Kurt storyline is fantastic, but to say that it’s groundbreaking is a ridiculous notion. EVERY SINGLE teen show on television today (and many in the last decade) has/have had a storyline about a gay character; it’s almost unacceptable not to. To name a few incredibly popular ones from the top of my head: Gossip Girl, 90210, Greek, Friday Night Lights, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Degrassi, Ugly Betty, Buffy, Dawson’s Creek and does anyone remember My So-Called Life in the early 90’s?? Maybe it’s the fact that Baby Boomers are seeing this type of thing for the first time, but for anyone under the age of 30, gay teen characters and their story lines on TV are nothing remotely new. What I personally find groundbreaking is the UK show Skins, which had a gay main character and didn’t even touch the topic of homosexuality as an issue, but merely treated him as a normal member of the gang. THAT shows tolerance. But I guess it is Europe…

          • Bre Rose says:

            Kids reeeeaaaally shouldn’t be watching Glee though. And I say this as a kid. Yes, it’s cool, but it’s already been done before, and Glee was originally supposed to be about a show choir not “themed episodes reflecting the progressive values of American society”. Now, before you flame me, seeing Kurt and Blaine kiss brought tears of joy to my eyes.

      • Tom says:

        To my knowledge, Degrassi is a Canadian show. They are much more liberal than the United States. Secondly, Glee has about ten to fifteen times more viewers on average, rendering Degrassi a mere footnote in comparison. Coming from a country in which gay marriage has been legal for years – one where all are equal under the law, regardless of sexual orientation – I gotta say: America needs Glee. So even if Degrassi “did it better”, I don’t think it’s fair to rip Glee for promoting equality. Kind of defeats the purpose, huh?

      • CD says:

        Difference- Degrassi sucks. Glee does everything better than Degrassi w/o being so overdramatic that it isn’t believable at all.

        • Benji says:

          Your calling Glee believable and not overdramatic? Glee is undeniably cheesy. & The closeted jock storyline was done a lot better on Degrassi.

    • Susan says:

      How quickly we forget about “Ellen” and her relationship with Laurie in season 5 of that mediocre-turned-ground-breaking sitcom.

    • samantha says:

      i agree, as a lesbian i wish we would see more homosexual people on tv, not saying it because i am gay but so more people see that its not some earth shattering disease and you can’t catch it…

      • Amelia says:

        Agreed. I am 24 & the only other time I remember seeing a lesbian or gay relationship portrayed on a TV program is on E.R (and that was done very subtly). Linnea mentioned a gay storyline on these shows “Gossip Girl, 90210, Greek, Friday Night Lights, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Degrassi, Ugly Betty, Buffy, Dawson’s Creek”. I would never watch Gossip Girl or Ugly Betty, and I’ve never heard of the other shows – they aren’t shown where I live (in New Zealand). Buffy is a fairly old show, it hasn’t been on (my) TV for years… and I never watched it when it was on.

        So it’s very possible for people under 30 who watch TV shows regularly to have not been exposed to a gay storyline. The same goes for my 13-year old brother (and 8-year old sister) who watch Glee.

  3. Ang says:

    Ugh. Blaine is horrible for Kurt. Kurt deserves a boyfriend who chose him first… not third.

    • Becca says:

      Hah, what universe are you living in? High school kids are always changing who they have a crush on. So it took Blaine a little while to realize it, but he obviously adores Kurt. It’s not like he’s just dating him as a last resort or something.

      • MontanaGirl says:

        Thank you! One of my friends had a new crush every week for…forever! It’s totally realistic for Blaine to not realize his feelings for Kurt until Kurt gave him a couple verbal slaps upside the head, starting with “Silly Love Songs”. As Blaine said in that episode, he has no idea what he’s doing…which is totally obvious when he has to put his feelings for Kurt in his own words (well done Darren!). And I can speak to the idea that gay couples may/not be accepted in small towns: I’m in Montana. There are very few communities who are actually accepting of homosexuality outside of the college towns. I have a few gay friends who grew up in one of those college towns and still had extreme difficulties accepting themselves because of prevailing popular sentiment about homosexuality.
        So KUDOS to everyone on Glee for showing that IT DOES GET BETTER!

    • A says:

      So you probably think Finn is better off with Quinn than Rachael? – after all, he picked her first. And what about Santana? The person she picked first or the person she loves?

  4. Elle says:

    This is one of the things I really want for them, to see them fight to do things that every other coupe gets to do so easily, and not give up until they get it. I just want that moment where they slow dance at prom, I think it’ll be huge.

