CSI: Miami's Adam Rodriguez Pulls Triple Duty, Says 'It's Never Too Late' for Delko/Calleigh

Adam Rodriguez didn’t merely call the shots as the director of this Sunday’s CSI: Miami (CBS, 10/9c). If we may continue the metaphor, he also manufactured the bullets, having himself written the episode in which Delko and the rest of Horatio’s team stumble upon a hunting club that preys upon scrambling humans. TVLine asked Rodriguez about flirting with that “triple threat” status as well as solicited his take on the cooled-off red-hot Delko/Calleigh dynamic.

TVLINE | This episode that you wrote and directed, it has a Most Dangerous Game flavor, yes?
That is undeniably where I got the idea from, yeah. I’ve always loved that story [by Richard Connell], I read it as a kid and it always stuck with me. I thought that sport and the sickness of it would be a cool and interesting element to bring to the show, something we haven’t seen before.

TVLINE | But as such, I imagine you gave yourself a lot of foot chases to direct.
Yeah, we had a lot of chasing going on. But we had a great second-unit director that covered some of that for me, because there are only so many hours in the day. I gotta say, it was nice not to have to be the one running for a change!

TVLINE | Oftentimes when an actor steps behind the camera, his character is a bit light in the episode. Is that the case here with Eric?
Yeah, I didn’t want to bite off more than I can chew. But the scenes that I’m in I feel are poignant, and I’m happy with the way they turned out. But those were the days my heart was pounding, when I had to act in a scene on top of watching everybody else’s performances going on.

TVLINE | Was the chance to write and/or direct something that was presented to you when you negotiated to return this season as a series regular?
It was something that I’ve always been interested in doing, and it’s been tossed around very loosely in the past, so I decided to revisit that and lock that in place, and make that one of the things that would incentivize me coming back to the show. They obliged, and I got to do it.

TVLINE | And look, you got to direct Emily Procter in her first episode back following her whole single-episode maternity leave. She’s TV’s real “wonder woman,” someone said to me.
She is unbelievable. She just wanted to get back in the saddle and work! She’s been totally gung-ho about it.

TVLINE | Tell me, what ever did happen with the Eric/Calleigh “thing” the show teased for a stretch there?
You know, it’s kind of hard to say. We’ve sort of moved past it at this point, unfortunately. Whether the whole thing went to s–t and we crashed and burned and it didn’t work out, I always felt like that would be an interesting element to bring to the show — to give the audience the chance to watch a relationship between these two great friends and coworkers blossom and come to full fruition, and then tear it down. It’s never too late, though. I’m pretty certain we’re coming back for a 10th season, so there’s always next year. I feel like people have wanted to see it for so long, but they’ve never been served a full meal of it. We’ll see what happens. Or maybe people are over it at this point? Maybe it’s time to move on and not revisit it? It’s not for me to decide.

TVLINE | And what about the season finale – have you gotten a hint of what the show is building toward? Any sort of cliffhanger?
No, I don’t know, man. I’m always the last to find this stuff out. I would love to tell you, but I have no idea!

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  1. DL says:

    Love Adam Rodriguez on this show, and I’m definitely looking forward to see how well he pulls it off. CBS has a great history of allowing the actors to direct episodes that turn out to be quite outstanding, like Michael Weatherly’s recent NCIS episode, and Matthew Gray Gubler’s creep-tastic “Mosley Lane” on Criminal Minds.

    You go, Delko!

  2. Tawana says:

    I’m sad that there won’t be anymore Calliegh/Eric scene, but I know Adam put his foot in this episode and it’s gonna be the best episode this season so far, and I will be glad to see more of my girl Emily, because I really missed her.

    • Audrey says:

      I totally am looking forward to this episode the show is awesome Eric and Callie make a great duo hope that rekindles.

  3. lisa says:

    “Or maybe people are over it at this point? Maybe it’s time to move on and not revisit it? It’s not for me to decide.”

    WHAT? Adam are you serious? This is complete crap! I really feel like I’ve been lied to. I understand that EC came on too strong in the beginning but it was fixable. Pull EC back and put the crime in the forefront. Fans have been led on for three seasons. You give us great EC moments only for the relationship to be thrown to the side like it was NOTHING! So much for loyalty.

