Fall TV Preview

Lie To Me On the Bubble: Keep Or Cut?

Come mid-May (if not at times sooner), the networks will be making some tough calls as to which shows will return for the 2011-12 TV season, and which will say sayonara. In addition to our ongoing “Renew Our Show!” Bracket Tournament, TVLine is singling out select “bubble” shows to survey their prospects. The latest one to face some hard truths: Fox’s Lie To Me.

THE SHOW: Lie To Me (Fox)

THE TIME SLOT: Most recently, Mondays at 9/8c.

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THE CASE FOR KEEPING: Personally, I like television that I can “learn” from, and call me crazy but I like to think that Cal Lightman (played by Tim Roth with accent) teaches me something now and again about “microexpressions” and how to be a “human lie detector.” Also, in a world of procedurals rampant with icky-gooey evidence and shock-value corpses, it’s a relief to see a crime cracked by exposing lies and the lying liars who tell them. And while just the other day I dissed Human Target‘s misguided endeavor to drum up UST (unresolved sexual tension) ‘tween its male/female leads, here, in carefully measured does, it works. (I mean, who wouldn’t want to woo Kelli Williams?) As icing on the cake — and with props to young Hayley McFarlandLie To Me sprinkles in a father-daughter dynamic that smooths the rougher edges of Roth’s character juuuust enough.

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THE CASE FOR CUTTING: The lack of gun play and foot chases typical of procedurals makes Lie To Me an odd bird indeed. With the FBI element excised for Season 3, it can at times feel like a reach for Cal’s team to get pulled into “solving” a crime off the books. And while Roth and Williams are of course excellent, too little time is spent developing secondary team members Loker and Torres (played by Brendan Hines and Monica Raymund). Lastly, should there be a Season 4, I want to meet a recurring adversary. Since every week can’t deliver a top-notch, cocksure foil à la guest stars Jason Dohring or Ashton Holmes, give Cal a thorn-in-the-side in the form of some high-ranking, Wrong Every Step Of The Way lawman.

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Hit the comments section to make your own case for keeping or cutting Lie To Me.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Cass says:

    Keep it. I’ll keep watching. But I won’t be crushed if it gets cut. The actors are great, and the characters are interesting; the plots are generally interesting, too. But as you said, Loker and Torres just don’t get enough development. I love the father-daughter aspect, and the Lightman-Foster relationship, but it’s difficult because Cal Lightman is a disagreeable character whose quirks can be even more grating than his murky set of morals, and sometimes it’s difficult to root for this particular anti-hero. If they could decide on a direction for The Lightman Group and give more to the supporting cast, I’d like it a little better.

    I’d love for FOX to keep all three, but for me the order of renewal importance would begin with FRINGE, follow with HUMAN TARGET, and end with LIE TO ME.

  2. Kristen says:

    As someone with a Psychology degree I probably appreciate this show more than most but I would really really like FOX to keep it. Tim Roth and Kelli Williams are absolutely excellent. I absolutely agree with their UST totally working on this show.

  3. Holli says:

    Keep Lie To Me. As the mother of the young child, It’s nice to know that I can watch a show that I don’t have to worry about my child walking in on. Plus I love the show and all characters. I would hate to see the show go.

  4. Marlene Letixerant says:

    Please keep Lie to me and give it a season 4. The actors and the stories are awesome. I love this show, I even sang for it. http://yfrog.com/1s9hydz

  5. Michelle says:

    Keep Lie to Me. It is great show which alot of interesting things to learn. And who doesn’t want to watch Cal Lightman be a jerk and then put in his place by the ladies in his life. Love Kelli Williams. But agree Loker and Torres need more screen time. KEEP LIE TO ME!!!!!!

  6. Beth says:

    There is only one answer….KEEP IT !!!!!!

  7. Amity says:

    KEEP LIE TO ME!!! dump human target

  8. Amber S says:

    Keep keep keep Lie to Me!!

  9. Maria says:

    Lie to Me should be saved. I like that the show manages to see that people are complex and that life is not as simple as just ‘good and bad’. This is what makes the character of Cal Lightman incredibly watchable. A recurring adversary would be a great arc but it seems that the opportunity to do this has been hampered in the past by network schedule changes which favour stand-alone episodes. Either way I know I will watch a season 4 – it is Tim Roth after all.

