Pilot News: Chenoweth Joins ABC's Bitches

Now fancy this: Angel-faced Kristin Chenoweth is the last of ABC’s Good Christian Bitches, thus completing casting of all the pilot’s series regular roles.

Based on the book of the same name and exec-produced by Darren Starr (Sex and the City), GCB centers on Amanda (Popular‘s Leslie Bibb), a recently divorced mom of two who moves back to the affluent Texas neighborhood where she grew up to find herself immersed in the world of of gossip, Botox and duplicity.

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An alum of such series as Pushing Daisies and a recurring guest star on Glee, the Oklahoma-born Chenoweth will play Darlene, the GCBs’ queen bee — a role that hopefully requires the Tony winner to occasionally do some singing.

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Besides Bibb, the other series regulars are Jennifer Aspen (Party of Five), Miriam Shor (Swingtown), Marisol Nichols (24) and Annie Potts (Designing Women).

And yes, the Parents Television Council has already voiced their complaint with the title. But I’ll be darned if I’m typing out B*!¢#e$.

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  1. Steven says:

    If this doesn’t get picked up I will cry. Leslie Bibb and Kristin Chenoweth. YES!!!!

  2. Justin says:

    Absolutely love Kristen Chenoweth.

  3. Justin K says:

    Absolutely love Kristin Chenoweth.
    I will watch the show just because she’s in it.

  4. J says:

    Leslie Bibb AND Kristin Chenoweth?! Can’t wait!

  5. Alicia says:

    OMG, this is some of the best casting ever–pitch perfect! She’ll be amazing :D

  6. Brock says:

    YES, please.

  7. memikeyounot says:

    Love Kristin, but I’m also excited to see Annie Potts back on TV. She’s one of my favorites from the days of Designing Women!!

  8. Lou says:

    They really need to change the title of that show.

  9. Lorie says:

    Woo! I’ll watch anything with Kristin. I agree with Lou. They really should change the title.

  10. Kate says:

    AS a Christian myself I LOVE the title! Seriously people take things way too seriously these days but i love the irony of the title which i assume describes the characters to a T, a group of women who think they are high and mighty but still are complete bitches! ABC keep the title!

    • John says:

      Christians with sense of humor FTW! However, the unfortunate thing is that irony has nothing to do with the PTC’s objection…just a word. Never mind that the word is already ubiquitous in culture now and freely appears on the radio and on the covers of books like this one. Nowadays, I bet they would get huffy about a new film adaptation of Damn Yankees.

  11. Leanne says:

    Well, hell, I’m going to watch it just because of the title!

  12. BrianR says:

    This sounds like a good companion for Desperate Housewives and they can finally get rid of Brothers’ and Sister’s for good.

  13. Amiee says:

    I was going to watch it anyway because of Kristin Chenoweth but then I saw Annie Potts and now I’m really excited. I don’t care what the show is about anything with these two woman has a place on my TV.

  14. ella says:

    I absolutely LOVED Pushing Daises…*sigh*.

  15. Jessica H says:

    As a Christian, I am absolutely disgusted by abc/ Disney and vow from this point forward to no longer watch any of their shows or movies. It is really a shame because I grew up watching Disney movies but my son will not be subjuected to this material. There is free speech, which I completely support, but there is a price to offending cultures and religions, what people hold most dear.

    • Brooke says:

      I am also offended by the new show. The title is degrading to women and I certainly do not tolerate that kind of language. I will continue to protest this show and support the Parents Television Counsel.

      • SoftRockDD says:

        I’m with you. Unfortunately, as you can see, we are the minority. I have never followed the “in crowd” or the so-called majority. I can clearly see why. Wide is the path that leads to destruction. There are not enough strong God-fearing voices here to protest that’s why shows like these are on the air. SHAMEFUL!!!!

    • Scott says:

      It sounds like you would be perfect for the show. As would most people. As a Christian myself, I perfectly understand the premise. We all strive to to be good Christians and be as Christ like as possible, but everyone of us fail to some extent through our daily week. We go to Church on Sunday to be lifted up to ask for forgiveness and to remind us to go out again and be the best Christian we can be, but we are flawed and we are all hypocrites and fooling ourselves if we think we aren’t.That being said we all strive to be to be good Christian Bitches or Bastards.

  16. Marble Walnut says:

    This title is shameful. I would not watch simply because of the title. If I were an actress I’d make sure my manager knows that I don’t support this type of degrading mess. Come on females (purposely not saying ladies) raise up a standard! Call me serious, call me religious. But don’t you call me a female dog in heat!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if some rude disrespectful people call me that in reply to my post. I would not answer to that title. I am a child of God and my Father would never disrespect me that way. Let everything be done in decency and in order!!! Are there any stupid black women in the line up. If so, shame on you! Didn’t your mama teach you better than that?! Stop selling yourselves to the lowlife scum bags who would use you and spit you out without a second thought!!!

    • SoftRockDD says:

      Holla back in support of this filth to show your worldly secularism! Those that are not with me are against me and gathereth not but scatters!!! Wicked generation of vipers! Verily I say unto you – you’ll have your reward!!!

  17. Mike I says:

    Also ask title to be changed. Imagine a book or TV show with parallel title for any other religion. It’s not a matter of PC or uptight Chritians. It’ a matter of common dce

  18. Mike I says:

    Also ask title to be changed. Imagine a book or TV show with parallel title for any other religion. It’s not a matter of PC or uptight Christians. It’ a matter of common decency (if there is such a thing). “Good Texas Bitches”? “Good Rich Bitches”? “Good ABC Bitches”?

  19. Martin says:

    May be this blogs greatest blog I have ever seen

  20. Daniel L says:

    Also as a Christian and parent of 3 children, I find the title inappropriate and slanderous. A: The name “Bitch” is traditionally used to describe a female dog. Saying that it is modern day slang is no better than saying the word “Hoe” (get your middle school laughs out now). You till your garden with a tool called a hoe. The problem is our society’s lack of creativity. We have to give a common household word a derogatory meaning to make it “relevant” again. That’s pretty sad. B: To use the Christian name with in the same phrase as “Bitches” is (IMO), slanderous and frankly, wrong. Again, I have yet to see a TV show with another faith (Muslim, Budhist, Atheist, etc.) tied to a derogatory remark. If you did, you would more than likely see some Muslim Cleric declaring war on ABC or have an Atheist spokesperson saying how intolerant ABC is for producing such a slanderous show.

    My point is that, we live in a “sound bite” society where we say very little and to get people’s attention, we push the FCC’s rules beyond their limits and we call that entertainment. This show, more specifically, the title of this show totally usurps the FCC’s written rules on appropriate wording. I am saddened by the other comments in this thread and my prayer is that we will all open our eyes as a Nation and realize what we are subjecting our children and ourselves to.

  21. Daniel L says:

    Amen. We buy the lies of the adversary and this is what we get, “Christian Bitches”…shameful indeed. There is still time to repent though!!!

  22. Behold says:

    I have not heard what has become of this program? Is it continuing with the same title, or has the title been changed? I certainly hope that it has changed.

    Coupling the word “bitch” with “Christian” is an unholy alliance and should not be tolerated. This IS a Christian nation. It is like slapping the face of the person feeding/supporting you. Not a wise action. The further we turn away from God, the worse our country becomes. Read Judges! We don’t have to repeat past mistakes. We can learn from them and turn from our wicked ways.