Pilot Scoop: CW Plugs Vampire Diaries and 90210 Stars Into Heavenly New Project

Two of The CW’s prettiest faces are staying put at the network, while another is making a beeline for ABC.

Supernatural and Vampire Diaries star Lauren Cohan has landed the female lead in the CW’s supernatural-themed drama pilot Heavenly. Exiting 90210 teach Ryan Eggold also has been tapped for a major role in the project. Gossip Girl‘s Kevin Zegers, meanwhile, has been cast opposite Jimmy Wolk in ABC’s Georgetown.

Heavenly centers on Lily (Cohan), a dedicated young female attorney, and a former angel, Dashiel Coffee (Ben Aldridge), only recently turned human, who tackle cases at the attorney’s legal aid clinic — she saves clients’ butts while he saves their souls. Eggold will play a pastor whom Dashiel seeks counsels from.

Georgetown centers on Andrew Pierce (Wolk), an effortlessly charming and brilliant Yale graduate and the youngest Presidential speech-writer on record. Zegers will play Monty, a handsome,  incredibly wealthy young stockbroker from a well-connected family and an old rival of Andrew’s.

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  1. Michael says:

    People keep saying she can’t act, but I enjoyed her on Vampire Diaries and am currently enjoying her on Chuck.

    That said, I don’t see this getting picked up.

    • Guess says:

      I don’t know why but I’ve got a good feeling about this one, I think it will be a suprising suceess

      • Michael says:

        It sounds little bit Reaper-esque (except they were slackers), so I’ll give it a try if it goes to series.

      • Belinda says:

        I don’t want to attack a show that I haven’t even seen, but this just sounds like a badly-made ripoff of Supernatural’s Castiel with a touch of Legally Blond or something like it, or Touched By An Angel. This is so blatantly and obviously trying to ride on the success of Supernatural’s angels it’s not even funny.

        And seriously, Dashiel Coffee? They couldn’t find a better name?

        I really doubt it will be a surprising success. I’m not saying that the casting is bad or that it will be horrible, but it will forever suffer being compared to the glory that is Supernatural’s Castiel, and it will not be facing a very kind fandom.

    • lorna says:

      i HATED her on VD and SPN, but she did hold her on. Quit watchign Gosssip Girl in s3. NO New viewer for any shows after they murdered LUX.

  2. sarah says:

    She can act I loved her on The Vampire Diaries and also Supernatural.

  3. Dulci says:

    I know she’s a CW favorite, but I don’t see Lauren Cohan having the chops to hold a series down as a regular. Her performance in Vampire Diaries was far better than her previous work (such as Bela on Supernatural), but it wasn’t consistent enough or engaging enough for me to invest time in a show with her in a main role.

    • Jones19 says:

      I have to agree with this. I enjoyed her as a guest star on TVD, Supernatural and Chuck but I have trouble picturing her as a series lead. Hopefully she’ll prove me wrong.

  4. Mrswinchester24 says:

    Kevin Zegers is super hot! Maybe I’ll check out the pilot of Georgetown. I liked Laura in Supernatural, funny, seems she’ll be playing a totally different character in this new show lol.

  5. Sarah says:

    Um… I thought Georgetown was an ABC show?

  6. Sarah says:

    Um… I thought that Georgetown was an ABC show?

  7. ggny says:

    Georgetown just keeps getting better and better

  8. anon says:

    Three of The CW’s prettiest faces are staying put at the network.

    That’s not what the article is saying. One is moving to an ABC show.

    Gossip Girl‘s Kevin Zegers, meanwhile, has been cast opposite Jimmy Wolk in ABC’s Georgetown.

  9. Jason says:

    Ugh. Ugh. And more Ugh.

    Not a soul will be interested/excited about Cohan and Eggold, and that Heavenly series doesn’t stand a snowball in hell’s chance. Why even bother shooting the pilot? Plot stinks, stars are not compelling.

    I’ll trade you both of those actors for one Kevin Zegers. ABC got the steal in this story, for sure.

    CW’s trend of ridiculous casting moves continues. And they wonder why people aren’t flocking to their TVs?

  10. Sourabh says:

    Oh just bring back Angel, Firefly and Veronica Mars already.

  11. abc123 says:

    Georgetown = My Generation. Do we really think ABC will pick this one up? And Zegers is essentially playing the same character he played on Gossip Girl.

  12. Well says:

    Even though I am not sold on the concept of Heavenly; and really Dashiel sounds way to much like Castiel.. I would rather see this get picked up over crap like The Secret Circle and Awakening.

    However; if they really wanted to bring in the ratings, they could have just used Castiel/Misha in the role =) this way they could have had a possible cross over. But nope they just took things from Castiel and made Dashiel.. *eyeroll*

    Seriously when is SPN going to get the credit and respect from the CW it deserves.

  13. RecceR says:

    This is the first I am hearing about this show, I’m almost certain it was not in the pile of pilots CW had to choose from for the fall. To be honest, it sounds dull and a little like “Touched by an Angel.” Don’t get me wrong, Laruen was great of Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries, but this project seems week. I hope Secret Circle and Awakening are the two shows CW chooses to order seasons of for the fall. They would be really stupid not to, considering they’re the only ones getting reported on the most and are gaining a good deal of hype. I would stick Lauren on one of those shows instead.

    As for Georgetown, if you’re going to compare it to anything compare it to “The Deep End.” It was a short-lived legal drama that aired in early 2010 on ABC that focused on young up and coming lawyers. I did not care for The Deep End and while Georgetown has caught my attention by casting Katie Cassidy, I doubt it will be that good or last too long. Based on ABC’s track record of keeping either one or none of their new fall shows for long (or at least past 1 TV season), it will probably last 2-4 weeks.

  14. Matt says:

    Who is behind heavenly? Because if this is some kind of Supernatural spin-off, then I’d be very interested. It’s all in how the content is approached. It sounds a lot more like “Angel” than “Touched by an Angel” to me. But who’s going to develop the show? The article didn’t say.

  15. mike says:

    Kevin Zegers is one of the best young actors working today, and I do mean working he has quite an output over the last couple of years. How is he not a star?

  16. lorna says:

    oh and after twat eggold bugged on melrose, heck no for him. ever. ew.

  17. Chelsea Flowers says:

    This actually sounds great now with these characters being on this. I love Kevin and Lauren!!!!

  18. Darcy says:

    Heavenly sounds like Drop Dead Diva on some wimpy teen drugs. Georgetown sounds pretty good though.