One Tree Hill Vs. Hellcats: Vote for Your Fave as the 'Renew Our Show' Tourney Rages On!

In the blue corner, the grizzled veteran of eight seasons…One Tree Hill! In the red corner, the perky freshman upstart…Hellcats! Only one of these CW series will survive their bloody matchup, which is part of the first annual “Renew Our Show!” Sweet 16 Bracket Tournament. Ladies and gentlemen…let’s get ready to rummmmblllllllle!!!

So what’s brought these series to blows? Well, ’tis the season when network execs decide which percolating pilots and which existing series will find a home on their 2011-2012 schedules. (If you’re worried about the status of anything currently on your DVR “series-recording” lineup, don’t miss our regularly updated Renewal Scorecard feature.) And that’s where our tournament comes in. “Renew Our Show!” features 16 existing series currently in on-the-bubble limbo; we left out the sure-fire pickups (like The Good Wife, Supernatural, and Bones) and those to which the Grim Reaper has already paid a visit (we’ll miss you, Medium!).

‘Brothers & Sisters’ Vs. ‘Harry’s Law’ in Day Three of the ‘Renew Our Show’ Tournament

Every weekday at 1 p.m. ET for the next three weeks, you’ll be able to vote in polls to help narrow down the field. Click here to see the entire bracket (then click again on the image for a zoomed-in view). As you can see, NBC’s Chuck has already battled its way into Round Two (vanquishing Fox’s Human Target).

And now you’ve got to decide between a long-running, occasionally outrageous soap opera and a teenage cheerleading drama. Polls will be open for 72 hours, so do your civic duty, then hit the comments to justify your vote, and head to Facebook and Twitter to whip your fellow fanboys and fangirls into a frenzy. And to get alerted to all future “Renew Our Show” showdowns, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV. Now ready, set, vote!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. gemma says:

    get lost hellcats, OTH FTW, no 1 likes the new kid :)

  2. Bri says:

    I love both of these shows :/ I hope they both end up staying

  3. Lucy says:

    I voted for Hellcats, because for me it’s the best new tv-show by CW and I do not want that its end! The story is really cool, and I think that everyone could emphatize in Hellcats characters! We’re talking about a tv-show who cares about important things like the laws and teen pregnancy, and also about how it’s difficult to fit in a place where you seem not to belong to! I really want that Hellcats goes on with a second season and more!

  4. Brooke says:

    I watch both shows, however I’ve been a loyal and obsessed OTH fan for years and since it’s my favorite show ever I’d much rather see that picked up than Hellcats.

  5. Evan Meadow says:

    Voting for Hellcats. Never watched OTH.

  6. Scott says:

    One Tree Hill. Why? James Lafferty…need I say more?

  7. Luciana says:

    One Tree Hill!!! I just need another season!

  8. Gomes says:

    Seriously? Of course its OTH!!!

  9. Julie C# says:

    I love OTH, but, it’s getting old.

    But Hellcats…do we REALLY need another sucky cheerleader show? Hell to the no!

  10. Noodlez says:

    One tree hill always and forever… Even after 8 year wonderful year Mark still wows us… all the story lines are fresh, new and never repeated… Mark NEVER disappoints

  11. linsey says:

    One Tree Hill alllll the way baby!

  12. Merri says:

    I love One Tree Hill and am voting for it to support the Wilmington, NC film industry!

