PaleyFest '11: Supernatural Season (and SERIES) Finale Scoop!

From TVLine contributor Vlada Gelman

Angels, monsters, heaven, purgatory, souls, family. Those are just a few of the topics Supernatural has been tackling this season. While some shows might buckle under the weight of such heavy issues, the CW series is kicking things into high gear as it prepares to wrap up its sixth season. At a PaleyFest panel honoring the show on Sunday afternoon, the cast and producers teased “curveballs,” lots more Castiel, and ruled out a certain comeback.

Cowboy Up | Before the panel, the audience was treated to a sneak preview of the upcoming Western episode. Castiel (Misha Collins) sends Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) back to Sunrise, Wyoming circa 1861 to find the colt and a creature named Phoenix. Dean is all too happy to put on a cowboy hat and poncho  — or a “blanket,” as Cas calls it – and start exploring the saloons. But Sam being Sam steps into poo, which is “authenticity,” according to Dean. And yes, there’s a shootout.

Castiel Gets the Spotlight | Longtime Supernatural executive producer and writer Ben Edlund will direct his first episode of the show this year. The episode — 20 if you’re counting — will have “no puppets,” Edlund joked, referring to his previous TV directing gig, Angel‘s “Smile Time.” Instead, the “very emotional” hour, titled “The Man Who Would Be King,” will be a Castiel- (Misha Collins) centric outing exploring the “fruition of some serious friendships and where they go.” “We hear a couple moments from [Castiel’s] childhood,” teased Edlund. With the two-hour season finale just around the corner, the episode will also serve as “the emotional key-up” for the season’s final episodes.

Even More Cas | Hurting for some more angel love? After popping in and out all season to give quick updates about the war in heaven, “That storyline’s definitely getting tied up and played out and hashed out,” said Collins. We’ll get insight into Castiel’s mind and what he’s thinking when he has to exasperatedly deal with Dean and Sam between bouts of heavenly civil war. Castiel will also get a new angel buddy in the form of trusted lieutenant Rachel.

Secret Twists | When asked by moderator Maureen Ryan of AOL TV which twists or stories have surprised them,  Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki were pretty mum. “There’s a few curveballs coming,” creator Eric Kripke explained.

Season Finale Time | Kripke, who penned the season finale, revealed that though it will air as a two-hour finale, the episodes are more episodic and separate in feel rather than movie-like. “There’s so many mythology balls up in the air,” explained Kripke, that the first hour will tie up some of the threads, while the second will deal with the others. “It feels like two episodes that each have their own story. It’ll be awesome in reruns!”

So About That Amulet... | Last we saw, Dean dropped the amulet necklace into a trashcan. But with all the significance it carries — Sam gave it to him as a gift when they were younger, Cas says it can help find God — might someone have rescued it for a return appearance? “There are no plans to return the amulet,” said Kripke before joking about the amulet’s diva-like nature getting in the way of contract negotiations. “It’s doing a guest shot on One Tree Hill.”

How It All Ends | Although the show already aired a sort-of series finale last season with “Swan Song,” the producers revealed that they still have some ideas for when the real thing should come around. “There’s a very specific coda that we have in mind,” said Kripke. “We didn’t use that. We didn’t go there [in ‘Swan Song’].”

Jensen Ackles, Director | After successfully directing the “Weekend at Bobby’s” episode earlier this season, it’s no surprise Ackles wants to get behind the camera again. “I’d love to try to do it again,” he said before pointing at Padalecki and joking, “As long as he’s not in it.”

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  1. Troy says:

    This show is still the on air. Snorefest.

    • timotey says:

      Yes, it is. And with a little luck, it’ll be still here next season. And I’ll be glad and grateful because it’s one of the best shows on TV.

      • michelle says:

        there better be a next season. i have been watching every single episode since the first and emmiditaly got hooked.
        i will drown in my own tears if they were to take this off the air.

    • Shania says:

      Thank goodness! The title was very misleading – I thought it was going to be the series as well as season finale.
      One of the three dramas I make sure I catch every week (when it’s a new one). Doesn’t hurt that it has some of the hottest actors around as well. Natural segue-way to Misha I think….looking forward to more Castiel. His scenes with Jensen are priceless!

    • Jimbo says:

      Yeah this show is really bad and boring. I can’t wait for it to be cancelled.

