Exclusive Bones Video Preview: Booth Declares, 'It Is Over!'

Is the past really the past? This week’s much anticipated episode of Fox’s Bones (Thursday at 9/8c) — directed by series star David Boreanaz — raises that question rather directly, when Brennan and Booth, entrapped within a stuck elevator, are invited by Sweets to resume their “couples” therapy.

Actually, as you see in TVLine’s exclusive video clip, Sweets doesn’t so much invite them back as urge them. You might even say he borderline insists, and even invokes the “H-word” in making his case. And that is perhaps where he makes his biggest misstep, as evidenced by Booth’s reaction.

“They sort of talk about each other’s feelings for one another,” previews John Francis Daley, “and Sweets, obviously, loves to see that chemistry.”

Hmm, perhaps too much so, from a clinical POV. “[He pushes them] in a very intrusive, annoying way,” Daley admits. “The only way Sweets knows how.”

Press PLAY below to watch the intense scene unfold, then tune in Thursday to see how B&B’s extended time in close, cold confines impacts their always fluid relationship.

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  1. Lexie says:

    Wow. And I thought it was going to be a light, fluffy episode. It looks amazing, though. I wish Sweets would just let them run their course! But I would love for them to resume couple’s therapy. It was so entertaining!! SOOOO glad the H-word is gone. Good riddance!

    STOP, or I’ll throw this bag of peas at you.

    I love Booth.

  2. David says:

    Does anybody really care about Booth and Brennan at this point? Not trying to be a jerk but we all know they will eventually end up together and the teasing and playing is getting frustrating at this point? Just an honest question don’t crucify me shippers

    • Leslie Lu says:

      I don’t care about the romantic storyline very much anymore either. I’m definitely pleased Hannah is gone, because she was a huge distraction. I’m just thrilled the work-related story lines have vastly improved the last few episodes. At some point B&B will end up together, and I just refuse to care enough to be jerked around emotionally over it anymore.

      • Elle Kasch says:

        I would have stipulate that in any romantic storyline we are often dragged out forever as the two main characters go back and forth with the possibility of love/relationship. However annoying, none of us would watch the show if they just got together in the first season or so. It would just become boring. Even soap operas and the like twist and turn relationships back and forth. Many shows have tried to put the characters together fast or start with them together, thus surviving only a season or two at most.

        • Mia says:

          But it’s been SIX SEASONS!

        • Krisko101 says:

          I have to disagree. On the show Chuck, Chuck and Sarah got together, and the series has been much improved ratings-wise as a result.

          • olyvia says:

            also alias

          • Alexie says:

            I definitely agree. To say that the show is over once they get together implies that relationships are easy, that there will be no problems and that people are boring as soon as they enter a relationship. I think it would actually be quite interesting to see how Brennan who is very compartmentalized deal with having someone in all the boxes. An actual claim I mean, not just the we know he’s there but she claims they’re just partners thing. There’s plenty of twists and turns and children to be written about, Hart just wants to drag it out as long as he can.

        • T says:

          This isn’t true at all. There are plenty of stories where the couple in question come together and relationship dynamics are explored. I think you are lying to yourself if bones said, lets give it a shot that you would just stop watching. I seriously think you are just to justify the writing for the show as id

        • Imzadia says:

          ‘Elle Kasch’ said: “Many shows have tried to put the characters together fast or start with them together, thus surviving only a season or two at most.”

          To which my REPLY is, “Exactly!” BUT, I find that means ‘something’ is Wrong with the Romantic Committment Psychology of today’s society. It’s akin to a crippling emotional Disease, and it shouldn’t be so commonplace in the stories told in a TV series, IMO. Yes, it’s a reflection of current social ‘norms’, however, since it’s mostly all fantasy anyway shouldn’t there be more ‘Positive’ EXAMPLES in the Main Characters’ storylines? It would give us something to aspire toward in our personal lives by daring to turn our hopeful romantic fantasies into realities.

          As for “BONES” in particular, any couple on a TV series that perpetuates UST for up to 5 years is much TOO LONG for my tastes. It’s become ANNOYING! I’m trying to enjoy the show for more of its ‘other’ attributes now.