    • Jessica V says:

      I know I have not forgotten about the E/C relationship, I want it to continue why shouldn’t it we didn’t get enough of Eric and Calleigh out of season 7 there was only a little bit and the fact that Adam was only in 10 episodes of season 8, I just refuse to believe that it is over between them the fans waited to long, I know the show is about crime scenes and cops but CSI New York is doing good for the Lindsay and Danny relationship I don’t think it ruins the show it makes it more interesting thats all and I so want E/C back together.

      • jane says:

        I just loved the story line about Eric and Callie getting together.I had been waiting and watching for the connection and then it broke off.I have been a devoted fan for yearsbut, i will not watch the show again until eric and callie are back or at least give closure about the relationship.the directors and producers messed up .

    • Bethany says:

      I don’t love CSI: Miami the way I used to, for a lot of reasons, but I still watch. But one of my biggest disappointments was how the E/C relationship (or lack thereof!) was handled. I hope they pull that back into the show soon–I miss them.

  4. jean10brook says:

    Can’t wait to see this episode and so glad Adam has a chance to fulfill one of his dreams. He put 110% into it and I know it will be great. As for E/C – we are definitely not done with it! I have watched the chemistry between Eric and Calleigh unfold from Season 1 and will be devistated if they don’t get back together. It’s pretty much the sole reason I have continued to watch the show for all these years. Please, CBS, don’t let us down now. Continue them as a backstory, please! If not, I’ll have to stop watching :-(

  5. Dee says:

    Definitely time to move on as far as Calleigh and Delko,let it go down the drain.The relationship just didn’t do much for the show and totally divided the fanbase.The team itself is more important.

    Adam’s episode looks great though.

  6. Brandi Dampier says:

    Please bring back Eric and Calleigh!!!

    • Ja says:

      Please bring the romance bacl to eric and calleigh.The romance was really special to watch,I love Horation,but I know I will sto watching if eric and calleigh don’t get back together.Without them it is just another cop show

    • Sarah says:

      Yeah! Bring back Eric and Calleigh. The writers have REALLY dropped the ball by making us wait so long. Didn’t they learn anything from Pam and Jim on The Office?! I have bought the entire DVD sets for all seasons released (1-9) so c’mon. I’m a loyal fan. Get with the character building and put E and C back together.

  7. Shirl says:

    I’m sure Adam did an amazing job pulling triple duty,can’t wait to see the episode.
    As far as Eric and Calleigh,it should have ended a while ago.

  8. Lindsay Lala says:

    Can’t wait to see the episode because I know Adam worked hard on this episode. As far as EC goes, most people are not done with it. I know there are some who don’t want it to continue, but myself and others want to see it continue. We have been watching this for 9 years now, and the way they left things up in the air is totally wrong. I mean just a little something people. If they don’t fix this, others and myself will be done.

  9. Paul Lyn says:

    Please bring back Eric and Calleigh together they make the show special and unique and it is very hard to find chemistry and true love like that on any TV show. They are the only reason why i watch CSI Miami.

  10. Nesha says:

    After Adam’s epsiode, I will not be given CBS my ratings. NO E/C no Miami. That’s been the best thing to look forward to and how they abruptly ended the relationship was a slap to those fans. Everything that goes on in this show divides the fan base. Well as a dedicated fan from day one, I got hooked on the relationship and the crimes and team just ain’t doing it for me anymore. I will watch Adam’s episode but after that I’m departing from the show. Great job Adam!

  11. Deandrea says:

    Congrats Adam on your upcoming episode. I’ll be glued to the TV Sunday night.
    I’m one that will continue to watch the show for as long as it airs. I wasn’t in love with the E/C relationship and it wasn’t reason I watched the show.As a viewer from the pilot episode,Calleigh and Eric had a good working relationship as well as friendship and it culd have stayed right there as far as I was concerned.
    Glad to hear there will be a 10th season and this fan will be right there!

  12. lilypinkie says:


  13. Kelli Jo says:

    I’m interested to see how Adam’s episode turns out. I’ve never been a fan of E/C and would prefer that the show move on. I used to like Eric and Calleigh and now would rather watch any character BUT those two they have been so utterly destroyed to service this contrived romance. It’s time to move on already. E/C has not been good for the show and, as someone else mentioned, it has completed polarized the fanbase.

  14. tiam says:

    way to go adam!!! I know it will kickarse!!! as for e/c. i preferred eric with natalia-but i would love to just see eric flirt again. I missed that!! and the writers totally screwed up the e/c relationship anyway. they had no clue how to write a romance. my complaint is that there is wwwaaaayyyy too much ryan -and if i don’t get more delko in the next couple of weeks i too am done with this show.