      • lileigh says:

        why are you on this site jimbo u believe supernatural
        is boring to u
        I am confounded

      • TikiTyler says:

        What do you care if it’s canceled or not? I think about 90% of TV shows are boring as hell, but I don’t watch them so I don’t care if they’re on the air or not. If you don’t like the show, that’s your opinion, but if other people enjoy and love the show, and it makes them happy without hurting you, why be a massive dick about it? Just don’t watch it! Oh, and try staying off articles about it. I hate The Vampire Diaries, so I probably won’t be reading up on it in my spare time. Try to find a better hobby than being a douchebag Jimbo.

        • Linda Lindsey says:

          I have to say that Supernatural is a awesome tv show and I have been watching it from 1st episode, I hate that they killed the dad Jeremy Dean Morgan off so fast. As far as this Jimbo guy dumping on Supernatural I think Jensen Ackles (Dean) has some favorite saying for him douchebag, and lets go kill some evil sons of bitches. There are a bunch of excellant actors in this show I sure hope this is not the last season there sure will be alot of pissed off viewers that look forward to each week of Supernatural………

        • Natalie says:


    • lileigh says:

      Supernatural is not boring
      The Armageddon heaven God arc is
      Brilliant, and is what I feel has kept the
      show running. Dean and Sam continuous
      driving around America would have ended
      Supernatural at the end of season 3
      I hope supernatural doesn’t rehash
      to way of good ol days as some refer
      if so it still wont be a snorefest but
      I feel will draw it to a close

    • cindys842 says:

      I like the show because it looks at myths and religion. I wouldn’t watch it if it bored me.

    • Ernest Gardiner says:

      U people have no idea what ur saying. Supernatural is probbly the best thing that ever happened to tv. And thats some school kid saying either. That show is about as close as your going to get of proof of the supernatural. So anybody that disses or put this show down in anyway is in the words od dean or jeasen is a doush bag. Great job with the show its about the only show i think is worth watching and i don’t even like watching those gay little tv shows, like vampire direries or what ever the hell it is. As far as i’m concered supernatural is the best show on tv. Anyone who says different can shut it, before i shut it for them.

    • momof1 says:

      Thank Goodness it is still on! One of the best shows!

  2. Jeremy says:


    • Sam says:

      How about you end yourself!!!!

      • Jacob says:

        … really? With all the comebacks in all the world you went with that?

        In other news. SPN has failed for most of the season, but it’s getting better.

        • AlistairCrane says:

          Actually, this season has been a nice return to form. It stumbled out of the gate but quickly got good with episode 3 onwards. It’s very nice that angels are no longer consuming this show. Remember, this show is called Supernatural, not Religion.

      • AlistairCrane says:

        Love it! Jeremy’s a creep.

        • lileigh says:

          yes he is a creep with a very boring life if
          he has nothing better to do then to complain
          on somthing isnt intrested in watching

      • lileigh says:

        I have a problem with People complaining
        I enjoy watching Supernatural
        Why would anyone take the time
        To read the sites of supernatural or program
        To complain about it.

    • timotey says:

      Why? Is it somehow hurting or offending you personally? You know that there’s an OFF button on TV, right?

    • Natalie says:


  3. Kaide says:

    Really…I love this show…kind of lost its way a little with the Angel stuff, but has picked up…keep up the great work!!

  4. April says:

    Supernatural = LOVE! I just can’t get enough of it. I SO hope there will be a season 7! <3

  5. AlistairCrane says:

    PLEASE give Supernatural another season!!! Season Six has really rejuvenated the series after a dreadful Seasons 4 and 5.

    MORE, PLEASE!!! :D

    • Cheryl says:

      Agree alistaircrane on S 4 and 5 being dreadful,thanks to kripke. It’s the time period when this show lost almost half it’s viewers. Hope he finds another pilot to work on and stays away he’s such a dick of late, that Amulet was more than a necklace,it symbolized the boy’s love and he trashed it because he got tired of fans asking about it.