  13. sean says:

    i’ve been watching one tree hill for 8 years and i think it should get cancelled, it is horrible now, i still watch it but jus don’t care for it anymore, i don’t even watch hellcats and i voted for that to win,

  14. autumn says:

    ONE TREE HILL needs to stay on the air forever :D im obsessed

  15. kelly says:

    ONE TREE HILL IS A FREAKING JOKE!!! It used to be my absolute favorite show. It was so magical… once upon a time. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be voting to have it cancelled. But here we are. As many others have said, it has BEYOND run it’s course. A once incredible show, that used to be about delivering a powerful & meaningful message every episode, as turned into a complete waste of air time. Now I’m obligated to watch a show featuring grown women dressing up as superheroes & pretending to fight crime, a skateboarding dog, a secondary character dressing up in a chicken suit, and weird product placement of toaster strudels. Yes, they REALLY featured those things in the episodes this season. I think back to season 3, that included such powerful storylines, such as the school shooting episode… and I am just baffled by the fact that it’s the same show as the one that’s airing today. It’s like the crew just isn’t even trying anymore to make the show decent. I’ve kept watching purely out of obligation. I am a die-hard fan of seasons 1-6, and I feel like after dedicating 6 years of my life to watching (and loving) this show, I atleast owe it to myself to see how it ends. But I can NOT bring myself to sit through another season. It’s reached the point of embarassment. I’m embarassed for myself, since I once bragged to SO many people about how amazing this show is. I’m embarassed for the actors, who have to act out these episodes that are worthy of an elementary school film project. And I’m embarassed for the producers and the crew of the show, because their name is SERIOUSLY being dragged through the mud, and they’re in complete denial about it. Embarassing.

    • Channelle says:

      It’s gotten great, it’s brought alot of humor. A show doesn’t just have to be about the drama, it can be about comedy too. They’re attracting people from different genres. So you can calm down. Get over the fact that Leyton left, everyone says after season 6 it got bad. NO. It’s gotten even more amazing, amusing, heart felt. You can’t allow yourself to sit through another season? Then simply don’t watch it. SEASON 6 is OVER, PEYTON AND LUCAS ARE GONE. That’s some of y’alls problem, get over it!!!! people move in real life! They have just as good as a cast as they did season 1-6.

    • Channelle says:

      Oh and if you noticed, the one when they dressed up like superheroes it did have a meaning, they helped that girl. Open your eyes. The meaning behind the chicken suit? Well, there wasnt really one but did you hear millies speech??? Open your eyes, there’s a meaning behind every single funny part in this show. Stop hating. OTH still has a strong fan base!!! And always will!! Get off season 1-6 because that’s in the past! It has NOT run it’s coarse, they still have great stories to tell!!

      • kelly says:

        Good grief, it is NOT about Lucas & Peyton. You open YOUR eyes. It’s about the writing. You say it got “funny”… but no, it got flat out stupid. There’s a big difference. And as far as the meaning behind the superheroes… again, stupid. Yes, they helped that girl (if that’s what you even want to call it lol). But there are other ways of going about that, and getting that message across… other than grown women literally dressing up as superheroes. That’s just a complete joke. NO grown woman in real life would even think about doing something like that. It’s just nearly impossible to take the show seriously these days.

        • Channelle says:

          Well, I’m sick of every like oh after season 6 it got bad blahblah, it hasn’t. It’s gotten great. There’s a meaning behind the superheroes thing, it was funny. and it was cute. It was adorable, and it made me laugh. Now, that Chloe has come to the show, it has been taken seriously. They’re bringing back the drama. and besides that, we get to FINALLY see Brooke as a mom, who doesn’t want to see that. The show still has plenty of meaning and it still kicks ass! One tree hill is funny, it attracts everyone. It’s not stupid. If you’re so mature and you can’t take anymore, then simply don’t watch it? One less person isn’t going to do anything. One tree hill fan base does not need a negative nancy anyway. Don’t watch, pretty simple.

          • kelly says:

            Actually, it’s not JUST one person. It’s not just me. Look at the ratings, and number of viewers of seasons 7 & 8, compared to the rest. They speak for themselves, and numbers don’t lie. But if you want to insist that the show has gotten even greater since season 6… go ahead lol. But the ratings say something completely different. If it was really THAT great, this poll and discussion wouldn’t even be necessary… it would have already been renewed.