        • Katelyn says:

          That is true but you also realize that this is more of a crime-detective (whatever you would like to call it) show.. So they still could work together, while being together and have many hilarious and out of the box experiences. I think they could do it if they were creative enough.

    • Lori says:

      Totally agree David. Though at this point whether they end up together couldn’t be less important, the ship (and drama of it all) is over. Now it’s just annoying and childish.

    • RORY says:

      I’m a shipper and instead of getting pissed at HH stalling b/b I just lol and lol at the ridiculous scenarios he comes up with.

      • shelly says:

        agree! :)

      • Tiki says:

        Agreed. Though frankly, I’d appreciate if they made sure future “distractions” can actually act. Hannah was painful to watch.

        • Steph says:

          Agreed, Tiki. People may say it’s just because we only want B & B together, but really the actress who played Hannah WAS painfully bad. In the hands of a better actor, this storyline could have almost been enjoyable. In fact, I have enjoyed other relationships that distracted- particularly when Booth gets jealous! Question: why is it so much more fun to see Booth jealous than to watch Brennan?

          • Laura says:

            Becuase with Brennan she was too rational to realize her feelings before then and it was too late. I felt bad for her and it was sad, I on some level prob identify with Brennan. Booth being jealous was often sweet moments where you could see his true feelings. There’s an element of that with Brennan too, but I mostly just think of her crying in the car.

    • Ingmar says:

      Honestly I think every fan is misjudging their future. We all assume they will end up together but somehow I dont think it will happen. They had enought chances to put them together or try to write them as an actual couple but they didn’t. They could have just tried so they would know how the fans would react. They didn’t try while they had the oppurtunies. I dont want to upset fans, but I wouldn’t count for them ever being a real couple. They have chemistry, and they love eachother but that doesn’t always mean they will end up together due plenty of other reasons. Id love to see them together but I gave up hope and got real.

      • Me 2 says:

        People know they are going to end up together because the creator of the show has said it many times. They haven’t put them together because Hart Hanson obviously believes in the Moonlighting curse and thinks if he puts them together, it would kill the show.

        Think about it, if Booth and Brennan get together, how would they promote the show? Most fans and critics talk about the Will they/Won’t they.

        • patk says:

          I think that if B&B end up together, the show will be totally ruined. I feel that the show not only relys on the criminal stories, but on the chemistry (frustrating as it is…I junst want to smack the both of them) between B&B. I think when the series ends is when they’ll end up together.

          • Lea says:

            That might have made sense a couple seasons ago, when they still had the flirting/bickering thing going, but ever since last season when Booth realized he was in love with Brennan cause of his coma dream it’s been total angst and sadness-not fun chemistry. It’s like they’ve gone through all the stages of a relationship-including the breakup-without actually having a relationship.

        • Ingmar says:

          No. Hart Hanson likes to tease things. But he did that plenty of times with a result that wasnt even close of them hooking up. I just dont think they will ever get together. They had enought to hook them up already.

    • Amy says:

      I agree; at a certain point the chemistry and excessive “will-they-won’t-they” and “AHA! They’re getting toget-oh, wait, no” is getting annoying.

      “Castle” is reaching that point too, but at least they have an excuse…seeing as one is still in a relationship with someone else.

      There’s just that point of “GET TOGETHER ALREADY!”

      • gp says:

        I agree…Castle is getting to that point also…and I am kinda tired of both shows doing this….it gets old and BORING

      • jes says:

        i agree with u on tht!

      • Jordyn says:

        “Castle” has a completely different dynamic than “Bones”, in my opinion. And, the great thing about “Castle” is that it is fair to assume that Caskett will become a couple soon (at least before 6 seasons run their course). I believe that the idea is at least up in the air and not being pushed around or stomped flat on the ground. “Castle” brings in different angles and comedy styles that “Bones” does not. The writers are fresh and full of ideas for the story lines and aren’t as worried about the character relationships as much as the “Bones” creative crew is. I simply adore “Castle” and the novels that go along with the series. The entire setup is purely phenomenal.