      • rodders says:

        ….Are you out of your mind? Season 4 and 5, whilst being the shows best seasons, grew higher and higher in the ratings, surpassing seasons 2 and 3, and are a big reason we got a series 6. But, I guess you prefer random monster of the week storylines which half of them are good as opposed to brilliant story arcs, great characterisation, seasons full of brilliant episodes and answers that were a long time coming. And the necklace was trashed to show that Dean lost his faith in God and gave up his quest to find the guy

        • AlistairCrane says:

          The angels nonsense was awful and SO not what this show is about. I’m glad they’ve got back to the “monster of the week” formula. The show was so much better when each episode was a 60-minute horror movie.

        • lileigh says:

          Thank you rodders
          I agree completely

  6. Sally says:

    It’s a great show and it sucks that it’s ending. But with the two episodes a day reruns on TNT, I’m sure it won’t be missed TOO much.

    • AlistairCrane says:

      This article’s headline is misleading. There is a very good chance Supernatural will be back next season.

      • Lauren says:

        It’s not misleading. The series finale scoop was that they still have a storyline they are going to use for the series finale, which they don’t say is this season. I think you’re right, it’s coming back. The title says season AND series, indicating they are not the same thing.

  7. Matthew says:

    Supernatural is still one of the best shows on tv. Six seasons and going strong, my favorite show by far. Keep up the great work Kripke, Jensen, and Jared.

  8. Rafael Torres says:

    the best writing on tv I’ve seen in a decade keep going

  9. Scott says:

    Supernatural rocks! Of all the shows that I watch (and I watch a lot of them), this is the only one that I really care what happens.

    Keep up the good work!

  10. Jenna says:

    You all are just jealous they are Hotter then
    U!!! Supernatural rocks!!!:)

  11. Shannon says:

    You scared the crap out of me with this talk of SERIES finale!

  12. Amy says:

    Best and most underated show on TV. May it continue for at least a couple more seasons.

  13. Fefe says:

    I agree with Kaide, the show losts it’s way with the Angel stuff. Oh and the epis where they play to the fans…too campy!

  14. Maintenancegod says:

    Supernatural is by far one of the best shows on tv. It’s not only sci-fi it’s also a great action and drama show. Please everybody get behind and support this great and awesome series.

  15. DG says:

    First of all, those criticizing this show clearly have not been watching. And if they are, and are still unsatisfied, then obviously they are not into the ‘supernatural,’ and certainly haven’t been following along. There’s been a continuous storyline from Episode 1, so to tune in to one episode along the way, you’re just simply not going to get it. I’ve been a fan from day one, and absolutely love how the story has evolved through the years. Would be a shame if it were taken off the air, because there is so much more to explore.

  16. Dean Winchester says:

    With all the god awful crap on TV why anyone would complain about Supernatural is beyond me. I wont hate on something until I’ve seen it, 2 and half men -SORRY CRAPPING! NCIS snore zzzzz, CIS(insert one of 30 cities names) – blah. And don’t get me started on reality, dancing and singing tv. No wonder I hunt monsters in my free time.

    • Carrie says:

      I absolutely agree. I’m so tired of these so-called fans complaining at every turn. It’s such a great show, but it seems that nothing will please some people. I’ve been enjoying the current season, which has included some brilliant episodes, and I really hope the show is renewed for a 7th season.

    • ChiChi says:

      It’s so frustrating when those kind of crappy shows get all the money and attention. Almost all of my favourite shows are in this genre. Their scripts are more original, funnier and the acting is out of this world. I don’t even bother watching the Emmys anymore, they always acknowledge the more mainstream crap (and I’m including cable shows – think Mad Men is one of the most over-rated shows I’ve ever seen).

  17. Percy says:

    This show is original and daring. I love the way the writers intertwined the urban legends with ghosts, demons, and angels. It layered the show and made it deeper and more interesting.

  18. Enough says:

    So why the false headline there huh? You didn’t have to capitalize series, like you know they are gonna be canceled. Chances are the show will be back since it’s doing better than the M-W shows and some nights even Nikita.

    So why did you capitalize the series part? Was that just to get people to notice or create fandom drama, cause we really don’t need anymore fandom drama.

  19. Tucker says:

    I’m all about them coming back for one more season to make up for this season, which has been a drudge to get through. But there is one thing that this season made very clear and that’s that they can’t drag it on forever. Declare Season 7 the last and go out strong and in style.