  5. melissa says:

    greek already did this. They had Calvin and his frat bro go together to prom.
    I love glee but this isn’t as original as it seems to be

    • Sam says:

      I think the difference is that Glee reaches such a wide audience, with people from ages 5 to 55 watching it, and about 10 million viewers each week.

      • Esta says:

        Agreed, this is a very different animal. Major network, crazy popular show, one watched by kids. Can’t really compare to QAF or Greek.

        • meg says:

          I have never seen Queer as Folk, and never heard of Greek (I’ll have to look it up to see what it is), and Degrassi, I think I saw about 10 minutes of it once when I was channel surfing. (By the way, I’m 40 years old, so I’ve seen stuff done before, just not these shows.) Ok, so Buffy ran for 7 years, and 3 of them, Willow was gay, and she had a serious relationship for a good part of it. Does this mean that this has ‘been there, done that’ and doesn’t need repeating? No, it means keeping things current, and interesting, and dealing with topics that aren’t dealt with on most other shows. We can name only a handful of shows that have covered the topic of being gay, when there have been HOW MANY SHOWS ON TV? Glee is probably the first widely available show that caters to a large audience, where it will be seen by more than the people that are looking for a particular storyline. And yes, I like Kurt & Blaine together, finally.

  6. Chris says:

    Oh, CHENO!!!! WHY?!?!?!?!?!? But on a more happy note: KLAINE TO PROM?!? Yay!

  7. Ben Guest says:

    April Rhodes! Can’t wait for her to return, hope we get to see some of this one woman show. I like Blaine and Kurt together, Kurt annoyed me for the first 1 and and half seasons, but Blaine makes him tolerable. Hope this means Blaine is coming to McKinley as well.

  8. G says:

    It’s so sad to see how they keep taking everything they said they would with Sam’s character this season and giving it to the easy way out couple. I had so much hope to see this story told in this show for the millions of people who needed to see it, the discovery, the struggle, the questioning, the characters fighting for each other… instead we just get the token only two out gays in the village hooking up and having everything easily like that. Guess that good message of differences and acceptance they intended to send with Kurt’s boyfriend storyline at the beginning of the season is not as important anymore. It’s really all about song sales with this show now.

    • Ali says:

      Well we’re still seeing a sexuality struggle on the show with Karofsky’s character, and that’s going to be revisited. As for Kurt and Blaine, I personally think it’s great that the focus for the storyline for Kurt’s boyfriend is less about being two gay people and more about Kurt just being in love with someone. If Kurt’s boyfriend were struggling to get out of the closet, that’s what a lot of the story would be focused on. The fact that they’re both out meant that the story wasn’t about “when will that guy accept that he’s gay and be with the other guy” but more about “when will that guy fall in love with that other guy”. That’s just how I feel though.

    • Nthekno says:

      Your complaints aren’t founded in logic. (though I agree that music sales are a big part of their focus.) Kurt’s been bullied, he’s felt like an outsider. He’s far from comfortable. And their happiness will undoubtedly be short-lived. So what would you rather see? Though I’ve had issues with Glee’s lack of story continuity, there are many ways to tell a compelling story. Not telling it your preferred way doesn’t make it less valid.

    • ggny says:

      its probly because Sam is a boring character that imo not alot of people like and maybe they are writing him out!? I could only hope

      • Mursal says:

        Sam is only as boring as the writers make him. I hope they give him a better storyline and not make him the 2nd choice/2nd rate guy that they have made him so far. I was really surprised they didn’t continue with the Sam and Quinn story because the inception of that was fantastic.

        As for Kurt and Blaine’s story, I’m just glad that its not one of those cliche coming out stories like the one they did on 90210. I do hope that they revisit the Karofsky story again…it was quite compelling.

        • Ecka says:

          Ryan Murphy said at Paley that the Karofsky storyline would be revisited, so I’m hopeful that will be coming soon.

      • JB says:

        I totally agree! I just really am not a Chord Overstreet or Sam fan. He is by a far far distance my least favorite Glee actor/character. I literally hate it when he sings.

    • Rob says:

      We ARE seeing the the discovery, the struggle, the questioning and the characters fighting with/for each other in Brittney and Santana’s relationship.
      Right now we are getting two ends of the spectrum, a same-sex couple who struggles with identity and who/what they want and a same sex couple who have already decided what they want and are happy with each other… for now. Just because one of the couples is two girls instead of two guys does not make it any less than if the couple had been two guys.
      And before you start spouting off that I am a homophobe towards gay males you should know I am one. And I am tired of Kurt having to be the poster child for young gay pain. Let him be happy for once.
      As for Sam… his character had some promise in the beginning but all he is now is a refection of whoever he is dating. Maybe next season they will give him some of his own development be it him discovering he is gay or another story altogether.