        • Kara says:

          I’ve stopped watching Bones after the whole Hannah thing and now am really into Castle….the playfulness between Castle and Beckett is just irresistable, and the relationship appears to be developing at a much faster pace than Bones.

      • Ghost says:

        While I can agree that Castle and Beckett should get together soon, they at least have the excuse that it is only the third season. Bones has been going on six seasons with no indication that B/B will get together anytime soon.

    • Holly says:

      Count me in the don’t care group. I lost interest after 100th and have found no reason since to care about Booth and Brennan becoming a couple.

    • Sally says:

      I still care. I’ll admit that it’s kinda getting annoying with the constant one step forward, two steps back thing. But at the same time, I worry that if they do end up together then the show won’t last much longer. So if it comes down to either them together and the show ending or not together and the show continuing? As much as I want to see them as a couple, I’d pick the second option..

      • Sheila says:

        I don’t completely agree that if they get together its the end of the show. It does have to be done correctly if its done at all. But if written correctly it could be awesome. Can you imagine a season with those two together and working together? How overprotective Booth would be, how impatient Bones would get? And having to work that out so they could have a functional relationship.

        I know Booth is really mad at all the women in his life right now because from his viewpoint they all rejected him. But Brennan didn’t reject his feelings. There’s a big difference between not wanting what someone has to offer and being afraid to take it because you value it so much.

        I’m waiting patiently for them to get together. They complement each other perfectly.

        • Jennifer says:

          Well put, Sheila! I agree 100%. They jerked Hodgins and Angela around for years, and now that’s going well. I realize that Hodgins & Angela are not the primary relationship on the show, but why can’t they do the same with Booth & Brennan? I would love to see them trying to manage a working realtionship alongside a romantic one.

        • BEV LITYNSKI says:

          I totally agree with Sheila’s comments. Here’s to the show’s writers making the inevitable match of Booth and Brennan happen in such a fashion that’ll knock the socks off of everyone when it does happen! Hopefully they won’t disappoint!

        • tvfruitcake says:

          Seriously, are we sisters? Because you took the words right out of my mouth!

        • kstar says:

          I agree with Sheila as well. I don’t think them getting together means the end of the show. There are a lot of storyline possibilities to keep the show interesting even without the drama of will they/won’t they. For example, having them try to hide it so they can keep working together. I’m thinking Monica/Chandler a la Friends (and am somewhat embarrassed to have pulled out that reference!).

    • Luna says:

      The relationship thing was the main thing that got me hooked on Bones. Right now, well, I have to agree that if they get together that means the end of the show. I do hope that they’ll get together eventually.

    • Beth says:

      Ohhhh Buffy references! I really want Booth and Bones to end up together in the long run… which they will. But It’s going to have to be a last episode kind of thing… It would just ruin who they are and when they start falling into bed together the show’s over because the writers have run out of ideas

    • Dorothy says:

      I like all the teasing and fun they have with each other. I think it’s cute. I like that Hannah is gone, and I wish they would quit bringing her up cuz I never really liked her being around.
      I hope this didn’t sound like I was crucifying you-just adding my opinion.

    • Puggie says:

      I love the way it’s being played out it’s like…..4 play yea!!!

    • beaner says:

      no crucifixion from me. i think lots of people feel this way and for good reason! Personally there is something I love about watching the sexual tension, i think that this is why they are dragging it out. sexual tension gets good reviews, although so does good sex…

      • Ace says:

        The problem is that it’s not fun sexual tension anymore. It’s angry emotional tension, and it’s MUCH less fun to watch. I, for one, won’t be watching until the will they/won’t they question has been answered definitively one way or the other.

    • Dexter says:

      I agree. It is frustrating to the point I almost don’t care anymore.

    • Marta says:

      I find that I actually don’t care that much anymore. It went from must-see TV to eh, whenever. Between the constant jerking around for years, and in the most recent season just the truly gawd-awful writing from the hacks that HH coughed up from some correspondence school, the show is really just a shadow of its former self and kind of a drag. I’m still watching, but it can be two or three weeks until I catch up with my DVR back log.

      • Bob says:

        Ha exactly. This show went from watch as soon as its new…to watch when i need to make room on my dvr for better shows.