          • Channelle says:

            No, actually you know this poll means nothing right? You know it’s just a way for the show to get hits. The CW has never said once that it’s between these two shows. It’s just a fun rated poll, ha. i’m not saying it’s gotten better, but it’s be an equally good show.It’s had it’s rough period but hey remember “the little show that could” Well it still CAN. and it will increase once Brooke has her baby. The ratings are still good, they’re higher then Hellcats, and other shows on the CW!

          • Channelle says:

            I meant for the website to get hits** not the show

          • Channelle says:

            I meant for this website to get hits*** not the show.

          • Channelle says:

            Actually, i am saying it’s gotten better. I love the new cast!!!! They’re amazinggggg

          • Sarah says:

            cannot agree more with you, Channelle! the show has evolved into a fun, cute, entertaining show. and yes, seasons 1-6 were awesome, but there were many things just as ridiculous as grown women dressed as superheroes! it just seemed better because it was dramatic and kept people involved with it. like derek or psycho carrie? or how bout a dog eating dan’s heart? it all is stupid stuff that would never happen in real life so don’t go trashing seasons 7&8 and not have a problem with seasons 1-6. this issue is obviously about leyton. that’s the only thing that changed from season 6 to season 7. not the writing or directing but the cast. the new characters are awesome and the only reason why some people don’t like quinn/clay is because they want them to be leyton, but they’re not. they’ve had a more steady, realistic relationship than leyton ever had. and don’t get me wrong, leyton was one of the best couples ever! i love them more than anything and would kill to see them come back, but if the show can keep going, i’m gonna follow it till the end. the new seasons are awesome and we want a season 9!

          • Channelle says:

            THANK YOU SARA. People just need to get over the fact that they left. They might come back, they might not. There’s new love on the show and now they’re not the center anymore so you can see everyone elses storyline. The new cast is amazing. The old cast was too, people just need to move on and accept the fact that “Leyton” was in the past.

          • kelly says:

            Okay, did you guys even read what I said? You’re so caught up on Lucas & Peyton… but did I make one single complaint about them leaving? No, I actually said that it’s NOT at all about Lucas & Peyton. Yes, it sucked that two of the main characters left. But the problems with the show’s quality these days go WAY deeper than just the absence of Leyton. I think I explained that pretty thoroughly. If you can’t see that, then I don’t know what else to say. But quit blaming all of the complaints on the fact that people are just unhappy without Lucas & Peyton. That’s such a naive, and ignorant assumption. It’s about the quality of storylines, and the writing… or lack there of. NOTHING ELSE.

          • Sarah says:

            even if you do believe that it’s not about Lucas and Peyton, the show is the same as it was in seasons 5&6. just as interesting and entertaining. don’t call yourself an oth fan.. the show is great and the real fans appreciate every minute of it. if you don’t want a season 9, don’t watch it. but don’t ruin it for all of us because we love it and appreciate all the cast and crew who have worked hard for 8 years. the “quality of writing” has been the same great writing that it’s always had so don’t go trashing it. mark schwahn is an unbelievable writer and director and has made the best of a bad situation. and we love it.

          • kelly says:

            Well then good for you. But I think it’s turned into a joke, and I stand by that… as do many, many other people. I’m not saying Mark is a terrible writer. He wrote 6 seasons that I found incredible. However, each one got weaker, and weaker as they went on (check the ratings!). And that’s just because of the fact that he was running out of creative steam. He clearly has the talent, but it’s not much of a secret that he’s just OUT of ideas. It happens. And when you’re out of ideas, I think the right thing to do is just end it. But they’re doing the opposite. Instead of just sucking it up, and pulling the plug… they’re scrambling around, like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to piece together any hour-long episode that they possibly can, each week. And all for the sake of just dragging the show out, as long as possible. But enough is enough. They’ve already tarnished the ‘One Tree Hill’ name for QUITE a few people, and I just don’t want to see it get any worse. Sue me lol

          • Sarah says:

