Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on House, Bones, SVU, The Mentalist and More

Mondays tend to suck. Let’s see if I can make yours a bit better with a flurry of scoops, teases and sound bites from some of TV’s hottest shows and stars.

House On Fire | If you thought the House/Cuddy dynamic was prickly before they paired up only to peter out, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Lisa Edelstein told me that the break-up stands to “add a lot of really great texture to how they have to deal with each other.” That’s right, neither party will be scurrying off to a new job to dodge old hurt. “These are two grown-up complicated people who love what they do,” Edelstein explains, “so I think they will, no matter what, always find a way to continue doing what is their life.” During this difficult time, might Cuddy get a comforting dose of warm and fuzzy when her mom (played by Candice Bergen) returns in Episode 20? “No, definitely not,” Edelstein says with a laugh. “They are still at each other’s throats.”

Special Report | If Law & Order: SVU showrunner Neal Baer didn’t ease fears enough with his recent TVLine interview, I asked Ice-T (aka Detective “Fin” Tutuola) about the prospects for a 13th season. “We’re the highest-rated drama on NBC, so I think we’re pretty guaranteed to come back,” he offered on the red carpet for Comedy Central’s roast of Donald Trump (airing Tuesday night). But before we bid Season 12 adieu, count on a compelling hour guest-starring V’s Elizabeth Mitchell as a woman accused of killing a young girl. Mitchell acknowledges that the material is “so dark,” but says it’s also “terrific stuff. It definitely opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn’t know about.” Plus she got to share scenes with Jeremy Irons (reprising his role of sex therapist Dr. Cap Jackson). “I’ve always wanted to work with him, so that was nice.”

Morena Baccarin Teases V‘s ‘Totally Nuts’ Season Finale

Mentalist’s Hot Date | Speaking of V beauties killing time on crime dramas, Morena Baccarin gave me this sneak peek at her upcoming turn on CBS’ The Mentalist: “I run a dating service, an eHarmony kind of thing, and my husband is murdered, so it’s all about investigating who killed him.” Hmm, if the hubby is newly dead, is there no chance of striking sparks with Simon Baker’s Patrick Jane? “There is, in fact,” Baccarin counters with a wink. “I’m going to try my best!”

Grim Bones | After I posted this story on Sweets/Daisy, many inquired (though not always with the best intentions) as to whether either half of that couple might fall prey to on-the-loose sniper Jacob Broadsky before Bones‘ season is over. Carla Gallo has heard a rumor that someone will die, yet she refuses to fret. “Really? Can Sweets stand another tragic death in his life?” she rationalizes. “I’m going to put out positive thoughts; I don’t think Daisy’s the one.” Yet not all of the squinterns are as calm, cool and collected. “[We’re] like, ‘Whoever gets a pilot is probably who’s going to die,’” says Gallo, who, along with Ryan Cartwright (aka Vincent Nigel-Murray), falls into that category. Or might the season end on a sour note for Sweets? Says John Francis Daley, “Maybe I haven’t heard about [who’s dying] because I’m the next to go!”

Bones Preview: Confession Time Is Coming!

T-Bag’s Back! | I leave you with this photo of Robert Knepper slipping back into Theodore Bagwell’s slithery skin for next Sunday’s episode of A&E’s Breakout Kings. Knepper raves of the encore, “Nick Santora, who was one of my favorite writers on Prison Break, sent me an email before I started shooting, saying, ‘This might be the best dialogue I’ve ever written for T-Bag.’ And I am here to tell you it was.” Watch for Knepper’s full Q&A on Friday. (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Much as I love me some Elizabeth Mitchell, I can’t help but remember that she played a very similar character on “SVU” ages ago, in an ep called “Mercy.” (No, really, I can’t help it; my partner is, in a word, obsessed with the show. I recite full episodes as a party trick.)

    And because it’s not a Monday without a visit from the Nitpick Police, Ice-T’s character’s name is Detective Fin Tutuola.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yes, fully aware he has a last name, didn’t know it was imperative to include. It has been added.

  2. Michael Sacal says:

    It’s too bad that T-Bag is only going to be in BK for four episodes. He should keep escaping jail so they can bring him back, heh.

    That does beg the question, though, of HOW he escapes this time, lol. He does have experience breaking out of jail, I suppose, heh.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      You will see it’s not so much about HOW he escapes but WHY.

      • Michael Sacal says:

        One would assume that it is to get revenge on Michael, Lincoln, and the others for sending him back to Fox River, but I haven’t heard/read anything about any of those actors appearing on BK.

        It be cool if they did. Were she not on Walking Dead, I’d expect Callis to appear on BK with Michael’s son.

        • Sue says:

          Not sure how Michael Scofield could appear on Breakout Kings since his character died on Prison Break. I’d love to see other PB actors on BK. Callies included.

          • Michael Sacal says:

            We know he’s dead, does T-Bag?

            That’s why I didn’t mention Michael and mentioned his son and wife (I forget, did they get married?)

          • Fred says:

            Technically we did not see Michael die in Prison Break. If they brought back Kellerman they could as easily bring back my dear Michael.

            Why don’t they hire Michael as the head Marshall.

            Would like to See Mahone, Kellerman, Sucre, Micheal and Linc…


  3. Kristen says:

    I would be crushed if Sweets were the one to die on Bones! Its got to be one of the squinterns right?

  4. Jodi says:

    I can’t wait for T-Bag’s return!!! I started watching Prison Break because Wentworth Miller was pleasing to the eyes. But, I kept watching because Robert Knepper stole the show. I even resumed watching Heroes after having given up on it the previous season just because he joined. Get this man his own show ASAP!