    • T says:

      I dont. It has been a stale storyline for at least two seasons. It was nice to see booth with someone else who had a personality and seemed to care about what he thought…up until the valentines episode. Bones didn’t care until she figured out she was lonely and had a quasi breakdown.

      • Cari says:

        Hear hear! I actually liked Hanna. And I liked that Booth was in a healthy relationship with a woman who actually seemed to like him as much as he liked her. Yeah, she was a little rough around the edges, but I think she could have developed into a great character and a great relationship if she hadn’t been doomed from the start. I don’t think Booth and Brennan belong together at all. They used to have great “friend” chemistry, but now even that seems to have evaporated in light of their supposed feelings for each other.

    • amy says:

      I loved Booth and Brennan forever, but now I have quit watching the show. The only reason I even clicked on this link was because I couldn’t believe the writers could find YET ANOTHER way to crap all over their audience. But they just keep on going, don’t they?

    • Laura says:

      I don’t care about it as much as I used to, but I also don’t care about the show as much as I used to. Lately it has been better, I need for there to be interesting things going on in their relationshiop for me to be interested in the show. I know it’s not that way for everyone, but for me it’s not so much about togethor or not but if something is developing in their relationship. For a while I lost interest because I didn’t think there was at the beginning of the season, but lately I’m getting back on board with where they are going.

  3. Lisa says:

    DAYYYMMMMMMMNNNN!!!! Thanks for posting!

    I absolutely LOVE when Booth is SO heated. Methinks I need to cool off… ;-)
    CANNOT wait for tonight’s episode. I am a B&B-shipper. Sigh!

  4. Alanna says:

    David, I definitely agree with you. We all know that they’ll be together eventually, so I don’t understand why the fans constantly freak out during these types of situations. (I say this even though I am one of those diehard fans & shippers. ;))

  5. emy26 says:

    what does he mean “it is over”? does he mean him and hannah or him and bones? because if it’s the latter, that’s not good. hopefully it’s the first. i can’t wait for the episode!

    • Jessica says:

      Sweets is trying to get Booth and Brennan to get back into Couples Therapy and he does so by bringing up the past. Booth is adamant throughout the conversation about not going back but when Sweets brings up Hannah, that’s when he loses it. So in answer to your question of Hannah or Bones, it’s definitely Hannah.

      • Jenna says:

        I’m pretty sure he’s talking about Brennan-cause Booth has been saying for the last few episodes that he just wants to be partners with Brennan.

  6. Rory says:

    can we not

  7. AJ says:

    lol Booth. You just keep telling yourself that, dear.

  8. peggy says:

    booth meant he didnt want yes from hannah/she was the biggest mistakes he ever made and I HOPES BONES TELLS HIM SHE ALREADY MET SOMEONE ELSE/lets hope this elevator dont stayed stop long.

  9. peggy says:

    hannah is booth biggest mistake/

  10. DripPan says:

    This is just another way for HH to actually have a reason for Sweets to be on the series. He’s been the most useless regular character on any series I have ever seen. I wish HH would just get his crank out of JFD’s rear long enough to realize that his character isn’t needed……never was!

    • jo says:

      oh my god! sweets is awesome, i can’t believe you dislike him to this point lol. he’s so funny, inteligent and sweat!

    • jo says:

      ops, intelligent.

    • Hannah says:

      Sweets is my favorite!

    • amy says:

      Some bitter Zach fans assume that somehow his departure must be Sweets’ fault. They’ve always been an irrational minority.

    • Don says:

      I disagree. Sweets is the constant splinter in the B/B relationship. He keeps opening the sores of the romance and tries to get B/B to face their feelings so they can move on. He is the antithisis of Brennan. He is all psychological and Brennan is all rational. He is needed when B/B need to get inside a psycho’s head.

    • Alia says:

      I love Sweets. And I know it’s sacrilege to say this, but… I like him better than Zack!

      He’s even more vital now that Booth and Brennan have both become so unlikeable.

  11. JoBangles says:

    I think Booth speaks for a great deal of the audience when he requests we never talk about Hannah again. I’m in.

