Glee Recap: Original Flavor

Music soothes the savage beast, makes the people come together, and is most definitely the key to a first-rate episode of Glee. Indeed, Monday night’s “Original Song,” which followed New Directions (and the Warblers) to Regionals — and advanced the Rachel-Finn-Quinn triangle with tearful confrontations and the Kurt-Blaine romance with a (!) big, romantic kiss — featured 11 separate songs, and the increased emphasis on musical numbers resulted in a frothy, riveting hour of television.

Not surprisingly, the respective glee clubs’ preparations for (and performances at) Regionals provided the main structure for the episode: Things kicked off at Dalton Academy, with the Warblers road-testing Maroon 5’s “Misery” as a potential competition show-stopper. Can I just say I love-love-loved starting things off with a musical number? In fact, in much the same way Six Feet Under began every episode with a death, maybe going forward, Glee can commit to starting every show with a burst of song. Who wants to second the motion?

The only thing that perturbed me about “Misery” was that, as we’ve been trained to expect, it was really a solo performance for Darren Criss’s Blaine, with the massive Warblers crew happily fading into the background. I mean, it’s one thing to help a friend woo a Gap employee, but it’s quite another to think that there wouldn’t be even a slim sense of competitiveness or jealousy among a big group of teenage boys, right? Before I could say “Burberry birdcage cover,” however, Kurt was registering a pointed complaint that the Warblers had turned into “Blaine and the Pips.” (Ahh, Ryan Murphy, there you go again addressing fan gripes right in your characters’ dialogue!)

After the death of the Warblers’ mascot Pavarotti, Kurt could no longer keep his inner songbird muted. “I know we need to practice du-wopping behind Blaine while he sings every solo in the medley of Pink songs,” he declared, “but I’d like to sing something for Pavarotti today.” And with that, young Mr. Hummel bade a tearful (and haunting) goodbye with a rendition of “Blackbird” that seemed to draw from a deeper well of emotion than his relationship with his departed feathered friend. Blaine was moved not only to offer up half the solo on Hey Monday’s “Candles” to his friend, but to see him for the first time as boyfriend material. For some reason, I got choked up when the Warblers unanimously voted to hand Kurt his solo without an audition process, but even better was hearing Blaine admit he’d concocted the duet idea as “an excuse to get to spend more time with you.” And — bam! — then they kissed, straight up, without any sneaky cutaways from the cameras, just like you’d expect for any other couple on the show. “We should practice,” reasoned Blaine. “I thought we were,” smiled Kurt. Touché.

Over at New Directions, our lead vocalists were also spending quality time in the music room, but without any risk of smooching. Rachel was trying to improve on last episode’s wretched original composition “My Headband” with the marginally less excruciating “Only Child.” Finn, however, insisted it was time for his ex-girlfriend to “go inside yourself to where your singing comes from” and find songwriting inspiration. Quinn, who’s apparently forgotten everything she learned during her pregnancy, her subsequent fall from Cheerios grace, and warm acceptance from New Directions, spotted the musical collaboration and identified it as a risk to her quest to take home the Prom Queen crown. “How damaged does a guy have to be to be into a girl as annoying as Rachel?” she wondered, before deciding that befriending her rival (and supporting her quest to have New Directions tackle self-penned material) was the most assured path to romantic victory.

I’ve got to admit, the Quinn situation really bothered me, especially her internal monologue where she reasoned that she’s “smart and super-pretty and relatively sane for a girl.” Yes, I know, in Mr. Murphy’s world, having two X-chromosomes is completely incompatible with emotional stability, but Quinn’s hollowness doesn’t really fit with a girl who’s been through so many life-changing experiences in the last year — even if she truly believes prom queens live five years longer than common folk. That said, the scene of Quinn and Rachel in the auditorium had some resonance. “I get Finn. You get your heart broken,” Quinn said in her usual breathless coo, before looking into the future and seeing herself as a local real estate agent, Finn running Burt Hummel’s tire shop, and Rachel having moved on to bigger pastures and a brighter future. “You don’t belong here,” she said, almost pleading, and finally, some of her motivations made sense.

Rachel took the harsh truths presented by Quinn, took her longing for Finn, and put it all into an original ballad for Regionals. “The last time we were here, you told me you loved me,” she said to Finn, right before they took the stage. “I really like your song,” he ducked. “Listen carefully, because I mean every word of it,” she said. And with that came the soaring, emotional “Get It Right,” with a power-diva vocal from Lea Michele. I’m not sure yet if this one will translate to my iPod, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t a triumphant moment in the context of “Original Song.”