      • Jerred says:

        @Rob you made my BIRTHDAY. You are spot on with your comments. +1

      • lauren says:

        I agree completely! Thank you for your comments. It is so rare to see any girl struggling with her sexuality. The focus is always on gay males (and yes I am also not a gay male homophobe). Girls need to be shown it will get better for them too. And it is always assumed that they do not have as hard as a time as gay males. But from experience we do, and it is just as hard for bisexual girls. The only other times I have seen gay or bisexual teens on tv are Degrassi and Pretty Little Liars which are both extremely recent. I am glad that young girls are starting to get some attention outside of the “experimentation” episode.

        • Rob says:

          You should check out Skins (UK) season 3. There is quite possibly the most beautifully done coming out story for the characters Naomi and Emily. Of course this was on UK TV and anything done in the US for female same-sex couples has been relatively unexplored in a High School setting up until recently.

      • Kelly says:

        I am so thankful that Kurt finally gets to be happy, even if it only ends up being for a little while. The writers have been pushing that poor kid around for awhile now – they’ve finally delivered his happy little script done up in a happy little bow, and Kurt can just BE for a little while. YAY!

      • Margaret says:

        Rob knows what’s up.

    • Ecka says:

      Wow, the butthurt.

      The footballer struggling with discovery & relating to Kurt is Karofsky, who hasn’t had a single song to sell yet & wow, would you look at that, Max Adler’s actually one of the most talented actors on the show. So, no, its not all about song sales.

    • El Star says:

      The promises made about Sam’s character, though, were more like “hopes” by the throng. I don’t recall actually seeing anything from the powers that be saying what was promised – discovery, struggle, questioning, etal, being from Sam. I think people just assumed since he was a new character he would be “the one”. But the promises are happening. The discovery, struggle, questioning etc. are happening with Sanatanna, with Karofsky and even with the now-separated-never consummated-the-wedding Emma.

      As for Blaine, someone else stated that Kurt deserves someone better. But we forget, it’s not like Blaine has dated half the school himself. He’s never dated and stated he’d never been kissed either. Since the incident at “The Gap”, we’ve seen that his is not so sure footed, he is vulnerable and is, if possible, even more awkward in a way than Kurt can be. He’s also younger than most of us imagined as well. They’ve played him as a senior member of the choir, but in this last episode, when he got them to allow a duet with Kurt, he thanked them for letting him do this as a “junior member”. I think the two of them are perfectly suited for one another, both of them are getting to explore and learn together the things they’ve only dreamed of.

      • Roxane says:

        I completely agree with you. I don’t get why some people say they’re not right for each other. I think they just see Blaine as this ‘perfect, overconfident gay guy who sings a lot’, but he’s a lot more than that, and he’s really not perfect. He has his faults, just like Kurt has his.

    • Laura says:

      Again, those issuse ARE on Glee, in the form of Karovsky and more recently, Santana. Both of them will have storylines about dealing with coming out. Blaine is a role model for gay teens because he is confident with his sexuality. Do you want every gay character on TV to have a long and drawn out struggle with coming out?? I think it’s great they brought on a character who already knew he was gay and was proud of it. He was a mentor for Kurt, and he is a mentor for viewers too.

  9. N says:

    How dreadful. Blaine doesn’t even go to McKinley. Can they not take this horrible Warblers/Dalton storyline out back and shoot it?

    • Damec says:

      You do realize that this story line will take place at WMHS, not Dalton right? And Kurt will probably be trying to bring Blaine as his date…

  10. Jasin says:

    instead of always trying to fit guest stars in maybe ryan and brad can try to give the main cast proper storylines??? More Terri, more Tina, more of the rest.

    • Becca says:

      I completely agree. I find Holly incredibly annoying and just want her to go away. And I liked Cheno the first time she was on Glee (and I adore her in general) but after her second appearance I feel like she’s kinda played out.

      I wouldn’t object to a reappearance of Neil Patrick Harris, however.

  11. ggny says:

    Anyone else think that the half of Kurt and Blaine that might transfer to McKinnley is Blaine and not Kurt?

    • Ben says:

      I can live in hope, but I doubt it.