    *Before anyone jumps on me, note I said ‘great deal’, not ‘everyone’.

  12. cathy says:

    to me if this show see 7 they should find a way to lose sweets and cam.

  13. Alicia says:

    This is such a dumb show. I’ve tried watching it on and off; checked out last week’s ep and I can’t believe the crap coming out of the characters’ mouths. So dumb and unbelievable, and the crime-solving/forensic aspects are substandard to any number of dramas out there. Viewers must just enjoy watching pretty people talk because Bones is awful TV.

    • KoleBigEars says:

      Please tell us what show YOU like and we will all make sure to go and comment negatively on it…

      If you don’t like it…don’t watch it…in turn you should have no reason to post unnecessary comments on it!

      Shoo troll, begone!

      • PanamaS says:

        lolol! Thank you Kole! I’m with you there…haters begone!

      • Alicia says:

        Not a troll, since, as I mentioned, I’m a sporadic viewer, but not for long. The show is LAZY. Have a logistical problem on a case? No Worries! Angela “There’s an app for that” can just write a program to solve it and the case will be done! Then the show can focus on Sweets (Bones’ personification of a ship-obsessed viewer) meddling in Booth and Brennan’s private lives so we can have a running commentary for the will they/won’t they drama.


    • Lynn says:

      Yet someone who doesn’t like the show is here commenting on it. The stupidity of that……..

      If they had gotten together people wold have whined it ruined the show. Seriously people this show can’t win………..

    • Nick says:

      Really what great shows do you watch that have better forensic lingo cause id love to know. This is the only crime show that actually interests me and the terminology they use is accurate because I can understand what they are saying because of my anatomy class background. The shows you watch are probably just giant wastes of time.

      • Alicia says:

        Of course they’re not in exactly the same fields, but NCIS and Criminal Minds have much better and plausible crime analyses; CSI for forensics (obviously because they’re the originator).

    • Bridget says:

      And yet, here you are reading spoilers about it. Surely you have a more productive way to spend your afternoon.

    • Marianne says:

      Really? Is that what you think? You my dear are in the minority then because this show is still going strong after 6 seasons and still has people talking about the storylines left, right and sideways. Would love to know what YOU think good TV is….

  14. Rose says:

    I am supposed to be happy they are going to talk about Hannah. Maybe Brennan can ask Booth if there is somene he wants her to call or maybe that he can either calm down or she can find another FBI guy in the morning. It would be nice for Brennan to actually standup for herself instead if following Booth around and look like a consolation prize if he ever graces her with his affections again.

    • faye says:

      I agree, Booth has made it clear where he stands as for as Bones role in his life. He wants a partner & friend. I think Bones needs to go on with her life if she meets someone, so be it. If Booth truly loves her he will step forward regardless if he is ready or not. He knows her feelings for him.

      For Bones to be there for Booth for a couple of shows is fine but then she needs to also live her on life & hopefully, Booth will make himself a part of her life.

      I don’t need to hear Hannah’s name again, just move on with the show as though she was never there. Enough is enough!

  15. STEPH says:

    Booth and Brennan FTW! I’ve been waiting and I will continue to wait for the day that B&B finally get together. I’m hoping that in this episode we’ll at least get a step in the right direction. <3

    But I do not like this 'in-denial Booth' very much. I'm waiting for our old Booth to come back to us. Hannah and everything that happened concerning her needs to be DONE. I hate the ripple effects of her time on the show.

  16. SnazzyO says:

    I can’t wait.

    Booth needs a break. That guy keeps rolling snake eyes. It’s about time he finds happiness.

    • Josie says:

      Thank you for saying that:-) I could not agree more…

    • Karina says:

      Didn’t you guys think it great that Booth actually sought out Bones to go jogging with her…. …the asking her if she was still going to that lecture and did she want some company!!!! He is definitely seeking her companionship… … and Caroline made note of that fact with her “I-know-what-you-are-really-up-to-Booth” sassy reply when Brennan told her that Booth was upset about having to miss the lecture. Is it Thursday yet???