And finally, we had the subplot of New Directions’ struggle to succeed at Regionals despite the best-laid booby-traps of arch nemesis (and Aural Intensity coach) Sue Sylvester, who has seemed utterly toothless the last five or six episodes despite her increased penchant for violence, no? We’ll discuss below the merits of the kids’ individual attempts at new compositions, but with the help of Mr. Schue and some rhyming dictionaries, New Directions channeled its outsider status into the uplifting, upbeat “Loser Like Me.” I kind of wish that this one hadn’t been a Rachel and Finn solo — wouldn’t it have made sense for her to shine on “Get It Right,” and make “Loser Like Me” more of a collaborative effort? — but I did get choked up when Rachel graciously accepted her cohorts’ decision to award her the Regionals MVP trophy, so I’ll quit my kvetching.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of New Directions’ victory (which sets them up for a trip to Nationals), how did you feel about guest stars Kathy Griffin and Loretta Devine as “former Tea Party candidate, home-schooler, and Twitterer” Tami Jean Albertson and former exotic dancer/current Carmelite nun Sister Mary Constance? I won’t lie: I wish they’d given Griffin better material than merely dressing her up in a Palin-esque suit and glasses — maybe some perverse or unexpected twist on the character would’ve made it seem fresher — and I wish Devine (who starred in Broadway’s Dreamgirls) had gotten a chance to sing, but the latter did score a few good laughs in  limited screen time. “Is it a gay school or just a school that appears gay?” the salty nun asked about Dalton Academy’s blazer-clad kids. And later, when judging Aural Intensity’s Christian-themed set list, she huffed, “I didn’t even like being pandered to when I was on the pole!” Still, the funniest moment for me was Lt. Governor’s wife Carla Turlington Stevens staggering out on stage to present the big trophy: “My husband is verbally abusive and I have been drinking since noon,” she slurred. “I’m bored. Let’s just see who won, huh?” So wrong, yet so absurdly LOL-worthy.

And now, let’s briefly rate the episode’s musical numbers.

“Misery,” Blaine and the Warblers | Maybe it’s the blazers and the fact that Blaine gets all the solos, but there’s a certain samey-samey-ness to the Warblers’ songs. Still, I liked the way the boys pounded their fists to the beat, the general energy of the number, and Blaine’s prancing little moves. Jaunty!
Musical grade: B+ Relevance to the plot: B+

“Only Child,” Rachel | How do you grade something that’s supposed to be intentionally awful? You don’t!
Musical grade: N/A Relevance to the plot: B

“Blackbird,” Kurt | Kurt’s tender, restrained vocal is my second-favorite “Blackbird” on Fox this season (right behind Paul McDonald and Kendra Chantelle’s exquisite American Idol duet.)
Musical grade: A- Relevance to the plot: A

“Trouty Mouth,” Santana (featuring Tina) | I probably shouldn’t be so entertained by our (possibly) lesbian cheerleader’s open hostility toward her dim football-star boyfriend, but I chuckled pretty heartily at her ode to Sam’s giant kisser. “Guppy face, trouty mouth/ Is that how people’s lips look/ Where you come from/ In the south.” Nice, loung-y vibe, too!
Musical grade: B- Relevance to the plot: C+ (is dude really gonna put up with that?)

“Big-Ass Heart,” Puck | Brief but cute ode to Lauren’s bodacious inner qualities.
Musical grade: B+ Relevance to the plot: B

“Hell to the No,” Mercedes | How Mr. Schue didn’t think this hot-ass, retro-R&B barn-burner was Regionals material is beyond me. And while I could’ve lived without the diabetes shout-out (sorry, but seriously), I only hold back on the “relevance to the plot” because you can’t tell me the New Directions crew wouldn’t have committed mutiny to get this one on their set list. Can we get this one (and Ms. Amber Riley) on the radio? Hell to the Y to the E to the S.
Musical grade: A Relevance to the plot: B

“Jesus Is a Friend of Mine,” Aural Intensity | Hardy-har, Sue panders to the conservative judges with religious material and sock-hop choreography. I can’t believe Aural Intensity wasn’t more impressive than this. Am I the only one?
Musical grade: C+ Relevance to the plot: C+

“Candles,” Kurt, Blaine, and the Warblers | Not my favorite song in the world, but I loved that Blaine and Kurt sounded like two individual humans, not a pair of Auto-Tuned automatons. Next time kill the swaybots, though.
Musical grade: B+ Relevance to the plot: B+

“Raise Your Glass,” Blaine and the Warblers | A loyal reading of Pink’s rendition, but the lines of dancing Warblers were awfully fun to watch, and Darren Criss really can sing his ass off.
Musical grade: A- Relevance to the plot: B+

“Get It Right,” Rachel and the New Directions ladies | How many times did the camera circle Rachel during her tour de force ballad? I’m not sure…I got dizzy and lost count. But Rachel’s bittersweet yet hopeful lyrics, and that monster glory note (“someone will see how much I caaaaaaaaaaaare!”), hit all the right buttons for me.
Musical grade: A- Relevance to the plot: A

“Loser Like Me,” Rachel, Finn, and New Directions |
I felt on the inside like Rachel jumping up and down and rousing the crowd during this anthemic track. I worried for a second the kids would kill their Regionals chances by hurling real slushies into the audience, because I’m gullible like that, which is why the splash to the face of glitter made me smile and applaud from my couch. Well-played, Glee. Well-played.
Musical grade: A Relevance to the plot: A

What did you think of “Original Song”? Do you want to see more ditties written just for Glee, or do you think it should be a rare occurrence? How did you feel about the Blane-Kurt smooch? What about the Quinn-Finn-Rachel triangle? And is anyone else finding Sue less amusing than she used to be? Let’s get the tracksuit-wearin’ lady back on track, okay? Sound off below, and for all your latest Glee news, follow @TVLineNews on Twitter!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kevin says:

    Glee had a MASSIVE bounce back episode last night. I mean MASSIVE. Very good songs. . .I was impressed. Truly I was waiting for the original songs night to be an epic fail BUT. . .it was a success. Good for Glee.

