House Exclusive: Huddy Breakup Drives House Back to [Spoiler Alert]!

Despondent House fans desperately looking for the silver lining in last week’s House/Cuddy breakup can call off the search party.

A scene from Monday’s episode — the first of the post-Huddy era — suggests that Cuddy’s loss will turn out to be… Wilson’s gain!

That’s right, folks — the bromance is back on, and we’ve got an exclusive first look at the (rocky) reunion below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. prettyrickey says:

    the spoiler was that you got to see a minute and a half of the hour episode be4 monday…. lol im actually glad it didnt show anything important

  2. v chan says:

    yesss, Im happy with this. Hilson team!!!♥♥♥

  3. Julia says:

    Hilson has always been the best part of House. So glad to see it’ll be a bigger part of the show once more! :D

  4. Sarah says:

    I’m more into Supernatural than this show, but I watch it sometimes and was browsing here and saw this and read the comments. I’m just shaking my head right now. Is it normal for fans of this show to be like this? I watched last week’s episode and I can understand why the House and Cuddy fans would be upset. There’s a lot of bile and anger here and no compassion or empathy at all. Glad I don’t hang around people in real life who behave like the posters on here. After reading this I need to go be around something positive. Yeesh!

    • Mary says:

      I like Supernatural, too. In fairness though you’re talking about a fandom there where the only major ship are slashed canonical brothers. (I’m not saying this is you– I don’t know you lol.) So just y’know… the crazy is everywhere.

  5. Alisha says:

    I loved the last episode, it was the best one in a while!
    I sure dont see a spolier here though expect for the same old wilson trying to pull House back in.

  6. chyron says:

    so house and wilson are going to be gay lovers now?

  7. Rae says:

    I have to say it surprises me to see the amount of people who complain about the show and yet they still appear to watch it…..
    Now tell me guys if its really as boring and dull as you say why are you still watching it!?
    Stop complaining its a TV programme – you either enjoy it thereby you watch it or you dont!
    As it stands I enjoy house but I dont get hooked up on all this ‘huddy’ or ‘hilson’ stuff cos there seems little point. It is what it is.

  8. Gary says:

    Rot. In. Pieces. Huddy!!!

  9. jackie says:

    the only thing that i really likeed about huddy was rachael i felt like the episodes with her and house were hysterical especially the carrot and the stick. but im kind of looking foward to more wilson and thirteen coming back but masters wasnt really all that bad. as long as chase stays on the show im happy lol

  10. Jen says:

    I stopped watching this show at the beginning of the season, and apparently what I’ve missed in the meantime is a huge eruption of hatred? Goodness. I used to be a HUGE supporter of Huddy, but the second they got together it was just over for me. Sorry, House. Used to be a good show.

  11. Dana says:

    Ugh I really want House and Cuddy to get back together. Or at least some female and him in a relationship. I love House but this bromance and house is on drugs and buying hookers is a dead horse quit beating it!

  12. mabear says:

    i have always loved house, no matter the plot or misery. i love the idea of “diagnostic doctor and his cronies” and have enjoyed the show while trying to “diagnose” at home to the flatscreen or predict the outcome. i own the seasons and enjoy seeing them more than once picking out what i missed or hints that would have led me to the outcome. if u hate the show, pick up the remote and use it. ur entitled to ur opinion but save ur dogging for the dogshow where they want to hear what u hate. u hold the choice to watch the show and the remote…u have all the power, the writers have a diverse audience to please and i take the lumps with love! don’t stop or change due to negative comments please!

  13. genagirl says:

    House and Wilson are the only reason I watch(ed) the show. I’ve missed it but I’m so happy I can go back to watching it now. I couldn’t take the Huddy at all.

  14. nicola says:

    i love house no matter what happens! keep the episodes coming!

  15. Jack says:

    Wilson for the win! Thrilled by the clip. It’s about time the show returned to its Sherlock Holmes roots.

  16. Ashton Hamilton-Smith says:

    Huddy :(

  17. You mongs says:

    Ohhh Huddy this, ohh Wouse that. Ehhh what about Hameron?

    You’re all firkin sad.

    Just watch the show and stop shipping your ridiculous fantasies.

  18. jaded says:

    I want Huddy and Hilson how about them apples! lol HATERS!

  19. Jen says:

    When Wilson said “No” it reminded me of Dead Poet’s Society.

  20. Kelly says:

    Huddy is not even close to over. They are simply having a minor setback.

  21. EM says:

    Spoiler alert spoiler alert….