  17. Carl says:

    Hart Hanson is like Lucy (of Peanuts), using the Booth and Brennan ‘relationship’ as the football, to tease the audience that he sees as Charlie Brown.

    That’s why I just can’t get excited at any teasers or previews that look like they might finally get together.

    I just know H.H. (that sadistic Lucy Van Pelt) is just trying to sucker us into buying it, so he can once again yank it away at the last second, leaving those of use still willing to fall for his crap, flat on our backs once more…

  18. Lauren :):) says:

    Wow some people are Harsh. Sweets is a good
    character…it’s good he is trying (In his own warped way granted) to urge them to be together!
    I still care about BB being together but yeahh I know it will happen eventually, but for now let HH play with te characters, they’re not gonna be around forever (Sob :( )

    Hey, maybe HH will surprise us. Maybe one day, in a random episode, no anticipation, they will just….be together. Who knows.

    Ithink HH just wants to keep the show running, by mixing it up…trying to keep things new!

    Epic comment ‘Stop…or I’ll hit you with the Frozen peas!’ LOVE BOOTH! :DD

  19. Lauren :):) says:

    …and Alicia. The randomer who comments negatively on shows she DOESNT EVEN WATCH…just leave. No one cares what people who don’t watch the show have to say.

    People have different opinions. What do you watch? I’d love to talk crap about that. Tbh I’m not that low. Every show is unique and everyone has different tastes :)

  20. Shawndraya says:

    Love booth!!!!

  21. MammaD says:

    Booth and Brennan can’t get together until the series is finally ready to end. Once they are together, the sexual tension will disappear, and so will the ratings. Hello? Anyone remember Moonlighting?

    • Amelia says:

      Yeah, I remember… But, just because it happened with Moonlight doesn’t mean that will happen with Bones or any other serie. There ar many diferent things between the series, even the fans are diferents.

  22. Lilli says:

    Love the show! But, stop with the shakey cameras already! They make me sick, and I want to watch not just listen. Sweets and Booth are too beautiful to just be listened to.

  23. Mohusker says:

    I love the show. If they get together good if not good. But I don’t get tired of relationship because that is often what they are like, full of bad timing. Regardless still my favoite show. Must be some others because otherwise no one would bother to reply.

  24. Kim says:

    I’m frustrated with Booth and Brennen not getting together and I just started watching the show (don’t worry I got all caught up on the previous seasons). Anyway I agree, they have had plenty of opps to put BB together yet they don’t, just because they put BB together does not mean it’s the end of the show. If they put BB together and the ratings go down then yeah it will be the end of the show, but if they put BB together and the fans still continue to watch and give the show the ratings it deserves then the show will go on. UNLESS HH can’t write Bones with BB together, which is completely dumb.

  25. Susan says:

    Hannah was the biggest mistake this show ever made. Sweets is a cool character. He throws conflict in in his way. Certainly all the characters go to him for personal issues, making Sweets’ presence valuable. As for B/B, I don’t think the show can get back to that at this point. It would be nice, but I think Hannah just messed up the whole premise of the show.

  26. Laura says:

    They won’t get together until the show is over. Then there will be no story line. So yeah…i think it will happen but not till the end.

  27. hammysue says:

    Yes, we all know they will eventually end up together but putting them together COULD kill the show. Partners can’t date, as they have said many times, in the FBI. To put them together would mean a new agent for Brennan, and if everyone who is truly a fan of this show would admit it, the working relationships of the ENTIRE team are why we watch. The way they all interact wih each other is what keeps us tuning in. Yeah, we all enjoy the “outside the lab” storylines as well but the core of the show is the case and how they deal with it.

    • Maddie says:

      What about like EVERY other tv show where people who work together in dangerous situations like the CIA, FBI, police, and medical fields end up in romantic relationships together even though they say at first that they aren’t allowed to?

  28. Motormouth 67 says:

    Why can’t the writers start molding these characters towards a Nick & Nora Charles-style relationship. That way they could BE together, maybe even married, but continue on as they were–she solves the mystery, he catches the bad guys….????

  29. Louise says:

    Personally, I think I would like to see them try to be a couple..looking at them from a different point of view at this point I dont think would harm the show it’s too grounded for that to happen.