  10. Tara says:

    Keep lie to me it is the most interesting show on tv there is nothing that even comes close to what this show is about it is unique and keeps my interest every week I can’t even believe people are debating this show it is one of the best shows on tv

  11. Brad says:

    Keep it. The cast is perfect and I love watching shows that are completely different than anything before.

    One interesting thing would be to intermix Cal into other shows to increase story lines.

  12. helena says:

    keep human target, cancel lie to me and Fringe

  13. Allison N says:

    KEEP IT! I love this show. And yes, it is unusual for a procedure show, but it is one of the reasons why it’s so awesome.

  14. Sammy says:

    Keep it!!!!!!!
    With all the junk on tv now of days. There has to be a few watchable shows and Lie to Me is one. I just love everything about it. The lead actors are very very talented I would be very sad to see this show disappear from my dwindling list of shows I have left to watch. So please FOX keep the show.

  15. Caro says:

    Yeah, KEEP IT, it’s a GREAT show!! I agree, it’s very refreshing to have a show like this one with the detection of liars. I really hope it will be renewed, and I’m sure I’m one of many people hoping for that to happen.

  16. holly says:

    cancel lie to me, it seems redundant to so many shows, and it doesn’t seem to hit high on the ratings eithr

  17. Sonia says:

    Lie To Me has so much more to offer the audience than 70% of other shows out there so it’s just awful that its future is uncertain :(

    FOR EVERYONE ELSE: There’s SaveLieToMe.com

  18. gordana says:

    Tim Roth has created such a unique character in Cal Lightman. There is so much more that can be explored and developed, and I am convinced that this show can be a perennial success for Fox. Lie to Me deserves not only a season 4, but a little more support from Fox in scheduling and promotion. All over the world, there are hardcore fans that love this show and will support it unceasingly. Lie to Me deserves to live another day.

  19. Celeste says:

    If the that’s all the ‘reasons’ you have to cut ‘Lie To. Me’ then you were really struggling to come up with something. I think you answered your own question & that is to KEEP ‘Lie To Me’ But sometimes a writer’s just gotta write, right? ;)

  20. Anita says:

    Definitely need to keep this show!!!!! Love trying to pick up on the micro-expression as i watch the show. Great dynamics between Tim Roth and Kelli Williams keeps you on edge as to where their conversation are going or even their relationship. It is really a great show and i would definitely miss it if it was not to continue.

  21. Ruby says:

    definite keep. it’s one of the smartest shows on tv, and tim roth is a genius at his role.

  22. Lisa says:

    Definitely KEEP IT!! The characters are interesting and complex and portrayed by amazing actors. Tim and Kelli have great chemistry.

  23. Jana says:

    Keep Lie To Me. It is a unique show in an otherwise predictable medium. The combination of entertainment and intelligence in a drama is very refreshing and appreciated. The show is just finding it’s voice and direction and is blessed with a very talented cast and crew that has wonderful chemistry – especially the father daughter relationship. Keep the show – please.

  24. Jarrod says:

    Keep it. 150%. Great cast. Interesting premise. Smart TV!

  25. David says:

    KEEP IT!!!
    I am so tired of the Networks pulling shows that the public loves. They think because the ratings aren’t the highest, it needs to be pulled. I record lie to me every week, I also don’t have a box that registers if I am watching the show or not. It is a show that all my family and friends talk about every time it is on. It has suspense, education but most of all…it has humor from all the characters. Especially Tim, Kelli and Hayley. It really is one of the best shows on TV right now. Please FOX….read these comments and KEEP the show on. HUGE mistake if you pull it.

  26. eviltwit says:

    I’ve never watched Lie to Me. But, I’ve grown fond of No Ordinary Family and I think it’s hit its groove lately. But, hasn’t Michael Chiklis already gotten cast in a comedy or something? I’d say NOF is probably doomed. Why are we even bother voting. Somebody said NOF should have been on ABC Family, I agree.

  27. Iris says:

    Keep it! it’s an amazing show!

  28. manda says:

    Keep it!!!!!!! The show is unlike any other and is really insightful. Especially after the cliff hanger, it would be so mean for us fans to never see the cal/gillian story to progress. Plus, the family element between cal and emily is adorable.

  29. Mackenzie says:

    Lie to me has become my new Law & Order: SVU. The characters have such great chemistry, and the show actually focuses a little bit of time on that without making it the central focus of every episode. (Unlike SVU who just decides to completely cut out the personal relationships.) this show is a reprieve from the common procedurals that are on every channel. I really hope it isn’t cancelled.