    • Michele says:

      agree 100% – I have been at a loss lately with the show. Rachel and Finn not being together makes the show not “Gleeful” – and Kurt not being in ND is dreadful. Hopefully all will be well by the end of season two – we need to get back to why glee is glee – to be happy and open yourself up to joy. I mostly just want Finn to get back to his old self – he has been so lost and horrible lately. I miss the Finn I grew to love

      • Teresa says:

        I have a feeling that Kurt is somehow going to quit Dalton and the Warblers and go back to McKinley and ND. He just mention being really disappointed at not winning Regionals. I mean, bad luck, he quits ND to join Dalton and the Warblers and then loses at Regionals to his old team. Poor guy, I just have a feeling that now that there is “Blurt” he will feel confident enough to take on the bullies at McKinley.

        Any thoughts?

        • SugarSafari says:

          I believe that you might be right about Kurt coming back to New Directions. Now that Dalton is out of the running for Nationals, Kurt and Blaine will have no storyline outside of their budding relationship. What are they going to sing about – not being able to decide on a restaurant? There has to be some kind of plan in place to bring both boys over to McKinley. If the rumors about Darren Criss becoming a series regular next season are true, I can’t imagine that he could accomplish that effectively at Dalton. I think it would provide new storyline potential for Blaine’s character as well. How will he handle not being the only soloist in every song? It would certainly allow Blaine to better understand Kurt’s feelings about their time at Dalton!

        • Rush says:

          What if, and just speculating here, Dalton were to close for some comedic reason (please don’t burn down the school, that would be unfunny) and the Warblers had to go to McKinley and join New Directions? Just imagine!

          • geekymuffin says:

            Soooo don’t read below if you don’t like spoilers.

            At PaleyFest tonight Chris would be going back to ND “Don’t pretend like you didn’t know.” But Blaine might not necessarily follow him right away. Ryan said he would eventually audition for ND in season three. WOO!

  2. Beth says:

    Increasingly, Sue’s just a mean bully, and I can’t find the funny in that.

    • Stacie says:

      She is, but can’t we take solace in that the bully lost again. Despite being a bully and throwing dirt and sticks and doing everything you can to mess with others, she still lost, and she lost bad. Her team probably came in last place. I think if the bully won then there’s nothing good, but that Sue continues to be out done by the New Directions and Will, it proves that choosing bad over good won’t get you very far, even if your name is Sue Sylvester.

      • BAM says:

        Sue is best and funniest when she makes funny comments rather than bluntly attacking people. The violence was funny when she tripped someone or pushed someone once or twice – they kinda have overdone it with her.

        I also miss Rachel’s strong affermative attitude – whereas now she is just soft. However, her voice ceases to amaze me.

        Loser like me was a phenominal song!!!! Loved it!

    • MARTHA COLE says:


    • Liana in San Diego says:

      Frankly, I don’t understand why the school board hasn’t intervened and fired her as**. That sort of bullying and outright physical violence is unrealistic and horrific. I liked the verbal repartee between Sue and everyone – not this horrible monster they’ve made her into. can’t the writers please get back on track with her?

      Did love this episode apart from Sue. And what’s not to love about Blaine and Kurt? Yay! Finally!

      • Rush says:

        Dear Liana,

        Please look up the definition of farce. This may help you understand the Sue character.

        My Best,

        • Ben says:

          Dear Rush
          Please look up the definition of funny. This may help you understand why many of us miss the old Sue and don’t like the new one.
          My best too

          I totally agree Liana – it’s not only the violence, they just have taken someone who was funny with her intelligence and ambition and taken away half of that equation (the intelligence bit) making her more akin to Brittney.

          But it’s just one symptom of what is wrong with Glee right now. I’m having trouble enjoying the show for anything more than its musical numbers right now. Sue is not the only character who has become unlikable, for me.

          My biggest struggle with any show is character consistency and development. If characters don’t act consistently to themselves, you lose your connection with them as they no longer seem real. For me, this has now happened with Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Sue, Emma & Will – all of whom I used to like.

          • CC says:

            I totally agree. The characters act different every week! it’s hard to stay attached when I don’t really feel like I know them… As you do on a really good show. I too am still watching to hear them sing… And my interest even in that is fading fast.

    • jamey says:

      I have had enough of Sue. She should be arrested for assault after last night’s epi and she isnt fun anymore. I want more BEAST!!

      Wonderful episode and Rachel was awesome!

  3. Isabelle says:

    Oh my glee!
    Absolutely loved this episode.
    and it gave me a little hope for Finchel. The way finn looked at rachel during “Get it right”?
    Hopefully they get back together…even if i think quinn is right, rachel is bound to become great

  4. NJ says:

    before looking into the future and seeing herself as a local real estate agent, Kurt running Burt Hummel’s auto shop

    I think you meant Finn running the auto shop?

  5. Ingmar says:

    Loved the entire episode! I felt so emotional the moment Blaine kissed Kurt, lol. Been waiting forever for it! And all the music was amazing this episode, just awesome!

    • Cathy says:

      I just was thinking, YES! Kurt finally got a REAL “first” kiss. The one he deserved. :-D it made me happy and I enjoyed the episode immensely (probably for the first time this season…I hate watching a show because i feel obligated to and not really enjoying it).