    • Deandrea says:

      There is not too much Ryan,in fact he should be seen more.
      I do agree that the writers do a poor job with romance,at least they did with E/C.They should just drop it.

      • tiam says:

        its funny on the cbs main page they have in bold letters DELKO BACK FULL TIME. last weeks episode we saw him what for 2 minutes total? ryan and natalia(who i don’t mind at all actually-ryan i can’t stand the actor who plays him or the character)was the rest of the time. the previous episodes was a good 5-10 minutes total in each episode if that -that we saw delko. Full time my arse.

        • Deandrea says:

          The problem is ,you can’t stand the actor or the character.Add up the time for other episodes,Eric has plenty,he had plenty for the 10 episodes he was in last season.There are a lot of characters in the show,10 minutes is actually good.Just because Adam is back full time doesn’t mean other actors don’t get time, it just means he is there for the entire season.None of this has anything to do with Eric and Calleigh anyway.If Ryan upsets you that much ,don’t watch,easy solution.

          • tiam says:

            didn’t i say that on my first post???? if we don’t see more delko im done with the show??? i know thats what i posted. you musta missed it or forgot what you replied to. did you know that when emily had her baby -the actor who plays frank and adam call emily and congratulated her?? david did and the actress who plays natalia (forget her name right now) bought her a gift. no mention of togo. thats because he is an idiot.

    • janet says:

      Love Ryan,no way there is too much of him.You can do what others do when they don’t like something on the show,ignore it or tolerate it like some of us have with Calleigh and Eric.Maybe you should just be done,bye.

  15. Rina says:

    Us fans, we decided bring back E/C, is not over n want a baby from that, luv the show CSI: Miami, yeah baby.Adam ik ur part is well done ur smart n a Gr8 actor!!!!

  16. Step says:

    I think they should have E & C back in the spotlight for a single epi – having a heated, but semi-hushed conversation in the corridor where C tells E he’s just not on the same page with her & they want very different things. He would deny that & say they want the same thing, each other, & then before she can say more, he gives her a hot kiss & she says, “Well, when you put it THAT way…” & giggles then they could exchange glances, or snag a quick kiss on the way in or out of the building or something. I’d much rather see them give H a love story again than dwell too much on C & E, but I don’t want them to forget all the time we’ve invested wanting them to be a couple & dismiss that out of hand. They did a great job on CSI:NY with D & L, & they can do that with C & E, too. Coworkers do become friends, & friends do become lovers, & it does work out for many every day, so it would be wonderful to see that here with them, too.

  17. Kala says:

    Yes, it’s definitely not over yet for us fans! We want a glimpse of hope, this season has been such a waste of time…’there is always the next season’…but will us hiphuggers stay long enough to wait for something that may never happen? It’s frustrating to build something for so long, make it look like it’s a big love and then flush it down the toilet just like that, with no expanation.

  18. Helen says:

    From the beginning, I wanted Eric and Calleigh to be together, permanently. Made me ill when it broke apart and I even stopped watching for a while. And when Eric left the show, again I was ill. I feel that they should be a permanent couple, very interesting story lines could come from this union. Why don’t the writers see it that way, everyone I know watches the show and we all agree on this point. No reason why they are not a couple, if Horatios wife had lived, there would have been story lines there also and we should give him a love interest to make the story more believable as in real life families.

  19. lisa says:

    A petition has been started; dont know what good it will do but here it is…………..


    Also CBS administrator started a forum: CSI: Miami’s Adam Rodriguez Says ‘It’s Never Too Late’ for Delko/Calleigh


  20. Barbara Schlepp says:

    I totally agree about bringing the romance back with Eric and Calleigh. That was the reason i started watching the show as well. Though all the actors are very good and i look forward to sunday night.

  21. LetItGoMoveOn says:

    Adam’s episode sounds like a great one,I’m looking forward to it. But as far as the Eric/Calleigh storyline goes — let it die already. I’ve had the “full meal” (3 seasons of it!), thank you, & I don’t need, nor do I want, anymore of it.

    • Janet says:

      I agree with you 100%,Adam’s episode sounds great,and letting Eric/Calleigh storyline die. Enough is enough.

  22. Racheal says:

    [quote]did you know that when emily had her baby -the actor who plays frank and adam call emily and congratulated her?? david did and the actress who plays natalia (forget her name right now) bought her a gift. no mention of togo. thats because he is an idiot.

