Exclusive Bones Video Preview: Booth Declares, 'It Is Over!'

Is the past really the past? This week’s much anticipated episode of Fox’s Bones (Thursday at 9/8c) — directed by series star David Boreanaz — raises that question rather directly, when Brennan and Booth, entrapped within a stuck elevator, are invited by Sweets to resume their “couples” therapy.

Actually, as you see in TVLine’s exclusive video clip, Sweets doesn’t so much invite them back as urge them. You might even say he borderline insists, and even invokes the “H-word” in making his case. And that is perhaps where he makes his biggest misstep, as evidenced by Booth’s reaction.

“They sort of talk about each other’s feelings for one another,” previews John Francis Daley, “and Sweets, obviously, loves to see that chemistry.”

Hmm, perhaps too much so, from a clinical POV. “[He pushes them] in a very intrusive, annoying way,” Daley admits. “The only way Sweets knows how.”

Press PLAY below to watch the intense scene unfold, then tune in Thursday to see how B&B’s extended time in close, cold confines impacts their always fluid relationship.

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  1. Susan says:

    I understand that we probably won’t see Booth and Brennan together until the end, but I would hope when they do get together, it’s not the very last episode. Maybe those of us who have been waiting the six years for this coupling might get five or six episodes with them really together before the series signed off. That’s my hope. While the cases are interesting….Booth and Brennan are why I watch.

  2. turtle says:

    So, I really love the show and everything. Like its my favorite and I wait all week for a new one. I have said this from the beginning, B&B need to be together but I’m not sure I want the show to end. I think they should try to be together for a little while, then something should happen so that the show can continue on.

  3. Kim says:

    I was a faithful watcher from the very beginning but I have given up on this series. I got tired of the “will they/won’t they” last year and stopped watching. I check in from time to time online to see what is happening and I am so glad I didn’t have to suffer through the Hannah story. I think it is sad that the writers don’t have the imagination nor the courage to write a good relationship story.

  4. Amber says:

    Wow someone is a little touchy.

  5. Michelle R. says:

    I understand why having characters in a relationship created a difficulty for writers to keep it interesting. Drama needs anticipation and conflict. However, I’m annoyed by any show that puts up false roadblocks from keeping relatively normal, very attractive people who are clearly in love from acting in a believable manner. No two people who are high-functioning can work next to one another and always have bad timing. What would be consistent is that both of these people know life is fleeting that to paraphrase Shakespeare, golden lad and lasses must as chimney sweepers come to dust.

    Instead of writers acting like it’s undoable, on any of these shows that use this worn out trope, they need to step up their games.

  6. Christine says:

    I haven’t been watching new episodes because of Hannah. Is she gone? I hope so!

    She was a good actress, but I like the relationship that Booth and Temperence have, and the idea that maybe, someday they will recognize the love they have for each other. I really didn’t like the interference Hannah brought to the storyline.

  7. Tenicia says:

    I don’t like how angry Booth is getting. I wish B&B would just get together, but as much as I love Sweets, I think he needs to give them some slack. *sigh* crazy!!!

  8. Rach says:

    JAG noooo!
    They got together like in the last 5 minutes of the series. I REALLY don’t want to go through this again. Waiting so much for nothing!

  9. Sam says:

    Noone wants to mention H again Booth! ;) LMAO

  10. Jamie H. says:

    I am so sick of Annoying Sweets. I miss Adorkable Sweets. He is really annoying in the way he won’t take no for an answer and that he just keeps getting in the way. Yes, I get that he wants Booth and Brennan to get together. We all do. But couldn’t the writers revert him to being adorkable and vulnerable instead of…this?