    • Lee M. says:

      Nah, Kurt is transferring, but his relationship with Blaine isn’t ending or anything, so I’m not bothered – I think it’ll be a cause for some drama though, which could make things interesting. I don’t like unnecessary drama but some natural struggles are always good. It’ll be fun to see how they work now that they’re at different school. And word is, Blaine transfers in season 3, so.

  12. Liz says:

    I love that Kurt and Blaine will be able to go to the Prom. From what it sounds like, they aren’t going to be barred from going because of their sexual orientation like the Dawson’s Creek storyline in which Jack and his date weren’t allowed to go because they were both guys.

  13. jessica says:

    I’m so so happy with all of the Klaine spoilers we got out of Paley. Prom? Check. Relationship struggles that aren’t contrived and do not include triangles or other shapes? Check. Blaine eventually transferring and becoming a regular character, thus ensuring the pairing has a long term future? Check.

    Also, always funny to see the level of butthurt displayed by the Kurt/Sam shippers. You’ve been told it’s not happening since before Blaine was even case, you chose to believe there was a super!sekrit plan to troll the Klainers, the media, basically everyone but you, and now it’s confirmed you’ve simply been deluding yourself for months. I can see why you’d be upset, honestly.

    • Alison says:

      I agree about being happy with all the good Klaine news, but let’s try not to call anyone out directly. It tends to make all the shippers look bad.

      • jessica says:

        Well, it seems like the Kurt/Sam shippers are lashing out because of these spoilers and what they mean for their ship, it’s all over this vey comment thread and elsewhere, just thought it’s appropriate to put it in context for those who are not as heavily involved in this fandom and might wonder where those comments are coming from.

  14. Amanda says:

    LOVE Kurt and Blaine <3 so happy they are together! PROM HERE THEY COME!

  15. trixie says:

    I love the Klaine romance, and I’m excited to see how their relationship develops. Great sleuthing, Michael and Megan!
    Personally, I think Sam doesn’t bring anything new to the table except for an extra six-pack, that Mike has already got covered. He’s just an extra obstacle in the Finn-Quinn-Rachel debacle.

    He’s not gay. They could have given him the bisexual storyline in BIOTA but they didn’t because he’s not gay… he’s just blah.

  16. slow17motion says:

    Okay, that’s great–I love Blaine and Kurt–but does that mean we get to get rid of Lauren Zizes!? PLEASE SAY WE DO.

    She is terrible. She can’t sing. She’s awful to look at (my EYES!!!). Time to get rid of her with Kurt returning.

    • Mike Jones says:

      Lauren is awesome, funny and sassy, I’m sorry she is not a model like the other girls

      • Lindsay says:

        I don’t care who or who isn’t a model. I know I most certainly don’t look as wonderful as Brittany or Santana in their Cheerios uniforms, so I can’t judge! I like girls with attitude, but Lauren’s “sass” is beyond annoying to me because she comes off as unfriendly, uncaring, and unapproachable. And I really don’t think they’ve given her a good outlet for her voice, either. It’s not the actress; it’s the writing. I haven’t seen her as a relatable character in any way; in fact, she’s pretty mean – much meaner than anybody I knew in high school. When I can understand her character as a three-dimensional human being (as opposed to just that bully in Glee club that dates Puck), see some story-lines on character development, and am finally able to see her talent, I may change my mind about her. Until then, I don’t like seeing her on the show at all.

    • Deena says:

      I know that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and these are mine.

      She is terrible. She can’t sing.

      That’s kind of the point. She’s not there to sing, she’s there to sit around, be eye candy and whack Puck over the head every now and then and be utterly fabulous while she’s doing it.

      She’s awful to look at.

      Seriously? I think she’s beautiful. She may not be conventionally attractive but her smile is one of the more gorgeous on the show. I am genuinely intrigued. What is it about her appearance that offends you?

      • LZ says:

        Eye candy?! You must be a chubby chaser.

        • Allison says:

          How is it we’re having a discussion about equality and comments like ‘She’s awful to look at (my EYES!!!)’ and ‘You must be a chubby chaser’ are said?

          We want equality for all sexual orientations but slandering those who weigh more is acceptable?

          Equality is for everyone no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, physical characteristics, etc.

    • Kelly says:

      As a big girl who is nothing to look at, I identify with Lauren and I think she’s hilarious. Keep her around!

  17. naomi says:

    what is upcoming with Sam’s character? I think Sam is an extremely interesting character, and he has clearly been hiding behind his relationships with Quinn/Santana. when is that going to be addressed?