    I would also like to see what would happen if Brennan was to get shot by the sniper and how Booth would react to that. We have seen Booth going through Brain tumour and being hurt/harmed but only a little bit of kidnapping in s2 and the gravedigger action for Brennan. I think It would open up a whole other side to them.

    • Tricia Wells says:

      Ok.. Stop there, first watch season one that will explain to everyone why Brenna and Booth can not be a couple out side work. Reason 1. they will no longer be able to work side by side any longer.
      Reason 2. Brenna has developed so much in all the seasons thanks to
      Reason 3. Brenna likes being PARTNERS with Booth, that is her way to be close to him in her corkie way of life. It will kill her if she lost that part in her life. Example, Booth every time he gets a lady friend involed it put a (who are you, what do you what) question with Brenna, she’s very protective with Booth. She doesn’t want other women hurting Booths feelings.
      So, NO with the couple idea ( look at it) they are a couple but in they on way. By the way you have a quitty couple on the show, guess what it’s borring.(Know they are married, now pregant, now looking for a new house) bla..bla..bla . Keep me on my edge of the bed screaming at the tv, begging for more tention, loving it all the way.

  30. OptimusClairw says:

    Think about it this way, if B/B do get together and it does kill the show, ratings will go down and then eventually it’ll just be scrapped, ergo no more Bones. I’ve been waiting as long as any of you guys have for Brooth/Boonan, but I’m willing to put up with “will they/won’t they” as long as the show is still being made. So would you rather have no Bones as a result of the fact they did get together, or more Bones with “will they/won’t they”?

    • Alia says:

      Honestly? I’d rather see the show end than see it go on as it is right now. It’s miserable to watch. They need to find a way to inject some fresh blood into the show (a B/B relationship seems like the most obvious solution), or they need to end it.

    • bone finder says:

      But what if Bones gets pregnant, Booth does not know, and than Hannah comes back into his life. Hannah relizes she loves Booth wants to accept his proposel, Booth being the gentleman he is must marry Hannah. Than we have a whole new storey line …does Bones admit the child is Booths, does she say the child is adopted? This would be a great story line hope someone out there is reading this.

  31. Jim Tavegia says:

    What this show and House proves that successful, bright people really suck at personal relationships, and in the case of House and Booth going from bed to bed is what they know best. I’m tired of Sweets and the other shrink trying to fix Booth who can’t be fixed. Even the girl he got pregnant didn’t what him, and of course she got to decide everything in typical 2011 Hollywood fashion. This whole notion even got Brennan thinking about being a birthing device who did not need a man either.

    Just go back to totally solving crimes and put their miserable, personl lives away. Move on to Jack and Angela. Solve crimes, ditch the personal drama.

    • Alia says:

      I don’t think it’s that “successful, bright” people suck at relationships. I think it’s that people with massive psychological issues (House’s addiction and misanthropy, Brennan’s abandonment issues and hyperrationalization) suck at relationships. Let’s not blame their intelligence for their interpersonal incompetence.

  32. Stephanie says:

    I agree that they have been dragging the will they/ wont they plot out for far too long. i have been watching the show from the beginning and its about time something substantial happened because people are starting to lose interest. I disagree however that if they get together it means the show will end, they would have so many obstacles to over come in there relationship that it could easily be dragged out for a few more seasons, i think the writers best option at this point is to give the viewers what they want.

  33. Wayne says:

    They will be together, and that’s fine with me. When it happens, it happens. I just wish someone would slap that stupid look off of Sweets Face!

  34. Phil says:

    It’s happened with other shows, if they get together, the show will lose it’s edge. The sexual tension is what most people thrive on. The show is good with what is going on now, you have a couple together now,the pregnant one, we don’t need everybody paired off, this isn’t, “off white anatomy”

  35. Liz says:

    I love this show and I can’t wait to see how Booth and Bones will wind up, but in the meantime, I will always continue to love the show. The whole team just makes the show and I find it very entertaining to see the storylines that are in this show. I could spend days watching these shows over and over. Hats off to the writers!