  20. mgb says:

    I like the fact that this show is different from everything else on television. The writing is off the wall and hilarious, yet still manages to be serious. The characters are likable, and Castiel is one of my favorites. I wish he was on every week. He makes me almost believe there really are angels.

  21. Jaclyn says:

    I am excited about the final episodes of season six and hopeful for a season seven. This show has it all, the writing is brilliant the dialogue alone is manner from heaven and the whole team are so in tune that the episodes themselves are like mini movies.
    Detract if you like – but consider this – when someone kicks something you love, don’t expect the dog not to bite back! Supernatural fans are family and they look out for eachother.
    Well said to those that want to pile their unsolicited scorn on our amazing show!

  22. Lokelani says:

    Supernatural rocks and anybody who think otherwise should keep their opinion to themselves and all the cast and producer who made this show happen we are all excited for the next season. Keep up the good work your getting lots of fans we all wish the best for everyone on the show.

  23. Geordiegirl1967 says:

    Supernatural is a great show, and I can’t wait for the rest of this season and for s7. I am sure there will be a s7. EK was clear at the panel that while he has an idea in mind for how it will all end, he didn’t use it for the s6 finale. I suspect the writers have been told they are coming back, but can’t go public yet. I just wish the CW would announce it already and put us out of our misery.

  24. John Berggren says:

    I’m not a fan of Supernatural, mostly because I’ve never seen an episode. I’m glad the fans have been able to enjoy it for as long as they have though – and I hope they get to continue to enjoy it until the creators decide to wrap it up.
    I don’t understand the animosity against a show that you don’t watch. It’s not like you’re being forced to watch it – or it’s invading your house and stealing your pop-tarts.
    Honestly, if my favorite current show FRINGE were to get the ax over at Fox, I’d hope that WB might see it as a good companion to Supernatural.

  25. Ray Gun says:

    If you don’t like Supernatural, why come on here and post your moronic responses? Are you just trying to get a reaction? All you are really showing is you are an asshat who lives at home with mommy and can’t move on with life.
    That being said, Supernatural has been one of my five favorite shows on tv since it debuted. I am so happy that it will be around at least one more season.

  26. Laur says:

    Losing Supernatural is like losing Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There will be a HUGE depression among dedicate fans and probably EW will lose many many viewers. So yeah, my advice is too get writing, get inspired and do NOT even think about ending this show. I say you guys can go on for at least 3 more seasons. Plus I will cry if they cancel, so yeah lol

  27. Kim Debyah says:

    I am in love with this show! Just got back from the Paleyfest 2011 and i am completlely in love with the cast. Jeremy, whooever you are, you are a douche. You dont know what you are missing! Awesome show!!!!!Misha rules as Castiel!

  28. Marc says:

    Personally I think it was weak writing in season five that hurt the show. The storyline and characters were all over the place (Sam especially) and the pacing was attrocious, they gained many viewers in season four but lost a lot with season five. I don’t think the angels hurt this show as much as last season’s pacing and scattershot plotlines.

    I personally feel that season six has been one of their best and would rank season five as the show’s worst. I still really enjoy Supernatural and feel this season’s pacing has been spot on. It’s moved the story along when needed and has covered a lot of ground since the season premiere. Has there been some misses? Yup but every season has had some of those imo. I think season four was done masterfully and the ratings back that up too.

  29. AL says:

    I’ve LOVED the angels story line and season 4 has been my favorite to date. I’ve also really enjoyed this season and am looking forward to #7!

  30. Kate says:

    Can’t wait for the finale AND next season! SPN is the best show on television!

  31. mrs crowley says:

    If this is the last season I want 2 say thank you 4 for the 6 years of bring the things that go bump in the nite 2 the light of day 4 helping us believers not sound so crazy bigfoot is a joke but genies death echos ghost demons devils angels this show has been a becan in the night 4 a lot of people. Thank you, mrs a crowley

  32. msbwool says:

    i love supernatural,iwould to watch it 24-7 if i could no other show or channel,love all characters and writers and etc.keep it coming, wish there was no ending ever.and i will survive waiting for the next season.

  33. cindys842 says:

    Some fans hate the angel storyline but from the beginning fallen angels were at the center of the show. Azazel the fallen angel/demon that killed Mary and Jessica and infected Sam was essential to the show. There are biblical refrences all over the show.The pilot had Jericho – the oldest city in Canaan.