    • Aque says:

      Sam wasn’t even mentioned at Paley – he’s just background eye candy. Quinn’s with Finn & Santana’s dealing with the Brittana storyline.

  18. Ross says:

    Mary Cherry on Glee would be the best thing ever! I can see a Leslie/Lea Streisand duet on the cards…

  19. Carly says:

    there was not one thing in those spoilers that would make me want to tune back into watching Glee. I mean, I love Cory but they are basically killing his character. and Finchel are both pretty terrible when they are apart. I find it a cheap excuse for the inability of the writers to write an actual relationship. with ups and donws that dont result in a break up. I love Chris but I dont like Blaine and I find Klaine a weird mix of St.Berry and Quam. as in poorly written plot device of two pretty people that look good in fotos but as a story are as interesting as watching the paint dry. in slow motion

    the only reason Im still following what is going on on Glee is Dave Karofsky and the amazing Max Adler. seems like his story, which I find equally as important as two guys or two girl going to prom together, has been pushed aside in favor of fan pandering

    • Grace says:

      Just because what happens on Glee isn’t what YOU want to see, and some other people DO, doesn’t mean it’s fan pandering.

  20. donna says:

    Cant wait for the prom episode. Blaine and Kurt make such a wonderful couple and I really hope we dont wait too long until Blaine transfers to MKH.

  21. alicea says:

    Wait a second, extra-special prom? What does that mean? Do they have to throw their own prom? Anti-Prom? Is it like Dalton Academy’s prom? What’s going on…

  22. Steven says:

    Klaine? Come on – Blurt is better for Blaine and Kurt’s couple name!

    • Kathryn says:

      Darren Criss offered up KURT COBLAINE

    • CC says:

      Not a fan of Blurt as a shipper name since it sounds and looks a little too much like Kurt’s dad’s name, Burt, which is kinda creepy IMO.

    • Roxane says:

      Am I the only one who thinks that Blurt sounds way too much like the sound a person does when he…pukes? I can’t hear Blurt without thinking of that xD So I definitively think Klaine is much better. And yes, Blurt sounds wayyyy too much like Burt.

  23. anna says:

    “Gwyneth is sort of the muse of the show.”

    And people wonder why this show is so bad.

  24. Mark H says:

    LOVE the idea of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumors” being featured on the show. I wore that album out. It’s time America got used to gay story lines too. It is part of society, and the only reason people fear it, is because it’s had to be hidden in society for so long. I think it’s healthy for even the younger viewers to see, and realize it is NORMAL. Hopefully it will be presented with taste and dignity, , just as the straight story lines should be for younger viewers.

  25. Lindsay says:

    “So you probably think Finn is better off with Quinn than Rachael? – after all, he picked her first. And what about Santana? The person she picked first or the person she loves?”

    THIS. SO MUCH. Blaine clearly adores Kurt. You don’t always find love on your first shot. Haters gonna hate, Klaine is perfect, nothing is hurt, etc.

  26. Lindsay says:

    Clearly RM changed his mind about Sam. Get over it. It was never set in stone he would be closeted and/or coming ouot – actually, I never really read it anywhere but other fans speaking. Also, Chord Overstreet doesn’t have an ounce of the charisma Darren Criss does.

    Klaine is cannon. And sweet and endearing and perfect. It’s better for Kurt to have a stable relationship with someone just as comfortable as he is with his sexuality.

    • Nikki says:

      You are one of the first people to spell Darren Criss’s name right! And I agree with everything you say here. I like Chord Overstreet and everything, but Darren’s “totally awesome!”

  27. Lindsay says:

    “And I am tired of Kurt having to be the poster child for young gay pain. Let him be happy for once.”

    Thank you for this! Everyone just wants Kurt to be happy, and he can be with Blaine. “Oh, it’s you. I’ve been looking for you forever.” This is exactly what Kurt needed to hear. Hopefully their story and relationship gets the time and attention we all want. I adore them.

  28. rose says:

    I really want Blaine to transfer to McKinley as it would be great to see a gay couple mixing with the rest of the cast at the school. It would also be interesting to see how others treated them as a couple who were openly affectionate. Far too easy for the writers to seperate them at different schools and not have to have these questions answered. The relationship wont seem real to me until Blaine transfers too.

  29. Molly says:

    Gwyneth Paltrow is the “muse” of the show? Gross. How on earth did Ryan Murphy make it a season and a half with out her? Oh wait, it was much better. Stop trying to make her happen!

    • JD says:

      AGREE. i’m over her. her character is unnecessary and i don’t understand why she’s all over this show. if they want to bring someone back over and over again can it at least be Cheno?