  30. Andi says:

    Lie to Me needs to stay.

  31. Julie says:

    LET THERE BE LIGHTMAN!!! the most amazing show I’ve ever seen. Keep Lie to Me- we need it for the sanity

  32. Nicolette says:

    Keep Lie to Me!!!! It is an amazing show, different from pretty much every other crime show out there. Tim Roth is an incredible actor, Kelli Williams is just adorable and the two of them together=insane awesomeness. I agree they should develop Locker and Torres’ characters to be fair and they are interesting characters as well. But after the season 3 finale….there’s NO way they can just leave us hanging. That would be cruel of Fox. And hey, if Fox doesnt want the show, I’m sure other channels will so give it to them so we can at least still watch!!
    (no offense Fringe fans, but if Lie to Me gets cut and Fringe doesn’t….that’s just wrong)

  33. hugee says:

    keep it please we love LTM in Hungary :D

  34. Sarah says:

    Oh come on you have to keep lie to me. It is the best original gripping tv show I have seen in a long while. Contains varietys of elements such as crime/ drama/romance/comedy. It’s all there. The ust between lightman and foster is amazing and you can see the friendship/ relationship between the characters with their differing personalities. So yes I am a callian fan! The relationship between cal and his daughter Emily is unique and on many planes a role reversal. Supporting characters add their own twist to the crime/lie solving story. All in all fox have to continue the show.

  35. Rugbygirrl says:

    Please keep Lie to Me! I absolutely love this show. I think they could really do some amazing things in Season 4. And Kelli Williams rocks!

  36. Olga says:

    Lie to Me is an excellent show, with a stellar team of actors led by academy-award nominee Tim Roth. Fans world-wide are pleading with Fox to give Lie to Me a fourth and more seasons. I have not missed one episode since it first aired and I purchased both seasons 1 and 2 on dvd. Lie to Me is my favorite show on tv, second to none!

  37. laylagalise says:

    Lie to Me is fabulous and Fox should keep it around if only for the fact that it is one of the network’s best and most prestigious shows.

  38. lisa says:


  39. Michelle says:

    Lie To Me is a fascinating show. Unique and very exciting and interesting. Please keep it on. It’s fantastic!

  40. PTA Mom says:

    I love Lie to Me. Please don’t cancel it. How can they cancel something this good and different and that gets nominated for People’s Choice Award’s. It means the people like it. I love it!!!

  41. Emma says:

    Lie to Me is the best show on the telly at the moment. It would be a really daft decision not to renew it for season 4.

  42. tara says:

    Lie to me* is the best show on tv. Tim Roth is awesome and the show itself is original and has great story lines. It also won 2 Peoples Choice Awards for best crime drama and best crime drama actor. I dont see how they can cancel a show that the PEOPLE voted for as the best. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL LIE TO ME*

  43. Nancy says:

    “Lie to Me” is one of the smartest shows on television. The chemistry between Roth and Williams is amazing. 4th season please!

  44. Jeanne says:

    FOX should keep this show! Aside from all its fantastic qualities, it goes really well with the network’s other procedurals, namely House and Bones. All three have the same general procedural formula as all other mystery shows on TV (and the obligatory will-they-won’t-they couple), but they each have unique ways of branching off from that and interestingly enough that branch-off comes from science. House has the medicine, Bones has the bones and forensics, Lie to Me as the microexpressions and psychology. Each of them also has pretty original characters. Lie to Me is both familiar and unique. I say keep it!

  45. olga says:

    Lie to Me will be in re-runs this summer on Fox. It is somewhat ambivalent news, but as a diehard fan, I will take it as a positive. Perhaps this will be another opportunity to grow the fan base. I can hardly wait!

  46. Irina says:

    I love “Lie to me” so much! It’s very interesting show! It’s one of the best show on TV. Please, keep it!!!

    Lightman, Foster, Locker and Torres are excellent!

  47. LittleFox says:

    Keep!!!!!!! Please!!!

  48. Nastya says:

    Keep it! “Lie to me” is the best show!

  49. kate says:

    I’m sure, it’s need to keep “Lie to me”. Its characters are interesting and complex and portrayed by amazing actors. Tim and Kelli have great chemistry. It’s very interesting, amazing, exciting, cognitive show. Keep it! You will not regret it!