Kristin Kreuk Clears the Air On Her Smallville Status: 'Lana's Story Is Done'

Smallville alum Kristin Kreuk apparently was met with a meteor storm of fan criticism after sharing her take on the CW show’s upcoming series finale — so much so that she decided to set the record straight on where she stands.

Speaking with at the Genie Awards last week, Kreuk said, “I probably won’t watch” the Smallville finale when it airs on May 13. “Maybe later on — like, on DVD or something.”

The actress’ honesty about not committing that Friday night to saying so long to the series she called home for seven years must have elicited some slings and arrows from the avid fandom. To fend off the online attacks — after all, she notes, “There are many people who are just waiting for me to say something that they can hate me for” — she posted some clarifications to her Facebook page.

“There is no personal reason why I am not watching Smallville weekly. Honestly, I never really did,” she shares. “I know people want to make it a drama … but there is really no drama.”

Kreuk’s love for Smallville must have also been called into question as it regards her MIA status from said series finale (whereas Michael Rosenbaum and Allison Mack are set to return as Lex and Chloe). About her absence, she says, “I do not believe there was ever a real offer for me to come back — though I am pretty sure that if I showed interest in returning, [showrunners] Kelly [Souders] and Brian [Peterson] would find a way to fit me in.”

Kreuk, though, steadfastly believes that Lana should not be shoehorned into a place she does not belong — and has said so in numerous interviews since leaving the series. (As she told me in early 2010, “The show has changed so much, it would be weird for [Lana] to come back. She was from a different Smallville time.”)

“I may be in the minority, but I thought Lana’s story ended well,” she says of her seven-year run, which was followed by a brief 2009 encore. “I liked that she gained inner strength and … had the courage to walk away from Clark, that her commitment to a greater good outweighed her very human desire to be with Clark. That she saw that her love for Clark would never diminish, even if they could not be in the same vicinity. And that if she did not do … the best she could for humanity, that would counter some of the very reasons she loved Clark in the first place.”

“I think her story is done,” she reiterated. “I am not sure how her coming back changes Clark’s story any longer. He has moved forward. As he was always supposed to do. As Lana would have wanted him to do.”

“I may be missing something,” Kreuk said in conclusion, “but those are my long-ass thoughts.”

Do you agree with Kreuk, that Lana returning for the Smallville finale would be incongruous at best? And were you surprised to see her red carpet comments draw such fire?

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  1. tee says:

    I missed Lana towards the end, and there really was no chemistry between Lois and Clark (they woukd have been better off as siblings). I love KK and she’s soo pretty!! Please stop hating

  2. Travis says:

    KK seems like IRL she’s kind of a bitch. She always talks about how she isn’t much for celebrities but why did she try out for a TV show series? She is a celebrity now but she seems to hate the fact, yet she continues a career in acting. makes no sense.

  3. UsedToLoveLanaLang says:

    The end of this series was HORRIBLE! Kristin and Michael thought they were bigger than they are. They destroyed this series with their egos!

  4. manny says:

    Personally, i read most of the comments on here.i agree with most but i disagree with plenty. I disagree on saying that lana storyline was killing the series because if u really do some research… The fact is rating were higher when she was in smallville than when she had left. Google it. The next thing i disagree on is her not showing up on the finale. Some people say its no point but in fact, the comic book indeed SHOWS THAT LANA IS THE REASON WHY CLARK BEGINS TO FLY AND REMAIN HIS FRIEND. I do agree that Lana role ended well but at least she could had made a small appearance like supporting clark from knowing that earth was on the verge of apokolips. It doesn’t necessarily have to intervene with Clark and Lois storyline but would be nice to let fans know that she still behind clark and loves him. Also, to say that lana was a huge factor in smallville is correct. For half a decade and plus, we have seen lana and clarks up and downs because THOSE WERE CLARKS TRIALS OF BECOMING SUPERMAN. So in all respect to everyone opinions, its literally up to kristin kreuk to return in smallville season 11 if they decide to ever film it from the new comic book. But rest assure, she could have a role in there as one of the justice leagues outside helpers… They just need to find a way how to cure her from her blood infused kryptonite situation. And that way, everyone is happy…. Lois and clark are still together, lana still remains friends with clark, lana remains on the show without changing up the storyline, and rating will go back up. End of story.

