Breaking: Fox Delays Terra Nova Until Fall

Fox has pushed back its big-budget prehistoric adventure-drama Terra Nova until fall.

Originally slated to debut via a special two-night sneak peek in May, the Steven Spielberg-produced series will now premiere in the fall. The show’s ambitious visual effects are being blamed for the delay.

Terra Nova is one of the most ambitious television series ever produced,” said Fox president Kevin Reilly. “The cutting-edge visual effects used to create the world of Terra Nova, which is of massive scope and scale, require more time to be realized. This aspect of the series is essential, so we are pushing back the special early preview date to give the visual effects team the time needed for their ground-breaking work.”

This is the second time Fox has postponed the show’s launch. Terra Nova was initially slated to bow at midseason, but the network decided to give it the Glee treatment and preview it in May. In place of the two-night event — scheduled for May 23 and May 24 at 9/8c — Fox air the season finales of The Chicago Code and Glee.

What will you be missing? Check out the trailer below and find out!

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  1. Joshua says:

    This is interesting given that only yesterday, Shelley Conn (who is the female lead) said in an interview on Daybreak (British morning show like NBC’s Today) that Terra Nova would still preview in May.

  2. xav says:

    Aww, I need some more Shelley Conn in my life!

  3. Eva says:

    This will be or the biggest hit in the fall or the first cancellation of the season…

  4. mawhi says:

    Hmmm, I’m really looking forward to this show. But “ambitious” is bringing back nightmares of Heroes and I’m scared.

  5. Don J says:

    @ Eva
    Considering the amount of money FOX is putting into this show and shooting it overseas in Australia along with Steven Spielberg’s name attached to it, I don’t think FOX would cancel it. It would have to get disastrous numbers like Lonestar or worse. This is probably going to be one of the most expensive television shows ever produced.

  6. Master_K says:

    So now I have to wait that much to find out if Landon Liboiron is going to return to Degrassi or not! It all depends on whether this show does well or not!

  7. Laurel says:

    This is getting ridiculous !
    By the time the show airs it will be almost a year later than expected due to “delays”

  8. Sretav says:

    If it’s taking this long to get the fx up to snuff for the pilot, how are they going to keep up with similarly ambitious fx week to week? This could be like Simpsons though where the production schedule is wayyyyyy ahead of when the actual eps air. Crossing fingers.

    • Jabbathewocket says:

      I suspect they are using the time to build the virtual sets/virtual actors which are not “built” week to week so much as animated week to week..

      For example they want their base model for “big giant plant eating dino” to be perfect in pilot since its also used in every other episode…

      Similarly much of the sets/etc will not be “built” in the real world but rather digitally (similar to the star wars prequels) and as such once they are setup, the production week to week stuff will not be spending so much time on the setup, rather the “dressing” /animations/etc..

      THe other aspect is.. they likely do not wanna do a preview in may.. even if the “pilot” IS ready.. if they are finding that the pipeline of episodes will be delayed..

      IE rather than preview in may and not have it on the air till march of the following year, they would likely rather preview in the fall, and then launch the actual show CLOSER to the preview dates before people forget about the show (see SG:U and its extended “breaks” between mini-seasons)

  9. RowellE says:

    Sretav you took the words right out of my mouth. I’m guessing just the 2 part premiere will be FX heavy and the rest of the episodes will be eh. Lol

  10. Mykey716 says:

    Terra Nova is looking to be TV’s version of Spider-man:Turn Off The Dark (the (again) delayed, soon to be, Broadway disaster!)

    • Nina says:

      I was thinking the EXACT same thing !
      Tera Nova is the TV version of Broadway’s Spiderman.
      They have already delayed the show a year now.
      And if they can’t get it together for the premier how are they going to keep up with the special effects required on a weekly basis…?

  11. Astarte says:

    Visual effects my a**. I have a friend who works at Fox and says the pilot was awful. Too bad because I was really looking forward to this show. Hope the make it better by the fall!

  12. Kaibosh says:

    The show is produced by Brannon Braga who is responsible for the worst of Star Trek. Terra Nova is going to suck large. I believe I will pass.

  13. Clay says:

    I say it’s 50/50 as to whether this thing is ever aired at all. Brannon Braga as showrunner, Speilberg steps back in his role as producer and more fx production problems. This could be a disaster bordering on a cluster*#$k.

  14. ggny says:

    this show is gonna BOMB…with a show like this you need a big name cast and they dont have it Fox messed up in the casting imo they should have went after big name i mean hell Steven Speilberg is producing it i sure he could have got someone big in there