    Comment by tiam – March 11, 2011 06:05 PM PST
    Maybe Emily forgot to mention it for that particular interview or it was just left out of the interview.Jonathan has been very excited and supportive according to other sources.
    This is about Adam and the episode he has written and is directing anyway,not about Jonathan.
    The promo looks really good and Adam sounds really excited about the episode.I wish him the best of luck.
    I wouldn’t be too upset if Calleigh and Eric ended for good.

  23. Jase says:

    Delko is one of the worst characters on TV and he gets away with everything. He’s the male Ziva David.

  24. Di Stacks says:

    Happy that Eric is back with the show. Look forward to seeing the episode he directed. Insofar as the E/C relationship is concerned, CBS hire a writer who can bring the relationship to the level it should be rather than make it a victim of the show’s dynamics. I agree that CSI NY has managed what few other shows have…an adult and burgeoning relationship between two major cast members.

    You’ve got the talent in this ensemble so use it. There’s a difference between titillation and stringing along the fan base. The latter can come back to bite you. I can name any number of former shows that didn’t learn the difference and lost.

  25. charlie says:

    Congratulations to Adam am looking forward to watching this episode,i’m sure he did a fantastic job.I am honestly looking forward for the first time in a long time to watching a new episode.
    Am so upset about the E/C storyline this season, have only continued watching because of the half promises made that the relationship will be looked at again. Please please please get them back together they are perfect together. They can never be just friends and def not family???? E/C all the way please CBS, LISTEN TO THE FANS FOR ONCE


    Congrats on your directing….please bring back E/C…that was the best part…listen to the fans that support you guys love your show but loved E/C the most.

  27. notadelcofan says:

    Do NOT bring back the Calleigh/Eric ‘ship. Delko has messed up too many times in too many ways to deserve Calleigh. Let the dead horse rot.

  28. teşekkürler gerçekten güzel bir özgün yazı makalesi olmuş.

  29. J. R. M. K. says:

    Please bring back Eric and Calleigh!!!

  30. ty says:

    I love the thought of seeing those two work out. They make such a great tv couple.

  31. melamia says:

    jestem szaleńczo skakochana w adamie

  32. erika young says:

    Yes! I do agree with Adam Rodriguez and I compliment this great actor on trying to save the Eric/Calleigh relationship. As a Hiphugger we will continue to fight for the Eric/Calleigh relationship. The fans of CSI:MIAMI are very disappointed about the sudden decison of the writers to end their romance. With all the action, there is still room for romance. Look at all the other shows copying off of the Eric/Calleigh romance. It started ai csi miami and it should end with eric and calleigh getting married on csi miami. Think about it, this would be great for the loyal fans! E/C forever!

  33. Misty says:

    I love CSI Miami and have since I started watching it in 2004. Eric and Calleigh were the best because of the friendship that developed into love. I am so sad that they don’t seem to be together now. And is anyone else sick of Natalia??? I like her fine, but she is totally taking over Calleigh’s role. I know that Emily Procter just had a baby, but is she coming back full time? She’s been in maybe 1-2 scenes per show all season!!! And if H and Natalia strike up some weird romance, so help me I will have to stop watching. Natalia is so skanky anyway. If her pants get any tighter, she won’t be able to walk. They’ll just have to push her along or get her a segway. I really like Walter and Tom, though. And the budding romance between Ryan and Molly is nice. About time Ryan got a romantic story line. The last one was with that Erika girl and she was using him. I like the fact that Horatio is still in mourning over Marisol. He loved her so much. I miss Kyle though. I don’t miss Julia. Okay, I’m done.

  34. helena says:

    I really want E/C back together!!!!!the are perfect together!!

  35. JESSE DZIEDZIC says:

    You couldnt be more on the money!

  36. csi miami says:

    I am so not over the EC relationship and never will be they are great together their relationship doesn’t mess up the show, it will be worse if theres no relationship im sick of it they are always so close then there not whats happening? sorry to the director and the makers of csi miami i love it, but you’s really screwed up the whole EC relationship and i dont love that, just gets confussing cause we never know where they are in their relationship or there is a relationship then theres not. whoever decides on the relationship between EC really needs to stop and get someone else 2 do it cause they have no clue im sick of the messing around

  37. csi miami says:

    and btw i dont really care if they dont have a baby cause they probably wont, but at least get them back 2gether pleeease

  38. csimiami says:

    i love all the actors i think calleigh and eric should be together and ryan and natalia together

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