    • Bonnie says:

      I had also been waiting for it, and I thought that Blaine sold his falling in love look but it seemed to be kind of an abrupt turn of events. I also hope that Kurt can sexy it up a bit because he left it to Blaine to sell the kiss too. Overall though I’m glad that Kurt got his man, they promised us a bf a long time ago and it’s about time!

  6. Sen says:

    It’s really hard to find anything wrong with that episode. Kurt, once again, shows how amazing he is in every way. I wasn’t sure about original songs, but they really sounded great! Blackbird has been playing on my ipod on repeat all morning. What an AMAZING episode!!

    • Sen says:

      Oh, and also… Sue is just a mean jerk. There’s nothing funny about her anymore. Throwing sticks at people? Filling their lockers with dirt? PUNCHING the Senator’s wife??? I mean, I get that we have to suspend our disbelief with this show, but how is she not in JAIL?

  7. JenS says:

    I miss enjoying Sue Sylvester. This over-the-top violent bully is ridiculous (and not in a good way), and getting boring.
    I loved all of the original songs. Trouty Mouth, Big Ass Heart and Hell to the No all made me laugh out loud and wish they were longer.
    The Kurt & Blaine kiss was really sweet. I fear that there is a bumpy road coming or them, though. Anyone else think that Kurt’s disappointment at Regionals will cause him to return to McKinley so that he can go to Nationals? I hope not…maybe I’m over-thinking it.

    • Anne says:

      I really hope his return is fueled by something other than a desire to go to Nationals. Especially after that sweet Klaine moment at the end of the episode. Having Kurt go back to McKinley just for the trophy would be wrong and ridiculous. I’m sure they’ll make his return more meaningful than that. And I can’t help but hope he takes Blaine with him.

      • Suz says:

        I agree. I really think his return will having something to do with Karofsky. I think we’ll see him go back to McKinley to face his bully/help him out of the closet/etc. I really can’t see Kurt transferring JUST for Nationals. Especially now that he and Blaine are an item (!!!!!!!!! Can’t get over how thrilled I am for that!!!!!!)

  8. Maisie says:

    Um, Michael, just FYI: the actual quote (from 17th century poet William Congreve) is “Music has charms to soothe a savage BREAST” (NOT beast).

  9. Maeve says:

    I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy the original songs, (even the intentionally bad ones) but I would not want originals to become SOP for Glee. I hope they’ll stick to covers

    • Nadine says:

      I agree. Though I may want to hear more ditties written just for Glee, I do think it should be a rare occurrence.

      • Bill says:

        Adding my agreement here. Original songs should be kind of like a special treat, because it will get old if done to death. Maybe one every 3rd episode or so? Glee covers rock, they’re the show’s bread and butter. That said, this was the best frakkin’ episode since Journey to Regionals.

  10. Sara says:

    Loved this episode! But….did anyone else notice that the envelope read 1st place, not winner?

  11. JT says:

    I love Love LOVE this episode! Definitely one of my favorite episodes of the season. I was fully expecting the original songs to let me down, but they didn’t. I also like that there were growing pains with respect to writing the songs. You had to get past the crappy (but still enjoyable – see Trouty Mouth) to make the competition numbers believable. I also loved Kurt and Blaine in this. Blaine’s facial reactions to Kurt’s performance of Blackbird were very well-done. Really nice coda for them at the end too.

    • Ken says:

      “You had to get past the crappy”: funny unintentional pun! The crappie would have fit quite well in Santana’s litany of fish.

  12. Sydney says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. I loved all of the Rachel/Finn moments and I enjoyed the progression. I am still not a fan of Quinn’s but at least we got some reasoning for her actions.

  13. Mike Jones says:

    Quinn is in denial she will be a lima loser and Finn and Rachel will be in NYC.

    • Rebeccapedia says:

      But that’s the point, she’s not in denial, Quinn knows Rachel is better than Lima, but she’s obviously depressed and has resigned herself to the fact that prom queen is going to be the highlight of her life, which is so unbelievably sad. Last year when she got pregnant, she actually said
      “I thought I had a shot at getting out of this town”, but now it’s like she’s giving up. I adore Rachel, she is the heart, soul and voice of Glee for me, I like the other stuff, but I really love Rachel. I should have hated that piano scene, but I really didn’t, Quinn is really messed up, did you not see how sad she was? Also, she wants better for Rachel, she obviously does care about her despite everything she says, (she’s actually a little weirdly obsessed with Rachel, it’s strange…)

      The only complaint I have about last night is that perhaps it was a little too squished, if they’d extended the episode a bit it would have been better, it needed that extra 10 minutes the superbowl one got. Or failing that a little less Warbling perhaps?

      • Amanda says:

        It really upsets me that more people don’t see this reasoning behind Quinn’s motives. She’s being labeled as a complete bitch, but this girl is utterly broken inside. It’s like she’s lost every bit of confidence she ever had, and the arrogance that she displays now is just a mask. She’s the most insecure character on the show. She lost her perfect boyfriend, her perfect status, her parents’ perfect marriage, her body, and now she’s grasping at straws trying to find her place in the world again. The only problem is that she’s looking in the wrong places. She’s just looking where she THINKS she should be looking. The fact that she’s resigned herself to a life that she obviously doesn’t want just breaks my heart.

