Bones: Is Time Running Out for Sweets/Daisy?

While Bones‘ Booth and Brennan continue their endless romantic tango, Sweets may want to start thinking about dancing double time before he loses his own lady love, Daisy — and for good.

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When last the Fox series checked in on the quirky couple, Sweets had gone ring shopping (for a second time, mind you), only to ultimately flake out. That left his buddy Booth the only one to break away from the jeweler with bling in tow. (And we all know how that turned out.)

“Sweets was sort of scared into [realizing] that rushing into marriage so quickly might not necessarily be the best idea for a young man such as himself,” Daley told us at a Saturday evening PaleyFest event reuniting the cast of TV’s short-lived Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared. “So I think he’s taking a little bit of time…. You know, playing the field.”

Bones Preview: Confession Time is Coming March 17

Daley claims that as far as he knows, the state of the Sweets/Daisy romance is “up in the air,” yet he suggests that his alter ego “could very well” reconsider his decision and pop the question anew. “It could be in the next episode!”

More realistically, resolution for that relationship is due to come several episodes down the line. Carla Gallo (an alum of Undeclared) confirms for us that on the heels of filming roles for a Cameron Crowe movie (We Bought a Zoo) and a pilot (The CW’s Danni Lowinski), she is using a break in her busy non-Bones schedule to return as Daisy towards season’s end. But for what exact purpose?

“I would like a proposal. I’m hoping for a proposal, but I don’t know…,” Gallo says, acknowledging that after putting off Sweets’ first overture, Daisy later swallowed the engagement ring, committing it to a rather (ahem) not-so-sweet fate. Considering how that went, Gallow frowns, “I feel like maybe a girl doesn’t get a second proposal.”

What do you think the future holds for Bones‘ other unpredictable pairing? Do you suspect that Sweets and Daisy’s fate may directly correlate to that of Gallo’s CW pilot? (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Liz says:

    As long as we get perky Sweets back, I’ll be happy. He’s seemed a bit down since the whole Gravedigger debacle. Even when he and Booth were at the bar drinking and chatting about love (which was adorable), he didn’t seem his usual chipper self. I miss him!

  2. Jeanne says:

    I so hope that he does propose to her again… I would hate for Daisy not to be a part of the show, and she and Sweets are hilariously adorable together!

  3. emmitwest says:

    I have never cared for Sweets and Daisy together. I would prefer for Sweets to find someone a little more mature.

    • Samantha says:

      Same. Daisy drives me crazy. Sweets could do so much better.

    • b says:

      This. I was willing to let it slide til the S5 finale, but Daisy just proved herself completely unready for marriage and, more than that, on a completely different plane than Sweets as far as relationship maturity. He deserves better – like someone who takes commitment seriously and doesn’t just drop it in favor of a job without even talking to her fiance about it first.

  4. furiousk says:

    Whenever someone interviews Carla Gallo about Sweets and Daisy’s relationship on Bones, I always get the vibe that she and John Daley are dating in real life. Does any one know if there’s truth to this?

  5. Natalie says:

    I hope he’ll come around and pop the Q. I think they’re sickeningly sweet together…and I LOVE it! I hope he gets the nerve up to ask again…granted she needs to jump through a few hoops first since she did pick her career over him once…I’d like to see them both happy, preferably with each other!

  6. Corinne says:

    I don’t really care whether or not he proposes again. I just want him to finally get to sing Lime in the Coconut. I mean, they’ve referenced it 3 times now and still have not done it.

    • Aimee says:

      They already did… When sweets was running on the treadmill I believe that was their attempt at putting it in a storyline… Which sucks but I think that’s it

  7. Heather says:

    I’m hoping Sweets gets offed by Brodsky. Dream come true…

  8. Kelly says:

    I think sweets needs to find a cougar. He can play up all the social and emotional angles of younger men/older women relationships …. and then just not care because it’s just sooooo good :D.

    And then yes, Sweets can get perky again ;)

  9. Karoline says:

    Could care less about Sweets and Daisy! They are both so annoying! Could Brodsky take them both out?

  10. Kiki says:

    i love sweets and as long as he stays i am happy :)

  11. Gee says:

    LOL. Followed this link/headline from twitter thinking it was going to be a Sweets v the Sniper story. I can’t say I’m too invested in the Swaisy at all. But I do like the actors a lot, so it’s nice to get an interview with them.

  12. peggy says:

    I liked to see sweets take a few weeks off/booth and bones need some private far as daisy I THINK no way to another proposal.

  13. Mandy says:

    I was hoping to read that Daisy was a victim of the sniper, oh well, I can continue to hope until the season ends. Sweets needs a gf I can ship with him, Daisy makes me cringe.

  14. Cassandra Elise says:

    Daisy is by far the most annoying “Squintern” on the show. I really don’t want Sweets and her together.

  15. Vicky says:

    Considering Sweets and Daisy have been together since season 4, and got back together even after seven months apart, they’d have to find some pretty big reason to break them up now. And even if Carla’s pilot works out, they could still have Sweets and Daisy get married and say Daisy got a job somewhere else, and then she could just guest star once a season or so.

  16. Matt says:

    I have never cared for the character of Daisy (find her the most annoying of the rotating interns) and would rejoice if the actress left the show for another gig.

    Sweets with a cougar would be a funny/interesting development.

  17. Josh says:

    I read somewhere that one of the interns would end up dead by the end of the season. Perhaps Daisy? A tragic ending for the Sweets/Daisy romance but fantastic story potential for Sweets next season!

    • Jamie says:

      I’m thinking something along these lines too…

      Broadsky already threatened Booth and involved Parker as well. Maybe as a warning, he goes after Brennan. Brennan and Daisy look very similar from behind….. Just an idea, take it as you will.

  18. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Meh, never been a huge fan of Sweets/Daisy, so I don’t really care how this pans out. It’s Booth and Brennan all the way baby, though that’s not to say Daisy/Sweets can’t be cute sometimes too!

  19. MJ says:

    I dislike Daisy – always have. Most annoying character on the show so I’m hoping she dies by the sniper’s hand.

  20. L says:

    I can’t stand Carla Gallo.

  21. Wade Wilson says:

    Loathe Carla Gallo. Terrible and unbearable in everything she has ever been in, and not at all pleasant on the eyes.