      • Lindsay says:

        I’m the only one who LOVES Holly Holliday! I think she’s great, but after looking on the internet, I’m clearly a minority. It’s too bad, because I would love to see her back more, but so many fans hate her character that it seems unnecessary after they wrap up this romantic story-line with her and Will. I love Kristin Chenowith and am excited for her to come back, but I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for NPH to do a second episode. That cover of “Dream On” is still constantly played on my iTunes… and I don’t even listen to music from Glee when I’m not watching the actual show; other than the Holly Holliday songs, it’s the only one I have! I just thought NPH did a great job on Glee and I would have liked to see his talent utilized even more! (My love and obsession from NPH may make me biased, however.)

  30. hephastia says:

    I think Kurt will have to go back to McKinley because the money for tuition for Dalton will run out. Wasn’t the money for Kurt’s dad and stepmom’s honeymoon used for that purpose? It may not be sustainable. Blaine follows because he wants to be with Kurt. It would be interesting to see him struggle with the change in dynamics from the Warbler’s “Blaine and the Pips” to a choir where he automatically won’t be top dog.

    • lauren says:

      I was thinking the exact same things!

    • SJS says:

      Finally. I am on old lady who watches Glee on the computer. I am
      over the moon that Kurt and Blaine are together and hope for many more happy moments for them, including Prom. Also, I don’t like Gwyneth Paltrow, who I think has very little acting talent and hardly any sex appeal.I thought it was horrible that she almost gave Artie a lap-dance in the Sexy episode. Chenoweth is multi-talented although she is too old to be a love interest for Mr. Shue. I am glad to hear that Mercedes,
      my other favorite character, will be getting a love interest
      and more solos. Since I am an older viewer, I would like to say that
      the Kurt/Burt storyline is one of the best I have seen on TV in a long time. I hope that the younger viewers appreciate how much talent
      Mike O’Malley brings to his role as Kurt’s dad. I wish I could have had a father like that!! Someone mentioned that Kurt may transfer back to WMHS because his parents run out of money. I was hoping that
      Carol (where has she been since the wedding?)and Burt will have a baby together and that is why the Hummels will need the money.
      One last thing: the Quinn/Finn relationship, to me,mirrors the Teri/Will
      relationship– manipulative cheerleader goes after innocent, softy
      guy in order to make herself feel better and wants him to marry her.
      I don’t get what Rachel sees in Finn either– he is such a doofus.
      I am also a big fan of Britanna. Can’t wait till the show comes back in April.

      • karen says:

        I am also another senior viewer who has spent years working in the school system. I happen to agree with most of what you said. I think Will needs another night on the town with the gym coach and a moment of weakness to mentally explore “what is more meaningful”. Just because he’s a teacher doesn’t mean he doesn’t have alot to learn. I also think the football player who kissed Kurt needs to remain in the picture. He brings with him alot of feelings that are hard to accept not storybook romance. Who would make Kurt feel safer? Afterall, he is more like Kurt’s father.

  31. asdfsaf says:

    omg plzz bring Mary Cherry to the show! That would be hilarious!

  32. Kiki says:

    the Fleetwood Mac episode is the best news i have heard! so excited :)

  33. Teresa says:

    I’m liking Klaine and I’ll enjoy seeing them attend the Prom together. But I find it a little depressing that 30 years after Reflections of a Rock Lobster came out that a double-tux prom couple is still considered groundbreaking.

  34. Matt says:


  35. ade says:

    I DO NOT want Kurt to transfer back to MKHS just because he wants to go to nationals.. If he’s going back, at least find a good reason! Please, it would be really wrong and really unfair.

    • melissa says:

      it didn’t say he was transferring back this season. most likely kurt will transfer back early next season and blaine will follow probably midway through.

    • Izzy says:

      Same!!! I want Kurt back as soon as possible, but I want it to be for a reason he can’t control.

  36. Adam says:

    I am interested in seeing the fallout of Sue sucker-punching the Lt Governor’s Wife in front of countless witnesses? Her character has so much potential for development that I feel like we are seeing less snarky and witty comments and is being forced into this one-dimensional role.

    • Jordan says:

      Most definitely! It will totally add a lot of drama to the show, and in this case, probably something of a good thing!

  37. jo says:

    I am so excited!!! The look on Blaine’s face was so great during Blackbird! This is going to be a great season! I hope that Blaine and Kurt transfer back soon so that the main focus still remains at McKinley! This is extremely exciting! I also hope that the development of Blaine as a character and his history goes a little farther if him and Kurt are going deeper! Excited to see this relationship develop!