  11. Jillian says:

    I think I’m going to have to punch something (probably a pillow ’cause I’m not a violent person, but still) if one more person says that shows can’t work when the main characters get together. It didn’t work in Moonlighting because the show wasn’t any good by the time they let the characters get together and the actors hated each other. That being said, I think in this show’s case, the Moonlighting curse would hold, not because it couldn’t be done, but because the writers have already proven they are not clever enough to make it work. Just look at what they did to Angela and Hodgins with the whole “I’m already married” debacle. Their relationship got so dry and annoying they had to split them up. Now they are doing better, but they are also not showing them as much. It’s gotten to the point that I don’t even care about watching the show anymore because of the constant effort to keep the tension alive when it’s been dead for years. Either put Booth and Brennan together or keep them apart. It’s pretty simple. Also, I think it’s kind of odd that when the show was at it’s best (Seasons 1 and 2) it didn’t have all that many viewers, but with it’s subpar storylines in the later seasons it has gained a ton of viewers. Anyway, that being said, this does look like it might be a step in the right direction for making the show more like it’s former self, but if you’re looking for a relationship that might actually go somewhere, go watch Castle. The writing is more clever and the writers and actors have every intention of putting the characters together sooner rather than 6 seasons and still waiting.

  12. lucy says:

    i love how folks say they no longer care about the show or r’ship or the tease, yet they just watched the clip and took time to comment here. that amuses me! we’re doing exactly what hart wants. we watch, we gripe, we love, we hate, we come to places like this and keep the buzz going on a show that has better ratings now than three years ago. i was in the xfiles online community YEARS ago and it was just like this, it always is. we gripe, but most of us keep coming back, and fox renews it for another two years. all the story arc frustration aside, i just enjoy watching a show where all the cast genuinely like each other and get along. a show loses some shine for me when i’m always reading about how the actors don’t get along. i think the affection (nothing untoward, i’m just talking about having fun and respect for your workmates, not that stupid, MORONIC david emily crap) makes a serial more enjoyable to watch, and the affection among the characters sell better on screen. i still tune in every thursday night because i like all the core characters and the stories. i just smile and don’t stress about it. i do think that david did really great work portraying booth immediately after the breakup with hannah, his best emo work to date on bones. an emily’s face is always fascinating to watch, all the little nuances, how she inhabits the character. oh, and i miss zach.

  13. Bonnie says:

    I fell in love with the show right in the beginning and I was enthralled with the opposites attract budding romance. I think both Booth and Brennan are very special people and despite their differences they compliment each other. I remember story lines when one would literally put their own life on the line for the sake of the other. Those memories make it hard for me to understand where the writers are going now. Would either or both of them still act in the same selfless way for the sake of the other? I question that now and that questioning is making me wonder what has happened to the people they used to be. Can people change that much and if so I am very sad. And while I’m at it why or why did the writers turn sweet Zack into the basket case they made of him and why don’t they bring him back. The new guys are all interesting but Zack and Hodgins together were priceless and Zack was kind of the male counterpart to Brennan. Just losing heart with the show even though I am trying to hang in there hoping for something to give my spirits a lift. Please writers give us back some smiles and uplifting storylines.

  14. Laura Edgerton says:

    If Bones were real-life Booth and Brennan could never get together and be partners due to fraternization rules. I am interested to see how the producers and writers might play this angle. And with regards to the novels, there are the Kathy Reichs’ novels that the character is based on but there are also Bones novels that are set in the same world as the series with characters and locations.

  15. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Wow, intense. I REALLY hope Booth is referring to Hannah and not Brennan though, when he says “It is over”. In the same vein, I don’t want him angsting over Hannah either. I hope for Brennan’s sake he acknowledges it was a mistake and that Hannah was a bandaid for his feelings for Brennan. Otherwise that’s just cruel. Please, Bones PTB- if not this season, hook Booth and Brennan up in the next! Because their chemistry can only go so far when it’s been six agonizing seasons of push-pull. At some point it becomes unrealistic, testing the faith of your fans while in the same instance forcing characters to become more and more OOC! That said, I eagerly await this episode :D Looks like fun!

  16. Gypsy says:

    The only way we will see Booth & Brennan truly together will be in the shows finale. The writers will not put them together until then. When the show finally ends, which I hope is not for a very long time yet…you will see Booth & Brennan together, Cam marry her doctor, and Angela & Jack with 2 or 3 kids. And probably Sweets marry the nut job…am I the only one that finds her totally annoying?