  36. Kim says:

    OK… so very intense and I am happy to hear that “the H word” is over. But come on… the frozen peas cascading down the elevator shaft… kinda funny. Can’t wait!

  37. Bev M. says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think that if Booth and Bones hooked up, it would totally wreck the series. I like the friendship dynamic the two share, and I enjoy that they don’t just jump in the sack because they’re attracted to each other. That’s the story of my marriage, lol.

  38. Just Joan says:

    I like it that Booth isn’t in love with Brennan on his own. Now it’s Brennan who will have to hang on, if they are to stay together.

    And, I agree — nobody seems to know how to write interesting stories about people who are happy together. Not sure why that should be.

    • Gena says:

      Yes he is. Didn’t you see the last episode? Why else would he want to go with Tempe, to a dry seminar on a subject he cares nothing about?

  39. Lindy says:

    Contrary to popular opinion, I think this looks like a good episode. I know Sweets doesn’t always have the best way of doing things, but like JFD said, it’s the only way he knows how to do it. And as for Booth’s raging in the elevator, I think it’s a likely scenario. He’s still super-touchy about the issue (keep in mind it’s only been a couple weeks, canon time), and he’s not exactly known for keeping his cool when he’s agitated. I can handle the will-they-won’t-they, as long as there’s a little bit of movement, and there has been. The 100th episode was a huge step forward, and, since the show seems to be heading that way very rapidly (plus the sixth season is quite a long time for a show to have been running), I think the end is in sight.

  40. Billy says:

    Bring back Hannah! I think her character did more for the show than the special appearances from Billy Gibbons (who is very cool by the way). We got to see a side of Booth that we never would have seen if Hannah had not been on the show. She is definitely the hottest character the show has ever had on. And you cannot blame the actress for how you felt about the Hannah character. She was only doing what the director was telling her to do. I feel that Hannah will be back, not with Booth mind you but she will be back.

  41. Dilla says:

    I think the show would still be good if they got together. Bones is so awkward that I’m sure there would be issues–and what about that baby she wanted. And I’m sure Booth would have difficulty separating “work Bones” from “home Bones”. Would they have to lie to keep working together…there’s enough there to keep it interesting.

  42. anon says:

    they might get together….they might not, and if they do they will break up at least for a while. there is a certain formula these shows follow, and i highly doubt this show will stray.

  43. Kim says:

    Where’s the PLAY button?????

  44. Beah says:

    Ahh essa já é o final da temporada? Olha por mais que seja sem grandes revelações eu gosto de ver os episódios e esperar até sei lá quando me deixa triste … e quanto ao episodio eu esperava que B&B resolvessem seus “problemas” e não que fosse colocado o Sweets no meio!

    Abraço aos fãns =D

  45. Lady C says:

    OHHH…that’s what the “H Word” was!

  46. Beah says:

    Ahhh e eu amo B&B!!!!


  47. Rose says:

    I just absolutley LUV B&B! they just seem destined for each other. plus they look perfect together :) but Sweets just seems to get a little too nosy about their relationship. he should step back and just watch as they coke together :) of course sometimes every couple needs a little nudge in the right directiion but Sweets is toeing the line between helping and tearing them apart.

  48. Kim says:

    Did any of you guys ever watch a show called JAG? they had the same type of romantic work relationship between their two main characters. I really think the only way b/b will work romantically on bones is to take a note from JAG. Get them together towards the end of the season and have the wedding as part of the finale

  49. Gena says:

    Ok, from someone who has read all the Temperance Brennan novels, (they are the reason I originally watched the show)I’m not convinced there will be a B/B get together. If there is it won’t last. Yes I know the show is really (loosely) based on Kathy Reichs, the author of said novels but there are similarities between the two. She will one day leave to work in Canada (if they stay true to the Tempe/Kathy story) and where will that leave Booth? And is their outlooks on life/love/God so different will it let them be/stay together? I’m a romantic so I hope yes but I wont hold my breath. And if TPTB read this, I’m sick of the teasing, it’s no longer fun. Also please quit making Tempe look like a socially ignorant boob. She’s 10x worse than she was at the shows beginning. Some is good but you’ve overdone it.