      • 8daysaweek says:

        I actually think that the reason Quinn is so obsessed with doing what it best for Rachel is because Rachel’s biological mother has her daughter. Perhaps she sees it as her way of repaying Shelby for caring for her daughter?

      • 8daysaweek says:

        I think the reason Quinn is so obsessed with helping Rachel is because Rachel’s biological mother has Quinn’s biological daughter.
        I think Quinn sees it as her way of repaying Shelby by helping Rachel be the best she can be and making sure she at least tries to live her dreams. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to go to school every day with the daughter of the woman who adopted your daughter. It must be a difficult reminder for Quinn.

    • Michele says:

      yes – Quinn needs to get it right. Finn has never and will never look at Quinn in that way. EVER. Quinn deserves someone else… Finn and Rachel are true love. Finn needs to wake up! I think he has though…. :) can’t wait for April!

      • Amy says:

        It is sad to see Quinn doesn’t think she is better than prom queens and crowns and has the ability on her own to get out of Lima. That was the saddest part of the episode. I love the Rachel we saw last night. I hope she sticks around.

  14. Nadine says:

    Diana Agron needs to put some colors in her speech pattern. She’s a good actress but her one-tone notes make her sound like she went to the Secret Life of the American Teen school of acting, or like she’s perpetually feeling a cold coming on. Most people don’t talk in poised monotone, especially teens. Also, I was pleasantly surprised by the original songs.

    • Ruby says:

      I agree sfm about Dianna Agron’s speaking voice. I’m constantly yelling “BLOW YOUR NOSE!” whenever she’s on screen. Which is sad, because, as much as I detest Quinn, Agron herself seems like a lovely person.

  15. Aymee says:

    Now see here last year I caught a lot of slack for expressing my general disgust and disappointment with A certain male kiss that occurred on a certain MTV award show. I was called a prude and everyone told me I was being rediculous. I insisted that it was not the fact that it was 2 guys but that it was just gross and it would have been gross regardless of the participants. 2 guys 2 girls 1 guy 1 girl. Didn’t matter it was just gross and made me feel dirty. Now THIS is what I’m talking about. What happened between Kurt and Blaine last night was beautiful and emotional and brought a tear to my eye and had me cheering from my couch.

  16. Jennifer says:

    Loved the episode! Really wish Quinn & Rachel would both move on to something other than Finn as his character has become a wash. Both of the girls have much more personality than he does and could do so much better. Trouty mouth had this strange effect making me laugh & cringe simultaneously LOL Here’s hoping the storylines will continue to improve…

  17. Colleen says:

    Okay, so I realize this is nit-picky, and not really about the show in general, but I have to get something off my chest. Westerville, OH (where Dalton Academy is supposedly located) is over an hour away from Lima, OH. It’s actually a suburb of Columbus, OH. How hard is it to look at a map of Ohio and pick a town closer to Lima??

    • Hallie says:

      As someone who actually lives in Westerville, it bothers me every single episode…

    • 8daysaweek says:

      Actually it’s completely logical if you know Ohio’s educational landscape (which I do extremely well as I am an education writer here).
      A private school like Dalton would only fly in the suburbs of the Elite Eight – Columbus included). Lima is considered an urban school district but only because of it’s demographics not size or enrollment. For Kurt to attend a high school like Dalton, he would absolutely have to travel at least an hour and Columbus would be the closest place. Likely his only choices in Lima would be a Catholic school, small Christian school and maybe a Montessori.
      Lima would definitely be in competition with Columbus area schools.

  18. Mamo says:

    I was very dubious about “original” material for this show and did not love “Get it Right” but even my non-Gleek teen sons LOVED “Loser Like Me” and said “that song belongs on the radio.” Still one of the best shows on TV.

    • pattycakes says:

      “Loser like Me” is played on XM Satellite Radio (Chan. 20) all the time, along with several other songs from past shows.

  19. AlistairCrane says:

    What an awful episode. This season, it’s like they have three utterly crappy episodes to every one good episode. The original songs were horrid! I’ll give this show til the end of the season, but if it doesn’t get better, I’m walking away.

  20. CMJ says:

    Oy. I *KNEW* that when Kurt sang Blackbird (though Pavarotti was yellow) that Slezak would compare it to the version done by Paul and “Get-over-it-she’s-gone-now-move-on-Chantelle” on American Idol. This is the GLEE review, not the AI review…and I can’t help but note that Idoloonies posts later and later each week, as does the contestant rankings. What good is reading the ranking of the top 12 when there are only 11 left?

    But I digress!
    What did you think of “Original Song”? – Wasn’t as painful as I thought it might be. The only one I didn’t like was Trouty Mouth.

    Do you want to see more ditties written just for Glee, or do you think it should be a rare occurrence?

    How did you feel about the Blane-Kurt smooch? Tami Jean Albertson would not approve. However, it was clear from the start of Blaine’s monologue that it was going to happen. I just didn’t expect it to be so passionate and shown in all its glory.

    What about the Quinn-Finn-Rachel triangle? Why do I dislike both of those girls? Finn’s better off focusing on his football/singing career and dumping the both of them. He can be Kurt and Blaine’s fag-stag.