  34. Jane says:


  35. Opinion8ed76 says:

    Really? Who takes the time to read & comment about the show if they hate it?? I haven’t even bothered to read them all but I noticed a pattern of complaints that seemed misplaced…everyone has a right to an opinion but why be so rude and HaHa about it? I personally love the show and own all 5 Seasons on DVD so far and I will keep my fingers crossed there will at least be a few more Seasons,except for Fringe they took all my favorite shows away or I don’t get the premium channels that air them. Long Live the Winchesters!

  36. Van says:

    I was at Paleyfest. I found everyone to be very warm and friendly at the show, and I was treated well. I was the lady who said the Boys’ were like my children. I must say, I feel that the sixth season has been undoubetly the show’s weakest,and I feel that it would have been wisest to end the arc at season 5. But if there is a season seven, I hope they can redeem the show from a story angle, so they can conclude it on a high note. And they should conclude it. no point in just making more show, if they cannot keep up a certain level of quality.

  37. Scorcher2 says:

    Latest word from the CW president was that she would be very surprised if Supernatural was not picked up for a 7th season as its ratings were a lot better on Friday nights than it used to be on Thursdays!

  38. teresa says:

    supernatural is not boring its a very good show i love it and want it to stay on for a long time

  39. Rodel T. Barrion Jr. says:

    I hope that supernatural won’t end,i really love this show i hope they make another season for it.

  40. CardioThoracicDoc says:

    I was really counting on Sammy being able to return the amulet to Dean. To not do so is a stupid move on the writers/producers part.

  41. Janay Nay says:

    Love love love misha, jared and jensen, they make this show even better to watch, and I already loved it anyways! The days I was catching up on all the stories(reruns on TNT), I would call it my date with Dean and Sam, they made my mornings with those handsome faces.

  42. Janay Nay says:

    I love the storyline of the story of god being chopped down to petty family problems, you know, Lucifer, Michael and Rafael all having DADDY issues and that’s why everyone’s in an uproar, god is M.I.A., which is the way of the real world, art imitating life… And Misha is the
    sexiest angel ever, I almost WANT to corrupt him myself…..

  43. Jules says:

    What cracks me up is people who say ironic comments such as “I can’t wait” for a show to be cancelled. I have a very simple solution… Just don’t watch it. Oh… but wait, are you all secretly obsessed? I mean how else would you know the show is still on? Isn’t it obtuse to read a blog as well as reply to a blog if one hates the very presence of a show to the core? Huh… I’m just pondering what one has better to do then complain about a show that is clearly brilliantly written and performed by actors who seem to have a clue what they are doing as well as the charactors they are bringing to life. Maybe those who opposse a show so vividly and passionately should concentrate on something like the war our soldiers fight everyday and hate those who are actually worthy of hate and not a simple show that is meant to bring a littel entertainment to a world who lives in constaint deress. Just a thought.

    • Jules says:

      Sorry I need to revise the above statement because I cannot erase what I accidently put and there are spelling and grammar errors and I know someone who does not agree with what I said will call me out on it so before you do please read the below statement, thank you!

      What cracks me up is people who sit around and make ironic comments such as “I can’t wait” for a show to be cancelled. I have a very simple solution… Just don’t watch it. Oh… but wait, are you all secretly obsessed? I mean how else would you know the show is still on. Isn’t it obtuse to read a blog as well as reply to a blog if one hates the very presence of a show to the core? Huh… I’m just pondering what one has better to do then complain about a show that is clearly brilliantly written and performed by actors who seem to have a clue to what they are doing as well as the character’s they are bringing to life. Maybe those who oppose a show so adamantly and passionately should concentrate on something like the war our soldiers fight every day and hate those who are actually worthy of such a word and not a simple show meant purely to bring a little entertainment to a world whose lives are in constant duress. Just a thought, do with this as you may thank you.

  44. Amos Stone says:

    First of all, I love this show and have been watching it from episode 1. But having that said, Castiel thinks he is the new God?! All I’m saying is the writers better have something good cookin for next season. Because I will be very upset if the show is taken into a stupid direction. And because God wouldn’t be silent forever. And we all know what happened to lucifer when he pulled that crap!

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    The clearness in your post is simply cool and i can assume you’re an expert on this subject.
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