    As Lisa Edelstein stated about ep 15 “The story picks up immediately after the end of the last episode (‘Recession Proof’),” so unless cuddy changed her pjs and house managed to hide under a bed after waking up with a steaming hangover I think theres a problem.

    I have on good knowledge that the last episode was not in fact based around Cuddy’s dream’s instead they are based around House’s drunken dreams from ep 14.

    Episode 15 was in fact House dreaming of what could go wrong. This episode is an extension if that i.e how he’s be forced to go back to Wilson and re take up his drug habit.

    Clever Tv especially with Mr Ausiello publishing Mr Shore’s wrong turn article.Hope there paying you well.

    • Natalie says:

      this is the best idea in a long while. It is supported by Greg Yaitanes’ recent Twitter messages. All is not as it appears, Love it!

    • Jen409 says:

      Wow, delusional much? Just keep watching until the very end of the series and when House is still not with Cuddy you can still pretend that it was all a hallucination and that in real life he is married with Cuddy and living happily ever after! ROFL.

    • They wouldn't...OR WOULD THEY says:

      So…House dreamed Cuddy’s dreams? Is that some kind of unconscious picture-in-picture?

      I swear, if that’s the way this turns out it’ll drive me away from this show even faster than the general House/Cuddy crap of this season.

      • Jen409 says:

        No way, they are nowhere near that stupid.

        We have several detailed statements from the creator, producers, and writers, at least 4 important staff members that I know of, blatantly saying that Huddy is finished now because they aren’t compatible as a couple.

        And all these die-hard Huddy fanatics have now is their own personal delusions and rationalizations that are loosely based on some vague and purposefully misleading comments that are linked with those infamous beach pictures that were supposed to be a part of the premier and never amounted to anything, and were admittedly released just to confuse people before the airing of the real premier.

        It’s hilarious to watch them reaching so far out there to make such leaps and bounds of logic to stretch out the Huddy storyline regardless of how thin it stretches the believability of the rest of the show.

        They can’t fathom how it’s totally impossible for House to have imagined everything that happened in Bombshells, because they don’t ever pay any attention at all to any of the other characters or developments in the plot that don’t have anything to do with Huddy, because that’s just how shallow and narrow-sighted they are.

        But all they’re doing is just setting themselves up for even bigger disappointments.

  22. bernieo50 says:

    No matter what happens I will always be a House fan. I guess it’s the cane or the lisp. But the storyline really should take us to a new level this season and show the supporting characters changing but House just being House.

  23. Kristina says:

    I love my boys! Whenever they have a scene together I am riveted. *hugs them*

  24. Dei says:

    I would like to see House and Cuddy together again! U.u

  25. Sandy says:

    You go Wilson! House only listens to people who actually stand up to him.

    I’m confused. Does House have a house of his own? I thought he and Wilson bought the house that Cuddy wanted when she was dating what’s his name. Then House moved in with Cuddy or did House buy a house of his own somewhere in there?

  26. Laura says:

    I didn’t feel that House’s mistake was big enough to cause a dumping. Cuddy went into the relationship knowing he was screwed up, that he was an addict, and he made some pretty big changes for her.

    To me, it felt like he knew it would be painful to be there with him, so he took vicodin. ie he took it so he could be there for him.

    for the relationship to end over that, seemed… harsh.

  27. mdf says:

    The writers of this show are moving the storyline in a realistic direction. House is an addict. Once an addict, always an addict. And those close to them always feel the fall out of a slip like that. I admire Cuddy for ending the relationship because of House’s slip up. She is a mother who has to put her child and herself first. Unfortunately in life this isn’t always so.
    Also friendship like Hilson would have a better chance of surviving that than any personal relationship.
    So if the writers wanted to put some realism back into the show, and remain interesting, they had to go in this direction.
    It was heartbreaking to see him admit to her about the vicodin and the way he said he’ll do better. I was speechless after the end of that episode.

  28. Sue says:

    I stumbled upon and watched the clip above, and then happened to see these comments. Quite frankly, I’m amazed at the energy being put into such serious, detailed discussions about the psychological turmoil in the lives of fictional characters in a TV show. People are pissed? About a TV show? Really? There are REAL things going on in this world that you could actually do something about. Turn off the TV and open your front door. You won’t have to look very far for something worthy of your emotional energy. Wow.

    • Mary says:

      Pointing out the obvious here– you read all the messages and then posted a response, thus wasting moments of your life when you, too, could be doing something else. Get off the soap box mmkaythanks.

    • fangirlsarecrazybutfunny says:

      This fandom is crazy, and reading all these comments is entertainment for boring down-time. I agree, some people are way too invested in this. Threatening to kill producers and other insanites coming from the Huddy fangirls just proves it.