  5. strange says:

    After that bad writing that happened on last week’s house episode, it won’t surprise me there is more bad writing to come… instead of house MD this show should be renamed as House:90210!

  6. Doris says:

    I remember when Robert Knepper played a young doctor who had been genetically bonded to Deanna Troi when they were children on Star Trek: the Next Generation. He was a really good person; you almost wanted him to end up with Deanna even though she was still in love with Riker.

  7. Chatty says:

    I hope they don’t kill Sweets! He brings an important perspective and comic relief to the show and he should be around when Bones & Booth finally get together romantically. Also, he is so lovable!

  8. SnazzyO says:

    T-bag! One of the most watchable degenerates of our time. RK needed to get an award for his portrayal of T-bag, he was so compelling, funny, squicky, ….everything.

    Glad to see he gets an encore.

  9. robinepowell says:

    I can’t wait for Jeremy Irons’ return to SVU.

    Everytime a well known actress has a guest spot on The Mentalist, it seems she’s destined to flirt with Patrick Jane, lol! :p

  10. Liz says:

    The Huddy break-up is a huge reason for me to tune in again, I hope they won’t ruin it by bringing them back together. I prefer them far apart (or at each other throats arguing like in the first seasons). Can’t wait to see how tonight’s episode turn out!

    • JJ says:

      It’s hard to say for me, I LOVED how they used to fight before but I also love the new type of witty comedy they were using during their relationship. I doubt that it’s going to be the same as before. Right now it’s just weird and no matter what people say, House isn’t the same as before. I think that I prefer them to stay together, it was still as hilarious as before they were together and a million times funnier than their post. It’s not even that funny now….though the hooker with the arrow was a nice touch, why can’t he “marry” her??xD

  11. Reena says:

    I guess I am the only one who liked last weeks House…the going back and forth between Cuddy’s dreams and what was really going on….although I did enjoy Huddy I also understand why breaking them up is better for the story lines…now if only they could have a way for Matha to stay even when Thirteen returns…

  12. Drea says:

    Everyone vote to get Cuddy back!

    • @Drea says:

      Cuddy is not written out of the show or anything. In opposite she gets more screentime than everyone else allthough H/Cu broke up. Why do you need to post this? Get over it the show is about House and not Huddy. When you want to watch a show about romantic a “will they/won`t they couple” watch Bones or Castle. Or the Huddies favourite phrase “You don`t like it stop watching”

    • Tom says:

      she’s still in the show! Seriously huddies are really annoying

    • Mo45 says:

      OMG a petition. Can I laugh? pathetic!

  13. Liz says:

    NO! Sweets can not be the one to die. I can’t really choose a cast member that I wouldn’t mind seeing get killed either. They’ve really done such a good job of creating characters that I’ve fallen in love with that I could see go. I love all of the squinterns. I love Angela and Hoggins. I love Sweets. I love Caroline and Cam. Really, who could you see go? Maybe someone we haven’t really seen this year, like Booth’s boss, the one that Bones dated a few times last year.

  14. jchammer says:

    I’ve heard on other sites that it is a FEMALE who gets shot…
    I hope to heck it isn’t Caroline…that’s one that came to mind.

    Can we bring her back into the show, please!?

    • tvfruitcake says:

      I would sign on to watch a show all about Caroline, as long as they promised she would call everyone cherie. She is my favorite character who is not named with a B.

  15. Anna says:

    If a squintern MUST die let it be Fisher.

  16. Christine says:

    Oh, enough with all the Huddy drama. We know Olivia is already back filming, and you haven’t even got one spoiler for Thirteen’s return. Since the fans who only watch this show for Huddy will apparently stop watching *eyes rolling* why don’t you actually report about something NOT Huddy related for once?!

  17. Jim says:

    Nice to see Morena Baccarin will visit “The Mentalist”… But, it’s high time she makes an appearance on “Castle” and come between Castle and “Nikki Heat”……

  18. Hel says:

    Can you speak with another actor other than Lisa E ???? She’s not the only one in the show !!!

  19. Beth says:

    Any other Prison Break alums planning on making cameos on BK? I would love to see Lincoln or Sucre! Too bad Michael can’t make a cameo as the reason T-bag escaped to get revenge!

  20. Kath says:

    Agree with @Hel, why is it LE is the only one on the cast to be saying anything. She is popping up way too often these days, to give her spin on what is going to happening on the show, then its all about Cuddy. Its getting more than a little anoying, it is called House not Cuddy. Lets be hearing from some of the other cast members esp the main star himself for once.

  21. Steve says:

    It may be time for Max to die. It would have a big personal impact on Bones but everyone else is too important to the show.

  22. BTGS says:

    Just wanted to say, I don’t hate Mondays. Most of my favorite shows are on Mondays. But I can tell you what I do not like you Matt Mitovich. Although I love TV Line I usually avoid reading anything you write but like a goof I clicked. Immediately, after reading the first two lines remembered but am staying long enough to write you this love note…

  23. Kat says:

    Ah yeah!!! I would love to see Patrick Jane (The Mentalist) really kiss someone. I don’t mean a peck on the cheek. It is time.

  24. Dan says:

    Hey, Castle’s on Mondays!

  25. prison break says:

    Man i just love that T-Bag is back, just brings back some great moments from prison break wich was the best tv-show on tv!

  26. Jamie says:

    Interesting, Elizabeth Mitchell will guest star on SVU again, she better not have brown hair again and kill her kid again otherwise I’m calling shenanigans. It may be one of my favorite shows but, bringing back a guest star to play someone else, and not just anyone but a very recognizable actress. It’s almost as bad as having Diane Neal go from being a perp to the ADA, lol.