  38. Caroline says:

    Omg BRING BACK MARY CHERRY!!!!!! It would be amazing to see what tv’s best character has been doing the last few years.

  39. PCKelleyC says:

    I am all for Kurt and Blain and was so happy for Kurt. So don’t take this the wrong way, I’m just trying to tie up loose ends. What ever happened to the “Christian Character” that was supposed to join the cast in season 2(per early June 2010)? It is definitely not Lauren. Did the plan change? I just need to know so I can stop looking.

    Anyway, great, great episode! I loved every minute of it.

  40. markc says:

    Cant get really excited about this until Blaine transfers. So much dramatic potential in having him there with Kurt rather than seperate schools. Cant really see how it will work on the show otherwise. Did love the kiss though. Fantastic to see on primetime.

  41. Will says:

    OMG, YES!!!! Mary Cherry and Brittany interacting? That would be golden. Make it HAPPEN!

  42. JD says:

    “Can you imagine two boys wanting to go to the prom in Ohio?”

    Um…Ryan Murphy is saying this like Ohio is some kind of ultra-conservative religious red state. I hate that he’s going to do something “ripped from the headlines” like this. I’ve had enough of the “Kurt’s life is so hard” story being shoved down my throat. He wants to go to the prom with his boyfriend, why can’t they just be allowed to go without any drama about them being gay? Personally, I think the commentary on homosexuality on this show would be more effective if they just showed gay people as being THE SAME as everyone else instead of constantly focusing on the horrible obstacles that they have to overcome. I’d like Kurt and Blaine to for once have an easy go of it. I hope they get to go to the regular prom (and aren’t forced to have a “special prom” like that poor girl in Georgia or wherever last year), and I hope they beat Quinn and Finn out and they crown two Homecoming Kings.

    • Ellie says:

      hmmm I take it your gay, right? pshhh

    • Bec says:

      For me, I feel like they are trying to make it realistic. Because in reality, yeah, gay kids have to go through ALOT more trials than straight do (albeit different kinds of trials). Say you don’t like it or whatever, but that’s just how it is in our culture. Even if it isn’t fair.

      • Lindsay says:

        Gay kids DO have to face so many more obstacles than straight kids, but a good way to promote acceptance is to sometimes NOT focus on how horrible some of the circumstances can be. I think it’s important to show obstacles and how the characters grow from them, but I’d also like to see a little more gay acceptance from other characters. I’m about 10 years older than these kids are playing, and there was MUCH more acceptance in my (Catholic) high school and with my peers and age-group as a whole. (And I live in Texas.) Have kids actually grown LESS informed about homosexuality and are LESS accepting, or was I just lucky? I know that two guys attending prom together is a great way to show how hard life can still be for gay teens, so I’m not saying that everybody should just ignore it on the show, but in general, I see more hatred than acceptance on Glee, even if acceptance and equality is the lesson. Being a straight female, I DON’T know how hard it is to face the obstacles in this situation. I know I face many of the same issues as homosexuals simply because I’m human, and I have some personal trials of my own for which people judge me and I have to deal with (mental illness, which also has a massive stigma). Though our personal tribulations may be different, I don’t see myself any differently than I would a 25-year-old gay female. I’m kind of surprised to hear the gay-bashing on Glee is realistic. I never had to see that at their age other than comments like, “That shirt is faggy.” Like I said, I went to a Catholic high school in Texas, so seeing the bullying on Glee be worse than what I saw is shocking. I’m getting off point. Basically, I agree that gay kids DO have to go through A LOT of difficult times that straight kids don’t have to deal with, but I think the show could teach us acceptance by SHOWING it instead of just TELLING us that we should be understanding and accepting. The prom date most certainly isn’t the right time to utilize that method, but I think people (pre-teens, perhaps) could learn a lot more by seeing the show and thinking, “Oh, that guy likes another guy, but he’s just a teenage boy like everybody else, and it doesn’t make him any less of a person.” instead of thinking, “That gay guy gets bullied a lot. It sucks to be him. There’s not much anybody can do about that, though, since he chose to come out.” Maybe it’s just me, but I would like to see the gay characters on Glee be shown as equals more often. (Of course, still emphasizing the fact that everybody is equal yet very different in his or her own way.)