  17. Jonathan says:

    The shows great, Still great since Season 1, Episode 1. B&B will eventually be together, and someone said they should get rid of cam or sweets … If someone is going to be whacked, it’s one of them two. Or maybe even Caroline? WHO KNOWS! WE are officially 19 hours away from the NEW EPISODE! Can’t wait to see reviews and comments after!

  18. tvfruitcake says:

    I won’t speak for everyone but I like the angry, hurt side of Booth. If he had just magically gotten over H in an instant he would lose something in my eyes. I think he went into the relationship with H for all the wrong reasons but that doesn’t mean that the feelings that he had for her weren’t real in the end. He has to grieve the end of one before he can start a new one. I also think that the show could survive them getting together. JAG and Moonlighting were 2 series that were very different from Bones. Sure the main characters were in love with one another, but the premise was different. The writers could make it work except for the fraternization rules. Even those could be gotten around because this is tv folks!! Rules are made to be broken. But is has to be done right. I don’t want them to write something crappy and ruin it for all of us that have watched and re-watched every episode for years. Take your time HH, I will still be watching, although you may have to duck a few bags of frozen peas!!!

  19. Larua says:

    I read that in the spin off series (forgot name) Brennan has a
    “Booty Call” Now the writers are making Brennan into a whore….
    not the type of wife/lover Booth would want….

    I am bored with the whole show…. It has become a Soap Opera with
    all the love affairs.

  20. Darcie says:

    Someone upthread mentioned the sexual tension, there is no sexual tension, only awkwardness. I like JFD and the Sweets character, I just wish they would give him a little backbone and he would stand up to Booth for once, I love Booth, but I can’t stand how he Bullies and puts the Lab people (except Angela, of course)down, and even though Sweets is FBI, I include him in that. The Moonlighting Curse is a myth, the reason the show failed after they got together is because they threw too many plot contrivences in to keep them apart (Hello,Hannah!) and CS and BW HATED each other by then. Instead of letting the relationship grow organically, like on Chuck or Castle, which are both compared to Bones young shows, so we will see. I read that a lot of the writers from the early seasons of Bones, now work on Castle.

  21. MissOptimistic says:

    I think that the way they write the show is very realistic to real life. People don’t just fall into each other like we wish they would, things don’t always go the way we want them to. Booth and Brennan have grown so much from the Pilot episode and though they are still not together, I’m not frustrated at all. Every problem or bump in the road to B/B getting together has been justified.

    It’s a natural progression now, I feel. The writers know what they are doing. Booth knows how Brennan feels about him and he obviously – from the lingering stares he gave her in 6×11, 6×12 and the ‘love the most’ speech while he was still with Hannah – loves her. It’s just he is not fully over the rejection or the embarrassment of it yet.

    The show still has potential for great things. So, I’m keeping optimistic because I love this show and have fallen in love with these characters and not just B/B but all of them including the guests. It’s a rollercoaster and I think when the show ends, it will be classed as one of the most EPIC Television shows to air. :)

  22. julianne says:

    I love this show and am happy with where the characters are at this point. Booth and Brennan because of their pasts were never going to have it easy when it comes to starting a relationship. They are both tragically flawed and damaged souls who need to heal before they can commit to each other. Other characters are introduced to the show to help them heal. Sweets is like the child of two parents who are always fighting he their baby duck wants them to be happy and together. In this episode he is prodding Booth like a lion tamer would a big cat who is trapped safely on the other side of a cage. You can see Booth’s restless energy as he is confined to his temporary prison. Hannah was a necessary evil because her presence on the show has allowed Brennan to acknowledge and accept her feelings for Booth. If she hadn’t shown up I think that Bones would have either ignored her feelings for Booth or insisted on an affair with no emotions involved. Now Booth is aware of Bones’ feelings but he has to earn back her trust and she has to show him that he comes first and she is loyal to him not just another fling. After Booth has a chance to gain some confidence back he will be ready for his second chance with Bones. While maybe Bones has to be tempted by another man but unable to follow through because of her feelings for Booth.