    And is anyone else finding Sue less amusing than she used to be? Yes. And the less we see of Sue, the less we see of Becky, who looks totally smart in a Cherrios uniform carrying her clipboard.

  21. B says:

    Best line of the night I almost missed…when Mr Schu asks the kids their favorite song Brittany’s response is “Hairband” Rachel’s first attempt at songwriting. Sneakily hilarious

    • SugarSafari says:

      As funny as Brittany’s answer was, I’m confused as to when she would have heard the song. I thought that Rachel only performed it for Finn to get his opinion? Am I remembering incorrectly?

    • DoubleRho7 says:

      I was freaking hysterical when I heard that –

  22. Nat says:

    Can we PLEASE get Amber Riley/Mercedes a story line and possibly a solo out of the class room. I am getting fed up.

    • AlistairCrane says:

      I’m more concerned with her losing some weight so she doesn’t drop dead of a heart attack at 25.

      • wateva says:

        @AlistairCrane: is it even possible to be that obnoxious???? I’m seriously asking: is it natural or does it require practice?

      • Bethann says:

        Stop being a concern troll, AlistairCrane. You’re trying to hide fat phobia/fat shaming behind a veneer of caring, but you’re as transparent as a pane of glass. Nothing about Riley’s performance or Mercedes’ storyline? You clearly just commented to obliquely call her fat. Get over yourself and go DIAF.

        • wateva says:

          Well Alistair, if there’s something I’m concerned about it’s your d-baggery. Other than that, no, Mercedes looks fine, she’s beautiful. I’m not being politically correct here, she’s a beautiful young lady. She looks happy and self-assured, charm and energy is better than a size 00. So am I concerned about her the way *you* are? Hell to the NO, *honey*.

      • J. Turner says:

        I was thinking that she already lost a lot of weight since last year. A couple of sizes anyway. Not that she is skinny, but I think she is working on it.

    • Bill says:

      Ask and you shall receive – looks like, from the scenes from the next new episode, she’s getting some time in the next ep.

  23. Karen says:

    Even though I liked the original songs in this episode, I doubt they can come up with enough good original songs to fill every episode. If songwriters could come up with 3-4 excellent original songs per week, they’d be writing for the top 40, not Glee. I recently picked up the DVDs for the TV show Fame, and I’d forgotten how bad a lot of their songs were. They used all original songs. The songs were supposed to be written by students so it made sense that they weren’t great, but it wasn’t exciting for the viewers. Considering that these characters are supposed to be everyday high school kids, not songwriters, it also makes more sense plot-wise for them to be singing pop songs most of the time.

  24. Heather says:

    I loved last nights episodes, and all of the original songs. Lea Michelle is AMAZING and she blew me away last night.

    And I hate Quinn more and more with every episode. I really liked her at the end of last season and even early this season. Her and Sam were so charming together and I really enjoyed them. Then she turned into a cheating bitch again and I really want to just kick her in the face.

  25. Anne says:

    I am actually tired of most of the relationships on the show right now. If you want romance on this show, then get to the root of it: Brittana, Quick, and some Finchel is the way to go.

  26. Brandon says:

    The show aired Tuesday night, not Monday, but good recap otherwise :)

  27. Sean says:

    The whole Puck/Lauren romance is so tiring. It was fine during 2×12, but now the novelty has weared off. It should have been a one time thing like the Rachel crush on Mr. Shue.

    Just put Puck with Quinn (yes please), Rachel, or Mercedes.

  28. MB says:

    I don’t know how I feel about the Blaine/Kurt stuff. They spent the last bunch of episodes showing Blaine didn’t care about Kurt and choosing Rachel (a girl!) and a random guy over Kurt. Last episode he pretty much told Kurt he wasn’t sexy at all and all of sudden he has that quick and awkward change because of one song. It felt really shoddy to me, the same as Finn/Quinn, Sam/Quinn and Sam/Santana.

    Quinn’s writing is not even. She was back to being nice in the first half of the season and now she’s back to her old tricks again.

    I also have troubles believing that they rewarded Rachel for singing the songs all by herself. The show constantly punish her for trying to hog the songs and for some reason now it’s all good?

    I didn’t care much about the original songs to be honest.

    • DB says:

      I just have to say to this…when I was 19, a guy I worked with played “Blackbird” for me on his guitar at work one day and at the very same moment he started playing it, my feelings for him completely changed. I went from “hey this coworker is nice,” to “holy moly…I want to be with you REALLY bad.” I think it’s entirely possible for Blaine to have this happen with Kurt and I teared up at the memories of that same thing happening to me.

      • S. says:

        Same here. Not with the Blackbird thing, but I’ve had two friends before that were just friends and then it’s like a switch flips or something and everything changes. I think they handled that really well with Klaine, because unlike pairings like Sam and Quinn, we got a foundation for Kurt and Blaine. We know that above all, they care deeply for one another and are honest and sincere. And now, in love. It’s kind of perfect.

  29. alicea says:

    commit? glee? you jest.

  30. alicea says:

    Also, I’m pretty sure Puck is the only one who opened his rhyming dictionary.