        • JD says:

          This is exactly what i was trying to say. if i was a gay teenager watching this, i’d be thinking to myself “it is really really hard to be gay, and i guess that’s just how my life is going to be.” i’d rather have gay teenagers see a light at the end of the tunnel. it would be nice for them to show something that would make a closeted gay teen think to themselves “there is hope after all; at some point this won’t be so hard anymore.” it’s very realistic to show that gay teenagers have to overcome obstacles. but is it realistic to throw EVERY CONCIEVABLE OBSTACLE at them? probably not. i graduated high school 10 years ago, and there were several out gay kids at my school, and they didn’t feel constantly put down. and i know that because i was very involved in theatre and several of them were my close friends. were there kids that were closeted in high school and then waited and came out afterwards? of course. but i think that was less about them being afraid of how they’d be treated in school and more about them needing to mature and find themselves before acknowledging their homosexuality. but i guess it’s been 10 years since i was in high school. i’d hate to think that society is now moving backwards and becoming LESS accepting, because that is horrible, but since so many people think that the way this is being handled on the show is realistic, i guess that’s how it is.
          slightly off topic here, but in my mind i’m more and more seeing Ryan Murphy as a guy that thinks “things should be super hard for these gay kids” and “every woman on this show has to be crazy, slutty, or a crazy slut” rather than as a person who has realistic views of society.

  43. KLAINEBOW'S says:



    This is amazing.

  44. Lucy says:

    I love the Klaine romance. Those boys are very sweet together, and I look forward to every scene they’re in.

  45. Pam says:

    I love love love, Fin/Rachel. They need to showcase more of Sams talent. Puck/Lauren are so hysterical. Just love them together. Kurt/Blaine are awesome.

    • carla says:

      I agree with you that Sam needs to be showcased more. I feel as if he hasn’t really been given a chance at all with all the other stuff going on. They really need to build him a more interesting character. he has potential to be great. And Puck/Lauren are awesome.

  46. Katie says:

    I’m all for Finchel but I’d be okay if they were apart as long as Quinn isn’t with Finn. They’re both weird when they’re together—I can’t wait for their reunion!

    Raise your hand if you want NPH back !!!! I do!!!!!! Dream On, round 2 !

  47. rachel says:

    finn and rachel have to get together! i loved finn and rachel and sam and quinn! i feel incomplete with finn and rachel apart!

  48. Faye says:

    Absolutely LOVE Klaine! So so happy they kissed!

    I just have one question:

    WHEN IS JON GROFF COMING BACK?????????????!!!!!!!!!

  49. Michelle says:

    I think it is fantastic that Darren who is not gay is embracing the part of Blain. I am not gay, but do live in a very small Indiana town comparable to where this show takes place and gay couples in school though tolerated and accepted by their peer would not be by the administration. I am 35 and I love this show, however I will say I have to watch the episodes first before I allow my children to watch, some of the scenes are a bit over the ratings I let them see. I wish nothing but the best for this show!

    • Lindsay says:

      A lot of straight actors play gay, and vice versa. Two examples are Eric Stonestreet (straight) who plays the “flaming gay” character of Cam on Modern Family and Neil Patrick Harris (gay) who plays a pathological womanizer on How I Met Your Mother. They’re my favorite characters on their respective shows because they’re such good actors that you forget they’re acting and think of them as the character. Darren does a great job as well. I think many in Hollywood are much more tolerant than the majority of the nation. I never thought I’d say this, but maybe Hollywood can actually teach us something…

  50. karen says:

    it wont be the same if you leave finn and rachel apart… get it right was world class when rachel sang that and that should be the borderline of starting to get them back together.. you dont get many tv shows where 2 poeple have such chemist and that you know should be together and when you spilt them its not the same and not as good.. we have not had such a great couple since ross and rachel in friends now finn and rachel have come onto are screens we once again have the perfect couple again on tv dont ruin it by keeping them apart x x x

    • Rose says:

      Finn and Rachel are like Ross and Rachel? Seriously? Ross and Rachel (whether you like Friends or not) are one of the best TV couples of all time. I actually even think that Glee is an okay show, so I’m not saying that the show is bad just because Rachel and Finn aren’t Ross and Rachel. They’ll end up together in the end, but Rachel and Finn kind of make an awful couple. (Then again, they’re also in high school and most high-schoolers make awful couples.) Plus, half of the audience doesn’t even want them to be together, so I can’t imagine comparing them to a classic television couple that everybody (at least 98% of people) rooted for for an entire decade. I have no desire for Finn and Rachel to get together, since I don’t see the chemistry. I actually don’t really care for either of them to date anybody, since I’ve hated all of their couplings so far.