            I completely disagree. They haven’t run out of ideas, they’re just doing things differently. Seasons 1-4 was the same storylines over and over. These are just different. I think they’re great. And the seasons didn’t slowly get worse and worse. I think season 6 was one of the best out of them all. Season 7 may not have been that good, but season 8 is! You can’t go by ratings. That never worked with this type of tv show. There is a very large group of dedicated, die-hard oth fans. We’ve stuck with it every week and continued watching it when they moved days and times. It’s no secret that the ratings obviously have gone down since the earlier seasons, but that’s just because the show isn’t as popular as it used to be. Season 6, one of the best seasons, didn’t have awesome ratings, but i think it was better than season 2 which had almost twice the ratings. Plus, if you’re talking about ratings, oth is one of the top rated shows on the CW. But for us, it’s not about ratings or popularity among other viewers, it’s how the show makes US feel. and for me, I still feel the same way about it as i did in the early seasons. and i know plenty of people who agree with me. the ones who don’t want a ninth season are just mad because the show is evolving into something different, and i think it’s just as good and entertaining. and why would you pull the plug on a show that means so much to people, still has decent ratings, and still has so much more story to tell?

          • kelly says:

            So much more story to tell? Yeah… more psycho stalkers, scenes of Quinn half naked, Chuck & Jamie completely hogging screentime, backstory about Nathan’s college professor & Julian’s mom, a character with hidden singing talent being introduced every episode, oh and I almost forgot… new random relationships formed, between the secondary characters! How fascinating! And yes, you’re right… those of us who don’t want a season 9, are just mad because the show is turning into something different. You hit the nail right on the head! If it’s turning into something different (as you admit), then it’s NOT the OTH that we all know, and love. It’s turning into a completely different show. And many of us DON’T like the direction that it’s going in. So (heaven forbid), we just want it to stop, before it completely erases what’s left of the REAL OTH name.

          • Sarah says:

            I said it’s turning into something different meaning it’s growing from its old, pointless drama that kept you entertained but nothing more. we now can look past all the crazy fame that made season 7 not good and focus on the characters like we did earlier. and these storylines are good. they’re realistic. well, more realistic than the other storylines of the old seasons. if you don’t like it just stop watching it! there’s no need for you to ruin it for everyone.

    • Laura says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself.
      I was also a die-hard fan who bragged about the show to all of my friends so I know exactly how you feel. It sucks that the show has ended up like this.

  16. Steff says:

    ONE TREE HILL! Show is incredible!
    One Tree Hill is the better show by far.I love both shows and would be very upset if either one of them were not to be renewed. One Tree Hill has heart and soul. I think it gets better each season. I swear I cry or laugh through every Episode. This past Season has been the best. ONE TREE HILL HAS BECOME MY FAVORITE SHOW!!
    I’m even switching TV providers from Dish Network (they decided not to come to an agreement with CW to allow the channel to be provided to their viewers BIG MISTAKE BY DISH NETWORK I BELIEVE!! CW HAS THE BEST SHOWS EVER!!) :)

  17. Casey Lee says:


  18. Jennifer Hudgin says:

    One tree hill has meaning it has a meaning behind it. It’s given us so much faith over the past 8 years. One more season to properly tie everything up is all we ask for. OTH is amazing. Hellcats is about cheerleading? ONE TREE HILL most definitely!

  19. Megan park says:


  20. lauren says:


  21. Nicole Hethers says:

    One tree hill has most definitely still got it!! KEEP!!!

  22. Patty Jennar says:

    You all know this poll doesn’t really determine which show will make it, right? The CW has not made no such statement that one or the other will survive. It’s just a poll to get the website more hits. It’s for fun. Don’t take things so seriously, and just have faith in your show.

  23. Katherine says:

    One tree hill!!!!!!!

  24. Joan says:

    Hellcats All The Way is My Favorite Show on Tv Right Now i Love ittt

  25. Amanda Kellar says:

    One tree hill, definitely. byebye hellcats


  27. Chloe says:

    One tree hill!!! Smallville has had 10 seasons, we should atleast get one more! It’s AMAZING!!! Hellcats is stupid.