  31. Ben Graham says:

    Glee this season is like the hair that gets cutoff your head at the salon. While it wont grow any longer it looks healthy for a long time. If you compare this episode to last seasons Regional Episode it fails in comparison. This season has lost any and all direction. And you would really think after the issues Quinn had she would be a changed person and not the bitch that she is. New writers have killed the direction of this show.

  32. Michele says:

    Finn and Rachel are true love – I can’t wait for the reunion – it will literally bring down the internet!!!! I can’t wait!!

  33. Sarah says:

    Soooo happy that Blaine FINALLY saw the awesomeness that is Kurt. Watching Blaine have that”there you are” moment during Blacbird was done so well. I loved seeing it all over his face as his eyes opened. The scene where Blaine expressed his feelings was well written and acted by both Darren and Chris knocked it out of the park. My face hurt because my smile was so huge. I am glad that they waited and that they got it right when they finally got together.
    I am also soooo glad that Kurt sang 2 songs, he has hardly sung anything since joining the warblers. Welcome back Kurt.

    • Suz says:

      I agree! It was so nice to see him singing again! It was also so nice to see how happy the other Warblers were when Blaine picked him for a duet. Even the council looked super pumped. (I totally believe the rest of the Warblers were total Klaine shippers.)

  34. sTHEFANIE 5 says:

    pleaseee puck y quinn forever

  35. the girl says:

    The best part of this episode for me was Quinn’s honesty. I really understood her when she tried to reason with Rachel. I almost wanted Rachel to give in and let Quinn have Finn.
    I absolutely don’t consider Rachel to be the heart of this show – most of the time I am super bored by her – and it is incredibly annoying that we barely glaze over the lives of the rest of the Glee team. What is going on with Mike and Tina? How does Artie feel about this whole Brittany/Santana thing? Did Mercedes or Santana put up a fight for the solo on “Loser Like Me”? (which Rachel didn’t even help write so someone else should have taken the lead on). So many thoughts about how this could be a more well-rounded team effort, and it isn’t.

  36. Sara says:

    Loved it and I second your motion to start every episode with a burst of song!

  37. Emma says:

    Was the death on Glee that of Pavarotti? Or is there worse to come?

  38. Kiki says:

    As someone who has more physically in common with Mercedes than Rachel, the diabetes line in Hell To The No was perfect as it is test we all have to suffer through before we can get decent medical treatment. I’ve been tested three times. Negative every time. But I’m sure next time I have to see a new doctor I will have to get tested again.

  39. Darren says:

    The episode last night was pure perfection, the dialogue, writing, songs, and the emotion that was exuded all tied in perfectly together. Rachel’s pain was pure and honest. I loved seeing Kurt sing once again, blackbird gave me chills. The kiss between Kurt and Blaine was a great kiss and I felt the show did the fans justice. The original songs were fun and heartfelt, but I would like the original songs to be few and far between. I have to say I am so sick and tired of Sue’s antics. If this were real life, her ass would be sitting in jail. As a nation that is saying we are fed up with school bullies, I do not understand why Ryan Murphy has not only let this character continue it’s bullying but has now turned physically violent with no consequences. Besides Sue, I thought this episode was perfect. One of the best in a long time.

  40. Amy says:

    Why can’t there be more episodes like this one? This was the first time in a very long time that I felt emotionally giddy after watching an episode of Glee. I had so many favorite moments. I loved that everyone was finally nice to Rachel. She may be annoying, but maybe part of that is due to being treated badly by other kids for so long. I also loved the support Kurt and The New Directions showed each other. They could have created unneccessary drama there but they didn’t. I also loved that Brittany said her favorite song was “My Headband.”

  41. Greg says:

    I’m not thinkin’ ‘bout you haters
    ‘Cause hey, I could be a superstar
    I’ll see you when you wash my car

  42. ASH says:

    I, too, liked the cold opening with a song and had the thought “Hey…why haven’t they done this before? This is great!”

    Of all the original songs, the only one that’s sticking with me today is Amber Riley’s “Hell to the No.” That was one catchy song.

  43. SOL says:

    I think this show needs a spinoff that’s devoted to the adults’ storylines. They’ve got enough compelling characters to make that happen, don’t they?

  44. John D says:

    While I enjoyed the episode and the original songs, I’m also way past the point of being amused by Sue. She’s gone from being funny in a mean sort of way to absolutely abusive. She should be in jail for punching out the Lt. Governor’s wife, not to mention for all of the other things she’s done. There’s suspension of disbelief, but Sue is way beyond that. I’m also frustrated by the backtracking they’ve done with Quinn. Why the powers that be just didn’t leave her with Sam (they were a cute couple) is beyond me. Lastly, I was very annoyed by the Kathy Griffin riff on Sarah Palin. Really? Is that the best Ryan Murphy could come up with? I know Griffin loves to bash Palin, but if you take her out of the episode, you lose nothing. The same goes for Loretta Devine. For a show that’s all about showing homosexual relationships in a real way, Devine’s comments about the Warblers were just unfunny and totally unnecessary.