    • Nick Hydier says:

      Manny, I totally agree with your post. As a huge clana and basically Lana/Kristin fan myself I feel that type of scenario would definitely work and would definitely make everyone happy. It’s just like Jor-El said at the end to Clark: ” Your abilities may be of my blood, but it is your time in Smallville with Jonathon and Martha Kent and all the people there that made you a hero, Kal-El.” There is no doubt in my mind and heart that Lana was one such special person. Specifically, it was her friendship, love, faith, support and never giving up on him that gave them such a in the words of Clark himself a beautiful bond. That is something that Lois could never even come close to having with Clark.

  5. George says:

    I don’t understand the problem people have with Kristin Kreuk. She brought a lot to the show and her coming back for the time she did worked well. and made things interesting. Not that it wouldn’t have been interesting otherwise. I didn’t see anything offensive she said in the interview and she doesn’t deserve the animosity I’ve seen from some people.

  6. pierce46 says:

    I love KK and TW, i think its their chemistry that gained high ratings of SV in the earlier seasons. Its just that Lana is not destined to ended up with Clark and the writers dwell on their story too much that’s why her character got a lot of hate. I did not watch the interview but based on what I read, I think she was hurt. The way most of SV fans treated her is not fair, its Lana Lang who is annoying not her. I just hope CW will make a new series for TW and KK where they will ended up together.. :D

  7. Liah says:

    It really is up to her, and yes, she has a point, she always has to go out chasing after Clark, and it ain’t fair. it makes makes her seem a little too desperate…… The “Smallville” show has changed a lot, so it just doesn’t seem right….. Go for it!

  8. Ric Johnson says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Krisitn, Ms. Kreuk on this. In the comics, Lana was Clark’s childhood love and friend and when he became an adult and knew what he was to become, he left Smallville to some degree behind and all his friends. It was fitting for him to become the icon he was intended to become. Ms. Kreuk is right!!! I hated seeing her, Lana, leave but I know that was the story all along. I knew the episode would come, I’m just glad she got to find out Clark’s secret before she left. Besides, he was to end up with Lois anyway in the future. His love and friendship with Lana made Clark who he was to eventually become, Superman. Thank you Ms. Kristin Kreuk for your portrayal of a beloved character and the ending which you made dear to us that truly understand ‘Smallville’.

  9. lukieozeir says:

    Once Lana and Lex Left the Show went downhill the show Tanked.

  10. lukieozeir says:

    After season 7 Smallville ratings dropped the show was so pathetic. Once Lana and Lex left the show was never the same! No offense the girl who plays Lois Lame had 0 Chemistry with Clark everytime they would be together they looked Awkward together.Season 8 should have started off with Lex having the Power to control Clark! Lana with her new superPowers and the help of Chloe,Oliver etc were supposed track down Clark and save him from Lex but for some stupid reason the writers Abandoned the whole storyline/Script! No offense but the girl who plays Lois Lame is so freaking annoying! Thats why once Lex and Lana left the Show TANKED and the Ratings dropped. Just of my head there could’ve been so many great storylines with Lana,Lex,Chloe and Clark leave it to Hollywood to destroy a great show.

  11. Ali says:

    Once Lana left the SHOW TANKED the Ratings dropped season 8 was horrible season 9 was even worse Once Lana and Lex left the show was garbage.Kristin is a amazing actress i loved everything about Lana she played her great on the other Hand i couldn’t stand Lois Lane the most annoying bitch in the world every time i would see her with Clark they looked Awkward and had 0 Chemistry.

  12. lukieozeir says:

    Lana was the best once she left the show it TANKED big time the ratings dropped by more then 2 Million 1 character i couldn’t stand was Lois Lame Uggh the way she talked pissed me of everytime she was with Clark they looked so freaking Awkward they had 0 Chemistry thats why season 8 and season 9 were Horrible.