      • Derdriui says:

        It’s the ones who are threatening to off themselves or talking like their whole worldview is shattered that are the worrying ones. I know people are stupid but this kind of passionate stupidity, it’s inspiringly intense.

        They really want a woman to cure House from being himself. He’s not a character who represents ideas to them, he’s an actual guy who is hurting and needs to be saved by the love of a good woman.

        I don’t know… baiting lunatics is never a good idea and this season has basically done that.

  29. mer says:

    The writers of this show are moving the storyline in a realistic direction. House is an addict and once an addict, always an addict. And those close to them always feel the fall out of a slip like that.
    I admire her for ending the relationship because of his slip up. She is a mother who has to put her child and herself first. Unfortunately in life this isn’t always so.
    Friendships like Hilson would have a better chance of surviving that than any personal relationship.
    So if the writers wanted to put some realism back into the show, and remain interesting, they had to go in this direction.

    It was heartbreaking to see that last scene, the way he said he’ll do better (like in her dreams, she subconsciously knew he would say that) and when he said, no, no, no. That’s why I like the character Cuddy, she really is a very strong person to walk away from the man she loves because she knows that their future together (with him slipping back into his old habits) would not be good for either of them.

  30. Carol says:

    It is hardly a spoiler that Wilson is House’s best friend. That has been true since the first episode. It is also equally certain that House loves Cuddy with all his heart. This has been in evidence since the first season. These are the bedrock relationships on this great show, always have been, always will be.

  31. Ange says:

    Good to know the producers finally figured out what is the bread-and-butter of this show.

  32. Amy says:

    Like Wilson but his reintroduction can’t fix the unfinished Huddy storyline.

  33. Pablo says:

    It will be great to watch Wilson continue in his primary Rolf as Huddy cheerleader. Nobody is a better champion of the House/Cuddy relationship than Wilson, so I’m glad he will play a prominent part in bringing House back from the brink…for Cuddy.

  34. Alta says:

    I was so pissed at the end last Monday’s show. Maybe Cuddy should have watched the season finale of season 6 when House TOLD her, “I’m probably the most screwed up person…” She whispered, “I know.” I think Cuddy is the one who’s screwed up. Last weeks episode, where the Mariachi band played, House said he chose her rather than patients. He told her he loves her, and began bonding with her kid. She kicked Man-Boy to the curb when he proposed, and now she kicked House to the curb after ten years of flirting and four months of dating??? Puh-leeze.

  35. ebowers says:

    Hahahahahah I wonder if Wilson will be his supplier for the Vicodin. He was before. I have no doubt that Wilson has been dreaming of a slip for House since he left Mayfield. House’s relapse must be like Christmas,his birthday and thanksgiving all rolled into one. But…

    Don’t worry Huddies Wilson will soon find another girlfriend maybe hook back up with Wife #2 this time and then Wilson will kick House out of there apartment AGAIN !!!! and eventually she’ll be wife number #4 and then House with all the help from Wilson the “Huddy Whisperer” will reunite with Cuddy and there relationship will be even stronger than before. so
    I’m not worried.

    • hah says:

      LOL You should be worried because David Shore said Huddy was done :D

    • Kim says:

      Please erin, keep posting, your stupidity is delicious and your hate for Wilson is amusing

    • Derdriui says:

      I’m… slightly worried about you.

      You realize that these people aren’t actually… real, right?

      … Wilson’s a character. In a show. Yes, they might write him to go do one of those things, but JUST TO MAKE SURE YOU KNOW, he’s not real. None of them are real. Saying that ‘Wilson will soon find another girlfriend’ is equivalent to saying that ‘House and Cuddy were meant to be together.’ It’s just. Nuts.

      Just. Read some fanfiction. You’ll feel better.

    • Aslee B says:

      …OK, I can understand that you hate Wilson. I mean, obviously, you hate Hilson, and only wish Wilson to be used as a plot device to get Huddy back together. But first, know two things:

      One: It’s a T.V. show. Why should you be ‘worried’?

      Two: You CANNOT tell me that you have watched ANY episode of House with ANY interaction between House and Wilson and then tell me that Wilson will be happy that House has relapsed. You just can’t. It’s obvious to everyone, no matter who they ship, that Wilson cares for House, moreso than House cares for himself, and… you implying that Wilson enjoys seeing House hooked on painkillers is just… so uncanonical, you make Masters/Cuddy look canon.

  36. Rob O says:

    This season has been lame. The musical numbers were out of place.