  45. TamIAm says:

    Okay, I generally subscribe to the flexible reality of this show (ie. people breaking into song randomly with killer harmonies and dance moves). They poke fun at that and it’s a fantasy, I get it. But I’m in agreement – Sue has gone from being funny to scary. I realize this show choose when to make things realistic, but I think they’re sending the wrong message with her. Making kids think it’s okay for someone in her position to slam them into lockers, fill them with dirt and punch somebody out cold with no ramifications ins’t fair to anyone who suffers at the hands of those who abuse authority. It also doesn’t jive with their consistent attempts to humanize the character. I just kind of wonder what the point of Sue’s Christmas transformation and singing to kids in the cancer ward was. Why bother the effort to bring a likeable sense to someone you seem to want to portray as a monster? As sweet as those moments have been, there is nothing even remotely likeable about Sue at this point. And this is coming from someone who started watching this show solely because Jane Lynch was on.

  46. Karen says:

    I’m surprised how many people thought Kathy Griffin was playing a Palin-esque character. She said “I’m not a witch” at least twice – maybe three times. Obviously a great trivia question: “Which Tea Party candidate proclaimed ‘I’m not a witch’?” Christine O’Donnell people! How soon they forget…

  47. BJohnson says:

    Okay so THIS is my favorite episode. I loved the Hell to the No. I loved how Sam held up his Hell No sign when Santana offered a new verse of her song.
    Oh good, I wasn’t the only one getting dizzy with the camera work on her song.
    No new eps until April folks! At least that’s what Fox was telling me.

  48. BAM says:

    I loved it!! And the kiss was amazing! Darren Criss amazes me every time. They should be Kurblaine :)

  49. Ryan Murphy is a Bully says:

    note to Ryan Murphy… for a show that is about tolerance as much as anything else, the ways religion and particularly Christianity are portrayed on your show… shows an incredible amount of intolerance on your part. You can’t have it both ways. You can not demand acceptance and tolerance yet show none. Also, it would be inaccurate to lump the religious right and the tea party into one little group so its easier for you to make fun of and …. bully. The Tea Party philosophy of less government interference in our lives would include not letting the Federal Government tell individuals who they can and can not marry. Therefore, I’m sure you would find most Tea Party members in favor of gay marriage, or at the very least in favor of letting each individual state decide. I support your cause, but you lose credibility when you aren’t credible in your portrayal. IMHO. By the way… both original songs were fantastic.

    • John D says:

      Thank you. I thought I was the only one who feels that Murphy is going out of his way to bring his politics into Glee and is acting like a bully by his constant bashing of Christians and the Tea Party. Enough.

    • Sarah says:

      Have you ever even listened to a Tea Party candidate? Many (indeed, most) contradict themselves on the issue of homosexuality, and many other religious issues for that matter – they’re all for “less government interference in our lives” until it comes to their narrow Christian views (please note I’m not calling Christians narrow-minded – I’m saying that their ultra-conservative views of Christianity are incredibly narrow). While I thought it fell flat, I thought it was an apt caricature.

      In terms of Glee showing positive views of Christianity, I agree that they could do it more, but I thought that the episode where Burt had his heart attack showed a very positive, heart-felt look at religion and religious difference. I wish they could highlight that more.

      • AZDave says:

        actually Sarah, what you are listening to are the Tina Fey’s, SNL’s and Ryan Murphy’s of the world and their characterization of the Tea Party. Don’t confuse the “Religious Right” with the “Tea Party” as the commenter said above they are thrown together by the media and liberals because they must be portrayed as evil, stupid and out of touch. When in reality, a majority of America is a) Christian and b) considers themselves a “tea partier”… and I agree with the comments about Ryan Murphy being a bully. A gay character would never be portrayed in the over the top offensive manner Kathy Griffin portrayed hers last night on Glee.

        • Sarah says:

          2 points AZDave.
          1. I AM a Christian. I just don’t subscribe to the narrow-minded views that much of the religious right subscribes to. And, if you noticed, I said that I wish Glee would foreground how good and open-hearted Christians are more often, like they did in Grilled Cheesus. They don’t do it nearly enough, for a show that promotes tolerance.

          2. I AM listening to the Tea Party candidates in my home in the Midwest. I know the difference between comedy and real-life; while I have seen the caricatures you mention, I appreciate them because of the real-world example they parody. Maybe tea party candidates are different in other regions of the country, but there is a TON of overlap between the religious right and the tea party in my neck of the woods (and, since Glee is set in Lima, OH, in theirs).

    • Americamom says:

      I am soooooo happy someone else saw this. The gay agenda has been force-fed to us, sometimes without much sugar, this season. Yet, religion, specifically Christianity, is thrown around like it is the punchline.

  50. ade says:

    Things i need to say… really liked the episode, I loved all the rachel/Finn moments, it was cute and real, and I understand a little more of Quin, especially how depressed she really is, it’s like she’s given up on her dreams, and now is settleling with being prom queen.
    Anyway, I really don’t want Kurt to return to ND right now, because it would seem like he’s only doing it to go to nationals.. and that’s wrong, and really not fair. I want there to be a real reason.. Last night’s episode made me think there could be a way, like Kurt getting tired of the way things were being handled with the Warblers.. but then they fixed it by giving him the chance to sing at regionals.. So I don’t see how they could go back to that, just like that.. I just need there to be an actual reason, not something so shallow as wanting to win and go to NYC to perform.
    Let’s see.. Oh, I agree with everyone, Sue is getting really annoying.. I’ve stopped trying to find the show believable but this is just ridiculous.. seriously, she should be in jail.. She can’t be violent to kids and to the senator’s wife..!
    That’s all haha.