  23. viewer opinion says:

    In my opinion, I wouldn’t want them to follow the JAG storyline. I stopped watching JAG and only watched the last nine minutes on the internet this year. (It was poorly done in my opinion.)
    I want to watch a realistic relationship, not a continual soap opera. David and Emily have the chemistry and charm to pull it off, (where many actors don’t.)
    Sadly, their talents will be restricted to the one storyline the creators seem to be stuck in, making this season hard to watch.
    Long term relationships and marriages have all kinds of drama. They even have periods of UST. Resolving it is even more fun.
    Please, let them act like the smart adults they are supposed to be and not like adolescents.

  24. Amber says:

    Most definitely will be buying pie in celebration of this episode :D. It’ll be intense but I am thinking I am going to love it. Actually, I was in love with it back when I found out there was going to be an episode where Booth and Bones were going to be stuck in an elevator together. It’s going to be…well, it’ll be something. Bring on the anger and whatever else is going to go down. That is all. Have a lovely day fellow shippers.

  25. Melanie says:

    I still care. A great deal. I seriously believe that they will end up together. It’s a definite end-game. I mean, I know some of the things the HH and crew have done are douchey (i.e: the “They’re gonna sleep together! And it’s NOT gonna be a dream!) but I seriously don’t think they’ll pull a stunt, like not giving the dedicated veiwers a pay-off, THAT douchey. I just really don’t see them being that mean. They’re not GY from [H]ouse.

  26. Bob says:

    Why, oh Why can’t we just have a show where the partners don’t EVER become partners? It’s all fiction written by a roomful of writers. Just don’t write any romance stuff for these two characters and everyone can stop the guessing game. GEEEEEZ, stop turning every show into a soap opera! Look at how they just ruined House (again) with the romance.

  27. Melissa says:

    First of all, I’m sick of people talking about Moonlighting and its “curse”. That show ended over 20 years ago and it wasn’t that great when it was around. Times have changed, and writing has progressed. Though maybe not television writing.

    Secondly, Did I hear a reference to Hemorragic Fever? If they’re talking epidemic I bet it’s Ebola. That has me pretty excited. In the last few seasons the murders haven’t been memorable, and I was thinking the writers were losing their touch (Although the Babe in the Bar was slightly more innovative). If this killer knows he has this deadly disease, we could have another (if extremely short) serial killer story arc. Or better, a group of suicidal people infliciting biological warfare on Washington, D.C. with a horrible virus. That could turn out to be an excellent episode. But I’m letting my imagination run away with me. Go back to talking about “will they/won’t they”. :P

  28. UnHolyDiver says:

    I’ve tired of the Booth/Brennan dynamic completely. The only reasons I continue to watch at this point are Hodgins/Angela, the intern of the week, and Sweets. Much like “House” has in the last season and a half(especially the last couple of weeks), this show has shown that it can’t, or won’t, grow up.

  29. taylor says:

    If you ask me I have a problem because the show really is getting boring now, and the back and forth flirting thing is really old. So they half to put them together because for all of us of who has been watching the show since the 1st season i think they would half to for us. Because I bet you if they didn’t someone would be raising hell!!!! And i am a castle lover to and there relationship has been going faster then expected, so im probably thinking that ABC has been watching fox’s failures if you know what im talking about *cough cough 6 seasons cough cough*

  30. lally says:

    I admit I like this crime investigating show and according to the rating about 10 to 12 millions agree with me. That amount of people cannot be wrong!

  31. Moira says:

    I want them together, they are a great couple; i think love is not rational, the whay brennan said making love and not having sex show us that not even her is that rational, whay are you people???, Who knows what is going to happened whith this two.We only have to wait..

  32. Holly says:

    I think they will probably not get together this season or episode because they always do this to us and its just one of there tricks….

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