  28. alex h says:


  29. Sammi says:

    One tree hill has better ratings then Hell Cats, ONETREEHILLLLLL all the way<3

  30. Jennifer says:

    One tree hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Marley says:

    One Tree Hill SEASON 9!

  32. Maru says:

    I’m a OTH fan but I voted for Hellcats. OTH needs to end

  33. Cassidy says:

    One tree hill is the best show in the world. I like hellcats but it doesnt even compete with OTH!

  34. Meghan says:

    One Tree Hill!!! xoxo.. The little show that could

  35. Taylor says:

    One Tree Hill is an amazing show, I’ve watched this show start off slow and rocky with little ratings to plenty. It’s a great show, with love and caring and drama. It’s just fabulous. It’s a must keep.

  36. Mila says:


  37. Abiola says:

    One Tree Hill!! 8 years going strong, make it a 9 please.

  38. Payton says:

    Hellcats is a good show, but one tree hill is 450579045 times better!

  39. Tristiana says:

    I love One Tree Hill, and I will fight for it like hell. This show has brought so much joy into my life.

  40. Caspar_cf says:

    I love OTH!!!!

  41. danielle says:


    Hellcats to me is just like a rip off of one tree hill in the early years. except a bad version of it.

    ashley tisdale as brooke
    and aj as peyton
    and matt bar aka pschyo derek from Oth is like there lucas.

  42. Courtney says:

    One Tree Hill<333

  43. Courtney says:

    While I *could* say OTH has run its course in any other show combination… Hellcats is just boring. The storyline isn’t exciting, the relationships fizzle, I get that it’s a cheer show but they do less training and more “cheer battling” over stupid things. If Hellcats was a great show, I might pick it. Hellcats is just a snooze fest for me.

    OTH may have run its course in 8 years but Hellcats did it in 8 episodes.

  44. Courtney says:

    Furthermore Hellcats is such a disjointed show…is it about cheerleading, is it like legally blonde with cheer added in? is it a joey/dawson/pacey love triangle? is it about everyday college woes? They could probably have all these things and make it work, but it’s just a mess. They fight and get over things quickly. Nothing is serial.

  45. Chelsea Flowers says:

    I love both shows, but on SpoilerTV they had an article that mentioned the series finale of OTH with everyone in a happy ending. To me I say give each show like 13 episodes to I can be happy or let OTH have one last season to give everyone a happy ending and bringing back some of our favorite characters, like a where are they now season.

  46. AJ says:

    I love OTH and would hate to see it go but they had 8 great seasons and it really has not been the same since Payton and Lucas have been off it. great show tho. Hellcats is pretty new and have grown to like it. I just need to watch it from the beginning. As long as Supernatural is still on, really I don’t care. Hope TVD stays on also.

    AJ xo

    • megan says:

      I think that ya ok hellcats is moderatly interesting but the only reason that I started watching it was because Q from one tree hill was on it if I had to chose between the two it would be a no brainer one tree hill all the way I think a show in its eighth season that can still move you to tears definatly deserves to begiven its final season I am not saying one tree hill forever just give us our season 9 so we can say goodbye and get our full proper final season like other shows have been given. The only way it should be canceled is is joy and james arent coming bad and as of yet they have not made any formal statements.

  47. Gina says:

    One Tree Hill>Hellcats

  48. Natalie says:

    Hellcats? Is this a joke? That show is so stupid. One Tree Hill has had a great 8 season run, Smallville had 10, so I don’t think ONE more season would hurt. And it doesnt even have to be a full season, it could be just 13 episodes. Either way, OTH has my support and it always will.

  49. nutjob says:

    Neither, both are awful shows aimed at pre-teens.

  50. Caitilin says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. You’ve got to be kidding me to put these two shows together? Hellcats? Really? Nah. One Tree Hill allday, everyday