  37. Rachel says:

    I love Huddy, always have and always will.

  38. Eugenie says:

    I am passionately in favor of House/Cuddy. But I always have enjoyed House’s friendship with Wilson. I see no reason why one relationship is competition with the other. Wilson is a great friend, Cuddy is the love of House’s life. A complete and fulfilling life for House must include both.

  39. Dorian says:

    How are people claiming nothing has changed when we were given an entire 35 episodes of House Vicodin free, either seeking or experiencing happiness, and altering his relationships with the those closest to him? Surely these new developments will factor heavily into his imminent breakdown making it entirely different from what we’ve seen previously. You can make anything sound the same if you ignore every important detail. It’s almost as if you all are incapable of seeing anything past the surface.

  40. Houdy says:

    House with hookers, alcohol, drugs, what originality, to believe that Shore has never seen the show between 2004 and 2009

    It’s decided for me, House it’s finished since 7 * 14.

    And I really hope that US fans will boycott the show.


    • Jen409 says:

      Dream on. As much as I hate Huddy, I still DVRed it and ultimately watched it anyway. And now that it’s over I can’t wait to see the next episode.

    • Aslee B says:

      Frankly, this is a bit immature. You think I tried to start a boycott because I didn’t like Wilson/Sam? Umm… no. I did not. I mean, as if it wasn’t bad enough, I had Huddy thrown in my face.


      Why? Because House is one of the best. And, hey, it’s supposed to be about life. Not fantasy.

  41. Toby La Rone says:

    Can’t wait until Monday to see Hilson,even though they are talking about Huddy, because we get to see SHIRTLESS MEN!!!!. Welcome back House I’ve missed Yah!!!!

  42. Vittoria says:

    I wonder how they manage to convince themselves that breaking Huddy up OR making House going back to Vicodin was a good idea! This is a shame, as a viewer I feel betrayed, I stood by this man 7 years, watching him change and eventually grow up and now…PUFF all is gone, House is back to old House, no growing has actually occurred and WELCOME SEASON 8! Shameful.

    • Jen409 says:

      You only watched House just to see him change? That’s like Christians watching the show just to see House become a believer of Jesus.

      • Mary says:

        I love you.

      • Vittoria says:

        Of course I did not watch House to just see him change, but I think that when you watch a tv show for seven year you kinda get affectionate to the characters and you want them to act coherently to the path they began and not as random as they writers are making them behave. Of course this is always IMHO and I do not expect everyone to share my thoughts.

        • Sandro says:

          I completely agree, it seems to me they only did that just to squeeze a new season in with a “new” story. It’s the clear sign that writers don’t know what to create anymore and when a series becomes ONLY a money making product. Not good.

      • Aslee B says:

        <3 THIS!

  43. Jes says:

    Oh my god! A drug addict who re-lapsed! Say it isn’t so! How can the writers bother us with this totally unrealistic crap!

    • Jen409 says:

      LOL, no sh!t!

      The Huddies need to get off their high horses and stop acting like such babies. This is HOUSE, not Walt Disney!

  44. Mariska says:

    We are not shippers, but it will be AWESOME to see more of Robert Sean Leonard. Great actor and singer (they must use him more!)

  45. Samatha A says:

    Why not start a relationshop between Wilson and Cuddy – they will be AWESOME together – both also drop-dead Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

    • Sally says:

      I’d like that, I’ve always thought that they are a great match. Although there’s not much left of my sympathies for Cuddy, due to the Huddy crapfest this season.

      • Jen409 says:

        I think Cuddy should go back to Lucas and they should get married like they were supposed to. I bet she feels dumb for breaking up their engagement now. I bet he would take her back too.

  46. TheJakeyl88 says:

    Well, Vicodin is usually better than a woman, depending on how long you’ve been in the relationship, of course. I’m sure he felt just OK about it, about 10 minutes after the ep. ended last Monday.

  47. Sally says:

    Can’t wait for the new episode, finally no more Huddy! Big YES to that!

  48. James says:

    “No.” Wilson is awesome. This is the first House episode of the season that I’m actually looking forward to. I found the whole Huddy romance insultingly idiotic and I’m ecstatic that it’s finally over.

  49. yes says:

    I am so excited for this. I think it’s funny how different Cuddy’s and Wilson’s reactions were to House being back on vicodin :)
    Wilson ftw

  50. jenny says:

    All the headline should read is….see season 6. Because its the same stuff over and over. The writing sucks. The episodes are like watching reruns, apparently they have no new ideas…..should have stuck with the Huddy stuff, at least then the characters were evolving.